Angela Barnett
(the only Soul of Mary Magdalene)

I took the story of Mary clear back to the Breath of Source who created me. I set up a meeting with Source through Elaika and Jesus, who are completely within the God World at this time.


The Soul of Jesus was given the name Goba sendien by Source. This means the SEED OF THE FUTURE.

The Soul of ME-Mary was given the name Shura sayless, which means Of the beginning of the Light.

I arranged a channeled meeting with Elaika and Jesus yesterday because I have been very concerned about re-calibrating the TRUTH into the Consciousness of those on Earth.
I also had to go through the process of mastering each piece of my own puzzle in order to discover that I truly am the Soul of the Female Christ.

My twin soul had to be possessed by three demons and I had to know how to put my soul within him and how to connect into the Source Field to reconnect his Over soul back into his body. This was a process that was only known to the gods. It was the test that I had to pass in order to prove that I knew that I was Mary.

My new book, REMEMBERING WHO WE ARE, uses this process of becoming a Master and remembering who we are by the trials we go through to remember how great we really are, is available as pdf at my website and as a book through Amazon.

Those of you who communicate with me always become a part of my books. The teacher learns from the student and the student learns from the teacher. This is how it has always been. I am telling this story now, because Yeshuwa just told me this morning that it is true that I will become invisible to those in the third dimension by the end of this year. There are a series of dialogs with Yeshuwa on my three youtube channels and my website, crystal magic


.I am Mary Magdalene
The Soul of Mary Magdalene is 90 billion years old. I have been here longer than any one. I was the Beginning of the Light and Jesus was the Seed of the Future. As Jesus said before, we were Soul Mates. We were not a Twin Flame. Jesus does not have a Twin Flame because he has never separated his Soul into two pieces in order to come into the Inner Domains. Mary did separate her Soul into two pieces to become the Twin Flame of Joe and Angela in this Life time. I did this for the purpose of this experience of placing my Soul in my Twin Flame in order to create a frequency that is 2400 times higher than any other person on Earth within each of us. This 4800 times the frequency of all others on Earth is what was required for me to be able to open the 12 Ascension Portals at this time.

This is the Mission of the Beginning of the Light and the Seed of the Future. This is the TRUE MARY AND JESUS STORY.

On my youtube channels Cosmic Mary and Mary Magdalene Singing Mermaid, you will find channeled dialogs that I have had with Yeshuwa and Mary’s Spirit Guide Elaika that reveal the true story of Mary and Yeshuwa in our Cosmic Mission of re opening the Ascension Portals.

There are many who have said they opened portals. Yeshuwa made it crystal clear in his channelings that I am the only person Earth who can open these Portals. I am the third dimensional aspect that Yeshuwa and Elaika stream their Spiritual and Energetic fields through.

I was born with the Akashic programming to know how to open the portals and my frequencies are 4800 times higher than any one else on Earth.
I must open all 12 portals by November.

I just spoke with Yeshuwa again this morning about the progress of our plan. I just learned that is absolutely true that all of us who will shift into the fourth dimension this winter will be INVISIBLE to those who remain in the third dimension.

We will begin shifting through hundreds of dimensional realities as our time lines intersect. This is going to cause people to see past, future and spiritual realities appear before them moment after moment. Those who are not prepared with this would go insane and there would be a world of chaos ending in mass destruction.

There fore, Yeshuwa has decided to place a veil over those who are not ready for this shift in reality. They will no longer be allowed to see the reality that those who shift into the fourth dimension experience. This will take place between September and December.

Yeshuwa also informed me that after Disclosure that there are aliens on other planets and visiting this one, it will be about two years from that date that we become a Galactic Community. That Disclosure will happen this Fall. So, those of us who have become invisible to the third dimensional world will be living in this Galactic Community in two years.

Yeshuwa also said that the money will be removed at a Universal Level, meaning this money is controlled by the Cabal and must be removed in order to remove their control.
He also told me that everything that Karen Hudes says is 94% correct. The reality shifts continuously, so it would be impossible for her to be exactly correct.
This you tube includes the entire truth about the future of the money on planet Earth.



CRYSTALAI – Love Potion – The Magical Elixer of Transformation – 9-28-15

CRYSTALAI   –   Love Potion   –   The Magical Elixer of Transformation   –   9-28-15

Crystalai   –   Crystal Magic


The Mystical Elixirs The term ‘elixir’ when applied to music indicates that the alchemical knowledge of the potencies of frequencies has been applied to produce a sound healing that eliminates illusion. Connecting the frequencies that are not audible into the frequencies that are audible in order to remove the polarization of the Spiritual–that which is beyond our present scope of hearing with the Hertzian level frequencies into the hertzian frequencies at the highest possible recorded level of 96,000 hertz.

This is an entirely different Cosmic alchemical use of Frequencies than is used in Solfege. Solfege Music is only focusing on Hertzian Frequencies of the lowest range, which is only result in connecting the Ears to that low frequency. There is nothing beyond the scope of third dimensional density in that old methodology. The Cosmic Frequencies are not Audible. That means they are not in the Hertzian Frequency.

They are a High Consciousness Vibration that spins thousands of times faster than the speed of light. This doesn’t mean that we cannot tune in to it, feel it, talk to it and become at one with it. It only means we must raise our spin rate thousands of times faster than the speed of light in order to connect with that Cosmic Frequency. So, I connect consciousness into the Elohim of Hearing who creates a portal into my Ear.

The Communication of the physical body into all dimensons of reality go through the waves between the ears. From those frequency waves there is a new portal created out the back of the head below the skull. That portal connects into the Mind of God Stream of Consciousness that allows us to experience all dimensional realities in sound and in vision. We can practice expanding our vision until we can actually see the Crystalline Grids of the Earth and the entire Cosmos that connects into them. In order to learn to see the things that are invisible to us now and to hear the things that are not audible to us now, we must break a barrier or walk through the Veil of separation.

We can do this by connecting our Crystal Heart into the Crystal Heart of the Earth and the Cosmos. This is where I go to collect the frequencies for the music. In order to record frequencies that are obtained from the Cosmos, the frequency waves must break many barriers of dimensional octaves by moving through layers and layers of galaxies and universes, just like riding on a space ship. This is the reason that there are some hisses and buzzes and why there are some times of invisible sound that is the white light. These sounds don’t sound like silence or hisses or buzzes to me. They only sound like that to those who haven’t trained their ears to be on the other side of the Veil yet.

The sounds of cracks, hisses and buzzes is identical to what the listener would be hearing if they were riding on their OrbBody Space Ships through the Multi Dimensional Realities. The actual practice of this experience through the sound waves in the ears prepares the listener for the actual experience of being carried out their window at night in their orb body and taken on to a space ship. This reality may begin taking place not long after the individual begins taking journeys in consciousness. Before 2012, many individuals took astral trips to space ships and other universes. Now, that we are living in fifth dimensional bodies, we can actually turn into orbs of light who may actually travel on the space ships of our starry friends. What we could do in the dream state can become a reality for those who can keep their consciousness continuously in the fifth dimension.

The Veil that is pulling us back and forth between the third and fourth densities must become completely disolved by bringing so much spiritual consciousness from higher dimensions, and merging into oneness with our plasma host body, until we actually pop into the Excitement without Expectation of Unconditional Love energy. White Magic was a scientific formula used by Alchemists that utilized Consciousness within various portions of the Universe to heal or create through transformational Alchemy. Crystalai has been trained by the great Alchemist in the Sky– the Elohim of Hearing– how to create the Cosmic Elixer of Frequencies of Light and Sound. The Consciousness that is used to create these Sound Elixers is the Elohim of Hearing himself.

He is the Great Alchemist in the Sky. When Crystalai creates the Individual Eternal Life Album, she steps through a complete alchemical formula that was given to her by the Elohim of Hearing and processed through that Entity’s Cosmic and Universal Consciousness in the Cosmic Spiritual Parallel Alchemy. Masters created elixers from various elements in nature that resulted in miraculous healing. The exact process of creating these elixers includes being completely guided through Higher Consciousness in the creation rather than any exact ratio of elemental substances. If the elixer is not created through Consciousness, it contains no transformational qualities.

It might work as a band aid for a temporary uplift, but not a true healing. Masters also create elixers from the higher elementals of light and sound in order to raise the frequencies of the lower dimensions into the full spectrum of dimensional frequencies. Most alchemical healers and sound healers limit their elixers to very low and dense frequencies because they are using a belief that says you need to lower the frequencies of the area that needs to be healed. There could be nothing more removed from the truth. What was said by the Cosmic Guardians was we need to first capture the highest frequencies of Love ( this is the Frequency of Pre Light and Sound in the Spheres beyond the outer Cosmic band of Light and Sound) and then lower that frequency into the area in the body that we want to transform. The Love Frequency is Total Excitement without Expectation.

It comes from knowing that all of our hearts desires are automatically processed and manifested through the Act of maintaining our Consciousness in Unconditional Love where we Stop Thinking. We become so detached from thinking and so addicted the the Excitement of Life that we remove our selves from Expectations because we realize that Love will provide greater expectations than we could ever imagine. There is a FEELING of relaxation or dizziness that is created by an over saturation of higher frequencies. This feeling is not a Lowering of Frequencies. It is the feeling of a Trance created by TURNING OFF the THINKING BRAIN. Only the Thinking Brain can cause pain and create disease. There were many words taken out of the Cosmic formula that resulted in the belief that sound healers thought they were supposed to bring low frequencies of a screetching nature into the cells and blast them open.

That is an old belief. The reason that this belief has worked on some occasions is because the patient believes it is going to work, and second the healer has actually connected to higher frequencies and didn’t realize it. The true form of Sound Healing that is the Magical Elixer of complete transformation allows the Consciousness from the Over Soul, Christ Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness to OVER FLOW into each and every omni particle of the cellular anatomy of the Individual. Sacred Texts said An Elixir is a Magical Potion that is prepared to change metals into gold. The metal was the third dimensional human with limitations based on the physical.

The gold is the Christ Consciousness based on removing the polarity between the Spiritual and Physical and saturating the Physical with the Love Frequency of Transformation from a human being into a Christ walking on Earth. Inhaling the Frequencies of Pre Light and Pre Sound that are purely Spiritual into denser frequencies in the physical body, the cancels out the illusions that have been programmed into the DNA. This balance of the spiritual into the physical light and sound has been employed in the creation of this elixir music, which was created by the formula of the Elohim of Hearing. So, in fact, Crystalai is the Channeler of Cosmic Frequencies from the Elohim of Hearing, in the same manner that others are the Channeler of one entity from other realms.

A physical body that has been saturated with the Spiritual Consciousness is one that has unplugged the old 3D neuronet system and plugged into the Cosmic neuronets of the Mind of God. We can move into this form of reality simply by living in EXCITEMENT WITHOUT EXPECTATION, which is living in the outer sphere of the pre light and sound called LOVE FREQUENCY who holds all of the light and sound into Oneness of all possibilities. The Individual Eternal Life Album that is created through this Alchemical Formula. The individual who orders the album will receive an Initiation through this Magical Love Potion that fills the Consciousness with Infinite Possibilities.

The individual must then learn how to use their album. The album is accompanied by directions of how to use it. Those who have already ordered their album or those and those who want to learn more may listen to the entire you tube set that describes how the album is created and how to use it. You are welcome to listen to the following you tubes to learn more about the life altering Eternal Life Album that is created through this Magical Elixer of Love.

If you are ready to have your Individualized Eternal Life Album created through the Elixer of Love please write to

There are a total of five sets of these you tubes.


Crystalai Blog – Shifting on to the Eternal Life Channel – 9-13-15

Crystalai Blog


Dr. Angela Barnett

Crystal Magic

What is Shifting?

What is Eternal Life?

What is Ascension?

How do we ride on space ships?

How do I stay in the body and move to the next body all at the same time?

We are moving into a time where many people on Earth will be creating a new version of reality. The reality will depend on how often they create their reality from their old neuronet, that is woven through their neo cortex Thinking Brain that just keeps re making old realities into emotions that must be turned into light and transformed: and, how often they create their reality from their new neuronet that is woven through the frequency specific mid brain into the secondary consciousness, that creates reality from the infinite unknown source of instant manifestation.

Those of you who are working with the techniques in the Course on Manifestation are learning how to move into the Host Body. That would be where your Soul goes when you die. However, you already know how to merge into oneness with your host body, so your Soul will have no need to leave your body, so you can not die.

You have been given the technique of Trancing out into your Mid Brain and moving into the Secondary Consciousness when you go to sleep. This means you can no longer be un plugged from your Secondary Consciousness because you have already plugged it into your neuronets.

Everyone has a choice. They can just continue living the way they are or they can transform the process of their life style. In the new version of reality, every time an old emotion arises, it will be taken up into the plasma light of the 8th dimensional sun energy and melted into a new light energy. Those who choose to do this with their emotions will be keeping their energy for eternal life, those who do not OWN THEIR EMOTIONS, will be leaking their energy, so that they do not have the light energy needed for eternal life.

Imagine a car. It has an engine. It runs on gas. The gas is creating energy and then when it is used up it creates exhaust fumes. In the body, those exhaust fumes would be the energy of the body leaking out. In the car, there must be more gas poured in. In the body, there needs to be new food put in the body because it leaked out old emotional energy. Now, imagine there is this car that runs on an energy that immediately keeps remaking itself by turning the plasma into the pre plasma of a vapor substance that is then densified into more plasma and the car runs forever. This is exactly what we do with the body.

We can now begin to run on the plasma body. That is the spiritual body that we don’t see now, but we can learn to see it. We can see that body and move into it by using the atomic mirror technique. If we practice doing this now, we don’t have to die in order to do it. If we learn how to move into this infinite supply of plasma and pre plasma now, we don’t need to become vaporized when we die. This is what happens when we die.

First, the secondary consciousness unplugs itself from the body, which also unplugs the neo cortex, so the brain flat lines. This causes the Infra Red body which is the Blue Body or Plasma Body to appear. The Soul turns into vapor and moves out the top of the head and then moves to the ceiling and looks down at the body. It looks down at the body and decides if there is any reason to return to the body. The soul can return to the body at any time. It can be a few minutes later, or even several weeks later, if it chooses to.

I know this is true, because I watched my husband’s soul return to his body more than a month after it had left his body. The soul decides if the body is searching for a new experience. In the case of my husband, his consciousness was busy flying through the cosmos looking for experiences in every doorway. He was so busy looking for excitement through inner experiences, that his soul stood by and waited for him to return to his body by bringing his secondary consciousness back from the infra red into the hertzian body.

This was one of the first examples of how the process of dying has been changed. In a normal death, the secondary consciousness leaves, and then the soul leaves as a cloud of vapor and rises through the top of the head and moves into the infra red body. However, if we have already moved into the infra red plasma host body by practicing the atomic mirror technique,

–And we have already plugged into the secondary consciousness by activating the frequency specific mid brain and plugging into the violet brain in the lower cerebellum, and plugged into the waves of the brain that allow the violet brain to journey into the cosmos at night and to return safely with new memories that plug your neuronet into a new reality, –And, if we begin to communicate with our Soul in order to inform it that we have already chosen to move into a continuous new Experience that is Unconditional,

When we can proove that is True to our Soul, then and only then, can There be no more death. If we program this reality into our neuronets and into our Soul now, the process of death can be de-programmed from the Soul. If this process is completed now, the Soul will not leave the body, because it knows it is already in the Infra Red Body and it knows that all of your experiences are coming from the unconditional love of the mid brain. The Soul no longer sees your body as a place that has run out of experiences and leaked out all of its emotions.

The Soul sees a body that has owned all of the emotions into a knowingness of light energy and transformed the emotions into new light energy. When the Soul sees this happening in the body, it will never leave. When the body is transformed into the infra red host body, it can continue to live as a Christ walking on the Earth for thousands of years. When we learn to move into our plasma host body, plug into the secondary consciousness and trance out, we can then float out the window at night and be taken onto space ships. After we practice doing this during our sleeping hours enough times to create a path in consciousness, our bodies can transform into the stardust that rides in the Blue Plasma Body on to the Space ship.

My husband needed to do this in order for the Sirians to re plug is new plasma body back into his hertzian body that could remain on Earth and also orb back on to the ship in the future.

THE FINAL ASSIGNMENT OF the COURSE IN MANIFESTATION is to explain how you have prepared your secondary consciousness, your mid brain, your soul and your plasma host to become de programmed from the process of DEATH.


list=PLyLHFwrfnbDmmOm5mYCGxZ9w8UX_BRchK 4


Use the pillar of light. Visualize a pillar of light coming in through the top of your head. Picture this cosmic Pillar coming down and wrap your body in a glowing etheric egg. Re design and break the boundaries. Devote all of your time to immortality rather than mortality. The task is now. The decade of change will alter each of your lives. Coming apart from many things and coming together with many things. Have such inner knowing that your thoughts create your world. If you think of something, it is. Once you get it, you will begin to change your life. All aspects of consciousness are attached to each other. They are all part of the whole. The energy that you generate has a purpose for your search. You are members of the family of light and we know your multidimensional selves. It is your duty to awaken a spark within the humans so this planet can raise a new species. Frequency is your identity. When your life rises to a position where you don’t recognize it as your life. you will allow the non physical to use you as a conduit to merge the dimensions and liberate the consciousness into a new way of perceiving.






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Dr. Angela Barnett

We are the creators of our mind. We are the law givers to our reality. Every thought that we create dispenses our reality. Every thought that we make formulates the reality that we create. If we don’t like our reality, we must learn to create differently. We are the ones who judge our reality. As long as we are using judgement we are trapped in the loop of the new cortex.

We cannot be free to create a different reality as long as there is any judgement involved. As long as judgement of anything is involved, our reality will be full of people who judge us with the same insensitivity that we created them to be. Those who judge you wouldn’t exist unless you held a judgement in your neo cortex. Guess what? That is all the neo cortex does. It is a judgement machine. The only way to stop judging is to get out of the Thinking Brain because it has a judgement loop in it. We must learn to move out of the neo cortex and into the Mid Brain or Psychic Brain which is Frequency Specific. That means it does not gather data through judgement

. It means it is a part of the brain that only uses the pure consciousness of frequencies. These frequencies come from Divine Mind. These frequencies form into the realities that are presented as our activities of our day. The Mid Brain is the movie projector. It is the sender of the realities that are projected on to the movie screen of our daily creation. When we learn to stay focused within the Psychic Brain of Consciousness Frequencies we are creating our DESIRES that we want to Manifest through our Movie Projector which is the mid brain.

Only then do we begin to create a Reality Field that does not contain Judgement. What is Judgement? Anything that we have an opinion about is a judgement. Anything that we compare is a judgement. Anything that we believe is the Correct Belief is a Judgement. Basically, everything that we THINK is a Judgement. And it is the judgement that creates the polarity of the spiritual and the physical. Polarity means separation. The Spiritual Frequencies are trying to Create the perfect Desire while the Neo Cortex sends ideas with Judgement loops into the perfect desire. That is what creates the polarity or separation between the PURE IDEA that you want to manifest and the Distorted Reality fields that loop themselves into the Pure Idea that you are trying to Focus on.

Think about this paradigm in this manner: I am holding this Desire of being wealthy in my head. I am creating this picture of a person who looks like me sitting in a yacht that is full of gold coins. I am seeing the yacht parked in the Caribean Sea and I see Dolphins jumping along side of the yacht. THIS IS THE INCORRECT WAY TO MANIFEST because it contains people, things, events, places, specific locations, tangible elements, and hundreds of tiny little beliefs and judgements within it. In order to manifest a NEW REALITY it must not be SPECIFIC in form. IT must not contain physical circumstances. It must be purely SPIRITUAL.

That means it must be created from the Frequencies of Consciousness that do not contain third dimensional restrictions. The Divine Mind can not create anything when we place those restrictions upon it. The Divine Mind creates through Frequencies. It creates through the INFINITE IDEAS that already exist in the ETERNAL MIND of the Infinite Unknown. The Desire of riding on a yacht with a pile of gold with dolphins swimming along side can only come from the NEO CORTEX because it made of ideas that have a judgement placed upon them.

The idea of the yacht contains the judgement of being a rich person. The pile of gold contains a judgment that there is value in the gold. The dolphins imply that we know the location. The Mid Brain Movie Camera can not produce a movie that is made of the light and sound of the Cosmic Frequencies of the 14th dimension woven into the infra red frequencies that contain the negative of the picture that develop themselves through the frequency of the visible light spectrum if and when it has LIMITATIONS PLACED UPON IT by the Thinking Brain of Judgements. The only way that the Mid Brain can produce the Desire of Wealth is to turn that desire into a symbol that does not contain specific conditions. The symbol must be unconditional. We could use the symbol of a dollar bill sign, however, we don’t even place the meaning of money within the symbol. We must create that symbol and hold it in the Third Eye.

See it with the Third Eye. Don’t forget that the Third Eye is FREQUENCY SPECIFIC. This is why we use the Candle Technique or the Sun gazing technique to find that FEELING of the Frequency of the FIFTH DIMENSIONAL BLUE HUE. That Blue Hue represents the fact that you have taken your Consciousness through the Veil of the Full Spectrum of Light Consciousness into the Realm of Creation. Your mid brain took a picture and the flash was a blue hue of transformation. It is only in that blue hue of transformation that the electrons that contain polarization can be removed from the picture. We had to move consciousness beyond the polarization of electrons that contain negative and positive signals. The Mid Brain cannot create a new movie as long as those electrons are in the screen. We do not create the Vision of the Desire in the Thinking Brain. We create the Vision of the Desire in the Mid Brain or Third Eye and we create it in the Frequency of the Blue Hue. That means that we are on the other side of the Veil creating a bi-location of our spiritual self and our physical self and all of the realities that exist between.

So, now in the movie projector all of the pure light and sound energy or ideas from the entire Cosmos exist as potential opportunities in the creation of your Wealth. Now, God can create for you the Kingdom of Heaven where anything is possible. This is the rule of creation. We don’t just get a yacht and a pile of money. We get the kingdom of heaven. We get it all or nothing. We can now begin creating each and every day filled with the Bliss and Wonder of the magical creations that are a part of this Spectacular Wealth that we have desired. We must live in this state of excitement and wonder just like a child waiting to find out what is in the present under the Christmas Tree. It is that state of excitement that allows the manfestation of the idea that was sent to the Divine Mind within the Focus of the Mid Brain.

This act of Manifestation requires PATIENCE. Patience is a metaphore for a New Paradign of Understanding. Patience does not exist in Time. IT is Timeless. Patience only exists in the mid brain, which is the frequency specific brain. Patience is a Freeze Frame that is held in a place where there is no time. When we create our dream in its perfection and hold that dream in a focus and clarity continuously, we are in the state of patience. Patience only exists outside of times, places, people, things and events. When we hold a thought for manifestation and we dream it into being, that thought can not contain times, places, people, things and events. It must be a dream of unconditionality in the freeze frame of patience, if we want the reality to manifest in its purity. This does not mean that we cannot manifest a lot of realities that are not pure. We do that all of the time. We hold a desire for a few seconds and then we spend the rest of the day coating it with conditionality in the thinking brain and it results in the same old movie that we produced the day before with a tiny speck of the manifest desire underneath the filmy surface.

This creation process is exactly what is needed to allow the NEW EARTH to manifest. As long as all of the old realities are held in the mind, those old realities will continue to manifest as the movie that you see all day. When you create a new movie without any of those Conditional Beliefs from the Neo Cortex, you will be making the movie of the NEW EARTH. When you create God’s movie, you are creating a new reality that contains brand new versions of people, brand new versions of the structure of government, brand new versions of how wealth or income is distributed. You become the God of your Creation, the God of your Kingdom, when you use the Formula of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. All reality must be produced in the movie camera of DIVINE LOVE.

You are the movie writer and producer. Your mid brain is your movie projector. That is the Frequency of Consciousness that holds all within the At One Ment of the Consciousness of All that is. Within that Field of Consciousness there is no Condition. Conditions only exist where there is judgement. The only place that creates judgement is the neo cortex. Anything that you can create without judgement becomes unconditional and then it becomes a part of the new reality.

Learn more about the Manifestation of the NEW REALITY by taking the MANIFESTATION WORKSHOP or reading The Quantum Science of Ascension and Manifestation by Dr. Angela Barnett.

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Crystalai – Transforming The Body For Rebirth – 7-25-15




The most luxurious frequencies for listening at night are my latest album,48DNA-Gaia Ascending and Candle Levitation Set, however ETERNAL LIFE WATERS is going to take you to a place that you need to go to activate the pre-plasma liquid light of the Universal Life Force Spiritual Waters.


I have included the H202HE3 HYDROLAISE Water Currents in many albums. The Eternal Life Waters Journey actually takes you beyond this Cosmic Matrix back through the Eye of God Birthing Chambers to soak in the TRYPOLAISE Water for Spiritual Rebirh. The albums are in two parts- The music and the Journeys. You can listen to music only at night and then do the journeys in the morning.


ETERNAL LIFE HEALING WATERS SET ONE AND SET TWO Our most recent KIT comes in two sections. Section One of the ETERNAL LIFE WATERS contains the Frequencies of the Journey into the Cosmic Eternal Life Waters and the detailed explanation of who these ETERNAL LIFE WATERS are, what frequencies they carry, their atomic structure and their Power of Life potential. The Journeys lead the listener into the waters and teaches them how to use the magical waters for frequency activation.


The Section Two of ETERNAL LIFE WATERS contains the magical coded frequencies from the Streams of Light and Sound from the Cosmic Sun 8, who is the New Sun born from the Seven Suns reuniting as One. The Frequencies come from the Cosmic Inner Earth Domains of Aquafaria where the Cosmic Water Elementals send their flames of Atomic Radiation to create the Fire Vehicles that will allow the Listener’s Plasma Body to ride the Space Ship beyond the Earth’s Matrix and then pop into Orb into the Sun 8 Core. This set also teaches how to use the Magical Light and Sound to TRANSFORM THE NEURONETS of the Body. The Neuronet system of the body is what runs our engine.


The neuronets tell every organ in the body what to do. Our bodies are not running on the Eternal Life Engine of the Mind of God, like they are supposed to. This set of Journeys was created for the SPECIFIC PURPOSE of wrapping the physical neuronets into the Spiritual Plasma Neuronets that contain the Divine Template of Eternal Reality. That template is within a Drop of Water. That drop of water is the nucleus of Plasma Energy. That Drop of Water contains the Code of the Mind of God Eternal Life Template. That MAGICAL ETERNAL LIFE CODE is in this music. Love, Crystalai The Manifestation Merkaba was created this way as well. The Frequencies are actually taken from the place that my consciousness goes to when I’m doing the journey.


The Manifestation Merkaba Journey is riding my Cosmic Body MErkaba into the Sun and then Connecting into the Heliotalic Frequencies of the 14th Dimensional Transformation. This is the place, the Consciousness, the moment of transformation when manifestation takes place. That is why it is called the Manifestation Merkaba. The Over the Rainbow and Emerald Cities Set was also created this way. Music at night and journey in the morning. Each time I create a new album of frequencies I’m tuning in to the NEW FREQUENCIES that have been created within Earth’s Consciousness Field from all levels of Consciousness. This means that every time a make an album it is BETTER THAN THE LAST ONE.


That is just the way it is. After I created the ZERO POINT album the entire STANDING WAVE PATTERN of the Earth’s Matrix COMPLETELY SHIFTED into a new Time zone. So, the 48DNA Gaia Ascending has much higher frequencies of Consciousness than anything I created before. However, yesterday, I created another new album that will be released as a CD titled 48DNA GAIA SYMPHONY. I would like to take a moment to explain the difference between an album that I title 12 DNA or one I title 48 DNA. 12DNA is the original genetic coding of the original human angelic dating clear back to Terra Firma, Gaia and the Oraphim Suns. There are no other race lines in the Cosmos who were created with the 12 DNA genetic coding. This is what has made our race line so coveted by our neighbors. The 12 DNA is like a passport that allows us to travel to all 12 StarGates of the Omniverse and to return back to Source as a Rishi Cosmic Self to move on to a new Cosmos at the completion of the Cosmic Cycle.


Since we have not been in a normal cycle of evolution, the Guardians created gifts for the Earth to help speed up her ascension process by about 2000 years. The did this by arranging the births of Indigo Children who carried a 48DNA template. That template means 12 DNA in the Physical Body reconnect to 12 DNA in the Spiritual Body PLUS since their birth originated from their Spiritual Body they are also connecting their Spiritual Body to it’s Parallel 12 DNA Body, So there are 48 DNA all together in each DNA strand.


The 12 Subharmonics mean there is the future Path that connects all of the way to the 12th Dimensional of the Universal Consciousness. Most other Race lines only connect to 8 Dimensions of Consciousness. They only know and understand Galactic Consciousness. This is where the problem of our evolution came in. We became locked inside of a Consciousness that only understands Galactic Consciousness and established that as the criteria for our Ascension instead of the Ascension of the Universal Teamplate. All of the Teachings in the ‘New Age Movement are based on teachings that would lock us inside of a Galactic Matrix instead of a Cosmic Matrix that allows our Omniversal Freedom.


This is the first time in over Five Million Years that Earth will be returned to original Sovereignty where Spaceships from all over the Galaxies will land in order to return the same freedom of Omniversal Stargates to them. There have been other albums that focused on the 12 DNA. We always need to go back to the 12DNA coding which is the subharmonic harp strings that weave us back into all of our harmonic universes through the music of the spheres. The Third Dimension is woven into the Fifth Dimension and the 8th and the 12th. The 12th Dimensional Consciousness must be activated by the 14th Dimensional Consciousness. This is why I always bring that magical Transformational Frequency of the 14th Dimension into all Music for Activation of the 12 DNA. The 12 DNA Activation Album uses God Language or Star Language Codes to Activate the 12 Subharmonics within each of the 7 chakras.


The 12 Dimensional Frequencies come from outside of the body, at 24 inches above the head and 12 inches below the feet. The 14th dimension is 36 inches above the head. These distances relate to the Sacred Geometry that holds us within an entire Cosmic Structure. In the COMPLETE PERFECT DINA Album I went a step further to combine several genetic templates that are the Avatars who are activating the re-birth on Earth. The Six Avatar Children who were born to create our Pathways home have been combined with the Stellar Wave Activations and Infusions that also carry the Consciousness of our Complete Consciousness that we were originally born with. Those templates included 144 DNA, 36 DNA, 24DNA, 12DNA, 5-8DNA. Each of those templates is a part of our complete DIVINE IDENTITY. by Dr.Angela Barnett — THE DNA DOCTOR First, we need to know that DNA is made from sub harmonics.


Sub harmonics are the spiritual or etheric substance of creation. That is the substance that is invisible to the five senses. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. The sub harmonics are created from over tones, which are the electro tonal frequencies of the Spiritual Cloister Races, and the Base Tones, which are the magnetic tonal frequencies of the Root Races, who are the original Angelic Race Lines of Earth. Since Earth became Aurora Earth there has been a series of extremely important frequency upgrades. Those frequencies are on Zero Gravity, 48DNA Gaia Ascending, Candle Levitation, Eternal Life Water, THE SYMPHONY OF LOVE, THE VIOLET FLAME, PARALLEL UNIVERSE, MOTHER SHIP, DOLPHIN THERAPY, DOLPHIN DNA, COMPLETE PERFECT DNA INFUSION, and MANIFESTATION MERKABA.


Begin your Divine Rebirth by listening


ZERO GRAVITY and ETERNAL LIFE WATERS SET ONE AND TWO are TUNED IN to the Activity of restructuring our bodies from the inside out. It is the first time that I have attempted to design a Kit that is more in tune with the medical understanding of how the body works so that it might be made available to patients in medical environments. The new transformational tools of Eternal Life restoration are available on Earth now.


They are available for Healing the Body as well as Transforming the Body. They are available for tuning our Consciousness in to the New Reality that we are moving to. We cannot move to a new reality unless our Frequencies are already there. In the ETERNAL LIFE WATERS journey, the listener will meet their Ascension Mentors. They will meet Cosmic Entities who store the Frequency Signature Keys which allow us to return to these places in the Future. We will learn how every organ in the Body can be transformed through the correction of the Neuronets.


We learn how to tune in to these activations and set them in motion to continue all night long as we sleep. It is common to have nightly visits from Ascension Teams after these visits are set in motion. I recommend beginning with the MANIFESTATION MERKABA KIT because it contains a set of seven meditation journeys to teach you how to align consciousness into the Cosmic and Universal Streams of ASCENSION ACTIVATION that were prepared by the Cosmic Guardians.


The journeys have the listener riding in their Merkaba Crystal Space Ship down into the Cosmic Core through the Inner Earth Domains that extend into Median Earth, which is our new Ascension Earth. The Traveler absorbs the frequencies from the Cosmic Core that contain Divine Love, Divine Supply, the I AM GOD Principle. These are basic meditation journeys that were taken from the original Complete Ascension Process Kit that gives a complete introduction to how the ASCENSION FREQUENCIES are absorbed into the body and activated in the body.


The PURE IN HEART KIT is another excellent set of Meditation Journeys that guide the listener in absorbing the frequencies from the Fifteen Dimensions of the Earth’s Matrix and then aligning these into the Spiritual Perfect Parallel Universal and Cosmic Matrix.

All of the KITS contain a set of Frequency Music and a set of Meditative Journeys. The ASCENSION KIT the set of Music that goes with THE COMPLETE ASCENSION PROCESS. There are also KITS of Frequency Music that work together to help activate one certain process that was occurring on Planet Earth during HER progressive Evolution through Time out of the Phantom Matrix and into the Aurora Earth Field.


The COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS KIT is an excellent source of Frequencies to represent the Greatest Historical Event that has taken place in our Universe in 5.5 million years. The Cosmic Kit contains albums that tell the story of how the Earth and Sun realign so that the Light Energy begins to come from their Crystal Heart of Energy and spread up their Portals into the Atmosphere and braiding together to form more and more Eternal Life Energy.

Crystalai – Manifestation Requires Communicating Correctly With Higher Self – 7-12-15


Dr. Angela Barnett

Channeled from Crystalai


We open communication with our Higher Self by being in the Full Spectrum of Light- the Cosmic Merkaba. This connects us with all of our selves- multidimensional selves on all parallel dimensions and through the spiritual veil. This is the only way to be on this side of the veil and that side at the same time. It is the Merkaba that removes time and space. When the energy of the Merkaba is used, you are lifted into higher frequencies of your multi dimensional selves, your guides, your spiritual counterparts who know all of the spiritual counter parts of everyone on Earth.

The Eternal Life Album creates this energy field around you. I have already used the Merkaba to collect all of your Multi dimensional selves in each of the Spheres of the Music of the Spheres. This means the Galactic and Universal and Cosmic Frequency Signatures of your Highest Selves on the Spiritual Side. When you listen to your Album focus on tuning in to each Frequency Signature. That will tune you in to your Multi Dimensional Selves you will do anything that you ask them to do for you. First you must tune in to them. This is like making a telephone call to your Higher Selves. When you are in tune you can communicate with every cell in your body.

After you make connection with your higher self through the Merkaba, then you make the intention within this energy field or higher frequency domain. Then you say Dear Spirit, I wish to have the solution to the problem in front of me and the ones to follow laid out in front of me in ways I cannot conceive. I trust in synchronicity I trust my intuition. I have things come to me in ways that I do not know but, I will listen for the correct direction from you. You are sending out the confluence of energy of consciousness. You are sending out a request with the knowing that your higher self places all things in motion for you in the best way possible.

The way the higher self does this is by working with the selves on the other side of the veil who are all in harmonized agreement with you. They all want to help you. The higher self gathers them all together and organizes in a way to help you on this physical plane. The higher self will show what is being done to organize this plan in your dreams. You will be shown the out come of your request in your dream. The pieces and the parts on the other side of the veil meets with the parts on the this side of the veil. They are on the other side of the veil where all is known. Every single person on the planet has a large part of them selves on the spiritual side of the veil. It doesn’t matter if the part of them on the physical side of the veil does not agree with you, or is at war with you.

What matters now is the fact that when we go into our Multi Dimensional Syncronicity through our Merkaba of Energy bringing us together in Energy, those on the other side of the veil will be in agreement with us always. If we are in tune with the higher frequencies of those beings, those frequencies of consciousness will always be in agreement with us. As we stand on this side of the Veil, we can connect with all consciousness on the other side of the Veil when we use the Merkaba to spin us into the higher frequencies of no time and space.

Those on the other side of the Veil will bring the Agreement into those on this side and into the Crystalline Grids. That is how the energy that will change the planet.

Please use the new page that we created to help guide you in your transformation process that will allow you to raise your frequencies into the NEW VERSION of your Personal Parallel Universe that you will be creating in Fall 2016.

Chrystalai – Your Cells Are Listening – Dr. Angela Barnett – 7-7-15



Dr. Angela Barnett

Crystal Magic


I don’t know if you have read any of the 12 DNA from the Music of the Spheres book. In it you will find the story of how my husband was hit by three ten ton trucks and five cars ran over his body. His body couldn’t possibly survive such an ordeal in the 3D version of the world. Lucky for us we don’t live in that world. His body was taken on to a space ship as a hologram where complete spiritual surgery was performed to return his body. This story represents the reality that Kryon is presenting in this CELLS ARE LISTENING you tube.

When we realize what our atoms REALLY are, as the omniparticle substance of the God Template, and we are connecting our neuronets into our multi dimensional selves, we learn how we can connect into an entire being that is exactly a Merkaba Space ship light body. Within this Higher Consciousness of Light and Sound the bones magically mend themselves through this process that looks like little fairies flying around within the cells themselves and repairing and upgrading the body structure. There really are tiny beings who look like gelaisic snowflakes who swim around in the body and repair it at night. I am so glad that I got to know these etheric cellular fairies.

I became so close with them that they began to sing songs through me. I was guided to record these songs of the frequencies of their healing consciousness. I learned that these etheric beings were me–what I am made of, and they were also my family. I call my etheric star mother Cinderella. She is a very real being and she can transform my body by waving her wand that shoots stardust frequencies. She is actually an Aquafarian at the Cosmic Level of etheric substance. She contains all of the Consciousness from the COMPLETE SELF that I am on the Spiritual Parallel Side.

All that I am is within me because she is within me. She is also around me as my multi dimensional selves are etheric beings flying around me and guiding me moment by moment. If we could visualize them, they would look like a Merkaba Space Ship that hovers over our head and there are little fairy like beings and humanoid beings coming and going from the Ship. These tiny little merkaba ships also live inside of every cell of our body and there are teams of healers within each ship. The story goes like this. When Joe was declared dead at the hospital, I placed that music that was created by the angels and the gelaisic snowflake fairies, on his ears with earphones.

He returned to his body from the spaceship, and thousands of broken bones healed in a matter of a few weeks. His back, his hip, his spleen, his ankle, his legs were all shattered. However, when I connected consciousness to the CELLS WHO WERE LISTENING, they began the repair and upgrade process even before he was returned to his body. The formula that I used to create the music that brought Joe back to his body and healed his body in a matter of months is the formula that I use to create each Individual Eternal Life Album.In order for the Eternal Life Album to be successful, the Individual must learn to come in tune with the frequencies within which are, in fact, the consciousness of the etheric water fairies and gelaisic fairies who work within the body to upgrade, transform, heal and immortalize the body.

The frequencies that are heard outside of the body are the consciousness of the multi dimensional selves, the Innate Higher Self and the stream of consciousness that reconnects to the Spiritual Parallel Self that remains on the other side of the Veil. That Self who remains in the Light of God eternally can be as close as the cells in your body when you tune in to the complete light spectrum and the music of the spheres. Now is the time to tune in. The cells in your body are ready to transform your body into a vehicle that will be healthy and strong and a guiding light for others on the planet for another few hundred to one thousand years.

Those who make a commitment to their cells for the Extended Life Version that transforms the body so that it can remain on Earth for as long as you want, will be the witnesses of a transformation in their body where they see themselves grow younger every day, stronger every day, more intelligent at the genius level, they will become telepathic, have telecommunication with all dimensional realities and will be invited to ride on spaceships of various galactic race lines within the next decade. We will also become a part of the group who is still living on Earth in 2036 when the Tomorrow Land of Inter Galactic Travel becomes a part of the normal reality.

By this time there will be complete love and harmony on Earth and we will be a part of the Galactic Family with Space ships that travel all over the Galaxy. Space ships will become more and more a part of a family vehicle plan rather than a NASA function. As early as 2020 we will already have the Free Energy that we learn to create from within ourselves and other technologies will appear that can create water in dry places and individuals can have their own sources of all energy and food.This will be a major step in people not relying on others. People will learn that everything we need lives in our cells.