What is the Creator Race? – Steve Beckow – 4-27-14

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We’ve heard the celestials, galactics, and ascended masters call us the “creator race.” But what is the creator race? Let’s spend a moment looking at the descriptions of it that we’ve been offered.

Before we get into it, I have to say that there are not a large number of references to the subject and that can make an article seem lean. I’m giving the research that I could find, but I’m sure there’s a lot more that could be said on the subject, once we’re given that “more” by our channeled sources.

Jesus Sananda explained the derivation of the term “creator race” in 2010. He said:

“I wish to explain to you this day a little more about this creation [of Gaia] and about this … creator race. It is not a race of supremacists – quite the contrary. It is a race of humble human beings who are the embodiment of grace and the embodiment of Love.” (1)

He discussed the creation of Gaia, originally as a place where angels could come to have an experience in form. Gaia’s physical setting was created by angels and archangels.

“Often we have talked to you, and particularly my beloved Mother has talked to you, about the creation of this wonderful planet of Gaia and how it was created as a planet of Love and a planet of peace, my friends. …

“In the very creation and the essence of this mighty being called Gaia was the formation of a place, a physical experience of such diversity and incredible beauty that the angels would come and play here and know what it was to have a physical experience of Love.” (2)

Nothing was overlooked, he says:

“The planet was created in majesty. Nothing went unattended from dewdrops to oceans, forget-me-nots to the redwood forests, from the grain of sand on the beach to the Rocky Mountains, to the Himalayas. Nothing, nothing was overlooked: the diversity, the splendor. How could an angel not come here and feel that they were in the heart of magic still connected to all of us at home?

“When the first beings came and their heritage, their lineage as you tend to think of it even when they were star beings, were angelic. That has always been the function of this place and the act of service that Gaia performs for the Mother. And part of the joy, the fun of the beings who arrived in the very start, long before any of your recorded history, even long before Lemuria, was to create.” (3)

We humans came in to furnish the suite, so to speak.

“The Angels, some Archangels – Gaia didn’t want to be left totally alone in form – the purpose of which was to create the societies, the communities, and some of the finishing touches on Gaia, so think of it in this way that you had this planet that was beautiful, brand new, lustrous, in formation – as if you had an empty apartment and now you came in as the Creators to decorate and to decide in your building, in your community.” (4)

The creator race came to create the round of life inside the physical setting.

“Now the physical playground had been created; it had been set. But what the first race, the creator race, as you have come to think of it and know it, was to create experiences, activities, the joy of physicality. And most of that physical experience was not just of having a body but of having emotion, ego – but not ego the way you think of it but persona because of the form they had chosen to inhabit and create to take with them – and a mental facility as well. Now that was an enormous creation. And then they arrived: so what will we do with it? And the creation has never stopped.” (5)

Fast forward to the present and Commander Ashira tells us that we, the creator race, have again come from everywhere and have mixed and mingled. Very few of us actually lived all our lives on Earth, even if we created the round of life on Earth in the beginning.

“There has been so much cross-fertilization – so many of you have lived everywhere. As we have said, you are the Creator Race, but you did not hang around Earth for the entire time, my dear friends – you are a planet of explorers. So as the channel, Linda [Dillon], has said – there are actually very few of you that are only of Earth.” (6)

Whomever we think we are, whatever role we think we‘ll play, we remain the creator race, according to Archangel Michael. And we’ve come to close the circle.

“It matters not what you call yourselves, whether it is wayshowers or pillars or gatekeepers or lightholders or loveholders. You are the creator race and you step into the fullness of that role. It is not something new. If anything, it is something ancient. It is the closing of the circle and the beginning of the new.

“So I invite you, I hold out my arms to you as do all the mighty ones , all the ascended masters. The Divine Mother, the Company of Heaven, we hold out our arms to you and say, please, join with us now in partnership.” (7)

The creator race was neither small nor restricted to a single generation, Ashira tells us.

“There was an original group called the Creator Race on Earth – and it wasn’t as small as many of you are thinking. Was it billions? No. But it was significant. … This was not simply one generation – it was many generations.

“So there were many generations of the Creator Race coming into form – either as Starseed or Angelics – into form to create what would be the experience of Love, of joy, of community, of temperance, on Earth. Now if you think of it as the various stages that you are aware of – industrial, agro, even your information age, your electronic age – well, you are much much older than you think.” (8)

The creator race even includes the dark hats, Ashira says.

“In the beginning … was the Creator Race, and now, most of you, all at once, all together – yes, even what you think of as the Dark Hats and the Cabal – have come back because you are the Creator Race. You have come full circle and you have come back and you have said, ‘Now we’re going to start again and we’re going to do it right.’ And we’re here to help you.”

lightworkers 22(Continued from Part 1.)

The false grids or paradigms gained foothold over the years, Jesus informs us.

“Now over many thousands of years the illusions, the false paradigms – what we call the disillusion – have gained footing, gained a foothold very deep in the hearts and the minds of the collective. But still that kernel of knowing, of being able to create has never gone away whether it is creating a child, a baby, a family, a business, a flower garden.” It is just that the process has been slightly skewed.” (1)

We chose to return at this time to end this cycle (close the circle) and begin the new, Ashira explains.

“You have chosen to return. Think of it as a cycle that Gaia – Earth – and actually much of this sector has gone through a cycle.” (2)

And we came well equipped, Lord Maitreya tells us.

“The creator race, particularly in this universe, did not come ill-equipped. Quite the contrary. You were infused with all, so you have the capacity within you, and therefore externally, to create the All.

“This deep sense of knowing, of power and the right use of will is where you are moving to. And it is the patterning. You are not simply mending the tears, the rents and the pattern that has occurred upon Gaia and throughout humanity. You are also creating a new pattern.” (3)

At the present moment we’re remembering what we need to to create the new world, he says.

“Yes, you are learning, you are remembering, you are inventing what this new realm of partnership truly entails. There is room for maneuvering. There is room for you to think and re-think, feel and re-feel, fill and re-fill, design and re-design who you are, but also who you are in terms of your plan, in terms of the Divine Plan, and in terms of your role in bringing forth the fulfillment of Nova Earth and Nova Being.

“So I welcome you to this new chapter, this new book, this new adventure.” (4)

When we fully remember who we are, want and need will disappear from the planet, Sanat tells us:

“When you reach the level of creativity, of creation, of reclaiming who you are as creator race, then you [will] have what you need.” (5)

St. Germaine tells us that we were originally one, even before the creator race arose, and that’s where we’re destined to return:

“Long ago, even before the creator race, we have all been one and known that. And we have had different responsibilities and talents that we have chosen to assume as our unique expression of one. But there was no sense of class distinction.

“There was no hierarchy; just a beautiful tapestry of oneness. And that is what we want again. That is our desire and our creation.” (6)

The key to us creating the New World, Jesus says, is love. And here we are in the Tsunami of Love, recovering that ability to love to restore our memory as the creator race and to restore our ability to create.

“The key, the answer, and the core of recreating this experience of being on Earth is Love. It is letting go of all the illusions and stepping into the knowing that you are the creator, that your best friend is a creator, and that we are co-creators with you. And so is Gaia. So are your star brothers and sisters.

“They were here in the very beginning. They have never left. You cannot continue to say ‘Oh, it is the forces of darkness and evil, and they are having a battle.’ Well, we are well aware of that. But it is not an even battle because where Love shines, all of that, all of that ridiculous illusion evaporates. (7)

So we’re the creator race, who came to Gaia after the angels and archangels created the physical setting and defined the round of life. Even the cabal is part of us. Eventually the human community on Gaia strayed into false grids and paradigms of control, greed, fear and hatred, but now we’re working our way back to the unconditional, unitive love that will transform this planet back again into the Garden of Eden it once was.

We have latent powers of creativity that will come alive in the near future and allow us to complete our work of banishing want and need, greed and separation from the planet.