Veronica Keen Interviews David Boyle, Part 2 – 2012


David Boyle


FIRST CONTACT SHOW – Maarten Horst with David Boyle – Galactic News Channeling – Wave X, Physical -Psychic Effects – Message To Humanity – Be Alert to what You Think – Instant Manifestation Can Occur – Go with the Wave! Resistance Is Futile – Rigid Patterns coming to Surface for Clearing – Be Loyal to Yourself; Make no Concessions – Stay Calm in Times of Chaos – Liberate Yourself from Fear – The Stronger Connection to Source, no Harm can come to You – Use this time to Liberate Your Self from all Fears and dark Emotions – Come Back to Unity, Oneness With All – Trust Your Inner Knowing – Your Deepest Wishes are now in Acceleration – Chaotic Birds, Fishes – Coastal Erosion – Computers will not Communicate Properly – Lots of Outages – Water Scarcity – You will be called upon to Be Leaders – Wave X Energy Transmission will be Enormous – Be In Total Tranquility – Earth is moving to Center of our Milky Way Galaxy – 7 -5-15