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Physics of Ascension

The Earth has been filled with the Consciousness of all of the Suns and Stars that our Divine Template was originally created from. This Consciousness was sent into the Core of Earth to re-create the Cosmic Core of Transformation. The Transformation process will allow Earth to Ascend into the Ascension Earth. This can only be accomplished through the Consciousness of those standing upon Earth. Those of us who were the Blue Flame Holders and Violet Flame Holders allowed the Earth to able to hold within her the original Consciousness that was ours.

These formulas were given by entities who live in the higher dimensions were this new chemistry exists. I know it has to do with a complete translation of the elemental charts as we know them. It works much like the music of the spheres principle where you take one note from the spiritual side and one note from the physical side and line them up where they meet in the middle. We dont have the anti particle side of the formula yet because it doesn’t exist in this dimension. This has to do with the removal of electrons from ionization. announced that they saw this process taking place in the Ionization layer around the Earth during the Earth Quake in Nepal on April 25. The report said that the Energy from the Earthquake was sending Sound Tones of Electro Tonal Frequencies into the Ionization Layer- that was breaking apart the Ionization.

This is proof of the beginning of this process. The Earthquakes in 2015 are the activation of the Earth’s Heart Chakra which is Singing the Frequencies of the new Attunement out into the Atmosphere to Remove the Particle Mass that has been blocking the DNA from functioning correctly.

Ionizaiton is loss of electrons atom into positively charged ion. This is a conversion–harmonic conversion
The outer frequency band- the 15th Sphere of the MUSIC OF THE SPHERES is the secret. It is flowing into the body through all of the frequency bands.
When that picture is made- that picture is the IDEA. It is what the mind of God is going to create. it will be created into Time and on the Quantum Field. When we become so absolutely AT ONE with that FERQUENCY of Creation – what we are creating– we have  shifted into a Parallel Reality where man is not Immortal- man is made in the image and likeness of GOD.  This TRANSPOSES the dynamics of our Life and  our subsequent expereince of  it. During this Divine Process of Attunement with the Music of the Spheres, there are other extraordinary translations in reality going on. A new Morphogenetic Field of Consciousness is created that is held within the Sphere of Divine Love that holds all in the Harmonized Attunement during the Shift into the new Parallel Reality.

As long as we are using the slowest wave of frequencies- the hertzian- we carry it with us because we are still in the body. When no longer use the hertzian frequency that molds us into the form of a body we can remove density and transform into Etheric Energy and Pure Light. Through the use of Multi Dimensional Reconnection, we can remain in the body and experience the dimensional realities of the Etheric at the same time.

As we increase the frequency then we can absolutely over ride the anchor of the mass that the body is. We over ride it through the frequency fields over riding the omni field, which is the anchor. Meaning our body is oscillating so fast that we remove the anchor from the omni field that gives us gravity. When we over ride this frequency, we can levitate. We loose mass. As we loose mass, we can levitate . No inertia. no gravity.

We can learn to float in a morphogenetic field of Consciousness that is free from gravity. We can dream ourselves into this state of REALITY. In order to move into this state we must learn to expand consciousness into the GOLDEN MERKABA. We move the Body up from Harmonic Universe One into Harmonic Universe Five and lift all of the bodies in all of the harmonic resonances into the highest body.

When the body is lifted in Consciousness into the Fifth Harmonic Universe, the body becomes Etheric Vapor and the Rainbow Effect occurs. The light glows through a crystal and into beautiful hues of the rainbow. The Colors of the Hues represent the frequencies that the Body is now Oscillating in. This is how the Golden Merkaba over rides gravity. The body becomes Blue and the pink and gold. This frequency moves into the DNA a melts away the old reality of the Hertzian body. The Merkaba creates  a torsion field around the body that lifts it into a new parallel reality.

The body disappears and appears in a new reality. The body appears in the desired reality that is created by the subconsciousness mind.

This is done by moving consciousness into the Spheres of Energy and spinning them faster and faster to lift into higher and higher Spheres of Consciousness until the body de materializes and becomes invisible.

If you get in the sphere and weave the webs of multi dimesnional consciousness around you and connect to the stars of universal consicousness, you become that mind.

Or work to see the entire blue body- breathe- load- and spin and again breathe- load and -spin faster and faster and then present the picture.
What is in the blue realm is the lord of the light realm.

The realm changes us into the blue body that follows the wind–the Breath to transform reality.

We are adjusting reality to remove the  neuronet that prevents flow in and out of wealth. To over ride lack to create genius to create a new reality. We create in the Etheric Mind then bring it back into this body.

The sound is the bands. Electromagnetic field goes into a vector magnetic flux, a rotating magnetic field doesn’t create a vortex. It creates a torsion field that looks like a tornado.

An electromagnetic field, and increased frequency begins to spin, the faster the spin, the faster it can go and it creates a pitch in sound that is very audible in the brain. The pitch sound is drilling through or over riding or disolving transmutting the positronic clouds- the negative clouds electromagnetic field over rides a negative field and the positive field. As it does that, it acts like a drill.

If you take a piece of wood and say these are layers of electrical mass, All mass is electrical. Those that are not electrical mass such as hydrogen gases are a conduit to an electrical field. Add one more particle to hydrogen and it becomes a hydrogen engine.

Imagine a piece of wood- think of mass as electrical. As we bore through the piece of wood , we are actually boring through the polarity field itself. Gravity becomes relativistic in terms of the earths magnetic field.

The bands begin to spin- the outer bands of the body are a cumulative effect of every cell has its bands and the cumulative effect of the cell upon all upon tissue upon mass between tissue have slight fluctuation, but they are all producing this enormous band width. We have one band that is the physical band that represents the density of the mass of the body. Then we have an outward band that is representative of Mind and we put the bands next to each other. and we see how mind influences the body.

Let us say the block of the wood is the density of the body and lets say we are  boring through a h***. Now who is doing the boring The outer band the mind is the drill that is about to flux the inner band mass which is the piece of wood.

As we begin to spin these bands of the spirit mind the self or however you want to think of them.

The mind spins and bores into the bands of the electrical field of mass itself.

As a h*** begins to appear high frequency over rides static electrical mass.

So as high frequency is applied to electrical fields of mass, then what it does it neutralizes them and over rides them what you see is a h*** starting to appear what we want to do is bore a h***.
There are several layers of OMNI.

We are going to bore through omni trons omni ons, which are the pre cursors to electrons and protons and neutrons and we are going to bore through those, who in discrete units create a denser mass such as protons, neutrons, positrons electrons.

This field has to be more powerful than an electron and it has to over ride the positive aspect of an atomic nuclueus. So then, it has to over ride the first creation of atomic structure which would then go on to be polarized which would become the positive the positron inside the nucleus of the atom.

Now we are boring into the nucleus because it has an electrical field So then we are over riding that. Finally, what we are boring thru to finally displace our origianl omnions to reveal the delicate streams of a grid called point zero radiation, and when we displace the omnions, we go faster than gamma.

We are now at the zero point of quantum energy and that is what we ride on in a great ship.

In this journey of the golden merkaba which creates a golden egg around the body that is within the violet egg. We only want to reach the neutral omni because we have displaced inertia and we have to follow the omni on discrete lines. The grid is so tiny. But we have to follow the lines of the grid and any fluxuation means that this line of the grid has a whole new set of omni that stream from it that we have to ride on as well.

We do that in the golden egg. We are riding on the grids and the omni bands are the drill through the electrical mass to achieve it. The h*** that is drilled to over ride the frequency is called the tubule. omni helix centrifical tube. The tube is reaching the center of neutral source.

When we have done that we have asserted all of the omnis that create atoms. We are asserting their inertia to over riding it with the higher-transmuting lower frequency into it.

When we do that we neutralize inertia. When we neutralize inertia, we neutralize gravity. This would cause you to levitate in mid air.

All around your bands have bored holes into the fabric of space to reach neutrality.

When we assert inertia by over riding it we neutralize it and when we do that we neutrzalize gravity.

Is the containment of mass still in tact?

What keeps it in tact. We have two bands. The inner band is only kept in tact by the mind. But it has the power to drill its way out of gravity and inertia and become a free floating object without gravity.

The lotus opens and the blue buddha sits above it.

He has risen above the world out of materiality. He has gained power.
He can over ride and sustain the mechanism of mass that is connected to omni fields that create gravity and inertia. So as to go beyond the material world.

Lower cerrebelum is primary in this action.
CE is going to involve the first tour de force, second tour de force and eventually flowering of the lotus will be frequency.
If the first tour de force is chemical responsive, is that going to do the job
But, in mortal brain, we have pathways that do connect to the subconscious.. The mid brain. Is a very detached center of reciever ship which information comes in unattached from emotion simply pictures of the future.

Which are infiltrated into the personality as substratums of here.
We get a feeling they should go or do this The personality is responding to as stimulous of the mid brain.

If mortal brain is chemical responsive it is not going to be the one that is raising energy in conscious energy. It’s where we start –we start with a lot of resistance of doing this . If I am a manifestation coming through that band that is pure frequency and ultra high frequncy so I’m then not manufacturing chemicals.

I am manufacturing electromagnetic fields of frequency. In a frequency filed what I see people as is what their spheres of light energy are doing around them. I can see fluctuations in sound and light fields. I can access the inner sphere and know exactly what they are thinking because I know the exactly the result of their thinking on mass itself. This is what you are doing.

The outer band is keeping it coherent. It is raising energy with force asnd as energy passes the third seal guess where the will is starting to come from the mid brain.

But, when it comes to the forethought of your mind it is from analogical mind of god.
So when I command the sub conscious. You are in it and nobody but a force that is compelling those bands to spin. at a greater and greater and greater velocity. They spin faster and then the subconscious shoots a frequency into the bands and just by saying it, subconscious increases the electromagnetic flux.

The trillions of omni tablets will start to form so minute you cant see them but you are covered like a porcupine that the drilling into the omni field is occuring that is the torsion field That begins to raise the energy of consciousness. This torsion field is actually in concert with every single atomic structure that makes itself known as a molecule or an atom or as tissue. That everything that is mass from its atomic structure up is NOW starting to spin.

The whole body is becoming pourous which is in fact what  it is, but it is held together with the deliverance of that frequency which is the subconscious called god.

We see that the bands are boring holes from the inside to out and to the omni and when it does its non gravity specific, so then you see what is inside the rainbow field this disappearing entity or appearing entity but levitating.

Or disappearing entity through a rainbow prism. Where is the rainbow coming from? It’s coming from intense electrical field that is ionizing to some effect like a magnetic mirror which is a device used in thermo nuclear processes that is in the mirror that is contained in an intense field working in the vacuum. Then ions are injected inside of this intense  electrical field inside of the vacuum then immediately the electrons of those ions return to plasmic state. What state are they returning to? Plasma–the Sun- the 14th dimensional heliotalic frequency of transformation.

So now the wave is no longer a standing wave in the quantum field but has actually been neutralized and goes back to the plasma of an omni field state positive. That is called a magnetic mirror.

Ionizaiton is loss of electrons in an atom causing the change into positively charged ion. This is a conversion–harmonic conversion into a new reality- a new frequency a new dimension.

Crystalai Blog – Imagine The Return Of Magic – 2-22-15

Crystali Blog
IMAGINE THE RETURN OF MAGIC Dr. Angela Barnett Crystalai
Imagine Feeling something far far more Blissful than your Highest Imagination can imagine. The Bliss of being in the Mind of God has not been experienced on this Earth. That experience will begin in October 2016. Our brain will function differently than it does now. It will not retrieve images from the world to reprocess every day in old or new over used forms.
That old brain in the upper cerebellum will be completely over ridden by the frequency specific mid brain connecting into the mind of God.
When you become saturated with the highest frequencies of Source, you begin feeling only the higher frequencies and only see the reality of Divine Creation.
When your feeling of higher frequencies and vision of the higher reality matches that of the Divine Creator – you become a co-creator with the Divine Creator.
We enjoy absorbing the Source Frequencies and Cosmic Frequencies which cause the shift in frequencies of the body to align completely into the zero point of Source Consciousness.
This is the alignment of the physical and spiritual into oneness.
This is the alignment of the Primary Consciousness and the
Secondary Consciousness in creating the new immortal movie that will be
playing from the Mind of God in the lower cerebellum into the
Mid Brain and onto the movie screen of the Frontal lobe.
When that movie can be seen on the inside, it will become manifest on the
movie screen of the omniparticles in the quantum field around us.
Those who have practiced absorbing and breathing these Frequencies of Transformation
raised their frequencies into a new reality.
One doctor who played the Cosmic Frequencies for one week in his hospital
reported healings of everyone in the hospital.
Hundreds of individual healings have been reported.
Listening to, breathing in and exhaling frequencies as the mid brain is
directly connected into Source Consciousness causes phenomenal spiritual growth
beyond their wildest expectations.
One person has shared how she has experienced the phenomena of levitation
and seeing Light Bodies.
Another began seeing the full spectrum of light only one day after listening.
Each Individual’s Immortality is created as an individual connects into
his or her Primal Consciousness in the lower cerrebellum at the base of the neck.
This allows ones consciousness to connect into the full spectrum of the
Music of the Spheres bringing in the full spectrum of light of all
Spheres of our creation, from the mind of God-
the highest frequency woven through all seven selves
on all spiritual planes into the Oneness of the Frequencies of Source
over riding and transmutting all frequencies back into
the original Divine Idea as originally created through the first breath of Source.
Only this time, that idea of Source includes all of the wisdom of all
of the millions of years of lifetimes of the individual woven into
all of the ideas or individuals ever created in all of the omniverses.
The magical cosmic frequencies that Cosmic Angels send to
create the new magical kingdom.
Every breath of consciousness come from specific Entities in the Cosmos.
They have aligned their frequencies into teams who represent specific individuals missions or healing needs. Each breath is an Entity who is helping to bring the Cosmic Frequencies to Earth in order to create Islands of Light.

Dr. Angela Barnett / Crystalai Blog – Shifting Into The Nener Never Land World – 9-13-14




Dr. Angela Barnett channeled from the Crystalai Council

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links are included. This is what Ascension is. Our

planet and our bodies are absorbing more and more of our star essence each moment. The plan for mass ascension would have

man absorbing enough stardust to become etheric enough to walk through walls. There are already many on Earth who can

already become invisible, walk through walls, levitate and walk on water. Their learning process was extremely long and painfull.

These processes will become very easy after the Earth’s magnetic shift. There will still need to be the learning process. But, the

success rate will be very high. We will be crossing barriers that are not in our imagination at this time. This shift into the wonderful

Netherworlds where realms resembling the worlds of Peter Pan and the Wizard of Oz dwell, will be our new magical home and

future. At this time our Earth will also be much more etheric and the spiritual parallel planets, star systems and universes will all

align into perfect harmony which allows all of our starry families to travel to Earth. This time period of raising frequencies and

becoming etheric starry bodies also includes a complete transformation of the atmosphere of Earth, the complete transformation

of the soil, vegetation and all forms of life on Earth. There will be space ship airports replacing our present day airports. The bodies

are going through this transformation of the music of the spheres sacred geometry at this time. The evolution of the body is

required as one aspect to prepare for the ascension. The body is being transformed from the inside out. Each cell must become

transformed into the etheric starry crystal cell as was originally created through the spark of Source and the breath of the Elohim

Angels. In order for this transformation to take place, people will need to start understanding the truly Cosmic level of change that

is taking place. It is obvious that most present writings in blogs and channelings are being mistranslated through the third

dimensional lack of seeing the quantum that is far beyond what is visible. We must begin to know and see ourselves as the etheric

frequencies that we are made up of in reality. The ascension will result in minds where there is no more opposition, jealousy or

wars of any kind. There must first be the understanding that the change that is taking place is far beyond the human concepts of

becoming more kind and more heartfelt. It is the actual transformance into the light and sound of higher dimensions that causes

the real changes to take place. The Immortality CD’s are created through the sacred geometry of the music of the spheres, which

allows the magical alignment of the physical body into the spiritual body of illumination. This Divine Template that all spiritual

forms are manifest from has been kept within and around Mother Earth’s body for over 500 million years. This perfect

morphogenetic field of the spiritual Divine Template of Earth’s Matrix has lain dormant until this new time of awakening and

re-birth. Our Cosmic family and team, which we have been a part of for long over 500 million years, were the ones who prepared

this Sentinel which will raise the frequencies of the physical essence of Planet Earth back into her Spiritual Starry Essence. The

Star Dome which holds the Etheric Starry Frequency of this Morphogenetic Field is within our Mother Earth and around her

atmosphere. This is a Cosmic Stardust that we are being held within. The formula for realigning the physical aspect of Earth into

her Spiritual aspect is held within the Music of the Spheres. This same formula for our physical bodies to realign into the complete

balance of oneness with our spiritual bodies is also held within the Music of the Spheres. There is a sacred geometry or formula

that guides us in aligning each frequency of the physical essence into the spiritual essence of the body. The body is created from

the same formula as the Cosmic Body of the Earths matrix. The formula can be seen in the twelve pointed star structure that

shows us how to align the frequencies from each point from the physical into the spiritual to cause a transmutation of the lower

frequencies to all be pulled into the higher frequencies. Eventually we transmute all frequencies into the highest frequency of


you about the new reality that is happening on Earth at this time ( this month). I always record the frequencies of each grand

event that happens on Earth as we go through this transition that is leading to our Evolution into the Fifth Level Man, and the

Ascension into the Second Harmonic Universe. Now we are Evolving into the Sixth Level Man. Some of us will even advance to the

Seventh Level Man by 2022. I just completed two sets of two hour recordings of the frequencies that are now weaving into the

original Cloud Cities, our original birth right, our original light bodies- the return to the Emerald Cities in the Land of Oz. Long ago,

Earth was much less dense. She was actually where we see the clouds in the sky at this time. She was actually up in the Van Allen

Belt, 10,000 feet above the ground. That area is where the frequency fence was placed that has blocked us from seeing reality.

Our reality is in the clouds. We have been blocked from that reality. We are now rising and re-attuning into the frequencies of the

Cloud Cities. We are rising more and more into that magical realm each day. OVER THE RAINBOW Crystalai The Earth is Rising into Cloud Cities, morphing into Aquafaria, Crystalizing into the Winter Lands .

This is the reparation for total alignment with Tara in 2017 and Gaia in 2022. This requires the accretion of frequencies into the

parallel double of spiritual reality that transfers all into the frequency of consciousness of Inner Earth,called Agartha and

Shamballa. The Cloud Cities are the place where the sixth level beings live in the Clouds. We are raising our frequencies into their

reality. That is the reality of the emerald covenant. The Emerald Cities of Oz. But this Oz is not the old Oz that was placed in the

hybernizationzone by the wicked witch This is the Oz that existed in the time and space before that illusion was placed upon us.

Earth has been placed in a field of energy called the Aurora Field by the Cosmaya Ships. This is a Buffer Zone that allows us to rise

above the Milky Way Galaxy into a Rainbow Bridge that allows us to walk over the top of the old reality and slide into the new

reality within an inner dimensional tunnel that allows us to realign with the place we were before the Tower of Babel, before the

hybernization zones, before the Sphere of Amenti was tampered with, before all of the problems that were placed up us. This

special gift of interdimensional time shift placement was prepared by our Future Selves and special teams of Ranthion and

Zionites, who we will meet in the future to thank for this gift. Of course, you could thank them now. They are always listening. The

first seven songs in OVER THE RAINBOW allow us to rise up in consciousness with the elementals that are transforming our

biosphere through the translation of water with spiritual water, the transformation of the atmosphere with stardust, that

transformationof our chemical structure through photo plasam and neutrinos and positrons. Please come and listen to this music.

It contains the frequencies of events of EVENTS of our ASCENSION. Each frequency of our transition has been sent to me from

the Elohim of Hearing to record the entire historical event that will become the most cherished sounds of the history of the

Omniverse. The second set of songs in EMERALD CITY 1. Aurora 2. Cloud Cities 3. Winter Lands 4. Aquafarai 5. Rainbows 6.

Riding the Rainbow 7. Cosmaya 8. Morphing 9. Over the Rainbow You are going to love this glorious journey that I have prepared

for you. You will take the actual journey of rising up into oneness with the Cloud Cities, the Winterlands and Aquafaria. This is the

stairway to heaven, the journey on the yellow brick road to the Emerald City. The frequencies will lift you higher and higher into

the interdimensional shift that we are now going through to prepare the Earth to follow. We are climbing the stairway to heaven

just like Job and Mary did. The music is accompanied with the journey and the explanation of this magical transformation journey

we are now actually taking. It is a journey you shouldn’t miss. It is happening to us right now. But, if we don’t know about it and

don’t understand it and learn to FEEL the Frequencies of the journey, we will miss it just like the Masses will miss it. The album

includes the spoken explanation of how Earth is rising back into her original essence, the full spectrum of light, rising back into

oneness with Tara and Gaia. This experience the Journey of our Transformation can be felt and seen at this time. It can be felt in

the frequencies that I record for you in the music. The frequencies were recorded on the week of the Summer Solstice because

this is the time when our Parallel Spiritual Universe is actually flowing into oneness with Earth’s biosphere. We can see this reality

of the spiritual and physical creating a new reality through the way we see the light in the clouds, double rainbows, new colors in

auroras, etc. For me, it is coming easier and easier to see the light bodies of trees, it is easy to see water fairies in their little orbs

flying around me, it is easy to see the fire letters which are tiny little electrical waves sparking around in front of my face. I have

been watching this activation of more and more hydrolaise (spiritual water) uniting with the H2o water to form this new aqua

energy that we have in our air and that we can breathe into our water to transform it ourselves. I have watched the water orbs

grow from just a few in 2008 into millions in 2014. I see many more orbs, more rainbows in clouds, much more conversation of

symbols in clouds, meaning the cloud cities are talking to me. There was a lot of this in 2008, but now it is enormous. It is

important that we all watch for this magical phenomena each day and celebrate it as magical because it is. Members have sent me

pictures of what they have observed in the sky. Everytime you observe something it means you know it is true. Don’t worry about

what scientists don’t know yet, or at least they won’t admit that they know because they don’t want to loose their jobs. Just know

that what you see is the return to the Emerald City, the Land of Oz, the magical land that we have heard stories about. The Bible

tells stories of Job climbing the stairway to heaven and bringing back to his three daughters- one being Mary Magdalene- the

three Crystal Spheres. It is these three Crystal Spheres of Crystal Liquid Light, Crystal Dust and Crystal Gel that is bringing all of

this magic into our perception. This is the magical formula that I was given to collect and record all of the magical frequencies that

are creating God’s Movie every day. Each day the movie becomes more and more fabulous and magical. When I walk outside my

door into my back yard with the flowers and trees and birds and into my garden it feels like pure magic. There is a misty, humid

feeling of magical liquid light and stardust blending with a gelaisic form of transformation. I feel like I’m actually stepping into a

different dimension of reality when I walk outside. Check out the Magic. IT is HERE. I am including a meditation that will pull you

into the fourteenth dimensional frequency that is activated by the Sun. This is the magical formula of transformation. SHIFTING

INTO OUR TIME OF MANIFESTATION Dr. Angela Barnett(Crystalai) During 2015-2017, the

entire universe will shift forward into a new time matrix, a new Cosmic Template, a new Omniversal Reality. Earth’s pulsation

speed of particle base will be raised into higher dimensional time cycles. This time period also offers the greatest opportunity for

the return of our ability of Instant Manifestation because the portals will all align into the zero point of creation where the three

primal sound fields break through the outer Cosmic Band and into the White Light of Source Consciousness. Manifestation

happens each moment-each nano second. With each breath we take, we can each design any complete new reality that we wish.

After the new reality is created, the creator must inhale that reality back through the outer band of primary sound and into the

Cosmic Creation fields. At that moment, an explosion of a new reality manifests. First, as the white light interacts with the blue

light of the fifteenth dimension, it creates a sphere that explodes into rays and sparks like fireworks. This new sphere of creation

frequency weaves itself into the golden and violet flames of the fourteenth and thirteenth dimensions. The idea that is created in

Source Consciousness becomes a manifest form in Cosmic Consciousness. That manifestation that was made of white light that is

completely invisible becomes a more tangible idea in Cosmic Consciousness which begins to manifest in visible forms after passing

through the gamma waves and infra red spectrum. The manifest reality becomes visible in the hertizian fields of the three

dimensional form. When each sphere has a higher or lower frequency, the spheres are separated. But, during this special moment

of harmonic unison that allows our entire Cosmos to sing together a new song and begin the creation of a new reality. That new

song or new frequency, aligns the spheres into a new time vector. This time vector will only include the perfect Angelic Races. The

Fallen Angelics and the problems they have created will not exist in this new reality. All creations come into manifestation from

the highest frequency. Once the individual creates the idea that he desires to have manifest as a frequency form – a

morphogenetic imprint – an idea. That idea is created by the electrical coding placed into the morphogenetic frequency field. This

idea is coated in the frequency specific mid brain. This idea can be aligned directly to the Source Field of Creation where Source

makes this encoded idea become a manifest able reality. Next, the individual must inhale that morphogenetic field that is encoded

through the primal sound fields of crystal liquid light, crystal dust and crystal gel. This idea is held within these three spheres of

creation energy holding the morphogenetic frequency field. Those three spheres are held in the crystal heart until they are felt

and known. Next, the individual must inhale the three spheres into the mid brain and allow some time for the movie or idea that is

being created or developed to form. Next the idea can be exhaled back out into the three crystal spheres of morphogenetic

creation energy. That exhale is the breath that holds the music of the spheres. That is the frequency that allows the forms that

have been created on other dimensions to become manifest in this density. This is the creation formula that I was given personally

from my family of Elohei-Elohim Angels. This is the formula that they taught me to use to create music that brings the highest

frequency to Earth and to create the frequencies that raise transmute the cellular structure of an individual to prepare for the

transfiguration process that allows ascension into higher dimensions. Once the breaths are formed onto the morphogenetic imprint

of the crystal spheres the tones of the breaths transform into a frequency of transfiguration. The blueprint of the new reality now

exists within the breath of creation. The Breath must be created as the frequency specific mid brain connects its dream stream

directly into the Source Field of creation. This dream stream is the Mind of God that brings the creation into the template of the

manifestors. The idea will never manifest unless the dream stream into the frequencies of Source is continuously maintained. We

have been directed by our Creation Team at the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse to create the Individual’s Dream

Stream through the frequencies placed on the Individual ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM at These

frequencies that we collect through the directions of the Elohei-Elohim Angels, of the Individual are aligned into Source

Consciousness to create the Dream Stream which will allow the individual to become saturated with these frequencies of creation

continuously. This is how our Oraphim Angelic families created Universes. SHIFT INTO MULTI -DIMENSIONALITY As we rise

up into our Multi Dimensional Consciousness between 2015-2017, what has seemed to be the only reality in this third dimensional

dream will become only a speck of the possible realities that will become realized. Most of what has seemed to be the only reality

on Earth was created by metatronic frequencies performed through reverse spin technology of fallen angelics. The perception of

those on Earth has been blocked from the creations of higher frequency manifestations through veils, seals, misalignments,

Metatronics and a long list of demonic technology. The realities that have place in the upper cerebellum of the brain must become

dissolved and replaced through the frequency specific mid brain technology that allows direct and continuous communication and

manifestation through the Mind of God. The present reality fields that are being recycled as one looks around himself and keeps

creating the same old reality over and over again will become dissolved into higher and higher realities. These new realities that

will become manifest by those who learn to use the Divine Technology in their brain will come from other dimensions. We can

manifest any part of any other reality that has ever existed. We can manifest the most wonderful culture based on the Lyran

Sirian perfect model. We can manifest becoming the original Oraphim Race who spent their time dreaming new realities. We can

collect all of our favorite realities from each and every Universal System in our Race Lines. We can combine creations of advanced

technology of the most advanced systems and the sweetness of the Aquafarians and Oraphim Dolphins. We get to make individual

and collective utopias. We can create the most magical, fabulous reality systems that we can dream up. First, we must learn how

to create the dream stream through this alignment into the highest frequency of Source Consciousness. There will be no creations

manifesting that are not created through the Mind of God. Only Fallen Angelics create through methods that require the use of

energy from other entities. For millions of years, the human race has been used as a source of energy for Fallen Angelic groups.

We have not even experienced a normal reality system. The present consciousness of this world has been locked inside a narrow

little spectrum of reality. We see this man made world and we think that we can only re-create thinks that look like what they

looked like in the day before. We think that making an improvement within the present reality is some type of achievement. In

the normal kingdoms, an entity can create any new reality that has never been seen the day before. In multi dimensional

consciousness we can form our days on what we saw on another star in another advanced civilization. We can combine all ideas

from all other reality systems into new ideas that have never been created before. This Angelic Human Race was once the

Oraphim Race who were the greatest creators in the Universe. This is what we will begin to become once again. We can now

create, manifest, possess all of the qualities, attributes, abilities, intelligence of any and all of any previous idea that existed any

time in the past or any time in the future. All time is available to be manifested in the present. All present realities are created

from the past. All future realities are seen from the present. We actually have multiple selves that go into the past and into the

future time and space realities. We have imprints of our selves in all other dimensions. We have friends and family in all other

dimensions. We have had a veil put over our consciousness that has caused us to forget who we really are. We have been governed

by fallen angelics for a very long time. Stellar Wave Infusions bring areas of the brain out of dormancy. We will have six of these

stellar wave infusions on December 21, 2012. Our mid brain, which is frequency specific will begin to absorb all of the frequencies

from all of the other dimensions in our Cosmic Matrix. The frequency specific brain will become the movie camera of the new

realities that will form around each individual reality field. The pituitary will blossom and become the movie projector for the Mind

of God to make God’s Movie. During our Involution away from Source Consciousness, our brain has been recycling old information

over and over again. When we begin our Evolution toward Source, we gain more and more frequencies of higher consciousness

each and every day. These frequencies allow us to create more new realities as we are able to see them manifest in our mid brain

through the direct dream stream of Source Frequencies through our Higher Self. We learn to bring our higher self down into our

body to allow this luminary body to guide and direct us through the Mind of God. Our new luminary body will allow us to do things

that we couldn’t do in three dimensions. Our time vector is connected into the present past and future vectors. We can choose the

most joyous perfect future to manifest by aligning consciousness into the highest frequency of Source while creating the new

reality that you form in your consciousness as always existing in the present past and future. The heroic future that is being

created for us is the Christos realignments of humanity into the 12 strand angelic freedom and joy and the Lyran -Sirian perfect

cultural model which is already manifest in the future vector, which allows this reality to manifest in this present vector. So, the

future Earth can be any reality that we choose to manifest it to be. We manifest every reality in to our own present time vector in

the same way. We can connect and realign our present into any desirable future of the past or future time vectors. We can align

into the perfect Oraphim Primal Sound Field of our original Angelic Race who could manifest through dream streams the most

wonderful creations of our universe. We can connect and realign our present into the already manifest 12DNA or 48DNA that

exists in past time vectors. We can manifest the joy and freedom that exists in the future time vectors and the wonderful cultural

models created by the Lyran -Syrian’s past time vector. We can pull the realities out of any of the time vectors of any of the

harmonic universes of our galactic, universal or cosmic spheres. Our Creation Family are the Wizards who would like to teach us

all how to be the grand new creators in this new universe. The Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse was formed to allow the

teachings of our Cosmic Creation Families to teach us co-creation techniques as they show us how their original creation of the

most supreme Angelic Human was meant to be. We are moving into Omniversal Consciousness, where all 12 Star Gates are

connecting our consciousness into the Omniversal Consciousness of our new Utopia. The third dimensional mind can only conceive

of the visible realm. When many of us transfigure into the light bodies that transpose us into the fifth and sixth dimensions. Now

we will shift our consciousness into realms that have been unknown and invisible to us before. We will be able to see our Guardian

and Creator Races who have been our families for millions of years. The invisible will become as real as the visible, as the Earth’s

fastest particles begin to transfer to hyperspace and our Universal memory is transmitted through the Earth’s grids. We will be

regaining our Divine Blue Print that makes us able to manifest anything we want, any time we want. We will become the race who

creates light and energy through their own bio fields. We will become creators of new realities such as apple trees that grow lemon

pies — or any idea we come up with. How will this shift take place? We will spin through multiple reality fields that will remain

invisible to one another, as we break free from old illusions planted in harmonic universe one through metatronic frequencies. As

we shed the metatronic frequencies that have been locking our Consciousness into a narrow visible spectrum, we will unfold into a

New Earth that contains a multi dimensional spectrum of invisible and visible realities. As we move onto Future Earth, our bodies

will go through a light transfiguration process that will transform our atomic structure. This change will happen instantly — not

gradually. This means every nano second we transform again and again and again until we are completely transformed. Since we

only know what we see at the moment, we will never be aware of the transformations. However, you can make your self aware by

watching, listening and knowing what to be looking for. The carbon based structure of the mortal body will be changed into the

crystal based eternal life chemical and biological forms. This will be our first pull into the future, as our particles spin faster and

faster through the angular rotation of particle spin that rearranges our biology, chemistry and scenery. Our pituitary gland will

blossom and open our third eye to gain the spiritual vision of the Mind of God when we raise our frequencies to transmute the

lower into the higher frequencies of Source. We will create a continuous dream stream between what we desire to create in our

dreams to blossom into full manifestation in any of the multidimensional reality fields. Please join us at to learn how the highest frequencies retrieved from the Primal Sound Fields of Source can

transform your body into the Light Vehicle of Transfiguration and Instant Manifestation. This is the first step needed to enter the

Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse, which will bring the teachings of our Creation Families to Earth. KAGI OVER THE

RAINBOW SET PART ONE-OVER THE RAINBOW The first seven songs in OVER THE RAINBOW allow us to rise up in

consciousness with the elementals that are transforming our biosphere through the translation of the elementals. A spoken

explanation of the grand process is included in this 2.5 hour recording. PART TWO-OVER THE RAINBOW THE EMERALD CITY

THE EMERALD CITY contains the frequencies of the Earth rising through each step of the stairway to heaven back into the Cloud

Cities, the Winterlands and Aquafaria. We can see this reality of the spiritual and physical creating a new reality through the way

we see the light in the clouds, double rainbows, new colors in auroras, etc.


Crystalai Blog – Ascension Guardians Big Plan – 9-2-14

Dr. Angela Barnett
Channels the Crystalai Council


Please note you are welcome to share this article or any written work from this or to post anything from this work in other forums; however, please do so with the following guidelines: Include author’s credit, Crystalai, copyright 2014 and include the website url. crystal magic
Copyright © by Dr.Angela Barnett. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.


The Guardians have created several sets of phenomena for the purpose of activating the DNA of the Human Raceline at this time. One of the phenomena used was the births of Six Avatar children who were born for the specific purpose of each birth clearing the miasms from and activating one DNA strand each. There were also the Indigo births who prepared the way for the 12 subharmonic DNA strands on each of the double helix in six DNA. That is the PIECE of the DNA activation that is covered on that one album titled COMPLETE PERFECT DNA INFUSION. The title represents the activiity performed by the births of the Six Avatar Children– the sixth child was the rebirth of the template of Jesus as Ben Airon Sananda.


So, that is why that one album is so important.


The Manifestation Merkaba is equally significant because it contains the Codes in God Language that were given from the Guardians to activate the DNA from within the subatomic level of the body. Plus it contains the actual presence of the Merkaba spinning correctly into Oneness with Divine Love- the Harmonizor inot Attunement with Source.


The Dolphin DNA contains the Frequencies of the Oraphim Cetaceans who are on Earth for this exact pupose of the bio-regenisis project. These are the frequencies that are also required as a part of hte DNA activation process.


The Ecstazee to Zero point serves the specific purpose of melting the Crystal Seals that keep the DNA from activating until it is the proper time. There were miasms placed in our Crystal Seals to keep them from melting away naturally. This album melts the seals that have kept the Crystal Seals Frozen for Eons so that we could not become a normal angelic raceline.


These are only four of the pieces of the Guardians Plan of our entire ascension activation.


They also arranged for the Six Stellar Wave Infusions and Six Activations.
Those frequencies are in the Parallel universe Set.


They also raised the frequencies of Earth so that she could rise above the fallen Milky Way Phantom Matrix into the Cloud Cities to prepare for her alignment with Tara in 2017 and Gaia in 2022. Those frequencies are in the OVER THE RAINBOW set.


The Symphony of Love contains the frequencies of our new alignment with the new Cosmaya Sun called Eleisha. This Sun is the new Divine Love Element holding us in attunement with the new Cosmic Template that we are now within.


There are many more albums to consider. You may listen to each one of them and tune in to which of these pieces of the ascension process that you want to tune in to.


Those of us who were born with the codes that allowed us to activate early have been involved in this process with the Guardian Alliance for about twenty years. We have been preparing the way for others.


We only have a few years left before the entire ascension mechanism goes fully into activation. Those who have activated at least Five DNA with 24 subharmonic strands per DNA will be the ones who get to enjoy the ride to TARA by 2022.


The more on becomes activated, the more they can enjoy the complete journey of this wonderful ascension plan.



The teachings at the Crystal Magic Orchestra website are definitely a very advanced version of what may have been learned from former teachings found at Lightworker, Starseed and New Age sites.

These teachings come from a much more advanced raceline than the teachings that were given by Galactic Racelines, who were in fact Fallen Angelic Racelines who were only giving bits and pieces of a TRUTH that they knew many would strive for but never reach through their BROKEN teachings.

The truth is there is only one Cosmic Family who has been and always will be Guarding the Human Angelic Raceline. Those who are a part of the Emerald Covenant and the Crystalai Council will always align with Source and only Source Consciousness and align Consciousness with Eternal Life.

Most other racelines all Fallen Angelic Racelines who have only been interested in taking over the Stargates of Planet Earth and creating a One World Order that would control humans as their slave race. This is basically what has been going on in the interdimensional reality stations of Earth Consciousness for many eons.
What is different about the teachings on this website is they all come from the Frequencies of Consciousness of the Cosmic Councils who are overseeing the Ascension of the Human Angelic Raceline. This is a raceline that was created from the 12 code template of Eternal Life. That 12 code subharmonic is being activated in each of the the two double helix of each DNA strand in the Human Angelic so that the raceline may be returned to its Normal State. The Indigo Race has this activation doubled because they are in tune with their spiritual double. So, the Human Angelic is being activated at the 24 subharmonic level and the Indigo is activated at the 48 subharmonic level.

This teaching was brought to Earth as the identical teaching that was given by Jeshuwa 12 in 24 BC. The teaching is as complex as any Physics or Quantum Physics class, only at a much, much deeper Etheric Level. The teaching traces the foundation of the human body to the crystal body form which is the Divine Matrix of the Mind of God being the true DNA template of the Human Body. So, the true Body is not Human, it is the Human Angelic.

Man is not Material, he is rather Spiritual. Man is not a body who experiences 100 years on Earth and then moves to Heaven. Man is an Eternal Life for created from a Silicate Crystal Base of Star Dust.
The Man who was densified into Carbon Base form, is a creation of other racelines who distorted the original Human Angelic formula.

There are only two times in each 26,000 year cycle when there is this POSSIBILITY of the Rebirth of the original Normal Human Angelic. 2017 is the time of the half cycle when this rebirth can take place. The time period of 2000-2017 is the window of opportunity when humans can partake in this remaking of the Eternal Life Body.

The Fifth Dimension is the place we go to return to our normal Eternal Life Structure..
The place of the fifth dimension is a place where the frequencies of light and energy are higher than they they are in the slower moving particles of the third or fourth dimension.

If you focus on creating a tunnel from your third eye within your head out to 12 inches in front of your face and then see a white light at the end of the tunnel. That place 12 inches in front of your face is where the 12th dimensional frequency opens the door into Christ Consciousness and allows you to see the white light of the Fifth Dimension.

Another way of doing this is to use a Candle. Focus on seeing the full spectrum of light in the candle. The candle contains hertzian frequencies, infra red light, visible light, invisible light, x-ray, gamma, plasma and pink white light. If you stand within the candle in consciousness you have walked through the tunnel into the white light room. You stay there until you see a sphere of Blue Light. That sphere of Blue Light is the Fifth Dimension.

This is the place we have gone when we died the last ten million life times.
This time we don’t have to go there because we are being told how to get to the fifth dimension without dying.

That is what is different about this website. I am providing the teachings, the frequencies, the sound and light energy that takes you into the 12th dimension, the 13th dimension of Inner Earth Cosmic Core Domain, and into the 14th Dimension of Heliotalic Plasma that then braids into the 8th Dimension of the Sun’s Frequencies to create the Photon. I breathe this photonic energy into the Merkaba and then spin the merkaba into every cell in my body and focus the energy in the Crystal Heart and the Pineal Gland and then exhale these frequencies onto the Crystal spheres of Crystal Liquid Light, Crystal Gel and Crystal StarDust Microphone that is created in the palms of my hands.
The frequencies in the crystal sphere are then blown into the microphone to create the magical frequency albums that you purchase.
The Frequencies that many of you are attracted to at this time on this Website are the REAL THING.
They are created throught the Divine Formulas of the Cosmic Councils who really want to see the Human Angelic Race Ascend.

Crystalai Blog – Ascension Protocol – 7-29-14

01 spiritual man




The time of our Ascension has come.

However, there are certain Protocols that have been set by the Emerald Covenant and the Guardian Alliance

that must be followed during the time of Ascension. The human raceline has been completely mutilated over

and over again during the past eons. Humpty Dumpty fell out of the Star System created by Sun Alcyone into

the Milky Way and was broken into many pieces. Each of the these pieces of the original Star had to have its

consciousness put back together again before it can ascend back to its home of original creation. This is the

process that we are going through now as we prepare to Ascend back to Tara and Gaia, which are not in the

Milky Way Galaxy. The template of the original human must be restored. We must repair a minimum of

5DNA before we can return to Tara. The plan of the restoration of our 5DNA was planned by the Guardian

Alliance. The plan included the births of 144,000 Indigo Children during the 100 years before 2000 and then

another 5500 after 2003. There were also many walk-ins given DNA transfusions and several Flame Holders

born on Earth. And most important, we were given Six Avatar Children, who were born for the specific

purpose of clearing each of the Seals placed in the Chakras. For instance there is a seal or error placed in the

third chakra. It is an error because it is an error in programming and an error in harmonic structure.

Everything is harmonic and musical in the Mind of God. The harmonics of the third chakra have the 7-12 base

tones missing and the 7-9 overtones missing. We can restore this error by breathing in the corrected over

tones and base tones into the third chakra. We can also correct that chakra by connecting consciousness to

the 9th Level Avatar’s Frequency Signatures. Each Avatar Child has the ability to Initiate Activations of

certain DNA strands. Once the Initiation is performed on a person, that person can perform the initiation on

another person. I perform initiations of the DNA when I create the Eternal Life Albums for specific

individuals. We can also tune into the Frequencies of the Six Avatar Children by using the new COMPLETE

PERFECT DNA INFUSION. Once you tune in to their frequency signatures you can also tune in to the

Initiations of the DNA activation yourself. These Six Avatars are here for the same purpose Jesus Christ 9 and

12 came to Earth. They are here to clear the seals from all of the race lines that are a part of the original

human angelic race line. This is the Protocol that must be followed for an Ascension to take place. Plugging in

to these valuable Frequencies can be a very effective way to speed up your DNA initiations. CRYSTALAI (2014)

Crystalai Blog – The Return To The Divine State – Ascension, Descension – 6-21-14

Divine Self

Image Source




We were all originally created in the image and likeness of God Source.

We are the immortal original Divine Ones.

We find this divine self as we return our physical into oneness with our spiritual selves.

We each have a parallel spiritual body.

That spiritual body is being returned to us at this time.

The return of the spiritual body requires the Sound Frequencies that carry the Music of the Mind of God.

We must re attune our bodies into the melody of the Divine One.

We are being given this opportunity to attune to the Full Spectrum of Light and Sound

and become the 5D MultiDimensional Selves that we were before the Fall of Atlantis.

The Window of Opportunity is 2017-2022.

It is our divine right and our divine priviledge to become prepared for this opportunity.

The frequency music on this website is the preparation for this time.

The audio recordings on Return to our Divine State explain the history

and the future of the Divine Plan the PROMISE OF THE PERFECT KINGDOM.

I describe the exact event that caused our Guardian Race to place us in Quarantine 12,000 years ago.

I then describe how the Polarity is being removed between our Physical Bodies and our Spiritual Bodies.

I talk about the problems that caused the need for the Quarantine,

how it is being corrected and how we play such a huge part in the ascension.

Each one of us is a part of the ascension process.


I explain how we tune in to our future self frequencies.

Our only possible future is the future that we tune in to.

If we keep remaking our present reality, the future will just be the same as the past and the present.

We must tune in to our future reality.

That future is the Spiritual Template that was stored in the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth.

That is the Template of our Future Self- our True Divine Self.

We can learn how to morph into that Future Divine Self

through the Meditations and Frequencies in Crystal Core Domain

and Suns Portal to Source, Ascending Light Body.

The frequencies that are obtained through all of these alignments

are the same frequencies that I collect in the alignment with each individual’s Divine Template

that was stored in this Divine Portal that is being returned to us.

That is how I create the Eternal Life Albums.

There are many steps to this process of realignment.

We must tune in to our template within the Earth’s Heart and within Sun Alcyone’s photon belt.

We must tune in to our Water Body, our Plasma Body, our StarDust Body,

we must learn to align with the Aurora Fields to regain our Angel Wings.

We can also learn to use the Codes of Manifestation to help this alignment.

Everything we need to know about the problem and the solution

of removing Duality is outlined in this Four Hour Audio File.

There will be more details added in the future audio files.

I explain everything that needs to be known about communicating

with the Individual’s Ascension Master Teams.

I explain why the dreams occur during the ascension process and what they mean.

I explain other physical problems caused from ascension,

such as the melting of the seals in the Pineal Gland,

and why these are being reported by doctors as calcium deposits or the Pineal Gland wrapped in an orb of water.

These are just natural ascension symptoms,

and there is no doctor that will diagnose these symptoms correctly except for me–Dr. Angela Barnett.

There are many ascension symptoms related to the seals melting in the head and in the heart area,

the 15 degree alignment caused a very long period of back aches as our spine was actually realigning.

There were many hormonal problems created by the change of chemistry within the body.

Our blood has actually been changed into a new crystalline structure.

The hormonal problems have resulted in problems in the kidneys, bladdar and sexual areas in the body.

These are Ascension Symptoms.

The feelings of going crazy and being confused and uncertain

are a result of us going through CULTURE SHOCK of entering into a New Reality

that we have never experienced before.

These problems are most accute in Indigos and Angelic Humans.

Most regular people just think they are experience their normal day to day stress

and need to go to the doctor for weekly problems.

The Indigos get hit the hardest because we are preparing the path for the Angelic Humans.

The Angelic Humans have a very difficult time as well in the adjustment period.

The process of having our Spiritual Body actually walk into our Physical Body

creates tiredness and dizziness because of the higher frequencies being a slower rate of spin.

The sleepy feeling is also a result of the Ascension Teams wanting to take the body in for surgery.

Yes, we are actually having Light and Sound Surgery performed on our bodies

at night and sometimes in the daytime.

I also include several meditations between the readings,

so that you can experience the journey that the body goes through

to activate the dimensional frequencies and to bring in the stardust,

liquid light energy, electo plasma that melts the seals and activates the DNA

by watering the lotus blossoms in each chakra area with liquid light and sun’s plasma energy.

The Return to Divine State includes over

1. Return to Divine Self 2. Returning to Divine State 3. Future Self Frequencies

4. Meet your Merkaba 5. Crystal Star Merkaba 6. Quarantine Fence

7. Removal of Polarity 8. Crystal Core Domain 9. Suns Portal to Source

10. Ascending to Light Body 11. Spheres of Oneness 12. Restoring Water Body

13. Connecting Consciousness with Ascension Team 14. Neutron Body 15.

Helium Ignition 16. Codes of Manifestation 17.

Realignment New audio recordings for those who prefer to listen rather than read.

I’m will be putting two sets of audio recordings out for sale this week and next week.

THE RETURN TO THE DIVINE STATE is a set of Four Hours of audio recordings

that give an overview of the process that we are presently going through

as we prepare to Ascend into Terra Firma.

The recordings give every detail of the reason for this accelerated ascension process that we are going through.

I talk in great detail about how all of the frequencies that I record

align with all of the specific alignments of the portal from Earth’s Crystal Heart to Sun Alcyone

in order to prepare this portal for activation in 2017.

The process of this alignment can be experienced in the Frequency Meditation, Sun’s Portal to Source.

The return of the Portal through Sun Alcyone,

has to do with the Quarantine placed on Earth 12,000 years ago,

and how the Frequency Fence is being removed now and will be removed by 2017.

This will lead to the removal of polarity on all levels of the spiritual and physical, matter and ante matter.

The meditations are the journies that I take in consciousness

when I am collecting the frequencies into my Merkaba

and then bringing them back into my crystal heart

before I exhale them onto your Eternal Life Album.

Indigo 3’s have the hardest life on Earth,

but the easiest codes for walking between both worlds-

meaning easy to activate your 5DNA in 2017.

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Crystalai Blog – Shifting Into Future Self – 5-4-14

beings-of-light Crystalai

Please note you are welcome to share this article or any written work from this or to post anything from this work in other forums; however, please do so with the following guidelines: Include author’s credit, Crystalai,  and include the website url.


crystalai /

The streams of higher frequencies are pouring in so fast that is almost impossible to record them all. The angels have been directing us to record the breaths of consciousness from all entities who are streaming their breaths together through the crystal light energy that is braiding, weaving and streaming a higher frequency of consciousness together. Each time there is a high energy day, the angels place a golden pillar in my left ear and hand me an etheric microphone and then they breath their consciousness through my breath. Sometimes five angels appear, sometimes five hundred–depending on what project they are working on.


The breath of consciousness is what is causing the entire shift of Mother Earth into her Star Essence. We are all turning more star like together. How do we speed up this process individually? The more we raise frequencies and stay in those frequencies the faster we rise into a new dimension.


The Key to Ascending is collecting frequencies through the merkaba, aligning into the sun energy, the helium energy, the rainbow dust, the star dust, soaking in healing waters of crystal temples, singing with the angels, and mermaids in the crystal caves, keeping the mind in the etheric fairy tale state and then finally walking into the spark of Source in the Crystal Heart, after putting on the garment of white light–which means absorb all frequencies of crystal light, irradescent light, rainbow light, golden dust light, star dust until the body is radiating with spirituality of light energy.


NOW–and only Now can the body walk through the diamond door. When the body walks through the door it must walk into the FUTURE SELF. It is this place in Consciousness that we must stay to create the Islands of Light.
I’d like to share some questions that will be answered and practiced in my workshops on CREATING ISLANDS OF LIGHT, PARALLEL REALITIES, and the MUSIC OF THE SPHERES.


A couple of questions regarding your process of integrating with your light body.
1. You said that you’ve completed integrating with your silica-carbon based light body. Does this mean you can disassemble your body and teleport to anywhere you want?


I wanted to add that the silica based body is the natural result of raising the frequencies and continuously bringing in more and more light energy that Zorak helps me with and that I get from the helium rings spinning into all of the sun’s frequencies to bring out the energy of the neutron through out the body.


The reason that I know I am living in a body that is mostly silica based now and will become more and more so is because the angels have told me this. There are things happening in this hologram that we can’t see yet. That doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. The evidence we have of the silica based body is this:

aDolpino (JOSEPH) was hit by big truck and ran over by three cars. He had every bone and muscle flattened. The doctors said it was absolutely impossible for him to be alive. They said his brain would never work again. They said he probably wouldn’t be able to work for eleven years. Joe’s body repaired itself without any help from the doctors in one month. This rapid repair of the entire structure of the body happened completely from streaming the highest frequencies through his body by using the frequency shift music that we recorded. It was this frequency shift music that was given to us by the angels as they streamed their consciousness through their breaths that realigned his body. Each stream of consciousness that I inhale and breath into the microphone is a strand of their consciousness. It is this consciousness that is the sound and light of all creation. This sound and light contains a structure of creation that remolds into the original form created by Source. This sound and light that we resonate with and soak into our cellular structure from the crystal cells of mother earth and the star dust energy of Zorak’s star system transforms our bodies into a new chemicalization. This chemicalization appears as a result of consciousness raising frequencies into a higher realm of reality. This is the proof that we are living in a silica based body.


You see, the doctors entire system is based on the carbon based body that doesn’t heal at all. The more we shift into the silica reality by adding more and more of the spiritual into the physical through our consciousness, the faster this reality appears. This is why when doctors have played our music in their hospitals, every patient in the hospital immediately showed great improvements and complete healings took place in a week.


The Frequency Shift music in the SUPER FREQUENCY KIT actually shifts the body into a parallel reality of a higher frequency. This magical place of the higher frequency lifts the mind into great freedom, the world just doesn’t matter any more, there is a feeling of sweetness and kindness, there is no more pain, there is alignment into the reality that was always here.


All we are doing here is removing a veil so we can see the reality. We must believe that reality is here to see. We must stop thinking we must go somewhere else to see it. This transformation will appear on Earth. We will create Islands of Light on Earth. We create them by breathing when we have completely aligned our frequencies into the place where we are completely in the Crystal Cities, the Aquafaria under water Cities. When we have absorbed all of the crystals of all of the colors of the rainbows into our crystal cells and our cells sing in harmony with each other, this is when we can EXHALE magic into the air we live in. The air has already become hydrolaise. The body is already transforming into to silica based chemicals. It is only our eyes that don’t see it yet. We can FEEL it NOW.


When we go to our crystal palace in Aquafaria, we ask our friends there this same question. We sat with Ramtha in our living room one day and said, are we really here. Ramtha answered, “Aren’t you sitting here talking to me?” We answered, yes I guess we are.


2. Are you currently conscious of your other multidimensional self throughout the cosmic omniverse?


Our multidimensional selves only meet us when we walk into our future self after completely absorbing all frequencies from all dimensions out to the 24th and becoming sparkling with golden star dust. This is when we can melt into the diamond door and walk into the starry places. Our teams and families are always waiting on the other side. From that point we go on down into the Aqualene Ocean through the Sun and down into the Crystal Caves to resonate with the frequencies of Inner Earth and then we are invited to enter the crystal cities.


It is completely our responsibility to lift our frequencies into theirs. Our team taught us that we must completely merge into the crystal cities or into what ever place you want to shift into. It takes continuous practice and the willingness to spend much more time there than here. We must spend so much time in the crystal caves with my mermaid family that when I exhale on Earth, the reality around me transforms into that frequency. We must breath the Islands of Light into our home, into our place we choose to live.


3. How do you “travel” to Aquafaria to meet up with your soul family down there? By meditation or do you actually travel via your MerKaBa into the crystal caves or do you have another version of yourself living in the crystal caves and is able to integrate with that aspect of your soul whenever you want?

The self that goes to Aquafaria is the future self that shifts dimensions by shifting frequencies. Those with fifth dimensional and higher vision can see this shift. The angels have told me many times that I am completely etheric. Joe can see the fifth dimension–I can’t. I can feel it. I am saturated in the frequency of light energy. The return to this Earth is too painful for me. I must continuously stay above the Earth. I do this by continuously absorbing the frequencies that I breathed into the CD’s. These are the frequencies from the Crystal Caves and from all of the dimensions.


When I take a journey of collecting frequencies and swimming down into the crystal caves to sing with my mermaid choir, you can hear my voice completely shift into the mermaid’s frequencies. My voice changes into an etheric, sweet breathy tone that has perfect pitch. This isn’t my third dimensional voice, this is my fifth dimensional voice. It is always in the key of G–just as Pythagorous who was Kuthumi taught in the Music of the Spheres class the perfect octave of G resonates in perfect Oneness. I am totally unaware of any musical rules or keys when the angels and mermaids sing through me, I only know that there is always a parallel shift and I am always in my FUTURE SELF.
It is the frequencies that cause the shift.


Sacred Geometry Of Ascension – via Crystalai

This is what Ascension is. Our planet and our bodies are absorbing more and more of our star essence each moment. The plan for mass ascension would have man absorbing enough stardust to become etheric enough to walk through walls. There are already many on Earth who can already become invisible, walk through walls, levitate and walk on water. Their learning process was extremely long and painful. These processes will become very easy after the Earth’s magnetic shift. There will still need to be the learning process. But, the success rate will be very high. We will be crossing barriers that are not in our imagination at this time. This shift into the wonderful Never-lands where Peter Pan and the Wizard of Oz dwells will be our new magical home and future. We hear this vague melody riding on a standing wave pattern of frequencies filtering our substance into the blue sphere that will transpose us beyond light into the original etheric substance of our Divine Blue Print to a place that is beyond this time matrix, beyond all light and sound, and metaphorically speaking Somewhere Over the Rainbow. This magical place has always existed in the Cloud Cities within the Aurora Fields connecting us to Aquafaria, Urtha, AshalA, the Inner Earth, and all of those places known as LALA land by those who don’t know about reality. When we take our consciousness into the Sun, we walk through the entire light spectrum until we go beyond the gamma rays into the diamond door where there is no light or sound. We go beyond light into the realm of Source Consciousness, and when we turn around and walk out we become the ultra violet blue light. This is the sphere of amenity. This is the blue sphere that connects our consciousness of d 1,2 an 3 into the meta-galactic of dimension 7-12. This is the magical standing wave pattern that weaves the overtones of the higher densities into the base-tones of the third dimensional place holder. The ULTRA VIOLET BLUE SUN frequencies wave file may be heard today at

At this time our Earth will also be much more etheric and the spiritual parallel planets, star systems and universes will all align into perfect harmony which allows all of our starry families to travel to Earth.
This time period of raising frequencies and becoming etheric starry bodies also includes a complete transformation of the atmosphere of Earth, the complete transformation of the soil, vegetation and all forms of life on Earth. There will be space ship airports replacing our present day airports.
The bodies are going through this transformation of the music of the spheres sacred geometry at this time. The evolution of the body is required as one aspect to prepare for the ascension. The body is being transformed from the inside out. Each cell must become transformed into the etheric starry crystal cell as was originally created through the spark of Source and the breath of the Elohim Angels.
In order for this transformation to take place, people will need to start understanding the truly Cosmic level of change that is taking place. It is obvious that most present writings in blogs and channelings are being mistranslated through the third dimensional lack of seeing the quantum that is far beyond what is visible. We must begin to know and see ourselves as the etheric frequencies that we are made up of in reality.
The ascension will result in minds where there is no more opposition, jealousy or wars of any kind. There must first be the understanding that the change that is taking place is far beyond the human concepts of becoming more kind and more heartfelt. It is the actual transformance into the light and sound of higher dimensions that causes the real changes to take place.
The ETERNAL LIFE ALBUMS are created through the sacred geometry of the music of the spheres, which allows the magical alignment of the physical body into the spiritual body of illumination.
This Divine Template that all spiritual forms are manifest from has been kept within and around Mother Earth’s body for over 500 million years. This perfect morphogenetic field of the spiritual Divine Template of Earth’s Matrix has lain dormant until this new time of awakening and re-birth.
Our Cosmic family and team, which we have been a part of for long over 500 million years, were the ones who prepared this Sentinel which will raise the frequencies of the physical essence of Planet Earth back into her Spiritual Starry Essence. The Star Dome which holds the Etheric Starry Frequency of this Morphogenetic Field is within our Mother Earth and around her atmosphere. This is a Cosmic Stardust that we are being held within. The formula for realigning the physical aspect of Earth into her Spiritual aspect is held within the Music of the Spheres. This same formula for our physical bodies to realign into the complete balance of oneness with our spiritual bodies is also held within the Music of the Spheres.
There is a sacred geometry or formula that guides us in aligning each frequency of the physical essence into the spiritual essence of the body. The body is ceated from the same formula as the Cosmic Body of the Earths matrix. The formula can be seen in the twelve pointed star structure that shows us how to align the frequencies from each point from the physical into the spiritual to cause a transmutation of the lower frequencies to all be pulled into the higher frequencies. Eventually we transmute all frequencies into the highest frequency of Oneness.
Crystalai (c)2013
http://www.cosmicdolphinmagic.ning.comSACRED GEOMETRY OF ASCENSION

Crystalai Blog – Turning On 5DNA – 5-4-14

12 Strand DNA Recoding

 Image Source






The Crystalai Cosmic Councils visit me every night at about 4 a.m. and ask me to read something or direct me to listen to them. I always write down what they tell me after ward. This time, I also hooked a golden sphere up above my head 36 inches and into my mid brain and asked to be taken into the reality of what will happen in the next three months, before going back to dreamland.


First, I will tell you about the bi-location experience that many still call dreaming or astral projection. This was a bi-location dream into the future –the very near future. The dream was pure vivid color lucid 3D blue ray quality reality. First, I was standing in a field looking up and seeing two suns unite as one, next I saw spaceships that could easily appear to be a comet. There were many spaceships. Suddenly they burst into the Earth’s atmosphere and could easily be seen, and then in an instant they were landing on the ground around the area I was standing. When they touched the ground they took on the appearance of helicopters. I was so excited and happy that I ran up to the spaceships and started banging on the outside of the ships and screaming Welcome, We love you. I was crying so hard with joy that I woke up drenched in tears.


According to the Cosmic Councils who spoke to me last night, this is what is taking place at this time: What NASA was calling Comet Ison is in fact a space ship. The entities are members of the Crystalai Cosmic Council including Ra Confederation, Azurite Council, Eieyanis from Sirius B. The Space Ship is guarding and guiding the Holographic Beam of Morphogenetic Frequencies from the Photon Belt of Sun Alcyone, which are, in fact, the frequency signatures of the original Tara before the explosion 550,000 million years ago. The morphogenetic frequency field held within the holographic beam is putting Tara back together again.


The frequencies of the original consciousness of Tara, which was originally a star created by Sun Alcyone, are being woven back into all of the 12 planets in the Milky Way Galaxy. When Tara exploded, she was divided into 12 pieces– 12 stars. One of the stars is our Sun. Inside of our Sun is a Golden Crystal Core that holds all 12 pieces of Tara. Now, the morphogenetic frequency field of Sun Alcyone’s Photon Belt, where the original frequencies of Tara have been stored are re-uniting with the Sun and the 11 planets within the golden crystal core of the Sun.


In NASA’s eyes, the 3D science can only see the planets as separate. That is because the angle of rotation at this density creates a distance in reality that isn’t really there. So, we see Comet Ison. We see Comet Ison hitting or coming very close to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and then see Comet Ison heading for the Sun. Comet Ison was supposed to go into the Sun on November 28. In reality, the holographic beam guided by the Space ship will go into the golden crystal core of our Sun to re-unite the Photon Belt of Sun Alcyone with the Planets within the Sun.


Once that happens, the new morphogenetic frequency field that is created is the re-birth of the 12 dimensional frequencies of the original Tara, which is called the Sphere of Amenti. That Sphere of Amenti will enter Earth’s Core to IGNITE the Cosmic Frequencies within the Iron Core. The D1 level of Earth will be filled with D15 frequencies. This will re-ignite the complete Divine Consciousness of the Earth into At One-Ment with all 12 pieces of Tara, including the Sun.


This blast of frequencies will TURN ON the 5DNA within Earth and it will flow into our bioenergetic fields. 5DNA will be available to anyone who attunes to it for the next five years. When I created the Parallel Universe ALBUM (MP3), I was uniting my consciousness with the Holographic Beam as it was making its portal directly from Sun Alcyone’s Photon Belt under the direction of the Guardian Councils.


The alignment with the Parallel Universe was one of the necessary steps in allowing the Councils to enter our Frequency Field. They can remain in the Cosmic Frequencies as they blend the D1 of Harmonic Universe One- Earth Density with D15 of the Earth’s Matrix including the Cosmic Fifth Sphere. That alignment was completed in order for the Comet to complete its journey into our Solar System.


Once the Holographic Beam is activated within our Sun, which will be re-birth of the total morphogenetic field of Tara, that Morphogenetic Field can penatrate Earth and wrap around Earth. That is what NASA sees as the Comet’s tail wrapping around the Earth. Once that happens, the NEW BEGINNING HAS BEGUN!!!


NOTE:   Crystalai asks to be supported in her work by the following:


Share the ride of the HOLOGRAPHIC BEAM through the Frequencies on the Parallel Universe Album. I will continue to collect the frequencies of the completed project including the connection of the Sun Alcyone into our Sun, the rebirth of the golden crystal core and the activation of the Sphere of Amenti in the Core of Earth. The final frequency signature that will be born from this Atonement will be 5DNA. PARALLEL UNIVERSE Set PURCHASE All three album are put into this PARALLEL UNIVERSE Set as MP3s. The PARALLEL UNIVERSE Set also has the option to purchase the Set for your iPhone, too. We put all three albums into one. We also made them through iTunes so that you can upload to your iPhone through this purchase if you want. READ MORE . . . PARALLEL UNIVERSE I mp3 album PURCHASE The PARALLEL UNIVERSE I MP3 album is made up of the highest frequencies ever recorded at this time in the Universe. It is the pure essence of the spiritual universe transmuting the physical universe into it. It is the frequency of At One Ment. READ MORE . . . PARALLEL UNIVERSE II mp3 album PURCHASE The Cosmic Dust then gets placed in the Cosmic Wave, which carries a new standing wave pattern for us to begin living within. This standing wave pattern does not have the gravity that the Physical Earth’s Standing Wave Pattern Contains. READ MORE . . . PARALLEL UNIVERSE III mp3 album PURCHASE Now, the heavenly dolphins can sing once more. The original race line was the Oraphim Angelic Race of this Universe. The Oraphim Braharama Whale and Dolphin Raceline are the inhabitants of the Seventh Sun and keep the frequency of attunement and balance. READ MORE . . . Crystalai Namaste, Crystala

Crystalai Blog – New Earth Islands of Light – How to Get There – 5-4-14

Beings of Light
The New Earth Islands of Light and How to Get There
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How do we change the existing environment that we have been living in for
millions of years?

First, there is no Source “and . . .”
There is only Source.
All is Source. All is made of Divine Mind and Divine Love.

In our New Earth Islands of Light that are being created at this time, it is being
created having our being in Source – Divine Light, Divine Mind, Divine Love;
looking out onto creation through the eyes of Source – Christ through the perfect
Divine Blueprint of the 12th Dimension (where your Christ Self resides); known
through the ideal of the Perfect Kingdom of the 6th Dimension; and then breathed
into form in the Structure of the 5th Dimension.

The 4th Dimension is there too, but only the highest frequency aspects of Love,
Compassion, Allowance, Forgiveness that is rooted in the 4th chakra, which is the
new base chakra of all entities that live in the New Earth. Chakras 1, 2, and 3
become transmuted.

The lower frequencies are not a part of the New Earth Islands of Light, including
the lower frequencies of the 4th Dimension. The New Earth is Oneness founded
upon Divine Love.

Our New Earth Islands of Light are being created in this way and will be created
in this way around the Earth. There will be many Islands of Light.

As we went farther and farther from Source, the 3rd Dimension became more and
more dense with lower and lower frequencies. This is a part of God as well and it
is the 3D School of Hard Knocks. Since 2000, we have been on a course back
towards Source and will continue on this course for a long, long time. It is now
time to graduate from the 3rd Dimension.

We don’t change the existing 3rd Dimension, we transmute our own individual
environment around us and grow and grow the higher frequencies around us to
create a standing wave pattern around us that matches that of the New Earth
Island of Light. Once the individual’s frequencies, consciousness, thought, and
actions matches that of the New Earth Island of Light, a shift in the angle of the
rotation of particle spin can occur and “like Magic” the individual will be able to
shift to the New Earth Islands of Light that are being formed at this time.

The shift to the New Earth will take effort on each individual’s part for it is also
your individual ascension and no-one can ascend for you. A door or elevator will
not simply open for you to step into to take you to the New Earth Islands of Light.
You must do it through your own understanding and growth and with the help of
the Beloveds in the actual “rotation of particle shift” to a New Earth. Island of

Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse

Crystalai Blog – Keys To Ascension and Maniifestation – 5-2-14

Ascension 11

Ascension is a Musical event. It has to do with the harmonic structure of one wonderful harmonic unit. If we look at the harmonic unit as the Trinity of Suns Ka,Ra and Yha. These three Suns contain the highest frequencies. The Ka holds the frequencies of Source and the connection to Source. That is the HIGHEST FREQUENCY.
Many people believe they are from or connected to Sun Ra. That is because Ra is the First Hue created from the White Light of Ka interacting with the Creation potential of Source  and creating a Hue of Divine Blue. In reality, everyone is born from that Divine Hue. We are all created in the Mind of God. The creation factory between the White Light of Source interacting with the Spark of Source creating a Flame and a Hue. There are a thousand other aspects of this creation principle that we won’t talk about right now.
The entire seven Suns must always be considered in our creation. We begin with the Aqualene Suns that create the Blue Idea. Next, we step into the Green and Gold Suns of Sa Ta. These Suns hold the Consciousness or the Frequencies of the Andromeda M31 in the Aquari Matrix. This is the Frequency Spectrum or the Tone of Home for Earth. Earth was a piece of a Star that exploded from the Aquari Matrix.
So, if we are collecting the Keys of the Harmonic Unit that we are created from, we are collecting the Tones or Frequencies of Consciousness from the Three Aqualene Suns, the Two Suns of Aquari.
There are two more Suns that connect from within the Earth’s Cosmic Core. The Suns Ha and La. These are the Indigo Blue Suns. They are the Suns of Density Two. They were the Cosmic Oraphim Race line and Cosmic Dolphin Race Line. The Density Two manifestation is what allows the Indigo Blue Race Lines to most easily realign with our present manifestation.
The Oraphims were the original raceline of our original Gaia Consciousness before the Explosion of the Star that Fell into the Milky Way Galaxy.
So, now we have the Seven Keys of our Creation. Each of these Keys is a part of our Complete Consciousness as created from Source. We contain various aspects of these keys or frequencies as we individually carry parts of the Blue Suns, the Green Suns and Indigo Blue Sun Ha and Violet Sun La.

The Violet Sun La is of particular interest because the Oraphim Race of Gaia is from that Sun. This is why many think of Jesus Christ as the Violet Flame. This just means he is from the Cosmic Inner Domains of the Violet Sun. A very large part of the Earth’s Population is also from that Race Line. The Oraphims became the Taran Race line and then finally the Angelic “Human RaceLine. The Elohim Angels were also a part of the Oraphim Raceline before they were destroyed. Later the Elohim and Oraphim Racelines were resurected by the hybrid race of the Sirian Elohim.
When I was first approached by the “(original) Elohim Angels who connected me to the Elohim of Hearing in order to bring the Highest Frequencies to Earth through music, I was being shown how to REMOVE THE POLARITY between the Visibile and the Invisible- the Audible and the Silence.
I was being taught that I could hear the higher creations, the higher frequencies of the Plasma Ships from within the Consciousness of each of the Suns. The Seven Suns actually hold the Tones of Home or what many on Earth have learned to think of their home in Christ.
The Suns are the Khrysthala or Ka Ha,Ra,Ya Sa, Ta Ha, La. That is the term that was trascribed into CHRIST. When we have the Consciousness or Frequencies of the Seven Suns, we have Christ Consciousness.

When we have Christ Consciousness, we have returned to Source. That means, the way we connect to the Mind of God is through the Keys or the Tones which are like the stair way to heaven.
Today, I received this email from a member who works with her Eternal Life Album to connect with the Ascension Frequencies.
I felt that I needed to share this dream also because it made me think of how you said that ascension is by the music of the spheres.

My dream started out that we (me and others) were in something like a mobile home. We kept looking to the sky for something to come. We saw a strange looking ship coming but before it got to us it changed form. It turned into a grand piano. It attached itself to the mobile unit and carried us to the sky. Then I woke up.  I felt comforted and joyful knowing I ascended with the music.

You may share this to if you wish.

Namaste Michelle

In 2008, when Joe and I announced that we were having a workshop to teach how to create an Ascension Portal, Markus and Zaurak told us that this workshop would not be what would be taught by the original teachers of the Cosmic Mystery School.
They told us that this would be a Real Experiential Creation of the Ascension Portal and that we would be experiencing what really happens during this Ascension Procedure.
They had been training us since the day the Elohim Angels connected me to the Elohim of Hearing, handed me the three crystal spheres, told us to move to Monterey. And then they immediately started running the Frequencies of the Seven Suns, and teaching me and showing me how to remove the polarity between myself and the Sun’s Frequencies.
These pictures of me inhaling the Sun’s Frequencies into my head and heart and holding the spheres in my hands shows and prooves that we can remove the polarity–meaning the Visible and Invisible become one.
That is the definition of Ascension. When we move into the Light and Sound of the Reality of our Invisible Creation in the Suns and activate the Reality that all tha is in the Mind of God is within us to be seen and felt and realized. When we fill our atoms with this stardust and plasma and hydrolaise from the Spiritual Invisible Matrix and See it and Hear it in our new Fifth Dimensional Reality, we have truly Ascended.

This is the story of how the Eternal Life Albums came into existence. The spheres of plasma in the pictures are the Ultra Violet Blue Sun, the Green Sun and the Violet Suns. Those are the Crystal Spheres of Crystal Light, Crystal Dust and Crystal Gel — meaning the  White Light, the Star Dust, the Gelaisic Hydrolaise water that allow these frequencies to become visible in our atmosphere.

When I listened to Ashayana on the AZURITE Sliders 12 DVD explaining how she was creating an ascension portal through the Suns Braiding in 2011, I realized that she was explaining exactly what Joe and I were doing in Monterey.

Ashayana didn’t find her true Cosmic Tantric Self until 2010. That is why she couldn’t complete the project in 2008. That is why Joe and I were called into Early Activation. They knew it was risky. They knew we night not make it. But, they knew we were their best chance of making this happen in time to create a much better outcome for Earth.

Ashayana said in that DVD that the Drama was scheduled to begin in 2008, and she thought that she was supposed to do something, but then they stopped talking about it and changed the subject. She thought that the drama was just put off until 2012, she didn’t know that there was actually a reason that it was stopped. She didn’t know about what Joe and I had done.

However, Ashayana did say that there was another couple who prepared the way for this to happen. She did say that there were others who were possessed and worked with the Maharaji to prepare the way for those who would be possessed in 2009 and 2010. And that would elimnate the mass 5.5 billion possession plan of the Fallen Angelics and the FAtaLEE.
Now, I know that Joe and I were the ones who single handedly removed the Consciousness of the Demonic FAtaLee. There were still possessions because the consciousness of these Demons have been creating attachments to certain persons over several lifetimes so that they actually activate within the person at age 12 and then there are these stages of activation preparing for take over. This is still happening. However, now it can be HEALED. Now the Maharaji have a way to step in and send the demons to space dust.

The reason that Joe and I could create the Ascension Portal for the mass exit of the Demons and the return of the complete Cosmic Tantric Twin Body of Joe and I was because we had been trained how to create the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM.
MANIFESTATION requires this same principle of removing the polarity that makes us believe that just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean that reality isn’t already here. When we know that everything that we desire ALREADY exists in the Mind of God, and that the Consciousness, the Frequencies of the Mind of God are within us and around us, when we know that what ever we desire to manifest ALREADY EXISTS within our Sphere of Reality, that is when the Manifestation becomes Visible.
It is already here. We just must learn to believe that the invisible is as real as the visible until the two merge into One Reality that allows us to See Everything that is in the Mind of God.

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Crystalai – Multidimensional Realities – Parallel Selves

Quantum State


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We are now Fifth Dimensional. That means we have the potential of becoming the Collective Consciousness. That means we can tune in to and become any of the infinite parallel versions of our selves. These versions come from the infinite possibilities that all of our Souls, Over Souls and Families in the Galactic, Universal and Cosmic realms have already experienced. We can walk into the Parallel Reality of anything that we can imagine. We just have to learn how to do that.

The Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse is the place that is now available to find those teachings. Those who become members of the MASTER’s GROUP will learn the skills that are only taught in Mystery Schools.

Walking into a candle or walking into a mirror is the same formula that we use  to translate our bodies into anti-particle, etheric spiritual blue bodies. This is the future self parallel reality that one must step into before manifestation can begin.

When we walk into the candle or into a mirror, we are walking into the full spectrum of light or the entire rainbow prism. We actually disappear into the rainbow prism and then reappear as a blue body.

The rainbow prism is coming from intense electrical field like a MAGNETIC MIRROR which is a device used in thermo nuclear processes that in the mirror.

That nuclear process is actually contained within the intense dark field within the mirror.

That same mirror effect exists within the brain. We are supposed to be able to walk all the way through the mirror and see ourselves on the other side.

By practicing this walk through the mirror we are adjusting our brains. We are reversing the way our mind works. We are training our minds to see the other side of reality–the quantum field that we think of as invisible. But it is not invisible. We have just had our brains turned off so that we can’t see the rest of reality.

We have forgotten how to manifest the reality that we desire through our mid brain.
We are preparing for our grand manifesting by practicing with the mirror.

By using the mirror, we can learn to FEEL the anti-matter substance that is within it. We can feel how it makes our bodies translate. We can perceive how it allows us to see into a reality that we didn’t know was there.

We can actually come face to face with anti matter.

OUR MANIFESTATIONS become Manifest in the Hertizian because that is what tangible reality is to us in this world.

Once we learn to see the back of the candle arising as the blue candle or blue sphere, and we perceive the anti matter within the mirror, we can manifest the same relationship in our  photo negative mid brain through the activity of seeing the back of a  card through the eyes of our parallel self who is on the other side of the mirror. We can look at the card and the back of the card will arise behind it just as the back or anti particle self of the candle rose behind the candle.

We must train the brain to facilitate antimatter. This is how we learn to see our parallel spiritual reality. This is what allows us to enter into the fifth dimension of our collective consciousness.

We have a big gap missing from reality because our mid brain hasn’t been used correctly in our life time.

The mirror give us back the part of the mid brain that we are missing.
We are learning how to reverse our DNA into the subharmonics that create the 12 DNA reality.

Working with the anti particle spiritual reality allows us to bring all of those forms into tangible realities in the hertzian visible manifest realm.

By walking into the mirror we turn on the extraordinary window in the brain that is the infra red psychic brain.
This thermo nuclear processes that we go through when we walk into the mirror is described perfectly here as the same thing that goes on in the Sun’s interior.


You will all continue to recieve these regular newsletters.
Those in the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse Master’s Group will receive the actual training of how to use the actual technology of the Parallel Reality that is achieved AFTER they learn how to walk through the MIRROR.


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Crystalai – Responsibilities – Becoming Galactic Citizens – 1-19-14



All of you should deeply employ yourselves to extract the best of you, and this implies an introspection and personal commitment with your Essential Being that is the guide and councilor of your evolutionary journey.  It requires a profound spiritual integrity, sincerity and dignity that not all are willing to develop and to shape, because still you are trapped in processes of restriction and karmic balance.  But even that is not an obstacle if humbly and meekly it is invoked the Primordial Frequency of Divine Love that always is willing to pour down its grace over those who yearn for and are in need of it.

We must now be willing to transform far beyond a better Earthly Consciousness into a Galactic Consciousness and a Cosmic Consciousness. The people of this Earth barely know how to get along with a person with different colored skin. Now it is time to be willing to unite harmoniously with millions of levels of Consciousness, entities from all of the Galaxies that were seeded in the original Aquarian Galaxy. Now it is time for a huge family reunion. Only those who have expanded their Consciousness to the Infinite, only those who have allowed the Cosmic Transformation of Consciousness into the Etheric Knowing, the Cellular remembering, Harmonic Resonation with the entire Music of the Spheres. This will happen for all in time; but why wait? The spaceships are landing now. Only those with their minds aligned harmonically will step into the Islands of Light containing the new Galactic Brotherhood.

We are the angelic incarnates on Earth. We are the vehicles of the breaths of consciousness of our galactic archetypes. We are the representatives on Earth who choose to exhale the magic from the co-creative realm. We sing the cosmic symphony of evolution through our breaths of consciousness. As we harmonically align with the Cosmic Breaths of Consciousness our entire cellular structure sings in harmony, and becomes completely transmuted into this Cosmic Symphony. We each contain a melody of fraternal essence and our angelic co-creative consciousness. The light streams and sound of the breaths of angelic consciousness are streaming through our minds, our cells, our atoms, our molecules. All of the Suns of all of the Galaxies are singing in magnificent rhythmic streams of crystal light energy of aqualene texture. Our crystal heart glows and dances as it wraps the stars beyond this matrix into the zero point of the spark of source. The ignition of Oneness takes place and it feels like the tone of home, the stardust energy, the radiance of omnipresent Divine Love.

The more we soak up the Galactic, Cosmic and Stellar Frequencies through the Breath of Consciousness, the more aligned into the harmony and rhythm of the Evolutionary Transformation. We must share frequencies and rhythms until we align into a brand new rhythmic texture and a Galactic Tone of Home. As I invite hundreds of Cosmic and Stellar Entities, Family members and Friends to share their Breaths on my recordings, I find a harmonic alignment. It doesn’t require any music theory, or what key resonates with what key.

When the angels sing they all resonate in harmony. In order to resonate with Mother Earth as she becomes a Star, those who desire this great transmutation must first completely transmute their frequencies into the Cosmic Realm and allow the highest frequencies of the Cosmos to exhale as they breathe and sing. This doesn’t mean that quantity is greater than quality. It means the quality of the highest frequency is the only frequency that will have any significant impact on the transition of the individual’s island of light or in the entire ascension process of the mass. Those who think they are making an impact by breathing heavily or singing loudly will only find themselves surrounded by more of the same. It does help to sing the magic words such as Kaharasatahala or MaharatamuAva because these are sincere desires to only be greated by those in the True Christic and Cosmic Realms.

This is what is significantly different about this music created through the Music of the Spheres. The teachings of Kuthumi as Pythagoras and as many other teachers in the Mystery Schools. I learned this art form through one on one instruction from Kuthumi. Mary Magdalene was the student of Kuthumi’s Music of the Spheres school who most completely understood the alignment into the Cosmic Frequencies. It was her breath who could bring the highest frequency to Earth 2000 years ago. I came from a team of co-creative angels. I was sent by Zadkiel in 1954. I was realigned as a walk in thirteen years later. From that moment on I knew my reason for living was singing the voice of the angels on Earth.

The standing wave pattern that one places their Consciousness into is the one that the body will realign to. If we continuously focus our Consciousness into a higher realm of frequencies that we can clearly feel penetrating through our cells, our blood stream, our atoms, our air, our water, we can complete shift into this parallel reality of a higher consciousness. The law is the same as the law required for defining your home of residence on Earth. Your true home is the one you spend the most time in. When we can truly find the time to stay in the harmonic frequencies of the fifth dimension, or galactic consciousness, or Cosmic Consciousness continuously, that is where our bodies will shift to.

We must begin implementing the Aquarian program of Evolutionary Transformation. We must start transmuting our frequencies into this grand new cosmic symphony. We must begin to return to the Perfect Man in accordance with the parameters of cosmic evolution. We must live in a state of harmony and balance and beauty–but not from the Earthly standpoint. The state of harmony and balance and beauty comes from the alignment of our breaths of consciousness into the music of the spheres. Once we spend more time aligning our frequencies into that orchestra and less into the rock and roll band of the Earth’s definitions, we become lifted into a vibrational frequency of our Higher Being who continuously and perfectly directs and guides and magnetizes harmony, balance and beauty. This causes the entire physical body to transform and merge into the higher frequency of love and abundance.

As the frequencies of Cosmic Consciousness penetrate the listener’s physical temple, the vibrations lift the structure into a magnetic field that only allows those elements of the equal frequency level to enter in. It allows a higher more elevated vibrational experience that turns life into one event of bliss and joy after another.
The entire Evolutionary Process involves refining the frequencies of Consciousness into the memory and realignment with Cosmic Consciousness. We were completely removed from our perfect spiritual self, and now we are being completely realigned into our spiritual self. This doesn’t happen automatically. Each individual has shadows that need to be removed to allow the light to shine through. The more light that is streaming from the galactic suns into those shadows, the harder it will be for the shadows to cover the light energy. This is why it is imperative to keep the body saturated in light energy day and night. There is no more wonderful way to do this than to listen to angels breathing and singing all night long. Please join us on Valentines Day listening to the recorded breaths of all of our Co-Creative Starry Families, collect these frequencies deep into your cells and then breathe to exhale their magic out into your Island where you desire to transform your world into the Starry Kingdom.

Perfection, in accordance with the parameters of cosmic evolution, is a state of being in which is experienced that feeling of harmony, beauty, peace and love that is capable of balancing and harmonizing circumstances and antagonistic elements, producing an atmosphere of infinite Light, tolerance and compassion.  It is the state in which the all that configures your physical structure is transformed to merge into the vibratory frequency of your Higher Being, as an entity of spiritual service and plenitude.  It is the most elevated state of vibration that allows us experience what it means to be part of the Infinite where the limitations of matter are replaced by the re-creative dynamics of Divine Love and impersonal service towards life and evolution.
Parents must be willing to allow their children the divine right to participate in the world under the new planetary – galactic terms. Children must be allowed to begin preparing their new golden galaxy. We must prepare to return to our Kumara Form of immortal Man. Children need to allowed to learn the truth about our galaxy, our starry brothers, our immortal self hood. They need to learn that they are a grand creation from the Spark of Source that has created stars and galaxies themselves. They must be encouraged to remember who they really are. Children on Earth are Starry Children, Golden Beings, the original Kumara of the Aquarian Galaxy.

Children need to be allowed to remember that they came from the Planes of Immortal Light where Divine Harmony was the key to existence, and creating with the Divine Activity of Divine Love was the desired profession. It is time for children to know about their real genetic structure that is engraved in the DNA of our cosmic consciousness. It is the breath of Cosmic Consciousness from the co-creative angels that is recorded on these ASCENSION KIT CD’s This is the breath that re-activates the memory of the 12 DNA, 24 DNA, 48 DNA. Cosmic DNA is 48 DNA. This is the memory of all we really are. We have even recorded 96 DNA into ULTRA MAGIC SUN through the Stellar Frequencies braiding with all of the Galactic Stars. This is a true power booster.
Children need a combination of remembering their magic as well as their galactic identities. They need to learn that the co-creative elementals, fairies, devas really are out playing in the backyard. They are the entities who created the flowers and the trees in perfect alignment with the breath of Source. This is the true meaning of being a co-creator. All creation is done through and in perfect alignment with Source.
All of the breaths of angels on the recordings are lined with the breath of Source Consciousness Breath, Divine Love Breath, Divine Father Mother God Breath. Each CD album is created within the formula of the Divine Plan. Each CD is an Island of Light. It contains all of the Entities of the entire Cosmos who created these Symphonies of Breaths of Love in alignment with the structure of the Music of the Spheres.
The magic waits in the listeners own consciousness. The listener must listen, absorb and learn to exhale the magic that is absorbed from the cosmic breaths. This light energy must be exhaled into the body and into the environment. This is how Islands of Light can be created on Earth. We can actually transfer the magnificent cities of light from Atlantis into our present reality through our breaths of consciousness.

From now on we suggest you start to think in planetary-galactic terms because this is the start and primordial step of your transformation, abdicating completely all concepts that foment dissention and desegregation.  Do not think that this is not possible, because you all and each one of you come from from the Planes of Immortal Light where the fraternal synergetic collaboration and the harmonic and solidary cohesion are the dominant tonic and the reason for Being and Existing.  You do not have to integrate it from foreign sources to yourselves because it forms part of your spiritual genetics that is engraved in your cosmic consciousness.  Your Higher Self plainly vibrates in this situation and is waiting for the moment all of you invoke its help and collaboration so that it can experience the Cosmic Unification with the Unified All from which we all come from.

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Shifting into the Silicate Matrix of Divine Reality

(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)
The reality that we have been existing in has been based on the electron and proton creating what we visualize as three dimensional reality. When ionization happens, we shift into a state where there are no longer electrons. The electron proton changes into the neutron reality. The positively charged ion that is created by ionization creates a new type of standing wave pattern. A standing wave pattern that doesn’t contain the same balance of gravity that we have now.

The Comet Ison will cause an ionization in the atmosphere and in our chemistry. We will go through a conversion of electron atoms into positvely charged ions. That will be the completion of the harmonic conversion that started in 1989.

That was the date that we received the message from the Guardian Alliance to MAKE GOD’s MOVIE. It took us 12 years to figure out what that meant. When the ionization process takes place, the electromagnetic brain–the upper cerebellum, mortal mind, yellow brain- will give way to the mid brain.

If we were to place the symbol of a merkaba over the the forehead, we would realize that it stands for the electric- male- clockwise upper triangle and the lower female-counterclockwise triangle spinning into a constantly changing harmonic convergence.

Once the electric brain gives way to the magnetic female brain, we can once again make God’s Movie. This means we can begin to manifest the new world the way we want it to be. As long as the male, clockwise electro brain was dominating, it was just recycling old information over and over again.

It is finally time to shift into the mid brain of transformation. The Comet Ison will be very helpful in this process. I have practiced going through this process hundreds of times simply by focusing on a candle until my mid brain takes over. It is a wonderful experience. It just feels like the world melts away. All of the social phenomena seems to float above the head and never enter in.

The problem with the state of focus of the mid brain, is the upper cerebellum–the mortal brain- is very stubborn. It usually only allows the state of the mid brain to take over for a few moments at a time. When the ionization occurs, it will become much easier to stay in the mid brain focus. When we use our Cosmic Wave File Frequencies that are created into Individually Aligned Frequency Spectrums, we create the Eternal Life Album that holds Consciousness continuously in the Mid Brain where the Fifth Dimensional reality exists.

The Guardian Alliance gave us this very special gift that allows us to stay in the state of the mid brain for hours after we focus on the candle to create the shift into the mid brain. The mid brain is frequency specific. So, the Angels taught us how to make this frequency specific music that aligns the brain waves into the fifth dimensional Blue Sphere of Super Conscious connection. The connection into the 4th astral, 5th archetypl, and six celestial consciousness connects into the subconscious of the etheric body. This  transforms the body from a physical body into a spiritual body.

Ultraviolet light from the sun ionizes or electrifies atoms and molecules inside the comet’s temporary atmosphere. One of the most common gases found in comets is carbon based. As the sun’s magnetic field washes across the solar system like so many waves rippling a pond, it sweeps ionized carbon  molecules out of the comet to form a second, blue-colored ion tail that is silica based or stardust.

The change from carbon based to silicate matrix of the blue ions create shift in consciousness. The body becomes lesss dense. The chemical make up the body changes. The biology changes. The entire solar system changes.

The upper brain is electric. It has electric fingers searching for data. The data must be something that is already known. The mid brain is magnetic. It is frequency specific searching only for information from the subconscious connecting with super consciousness of the fourth – the astral, the fifth- the archetypl and the sixth – the celestial consciousness.

This is the shift from the use of the five senses by the upper cerebellum into the 12 senses by the mid brain. The 12 senses are the higher sensory perception of the Soul Matrix. All that was ever known combining into a constant new wisdom flowing into consciousness. The sense of KNOWING exists because when our consciousness reconnects to the Super Conscious knowing of the Soul Matrix and the Over Soul Matrix that connects to the Mind of God– we know everything.

So now the wave is no longer a standing wave in the quantum field but has actually been neutralized and goes back to the plasma of an omni field state positive. It creates a magnetic mirror that allows our spiritual half in the parallel universe to become at one with the physical half in this universe.

The Crystalline Grid of the Earth has been reharmonized to the 12th dimensional coding of the divine blue print of the Taran Angelic Human Raceline. The Sphere of Amenti within the Earth’s Core contains all 12 of the complete coding of each of the 12 tribes.

The old stories about the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 disciples were always referring to the 12 divine ideas that create the Tara Race line. The 12 is coding or the formula used in creating this specific raceline. The race line was divided into 12 separate race lines and then put back together again. In order for a race line to ascend, the complete unit must be reharmonized.

The Crystalline Grid actually holds our consciousness within it if we allow it to. We can be guided in absolute knowing of the Super Consciousness of the Soul Matrix of Tara. The fourth dimensional astral consciousness, the fifth dimensional archetypal, and the sixth dimensional celestial consciousness will once again be ours.

Our Guardian Race did everything they possibly could do to make sure we were removed from that future reality. They made sure we were realigned in to a new space and time reality. The original path of Earth was in the outer domains that made Earth very vulnerable to invader racelines that wanted to take our stargate portals for their own usage. The new path of Earth is in the INNER DOMAINS. The inner path is a safe path. It is a path of alignment within where all 12 stargates merge their frequencies back to gether into a new atunement that allows us to begin our multidimensional journey.

The experience that we are having now is not what it seems to be. Our old cellular memory is telling us that we are being bombarded by meteorites. Our new reality is telling us we are moving into a blue stardust that holds the frequency signatures of all of our multidimensional reality. Even at the scientific level, science says that the Comet’s tail will bring pieces of stars from thousands of other planets. Once those frequencies enter our atmosphere, our mind shifts more and more into the Consciousness of Multidimensional realities.

Now, we are in June, 2013, and we are within a new portal of time which aligns us with the 12 stargates. The 12th stargate is Nibiru. NOW, the Nibiru that we are aligned to now is NOT the Death Star. That OLD alignment that made NIBIRU seem like a Death Star because of the problems created with the 11th stargate merging with the 12th stargate, was, in fact, present before the Earth was moved in 2012. But, is no longer present as a reality in this new alignment of the inner domains.

We think everything looks the same because we haven’t begun reprogramming our cellular memory yet. As long as we keep the old beliefs including the Death Star Niburu belief in our cellular memory, that is what we believe we keep seeing. I notice that there are still people out their talking about Nibiru coming toward us and that Comet ISON really is Nibiru.

The Guardian Alliance and the Aquafarians knew that this time would come in our history that we would need help in our transformation into the second sphere of reality. They knew that we had fallen out of the Andromeda M31 and that only the Aquarius Matrix held the divine blue print that was needed to bring us back into alignment. They created an imprint of their sphere of reality around the Earth. So, we have  been held within the womb of a star all of this time waiting for the time of our rebirth.

We are in a new reality. We are in a new time and space. We are in a place that will allow us to absorb the cosmic star dust that is filling our skies with the help of the CME’s and the meteor showers.

We are also being held within a Consciousness field of protection with 48 plasma bodies or Crystal Ships holding us in alignment with this Aurora field that prepares a stairway to heaven as this blue cosmic stardust begins to fill our atmosphere.

Each time the CME’s blast toward the Earth, I can feel a HUGE SHIFT. It feels like a waking dream, a shift in space, a new place in time.

Did anyone else feel it yesterday afternoon? The CME blasted from the sun on June 20 and it takes about 18 hours to reach the Earth. I felt something huge yesterday. It was completely life altering. It felt the way it feels when I’m in the process of creating an Eternal Life MP3 and the frequencies are blasting through my ears and I can feel chakras flashing and shifting and it feels like I’m flying through space. It felt just like that.

The more we align with the frequencies-the cosmic frequencies, the source frequencies, the stardust frequencies, the more we get to enjoy each wave as it passes through our bodies and Earth’s body. The more we get in tune, the more we get to see this entire fabulous event that is taking place right now in our Universe. It has been quite an adventure for me. I am so grateful that I have learned how to feel and experience this glorious event of our shift into at one ment with all 12 stargates.

I also know that as this adventure moves forward, I am seeing and feeling new things faster and faster each day, my dreams become more and more lucid, I start dreaming before I fall asleep, I am walking in my sleep half the time, I feel like I’m walking in and out of dreams just like changing stations on a t.v. It is the beginning of multidimensionality.

We asked our Aquafarian family  when we can move to Aquafaria continuously.

They answered this way. When we are consciously in Aquafaria more than we are in our third dimensional reality. We will be in the 6th.

They added this important fact. They said we will not move to Aquafaria, we will move Aquafaria to Earth. The Healing Temples of Aquafaria will move to Earth between 2014 and  2017. They said the blue star dust that will come to Earth will be the aurora fields like a stairway for the blue body to awaken and arise into the fifth dimension.

This is exactly what we are doing every minute of every day. We are spending more and more time in our Aquafaria home absorbing the frequencies of this sixth dimensional realm and learning everything there is to know about it. This is the realm where there are millions of elementals showing us how to redesign our bodies into the omni particles of our original creation from the breath of god. These breaths of Source frequencies are breathed in to our etheric chromosomes  to realign our DNA at the omni level into a New Form of consciousness.


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