The Creator Writings – Celebrate – by Sirian Heaven – 8-6-17

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Take a moment today to celebrate who you are

and how much you have grown. ~ Creator

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Creator Writings – Your Work Has Just Begun – 7-11-16


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You may have been feeling lately that, to advance spiritually, you will need to leave behind all that is familiar, comfortable and safe.  In the past, when the consciousness level of your Earth plane was lower, that may have been true, but not today….not in this moment.

Yes, there will be some people that fall away from your existence because they choose not to grow, but do not let that stop you!  You manifested here, in this time and in this place to assist the raising of vibration of humankind.  Please do not turn your back your ‘work’.  You will not be left alone or abandoned because there is a multitude doing the very same thing!  This time, this now is the most important thing that has ever happened and you are needed! ~ Creator

Creator Writings – Send Them Love – 6-12-16


There will be times when you speak to others about your perceptions of the Truth Of The Universe and it will upset them. Do not take this personally. Instead, send them love. When they are ready, they will understand. ~ Creator


The Creator Writings – Am I Really? – 5-27-16

universal-connection-intuition-psychis-abilitiesvia Jennifer Farley, The Creator Writings

There will be times when what others say and do will make you doubt your connection to The Universe and Unconditional Love.

These are the moments when you need to step back, feel into the situation with your heart and ask for guidance.

Please keep in mind that what you feel is true may not be the case for others….and that is okay.

However, if you move through your life with pure intent and transparency, you will have nothing to doubt or fear. ~ Creator

Creator Writings – Always With You – 4-24-15



Creator Writings   –   Always With You   –   4-24-15


Sometimes the pressures and business of everyday life will seem as if it has taken your connection to The Universe.  As you plod along looking for signs that you are doing what you should be doing, none appear. 

Never fear, my beautiful one!  Your connection is not gone.  On the contrary, it is stronger than it’s ever been.  Today, you are invited to take a moment, close your eyes, breathe and remember….I have always been and will always be with you. ~ Creator

Creator Writings – What Do You Choose? – 3-29-16


You can choose to be the machinery that moves the human or the human that moves the machinery. The first is concerned only with what is readily visible and available, the other is able to see beyond the basic mechanics of your Earth-plane. Which do you choose to be? ~ Creator.


Creator Writings – Light And Warmth – 1-16-15



Each of you is a Sun in the center of your own galaxy,

lighting and warming even the coldest reaches.

Very soon, there will be a time when the

brilliance of you will overlap with others

and envelope any darkness remaining with pure love.

~ Creator

The Creator Writings – From The Beginning – 1-1-15



From the beginning, from the moment you drew your first breath on your Earth-plane, you were whole. Life experiences changed and morphed you from that wholeness. You now have an opportunity to return to it. Grab it with both hands and pull it close to you. It is, after all, yours. ~ Creator

Dreaming – The Creator Writings – 11-3-14

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When the dreamer dreams, nothing is impossible; flying, amazing feats of strength, meeting those who have crossed over or any number of things is completely normal and attainable.  The human mind possesses the capacity to create galaxies, to spin yarns of exquisite beauty (or terror) to show you exactly what your full potential truly is.  The only difference between the sleeping and waking mind is the ability to know you can accomplish these thing in a conscious, waking state.  Please remember; anything you can dream, you can create.  Free will is yours! ~ Creator

Without You – The Creator Writings – 3-17-14



Creation wouldn’t be Creation if it was missing anything!

Without you, there would be no Universe, no One and no Love! You are an important and integral piece of the Master Plan. You are needed, unconditionally loved, respected and celebrated in each breath of your Earth-plane existence. ~ Creator

Blurring The Lines – Creator Writings


As the lines between concrete concepts begin to blur, ponder this perspective; you are always a teacher and always a student. A definitive and un-swaying thought in any one direction hinders your growth and, ultimately, will block the free flow of energy that is needed to expand your awareness. ~ Creator