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Ascension Mastery Message for the True Doorway of 11:11

with the Elohim Councils of Light.

Channeled Transmission by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee

of Walking Terra Christa.

It is the year of 2018 and we are

coming upon the opening of the

Doorway of 11:11 (as 11:11:11)

on November 11, 2018. This…


Angel V. Ornedo Jr. @ IN5D – Align Yourself to Galactic Waves, Crystalline Light – 5-4-18

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,   Guest writer, In5D.com

Thanks to   https://in5d.com/align-yourself-to-galactic-waves-and-crystalline-light/

Everything is unconditional love ‘returning from 2,000+ years of absence’ and her ramifications of love of self, love of others and passionate love for things of your desire as a third dimensional (3D) experience. Aligning yourself and assimilating light energy is the decades program of the of Source All That Is for us to return to unconditional love, to ONENESS the path to ascension. In effect everything is ENERGY, Source energy (SE).

FORTUNATE FOR US, we are the fateful carbon bodies, mobile Earth beings, residents of illusions of the planet in the thoughts of Source who will experience the raising of our host planet in million years of evolution. NOW deception is exposed and forced out by incoming pure light from SE. Just like words in a song, ‘Oh how lucky you can be in this wonderful world’ as our timing hits the mark, the raising and ascension of earth, our Here and Now. Prepared humans are converting bodies to crystalline light, one with our souls in higher vibrational planes instead of death of the carbon body. The Supreme Creator made it that way, the happening in the next few decades, no exact timing as everything happens with our collective consciousness creating the SHIFT happening minutely with the influx of healing-cleansing lights-energy waves.

LIGHT BODY PROCESSES (LBP) short for body sickness, pain, trials and sufferings and impossible experiences save death that looks better for some when pain is excruciating. Ask for assistance physically from our Observers, others prefer to call them Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians and Andromedans and ask for ways on preparation of your mind and body and they are here to help you. This is the only way as Earth is a free will planet. We prepare ourselves and make the transfer lighter and shift enjoyable. Galactic shift will eliminate time and space as void or the 99% empty space of atom are filled up by crystalline light.

SYNCHRONICITY in most cases happen where people transfer near us and physically communicate on a daily basis in morning walk, the sick of them get healed and cleansed as they mingle with awakened healers similar at the NSHA community in PH of 380 households. Some residents are more advanced as they now talk of LBP held secret by professors, ‘educated’, Ph.d, M.D., business owners and executives, but now are told openly at corporate board meetings when before ostracism is common, my experience. My initials are in new cars and so with my father and the 11:11 numbers are always showing up in clocks and watches. Synchronicity– look and listen, they can be key to something hidden from you.

HIGHER SELF-OBSERVERS connect with humans when asked for assistance using light language and telepathy; seems daily conversational aberration for selected persons. A link with our higher selves or the divine universal mind gets acceptable in table talk whence before taboo. Observers, Subconscious divine mind talk with us, call it intuition as we learn rudiments of ascension, cosmic knowledge and remember we are cosmic beings.

LOVE AND PASSION known and agreed as the driving force of success for the likes of Messrs. Gates, Zuckerberg, Musk and Buffet are the real reasons today of success at 3D, not simply taught. Your hobby can be turned to a thriving business or your excellence in talking with people can be a world of thriving marketing of ideas or your tinkering of machines are tools to inventions. You will succeed in a world you love or is passionate about in business, profession or avocation. Have the passion, be love, that is a major secret to your alignment to galactic waves and light. Many have done it among humans and so can you!

VOLUNTEERS from higher planes just like you are, the truth is you are erasing amnesia you agreed when you volunteered to raise Gaia to higher plane. You may have volunteered from 6th to 11th vibrational frequency, thus a revelation when you open your mind, body and soul to truth that you are from the cosmos, cosmic consciousness being. The short and the long of it after a million years of evolution is understanding, realizing you are a fragment of Source, a light being dwelling at the spinal column of a mobile being to assist earth raised to the fifth dimension with humanity on tow. Earth was pulled down and under by deception.

INFINITY BREATH has been confirmed by the Observers in simple exercises of one inhale and twice exhale(see in5d Health) until you develop that expertise of prolonging the breathing exercises of cycles of ten to fifty and more if you can while you meditate. This is the way to connect to the divine mind and to our planet Earth our Mother who have been supporting us all along but humans are destroying and polluting Her carting her blood of gas and oil and flowing underground water. Breathe in once and breathe out twice the inhale and extend your meditation period, you attain connection with the divine mind and Gaia. When in meditation, breathing can be done in a sitting position to attain total relaxation and peace.

You are finally aware, awakened- preparing to join Gaia in her higher trek to next vibrational frequency. Your reading this proves it. You will course along, never left behind.


About the authorANGEL shares acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With Capitalist, he had provided livelihood to where he can at PH, SEAsia-ME, a concept that a “full stomach learn new ideas..” Read Knowing the Infinite Creator by author at Amazon.com or link with him at aornedojr@gmail.com or listen to universal channeling, link at https://tinyurl.com/ybdgfj67


Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff – Hold Your Light Steady – Crystal kingdom being Reprogrammed to Higher Frequencies – 6-9-14

hilarion2Hilarion, channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, June 9-16, 2014, at http://www.therainbowscribe.com/hilarion2014.htm

Beloved Ones,

The energetic downloads are intense and powerful, and will lead those who are attuned further into their missions and destiny. Many there are who are finding the transformation process a difficult one, and it is helpful to allow for times of rest and nurturance when feeling overwhelmed.

The Earth continues to move into a less dense level, and this will have a profound effect on all her inhabitants. There will be less stress within the human system and more increased feelings of contentment, joy, and peace. As you hold your light steady you are assisting the greater field to align to the light pouring from the celestial realms.

Rest easy within your hearts, knowing that however difficult these times feel to you in the present moment, you will emerge victorious. The more of the incoming light that you can assimilate and absorb, the easier it will be for you.

The crystal kingdom is being reprogrammed to the higher frequencies, and this will also have a catalytic impact upon the whole of the Earth and all upon her. Daily attunement to the crystalline grid is essential in order to be receiving the codes that are available to be activated with the DNA/RNA of the human body system.

Life is unfolding into a higher level of consciousness and humanity is being supported by the universe in unseen ways. Affirming daily your intent to be aligned to, and connected with, your divine essence will facilitate the process. The I AM Presence of every human upon the planet is endeavouring to bring in the greater light within each soul.

These are the days that require a steadfast vision that will raise the frequency field to a new level, and your powerful intent and visualization can accomplish miracles. Believe in your power to create change in a non-violent and loving way and maintain this vision in your daily existence.

You may be feeling the effects of the old systems as they begin to reset and start anew, many of which are bringing vast improvements for all upon the planet. Your patience is required as you meet with pockets of resistance from the old paradigm thinkers and doers. By remaining attuned to the greater light, this will feel easier than before.

The Goddess energy is growing in power and might and a balance between the masculine and feminine within is required to maintain one’s graceful transition into greater light.

Have faith in the process you are going through, and trust that you are being assisted in all that you are experiencing. This will be evident by the synchronistic and affirming validations that take place in your personal process.

Listen to the whispers of the angels and watch for signs of the hidden realms, for it is now becoming easier to discern. Interact with delight in the beings that surround you. Observe life opening to new perspectives and a closer connection with All That Is. Find the wonder and magic in nature, and know that you are an integral part of all that is unfolding.

Work your magic, Dear Ones, and continue to bless everyone and everything that crosses your path. Along with the seeming chaos of the crumbling paradigm that is now taking place, there is much to be grateful for. Focus on this, for it is gratitude that will bring more of what you are grateful for into your daily life. You can and you are, doing it!

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tarn-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace. Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included. http://www.therainbowscribe.com http://www.movingintoluminosity.com Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.