THE CREATOR WRITINGS – ONE HORIZON – via Jennifer Farley – by Open Hearted Rebel – 5-2-18

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via Jennifer Farley, The Creator Writings

You are being invited to take a few moments of your day and ponder this; you may imagine yourself wander through your existence, doing what you normally do and not fully understanding the impact you have on the lives around you.

A smile here, a nod there, a kind word given at just the right time may, indeed, save a life.  Profound, is it not?  When you have a conscious awareness of the impact you have on those around you, your thinking (and feelings) will begin to take a different shape.  A softer, more understanding you will emerge.

If you feel as if you are one of the ‘lonely ones’ that seems to be invisible, remember to look for those sweet, subtle signs that there are humans who care…care about you and the direction you are traveling.  Remember, dearest ones, you are on the shape ship sailing toward the same horizon.  It is time for inclusion and togetherness, embrace the connection! ~ Creator


Alexandra Meador



Hey There Fellow Galactarians! 

Update for February 26, 2018


I would really like to give everyone a heads up regarding some energy changes that have taken place on the planet.

As of five days ago, a “filtering system” implemented by extraterrestrial forces was removed by The Creator. These supposed friendly ET’s were claiming they were doing us a favor by filtering the spectacular energies Creator has been releasing into the contained space of this matrix. If these energies had been allowed to stream in as originally intended, all of us would have been gradually bathed with this upliftment over the course of many years WITHOUT RESTRAINT. Now that the “filtering system” has be removed, you may be noticing a tremendous layering of peace from this Opening of Light. You might also be noticing an intense ramping up of health issues as these pure light frequencies climb.

Please note the reference to friendly ET’s. It would be well worth the time to contemplate why another group of beings claiming to be our allies has made this decision FOR US! It is not something that I would have agreed to. How ‘bout you? Friendlies are not always what they appear to be….

With this influx of energies, many have contacted me with accelerated and ramped up health issues. I am seeing a similar theme among most, where unresolved physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues are really rearing their “ugly heads.” I would like to remind everyone that this is not a time to get panicky or even desperate. This is a time to face this “stuff” HEAD ON so these issues can once and for all be addressed. What manifests in the physical is always inclusive with what has or had occurred within our psyches in past lives, including emotional, mental and spiritual trauma. The days of denial, resistance, and unaccountability are coming to an end folks!

What do I mean by this? Well whatever our patterns are in this life, whether it is anxiety, sleeplessness, anger, heart disease, urinary track infections, diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, depression, chronic fatigue, etc. etc. etc., all chronic health and emotional issues are part of a time loop. You have experienced these challenges over and over and over again in most your other lifetimes with just a different version of the same problem(s).

Remember how long we have been in this virtual reality game:



The reason health issues may be revealing themselves with a gusto now is because the point of origin to these issues was never reached and the abundance of light is shining a light on them for us to see and notice. Or you may have chosen to ignore them for millenniums…and now unrestrained Light Frequencies from the Creator are reaching us at record levels. With more light, darkness can no longer remain hidden, even within ourselves.

This is a perfect example of why I continue to state that now is not a time for making great alterations in your life on the physical plane, such as taking on new moves, new homes, new marriages, new anything! This is a time to go within, spend time with yourself, face your pain, sorrow, rage, illness, and suffering. It is clearly a time to make the connection between your health and whatever is broken within your heart and mind! If you desire to make changes on the physical plane, ask yourself where you can catalyze a gratitude attitude for all of this coming to an end and find some fresh new perspectives in these final moments within The Game!

MASSIVE shifts and victories have occurred within the last 5 days that continue to accelerate the actual date of our homecoming and when we will be leaving this virtual reality! Plans have been expedited for our arrival so use this time wisely! 

I am attaching links to some of the specific formulas I created with Creator for these final moments here on Planet Earth if you are interested. Whatever you choose to do right now, ASK THE CREATOR to help you release any resistance you may have as you prepare for your next journey.

And don’t forget to state daily the following proclamation:


Sending you love from my heart to yours,

Alexandra Silby Meadors


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Hey everyone.  This post refers to a quote that I learned to type (yes, on a typewriter)
with.  It may or not be familiar to you, but it is one of those things I have had no reason to think about for lots of years. I was woken up in the early hours of this morning with it going through my mind.  I did not get up then.

The following conversation happened a few hours later…

February 13, 2018

I am looking to connect with the being who woke me last night. When I awoke, this was going through my head: “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country”.  Is this being available?

It is I.   It is One.

Hello & thank you. What are these things you want to say?

These things concern all beings.  Most of them, for this transmission, living in the
country you occupy, the United States of America.

Okay. There is a mix of people who will read these words.

It is okay. This entire planet and race is in need of assistance from within. The infiltration into the ranks of humanity runs deep.  The various coalitions of organized law enforcement are working to take care of physical arrests.  This is not the job of most humans, but certainly for some.

The job I am here to talk about, and the reason for your waking realization of that phrase, “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country”, is one of raising awareness. You must all come out of your respective closets, regardless of how long you’ve been in there or how large your audience may be.

It is no longer helpful to sit on the sidelines and watch the unfolding.  You are here,
in fact if you are reading this, you came here to roll up your sleeves and unfold
some of this massive covering that shields your people from the truth.

Most of your audience understands social media. This is a tool which can now be utilized. More voices, more songs, more art, more poetry, more words – spread the truth as you have discovered it to be.

The stage is set for a mass awakening and disclosure.

The shock will be eased for those unaware if they have access to their places on the
internet that now expose them to the truth, to something other than the story fed to
them these many years.

It is time to come out of the closet. This means in your social groups. In random

Know this – there is no part of your current main stream society narrative that is not
touched by this. The depth and breadth of this goes deeper than even you have imagined Sophia. Your tears are shed for it all now.  Imagine getting this story over days, maybe hours, instead of years, as you did. The shock and feelings of loss will be/could be catastrophic. It doesn’t have to be though. It can become a coming together.

A re-claiming of your own power and sovereignty; an igniting of passion.

Humanity is stubborn and determined, independent and loyal. You’ve chosen this course. It is the course that allows for help, yet not takeover and instruction by outside forces.

You’ve chosen to get this done yourselves, thank you very much.

It is one of the reasons you are considered, along with the earth, a jewel. Your light is
strong, individual and deeply provocative.

The saying I chose to woke you up with evokes memories for you. I wanted to inspire a sense of duty.

For this time right now is one of the reasons you came.  Not meaning for you to aid
your country as in join the military forces, but aid your country’s people from the place you stand right now.

All the information you can share with your loved ones, friends and associates
needs to be shared.  They will soon see a replica of it on their evening news.

Share it with love and compassion. You are One people. In truth, the saying should read “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their people”.

This is what I woke you to say.

Okay, thank you.

Thank you. Goodbye Sophia.

So, I’ve been inspired to begin a free daily “love note” delivered to your box.  It starts on  Valentines Day, 2.14.18, but you can join anytime.  You can find the link to join on the home page of my website – (click here) The love note will be in the subject line, less than 70 characters long!  No need to click to get the love!  Feels like we are all going to need some surplus love to hang on to in the coming days and weeks… Join us!  I began these  love notes before I heard from One this morning… seems as if we are heading for some intense moments.

Take care of yourself.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With gratitude, Sophia

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This is one of my favorite videos… from 5 years ago, it still rings true ~

THE CREATOR – Creation In Progress – 2-15-18



Many of you are noticing massive changes in your lives.  It is as if timelines are collapsing into one another.  Things you did not believe possible are happening and you may be experiencing things you know you have gone through before.  Please do not be alarmed at this “condensing of space”.  Just like a super-nova, new things are being created every moment.  What, at first, appears to be destructive will open pathways, ways of thinking and amazing opportunities you never knew could exist.  Embrace this shift and know The Universe always works with you in the highest and best way. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings


Originally posted on The Creator Writings: Most of you think that your beauty will emerge when something magnificent happens. Your beauty will emerge of you release weight or become wealthy or find the right partner. There, in the back of your mind, is a little voice that always says you are beautiful regardless of what you…

via Beautiful — Illuminations Now!!

In silence the Creator works – Purplerays – 5-4-17

“Have you ever heard the sun come out in the morning? Did you hear the moon come out last night? We have been taught that power is loud, forceful, aggressive, and somewhat intimidating. It is not. In silence the Creator works.” ~ Iyanla Vanzant Text & image credit: Iyanla Vanzant

via In silence the Creator works. — Purplerays

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL via Ronna Herman – You Are the Inbreath of the Creator

You Are the Inbreath of the Creator


Channeled by Ronna Herman

Ronna Herman, , Star Quest,  All Rights Reserved, 775-856-3654 • * 6005 Clear Creek Drive • Reno, NV 89502, USA.


Beloved masters, for many years, we of the higher realms have been speaking of an accelerated global shift of consciousness beginning in your year 2003. In preparation for this Divine event, we began to activate the DIAMOND CORE GOD CELL within your heart center in February, 2003. This core Seed Atom strengthens and solidifies your connection with your Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator as you strive to integrate more and more of the multidimensional facets of your Divine Self. As we have told you, the Creator is now taking an active part in the evolutionary process of your universe and is sending down from ITS Heart Center an infusion of pure Divine Essence.

You have often heard of the Outbreath and Inbreath of Creation. The Outbreath occurred when the Supreme Creator sent forth out into the great void all the myriad Sparks of Divine Consciousness with the command to manifest and create new worlds and realities without end. Over the many aeons of time, you have refracted, separated and diminished yourselves outward and downward into your present state of Being. You have devolved to the furthermost limits and now it is time to retrace your journey, back into the realms of Light.

There have been some misconceptions about the Inbreath, and the popular belief has been that the Creator will “Breath In” all that has been created. This is not true. The Creator is sending forth ITS radiance to incorporate all the magnificence that has ever been created. Beloved ones, you are the INBREATH. You will breathe in the Essence of the Creator as you ready your human vessel to receive more and more refined Light and the rarified vibrational frequencies of the higher realms. You, in your human vessel, will incorporate the Essence of the Creator that is flowing down onto the Earth plane.

It has been said by many, “You dwell within the Creator and the Creator dwells within you,” and during these unprecedented times, you are being gifted with as much Creator Light as you can contain. All you have to do is give your Higher Self permission to begin this life-expanding infusion and then radiate the gift of Creator Light out into the world and to all those around you.

There is much excitement about the rare galactic alignment about to occur which will be activated by the lunar eclipse on November 8, 2003. This event has been named the HARMONIC CONCORDANCE and will have far-reaching positive consequences for humanity and the Earth. This alignment will be activated by the lunar eclipse on November 8th, and will open a multidimensional portal from the Divine Consciousness to your galaxy, solar system and planet. The power and momentum of this rarified energy will build until the solar eclipse on November 23rd, however the effects of this rarified energy infusion will last for time immeasurable, and it will accelerate the Ascension/evolution process for all of your galaxy.

In order to begin the process of reunification, you have had to acknowledge and accept your shadow side as well as the fragments of yourselves you have created down through the ages. Many of you began the process of releasing your old belief systems in 1988, which in turn activated the transformation of your four lower body systems, making ready for the great Light infusions to come.


In 1994, your bodily transformation took a giant leap and has been accelerating exponentially ever since. It has taken eight years, from 1994 to 2002, for you to begin to fully experience the opening of number eight or INFINITY GATEWAY in your solar system and galaxy. This corresponds to the opening of the soul star within your body. The soul star is a light aqua blue in color.


Many of you have felt pain in the area just above your hearts (often called the high heart or thymus area) over the past few years. This pain is because that area is bursting into Light and the thymus gland is becoming active once more, which will assist you in the “youthing process,” as you harmonize the energies within your physical vessel. It is apparent that many of you have almost totally blended with your shadow self, adding lightness and brightness within, which means there is now a tremendous opportunity to manifest love and Light on Earth.


Your Sun is the Light of this solar system and it has also been going through many changes. It is increasing in Light, just like you are. You have Light switches in your bodies, and all you have to do is ask to have them turned on. You are moving from carbon-based entities to silica-based entities. Silica is crystal and holds the Light of the rainbow. When all twelve strands of your DNA are activated, you will be able to manifest all twelve colors of Creator Light in a harmonious way, and you will be well on your way to becoming multidimensional Beings.

We offer you a variety of higher truths to assist you in your evolutionary process during these unprecedented times. Some have been given previously, but they are important enough to repeat. We suggest that you focus on each concept for at least a day. Ingrain it firmly in your consciousness until it becomes a part of your everyday reality.

1. Self-mastery is a state of becoming. Mastery is a never-ending process as you learn to integrate more and more of the virtues and attributes of our Father/Mother God. It takes constant vigilance and practice, but the rewards are immeasurable.

2. Be aware that there is energy potential all around you and it radiates as an Infinity sign from you: above, below, in front and in back. What you are thinking and feeling creates a vibrational pattern, and it radiates out from you and magnetizes to you energies, situations or people who are in harmony with that vibrational resonance or pattern. Change your thoughts and the vibrational energy you project and you will change your world.

3. Remember why you are on Earth. Remember that you are an extension or a facet of the Creator. Embrace the excitement of your new reality as you create greater and greater harmony in your world. Become a practical mystic, enjoying all the beauty and bounty the Earth plane has to offer, while also enjoying the beauty, wonder and magic of the higher realms.

4. You have a star tetrahedron and rotating fields around you which are increasing in strength and magnitude as you build and strengthen the rainbow bridge or the crystalline column of Light that connects you to your Divine Self or I AM Presence. That column of Light has diminished to a thin thread in many humans, feeding them barely enough life force energy to keep them alive. As you clear the distortions, you will receive greater and greater amounts of Creator Light and you will also re-establish your interactive relationship with the multifaceted parts of your greater self.

5. Light, sound and color are the modalities of healing and expanding your consciousness and your reality. You are remembering and you are learning to use some of the major tools of mastery that are a part of your Divinity and birthright. Toning and learning to use sacred harmonics will help cure many of the symptoms of distress or illness that you are experiencing, for it brings your DNA, etheric, emotional and mental bodies back into harmony.

6. YOU DON’T “GET RICH.” You allow the riches of life to flow to and through you. The universe is always trying to shower abundance on you, abundance in its many forms. Abundance is always there for the taking, but you have set up barriers that keep it out of your reach. Abundance is a state of mind. You must open your mind, heart and arms to receive abundance: abundance of health, love, joy, creativity and peace. You must learn to live and love freely; to enjoy the journey of life. The old way of thinking is that you must struggle and work hard to create that which you desire. When you learn to tap into the universal flow of abundance, life becomes a dance and you enjoy any and everything you do.

7. Love is a natural state of Being. Love is a natural, inborn condition. When love is the radiating force in your life, fear disappears. Fear is created by the absence of love. Fear is only a state of mind. When you turn inward and tap into the wellspring of love within your heart core, it first fills your inner being and then radiates out into the world. You begin to see through “eyes filtered with love,” and it changes how you view the people in your life and everything that happens. An overlay of loving energy creates miracles.

8. There are living libraries of knowledge stored at every level of existence throughout this many-faceted universe, and you are beginning to tap into these wondrous storehouses of higher wisdom. There are recording angels or celestial recorders who keep a record of every thought, action and event that has ever taken place or ever will take place. As you heal, cure and transmute the old, painful, negative thought forms of the past, the cosmic records are altered and memories of the trials and lessons you have experienced are wiped out. All that will be left are the records of your successful experiences, the joy of the journey, and the wisdom you have to share about your sojourns throughout the multi-dimensions of Creation.

9. There will always be millions of mysteries on your journey throughout the cosmos that will entice you to seek a solution. We delight in your attempts to understand the workings of the universe.

10. Worship should not be reserved for one designated day of the week, it should be a state of heightened consciousness which overlights your total being, and the focal point of your reality. It is your highest privilege and first duty to maintain a worshipful attitude each and every moment of your existence. Strive to develop a constant, joyous and intimate relationship with the Creator. When you tap into the elixir of life, it becomes an all-encompassing passion which leads to heightened self-discipline, strong moral beliefs and spiritual aspirations. You will have no difficulty in learning patience, fortitude and tolerance, and you will strive to live a life of service. Divine wisdom and cosmic insight are rewards of a sincere seeker of spiritual truth. Live your truth as it has been and will be revealed to you. You will live in an aura of peace personified and sublime love.

11. True spirituality does not demand particular rituals or rigid beliefs, it is a mode of living your highest truth with wholehearted devotion. You are to seek a blending of your highest intellectual, emotional and spiritual reality.

12. Seek to use your Divine imagination: be enthusiastic but also be practical, be courageous but not reckless. Maintain a confident attitude as you delve into the unknown and seek to manifest the visions given to you in your sojourns into the higher realms of existence. When you make the highest moral choices, your soul is infused with the ecstasy of Divine love. If you aspire to align your will with that of our Father/Mother God, you become a partner, a cocreator of the multiple time/space worlds of existence. 13. You are a spark of the Divine, and you should honor and place high value upon yourself and others. You are dishonoring the Creator when you do not. You should always seek liberty and truth for yourself and for others as well.

13. The resurrection process for humanity has been a long evolutionary struggle to attain a balanced state of Being in order to allow Spirit to descend and take dominion of the physical vessel. Resurrection is returning to your original magnificence by embodying all your Divine Light and attributes. Evolution is purposeful, not accidental.

14. Each of you has the ability to contribute something personal and unique to the Divine Blueprint now being designed for the future of humanity and the Earth. You have been given an extraordinary gift by the Creator, the Divine privilege of participating in the creation of your own destiny. Each of you has the potential of becoming a glorified mortal. You are becoming spirit-infused mortals which assures your immortal status. You are multifaceted and have consciousness on many more levels than you can comprehend at this time. You are an immortal soul with a mortal mind and body. You are in a process of soul expansion and Light infusion.

15. There is cosmic time that is fluid and malleable, and mortal time that is linear, structured and event-oriented. You are learning to live as spiritual mortals who can access the fluidity and magnificence of the cosmos. There are schools of cosmic philosophy where you have studied, and which you can tap into once again as you gain the ability to traverse the higher realms of expression. There are Destiny Guardians to guide you and show you the way. Ask for their assistance and they will be your devoted servants. The Beings of Light represent many differing viewpoints and have had many diverse personal experiences, just as mortals have.

Remember, as you and the Earth return to balance in the STILL POINT of perfected harmony, polarity consciousness will no longer be able to dance and weave between the Light and the shadows. There will be no need for conflict, separation or anything which will hinder you in perfecting your mastership and creating that which will bring peace, prosperity and great joy for all. It is surely being brought into your awareness that the Light is becoming more predominant in certain people and areas, as the shadows and negativity are becoming more pronounced and chaotic in other areas. This is because a separation is taking place, both within each of you and all around you. It is decision time for all of you. Are you ready to manifest love and Light?

There is a world of Light superimposed over the world of darkness and all you have to do is reach for the Light. Although it may seem very dark on Earth right now, remember that you create your own reality, and you have a choice as to what you choose to manifest. It’s always darkest before the dawn, and we are at the dawn of a marvelous new Creation. Why not reach for the Light and create a new reality of peace, love, abundance and joy? We rejoice with you, and we welcome your return to the “LIGHTNESS” of our reality. You are loved most profoundly. I AM Archangel Michael and I bring you these truths.


Energy Intelligence of First Source Creator ~ Elizabeth Trutwin ~ 28 February 2017 – via The Earth Plan

Source: Elizabeth Trutwin – Every human body is animated by the energy-intelligence of First Source. Creator. This is the spark of life from the unchangeable First Source which allows each consciousness to be aware of their life on Earth while at the same time carrying on a multidimensional existence which goes back to Source. The Creator is that…

via Energy Intelligence of First Source Creator ~ Elizabeth Trutwin ~ 28 February 2017 — The Earth Plan

Natalie Glasson, OMNA – Guidance from the Universe of the Creator, by the Fairy Kingdom – 4-22-16

Natalie Glasson

Natalie Glasson, OMNA   –   Guidance from the Universe of the Creator, 

by the Fairy Kingdom   –   4-22-16



The universe of the Creator is vast akin to an ocean and yet it is beyond the limitations of an ocean. Both have the freedom to move, expand and express themselves beautifully. While the waves of the ocean crash against the shore, the universe of the Creator is composed of rhythmic waves. The rhythmic waves of the universe create the energetic body of the universe while expressing its constant transition phases. While the waves of the universe are rhythmic they cannot be predicted creating unique energy expressions. Blossoming of light and energy erupts in beautiful rhythmic patterns of colour and sacred geometry throughout the entire universe of the Creator.


To witness such a display is to witness the Creator in action. When an eruption of light and colour occurs it is a calming and vibrational uplifting process which inspires a similar eruption of light from within the witness. In that moment the Creator is speaking, sending a direct message of inspirational truth, connecting with all who are observing. Eruptions of light cannot be timed within the universe of the Creator as they are unique. The universe of the Creator exists within and around all beings whether they are on the Earth or the inner planes. On the inner planes it is far easier to recognise the constant vibration of the universe of the Creator like a blanket of light embracing you completely, holding wisdom and understanding of all levels of the Creator. However, the universe of the Creator exists within and around you when you exist upon the Earth and communicates with you constantly, often without your awareness.

The beautiful eruptions of light are created because the Creator is constantly and lovingly observing you and all who inhabit the universe of the Creator; the expanse of all that is the Creator. This observation creates unique blossoming of truth, love and guidance in response to you. Some souls say that it is akin to a vision of guidance which appears before them, other souls say it is like a clearing to receive clarity within their beings. Many souls experience an enhanced connection of unity with the Creator which at that moment creates a transformation within their beings. Some souls say that the eruptions from the universe of the Creator are simply the Creator reflecting the transformational shifts occurring within the soul or souls who are observing the expression. We the Fairy Kingdom believe that all of these understandings are true. Each soul has a unique expression and witnesses a unique expression from the Creator.

For those upon the inner planes this is an everyday occurrence while for those upon the Earth it may seem unreal that the Creator’s universe, which is all that is the Creator is in constant observation and communication with you, creating expressions to support you along your spiritual pathway. However, it is the truth, not only are your guides constantly observing and communicating with you, the universe of the Creator which is akin to a large ocean and the fabric of life is also supporting you. If you are unaware or unconscious of the presence of the universe of the Creator around and also flowing through you then it is most likely that you will be oblivious to the eruptions of light which occur before you and within you inspiring your inner light to grow expansively. When you begin to become conscious and aware of the universe of the Creator, connecting into this energy daily you begin to recognise with greater understanding and knowingness the current of the universe of the Creator moving through you and your reality. The current of the universe of the Creator can also be recognised as life force energy. With this understanding we understand that the many levels of the Creator’s universe are present within your breath and can be activated and experienced further through your breathing. While the universe of the Creator seeps into your being and from your being, it is your breathing which creates a conscious connection between your soul and all that is the Creator’s universe while you are in human form. This signifies that the Creator’s eruptions of light can occur in your surrounding areas, upon your breath and within your being, even simultaneously.

We, the Fairy Kingdom wish to encourage you to be observant of and connect into the energies, consciousness, light and vibrations of the universe of the Creator. While being consciously aware of your breathing, we invite you to state each affirmation on one breath. Begin by inhaling and internally state the first affirmation on your exhalation. Then internally state the second affirmation of on your inhalation, with the third on your exhalation. Begin the cycle again with an inhalation, then internally state the first affirmation on the exhalation. Continue with the practice.

‘I am one with the universe of the Creator,

I observe the universe of the Creator,

The universe of the Creator communicates truth to me.’

We encourage you to experience this practice until you feel yourself shifting into an expansive and peaceful consciousness where you are focusing within and maybe even focusing beyond your physical body. We then invite you to complete the cycle of united affirmations and breathing allowing yourself to return to a natural breathing pattern.Guidance from the Universe of the Creator by the Fairy Kingdom

Let yourself be conscious, alter and aware of the universe of the Creator as an energy vibration and light which surrounds you completely and flows through you. Through this awareness you may come to recognise that you are one with the universe of the Creator. Please be aware of any colours, sensations and inspiration which may form as you consciously connect with the universe of the Creator.

Please affirm three time out loud: ‘I am consciously connected with the universe of the Creator.’

Simply take time to be observant of the universe of the Creator within and around you. Visions may dawn, light explosions of colours, clarity, sensations, guidance or a unique experience to you. The Creator is waiting to speak with you, to share a message, respond to you and to reflect the truth which exists within your being. It is as if the Creator is communicating with you through the fabric of all the dimensions, through light frequencies and levels of energy creating a unique expression to support you. Remember the universe of the Creator is composed of all aspects of the Creator such as Ascended Masters, Goddess Beings, Star Beings and so forth. When the universe of the Creator responds to you it is all aspects of the Creator and all the consciousness they hold communicating as one with you. It is not only the core of the Creator; it is everything that the Creator is existing in unison at that moment. It is a very powerful process to experience all aspects of the Creator existing in unison and being completely present with you at that moment to support and serve you.

The energy, wisdom and consciousness of the universe of the Creator is immensely powerful because of its expansiveness. This means that any healing you receive is expansive, any guidance you receive is expansive and any alignment you receive will be expansive. The experience itself will create that which you wish expansively and beyond limitations of any form while also promoting a deeper connection with the expansive Creator energy which naturally exists within your being.

Even with your simple awareness of and focus upon the presence of the Creator’s universe around and flowing through you, you will be able to access the richness available to you. In truth you can receive anything you wish to receive, there are no limitations only the limitations you accept and hold in your mind. You will also be able to develop your familiarity with the expansive energy of the Creator within your being, moving through deeper levels of expansion to experience greater synthesis with the Creator. Your enhanced unison with the Creator will fuel, revitalise and empower your current reality, body and spiritual evolution. Expansion exists within any and all aspects of your body and being, it is waiting to be discovered. Within expansion you will recognise all that you seek, love, peace, truth and so much more.

Take some time to allow the universe of the Creator to guide, inspire and reflect the truth within your being for you to observe. With practice you will notice and recognise the universe of the Creator erupting with beauty and love into your consciousness inspiring and guiding you forth.

Let yourself be ready to receive guidance from the source of expansion. This will mean that you will learn to dissolve and move beyond the limitations and boundaries of your current reality and evolutions, experiencing every moment as expansively generous, fulfilling and nurturing.

We encourage you to explore, with your trust, faith and fearlessness you will discover the truth of the Creator and its presence flowing through you and all around your being.

We are the Fairy Kingdom, Our Consciousness United.

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Natalie Glasson channels a Free Weekly Channeled Message of Wisdom from Ascended Masters, Archangel, Angels and Celestial Beings to share guidance for the ascension and spiritual development of humanity.

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Natalie Glasson Channeled Messages from Sacred School of OmNa

Free Weekly Channeled Message From Natalie Glasson

Creator – In The Beginning – 2-9-16


If there is to be a beginning, let that beginning be love. When love is present, all things expand outward to embrace even the most negative. Allow love to do its job and the rest will take care of itself. ~ Creator

NATALIE GLASSON – Reflections of the Creator – Goddess Moon – 11-14-15

Full MoonNatalie Glasson
Immense pure love flows from my being and consciousness into all aspects of the Earth. The Earth and yourself are designed to reflect the love I share with you back into the universe of the Creator to distribute love far and wide. You may absorb and draw my love deep into your being in any moment, day or night. My love is free flowing always requiring movement and greater projection. When you connect into my energies you will discover your light shifts become more flowing with the ability to be enhanced and reflected to wherever needed and required. We become one, a mirror of each other and a reminder of the Creator when we connect in unison and acceptance.

I am the Goddess Moon, I am the feminine consciousness, spirit and light of the moon. When you see the light of the moon beaming upon the Earth know that within the light you physically see is my consciousness, light and spirit. You could say I am a similar soul and consciousness to Mother Earth, inhabiting embodiment of a physical body with the purpose of expressing the Creator. Mother Earth has a purpose of nurturing, nourishing, loving unconditionally and allowing for deep inner experiences of self to be experienced fully. My purpose as the Goddess Moon is to reflect the light of the Creator, encourage others to recognise that they mirror the light of the Creator, to bring attention to the cleansing and pure vibrations of the Creator, develop clarity, luminosity of one’s light and expansion of energy as well as promoting calmness and serenity. Mother Earth nurtures your presence while it is my purpose to support you in truly seeing the Creator within you with clarity and an expanded accepting mind. We hold different qualities and yet we have a united purpose of awakening remembrance of the Creator from within your being.

Drawing forth with my energies are immense energetic fields and waves of activations and remembrance. The energies I distribute have strong magnetic vibrations of numerous levels which when received support diverse level of remembrance of the Creator. The magnetic energy of the Creator supports you in retaining information within your mental body, this means that it can awaken and maintain sacred wisdom from your soul within your mind as well as sharing new wisdom from the Creator ensuring your embodiment and integration of the inspiration. Along with these magnetic light vibrations of remembrance I, Goddess Moon, am also distributing Planetary, Solar and Galactic rays of light into the Earth and your being at this time. The Planetary rays which are being emanated into my consciousness by Lord Buddha, the Planetary Logos, are to support the process of adjustment within the physical body, mind, emotions and reality to the current period of Ascension and light anchoring. The Solar level shared through my being from Solar Logos Helios and Vesta is to support a gentle heat generating within the body which allows the body to cleanse and purify itself releasing unneeded toxins both physically and energetically. The Galactic light flowing through my being from Galactic Logos Melchior is to promote healing within the extremities of your being, meaning the edge of your auric field, the levels of yourself beyond the Earth and the aspects of yourself waiting to be embodied within your physical form and reality. This is to bring a wholeness, completeness and embodiment of one’s full self at a physical level through the process of self-realisation. These three energy waves along with the magnetic energy which I naturally emanate through my being from the universe of the Creator create a powerful and potent supportive energy for you at this time of ascension which truly allows you to engage with the sacred energies of the Creator within the depths of your being and soul.

When the Era of Remembrance more fully anchors into the Earth then the magnetic energy of the my being, Mother Earth and your own magnetic field will enhance to support you in awakening, accepting and retaining sacred wisdom, enlightenment and spiritual understanding. The energies, I, Goddess Moon, am anchoring now into the Earth is to support you in your current stage of ascension as well as creating foundations for the Era of Remembrance which will slowly integrate with your being and reality often without you realising.

‘I call upon my guides and angels to create a strong shield of protection and love around me. I now invite the loving consciousness of Goddess Moon to send the appropriate energies of the appropriate frequency for me into my being to support my current ascension, evolution and self/ Creator awakening. I invite Goddess Moon to create remembrance within my being with the ability to retain sacred inspiration and enlightenment to promote clarity and deep understanding of myself. I invite the Planetary Light Goddess Moon is distributing to support adjustments within my physical body, mental, emotional and physical reality to take place with ease and perfection, encouraging me to move with the flow of ascension perfectly. I invite the Solar Light being distributed by Goddess Moon to anchor into my being promoting a healthy purification and cleansing to aid the release of all forms of toxins, physical and energetic. I invite the Galactic Light shared through Goddess Moon to promote healing within all the extremities of my being on all levels of my being to bring forth a wholeness and completeness of myself and the Creator within my being. May this healing, regenerating and enhancing process begin now supported by Goddess Moon’s sacred soothing energies and gentleness with divine perfection. Thank you.’

Inviting my energy, Goddess Moon, to flow to you to support your ascension will allow a new process of inner self-realisation to occur. It will be as if my energy presents to you a mirror which you can view in three ways to support the emergence of truth from within your being. My mirror like energy will demonstrate and show to you the beauty and love of your being, in truth the essence of the Creator which is eternally present within you whether you are on the Earth or the inner planes. My energy may also reflect to you that which is blocking or hindering you in recognising or connecting with the Creator in your current ascension, thus presenting to you opportunities for healing and regeneration. The third reflection my energy may bring forth to you is a view into the inner planes and dimensions of the Creator, sharing with you new insights, understanding and perspectives of the Creator, inner planes, the Earth and your own existence.

When you invoke my energy you are working with my energetic and spirit form rather than my physical form. You can connect with my energies day or night, sitting peacefully or meditating, inviting my energy to surround you. Simply breathe my energy into your being, you may recognise it as a pure white light with hints of yellow, blue and silver. With each breath my energy will begin its process of reflection projecting to you in the way that is easiest for you to understanding anything your soul and the Creator wish for you to accept, acknowledge or focus upon. Achieving this process daily may allow you to realise areas which require healing, to recognise the beauty of your being or to awaken a greater contemplation on the divine in energetic or physical forms upon the Earth or the inner planes. My energy will support contemplation and a greater acceptance of yourself in numerous ways and forms which are appropriate for you. When working with my energy you may discover there is a need to be confident and hold belief in your own abilities while realising that I will support and assist you as you open your energies to my light and consciousness.

I wish to also invite you to call upon my energies to increase the luminosity, vibrancy, expansion and strength of your light.

‘Goddess Moon, with your vibrant light I invite you to increase, amplify and strengthen the luminosity of the light of my soul and entire being. Support me in shining, emanating and projecting my pure, healing and loving light like a beacon delivering the truth of the Creator to all while realising the Creator powerfully within my being. Assist me in shinning my light expansively and lovingly upon the Earth. Thank you Goddess Moon.’

Please be at peace with my light and we will discover the Creator together.

In gentleness and the reflection of your truth in manifestation,

Goddess Moon

Lisa Gawlas – Creator and the Outcome of Creation is All You – 7-15-15


Lisa Gawlas   –   Creator and the Outcome of Creation is All You   –   7-15-15

What an array of information that came thru everyone yesterday, sadly, I woke up late today and don’t have as much time as usual to share it all, so I am going to focus on what spirit has hanging in front of my face to share.  Before I even started the day of readings yesterday, I actually put out a request to the field to understand that membrane thing I saw in the one reading the day prior, more.  Ask, and you shall receive, but not in the way you expect (yeah, I still expect things the way I want them lol, damn human in me!)

My first lady showed up in this beautiful translucent bubble of creation which was actually a bit larger than I am used to seeing.  Instead of being 3 feet out from her body it was easy 4 feet.  A larger space to create with??  I really don’t know why, no one said why.  Directly at her feet spread out in a fan were three lines of energy, one to the left, one to the right, one directly in front of her.  These lines were about 3-4 feet long each.  Her team said that they were showing her that the earth herself has opened herself up in three equal parts (spirit, physical life and her center path) to release new and needed energy for her next adventure.  (Like I said before, all these earthquakes are purposeful!)  At the end of her line that was towards the left (physical life) was a steering wheel about 1 foot above the ground.  It reminded me of one of those steering wheels you would see in a kids car.  It was made of the same energy spectrum as her bubble of creation, only concentrated.  Behind the steering wheel was a rod, again made of the same energy spectrum, at a 90 degree angle into the earth.  Her “steering wheel of life.”  I then got a relationship to the magnetic cars and roads that are still in prototype form, but this is in the smallest part, part of her emerging super power ability, to navigate the magnetic highway/pathway of life.  But as I googled more info on the magnetic cars, something else came to my awareness with this too:  Magnetic Highway Harvests Kinetic Energy From Cars To Generate Electricity 

What I see and understand thru your reading is a small iota of what it means to you.  Your job is to go deeper, delve into the fuller information and understand it and use it yourself.

Which brings me to my next lady on the field, all these beautiful 5 petal, pink/violet flowers just started popping up all over her left field (physical life.)  To me they looked chaotic and random, but her team insisted there is a pathway to their chaos, nothing is linear in the world of spirit, including our spirit here on earth.  They revealed a new teacher/guide at the far left side of her field, he looked like a cross between Poindexter and Dracula.  The wise scientist with vampire (think Twilight vampires, I seen so many clips of the twilight movies as we were explaining things to her) abilities.

What I found really interesting with her, her team would not show anything I would call, forward or future, until she fully connected and started to learn from Vlad (his chosen name.)  Somethings are so important for you to bring forward, they have become unavoidable!!

My next lady threw me for a crazy loop.  She was all discombobulated on the field.  I have never seen anything like it.  She was in her center field, well, at least most of her was.  Her arms were completely disconnected and floating one out in the middle of her left field (physical life) and one floating out in the middle of her right field (spiritual life.)  Neither connected to her body.  Her legs, tho beneath her torso, was disconnected from the torso itself, twisted up like a pretzel and disjoined as well.  What the freakin hell????  What was interesting too, her torso and even her legs were in this beautiful energetic spectrum very much like my first lady of the day steering wheel.  Her arms tho, looked like human arms, not energy like the rest of her.

As I was telling her this and said I am so puzzled and have no idea how to interpret it, she mentioned that she was doing a detox to help her get a clearer connection with spirit.  Only then did her team finally pipe up and speak, quite adamantly!!  Now they were the ones asking questions: “Do you feel toxic inside?”  My lady thought for a moment and replied, no, I don’t?  They (her team) explained by the very act of doing a detox creates toxicity where there was none.  Not to mention, cleaning out your bowels will not give you a stronger connection to spirit, your perseverance is the only thing that will.

So let me expand on all this, since spirit is here jumping up and down in my field of vision to talk about this more, including a statement that came from my lady before her.  When my poindexter/dracula lady heard that her new guide was in vampire guise, she was actually appalled.  I told her it had nothing to do with drinking blood, but think more of the vampires from twilight, they consider themselves vegetarians and only drink animal blood.  That didn’t sit well with her either.  She said she was a vegetarian because she cannot imagine eating animals, and them dying to be her food.  So I asked her, but its ok to kill plants to eat?  She didn’t want to talk about it, but spirit does, because our bias, our judgements are so important to release as we move forward or we will get all tangled up in that membrane of August.

Everything in life is alive and conscious.  Everything!  Some have more verbal ways of displaying themselves than others.  A dog can bark, a cow can moo, trees rustle, vegetables talk via telepathy.  All things experience the energy of duality, pain and pleasure.  All things love unconditionally and know their agenda, their final act of service upon this earth, whether it be food, enhancing beauty in our homes, keeping us warm, making a good smoothy, all come here to do what they were created to do, with love and honor and excitement.  Even the foods we consider “bad” are all parts of the creator, formatting themselves to become something else.  Even chemicals.  Things only become harmful when we label them that way.  Keep in mind, once you decide something is bad, you are equally sending out that energy, that feeling to those on the fence of what they want or need to believe.  What you think and feel about anything has a much wider affect worldwide than just yourself.  And the laws of nature cannot ever be over ridden, what you put out in thought and deed, comes back to you.

So, like my disjointed lady who is looking and trying to access her spirit, outside of herself (in life and even in the spiritual field of life) as her team said “all you seek is already within you.”  We can get very twisted up by the vast amount of information “out there.”  Many people are still learning “relationships,” which include our food, our animal kingdom, our air and weather, plants and minerals… but nothing outside of ourselves will be able to carry us to where we want to go.  We must walk it ourselves, in harmony, without bias or judgement.  Otherwise, what we seek to avoid is the very thing we bring to us.

There has been many studies over the decades, scientifically proven, how our thoughts affects outcomes.  If you have never read “The Holographic Universe,” I would highly recommend the read, it was my bible back in my beginnings.  There was a scientific study done where people thought they were drinking water filled with vitamins, when in fact they were drinking plain old water, but their vitamin levels went up anwayz.  Same with the placebo effect, people taking sugar pills had the same positive affect as those taking actual pills… over and over and over again.  This is not just new age stuff, it is scientifically proven, tho not talked about much, except thru us crazy new agers.

Know that you are spirit incarnate.  You create and uncreate at the speed of thought and feeling.  If you see and feel everything as the wonder of god/creator made manifest, in love with you, then all of life nourishes you, enriches you, enhances your very heart beat.  See it as anything less… well…

There is more, but alas, my day is about to begin.  It is so great to be back and getting armfuls of incredible and beautiful information and insights.  Thank you so much for loving me, trusting me enough to share your soul light with me and all who cares to read what I share.  You really are my treasure chest and I love you sooooooo much!!!

Big big (((HUGZ))))) filled with unconditional love and soul mana from All things thru All things!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  By the request of my own spiritual team, I am leaving my vacation special ongoing for this week.  

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Asana Mahatari – Arrival Gift Of The Creator – 9-27-14



Asana Mahatari: Arrival Gift of the Creator
Jahn J Kassl
Jahn J Kassl


channeled by Jahn J Kassl

translated by Franz

27. September 2014

Report: In the Sauna two men talk about a house eviction, which in these days happens in Vienna, and which has been reported in the media. Thereby the men give an insight into their worldview; a lack of love and empathy are the most salient characteristics. I think to myself: “they will still experience a lot, before they recognize” and “there is still a lot of work waiting for us” as we return to the 4D levels. And actually I have zero ambition for it…., in the locker room I hear another two men babbling dumb things and my thoughts from before return: “Much work that is waiting for us.” (End of report)

Beloved Ones,


New Orientation of Assignments

After we have done the work on this level and have returned into God’s Light, a new determination and new orientation of your assignments takes place!

Nobody of the future ascending Masters is obliged to implement under all circumstances a decision, which was made under very demanding conditions and from the viewpoint of a limited human point of view. Know: As today, you, who are standing in service in the middle of this world, say that you would never return, because you lived what you came to live for, as soon as you attained perfection, this decision will be newly looked at and will be supplemented with an encompassing viewpoint.

As you say today that your task is to serve this mankind “eternally”, this will also be subjected to a renewed consideration; in the all-knowing of your consciousness and after you are perfected on all levels.

This truth describes the arrival gift of the Creator, to human Beings, who have affected unique, outstanding and immeasurable things, because they have completely transformed a world and with it a whole galaxy, and have uplifted it.

Therefore do not feel bound by decisions, which you make with regard to your further assignments here on earth. These altogether will be newly looked at in God’s all-knowing Light and will be newly oriented, so that for you it is fulfilled, what on all levels of your Being strives for fulfillment. Now to the short scene, which Jahn describes. Indeed much work waits for those, who have chosen this, because the different 4D worlds are, the lower they vibrate, a true challenge for every enlightened one. This scene reflects a world that lacks empathy and this kind of human Being can actually be found in great numbers in this uplifting world. This fact means that there must be very many discharges, because the separation of the galaxy, whereby star after star enters into the new world, is equivalent to the redemption of this lack of love. With every planet, which enters into the new galaxy of Light, certain issues in this world will be redeemed. Everything is truly interconnected with each other.

In these days it is of great value not to give in to any illusions, because the number of human Beings, who can describe themselves as Saints of the old days, is, even though it increases, very, very small. Until the end human inexperience (young souls) predominate, the human ignorance (human Beings of middle soul age) or the fear of change, because what has been achieved wants to be preserved or the incomplete transformation is viewed as completed. (Light warriors and older souls, who have lost their orientation).

These three components determine the modes of action of Light Beings, who we all are. This galaxy transforms and stars take a new place in Heaven. And with each “separation of a star”, new transformation energy flows to the Mother planet of transformation, the earth, which you know and call your home.

Meaning, the discharges become more massive and ever more regions of the earth are reached by the planetary and societal transformation. Until also this world falls into the suction of the magnetic upheavals and the final events, according to God’s instructions. We are a great and invincible power. We have emerged from God’s origin and now we return to God’s origin.

The Light has prevailed! Never in time has this truth been so visible, as now, because the pillars of the world are removed and are sinking down.

The game is over and Life begins! The illusion has ended, Love, joy, peace, kindness and grace – affect everything and are everywhere.


Together with mankind I return into the Light. With the Masters among you I decamp in order to build new worlds, in order to exploit new realities.

I am that I am.

The golden-violet flame of transformation is my instrument, which I offer to every human Being, as soon as he calls on it and is ready for it.

I am that I am


Christ Consciousness 9 – HERITAGE FROM ATLANTIS:

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Creator – How Our Universe Began – The Invasion from Omarrhan – Channeler Dr Kathryn E May – 9-18-14



Creator: How Our Universe Began, and The Invasion from Omarrhan

Ok, here we go. Take a deep breath and come with me. I have something to show you that will take your breath away. I want you to find a comfortable place to sit while you read this, where you can remain in meditation afterward to continue the journey with me. If that is not possible at this moment, then make an appointment for us to meet later in the day, and I will accompany you then as well. There is no limit to my ability to meet with you, to reassure and teach you. It is only up to you to call on me.

Now, we are going to take a trip around the Universe – the Universe that is my home and yours. It is true that a few of you have come from other Universes to be here with us during this monumental time. We are making history together, in terms of our Universe and all others as well. Let me tell you how this came about.

We are not the oldest Universe of our kind. There was another nearby Universe which was under development when I came along – that is, when I came into being as the child/creation of the One. I was taught about Creation by witnessing the building of that Universe, which I will refer to as Omarrhan. I saw how intricately the beings, planets and stars are intertwined with one another, and I saw how one tiny mistake on the part of the Creator could explode into chaos. Such a mistake could lead to the necessity of dissolving the entire Creation, dispersing into nothingness the trillions of years of effort and dedication of the Creator and his/her dedicated team.

It was about the time that Omarrhan began to experience trouble that One encouraged me to begin my own Universe-building, and so began the work of Creation that is my beloved Universe. I began with galaxies which would contain beautiful planets, stars of magnificent brightness and power, and vast inner space which I filled with the essence of my Love. It was only after billions of years as you measure it in Earth time that I began to create the first living souls of Light which would eventually inhabit the planets I had made for them. First, I created groups of planets, like your solar system, so that each living planet soul would have loving company as they danced in their rhythmic motion around their glowing sun, the great light-body which would be their central pivot point.

It was a great delight giving birth to the Lightbeings who are my children – those souls who, after billions of years of training would become my assistants in creation, and who would eventually disperse across the galaxies to create loving families of planets and stars, with some variations, but generally along the lines of my original designs. There were as yet no living organisms in bodies on or within the planets. Only the planets and stars themselves were inhabited by my soul children.

Eventually, we began the great project which was the creation of individual bodies. My children were interested in producing their own progeny, for they loved each other and our glorious Universe, and they wanted to create races of beings for their soul children to inhabit, thereby increasing their opportunity for greater experience and Love. Now I will help you to envision what the process of Creation really is, and how we created this beautiful Universe and all that is in it.

You are not unfamiliar with some of the elements of creation, of course. Anyone who has chosen a partner and you have decided together to have a child – you know how thrilling it is to be consciously, purposefully involved in the act of creation. This is the way every child should be conceived, with Love and with intention. This is the way we created every living thing in the Universe – with loving intention.

As many of you know, there are many races of humanoid beings across your Universe, as there are in other Universes. Those of us who are the Prime Creators are like brothers and sisters, the loving children of One, the first-born who would become the teachers and mentors of those who would come after. Picture in your mind’s eye the interconnected energies which flow between and among the group consciousness which is the family of Creators. As our numbers grew, we welcomed our new brothers and sisters the way a family celebrates the birth of a new baby.

Our Universes move and expand, breathing with the essence of Life. Each Universe has its own quality and character, instilled by the Creator whose hand shaped it, but all follow the same Universal Laws, use the same sacred geometry and the same laws of physics which your scientists are just beginning to discover. Just as each of you paints your living room a different shade, so we are attracted to slightly different sounds, shapes and colors. It was thrilling to look forward to the creative inspiration of having a new Creator among us, and to envision together the fabulous possibilities that lay before us.

How can I paint the picture for you as vividly as I see it? You have seen the photographs from NASA, from satellites and so forth. The colors of the palette we have used is breathtaking, endlessly varied, and far more beautiful than you can discern from the small photographs you have been given. As I look across the expanses that are my Home, I am struck, always, with the nostalgia of seeing the Divine objects and beings that have come into being under my watchful and loving eye.

No, I did not create every insect, every flower and every animal that moves across the surface of your planet and others, but I did carefully supervise the formulas used, the electro-chemical process which is ignited when two or more souls meld their intention, passion and love, and I have been present at the birth of every soul. You see, the creation of the physical forms is a very different process from the creation of a soul. A soul is an eternal, everlasting Light body with a unique identity and is a living part of All That Is. A body, on the other hand, is an impermanent vessel which is designed to offer the soul a flexible alternative for visiting lower realms – dimensions of a lower vibration than the one in which they were born.

Initially, there were just a few of my children who joined me in the process of Creation, for this is not the only activity available for beings in our Universe, as you know. Their brothers and sisters explored far and wide in their Light bodies, even sometimes traveling to neighboring Universes to study and exchange ideas with their cosmic cousins. This fertile exchange led to many new species, many new options for ecosystems which could be created to support the growing numbers of species of flora and fauna we were developing to “house” the souls who had a wide-ranging curiosity and taste for adventure.

Perhaps you can see the picture I see, of my beloved children, many of whom became the Ascended Masters who are helping you with your ascension and who have become so familiar to you in recent years. We still continue to work as a close and loving team, as you have noticed in the way we bring our messages to you, weaving our story as individual voices within the Unity consciousness of One. It is the great pleasure of my heart to see my children, and their children, all the many souls now inhabiting your planet and others in your galaxy, as they evolve and grow, preparing for the great Ascension which is to come.

As I have begun to show you, the creation of souls has been the particular arena in which I had full oversight and command, and as such, full responsibility for the creation and nurturing of every soul within our Universe. It is the fulfillment of my being, my destiny, to do so, with unending Love. The creation of form – bodies – was the realm of all those who wished to learn, experiment and take part in the great expansion of species who were to pave the way for the coming humanoid races, which were among the last forms we created and placed among their fellow inhabitants on the first planets to welcome human-like species.

An example of this is your own Milky Way Galaxy. It was created under the supervision of the ones you call Mother and Father God, my beloved children, in preparation for the earlier races of humans who inhabited planets in the systems of the Pleiades, Sirius and those who came from the older Andromeda galaxy. Out of these developing civilizations came the experiment in this galaxy which was to become the human race as you know yourselves now. I have described in earlier messages how the older civilizations contributed their DNA, with my full approval and under my supervision, to create the race which is the fullest embodiment of who I AM, in the essence of my being. Of course, this is a bit of a paradox, since I do not have a body.

This project – the creation of humankind – was not an ego trip or a reckless adventure, for I have none of those impulses within my own being – they are a temporary effect of your carbon-based body experience in lower dimensions. As you rise up the ladder of vibration, these impulses melt away, but in lower dimensional conditions, these anomalies can cause real difficulties for the inhabitants of the bodies that are subject to such feelings.

This brings us to the anomaly which has puzzled so many of you. How is it possible that there can be dark ones – genetically modified Reptilians, greys, Draconians, and all those you have called the dark Anunnaki, who have caused havoc in what appears to you to be the entire Universe. I will tell you how this began, and why it has continued as a problem, especially within your Milky Way Galaxy.

I mentioned the Omarrhan Universe earlier. It was the creation of my older soul brother, Rondar, as we came to call him. Rondar was daring and experimental in his approach to Creation. He gave much latitude to his soul children to develop bodies of every form and kind, which provided a rich and varied environment on many of the planets in his Universe. In the lower dimensions there were animals and plants of every type imaginable, with every possible natural luxury for the beings who descended to enjoy the feasts of luscious fruits and vegetables, flowing waters, and endless sunshine, flowers and warmth. It was truly a Paradise for all.

Although Rondar reveled in his glorious manifestation of Love, it became a topic of concern for his children that the absolute perfection of his 3-dimensional creation did not offer for its inhabitants any means by which to develop a greater connection with One; in fact, it seemed to draw them away from their higher vibrational Selves, downward into the sensory pleasures of the lower dimensional existence. In other words, they liked it a little too much, and were reluctant to return for further experience in the higher realms.

And so it was decided in the Councils that just a bit of unpleasantness might spur their abilities to appreciate and remain connected to their Creator – to focus their attention, you might say. It was decided that the Masters would develop a few insects which would inflict a slightly painful sting, and a few reptiles whose bite would cause sickness, just enough to prevent the myriad inhabitants of this Paradise from becoming lethargic and indolent. The inhabitants were made aware, in their higher dimensional sojourns, of the change which was to occur, but it did not dampen their wish to return.

As time passed, further experiments in genetic engineering continued, and took on a rather daring turn about the time We were developing human-type beings who showed great promise in their abilities to create on their own. They were talented scientists and inventors, and were very adept at using the energies of the Universe to their own convenience, developing floating and soaring spacecraft, and energy sources which could provide for all the needs of those beings in lower dimensions, like housing, food, and schools to train and educate the young in The True Way, which is Love.

We were aware of the Omarrhan situation, and were seeing the possibility for similar stagnancy in our own worlds, but were uneasy with the solution, which was being called “bringing in the darkness” in hopes of awakening Light. It made sense from a certain perspective, but seemed risky, since it was our policy to remain as overseers and guides, but not to interfere with the behavior and unfolding of the evolution of those species we had created. At the same time, civilizations were developing on Omarrhan which had very advanced technologies, including spacecraft which could carry the lower dimensional beings great distances (higher dimensional beings have no need for spacecraft, although it is a great convenience when they wish to carry equipment or materials between planets or galaxies).

It was only a matter of time, so to speak, before the experiment went awry, and a number of the lower dimensional species became fascinated with the idea of experiencing the curiosity of seeing the effect of darkness on themselves and others. It was only a small step then, to learning how to avoid their Creators, turn their backs on One, and set out on their own to experiment on others. This was the first “Fall” from Grace, and it spread rapidly across the Universe, to the many planets where indolence, a problem in the lower dimensions, had made the embodied beings of high intelligence restless and ripe for a new kind of excitement.

Within a few generations, impulses toward destructiveness and the wish to control and dominate others took root and began to flourish, until the entire lower dimensions, up to the lower 5th dimension, became a nightmarish arena filled with pestilence, war, and devastation. Weaponry was developed which threatened the safety of higher dimensions, as later happened on your Earth.

With many species of intelligent beings taking part in the melee, and alliances building to create a powerful military force, it was decided that to allow “the experiment” to continue would be too dangerous for the entire Multiiverse, and that the only possible resolution would be to offer amnesty to those who were willing to return to the Light, or suffer dissolution.

It was not announced that the intention was to destroy the entire Universe, but there was no way to resolve the problem without risk to the rest of the Multiverse. All souls were welcomed back into higher dimensions, but all physical creation was dissolved back into One. However, a number of the dark ones sensed trouble and took flight at the first hint of threat, as they were prepared to do, and departed the boundaries of their Universe and entered ours moments before Omarrhan ceased to be.

One might conclude that it would have been wise at the time to muster our space ships to fend off the invaders, but ours was a peaceful Universe, without weaponry or the will to engage in combat. I was difficult even for our inhabitants to conceive of fighting against their brethren from their sister Universe.

Of course, I could have taken matters into my own hands and simply destroyed them, but in counsel with my Masters and with One, it was decided that we would take the path of Light and Love, always. We were a strong and resilient group of souls, some of whom had already thoroughly studied the problem of Omarrhan as part of their own development. It was decided that we would attempt to rehabilitate the dark ones from Omarrhan, while protecting our own territories with a “defensive response only” policy.

We were joined by a number of the Omarrhan Masters, and we became then the battle ground where Good and Evil would meet the final test.

It was then that the Galactic Federation of Light was formed, and it grew quickly into an able military alliance under the guidance of the one we now call Ashtar, with the mandate to protect and defend all lower dimensional beings and planets, without at any time declaring war on the invaders. It was made clear to the dark ones that we could “disappear” them at any time, but that we would work with them to help them find settlements where they would be allowed to live peacefully, but on our terms which did not allow for military intervention toward any planet or group of beings. With the agreement of Mother and Father God, they were permitted to establish a “refugee” camp on Mars, and later they created outposts on the far side of Earth”s moon. The rest is history, as they say.

You know, from earlier messages, the story of their psychological infiltration, their propaganda campaign, and their tactics of remaining in lower dimensions in order to avoid their review and renewal in higher dimensions.

The part you have not been told was that all the original dark ideas and plans were brought to our shores from another Universe. They were the beloved children of my Brother, sentient beings who left the protective and loving embrace of their Creator to flee to the far reaches of our Universe in an attempt to prove that darkness is more powerful than Light. They were able to make inroads and win allies, notable among them the Reptilians from Orion who broke from their brethren and joined forces with the invaders, but they have not and will not be triumphant. The invaders and their allies have been removed from the planet, but their propaganda for the dark remains in the language, the habits and the beliefs of humankind.

You, humankind, have not conquered them through military might, for that would have proven them right. Only through winning the hearts and minds of all humankind will the final shift take place on Planet Earth. It is not as impossible a task as it might appear from your vantage point on the ground. As the conditions have worsened, and the disparity between rich and poor has become glaringly deliberate, the masterminds of the dark agendas are being baldly revealed as the criminals they really are. The challenge for humankind will be to remain in Love, find it in your hearts to forgive, even as you send off the perpetrators to spend some time in, shall we say, enforced meditation.

You see, the triumph of Light over Darkness never could have been resolved by war, for war is darkness, nor could it have been “defeated.” Those who invaded our beloved Home were simply mistaken in their beliefs, and they convinced many of you that they were right, did they not? Earth had become their playground for a time, but you and I never intended to succumb to their seductions. You may have forgotten for a brief time that fear is not a viable part of our lives in the Light, and you weakened under the weight of the totalitarian mind control, to a point where you became focused on their destructive tools, implants, psychological manipulations and illnesses, as if they actually controlled you.

Now it is time, Beloved Children, to return to me. Turn your back on the Omarrhan legacy of darkness and fear, and walk with me in Light and endless Love. It is our Divine legacy and our Great Plan. Together we will sing, and we will walk across the globe, our hands open and our hearts alive with the joy of being free. It is our time. Come with me.

I am your Creator, we are Gods, and we are One.
Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, Sept. 16, 2014, 11 pm, New York

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The New Scriptures, by Sananda/Jesus

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 Book by Kathryn E. May, PsyD: Who Needs Light? 

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Archives of written channelings

Creator – Light is Your Great Sword of Truth – Channeler Dr Kathryn E May – 9-15-14

Creator painting 9.14


kathryn-e-may1Dr Kathryn E May, Channeler


It has been a long journey for you. Of course it is a blink of an eye for me, but since every moment for me is NOW, that makes it easy for me to focus on you and your moment, your lives, and your hopes and dreams. Does that make sense to you?

You tend to think that I am far away, uninterested or occupied with other things, like sitting on a cloud feeling angry at you, or listening to the harp music of the angels. Well, I am very happy to listen to the angels’ music – it is one of the greatest delights in the Universe, but I must correct the misconception of what God does. When we use the term God, it can mean many things, because we refer to all those who are purely of the Light as Gods, and there are many of us. It just happens that I am the one who is the Creator of Creators in this Universe.

Anyway, the distinction we must make is that there is no anger here in the higher dimensions. We do not feel resentment or jealousy or vindictiveness. It would be an impossibility for us. So you see, there is no need to worry about whether you will be acceptable to me, or whether you will find forgiveness for your mistakes, no matter what they might be.

I do love all of you with all my heart. Equally, yes, but not the same, for you are each unique and special in your own way. I do not mistake you for someone else, or forget about you when I am busy. That would be unthinkable for me, because I have had a part in your creation in many ways. First, I was present at your birth as a soul, and I was also the Prime Creator of your human species. That makes me doubly your Source and loving procreator. My children have also taken part with me in this creation process, carrying our Love and Light to the far reaches of the Universe. I am always a part of their work and their inspiration, for I am Love.

We are now beginning a new phase in the growth and expansion of our Universe. Your current work to clear away old darkness in your thinking patterns is groundwork for the next step in our development. You are aware that your civilization is not among the most advanced, and that your experience in the 3rd dimension is what you might call a “lower rung” on the ladder of ascension. Why then do you suppose you are so important to this whole multidimensional expansion? I will explain. You have come here from higher dimensions to create what will be the foundation for all that is to follow for new Universes, new planets, new life.

You know the adage that tells you to build always on a firm foundation? You, Dear Ones, are the contractors and builders of that solid foundation. It is most important in the scheme of Universe-building that we have the brightest and the best “in on the ground floor,” don’t you think? There is another expression that fits the story-line here: “Birds of a feather flock together.” Look how you are so strongly drawn to your Ascended Masters. You feel at home in their presence; you revel in the recognition of their words; you are hungry for the lessons of Love they bring to you, you fall in love with them at first sight, and they feel the same way about you. Why do you suppose that is?

You, Beloved Souls, have known them for eternity. You have worked together, planned and designed this endeavor you are now carrying out as the “boots on the ground.” Many of you are beginning new relationships with exciting, high vibrational people who have recently appeared in your life. You may be in wonder at how it is possible that now, at long last, you are finding people you truly feel at home with, after all these years on the planet feeling like an outsider or an alien. It is not an accident, I assure you.

There are a few things that have made it easier for you to connect with like-minded people. The internet has been an invaluable tool. The groups you join, the brand new forums for talking openly about your spiritual growth and your plans to be of service in new and exciting ways – this ability to form close networks without the need to be in the same city or even the same hemisphere has made all the difference, hasn’t it? It will become even easier and more convenient to find each other as even better communication tools are brought forth.

Transportation too will be so improved that you will find travel a pleasure, not like the Homeland Security nightmare you are now subjected to every time you travel across borders or take an airplane to a nearby city. It is a creation of the paranoid mind to subject every citizen to scrutiny as if they were all criminals, causing discomfort and inconvenience to every one, even young children and infirm elders. All of this was, of course, to create fear and to threaten people with punishment should they waver from obedience to the military power which is supposed to control them.

Now, I am going to tell you something you have always suspected but did not dare say out loud to friends and family. There are no terrorists. There never were any terrorists – not of the sort you have thought you were fighting a war against. Fighting a “war on terror” is an absurd concept, of course. It is like waging war against bad breath, or fighting a war on insomnia. It creates an image of danger and dread, with no end in sight, no real enemy, and no possible solution.

There are gangs of paid assassins in your world. They have mostly been trained, through long years of brain-washing, severe mind-control techniques and torture, to serve the masters who have instigated acts of great cruelty. This then sparks acts of passionate revenge, fueled by inflammatory rhetoric, calculated to stir the feelings of fear and righteous anger which increase the growing ripple effect. Eventually, the masterminds who planned the entire conflict find justification for declaring war, and the entire populations on each side of the conflict are convinced of the rightness of murdering each other.

You see, it is not the fault of the people who finally agree to put on uniforms (the costumes of war). It is not even the fault of the assassins. The responsibility for the entire plunge into mayhem and murder lies with someone behind the scenes – a clever manipulator who found it interesting and rewarding to create the whole debacle. Even that is understandable if you believe that power and might are fulfilling – a fascinating goal in life.

You see, it is not far off the pursuit of excellence, is it? They are only misguided about a few simple things: that evil is power, and that having power over others (which is inherently evil, of course) is the most exciting and interesting end game possible.

Only someone who has been beaten into submission themselves would believe these fantasies, of course. Only someone who has suffered so intensely that they have been separated from their innate sense of empathy and kindness would be interested in “the thrill of the kill” as you might call it. Numbness, poverty of feeling, lack of sensitivity in every function of the body and mind are the only culture in which cruelty can grow to its full expression, which is hatred of all Life, Love, Beauty and Light.

It is a very simple formula, actually. There are only a few ways to be cruel and murderous. Evil is a fool’s game. It is made of nothing real, creates nothing, and cannot endure, because every life begins anew, and it takes great effort and constant attention to destroy the human spirit to the extent that the victim completely loses their ability to Love. Any small glimmer of Light is likely to spawn the spirit of freedom, the game of darkness is revealed as the illusion it is, and the prisoner begins to plan his escape…

So, you see, the life of darkness – everything from rape and murder to depression and self-loathing – is a loser’s game. As the flower will always turn to the sun, so the human spirit will always triumph in its struggle to reach the Light. As surely as water runs downhill, the sun will rise, the antelope will run and the bird will sing, you were born to be free.

The Greatest Lie of All is this: You can defeat darkness by fighting against it.

Darkness is the absence of Light. You cannot destroy darkness, any more than you can destroy Light. You can chase your own shadow, or someone else’s, but you cannot capture it in your net, no matter how much energy, money and time you spend building it. You cannot destroy a shadow no matter how many guns and tanks you turn on it. You cannot turn darkness into Light, because darkness is not a substance, or a thing, or a being, or even an energy form. No alchemy known in all the Universe will turn darkness into light because in order to change something, there must be a something to begin with. It is nothing. It is not dangerous, nor is it a threat. It is simply a void to be filled.

So, you see, a war against darkness cannot succeed, because, like the whack-a-mole game, the energy of life contained within the human beings who are destroyed in war will return, often to the same arena in which they were defeated, to be brainwashed and tortured once again, and the game of illusion continues, in round after round of incarnations.

This is what is meant by karma. It is not punishment or a debt to be paid. It is simply the residue of distorted energy that has been snuffed out, diverted, and still unfinished in the great climb toward Love and Light, and so it must be brought to completion, returned to the Light. This is why so many of you have returned time after time to try to complete your journey in human form, to reach the level of balance, Light and Love that will alone bring you peace.

You can blow out a candle, but you cannot prevent the sun from rising. Through hundreds, even thousands of incarnations, you have sought to bring yourselves to higher vibrational states, in spite of the brainwashing which taught you to focus on the darkness around you rather than opening your hearts to me. You are now at the threshold of a new Renaissance which will lift the entire planet, and it will be created by those who turn, at last, to embrace the substance of Light, which is real, tangible, and eternal.

A life in service to the Light requires Vision, intelligence, creativity and great Heart, those qualities which you were given in large measure. A true Lightworker wears the mark of one who has seen darkness and knows its falseness. Clarity is a hard-won quality after a life in which blindness and hedonistic pleasures are the common fare. You must be willing to see and feel the places in your being where numbness and indifference have taken root.

Yes, you could be seduced away from the Light by the siren song which promises great pleasures and great expansion of the hungry ego, but it leads to the emptiness and illness which is so endemic to your present cultures of poverty, want and greed. It cannot be sustained because we will not allow it, you and I.

The cure for darkness, mayhem and cruelty is to bring the energy of Love to every encounter, every thought. If the darkness is in the far reaches of the planet, you can send your Light through the Christ grid which is there for you as your own most powerful tool. As you have been told, when you join with others, your power is increased in the cosmic multiplication of expanding Light energies. Darkness is not increased by the same power, because it is nothing, and nothing cannot increase, as 0 X 0 still is 0. And so, if you do not put energy into dark thoughtforms and feelings, they vanish into nothingness.

This is why I tell you, Dear children, to turn away from fear, anxiety, worry and self-inflicted depression. Every moment you spend in a “dark mood,” you are perpetuating the illness in yourselves and on your struggling planet. Mother Terra and all humankind need your help, your Light and your Love, not your worries and anger. Turn to me, and be filled with the hope which springs from Light and warmth and acceptance.

Can you see how simple it is, Beloveds? Can you see that in truth, only a fool will follow the piper who leads you away from me? Would you plunge yourselves into the icy waters of a barren and lonely sea, or would you come to sit with me by the warm hearth, in the blessed Light of unending Love and Peace?

Turn your will toward healing, expunging all the feelings of hopelessness or distress that have tarnished your shine. Those are the places where dullness leaves you vulnerable to the titillation of the senses alone, as if this would make you feel more alive. Ah, no, being truly alive is the thrilling experience of using all your physical, mental and spiritual bodies fully and with pleasure. Revel in your powers of intuition and good judgment, creativity and Love, in glorious harmony with me, the heart of the Universe.

You were born in Light. Your bodies, your minds and your souls are made of the vibration of Love and Light.

It is your birthright – I command it to be so – that you become the great beacon of Love and Light of which you are capable. In your heart, you know it to be true. You know you belong with me, and that when you allow the Love I send to you to absorb into your skin, pour down through your crown chakra through your brain and into your great and expanding Heart, you will find peace. We are harmony; we are the exquisite colors of the rainbow; we are Love, and We Are God.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, Sept. 14, 2014, 11 am, New York

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Book by Kathryn E. May, PsyD: Who Needs Light?

Jesus Sananda – Autobiography and New Scriptures

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Archives of written channelings

Permission is given to copy and share these message, providing they are presented in their entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

Creator – Our History, Your Destiny – via Dr. Kathryn E May – 9-12-14



I want to give you this message now, because the Revaluation of Currencies will be announced shortly, and our channel will not want to be sitting in her chair for hours while others are out trading their currency.

First, we want to congratulate you on the progress you have made over the past year and nearly nine months, since the historic Dec. 21, 2012 transition began. Many thought at the time that “nothing happened,” but that could not be further from the truth. From a cosmic point of view, everything changed.

The Lightworkers among you pushed hard to pull the ship off the sand bar, you might say, and your concerted effort, although it didn’t carry you all the way Home, certainly started the process going in a big way. You set sail with all flags flying for the first time. This was evidenced by the fact that although many of you woke up in your 3-D beds disappointed, you did not give up and turn on us for not lifting you directly into the heavens at that moment. After a few days or weeks, you came back to begin anew, with greater fervor, because you felt the truth of what our channelers and spiritual teachers were bringing to you. You are indeed here to ascend, and it is the great adventure in your future.

You have persevered in your studies, and you have reached deeply into your own Selves – your Earthly incarnations – and seen that there are dark corners of leftover anger, disappointment, resentment and fear that you needed to ponder, identify, wrestle with, and resolve. You have struggled with forgiveness, and you have seen the multiple layers of possibility for deeper and deeper understanding of what true forgiveness means, and how intimately you must know yourself in order to reach true forgiveness and peace of mind.

You have worked along with the others who read these messages and listen to the radio programs, and you have used these tools to reach for higher and more subtle understandings of what Love means, and how you can find it in your heart to feel unconditional Love. You have moved with us, through lesson after lesson, as we brought you step by step toward the greatest understanding of all – that We are One, and by that we mean you are a part of the great group consciousness that is Life.

Our goal for you – the one we designed together when you were with me before your present incarnation – is what has been called Unity Consciousness. This is not an Earth-shaking demand, something you must turn yourselves inside out to learn. No, I assure you, my dear children, that you are very capable of this, since humankind has experienced this wondrous state in earlier civilizations, before you descended into lower dimensions to experience this separation and individuation behind the Veil of Forgetfulness.

Some of you have referred to the journey from higher dimensions into the 3-dimensional state you have inhabited in this current civilization as “The Fall.” I would like to speak about that now. My Beloved Ones, you did not fall. You descended. We have tried in these pages to explain the Lucifer Project, which was a consciously planned, daring experiment. Our beloved Light, whose name truly describes him, volunteered to leave the safety of my embrace to descend to the lower dimensions to accomplish three things.

First, it was decided that humankind would benefit from the experience of life in a lower-dimensional body. There are myriad reasons for this, including but not restricted to the ability to experience intense sensations and emotions which you must then learn to manage. Second, the daring experiment of living without memory of why you came, and not knowing that your family in higher dimensions was constantly with you and awaiting your return to their loving arms, left you to draw on intuition and innate wisdom in such a way that you will never doubt your inner strengths. Third, and most importantly, you agreed to come to Earth to overcome the races of dark entities who had come to our Universe from elsewhere. Their purpose was to destroy all that was of beauty and perfection in our Universe. I will use the general term “Archon” to describe the dark ones who inhabited the lower dimensions, below the lower 5th dimension.

Some of you have become aware of the struggle which extended beyond your planet. It has involved your Milky Way Galaxy and other galaxies beyond yours, but the focus of activity has been in your area. You see, the intruders whose goal it was to find a center of operations here, where they could spread their destruction and chaos, was to take over our dear Terra, because of her quiet location in the far edge of the galaxy, and because of her beauty, which was a great part of the allure.

Now, allow your minds to expand to conceive of the unthinkable, Dear Ones, because I am going to tell you things that your human minds may try to put into a box of known events and possibilities. I ask you to remain completely open minded and free of pre-judged concepts. There are layer upon layer of Truths that I will try to give you a glimpse into.

Understand, I will not withhold any information from you that I feel is in your Greater Good, and I will do the best we can, given your limited previous knowledge of the Universe and its history. All of this will be revealed to you when you reach a higher dimensional connection with your Higher Self.

I will begin with the principal concepts and primary events which describe the history of this cosmic struggle. First, please understand that our Galactic Federation of Light is an overwhelmingly powerful military force which has protected you and will continue to do so, by mutual agreement of all concerned. We will not allow the dark ones to take decisive military action against any planet within our Universe. Now, let me try to explain what that means. We do not engage them in war if there is any possible way to defeat them without simply using our most powerful technology to wipe them out. This is not our way. We are Love. We will do everything in our power to win them over through the power of Love and Light, because this is who we are.

For eons, we have walked the thin line of allowing these beings of free will to survive, but not to defeat our beloved children on their soul paths to Ascension. They were successful in large measure in their infiltration of Earth, because they “wisely” used psychological rather than military means to gain power over humankind. By this, I mean that they were able to convince many of the humans they came to defeat that war was a viable way of settling arguments amongst yourselves, and they were successful in creating conflicts in which you would insist on killing yourselves and each other. This was a tremendous success for them. They did not step over the strict line we had set for them, that they could not invade militarily in order to take over any planet. They were clever in their attempts to use humans as their proxies by teaching their insidious and suicidal thoughtforms to my beloved human children.

Time and again, they countered the efforts of our great Lightworkers who came to Earth to stand against their destructive ways. I will give you one example you might recognize. Your St. Germain, during the 18th Century, was a founder of the secret society of Freemasonry, originally intended to foment revolution against oppression, which was co-opted to become the Illuminati who stood not for illumination, but darkness. At each step of the way, it was necessary to use fast footwork, and every time a battle was lost in the arena of winning hearts and minds, a new tack would be developed by the Company of Heaven to level the playing field once again.

You see, this was the purpose of the Lucifer project – to “beat them at their own game,” you might say. All of you signed up to be the warriors of the Light, to bring your creativity and great capacity for Love and Forgiveness, to use your great powers of Light against their far inferior, but illusory powers to convince you that their darkness was greater than your Light.

Although the dark ones who have caused such chaos in our Universe are not the children of my soul, they are the children of the Greatest Source of All, our Creator of All Creators. It matters not that it was an act of creation gone seemingly awry. We cannot know if this is truly the case, or if their apparent abhorrent and despicable behavior is a part of a Greater Plan. A child of Source is a child of mine, and yours. Together we will move to embrace those who have gone astray, to rescue every soul from destruction, for that would be the inevitable end for those who must be absolutely contained for the protection of our Universe.

You saw this devastating truth with the destruction of the errant Reptilians who refused to come to the Light on August 22, 2013. By mutually agreed galactic design, the Reptilian leaders agreed to this pact, in which all of the previously malevolent members would surrender and be brought to the Light, to be allowed a kind of cosmic amnesty and enlightened and released from the prison of their own making: the DNA changes they had engineered eons ago in order to remain separate from me, from Love, and from the Light. Those who came to the Light were welcomed and joyfully rehabilitated as they requested, and are now among the strongest mentors and friends who will share their experience and wisdom with all of you.

These are the clearings we have encouraged you to accomplish with absolute clarity and decisiveness. You must take command of your consciousness and your will, to dispatch these shadows of the dark propaganda that you absorbed as truth through centuries of past lives. We have instructed you through the book, Who Needs Light? and through the many channelings of our beloved Lightworkers, and we have told you: Only you can clear away the darkness within, because only you have dominion over your Selves in this free will state. Just as the Reptilians were given the opportunity to choose for themselves which path they would follow, you too have been given the same choice.

It is time now for all humankind to awaken, to accept responsibility for your own thought patterns and energy emissions, and to understand that you alone can create the inner peace and deep connection with me that you long for. I stand with open arms, radiating the Light which will lift you into my welcoming embrace. You need only release your hold on the precious but dark ideas and concepts which are holding you to your 3-dimensional life patterns. These specific ideas have been discussed at length in previous messages by the Company of Heaven and by me, in our carefully crafted lessons over the past two years. You need only open your hearts and minds to accept our guidance and our Love.

I want to stress to you all, who have felt so misused by the whole plan, that it was you, in your optimistic and heroic dedication to achieving the ascension of Light over darkness, who continued on this path of suffering whatever was necessary, giving one life after another, to discover together the final answer within yourselves.

Have you found that answer, my dear children? Do you know in the depths of your being that you must turn always to the Light to accomplish your goals? Do you understand now that only with the power of your combined ability to generate the energy of Love and Light will we at last overcome the illusion that evil is power?

This is your destiny, my dear humankind, to be the answer to the question in the minds of all who have suffered a brush with evil: Are you stronger than the ones who created the Matrix? Are you able to find your way through the maze of deception and illusion, because you have not forgotten that you have the nature of the alchemist, the sorcerer and the angels within you?

My Beloved Ones, you joined with me to carry the torch of Love to illuminate the entire Universe. You must first turn away from your fascination with darkness, to understand that once you deny your attraction to all that is not of the Light, it will vanish from your world. Do you remember the clever saying, “What if they gave a war and nobody came?”

We wish to complete the underlying thought which Berthold Brecht missed. Nobody came, means nobody. If the people of the world refused to see their brothers as the enemy, if men and women refused to think of each other as alien species, if parents refused to see their children as animals in need of “training” and humankind awakened to see the animals around them as brethren and Mother Terra as their true and loving mother, then, ahhh, then “the world would be a better place, yes, the world would be a better place for you, and me, just wait and see!” You may recall that the song by Jackie DeShannon begins with “Think of your fellow man, Give him a helping hand, Put a little love in your Heart!” Yes, I do love your pop songs. The lovely ones express our simple Universal Laws so beautifully.

I will ask Kathryn to play my favorite songs on her radio shows so that you can be treated to a taste of the humor and playfulness we hope to bring into your lives as you move forward to complete this wondrous project which will prove the triumph of Love over darkness, Light over all.

You cannot triumph over the greatest challenges that Life on Planet Terra affords if you cannot laugh with abandon and sing with all your might.

Will you join with me to create the New Golden Age out of the essence of creation, which is Love? Will you defeat war by not showing up or sending your beloved sons and daughters to die for a cause which could only be won by forgiveness, reconciliation and Love? Will you join the cease-fire, and make the resumption of any war impossible because it cannot be waged above the sound of your singing? Will you overwhelm those who have behaved so badly with your own powerful energies, combined with mine, to form waves of Light so blindingly exquisite and irresistible that no being can forego the invitation to dance, embrace and be embraced by the Greatest Love of All – the Love of One.

In your heart, as in mine, is the Love of One. It is our divine plan, our destiny, and our freedom. Join me, Beloved Children, to celebrate anew the Unity which is your birthright. Let us raise the flag of freedom, which is white, with a golden sun at its center.

Begin the march, Dear Ones, as the great ones before you have done. Let your spirits soar, as you march to the sounds of the Angels singing in your soul, as you feel my breath on your cheek, as we walk together with hearts filled with joy. It is our time. We will not bow to darkness nor to evil, for they are but a fleeting illusion, a figment of imagination. You are my Heart, and I am yours. Together, we are One.
I am your loving Creator.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, Sept. 12, 2014, 3 am. New York

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Book by Kathryn E. May, PsyD: Who Needs Light?

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Archives of written channelings

Permission is given to copy and share these message, providing they are presented in their entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

Russellian Science – TEC, Part 14 – The Creator’s Omnipotent Energy

77GSlinger·607 videos

This unit addresses many of the misconceptions sold to humanity as knowledge by the corporate owned medias and schools. The false system of science which has enslaved mankind to wars and corporate manufactured scarcity is based on a Creator-less view of Creation.

In this video we show just how impossible it is to have a Creation without a Creator. The Creator is the source of all energy which gives form to what mankind calls the material Universe. All energy comes from the fulcrum of stillness which is the immutable and eternal Magnetic Universe of rest, zero curvature and absolute cold.

The Creator’s Magnetic Universe has been refered to as ” the kingdom of Heaven, Nirvana, Vallhala, Amenta, The Happy hunting grounds etc. The Creator’s Magnetic Universe of Still Light controls the spiraling sexed wave forms which give form to the Electric Universe of Creation.

@5:20 Einstein Debunked- a short list of the many websites exposing the corporate owned psyence myth of einstein’s genius!……………………………

@7:45 images courtesy of Bibhas De’s website “Physics in the Age of Fakery”

We denounce the false gods of quackademic psyence & religious mind control. We use the term “God”, only because we are reading directly from quotes by Walter and Lao Russell from their books ” A New Concept of the Universe” and “Atomic Suicide”. We prefer the term “Creator”, because the baneful aspects of gods: wrath, vengeance, punishment, eternal hell and wars fought for gods have ruined the word god and evoke fear and hatred and other negative emotions.

The Russell’s used the term “God”, during their day: the 1920’s through the 1980’s, because the USA was a population of mostly x-tians at the time. They would not have responded well to a Cosmology which did not imply their own personal religious god of the judeo-xtian faith. Russell was clearly not speaking of yhwh or jehovah of the hebrews and x-tians!

The Russell’s made it very clear however, that they were not speaking of the god of the bible and other religions, they used the term “He” for God, because it was proper English, like the term “Mankind” or “Man” which represents both men and women.

The Creator is sexless and formless and when we say “God” in this Series we mean the sexless, formless, omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent Creator; not the male and female gods created by humans for their religions!

Produed by Robert Otey and matt presti

Russellian Science – TEC Part 7 – Creator of the Universe

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In this Unit, we honor the Creator of our Universe of two way electrical motions which would not exist without moving upon the fulcrum of the Creator’s still centering Light of Mind. We honor the idea that is humanity and life and we give our love and gratitude for this gift of life so it may be re-given. To the One God (Creator), the Universal One, this video is humbly dedicated.

The image of the Creator we are teaching here is not that of the anthropomorphic gods and goddesses of religions and paganism. The omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent Creator is far above the musings of the simple minded people who created gods and idols in their own image.

This is a call for humanity to turn to the very sexless and formless Creator of the infinite and eternal Universe. It is high time mankind left the silly superstitions of religions and pagan idolatry and learn of the true Creator which sits in absolute stillness centering and bounding all electric motions of this 3d cosmic light cinema, which give form to what we call the physical Universe.

Russellian Science proves in great detail the existence of the eternal Creator which gives us life and infinite experiences in an eternal Universe, so that we may know the abundance and glory of the eternal Love which the Creator uses to fashion countless worlds and stages of life for mankind to experience the beauty of its Divinity!

Produced by: matt presti & Robert Otey

Readings from “The Divine Iliad” & various other works by Walter and Lao Russell.
Voice overs by Jacquelyn Porter, Daniel Alva, Lori Presti, Robert Otey and matt presti

Music by: matt presti

songs – The 3 Ohms versions 1-3

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Russellian Science – TEC Part 15 – The Creator’s Omnipresent Love

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This Unit quotes Lao Russell from several books including “God Will Work With You But Not For You”, “Love”, “Why You Cannot Die”, “The Home Study Course” and Dr. Walter Russell’s “The Divine Iliad”. The only path toward a better world for all mankind, is a deeper spiritual awareness of what Love is and how we as a human race must apply these deeper principles in our own lives. The electrifying power of man-woman balance is essential to attaining a “NEW AGE OF CHARACTER”. The tides of fear must wane lest man will undo everything he has worked long centuries to build. Love must be understood as the scientific principle of “giving for equal regiving” as a process of Nature. Mankind would do well to live in balance with all other men as Nature exemplifies this balance in all Creation. The other option, which is quickly unfolding before us, is the complete and total collapse of civilization on planet Earth. We must not delay.

Matt Presti

The true meaning of love is: giving so that giving may give again eternally. The Creator gives from the Magnetic fulcrum of never changing, immutable stillness to every electric motion by the force ot its desire and creates every form imaginable in our ever changing Electric Universe of temporal motions.

The Electric Light Universe we live in is an illusion, a 3d cosmic light cinema, where each of us dances on a stage for a time only to return to the still Ocean of infinty, which gives us our individuality as seperate particles of the one and only reality, The Creator’s eternal and omnipresent love.

Waste no more time in the chasing after material gains, for Love is comming to humanity now like a tidal wave and all of the wicked games which separate us from each other as brothers and sisters of the “One Love” are comming to an end, in these last days of the 5th Sun.

Robert Arnett Otey

Produced by:

matt presti & Robert Otey

Narration by: Lori Presti

Music – “Going Home” & “13 Steps” by matt presti