Russellian Science – TEC, pt 1 – Defining a New Cosmology

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This is the beginning of the series which explains the fundamentals of Russellian Science. The Cubic Wave-field Model authored by Walter and Lao Russell is defined in this segment to set the stage for the following videos which will go into great detail about the inner working of the “Electric Vortex Wave Dynamics”, which give form to our so-called “Physical Universe”.

For a thorough debunking of the false academic models in: physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology, taught by corporate owned schools and Universities, medias etc. see my website:

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An in depth study of the central concepts of Russellian Science has been juxtaposed throughout my site, demonstrating the superior understanding of “knowledge” gathered by inner vision of Mind using Russellian Science.

This method transcends the dull academic method of gathering data using one’s senses and then creating theories (guesses) based on the appearances of that empirical data. The problem being that mankind’s senses are deceived by the very motions of Light. Only by “knowing” light, can Mankind understand the true Nature of Reality, the Creator of the Universe and our relationship to the Whole of Creation.

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