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Waves of  TRUTH, Timeline Shifts, Dimensional Doorways Opening

by Diane Canfield



The past week has been intense with some wild upgrades. The 21st and 22nd we had unbalanced energies coming in which I talked about on my Facebook page here. What does unbalanced mean? It means the energy is not balanced and anything can take place that is out of the ordinary and out of this timeline. The Huge hurricane then hit Mexico on the 23rd.

We were then hit last night with a HUGE wave that made me almost fall off my chair. The dizziness that came with it was off the charts. A second later I was hit with shimmers/goosebumps covering my entire body. This very much reminded me of my near ascension experience back in 2013. I would not have been surprised to ascend into the complete light body last night. The intensity of the Wave was that striking.

These energies are the Waves of Truth. What happens is we are being upgraded with Truth codes. These truth codes align us even more with the Creator and work to rebalance us into our higher selves and our soul awareness.

During this time there has been a lot of crankiness and on edge feelings. This happens because many times we are put in situations where truth is not being told. We are interacting with others still in 3D who are playing the game of the Matrix. We know this is not resonanting with the shift into 5D  and we become out of synch with their energy.

Also during these shifts and high energy fluctuations we will experience much more inspired thoughts that can be put into action. These thoughts come in straight from Source and our higher selves. We can then use this time to write down these inspirations so we can act on them once the wave has passed. We can then manifest them into our reality by acting on them.

It is more important now than ever to find and be with others who we resonate with on an energy level. As more step into awareness and out of the 3D matrix this becomes easier. Our Twin souls are ready to merge with us as this awakening begins. The matrix no longer holds the enticement it once did.

I had two different experiences during this time of dimensional doorways being opened. I saw two men in different locations, one in my yard and one in my house that showed themselves to me and then disappeared. What does this mean to me as a psychic clairvoyant that sees beings including ET’s and things from other dimensions all the time? These men were very solid and their energy was different from spirits I see everyday. These men looked as if they were in another reality and me being able to see them was a bleed-over from their reality to mine. It looked as if they were also able to see me for that split second that I caught their energy. It was very interesting as I saw them both in motion, walking and fully dressed. Time line bleed over.

Then I also had a plate that I had just put on the counter to put my food on crack as I turned away to get my food. This is evidence of time line shifting. In a different dimension this plate was cracked so in this moment we changed timelines. Many reports have come in with others experiencing loss of time, their watches showing different times and days than what it is, all evidence pointing to the same thing.




Last night before the Wave came in there was Bliss in the energy field. This bliss comes in many times after a cleansing period or a time of upgrades.

The continued weakening of the magnetic shield is partially responsible for many of these timeline changes and earth changes taking place. The magnetic shield is connected to the earth resonance and time line shift anomalies as in more people being able to see beings from other dimensions.

As the ascension process continues, all of these things will continue. The ascension process is not stopping, it is in full force going forward. More and more will join this process to create the 5D reality we are all heading for.

I have included a new video about how to process and get through the ascension waves.


I love you all!  –  Diane Canfield

Ascension Teacher-Psychic Clairvoyant Medium -Star Races Face to Face Contactee

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Reporting On Ascension Waves In5D – Cosmic Awakening Show ( in5d.com) – Diane Canfield with Michelle Walling – 9-25-15

cosmic awakening show

Join Host Michelle Walling as she interviews ascension teacher and psychic medium Diane Canfield about the recent waves of high vibrational energies that are coming to the planet. Diane is able to feel the waves as they come over her and is reporting everytime a wave is experienced. She has stopped doing readings at this time in order to focus on this time in preparation for ascension as well as to be able to receive downloads and report what she is experiencing. Some of the topics we cover are:

-What was felt up to September 23, 2015, and what was felt on September 23, 2015

-More key dates to come

-What are time slips?

-What downloads have been received and any instructions, if any

-How to develop your psychic skills

-What her NAE (near ascension experience) was like on May of 2013

-What it will feel like for those who will choose a light body

-What are the other ascension choices?

How to prepare for ascension waves

-How to process the waves and increased energies

-What ET messages has she received up to date about ascension

-How CERN is being stopped

and much more!

Check out Diane’s website here: http://www.dianecanfield.com/

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