Crystalai / Dr. Angela Barnett – Spiritual Healing Revolution – Removing Cancer from our Matrix – 4-1-14

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SPIRITUAL HEALING Revolution-Removing Cancer from our Matrix
Dr. Angela Barnett

Spiritual Healing Technologies are now available, as a result of Universal Matrix realigning and harmonizing with our original Divine Spiritual Divine Blue Print in our Cosmic Matrix. These technologies are now showing that Cancer itself was caused by these Frozen Crystal Miasms that were used in the Universal Matrix to block the flow of the Universal Life Force. New Visionaries have discovered the actual means of melting the Crystal Miasms that will cause the cancer creation mechanism to melt away.

Within ten years, the chemical structure of the human body will be transformed as a result of this new Cosmic Alignment. Within twenty years, the mass population will know and understand the truth and validity of a Scientific Reality that offers a truly transformational healing system.


Translate any material theory into its true spiritual idea and you will find the true cure for any life threatening disease.

Medical formula: The primordial stem cell – scientists say is the immortal cell – when you are born you are packed with them. These cells do not age – do not degenerate. They each have a complete DNA sequence that makes you uniquely you. Soon, scientists will learn that this omnion of pre light and sound is actually the neutrino that exists at the zero point level of EVERYTHING. The neutrino is the spark of Creation Himself.

Spiritually speaking: You were created perfect – in God’s image and likeness-reflecting individually and uniquely – all of Divine Love’s qualities eternally in immortality. You are made of layers of neutrinos which contain the complete template of all that is in the Mind of God. This essence is always perfect and never dies. It is the essence of ETERNAL LIFE.

Medically speaking: What makes the primordial stem cells immortal is a chemical called telomerase. An enzyme that repeats DNA strands at the end of every chromosome. When the telomerase is finished creating it turns off.

Spiritually speaking: We are created spiritually, immortally – in one moment of eternity and that eternity does not “shut off.” We reflect Divine Love continuously and that reflection doesn’t change. Every nano second we are creating a Brand New Reality. This means that when we tune in to this Spiritual Reality, we can have a brand new body any time we choose to. Normal Reality does not include the idea of Death.

The only thing that can turn off our immortal selfhood is to block it with material theories such as these. Return to the spiritual creation where you are already immortal and you will not be shut off from the “real you” that existed before the world began. The world is a series of material theories blocking your spiritual sense from its true form.

Materially speaking: When the telomerase enzyme is turned off aging begins. And,ironically, turning telomerase on in a cancer cell makes it replicate out of control.

The new medical discovery said to turn telomerase off would cure cancer. So this medical discovery says this immortal cell is both responsible for aging and cancer or for the prevention of either.

Spiritually speaking: There is one immortal cell – that is the Divine Oneness – Infinite Consciousness – Omnipresent Love.

Placing our individual consciousness into Infinite Consciousness of Divine Creation – by tuning in to the Frequencies of the Universal Life Force connects us to the spiritual sense of this immortal cell that does not know aging.
The cell does not start aging or become over action or inaction or reaction of any sort. This is a material belief blocking the spiritual sense that allows us to live in Infinite Harmony where there is only Divine Action and stillness.

We are being given a Wonderful Window of Opportunity to Tune in to this Universal Life Force of Eternal Life during the next three years. The Plasma that is surrounding and being sent into Earth from the Solar Waves from Coronal Mass Ejections are the Essence of Light and Sound that will transform our brains and our bodies. Scientists have already shown us that the Sun is spraying Positrons that carry a new balance of matter and anti matter – or physical and spiritual substance. This is the transformational energy that is being imposed upon us.

There is a Universal Life Force Rule that says eveyone has FREE CHOICE. So, those who want to tune in to the new reality can and those who don’t want to can just keep on dying as they believe is their correct mode of reality.

Listen to the music (preferably with earphones this time). Get as close to the music as you can. Line every (so-called material cell) in your body up with the Divine Spiritual Oneness of Divine Creation. Feel Eternal Harmony. Feel Infinite Love. Feel Omnipresence. Make sure you fill every atom of your mind and body with this pure love, harmony, stillness. Place your mind before the world began – before man made theories seemingly turned us into what we are not. Before any disease was name by man. Before any disease was created by science.

We have so much more power than the immortal cell named telomerase. We can turn back to our divinely ordained spiritual creation of eternal life. This true creation is our creation and belongs to us NOW.

This spiritual understanding is the only true power behind a material discovery such as telomerase. Any material realization of the true immortal sense of man and a return to his true spiritual condition is part of the Promise – our material understanding of the invisible, spiritual reality.

But there is only one way to gaining that reality -it is to go directly to the source of that reality – go to the omnipresence of Spiritual sense. Do not try to go through the back doors of material sense to find your way back to heaven.

Heaven and Immortal Creation exist “Before the World Began” – not as a consequence of material theories building a stairway backwards. Go to that place in Consciousness before the world began. In that place, which is our Lower Cerrebellum and our Seed Atom in our Thymus Gland, we can actually return to the Anti Matter or Spiritual Substance of our Creation. We can actually transmute all physical illusions by learning to live in the new Frequency Specific Mid Brain, and allowing the old Thinking Brain to melt away. The Thinking Brain carries those old Frozen Crystal Miasms that create Cancer and a number of other Death Causing holograms. We have a choice of removing those holograms from our Universe forever.

New scientific discoveries curing diseases are not a result of a scientific revolution. They are actually the result of getting spiritual glimpses of a spiritual revolution. When these diseases are destroyed in consciousness – by filling consciousness with omnipresence of spiritual reality, the power of matter, disease and death disintegrate into their native nothingness. This spiritual work is what is resulting in scientific discoveries.

I have been relishing in your words and sounds on your site for the past few hours and am feeling so utterly in awe of it all!  I have explored Keylontic science a bit before, but it has all been hitting me so so deeply now, especially because of your otherworldly music.  You are sharing and composing in such a way that I have been dreaming of, yet what I have been imagining is far out, you have gone so far beyond!  I sometimes channel other worldly languages and divine frequencies but I am truly humbled to witness your refinement and grace.  I have played around in a music studio a dash and composing electronically and keep asking the universe to guide me in how I can best offer my services through gifting healing frequencies 🙂  I very much dream of a magical music studio as well as soul family gatherings where we all share in the creation of transcendental vibes!
For complete testimonies about my writing and healing go to

Prior Sound Healing came from old, out dated teachings from Galactic Consciousness where the teachings were based on a Mortality Loop called the Golden Mean. That mortality loop creates the need to die and return over and over again without ascending into a higher realm.
Cosmic Dolphin  Frequency Music comes directly from Cosmic Consciousness where the Crystalai Frequency loops directly into the Eternal Life of Source Consciousness.

For those wanting a much, much deeper penetration into the most etheric level of the omnion within the cellular structure, this music actually performs a Cosmic Massage on the Brain and every cell in the Body.

This healing method creates DNA activation at the Subharmonic Level. There are 12 subharmonic strands on each of the double helix of each DNA strand. This music penatrates into the deepest activation level of Source Consciousness to awaken the entire Divine Template of the all 5DNA strands at the 12 subharmonic level.

We Highly Recommend you purchase these in order to Fully PARTICIPATE in the STELLER WAVE ACTIVATIONS that create DNA activation.


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Crystalai – Orbing Into the Fifth Dimension – 3-23-14

5th Dimension



We are going through the process of Harmonic Conversion. We are shifting from Harmonic Universe One to Harmonic Universe Two. We are already in Harmonic Universe Two. We are already in the Fifth Dimension. We will continue going through a transformation until the end of 2015 and into 2017 for others.

A harmonic conversion is basically just a loss of electrons. The loss of electrons in the atom are changing into a positively charged ion.
This is a conversion–harmonic conversion.

The outer band or sphere, is the secret. It is flowing into the body through all of the bands or spheres- into the Cosmic, the Universal, the Galactic, Solar and Planetary.
These spheres have many spheres within them. There are three dimensions in each of these spheres and millions of dimensions in between them.

These levels of light bands can also be looked at as frequencies. The Hertzian frequency is in the planetary sphere and then the ultra violet and visible light.

When we raise into the higher octave of the Harmonic Universe Two, we move into different spectrums of light and sound. We move from visible light into invisible light. We move into the x ray vision that allows us to see what is on the other side. We move into harmonic universe three and four to atune with higher light and sound of plasma and gama, and then into the stellar waves and the stardust of crystal liquid light, crystal gel and crystal dust. These  Cosmic Waves exist within the fifth harmonic universe along with the fourteenth dimensional heliotalic silver pastel frequency of transformation.

When the consciousness rises into the FULL SPECTRUM OF LIGHT AND SOUND they have lifted their consciousness as far beyond the hertzian frequency as can be imagined. There is no audible sound in the way we have been tuned into third dimensional hearing. There is the invisible sound as there is the invisible light. It is not that it isn’t there, it is just that we need to tune in differently. We need to start using the seven senses beyond the five senses. We need to tune in to the most outer band or sphere of pre light and pre sound in order to begin creating a brand new reality.

It is not until we merge our consciousness visually into a candle or the sun until we feel as if we have walked in to the sphere of light that we are in the FULL SPECTRUM OF LIGHT. The full spectrum of Light is the Source Frequency or the pink white light. When we hit that wall of light, we walk through, turn around and see ourselves as a blue sphere.

That Blue Sphere is our Fifth Dimensional Self. It is our Multi Dimensional Self. It is the self who has merged with or attuned with all of the Five spheres, all of the Light spectrum and all of the sound spectrums.

This is the the activity that we have been going through since 2010. We are merging with one more layer of this light and sound at a time.

According to some, the date March 15 was one of those shifting dates. During each shift there is a Stellar Wave Activation associated with it. The Guardian Alliance, Cosmic Councils are working with the Universal Life Force Currents to stream the Stellar Waves or the Stardust from the Universal Sphere, called the Krystic or Christic Sphere in some cultures.

We can look at this seven year transformation period from 2010 through 2017 in various ways. My mission has been to record the levels of Sound and Light Activity. The Frequencies of our Harmonic Universe have been shifting dramatically over the past fourteen years. I work with the Crystalai Cosmic Council to bring the Highest Frequencies to Earth through Music. The Frequencies recorded are not Solfege or Hertzian as many of the other Sound Healing technologies claim.

The frequencies that are recorded on these wave albums are actually transmissions of consciousness that record the frequency signatures of thousands of BEINGS who are involved in the Omniversal Consciousness shifting, as well as the Waves of Stardust, Solar Winds, Singing of the Music of the Spheres, and the Consciousness Waves of the Kristic Races as they align into the Heart of Mother Earth.
As you go through this process of aligning your consciousness and body with these waves of light energy, your body becomes able to turn into a Golden Egg or Crystal Merkaba form. You get the light glowing through a crystal and you get beautiful shades of color. The colors in your Merkaba Light body shift depending on the frequencies that your are oscillating. We make our bodies oscillate faster and faster by using the Merkaba and spinning it at the speed of Love, which is ten thousand times faster than the speed of light. We do this by attuning consciousness to Divine Love and to An Wa, our Guardian of Pre Light and Sound. The Merkaba will spin naturally and correctly when we align with the Frequency Signatures of Consciousness of these Entities. I am also guided by the Elohim of Hearing to connect with the Pre Light and Sound.

When I do this breathing activity to raise my body beyond gravity through the oscillation of frequencies, I am experiencing true mind over matter. The body disappears. It shifts from a carbon based body to a stardust based body. We must get so in tune with the Star Dust from the Stellar Activations that are being send from the Universal Life Force, that we allow that consciousness of crystal light, crystal dust and crystal gel to become the inner most etheric essence of our cellular make up.

We can do this in consciousness, and we are getting a lot of help from the Stellar Wave Activations from the Universal Life Force.

The Guardians said that we must PARTICIPATE in enough of these Stellar Wave Activations to raise our accretion level to 4.5. Now, accretion level is different than dimensional level. We must achieve 5.5 dimensional level to perceive the 4.5 accretion level. We are now at the 5 dimensional level perceiving the fourth accretion level.

So, what I am doing with these Frequency Recordings of these LIFE TRANSFORMING EVENTS performed by the UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE himself, is to allow any one who desires to PARTICIPATE in these Stellar Wave activations who doesn’t know how to align consciousness themselves, and for those who are late comers to the game and missed out on the first 8 of the 12 Activations to use my recordings as a historical chronology of these events.

When we rise completely into the Full Spectrum of Light in consciousness we move into the pink and gold body and then return as the blue body. We have the ability to turn this frequency on in our bodies. We create a torsion field within each layer of the body, inside and outside. We create spheres within spheres through the merkaba spinning technology. We continue to concentrate on this spin rate through consciousness until the body disappears.

When the body disappears as a carbon based structure it reappears as a star dust structure of light that appears invisible for a moment and then reappears in a higher dimension. We can weave the webs of multi dimensional consciousness around you and connect your consciousness into the stars of universal consciousness or the 12 th dimensional avatar level. You can become that mind of Christ Consciousness.

We breath load and spin, breath load and spin faster and faster until our spin rate creates the Frequencies that Unlock the Doors into new realities, and when we spin so fast that we are in the Full White Light spectrum all of the doors of multi dimensional reality fly open. This is the moment when we have the ability to manifest any reality we desire, because we can move to any reality we desire. We become the Blue Body. The Blue Light is the Lord of the Light Realm. Once we become the blue body we have already accumulated the Full Spectrum of Light. This is the meaning of the Re Birth into a New Body.

It is the wind of the Breath that changes the body. The Frequencies in the Breath become higher and higher until your voice sounds like you have inhaled helium. When this happens you know that you have opened a door, your breaths and rhythm become so automatic that you can do it in consciousness and then it becomes a silent transformation.

After I have done all of that I exhale these wonderful Frequencies onto your Individual Eternal Life Album that is made just for you. So, you see there is always this combination of the past Stellar Wave Activations, the Present Stellar Wave Activation, the Present alignment into the Full Spectrum of Light and the Transmutation of the old carbon based error that is in cellular memory and in the old thinking brain.

We are adjusting reality to remove the  neuronet that prevents flow in and out of wealth. To over ride lack to create genius to create a new reality. We ceate in the Etheric Mind then bring it back into this body.

The Sound is in the spinning of the spheres. The Spheres are around the Merkaba. The Merkaba is the Crystal Light Vehicle of Transmutation and Transportation. It spins the body to the new location. The sound is created from the spheres spinning within spheres and is called the Music of the Spheres. The Electromagnetic field goes into a vector magnetic flux. The upper part of the merkaba is electro and the bottom is magnetic. The Electromagnetic field creates a torsion field that looks like a tornado.
As the merkaba spins faster the spin rate creates a pitch in sound that is very audible in the brain. The pitch sound is like a drilling through the brain clouds. The pitch is over riding and disolving or transmutting the positronic clouds. The negative clouds electromagnetic field over rides the negative field and the positive field. We have seen this activity take place within the Sun itself as it is projecting this positron activity on our brains.

It is like adding hydrogen gase to an electrical field. When we add one particle of hydrogen, it becomes a hydrogine engine. This is what makes the Merkaba Body spin into a spaceship and take you where your mind commands it.

As the outer spheres of the body spin they have an effect on all of the cells within the body, upon all of the tissue and the mass of the body. The spin rate is producing a massive amount of band width. This process of recording this amount of Frequencies as we spin more and more frequencies into a higher and higher dimension by collecting more and more light energy of the full spectrum of light and more sound through the breath, there is this enormous Band Width of Frequencies.

This is where the technological difficulties of recording come in. The band width is so enormous that it can’t be heard until I layer the frequecies on top of each other  and turn up the volume until there is almost a distorted pitch level. This is the same thing that goes on in the brain when the torsion fields are spinning within the neuronet.

This process of recording has to be done through the use of the Crystal Light, Crystal Gel and Crystal Dust Microphone that I hold in my palms to transpose the Frequencies into an audible form. The frequencies are Multidimensional. They are created in the highest realms and then brought into all dimensional levels including the hertzian.

This technology is the exact opposite of SOLFEGE. In solfege the sound that is recorded is hertzian and then the claim is that the hertzian tone has overtones that reach up into zero point. Well, that is just non sense.

We always must reach up to the highest first and then highest frequencies pull the lower frequencies up into it. Lowest frequencies of hertzian do not pull high frequencies into them.

The bands of spheres of energy are like bands of spirit mind or frequency signatures of consciousness. The frequency signatures are actually the consciousness of indvidual Soul Families and Spirit bodies in higher dimensions all being allowed to flow back into the cellular memory of the body. This allows the body to re attach to the seven senses beyond the five and to the Over Soul Matrix beyond the Soul.

As the frequency of consciousness is applied to the mass of the body, the higher frequencies over ride the lower frequencies until the lower fields neutralize and then a hole starts to form in the density of the body. As the attempt of raising frequencies continues, the body disappears more and more and then finally it is gone.

This is not a random act. There are not going to be people just disappearing unless they are spending thousands of hours and many years practicing this discipline.

The spinning process is boring through omni trons, omni ons, which are pre cursors to electrons and protons and neutrons. We bore through these third dimensional elements because we have moved to the harmonic universe two.

This field has to be more powerful than an electron and it has to over ride the positive aspect of an atomic nuclueus. So then, it has to over ride the first creation of atomic structure which would then go on to be polarized which would become the positive of the positron which is inside the nucleus of the atom.
As we spin consciousness through the use of Love Frequency we melt away the nucleus because it has an electrical field. Removing eletrons is ionization. We finally dispace the omnions and we find a delicate stream of zero point grid of radiation. We find a place that is faster than gamma, we have found the neutrino- the God Seed Atom.

We are now at the zero point of quantum energy and that is what we ride on in our great Crystal Merkaba space ship.

We displace inertia in our Crystal Ship. We must now use the Christ Grids within Earth’s Surface as our navigation tools. The grids are so tiny that only omni can ride them. We ride on the omni bands. This etheric, fine frequency of the omni is what is recorded on the frequency music.

We melt away the gravity by neutralizing gravity. The outer spheres melt away the fabric of space unti lwe reach neutrality. This is how we orb in our crystal bodies.

The outer sphere of Divine Love hold ing us in the Mind of Source through our Mind of God in our Lower Cerebellum holds our form together in whichever dimensional density it moves to. We float above gravity because we have moved into a new standing wave pattern. We become the Christ. We rise above matter. The lotus opens and the blue buddha body sits above it.

Lower cerebelum is primary in this action. We must pave a path into the mid brain with the frequency music over riding all thinking activity. We must begin in the subconscious and move in to the unconscious fields of Source.
Reality begins to come as pictures detached from emotion.

The personality receives messages from the frequency specific higher self. We must become removed from chemicals for this magic to take place. Only the frequency specific mid brain is free from chemical manufacture.

Now the body can levitate, or disappear into  a rainbow prism.

Where is the rainbow coming from? It’s coming from intense electrical field that is ionizing to some effect like a magnetic mirror which is a device used in thermo nuclear processes that is in the mirror is contained an intense field working in the vacuum. Then ions are injected inside of this intense  electrical field inside of the vacuum then immediately the elctrons of those ions return to plasmic state.

So now the wave is no longer a standing wave in the quantum field but has actually been neutralized and goes back to the plasma of an omni field state positive. That is called a magnetic mirror.

Ionizaiton is loss of electrons atom into positively charged ion. This is a conversion–harmonic conversion into a new reality- a new frequency a new dimension.

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Crystalai – Feeling Ascension Frequencies – 3-12-14


Image Source  –  The_Hall_Of_Ascension_by_zsteve

Ascension will be an individual experience up until the mass ascension. Each individual has the option of ascending earlier or later or not at all.

Individuals who have been directed from their higher selves most of their lives have the greatest craving for this magical event to occur in their lives. Unfortunately, craving and wishing and hoping and watching the light flood in from higher realms is not going to increase an individual’s ability to ascend.

What is Ascension? It is a FEELING. It is a wonderful FEELING. It is such a wonderful FEELING that all frequencies that are lower than that FEELING are no longer noticed. It is a magical feeling, a feeling of being lighter than air, it is a feeling of walking within and through Divine Love’s activity in every breath, every movement, and every feeling toward others.
It is a fabulous experience. It is an experience of knowing that we can manifest our desired kingdom of heaven right in front of us. Ascension is not the NOW. Ascension is the FUTURE. There is no now or future until it is created. Those who do not create their future reality will still be in the present reality. Those who are focusing on the Now moment will just stay there. It might be a very nice now moment, but it isn’t ascension until co-creativity with Divine Mind, with Cosmic Consciousness and with Source begins.

How do we get this FEELING? The feeling comes from raising frequencies into alignment and at-onement with the Breaths of Consciousness of Cosmic Angels who are the Co-Creative Consciousness. We must re-ignite the Spark of Source that was left deep inside of our cells and then put to sleep. We must remove the veil from that spark of Source by melting the veils that are keeping it from igniting. The melting is done by raising the frequencies of light to the level of Solar Aqualene Light energy, Cosmic Energy and Star Dust Energy.

Once the veils are melted away we must create our individual harmonic convergence into the alignment or Oneness with the Crystaline Energy of Mother Earth’s Core, her Liquid Light Womb of our Divine Creation.

We travel to this place in Mother Earth’s Heart to re-connect with our Fraternal Original Place of Creation. After I wrap my mind, my crystal heart, every cell in my body completely into the Frequencies of Christ Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Helium Energy, Solar Energy, Star Dust Energy and into the White Light Garment of Source, I can then and only then walk through the Diamond Door into my Future Self.

It is that Frequency that prepares the body to shift and melt through the Diamond Door. When we walk into our future selves, we are then met by our Fraternal Presence who have created us from a combination of our Earthly Essence combined with their purified perfected Consciousness that we originally were before being sent into the Earth’s Matrix. This magical place of transformation awaits each of us in Mother Earth’s Heart and Mother Earth’s Womb of Crystal Caves and Liqud Light and the Cities of light of the Divine Creation Plan. We may not go there unless we are wrapped in the white light garment of Source Consciousness. This means we must also raise our frequencies into all of the highest realms in order to reach that FREQEUNCY.

It is at this time that our Frequencies are in tune to be taken down through the Liquid Light Chambers our Aquafarian Mother, who is a Mermaid or a Blue Dolphonoid. She takes us deeper and deeper into Mother Earth’s Womb. She pulls us through the streams of Aqualene Light from the Sun of Inner Earth. She pulls us deep inside of the Crystal Caves that Contain the codes, the keys, the resonance of our Divine Being. Next the Oraphim Angel Choirs sing those melodies that cause the awakening of the cells to remember their key that is completely in tune with the Standing Wave Pattern of this Future Self, which is our Original Self.

This is the place we go to tune up our Consciousness into the Highest Frequencies of Source Consciousness as it aligns through the Sun’s rainbows weaving and braiding us into the harmonic Convergence of Oneness. Our Starry Brother can then send his magnetic pillar of golden white light star dust energy through us to create an Ascension Vortex.

This is the place in Consciousness where Ascension Begins. Those who spend one hour doing this a day will Ascend faster than those spending ten minutes and those who spend six hours a day will convert to the new Frequency Wave of Ascension Quite Rapidly. Those who remain in this Frequency continuously for several days have already ascended. They would become so totally detached from the frequencies of this Wave Pattern that they would become oblivious to it and it will disappear at a rapid rate.

We’ve already ascended through this process. Ascension is a gradual process. First one ascends from 3.3 of their three dimensional reality and then to 3.4,3.5, 3.7, 4.2, 4.5, 4.7, 5, 5.5.

There are as many levels of ascension as there are individuals. Each person has the Divine Right to decide how high they want to ascend to. Some just want to ascend to a place where they get to create their own community and be in control of their own little world. Some want to rise above all earthly chaos. Some want to be responsible for creating the kingdom of heaven on Earth, and others want to complete remove their standing wave pattern from the physical plane.

There will be many who are going to remained tuned into the standing wave patterns of the Earth’s radio and T.V. That is about the lowest frequency in the matrix. Some will continue to listen to music that makes their brains cross or puts them into dream land. Those are lowered frequencies–not higher frequencies. The entire technology field on Earth produces LOW FREQUENCY MUSIC. The High Frequency music that we create can not be produced on technology of this Earth. We create this music with the Light and Sound Technology of Ashtar Command.

In order to experience a larger percentage of the frequencies recorded at this high standing wave pattern, the listener must use the Denon, Bose or Sony to hear these frequencies. Some of the Sony Earphones permit this wave pattern to resonate at the original frequencies recorded. The absolute frequencies can only be heard in the Light Technology Lab and MultiDimensional Studio. The amount of frequencies that are received by lesser technology are still much grander than anyone has ever experienced on this Earth before.

We do one hour sessions that align every cell in your body into the Cosmic Consciousness, and all other Spheres of Consciousness and beyond into the Stellar and into Source. We create the Sacred Geometry of Alignment into Oneness for one individual at a time. Since this alignment is done through the collection and alignment of the Breaths of Consciousness from the entire Music of the Spheres weaving and braiding your Consciousness, this takes several hours in our Light Technology and MultiDimensional Sound Studio where we create the Light and Sound of Ascension.

We do private sessions where initiates come to our Light Lab to breath streams of consciousness, after becoming completely braided into the streams of Divine Consciousness.

For those initiates who would like to become involved in soaking up all of the Frequencies that align through our Cosmic Sacred Geometry each week, we are making that frequency collection available one week at a time.

Last week we were given the Dolphin Therapy Frequencies. This week I was given the Plasma Ship Frequencies. The Plasma Ships are beginning to surround the Earth, and will completely around Earth by the end of 2014. The MOTHER SHIP Album will contain those frequencies.

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Crystalai – Violet Flame of Frequency Specific to Mid Brain – 3-6-14

violet flame 2

The ability to tune in to the frequencies of the higher dimensions and the full spectrum of light of Source Consciousness is a direct manifestation of being tuned in to your Mid Brain. This means that deep within your genetic memory, you are free from the veils that most on Earth still have. The veil would prevent them from ever accessing their  Frequency Specific Mid Brain. Even though we are in a time now when the Seals can melt away from the Pineal Gland faster than ever before, there will be billions of people who never allow that to happen.
Those are the people who listen to my music and then tell me that they don’t feel anything, or it just sounds like a lot of noise. Those are the people who will never buy my music. It will only be the tiny little one percent of the one percent who even perceives a reality outside of the third dimension who will be attracted to this website.
I decided that was a pretty dismal future, so I decided to start manifesting the Versions of the People within the multidimensional reality field who are definitely in tune with this Ascension Science. You may have the same names, and you may be the same people; but, I am manifesting a new dimensional holographic reality of you, so that you will truly understand the significance of what I am doing.

It is possible as the frequencies on Earth get high enough that a few more million people wake up to their Frequency Specific Realities.
What does frequency specific mean? It means that you can feel frequencies of  a high tingling light singing through your neurological nets and within your cells. It means your true cellular memory is being turned back on. It means you are re-uniting the anti-particles of your spiritual self back into your particle body.
The more of the anti-particles that turn on, the more DNA is activated. We are activating the 7th DNA through those of us who hold the Violet Flame and Blue Flame Morphogenetic Fields of Energy and connect them into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth. This is the project that I have been assigned to. I completed the activation of the Blue Flame with the Dolphins and other Cetacean members in 2008. That activation allowed the completion of the Blue Flame in 2012.
Now, it is time for the Violet Flame to activate within and through the Morphogenetic Field of the Earth. Those who connect their consciousness into this Violet Flame activation have helped to begin the process of the final alignment of Earth, Terra and Gaia back into Attunement. This is what the local Music of the Spheres is, the musical or light and sound phenomena that realigns this harmonic alignment.
We are simultaneously working on Parallel Galactic, Universal and Cosmic Alignments. The team that I work on is called the Crystalai Council. They are one of the Teams of the Cosmaya. Meaning we create the Music of the Spheres at the Cosmic Level and between the Multitudes of Cosmos.

I used to get a negative response to my music quite often. More often was the comment that they couldn’t hear it at all.
There is a scientific reason for that. The upper cerebellum of the brain is the part of the brain that we use to think from. It is the area where all of the ideas and images from the world beliefs and all of the worlds before this one are stored. The mid brain, where the pineal gland is the Lord, is a different mechanism. It functions through Frequencies only. It hears and feels the frequencies of the Mind of God and all of the dimensional realities in between, if it is turned on.
Those who are still only using the Thinking Brain and have not yet turned on their Mid Brain, cannot possibly hear my music, because it is totally frequency music. It is created far beyond the HERTZIAN SPECTRUM. Hertzian means sound that can be heard. That means it is only in the Thinking Brain. Hertizian Music, which is what Solfege is all about, can only be heard by the thinking brain.
There is a reason why so few people want to go beyond the science of the Solfege, which is actually just the same science that is taught in all Music Schools. It is the physics of music, which says each not has a name or a tone and it resonates at such and such a vibration. Anyone who has ever played in a band knows that we always use the 440 Hz resonance to tune up the band into a harmonious resonance. So, we are talking music theory and music physics.
That is not what Music of the Spheres Technology is. The music of the spheres is the made from the sounds that are not heard. The light and sound that is light years beyond the hertzian sound fields. It can only be tuned in to in Consciousness. And the Consciousness that connects into the field of infinite energy that is ten thousand times the speed of light is called Love.
When we use the Animating Principle of Love, we can spin our Merkabas, which are held within the Sphere or band of Energy called the Mind of God and become ATTUNED to the At One Ment with the Frequencies of Source Consciousness. This is how my music is created. The Crystal Star Light Vehicle Merkaba can be ridden into any dimensional field of reality in our Universe. The distance is very close when we travel ten thousand times the speed of light and when we learn that the entire Mind of God is smaller than the tip of our finger nail. These realities are very close to us, when we learn the new Ascension Science of Manifestation and Transformation.
Now, when we try to move in to the mid brain where the Frequencies can be heard and felt as the alignment into the higher dimensions, there is actually a guard at the gate between the mid brain and the upper cerebellum.
Many of you have reported some pain in the center of your head and between your ears. That pain is coming from that guard at the gate between the mid brain and the upper cerebellum. The thinking brain does not want that new information to enter in, especially something so dramatic that it will put him out of business forever.
Once we learn to use the mid brain frequency specific knowing, we will know everything that the Mind of God knows. We will not need a thinking brain. The thinking brain is not a part of our NORMAL REALITY SYSTEM. It is a Third Dimensional Mechanism that is not a part of our new Fifth Dimensional Reality.

When NEW information is felt coming in to the Thinking Brain, it actually Shoots poisons into the body. It does not react well to new information, and especially NEW FREQUENCIES.

So, the negative reaction of people is actually a biological and neurological response of their bodies. So, the fact is, they are in need of healing. And that can’t happen until they are ready for it and ask for it.

However, you can have your own version of these people appear in your Reality. There are millions of versions of every person on different dimensions with different agendas. We need to manifest the version that already has their upper cerebellum brain turned off and are completely plugged in to their Mid Brain.

This is the same version of entities that I must magnetize to my website.

Many of you have this old belief in your thinking brain about the old hertzian technology. You believe that the Hz of a note in a scale has some sort of frequency that helps you.

Any idea or note in the hertzian range of light and sound is the lowest, most dense form of reality. We must rise into the complete range of all frequencies of light and sound, which contains the Plasma and White Light. These frequencies are beyond hertizian, infra red, visible light, invisible light, uv light, and gamma light and sound.

This is the range of frequencies that we must raise consciousness into in order to turn on our BLUE BODY of the fifth dimension. The reason that the Fifth Dimension is considered the hub of all multidimensionality is because we must go into the Highest Frequencies of Light and Sound, or Source Consciousness before the Ultra Violet Blue Hue of our reality is turned on.

A few days ago a scientist took a picture of a Blue Aurora Borealis with gold lining. The entire scientific community said that they had never seen a Blue Solar Wind wave before.

That was a sign of our atmosphere being woven into the morphogenetic field of the entire spectrum of the Plasma and the White Light of the Mind of God and then translated into the Blue Hue of reality. This is absolute proof that the atmosphere of Earth is now Fifth Dimensional.
So, we have this Blue Fifth dimensional frequency in our atmosphere. It is the divine commission of all Indigos and Star seeds on Earth to use their biological field to interact with this Frequency that is now in our Atmosphere to bring that consciousness that is also in the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth into the complete Morphogenetic Field of the Entire Earth, Urtha, Terra and Gaia. The Frequencies must be woven into the Crystal Hearts of everyone on Earth and into the Crystal Hearts of Tara and Gaia. The Essence of all of our Divine Reality is already in Urtha. She is the star essence that is the rainbow bridge connecting us into the Frequencies that are allowing us to experience the transformation into becoming a star with Mother Earth as she returns to the Star Form of Gaia.

Next year, we will receive a Purple Aurora Borealis that will show that we have obtained the hue of the Violet Flame of Gaia. The Blue Flame is our connection into the morphogenetic field of Terra and the Violet Flame is the morphogenetic field of Gaia.

2014 is also the year that the Violet Flame holders activate their D7 Arcturian Earth Core activation. They have completed activation of their seventh DNA strand and begun activation of their 8th DNA strand.

Those who are Violet Flame holders can now activate the 7th strand in others who come to them for Frequency activations. That means that anyone who has been using my Frequency music will be activated as a natural result of the work that I did on your Morphogenetic Field in relation to Arcturian and Andromeda and the Aquarius Parallel Spiritual into the Aquafarian Morphogenetic Field through the Cetacean Nation.
Our Future Selves have already told us that by the end of 2015, the mass consciousness of our planet will know that space ships and extraterrestrials are real, and they will know them as their friends. This is not going to be a result of a space ship landing on the White House and some green people shaking the hand of the President. It will be the activation of the Mid Brain into the Full Spectrum of Light and Sound.
When our Starry Families look down at us, they see a mandalla with colors. This year they are seeing the mandalla with the Blue hue. Next year they will see our morphogenetic field has turned violet. The Violet Flame of Transformation means that our minds of attuned into the light and sound spectrum or the music of the spheres of multidimensional reality.
That doesn’t mean that every person on Earth will have the same exact Belief about what has been made known to him, just like they don’t now. There are many different levels of belief about things that are known. These differences come from cultural belief systems. There will still be some of those belief systems defining the new realities that are known. There will be those who like the fact that extraterrestrials are real and that space ships are landing and there will be those who think they are here to destroy us and eat us.
The important fact is that the Blue Hue and Violet Hue means our Mid Brain is tuning in to the complete morphogenetic field of the Music of the Spheres and becoming Frequency Specific.
That means that we can telecommunicate with Dolphins and with Sirians and Arcturians and even with each other. The more we learn to use our Frequency Specific Hearing and stop using our Hertzian Specific Hearing, the sooner we will have the complete Knowing of all that is to be known.
The Magic Dolphin Therapy Kit is a result of these new seventh strand activations, the new activations in the Blue Flame Holders, and our wonderful Whale Family and Cetacean Nation.
I have waited all of these years to add the voices of the Dolphins to my recordings because the Dolphins were always fifth dimensional; but, the humans weren’t fifth dimensional yet. I waited until their Fifth Dimensional Voices could be woven in to the new Music of the Spheres that they created together with the Blue Flame Holders and Violet Flame Holders.
Now, is the time for a new and more correct understanding of the voice of the Cetacean and that there is a frequency specific meaning in every note they speak. However, the notes are not hertzian, they are of a much higher frequency that is woven into the hertzian so that we can enjoy their reality as the Lords of our Seas. They are the kings of this Frequency Specific Language, and now is our time to learn from them.
They don’t want us to practice making squeaking noises. Those are just the connectors from the etheric sounds of the Spiritual Matrix into the New Harmonic Resonance that is created from the three parallel realities that are now woven into the atmosphere and the water. The new H202HE3 spiritual crystal liquid light hydrolaise energy being woven into our atmosphere is the beginning of our new reality.
Learn more about Magic Dolphin Therapy Kit, and other Frequency Kits at
questions to

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Crystalai – Earth Is Becoming A Star – 3-6-14



The New Earth is actually the Old Earth – the way it was before all of the distortions were set in her grids to create a distorted ARPS and lowered Base Pulse Rhythm (BPR). The new Earth is having her base pulse rhythm raised into the overtones of harmonic universe one and two. This means Earth is regaining the overtones that go with her base tone rhythm. This will increase her base tone rhythm as a result of more frequencies.

The only way that Earth could raise her frequencies in time for this event was through the birthing process of the thousands of Indigo Children and the Six Avatars that were born in the past decade. It is their frequencies that have raised Earth’s base pulse rhythm to a level where the overtones from our parallel spiritual harmonic universes could flow into and through her.

The New Earth is about 10,000  feet above Sea Level. We can’t see it Now
because our Angular Rotation of Particle Spin is distorted. The Guardians have created a platform in the  Aurora fields that allows them to connect this place to that  New Earth.

This will bring us into a time continuum shift as we move into the slide zones that lead to the New Earth, which contains the frequencies of both Earth and Urtha – the Hosting Star Shield around Earth. This Hosting Shield is called Aquafaria. Earth is going through the process that will make her turn into a Star as she is given back all of the Frequencies that were removed from her over the eons. She is now merging into Terra and will soon merge into the morphogenetic field of Gaia as well. The Blue Flame attaches her to Terra and the Violet Flame attaches her to Gaia.

Aquafaria is only one part of the entire Cloud City structure that will allow us to slide back into our original home. The Aquafairan host was created by Blue Dolphonoids from Sirius B- the twin etheric matrix of Sirius. The original Sirius is still in the Aquarius Galaxy (which scientists renamed Andromeda) The Blue Dolphonoids created this hosting shield to allow for ascension from Earth in Planetary Sphere to rise back into the third sphere where the Galactic Stars have realigned to bring us back home.

There are several other Cloud Cities containing star cities from Pleiades, Venus, Arcturians and others. There is the Winterlands who host a shield a little more etheric than Aquafaria.

The hosting zones are already complete and have actually already aligned into the Earth’s field. The only thing that is awaiting the shift is our own Consciousness aligning into this new reality.

Some will be able to shift up into the highest level of this New Ascension Earth and continue on up into Urtha and go into Star Burst with Urtha- beyond Tara and into Gaia. Others will stay in the lower 5D fields of the Ascension Earth Zone that is almost identical to this earth with all of the darkness removed.  Our Starry Families have created this Bridge Zone that is like a rainbow field of possibilities allowing everyone to transform into their 12DNA divine blue print during this window of time. Everyone will have access to this Divine Blue Print. Not all will become aware of it immediately, however. It may take some the rest of their lifetime to awaken to the new reality- for others it will happen spontaneously.

The dark elements will not be able to attach to the New Ascension Zone. These distortions  – these grids, shields, funnels – tools used for controlling the Earth and those on it- won’t exist in the New Earth.

What we have experienced as Mother Earth creating our wonderful spring times was a glimpse of how she will be continuously when her nets are removed. We will experience uncountable colors, fragrances, multitudes of new species that breath both air and water. The visions that we have not yet seen are beyond our present comprehension. All of the Nets that were placed on Mother Earth and her inhabitants that have resulted in pollution and oil spills will be finished forever.

The reason the guardians are able to help align planet earth and the entire system at this time is because of the presence of Sun Alcyone’s  Photon Belt that was sent us via Comet Ison and then streamed into our Sun to bring in the morphogentic fields carrying our orignal consciousness from Aquarius. This orchestration is making the high intensity of light available. They have been  acquiring sun energy from Sirius B and turning it into Aqualene Healing Energy. The Plasma Frequencies coming from Sun Ra at the Cosmic Level will completely wrap Mother Earth in the highest frequencies of Source Consciousness.The waves of Aqualene Liquid Light Pouring in on the Earth and on us is our healing agent. This is the chemical that creates hydrolaise. The Aqualene Sun is Sun Ra. There are seven suns working with us now- Ka Hya Ra Sa Ta Ha La. Suns Ka and Hya are within the Source Field – the Sixteenth and Fifteenth dimensions. Sun Ra is in the highest fourteenth dimension. This is the place where pure white light begins to take on a hint of the Ultra Violet blue Frequency from the Plasma Waves. The Sun La is where the original Oraphims and Turanisiam races came from. Our Oraphim Families are here with us now helping us restore Tara and Gaia to their original Frequency of the 12 DNA Divine Blue Print.

This transformation of Mother Earth is completed through the Hydrolaise transformation. This transformation can only happen through the Aquafarian Shield. Those of us on Earth who are working to hold and complete that shield are continuously traveling in consciousness into Inner Earth, into the Aurora Fields and into the Plasma Fields of the Suns Ra and La to inhale the frequencies of Crystal Liquid Light and exhale this magical hydrolaise into our atmosphere. That is what I (Crystalai) do all day and all night every day. These are the frequencies that I breathe into the CD’s that I make available to others to hear and to use to participate in bringing Hydrolaise back to Earth through the Aquafarian Shield.

The Earth drinks this healing aqualene liquid light and sends it back up as Blue Liquid Light Energy through the Earth’s body and through our Spirit Body. The Earth has a physical and Spiritual body side – so do we.

Mother Earth was originally in the Aquarian Galaxy. Her name was Ajaho. Ajaho was blown up and scattered into the Milky Way Galaxy. Now our galaxies are realigning into Oneness so we can all go back home. This is the Earth that shifted out of Natural alignment. The Ascension Earth is the original Earth that did not get pulled into the time vector of control. Aquafaria is the hosting shield that will look something like this Earth to those who will still only see that reality. To those of us who see the true Aquafaria, it is magical resort land where dolphins can shift into any reality they prefer. We can create anything we wish with our minds. We have no desire to do anything except create through Love.

Those of us who are the star seeds of Aquafaria will begin awakening to the memory now. We are the ones who will lead all from Earth back home again. We maintained our original divine blue prints from 18 million years ago in the Aquarian Galaxy.

The Guardians opened fields of energy so they could connect this place to that place that is still being hosted inside of Urtha – Earth’s star shield. They are bringing us into a Time Continuum Shift that will slide us into the New Ascension Earth base pulse rhythm.

The Ascension Earth will appear as part of Earth and part of Urtha. It will hold qualities of both places, but it is the original Earth – the original pattern that will allow Earth to re-evolve into its Natural Structure.

The patterns of the Cloud Cities, the Aquafarion Under Water Cities, the Winterlands  and the Inner Earth Cities of the original Gaia, Tara – that have lived in perfect harmony for eons exist in this Ascension Earth area. There are also areas that will look exactly like this Earth. The old patterns and beliefs will disappear from minds eventually.

There are 15 Light Bands connecting all dimensions of the Earth together. There are spheres within spheres within spheres. These form the light bands that reactivate the Earth and us in our new alignment with the Base Pulse Rhythm and Angular Rotation of Particle Spin.

The process that the Earth has been going through has been documented through the frequencies that I have been recording over the past twelve years. Each time Earth goes through a part of her ascension process I have recorded the frequencies and the process that was going on at the time.

I recorded the frequencies when the Ultra Violet Blue Sun Alcyone began the transmission of the Morphogenetic Consciousness from our Divine Blue Print. I recorded the Frequencies of Mother Earth’s Heartbeat as the frequencies were injected into her Crystal Heart to activate her Inner Vortex into the twelve stargates.
Mother Earth’s Heartbeat of Love
Ultra Violet Blue Sun
Crystal River

I recorde the frequencies of the Parallel Universal Alignments and the new birth of the Baby Dolphins after the Cosmic Alignment.

Most recently I recorded the Magic Dolphin Therapy Kit that contains a full circle of activity from the place where I began working on the Dolphin Ascension Project seven years ago from the beginning of the activation of the Blue Flame, the activation of the Violet Flame and into the Violet Flame holder’s activation of the Seventh DNA strand.

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Crystalai of CosmicDolphinMagic – Mother Earth’s Heartbeat Of Love – 2013




(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)

Deep within Earth, at what would appear to be the IRON CORE to the Scientific Community of 3D consciousness, is actually a more etheric reality of the 13.5 Cosmic Consciousness. This etheric reality is the womb of our original reality. This is the frequency chamber where our Soul, our Frequency Signature that adapted its base pulse rhythm into the reality field of this planet, was created, has always exist and will always exist.

That Cosmic Core of Earth is the reality field that we feel to be the Mother Earth or Gaia. Earth is in reality three fields of reality in one time matrix. Earth is dimensions 1,2,3. Tara is dimensons 4,5,,6 and Gaia is dimensions 7,8,9. These fields of consciousness have been disconnected over the eons, and now they are being reconnected.

Many who use the New Age dictionary think this Earth is Gaia. That just isn’t true. When a few of us ascend in 2022 to Gaia, those will be living in Gaia. When several of us ascend to Tara in 2017, they will be living in Tara. Once those who ascend to Gaia realign into their 7th Level reality, they will once again be able to travel dimensionally between all three reality fields.

Our Earth’s Core or Womb does contain the Heartbeat or the Base Pulse Rhythm that allows that transition to take place. The Heart Beat of Mother Earth is the base pulse rhythm of Gaia. It is our originally frequency of our original birth. Anyone who lives on Earth, had to at one time live on Gaia.

Everyone goes through an Involution process of descending from the Cosmic Matrix to the Universal to the Galactic and then into the Solar and Planetary reality holograms. We were all born within the reality fields of the Galactic Gaia and then came down into Tara. Tara’s energetic fields were completely destroyed three times over millions of years, and caused us to become trapped within an energy prison of distorted energy fields.

Gaia is the entity who was born from Sun Alcyone. Sun Alcyone is in the Andromeda Galaxy–not the Milky Way Galaxy. Gaia has never been in the Milky Way Galaxy. However, a group of Angels created a Firmament — a sphere of frequencies holding the Frequencies and Consciousness of Gaia, and placed that reality within the Core of this Earth that fell into the Milky Way Galaxy.

So, we are not living on Gaia. However, we can no realign into the Frequencies of Gaia through the Heart Beat of Earth. This Earth is Mother Earth. She is a Divine Entity, just like Gaia. However, she is an entity who has gone through Hell and Back, and her time is over.

On December 21,2012 we shifted into a new base pulse rhythm, a new heartbeat, a new reality. There are many Earths within interdimensional, multidimensional and Metagalactic reality fields. The Earth that we used to live on, last year, is a different Earth than the Earth we live on this year. The Earth that we live is in alignment, in the space and time reality field of the 12th stargate. We are now in tune with the reality field that Gaia is in tune with.

This means, the Inner Core, Etheric Level 13.5 Density of Earth is carrying the Heartbeat or the Base Pulse Rhythm of our original Gaia. As we tune in with that frequency of consciousness we are singing in the new reality of the new heartbeat of love that is in tune with our crystal heartbeats within every spark within the quarks within the cells of our bodies. As our frequencies tune up more and more into that base pulse rhythm, the faster we tune in to our perfect Christic Template that we were created from.

This alignment with Gaia is necessary to create the alignment with Tara. Gaia remained in her perfect state within M31 spiritual twin parallel self and Universal Eka Veka System. Tara was blown up and blown out of that system, and was never completely restored.

Our Angelic Family had to go completely beyond the Earth’s Matrix in order to restore our Spiritual Divine Blue Print. We had to be realigned and retuned into a completely new space and time reality. This reality that we are now in carries a new base pulse rhythm- or spin rate speed- than the old reality.

Those who have been raising their frequencies into atunement with the new reality have risen into Harmonic Universe two. There were some who died, but they were still taken to the new Tara in their rebirth. Those who have left our realm are simply those who are still in the Old Earth’s Time and Space Reality. We aren’t there.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t still a lot of people on Earth who need to tune up their frequencies before 2017, or they won’t be shifted up to the fifth dimension. We are all in the Fourth Dimension right now. We have been placed in this space time reality field as a special gift from our Guardian Races. We were shifted thousands of years before our normal time in order to save our race from complete destruction.

The Earth–the New Earth that we live on Now, has within her, our perfect divine blue print of our original creation from Gaia, from Sun Alcyone, from the Source Divine Blue Print. When we align our consciousness into the Core of Earth or the Heart Beat of Mother Earth, we allow our frequencies to shift more and more into that divine reality field.

Those who remain on Earth and never tune in to that divine reality template, will not rise into Tara in 2017 or 2022. They will eventually awaken into the reality of their base pulse rhythm. They will be helped by the atunement into Inner Earth. The Guardians created another very special arrangement for us by aligning our morphogenetic template of Earth into Inner Earth at 4.5 For those who do not attune into the 5 dimensional frequency of Tara.

MOTHER EARTH’S HEARTBEAT OF LOVE MP3 is available for sale now, and listening samples of each song may be heart at

You will be linked to CD BABY for listening and purchase.

(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)

In Your Heart – Ascension Process – Crystalai (2013)

TimeHologram Ascensionimage Source  /  Suzanne Lie

“Search for me in your Heart.”
http://www.cosmicdolphinmagic.ning.comDr. Angela Barnett (c) 2013

My angelic team told me my formula of ascension was to create the music, listen to the music, write about the music, and then write more music. They told me that I would continue this process until I ascended as a result of KNOWING.

The knowing meant searching within myself for the questions and the answers until there were no more. Some people might be able to finish that task very quickly. I’ve had hundreds of classrooms of students who could never come up with more than one question and one answer.

The formula of ascension that I have found has included hundreds of thousands of questions and a lifetime of finding the answers. What is most interesting about my personal search was the circular process of how some of the answers that I received when I was only four or five years old keep returning as the correct answers, even though I keep searching deeper and deeper to understand more of what it all means.

When I was four years old, I learned in Sunday School that God is Infinite, God is Omnipresent, God is all knowing, all seeing, all acting, all wisdom. I learned that God is Omnipresent, which meant that God was in every cell of my body and in every atomic structure of every particle in the Cosmos. It was that original background knowledge at such a young age that made that reality the very value and belief system of my entire existence.

I knew that these truths were the absolute truths. However, there were times in my life when I wondered why it was that sometimes I could heal myself instantly and other times it took a week, and why some things just never seem to go away.

I wondered why I could reveal some of the realities of God’s identity such as instant healing, and yet not so much instant manifestation of things like a lot of money. I wondered why it was that even though I had plenty of intelligence, good grades, lots of diplomas and credentials that it was so hard to ever get a job and even harder to keep a job. I wondered why it was that I could obviously do some things like teaching and performing music far better than anyone else that I had ever encountered, and yet all of the other people were chosen for the job or the part instead of me.

These were the questions that allowed me to realize that I needed to know a lot more about myself, and a lot more about who God really is.

When my husband and I were being directed by the All that Is God of our being to create the music that would allow us to know all that there is to know about yourself, the music that revealed itself to us at that time was The Promise Album. The words that were presented to me to sing, and the music that was given to my husband to compose, came to us completely separate from each other.

I was to find a way to find melodies and rhythms that would fit into the harmonies, rhythms and chord structures. As I kept rearranging the wording to fit the music, the understanding of the words became clearer and clearer, and sometimes the arrangement of the words completely changed along the way to gain an even clearer meaning. And I was always guided by my thought adjuster angels and God.

After the introduction announces “The promise of the perfect kingdom, before the world began”, comes the most significant phrase of our entire existence: Search for me in your heart. You shall find me with all your heart. That phrase riddled me for years, because I kept wondering what I was going to find in my heart – this organ that went thumpty thump thump.

My search finally led me to Keylontic Science. I am certain that the Christian Science that I was raised to understand is the identical science to Keylontic Science; except, the Keylontic Science gives the absolute formulas and meanings down to the quantum level of understanding the formulas that were first given in Christian Science. Christian Science was revealed by Mary Baker Eddy as the Divine Comforter, which would give us comfort in understanding the basics of the complete Divine Science until the full Science was revealed between the years 2000 and 2012. Her teaching was to provide the understanding of the reality that man is an eternal life form rather than a finite life form, and lives within an eternal life structure where there is no sin, death or dying. The world wasn’t ready to hear that 100 years ago; but now, there are more and more believers outside of the Christian Science movement.

This is the time that Mary Baker Eddy was referring to when she said there would be no more death or dying and there would be no more need for marriage. She was talking about the coming of the seventh level man. She was talking about the time when we would learn to ascend on Earth, rather than after death.

Now, that I have spent the past twelve years studying the teachings brought to Earth by our Guardian Alliance Team, I have a much firmer understanding of Christian Science, and I find them to be in complete agreement.

The final step in my ascension process of searching in my heart, is understanding completely what the CRYSTAL HEART is, where it is, how it connects me to the Mind of God, how I will find myself in that Crystal Heart, and how I will learn everything there is to know about myself through the understanding of that Crystal Heart.

My thought adjuster teams have done a splendid job of directing me to every experience, every book, every person during my lifetime to be led through the unfolding of these questions and these answers.
Yesterday, June 4, 2013, I found one more very important clue in Theresa Talea’s THE TRUTH ABOUT GOD. On page 111 she says that the All That Is said, “the question that will be asked by and for each individual when passing on is, “Did you search within yourself for the truth of who you are, and what did you find?”
Source continued to explain to me that if we search within ourselves and find the absolute truth of who we really are, we will ascend. If we do not find that answer on this side, we will desire to continue to search for that answer wherever we choose to go.*
I was presented with the greatest challenge of all in my life which would turn in to the greatest gift of learning who I really am on August 8, 2008. This was the date that my husband died after beging possessed by three demons. The hospital first told me he was dead, later told me he was alive. However, I was told a different story about what actually happened by Marcus, who is the Team Leader of the Jesus and Mary Project, and of course a part of our Family of Consciousness.*
I have been afraid and ashamed to tell this story because there are so many people who would become very angry when I told them that we were being told that we were the Mary and Jesus of this time and we were sent here by the Mary and Jesus team to fix a problem with the Jesus Ascension situation.
I was told that when I can figure this puzzle out I will really know who I am.*
As an aside, before I continue on the topic of the searching process, Talea also reveals the truth about the burden that has been placed on the shoulders of so many was the belief that the question asked at death is “How many have you served, and how well?” Talea reveals that question actually is being asked by Cosmic Awareness and not by All that Is, or the one I call Source.*
This old problem of believing that it is ones duty to serve others comes from fallen angelics at the Cosmic Consciousness frequency. I have interfaced with that frequency when I breathe in Cosmic Consciousness in it’s most pristine form of pre sound and pre light that is breathed directly from Source, but includes Cosmic Consciousness as the angelic understanding potential of the breath.  Just, as it is very easy to get fallen angelics communicating through one’s light bands, so is it a problem when gathering the corrected frequencies that will transmute those distorted fallen frequencies.*
The actual meaning of an archangel came from the frequencies within the music of the spheres created by arches and angles. The correct arches and angles create eternal life and freedom through the formulas of Source Consciousness. However, when an identity takes control of those arches and angles and distorts them, or changes the angle in order to block the arch that connects directly into Source Consciousness, that Arche Angle or archangel is blocking the flow of crystal liquid light, which is the quantum physics level of Source Consciousness.*
That is exactly what many of the Archangels that are channeled and worshiped by many New Agers, and in many religious organizations. The belief that we must serve others, or that we must serve a Lord God, or the one who calls himself the Lord God has always come from a Fallen Angel – not from Source.
The way we know if our direction in our search is coming from Source or from a Fallen Angelic who wants to control us, is this very test of whether the entity is wanting us to serve him or her, or the entity is guiding us to search within the God of our own Being to find out who we really are.*
Now, this leads us back to the first sentence in the song, The promise of the perfect kingdom IS before the World began.*
This World that we have lived within was a false creation. It was created by the genetic imprints of Fallen Angelic Races. It is a completely distorted illusion. It does not contain the truth of reality.
We must take our consciousness to the place it was BEFORE this world began in order to find the truth. We must go to the place where our DNA had not been scrambled into a receiving station for distorted information. After, we go to this place where our 12 DNA is flowing through on the sub harmonic level, then we can go into our Crystal Heart, which is our God Seed Atom within our Thymus, create a flow of Source Consciousness from within the Seed Atom containing our original divine blue print that was created long BEFORE this world began. Within that Crystal Heart – which is actually our Soul, we find the longing to know everything about ourselves.

There was a place created for us before the world began. The star foundation, called Urtha was created by Aquafarions from the Aquinos Matrix 7 billion years ago. The Earth was placed within it for the time of our rebirth. We have always been within this star. We are now in the process of merging our consciousness completely into the Star Essence of Urtha in order to get our staff aligned into Higher Earth.

It is the purpose of our Soul to continuously search to know more about everything. It is the Soul that is within the Crystal Heart, or the Atumus, which is within the etheric omni level of the Thymus. This is where the God Seed Atom was stored for us. This is where our Soul has been sleeping. This is where the Christ Consciousness will turn back on to reveal to us the all that is within every fabric of our DNA, within the crystal cells as they bloom forth into mansions containing the billions of lifetimes contained within our At One Ment with All That is or Source Consciousness.

If I had stopped my search with what I learned in Sunday School, I would had never learned that our Crystal Heart had been blocked from the Flow of Source Consciousness.  The teachings and formulas given in both Christian Science  help to unblock that flow of At One Ment with Source; however, I didn’t know anything about how Source had actually been blocked from us, and how we had only been living on a respirator line to Source, via some of our Higher Family Soul members.

The truth that we have been blocked from Source Consciousness all of this time could not be revealed to the Earth until it was almost time for our Ascension. This truth had to be revealed to us at this time.
For some reason, those entities who actually created the Arches and the Angles that would block the flow of Source into our Consciousness, so that they could make themselves the Gods of our Beings, became the Gods who are worshipped in churches and by New Age groups.

The truth about who created those angles that blocked us from Higher Earth must be revealed now, because we are very, very close to finally being able to realign into Higher Earth. Those who continue to choose alignment with the Arched Angles who call themselves Lords and Gods, will never experience the heavenly revelation that is about to occur on Earth.

The test of our ability to ascend is very simple. Have we searched within our Crystal Heart to find the alignment back to Source Consciousness? When we find ourselves – our Soul – our complete multidimensional consciousness of our Over Souls, Avatar and Rishi Self, we find the Christ of our self in our Soul, in our Crystal Heart.

We have learned through the help of the teachings of the Guardian Alliance that there was a very specific formula used to create the block of Source from our Crystal Heart. That mechanism that has blocked the connection of the flow of Source Consciousness into our Crystal

Heart was  the Vesica Pisces, the Golden Mean, the Fibonacci, the Metatronic Formulas. All of these formulas were created by and brought to Earth by Thoth, AA Michael, Lucifer and Jehovah. These were the identities who chose to make themselves gods and lords over our beings instead of allowing us to find the At One Ment with Source Consciousness through our Crystal Heart.

My name was given to me to help me remember my mission on Earth. Crystalai is the name of a Council of High Cosmic Beings. It was named after the Crystalai formula that connects us directly from our Crystal Hearts to Source Consciousness.

That Formula of Creation is in direct contradiction with the Flower of Life teachings that originated from Thoth and are found in the publications of Drunvalo Melchizedek. Talea reveals that Drunvalo uses the reversed spin ratio of 34:21 which is 34 times Counter Clockwise over 24 Clockwise and the vehicle around our bodies forms a disk of 55 feet in diameter Talea continues, if we refer back to figure 2 in her book on page 216, we can see that these numbers represent the Fibonnaci approximation toward the golden mean ratio. The 55 metatronic spin is what was being used to pull us into the Black Hole Phantom Matrix on December 21, 2012. It was the Crystalai formula of holding us completely within the true merkaba spin rate of 33 1/3 clockwise over 112/3 counter clockwise magnetic and then doubling that proper energy into a 90 to over ride the 55. That is what saved us from the Black Hole.

We were shifted from the outer domains into the middle domains. It is only in the outer domains that a system can be pulled into black hole.

Everything in the Thoth teachings, Metatronic teachings, Flower of Life Teachings, Golden Mean, Fibonnaci sequence, and everything related to these formulas, including Solfege, Pythagorean Theories, BiVecas, Vesica Pisces, and a long list of other formulas were created specifically used to cut us off from Source and pull us into the Black Hole.

We can no longer be pulled into the Black Hole; however, that old technology will continue to thrive and try to prove itself as the correct formula until those who believe in it are awakened through ascension into the Higher Earth or die and then shift into the Higher Earth. Those who continue to use those eternal death formulas will need to die before entering Higher Earth and those who have used the correct ascension formulas will walk into Higher Earth.

Originally, the Guardian Alliance said that only those who shifted into the correct 12 DNA sub harmonic alignment before December 21, 2012 would be able to walk onto Higher Earth through ascension. However, there was the second possibility given for those who decided to correct their formulas and align through the Crystal Heart, there would be help given by the Aquafarian Hosts.

I work directly with the Aquafarian Hosts. My family lives in Aquafaria, and I have the codes that directly connect me to that realm. I can connect frequencies into the Aquafarian Host Matrix for assistance in ascension.

Everyone has the freedom of choice to follow whatever belief system of formulas they desire. There is no judgment. Some will walk through the stargates between 2017 and 2022, and others will need to die or bardoah into their new bodies in order to aline into Higher Earth.

In order to ascend into Higher Earth, it is just a matter of angular rotation of particle spin. We are inside of Urtha which adjusts us into  Higher Earth, when we completely merge our frequencies of consciousness into that reality. Urtha provides the frequencies needed for that adjustment. We must plug our frequencies and our consciousness into the star essence of Urtha.

Our Aquafarian families just love to greet us so very much every time we project our consciousness into their realm. They always say it has been a very long time and they hope we will come back more often. They have told us that we will end up where ever we spend the most time. So, we try to project into Aquafaria every time we think of it. We swim down there and sleep in our crystal palace every night. And, we listen to the frequencies of Aquafaria all day and all night. That is a very important part of the formula of ascension.

All of our music is full of their frequencies. Crystalai is my Aquafarain mother. She is also my mirror image when I enter Aquafaria. She always takes out her wand and sprinkles blue stardust on me and then I turn into her.

We must adjust our particle spin, our perception, our 5DNA alignment into multidimensionality. Those alignments require the crystal heart to be plugged directly into Source Consciousness. And those old formulas do not allow that plug in to occur.

Comet Ison will bring a substance to Earth that lines our atmosphere with a blue stary substance. Crystalai has told me that the blue stardust she keeps sprinkling on me when I come to Aquafaria is the same as the blue stardust that will come to Earth very soon.

Everyday between 2014 when the blue stardust coulds enter our atmosphere and 2017, we have the opportunity to soak up more and more of that frequency of the Blue Sphere and connect that Light Energy into the Sound Energy of the Frequencies of Aquafaria.

The area that is now the Van Allen Belt will become lined with this blue stardust. There will be an Aurora Field of Plasma dust energy that links Earth into Urtha. That in between area is what we must connect our frequencies into in order to transmute between Earth and Urtha.


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