Bill Ballard – Energies and The Event – There are Many Potentials for That – 1-17-14

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Humanity’s Final Fairy Tale – Becoming ONE With Higher Self

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We the Ground Crew, are manifesting Humanity’s Final Fairy Tale as we close in towards the end of 2012. We all have such great power to affect this world, such as how quickly many of the changes we are ALL very ready to begin happening on the surface of the planet. And so, we all have equal the responsibility as individual resonating forces among the collective consciousness. What role will you play in this Final Fairy Tale in Linear Time and Duality? Are you one of the ones bringing Eternity back to the awareness of Humanity, or among those that are holding it up?

Think about just how powerful we each are individually as brilliantly shining light beings embodying our current bodies. This power is indeed infinite and limited only by the beliefs we hold within our awareness. And especially now with all the exponentially increasing energies within and around us, our thoughts begin creating with great force behind them and most everyone doesn’t understand just how directly their circumstances are created by their very own intentions, whether deliberately or not. So when healing and telepathic communication can be so easily and naturally accomplished across the entire cosmos, simply through one’s own Divine Willpower, I’m hoping to inspire that optimism, enthusiasm and desperately needed motivation towards manifesting the very best of who we are, both individually as well as a collective consciousness towards manifesting ALL THAT IS throughout ALL of Gaia.

In this video, as a message to the ground crew, I am sharing the great importance of looking within the Heart to reach enlightenment, to fully incarnate the Higher Self within the body, to reach Unity Consciousness and of course it is imperative to ascend. There is nothing “outside of you” that will face your fears for you, nothing “outside of you” that will clear your Karma for you, nothing “outside of you” …getting the picture? Yes, of course, there is a time to help all our brothers and sisters, but all these things can be done through each our own hearts and by asking for assistance from our guides, our angels and of course, the Archangels as we race our way forward on the ascension path. And asking with Grace and Humility through the Heart will create miracles in your life.

I do hope this inspires some of you feeling depressed and a constant stagnation and boredom. Its true, these delays have gone on long enough, but please remember that we the ground crew are the best of the best. And it is our mission to bring our highest light and all the love that we can shine unto this world and humanity alike. love and adoration and gratitude for all that we are and all that we do!


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