GEORGI STANKOV, CARLA THOMPSON – ENERGY REPORT MAY, 2018 – Lightwork of Cosmic Proportions! – New Golden Galaxy – 5-17-18

Golden Galaxy

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May has truly been a month of light work of cosmic proportions as we have not experienced before. And we are used to all kinds of multidimensional, transgalactic experiences as this website documents. It all began with the arrival of the new red giant sun of the new Golden Galaxy, where Gaia is now firmly anchored, on April 13, only 10 days after we arrived in Italy. This country is the beginning and the end – the Alpha and Omega – of all incarnation experiments on earth. It is here where the first Elohim souls acquired a physical body to experience the joys and limitations of an artificial world of matter which they had created in their creative exuberance, and it is from here that these same souls will bring back their creation to the Source. And these souls are we and the PAT.

The new red giant introduced the new energetic condition of magnetism and completely eliminated the previous forms of electricity that interacted with magnetism. Electricity is a highly polarised, lower vibrating, dense form of magnetism within matter due to the ubiquitous existence of positive and negative polarised particles, such as electrons and protons. This polarisation extends to all molecules and macro-structures of matter, such as grid structures in metals, crystals, and so on. The entire quantum structure of matter, down to the hypothetical quarks, display charge as a form of polarisation. The only particles that do not have charge are the photons and that is why I speak in the new theory of the Universal Law of photon space time contrary to matter which is always electrically polarised.

I was the first scientist to have shown that, apart from that, photons are of the same nature as matter – they have mass (energy relationship) and constantly interact with matter while exchanging mass (energy). In present-day failed physics photons are considered massless particles and this prevented physicists from understanding and explaining gravitation. I was the first scientist in the modern history of mankind to have explained gravitation and integrated it with the other three fundamental forces which the current standard model has failed to achieve.

But this is just one aspect regarding the similarities and differences of polarised electricity and unpolarized magnetism as distinct energetic levels of All-That-Is. I was also the first scientist to prove that organic cells, and in particular human cells, are operating as spherical electric capacitors that build a huge gradient across the cell membrane that is the vital, driving force of the entire metabolism in the cell. Essentially the human body is of electric origin and that is why the current biological approach as biochemistry cannot explain anything – for instance, how the human body consisting of trillions of cells is regulated in such a perfect manner, obviously by the soul, also defined as “Nature” in science in defiance of the existence of the soul.

Modern bio-sciences are not in the position to even explain the regulation of a single cell and they have no clue how DNA truly operates at the supramolecular level. This last term was introduced by myself for the first time in the new General Theory of Biological Regulationwhich I developed in the 90’s. The reason for that was that I discovered that while all bio-matter and biological moieties are of electric origin as described by the dipole model, another new concept which I introduced for the first time in science in this particular form to explain the function of all biochemical substances, including all drugs, in the cell, there is also an unknown magnetic level of organic matter that actually drives the regulation of all biological bodies and cells. This magnetic level is based on long-range solitons that are built at the supramolecular level, especially in the long chemical chains of the DNA strands, which constitutes the actual software program for the regulation of the body and the cells. Solitons are extended non-polarised magnetic fields, both at the quantum and the macro-level, that operate on the principle of superconductivity. Figuratively speaking, as to make it easier for all non-scientists to understand what I am saying, superconductivity eliminates all energetic blockages that hinder the free flow of energy.



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