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Cosmic Awareness : Will Berlinghof

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That which is Cosmic Awareness is today available. That this Awareness would ask you now, Joan, to proceed.

Thank you, and welcome.

Cosmic Awareness, thank you for being with us today for the Rainbow-Phoenix Membership session of April 17, 2016. Will Berlinghof is the Voice of Cosmic Awareness, Joan Mills is the questioner and Energizer. Is there an opening message or any event you would like to discuss please, at this time? Thank you.

That this Awareness has an opening message.

That this Awareness says to the members that you are right now in a very critical space and place as humanity, as individuals, moving into a different reality. That this Awareness for the last several months, has been emphasizing that the energies at this time are such that anything could happen and that those in power are indeed pushing things at this time, for they too understand the alignments of the planets and their forces, and of the energies that are playing themselves out now and they too realize that they could use these unstable and powerful energies to their advantage or, at least, this is how they, too, see it.

That they could use those energies that could create the situations of advantage for them, that they can use this to their advantage and yet at the same time, there is a wildness about this time, an uncertainty of how things might come out. Therefore, even these ones who see that the energies are of a high nature and if utilized properly by them to gain
that which they wish to gain, that which is their continuance of power, that even they cannot predict what will occur, for they no longer can see into the future as they once did. That which was their ability to read different timelines from the timeless space of fourth dimensionality, is not effective or working for them as it once did, and that this is so since that time of the mass Ascension event that occurred in December of 2012, the Ascension event of December 21, 2012. Yet they have
proceeded as if they will still achieve their goals, but it is no longer
guaranteed and it is no longer that which suits Divine Source and Its purpose of bringing a new level of consciousness to humanity, to Mother Earth, and even to the solar system, the galaxies and the universe.

This is that which those in power right now do not comprehend or understand. It is as if they are automatons, automatic robots
that are wound up and must proceed along the path that is set for them. They lack flexibility in this matter and because previous viewings of timelines showed that there were certain ones that they could use to their advantage because this was seen before December 21st, 2012, they are continuing along those options, those paths of possibility, that once showed them that this would be the way to go for them to achieve the results they wish to achieve.

There are other factors of course that are now playing themselves out, factors of intervention of the extraterrestrial beings that belong not to the Archonic forces, but to the forces of that which one could loosely call Divine Source and Divine Light.

That there are interventions that are happening and have been happening over the last several years, that have been shunting
the ones who have been trying so hard, off of their path, that which they
thought might come to be, and yet such as the inflexibility and thus the
weakness of the powers-that-be that they cannot see that they are the
powers-that-were and that the significance of their authority has been
diminished, has been curtailed, and is not that which will proceed.

Having said this, this Awareness must also emphasize, this is only so for those who do not buy in any longer to the manipulations of those in power. The majority of humanity, unfortunately, is still being provoked towards reaction and towards certain response because they are not yet aware enough to see the manipulations or to understand that that which they assumed to be truth and reality of a third dimensional construct.
Tthat which is their reality is false by nature and manipulated by those who have a greater understanding of these events.

Having said this, this Awareness can also say that humanity itself is being moved towards events that will be so shocking in nature and so upsetting that previous tenants of faith and belief structures
will crumble because the ones that have been pushing them are being deprived of their power and capacity to continue the sham and to continue the deception that they have been engaged in for hundreds and thousands of years.

There is that force that will help humanity, even the ones that are totally unaware of things, who have not questioned, would not question, for they have bought into the reality constructs that have been given to them, that they have been indoctrinated into.

But the only way that this can happen are through extraordinary events. Events that do not go according to the plans of those who consider themselves to be in power, who have the right to do to humanity anything they wish as it has been and as they think it will continue to be.

These extraordinary events, unfortunately, are events that could crumble existing structures of reality that most live their lives by.
For example: the assumption that if one works hard and has trust and faith in one’s government that they will do alright.

What will happen if the economic situation, for example, collapses? It is
already a frightening state of affairs in the United States regarding the true levels of unemployment, that are not being reported accurately and many are already facing economic hardship because of a lack of employment and yet, the belief is still that they will be taken care of by their government, and that all will still work out.

However if an economic event of great magnitude were to occur and that the economic backing of the American dollar crumbles, is devalued, then, the situation will grow much worse.

This Awareness is here to say that at this time, one of the events that the United States and the world itself globally, is being moved towards is the collapse of the American dollar as the currency of international standing. There are events taking place at this time: meetings between the bankers and the President and the VicePresident, all in secret. There are negotiations underway that are pushing a China agenda; that there is a very strong likelihood of a collapse of the American economy in the next few weeks.

That this Awareness speaks of this, for these are the events and the plans that are being worked with by ones in the know.

That most, of course, do not know anything of this and simply are proceeding under the assumptions that America is alright financially and it is too big to fail and that what America is doing is that which is the envy of the rest of the world… without ever understanding that the situation of America, what with its stolen gold, the gold that is the nation’s gold by your former leaders, by your industrialists, your corporate leaders, has left the country bereft of gold as a backing for the currency and that this is well known amongst many in the economic field who deal with these matters; but it is hidden both from the American people and generally from the populace of the planet. And many proceed as if the American dollar is the bastion of all currencies,
the strongest of all currencies, when in actuality the American dollar is the weakest of the international currencies. And that it is all based on lies and deceptions, smoke and mirrors, to keep up the illusion that America, financially-speaking, is still a powerful nation and can weather the storms of economic disparity.

There have been, in the last several years, groups that are moving towards the abandonment of the American currency which is
based on petroleum; thus, the petro-dollar back to a gold standard-backed currency.

That China is that nation at this time that is in the strongest economic position for they have gold and that there are manipulations and plans
to move the international currency away from America and to China. Thus the UN, the Yuan, the Chinese currency becomes the international currency and this is very close to happening. And if it does happen, a series of events will occur in the United States that will see the devaluation of the American dollar.

That these will be in preceded by a closing of  the banks, that which will be called a “bank holiday,” and that when the banks open again the dollar that was valued at one level will be much lower, having been devalued and that this will send shock waves through America. And that
there will be many collapses of many businesses and that many will find
themselves in economic destitution and despair. That this can even happen as soon as May 2nd.

That this Awareness is putting this information out at this time, not to focus the attentions on this event happening. It is one event that could happen, one timeline that many are starting to energize.

There is a strength to this timeline that must be acknowledged, but this Awareness would still say to one and all: remember that you will receive what you focus upon.

That this Awareness presents this information to help you prepare for the shock of a collapse economically in the United States, but would also ask you to remember that it has been advising one and all towards that which this Awareness speaks of as sacred neutrality.

That this Awareness for several years has been speaking of the need not to go into panic or fear or meltdown, but to hold the space, to stay in that place of sacred neutrality with the understanding that this is what was needed, because the system itself, at the core, was and is
corrupt, and that the corruption must finally be routed out, rooted out, must be removed, and if this means that the collapse will cause… not the destruction of the United States, but rather its rebirth, so that a new system can happen and new leaders for the people and of the people can be elected.

For the deception that is prevalent in the United States of America and in other Western nations as well, which are following the lead of the United States of America, is nothing short than the manifestation of these dark ones and the corruption that they are.

That because most do not question, most do not entertain even the thought that their own government that they have put on the
highest pedestal in complete ignorance, in complete unawareness of the truth, that these very ones are the very ones that are causing great harm to the people and to the nation and to the planet itself, the global community of humanity. And it is for this reason that this Awareness has long been speaking of events that could happen to destroy the existing system and systems, to destroy the corruption of the leaders who would sell out and have sold out their own people for their own selfish profit.

This is that time. Prepare yourself now and be prepared. But also understand that you must be flexible, you must hold that no
matter what happens, you will be alright, everything will work out, for you must also remember that Divine Source Itself, the Spirit of the Divine, the Spirit of your own multidimensionality, in its expanded state, is also working towards coming through this event.

Therefore, even though an event of breakdown may soon occur, hold this as the time of breaking through, going through the blocks and the barriers.

That if one can maintain level footing, if one can maintain a clear head and if one can stay out of fear and panic and knee-jerk reaction, then one has a better chance of getting through the unfolding events.

That as one stays in that place of sacred neutrality, trusting that that which is happening is that which needs to happen to bring down the corrupt regime and that all will work out and that something much greater and much better than that which has been, replaces that which has been; then, one will find that this journey, this transit through troubled times, although perhaps challenging, although perhaps a little frightening, is basically that which can be handled, and that which will indeed lead them as individuals, and them as family units, and them as cultural groups of a nation, that needs to be adjusted forward through the upheaval and to the place that lies beyond.

Hold a future that all will work out because that which is the corruption has been removed. Hold that Divine Source is with you, walks with you, will not abandon you, has not abandoned you, and that this too is part of a much greater plan of Spirit that needs to happen, for a cleansing is desperately needed at this time. For the corpse of the nation that is America is rotting and this corpse must be restored to a higher status of its own beingness.

It is that which is represented by the resurrection, that Easter recently put this theme into mass consciousness, that the one known as Jesus had been crucified, sacrificed on the cross of materialism and physicality, had died for the sins of humanity.

That this is part of a propaganda of religion, of the Christian region. But what is not propaganda is this understanding that if one lets go of that which no longer serves, which is only a deception and a deceit and one is willing to be born into the new truth of one’s own being and
the higher spiritual truths, that this will be the resurrection and the
transmogrification of that which was at one level transcended into a higher level, consciousness itself, transcended from the restricted level of third dimensionality into the higher planes of fourth dimensionality and beyond into fifth dimensionality.

Remember this is all part of that which lies ahead and is possible, but can only happen if that which is the rotting corpse that has been fed upon by ones who are vampires in nature, is finally released and let go and that this can only happen when certain events occur that while
on the surface may seem horrible events, events of a great catastrophe, but in truth, are those that serve the clearing and the cleansing of the rottenness of the decay, of the stench of deceit, of lies, of manipulation, of violence, of hatred, of all that which now is so, is held by those in power.

Therefore, be prepared, for the energies are accumulating in terms of the economic collapse of the American dollar and the American economy. Remember that even if this happens, it does not mean that on
a local level there are not sources of food or that you cannot still have
shelter and protection, or that you will be crushed by it. This is not
necessarily seen as that which will occur, unless, again this is emphasized and you believe that you will be crushed and destroyed by the circumstances that are being unleashed, by the events that are happening.

This Awareness has never completely spoken to the issue of an event that could happen, and even while It is doing so now, It will still remind you that this is but a timeline of possibility, and that you are in a fulcrum point right now, before such an event happens, to focus yourselves in a direction, in an understanding of events that could occur, that would place you on a timeline other than that which is being outlined by this Awareness.

That this is your individual choice to hold that you can proceed in a different way and that which is being predicted by this Awareness does not need to be that which is your experience of reality, your experience of a timeline of events. That even though many are energizing
this, these timelines of their individual making into mass, a mass timeline, even though energies are being collated here, collected towards this event to be so, that you, the individual, as a creator being, aligned with your own higher potential, and your own higher multidimensional nature, can still hold that all will be well, that there will be resolution to these events, and these dire events that this Awareness has been describing are not the events of your experience, are not the events of your timeline and for you these events may never unfold.

It would be a mistake, however, to say that this means that this Awareness is wrong. It is not whether this Awareness is wrong
or right, it is simply that this Awareness is sharing with you at this time, the energies that are underway. It is fact that President Obama met with the Vice President Biden for a series of meetings, an unprecedented occurrence. It is true that bankers have been gathering in Washington over the last few days for discussions. It is true that there are discussions happening with China. These are facts that are happening in many timelines, but does this mean that you, the individual, the Creator being of your life, needs it to express itself, as spoken by this Awareness? For all that is, is that which is the majority energy
that many will choose to experience; but not the guaranteed energy that must be experienced by each and every individual. Be the strong individual, hold that all will work out, that even if events collapse, this is but a great opportunity presented by Spirit to move yourself forward, to move yourself beyond the limitations that are so at this time for the majority of people. Choose your timeline, focus on this, hold
it to be so and then let it go, be flexible, for that is what is m ost needed at this time: flexibility.

That even though the world is on the very precipice of an event of great magnitude and other events also seen, not simply the economic fields, that could also possibly erupt, that this Awareness is still indeed saying to one and all, do not focus on these events as that which will occur;  hold it rather as this could happen, and if it does happen and you
do experience this type of upheaval, that you hold that you will be alright, that you and your loved ones will manage this, will come through this and that it is a breakthrough and not simply a breakdown, and that no matter what, this is that which serves the greater purpose of Source and Spirit, that serves the greater purpose of humanity and Mother Earth.

These are unprecedented times, these are times of extraordinary events, hold it always that however things unfold, this is your opportunity to break through. This is your opportunity to grow and expand. This is your opportunity to release and heal those areas of your own life and
those areas of your collective lives with others, that need healing, need
release. That it is the time to move forward into these events and through these events. And if it is so that you experience nothing of this, then pat yourself on the back, for this will mean that you have been able to truly focus on a timeline that is possible, a timeline where the destruction does not need to occur the way that many hold it, and many anticipate it. And if it is that you do experience upheaval and events around you collapse; then do not go into fear and panic, do not go into hopelessness, do not believe what you are being told; but hold rather that all will still work out.

There are other forces at play here, than simply the economic forces that you are told about or the extraterrestrial negative Archon ones you are told about or the religious beliefs that are prophesizing Armageddon. Do not go there, for if you focus your attention there,
you could indeed experience these as your reality.

Hold simply that all is collapsing, coming down because the structure itself is rotten and a new structure must now be built; but for this to occur, the old structure must come down. And that if you are
experiencing anything of this which is hard and challenging, know simply that this is the hard work and that there will be benefit from hard work in the sense that that which is removed can then be replaced with that which is sound and of the highest spiritual nature.

Know that this Awareness will not abandon you. Divine Source and Spirit will not abandon you. Your own multidimensional nature
and family will not abandon you. This Awareness asks you not to abandon Source, not to abandon this Awareness, not to abandon your own multidimensional spiritual nature.

That this is that which this Awareness presents as Its advice at this time, the eve before amazing events, the time before a collapse that is needed. That this Awareness sends Its energy to one and all in
these outstanding times of possibility and potentiality. This Awareness holds that all will be well and asks that you hold this for yourselves and your loved ones as well. That the blessings and energies, the Light and the Love of this Awareness are there for one and all and it is so.

And so be it.

Thank you Awareness, that was very, very interesting. The members, I am sure, will be pleased to have some insight as to what is going on. Thank you again.

That you are welcome, and that this Awareness would say that It would be well pleased if the majority never experienced anything of the events this Awareness is speaking of, for it truly would be the indicator
that they, those who have not experienced any of the events, have managed to set themselves upon timelines where such dramatic and extraordinary events need not take place and a more general peaceful transition does take place, where the forces of the Galactic ones that are here to assist and intervene, have had effect, where the powers of Divine Source have had influence and it is this that this Awareness will hold to be the experience of the majority and that this Awareness says it is possible for one and all who have such strong conviction and trust and faith that they can move through these outstanding changes in a much gentler way, where change does occur, but it does not
necessarily mean the total collapse of all, because of factors unseen and unknown and unaccepted that will help and assist the transition.
Hold this to be the truth of your being and the timeline of choice for you and then release, let go, step into the sacred neutral and understand that no matter what happens, you will be alright and that you will come through this in fine form.

That is very, very hopeful and I really hope, as well, that the people recognize that this is possible.

Thank you Awareness.

Channeller: Will Berlinghof
Source: http://rainbowphoenixcom.ipage.com/Archives/20160417M.pdf
Website: http://rainbowphoenixcom.ipage.com/

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghof – Maintain the Sacred Neutral – 4-20-16


Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghof   –   Maintain the Sacred Neutral   –   4-20-16



That which is Cosmic Awareness is available. Please Joan, proceed.

Thank you, and welcome Awareness to the April 10, 2016 Rainbow-Phoenix Membership session. Will Berlinghof is the Voice of Cosmic Awareness, Joan Mills the Energizer and Questioner. Do you have an opening message or any event you would like to discuss please at this time?

That this Awareness would say that at this time, many energies are occurring and that it is a time of instability and unsettlement, and that this is a continuance of the energies this Awareness was speaking of last month, the month of March, and even before March.

That this is a very powerful time indeed, and can create great havoc in the world, but it can also create great havoc in one’s own country or nation, in one’s own region, and most definitely in one’s own life.

Therefore if it is the case for each who is having a difficult time of it, where it is unsettled and demanding, that this Awareness would ask all to remember the importance of sacred neutrality at this time, of finding a way of not being drawn into the negative energies that are pummeling the planet, that are being focused and directed by certain ones who have an agenda.

This in particular to world events and national events, and that it is easy to get caught up in the events and to get caught up in the terror of things, especially if there are events that might come down in the next while, that will produce great terror and great angst and great fear.

That no matter what comes down, that one must stay neutral, must step into that which is the sacred neutral, for this is that which could also be understood to be the ‘eye in the center of the hurricane’, and as these energies swirl around you, storm around you, on the many layers and levels that they can express themselves, that by staying in the eye of the hurricane, in the center of your being, by maintaining sacred neutrality without judging the right or wrong of ones who are embroiled in actions, that you may not see as justified, or correct.

That nonetheless, to stay in the eye of the hurricane in your sacred neutrality will provide for you the means by which to get through these difficult unsettled energies that are very much percolating at this time, that are erupting at this time.

Of course for those who are not having such experiences, where things are even for them, and life is not havoc and chaos, that this Awareness would say that you are managing it, you are in the eye of the hurricane, in the center of your being, and that you are maintaining your understanding of the sacred neutrality, and this is that which you can show others, simply by being in that balanced place, in that place where you are not in fear or angst.

That ones who achieve this, that ones who are in such a state are visible to others who are in such a state, so do not be surprised if there will come to you those who would ask you, how are you maintaining such calmness, such stability, such positiveness.

Take this then as an opportunity for those who are in that place of balance and harmony and positivity, where you see the deeper picture and not simply the contributing factors of that picture, the small details that are being manipulated.

Use your position to share with others how you view things, how you understand things and how you hold things. You do not need to step upon a soap box; you do not need to force others to see it your way. But, if asked by those who are seeing that you are in a place of stability and balance, simply speak from your heart, the truth of your being and how you see things and how you live your life.

That this too is that which at this time of great instability can occur, many are beginning to awaken, indeed, it is the storm itself that is shaking them awake, and this is an opportunity, both for one’s own personal growth and development, to reach that place of stability and balance, as well as being the opportunity for those who live in that point, that center point, to share with others: how they see things, how they feel things, how they believe and what they know.

Most of all, during these weeks and months, remember that no matter what happens, it is all a journey. It is all an adventure, and that you have chosen this adventure, you have come into the experience of a lifetime, and in that choice, you have the capacity to view it, either as a chaotic journey full of havoc and destruction, upheaval and despair, or from a higher point where because you chose it.

There must a reason why you chose it and that you know from that higher point of your being you are here to go through this and help calm the waters and assist the many who are being pushed against the wall so brutally at this time, but who, by being pushed against the wall are now ready to ask questions, and to change their point of view.

These are exciting times, these are generous times, these are times of Great Spirit coming through to that which is the collective. You are part of the collective, but you are also an expression of Great Spirit, of Divine Source, of that highest conception of that which is your multi-dimensionality, and as a multi-dimensional spiritual being, having an experience of a lifetime, that this Awareness says to one and all, enjoy the journey, enjoy the trip, hold it to be the adventure you have always wished for and live your life as if it is so, for it is indeed so.

That this does complete the Opening Message.

Thank you, it was wonderful, very inspiring, very much appreciated. Thank you.

“Maintain the Sacred Neutral,” channeled by Will Berlinghof, April 10, 2016, at http://rainbowphoenixcom.ipage.com/Archives/20160410Q1.pdf

Source Link: Rainbow Phoenix: Rising To Ascension




Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghof – The Revolution Has Begun



Today is the 7th of February, 2016. Will Berlinghof is the Voice of Cosmic Awareness, and Callista is the Energizer and questioner. Welcome Awareness, could you please tell us if you have a message for the general public at this time. This is a very interesting and challenging time that we are going through. What are your comments on what is happening?


Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghof   –   The Revolution Has Begun



Will Berlinghof

That it is indeed a very interesting time, a powerful time, a time of great significance to humanity, to Mother Earth and to the unfolding of the template that is in formation, that many are tying into already, that is guiding them towards that which is an experiencing of events extraordinary, events of great magnitude and significance, and yet most do not even fully comprehend or understand this. Instead what is being generally experienced upon the planet is a time of great anxiety and angst, a time of confusion and chaos, as the world around them seems to be falling apart.

That the general public, of course, are not aware that the events that they are being focused to observe and partake in, are events of great significance and magnitude in a much deeper and older plan, an agenda that was formulated over the thousands of years, and has been moving towards this very time for completion and activation.

Activation for those who have been in power for so long of their agenda and their plans and to this long-held agenda that this Awareness would say, that those in power, false power, illusionary power, still think that they have the upper hand, and that they are hood-winking humanity into blind observation and compliance of the events that are happening on the world, that are leading them to the conclusion that is the conclusion those in power wish the masses to come to.

That these are dangerous times, these are fearful times, that they are victims to these times and these extraordinary events that promise to them and this way of looking at it, only great disappointment, sadness, hopelessness and despair. Yet these times are more than that which is the false agenda being worked out and pushed forward by those in power, those in the last stages of the old regime, the old empire, the old realm of ones who were privileged, ones who were committed to the plans of others above them, beyond them.

This Awareness is of course first referring to those who are known as the Elites, the Cabal, those who are the Illuminati ones, those who have had access to power and privilege for thousands of years. These are the ones on this earthly plane at this time, who are pushing the agenda that was formulated thousands of years ago and has been manipulated and maneuvered over the thousands of years to bring humanity to this very point, to bring Mother Earth to this very point where their plans, as they see it, and as they have pushed it, are about to come to completion. But, will they come to completion?

That this is their belief and that they have convinced many through their mind-control, through their social programming, through their controlled media, to believe in as they believe, that it will so even though they no longer have the authority to stay in power, even though their leaders above them have been deserting them.

Those who are at the top eschelon of the powers-that-be are not even those who are human, or in corporeal form. That this would be in reference to those who are known as the Archons, and their co-creation of the AI, the Artificial Intelligence, that they have been using to move events and circumstances forward, who have been dictating to the dictators what they must do, who they are serving, and how to do so.

These ones, the Archons, the AI, indeed still think that they will succeed, and this is passed down directly to their minions, their servants, those who have been advantaged over the countless centuries to serve these masters. In their perspective and in their way of seeing things, they are working indeed to complete that long-standing agenda, and they are very close as they see it to doing so. All of this is conspiring against humanity that have been the slaves to them, have been the energies that were fed upon, the sacrifices that they made, being that which has always fed these Archons.

But it is an important time now, not for the reasons just spoken of by this Awareness that those in power at different levels, assumed to be the reason of importance. This is their false perception, it is that which they think will happen, but that is not what is unfolding at the deepest levels, at unconscious levels.

That which is unfolding is a revolution and rebellion against those in power, not by ones who hold arms, not by ones who would go and battle their enemy, those in power, but rather the many who are on this Earth plane of existence at this time because they are here to participate in the actual shift in consciousness. The revolution of Spirit that is now underway on this planet and in this realm.

Many who are here to be participant in this revolution, this Spiritual awakening, do not understand fully what is happening. It is more that they are finding that they are feeling something, they are feeling that there is change coming, and many have been dedicated towards the change that is coming all of their lives, and yet the evidence always seems to support those in power that they are still in control, they are still pulling the strings. That is why it is very important to realize at this time that this revolution in Spirit on this plane of existence is taking place.

Much that is being experienced by those who have volunteered to come here, to be part of this shift in consciousness, this paradigm shift that is underway are having experiences at this time in their physical lives that are difficult for them, hard for them to understand, as it is so that many are still combating their own socialization, their own programming, that they have been part of and subjected to all of their lives.

Many for example at this time, are feeling great weariness and fatigue, many are sleeping much more than they used to, many are feeling that somehow this is wrong and yet their bodies are responding to this need to rest and to sleep. The programming that they have been raised with often indicates that they should be busy and active, and not simply lying around, resting and sleeping.

Yet this Awareness says those ones who are most affected this way, who feel this exhaustion to the degree that they must rest more, sleep more, are actually participating in events beyond the physical. They are participating in astral activities which are of great significance and importance at this time, for there is an astral battle that is currently taking place between those who are here to help free up the planet herself, consciousness itself, the human collective consciousness.

That these ones are partaking in astral battles with the Archons, the AI, with the demons and the jin of the interdimensional spaces that are here in large numbers. They are battling extraterrestrial ones that are the servants of the Archonic AI forces. This is a serious battle and to those many who are active at this time, feeling the effects of exhaustion in their lives, please understand that many of you are engaged when you are asleep in these activities where this battle is taking place.

That these activities demand great energy from you on that astral plane, and often it is so, that when you awaken, because of your activity in the sleep phase, in the engagement of the astral planes and the activities you are involved with at these astral planes, that upon awakening there is a sense of fatigue and tiredness because of this.

That if it is so that you are feeling on the physical plane that you should be more active and that you shouldn’t be sleeping so much, that this can be a vexation and a frustration to you. That this Awareness says therefore, to those who are feeling their great exhaustion, please understand that you are multi-dimensional beings that do not only have your existence on this physical plane, but co-exist on the astral planes, expand into levels of consciousness that are not tied in and tied up with the physical plane, the third-dimensional dualistic binary plane of existence.

You are beyond this when you are engaging in the astral levels, and especially at this time, where great conflict is taking place, the great battle for humanity and Mother Earth is currently underway. That in this battle, do not ever think or feel that it will not happen, that this transition, this shift in human consciousness will fail because it will not.

Divine Source and Spirit are behind this, but do understand that you are doing great work and are of extreme importance in this battle that is taking place beyond human perception and understanding. Yet there is a part of you that understands and says: “Well, there is a part of you that drives you forward to find new answers and new understanding, that feels this connection.” Trust this inner feeling, this inner knowing. Know that this time, this very time, is of extreme importance, especially in the unfolding events that will soon take place.

That this time is the time that Spirit has allocated as the time for the beginning of the shift, the actual beginning of the shift. For in a sense, due to the paradox, the shift has been underway for a long time already, but simultaneously is at a point where it is beginning.

Do not worry about the paradox of this. Simply hold that it is so, that you are a part of that which is a physical reality and the experiences you have during that physical time when you are awake, and simultaneously you are part of that which is non-corporeal, which exceeds that which is the physical, which puts you back into your Spirit body so that you can engage and be part of that which is being played out on the astral planes at this time.

That this Awareness is open to any questions the questioner might have of It.

Thank you Awareness, for that overview, because I think it is an overview, I really think there are a lot of questions that can be asked to go much more deeply into this situation and I ask that we have another session to answer a few questions for the membership, but at the moment, I think I might reserve my questions for that, and if you have anything else that you would like to add to what you have already said for the Public blog, would you please like to say it now?

That this Awareness has been speaking of the events that are to unfold in 2016 especially in the first quarter of 2016, especially in the middle of March 2016. That this Awareness does say that there will be an event in the middle of the month, around March 15th which is known as the Ides of March, that will be very challenging to many. That this is the time of preparation as one is experiencing already the convoluted energies on this planet, the inner, the inner connection to events on the astral, that inner knowing of things taking place beyond human comprehension.

That this time is of critical importance, this time here, now, in this month of February in preparation for the events in the time of March, in the middle of the month. It is seen that one of the plans of those in power is that which would be a false extraterrestrial invasion or false extraterrestrial contact, what is often referred to as “first contact”.

This is something that those in power have been moving towards constantly, and there are certain events of a public nature that are preparing humanity for such an event, including that which is the popular series “The X-Files”, the latest X-Files, that are trying to create a new impression of the extraterrestrials, that are trying now to suggest that men, that humans, have been behind all. The previous emphasis on the extraterrestrial ones, of dark extraterrestrial, even evil extraterrestrials are not the ones who did anything actually, but this was all part of some hidden agenda of the government, of those in power.

That this series is being presented by ones who are controlled, therefore there is a reason why this series is being presented with this message at this time: part of that which is seen by this Awareness is to lull humanity into a false assumption that those who were once blamed, are perhaps not those who are culprit, and that the ones that are responsible are your own government officials and politicians and leaders.

This is a way of setting things up, of seeming to bring things to a point where the masses can now see who was at fault, and believe that these ones are the evil ones, not any extraterrestrial ones.

This would set it up nicely in the event a false invasion or false first contact happens, that humans would perhaps then not be as frightened. It is also a setting up of those who were once servants to be given up, to be brought into question.

There is a deep and hidden agenda here and this Awareness would ask all to simply understand that what is often presented on their television screens is not always what it seems. That there are hidden agendas always, even behind the hidden agendas that they are working with, and that as events build up, you have the choice of being fooled by these false flag events, or seeing through them, and understanding that this is that which is playing out at this time as it needs to, and that you can choose not to be fooled by the false agendas and the false flag events.

If it is so that you see these events unfolding before you, take a step back, assume neutrality, be the observer, know that things are not what they seem, and allow yourself the space to question all, to go deeper into understanding of how these ones have so long manipulated humanity and that you choose no longer to be fooled by them, or to participate in the events they are assigning you, they are assigning humanity.

It is a time of great deliverance and opportunity. Remember this as the world seems to fall apart around you as events unfold, that challenge all that you have ever known. Dig deep, go deep within yourself, find your spiritual balance and connection, and know that those events that are coming now, that could unfold in the weeks, months ahead, have a much deeper purpose.

Not the purpose of serving the corrupted ones, but rather of freeing humanity itself, and freeing Mother Earth as well, and that you are part of all of this, whether you choose to be unconscious during this or use these times and these events to awaken to a much deeper reality that lies all around you, that lies within you is the individual’s choice, is your choice. These are extraordinary times, and that this Awareness asks all to remember this as events unfold around them.

This Awareness is complete.

“The Revolution Has Begun,” channeled by Will Berlinghof, February 7, 2016, at http://rainbowphoenixcom.ipage.com/Archives/20160207M.pdf

Source Link: Rainbow Phoenix: Rising To Ascension

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghof – Overview of 2016 – Alexandra Meador, Galactic Connection – 12-29-15

ARRIVAL OF WAVE X, EQUINOX, LAST BLOOD MOON – Will Berlinghof, Channeler for Cosmic Awareness – 9-21-15


20150920 “WAVE X”
This is the 20th of September 2015. Will Berlinghof is the Voice of Cosmic Awareness and
Callista is the energizer and questioner. Welcome Awareness. This coming week is going to
be a very significant one for earth humans. We would like you to just outline a few points

for us today so that we can be prepared for what is coming. Thank you.

That which is coming is that which has long been underway. That this Awareness will not go

into great detail, but It will highlight some very relevant points.

It will start by highlighting that event that has been underway for several months that many
are aware of, that which is called “Wave X”. That “Wave X” represents and holds within it
the energy of higher consciousness, of that which this Awareness would call Divine
Consciousness. It is approaching this planet, Planet Earth, Gaia, for the purpose of shifting
consciousness, of breaking the strangle-hold that has been on the planet for so long by a

select few, extraterrestrial ones and those that serve them.

That the ones in power know this, and that there have been attempts to divert this “Wave”,
notably the firing up of the Cern Hadron Collider, which was meant to send a beam that
would split this “Wave”, divert this “wave”. This attempt failed. Therefore, those in power
are faced with having to take another course of action. That course of action is to rather
create the New World Order, that which has been striven for and driven for and towards for

so long.

That there will be an attempt in this week coming, through the auspices of the organization
known as the United Nations to present an agenda that is allegedly for the benefit of

humanity. This agenda will be known by a title such as “Agenda 2030”.

That the Pope will also be arriving to address the UN Council in this time period. Indeed, his
will be an address that is meant to fire up humanity so that they come together to assist and
help those who are underprivileged, the impoverished, the poor, those who have the greatest
needs. He will of course be seen as the Great Spiritual Leader who is trying to spark human
responsibility towards this. That this will occur on the 23rd of September, and that this will be
followed a few days later on the 25th with this agenda of action that will be presented to the
member countries of the United States and the world in the United States, at the UN Council,

to create a plan of action.

Needless to say, this plan of action, this agenda is already drawn up, and while it may seem to
be a document of great significance, highlighting the need to come together to help those
who have the greatest need and to help the environment and the sustainability of the
environment, its true purpose is something completely different. It is the public declaration
finally and at last of the true purpose of the New World Order. That the many who have so
long worked diligently to bring the planet and to bring humanity to this point, must finally
declare this publicly, and it will be so. This is the true intent and purpose of this new “Agenda


That this is all within this week coming. This is so that the minds and the attention, and the
beliefs of humanity can be misdirected. If they could not divert the “Wave” that would hit and
cause many to awaken, then it is at least their hope, their intent and their plan to capture the
minds and divert them, misdirect them, as is the usual way of things, as they have always done.

That the energies of this week will be quite extreme and for many who are sensitive to
energy, that they may find this a challenging week, especially on the 27th of September

when this Wave of Divine Consciousness engulfs the world, the planet itself.

That this week is a week to be reflective, to listen deeply to those who present the plan of
New World Order, One World Governance, One World Government. That this is a week unlike
any week ever, and that the potency and power can be used for good or ill, depending on how

one looks at things, how one acts or reacts, what one believes in.

This Awareness would ask all to be aware at this time that this extraordinary event is indeed
coming, is indeed almost here. That those in power, in their desperation, will try many things
to misdirect attention and focus so that they, those who might be affected will not look
upward, will not look inward, but rather will follow the calling of those who have so long
misled and deceived. That it is a time for choice: to choose the highest and the most positive,

or to believe the liars and deceivers and to be misled down a garden path.

That this week coming is a week of greatest importance for all.

Thank you Awareness. Well it seems to me that the One World Government is another
hierarchical system, just like all of the other Babylonian systems that have been in place on
this planet for many thousands of years. So far their track record has not been very good as
far as the majority of the population is concerned. This will not be any different and people

need to realize that.

This is correct, people do need to wake up to this hierarchical structure, this Babylonian way
of staying in power. It is a system designed for an elite few. That what has been used
traditionally to describe this system is that of the pyramid. That the ones at the top are the
ones that have the most power and privilege, they have acted always to ensure that the elites
at the top, the Powers That Be that control, remain in control, and continue to have the

benefit of their position.

This is the Babylonian model, and that it has been remarketed many times over since those
early times in Sumer, in Sumaria, when in the Mesopotamian region, those extraterrestrial
beings came to this planet and established themselves as “gods”. That these ones are still
behind this, are still at the top of the structure of the pyramid, and have continually since that
time remarketed themselves over and over again into their roles of prestige and power and


There was a that time when they did this openly. That they were the “gods” and they were to
be honored, and they created class structures at the top: the elites, at the bottom: the lower
ones, the ones that were unimportant to the ones at the top, for they did not see them as

relevant, but they did see them as slaves, to be used for their own purpose.

That this has continued to be the case and one can go through history and see always the elite
classes, the ones in power, at the top and how they have been held in their positions of
privilege by the ones upon whom they have used. They have ridden upon the backs of those

below them, and this continues to be so.

That this is a Reptilian/Orion/Anunnaki extraterrestrial model, for those are the ones that are
at the top. They are still at the top, and they are still trying to retain this hierarchical order.
The base of the pyramid, the great unwashed, if you will, from their point of view, is to be
used. It is the power upon which they ride and if it were not for the base they could not be
sustained. That when there is talk of sustainable resources, remember that these ones are
also referring to the humans at the bottom, upon which they ride and are supported by.
But if the base were to collapse, if the corner for example of a pyramid is removed, would not
the whole pyramid be disrupted, would the whole pyramid not come down? That is what is
about to occur: that base to this structure of power and deservedness that has so long been
in place, is about to be removed, and these ones at the top are desperate that this does not
occur, for if this were to occur, they would come down, their structure would collapse.
Thank you Awareness. We’ve heard about how the Wave is going to affect humanity, but we
also know that our Mother, Gaia Sophia herself, is also using this Wave in order to make her

correction. Would you like to comment on that?

That this Awareness will simply say that this is so. That the Earth is a sentient being, that the
Earth is conscious and that she too, for it is a feminine energy that is the consciousness of
Mother Earth, Gaia-Sophia, Sophia-Gaia, that she is as well ready for a shift in consciousness,
to move forward in her own evolutionary process. That as she evolves, those on the planet
who are in alignment with her will also evolve. Those who are not in alignment, those
who have abused Mother Earth for so long, will go another direction. That this becomes
complicated, for this becomes an issue in a matter of timelines, and following certain timelines.
But that the timeline of Mother Earth that would take her to her Ascension in consciousness,
into her expanded consciousness, is of a nature that those who are themselves seeking
to expand their consciousness, their awareness, will also move with her.

And what sort of actions would she be taking?

From physical actions, geological, geophysical actions. That the types of actions that could
occur are those that are already happening, such as earthquakes. This Awareness reminds all
that most recently within the last week that there was a major earthquake off the coast of
Chile and that there is seen that there are other geological events that could well happen as
she shifts, as she moves. Weather events, not necessarily those that are artificially induced,
such as the HAARP and Tesla technological attack upon the United States, upon the West
Coast which has created a shield that has diverted the jet stream northwards, thus perverting
the normal flows that would have brought, and would bring moisture. That these are artificial,
these are manmade, if you will.
But it is seen that as Mother Earth shifts and moves, there can be more extreme weather
events, volcanic eruptions and other natural events that will occur because of the movement

of Mother Earth, the shifting of the geomagnetic lines of force as well.

These are but a few events. But rather than focusing on such events, to understand that if
one is in alignment with the spiritual consciousness of both Mother Earth as well as Divine
Source, that one will not necessarily be devastated or destroyed, even if one is in such an


Thank you Awareness. There are many questions that I could ask but right now is not the
right time. So I just thank you for what you have told us today and no doubt we will be hearing

more news as the days go past. Thank you for this session.

That this Awareness would end by simply saying the week ahead will be unlike any that has
yet been. Many will never even understand or recognize this while it is happening, but many
will certainly be affected and feel something is different. This something is the arrival of that
spiritual consciousness that has ratcheted everything up to the next notch. Know this and
work with this, and know also that this is part of that which is the Divine Plan, and that it is
time to bring down the pyramid. It is time to dethrone those pretenders who have so long
manipulated and controlled humanity. It is time for humanity to really and truly start its long
journey back to its own former glory, its own true state of being, that it is the time and the
time is now.

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghof – Our Negative Inner Programming – 3-11-15

Cosmic Awareness


Audio version of this channeling is available here.

That which is Cosmic Awareness is available, please proceed.

Thank you for being with us today for the Rainbow Phoenix membership session of March 6th. Will Berlinghof is the Voice for your messages, Joan Mills is the questioner and energizer.

The Law of Light, the Law of Love, the Law of Unity and the Law of Gratitude have been invoked. Is there an Opening Message or any event you would like to discuss please at this time? Thank you.

That this Awareness does have an opening message, a general opening message. That this Awareness has been talking about the programming that humans go through and receive. This programming commences even before the birth into the physical, into third dimensionality.

But it certainly could be said that the programming a human goes through begins at the very beginning, begins at the cradle and goes throughout one’s life, right until the end. Therefore the programming of humans is that which could be said to be cradle-to-grave.

It is of such a nature that most never realize that they are programmed to think in a certain way, to respond in a certain way, to energize their lives in a certain way. It is the programming that constitutes the outline of life on this planet and the expectations one might have as to what will or will not occur, what can or cannot happen.

Most never question the programming, never see it as something other than what it is: the working rules and laws that govern one as they move through life itself. Some of the programming is that which is inherent in the natural order of things, as it is taught to humans. This natural order would convey then to the ones living in this system, the running rules or the rules of engagement that one lives one’s life by.

These are deep and widespread, they govern many levels of activity of a human being as they exist in this special environment that they are born into.

Such examples of this natural programming or that which is considered natural is, for example, the programming around gender and gender beliefs, gender expectations. That the masculine is favored on this planet at this time and for a long time the advantage was to the masculine gender.

That there are assumptions about gender therefore, such as men are superior or men have the advantage, that women have been oppressed, and that they are secondary citizens, etc. etc.

It is not the intent of this Awareness to present a full discussion of gender and gender issues. It is simply using this as an example of how many have assumptions that they are programmed to have that are natural to humanity and how things are seen.

It is certainly the case, that in the case of gender there is a shift happening, changes are underway. Thus, the male gender dominance of the masculine which has been so prominent over the last several thousand years is being corroded away, is being chipped away, as the feminine is making a return.

There are still many discrepancies between the masculine and the feminine but it is no longer what it was even a short while ago. That this is an example of one of the natural programs one is born into when one chooses to come into physicality for this time, this age, this place.

That this Awareness would now speak of another program that is running in humanity. That it is important to understand this particular program and the depth of this program in order to begin to change the program in oneself.

The specific program this Awareness is referring to is the program that states that life itself is hardship, is suffering, is that which always should expect a bad outcome, a negative outcome to occur in life, and not to expect a good resolution or result of living in the physical world.

It is captured in such phrases as: “one must save for a rainy day”, or “if it is too good to be true, it probably is not true”, or “that life is only about suffering, that you are born to suffer, and then you die”.

These negative program templates that exist in the mindset and psyche of humanity are so deep, so ingrained that most humans never ever stop to think that their attitudes are already pre-shaped because of that which is the collective attitude held by humanity, that life is a hard go and that only bad things can really be expected and you are not to believe in positive goals and outcomes.

This discouragement of the positive, of being positive is so deep and endemic in humanity itself, that it is often so that when one tries to look at things in a positive way or expresses positivity, one is beaten down by the many that hold that it is a very negative world and expectations of something positive and fine coming are not even tolerated by those who hold this mindset.

Thus it is that many have had the experiencing of experiences wherein one may express to another that it will be alright, everything will be fine, only to be met with rebuttal and put down.

That one can indeed express this positive mindset to another, especially one known perhaps to that one, only to hear: “ yes but”, only to receive from the other, the reasons why this could not be so.

If one were to say, for example, to a friend that one could choose a positive timeline and avoid that which is the negative, the response often is: “that is unrealistic, that is not reality. Reality is this: “that you are born, you suffer, then you die”.

The purpose of this expression today of this philosophy, of this information is to help the individual to recognize how deeply embedded programming truly is, especially the programming that dictates that there are only negative results that can truly be expected, and to have things work out is a fairy tale and fairy tale endings very seldom come true.

Such is the assumption and such is the conviction of those who express this attitude and this programming, that it is quite convincing, especially if one has within oneself the equivalent program of negativity and the lack of expectations to positive results.

Thus a saying such as “one must save for a rainy day” implies that even though one is in the sunshine, even though one is in good weather and a good time, it will get bad again, it will rain again, and one must therefore make efforts when it is sunny to ensure that when it is foul, that they will survive, that they will get through.

But the actuality of this programmed concept is that there is always an expectation it must get bad again and it cannot stay fine weather. Thus the saying: “one must save for a rainy day”. This Awareness, aside from pointing this out, would also add to this that it is important to present a positive viewpoint, an alternative to the negative viewpoint.

Therefore instead of saying: “one must save for a rainy day”, perhaps it would be more advantageous to say: “one can expect a sunny day, that life is about sunshine and warmth and abundance and that there is no need then to worry about the rainy day and that one will be able in the moment of that time ahead to live in the sunshine and fine weather and with abundance and joy, for this is what is expected”.

This is that which is the new program that replaces the negative programming. This negative programming exists even in the fables and parables of humanity.

In particular this Awareness would present the fable, the story of the grasshopper and the ant. That in this Aesop’s fable, the ants see life as that which is about preparation for the rainy day. That they are diligent and hardworking when the sun is shining, not allowing themselves to enjoy the fine weather, whereas the grasshopper living in the moment enjoys the fine day, the fine weather.

Of course the moral of this tale, this fable is that when winter comes, the ants are fully prepared and they retreat underground and enjoy that which they have worked hard to establish for themselves when the weather was fine, while the grasshopper is left out in the cold, freezing and starving.

When the grasshopper comes to the door of the ants and knocks on the door, they rebuff him, they deny him entrance for he was the foolish one and they had told him in the fine weather to prepare for the rainy day and the hard times ahead and he did not do so.

Therefore the ants felt justified in turning away this one who had come to their door, to suffer his fate. The moral implication of course again supports the programming that there is dark times ahead and that one cannot enjoy life in the moment, but must instead focus on the hard times and prepare oneself for those hard times.

This is a very deep programming that runs in the very core of the human psyche. That because the negative is always reinforced and because part of the programming is to ensure the entrapment of humanity in not living in the moment, not being in their power, but instead focusing on the bad, the negative, the dark that is ahead, that they can be controlled and manipulated.

That in this particular fable, the moral is of course, that if you do not do it this way, you will suffer the consequence when times change, things get harder again and that you will die, because you did not prepare yourself.

This is the programming and in this program one can find that energetic strand of consciousness that is manipulated by those in power, those with the understanding of how to manipulate, so that humans adopt this as their working tenant of faith in their lives and thus are very easily sidetracked away from the truth of living in one’s moment, of being focused, of knowing that the positive can also occur if one stays focused on this, versus that which is the negative: “that something wrong or bad will happen always”.

Therefore this Awareness does say that while there is some merit in being prepared, there is no merit in believing that always the result will go sideways, that there always will be a bad result, dark times, suffering, hardship. This deep programming must be realized within the individual as being that which is there, that which is held by society and that which most believe in and put out as so, put out as reality.

This Awareness, in speaking of timelines and choosing timelines, would therefore say that with recognition of this degree of programming, one then can come to an understanding that one has a choice.

A choice of whether to accept the programming that has been put down and taken in by humanity, by the individual, or one rather can expand one’s consciousness with the realization that if one can create one’s reality by focusing on it and if one focuses on the negative, then why is it not so that one could equally focus on the positive, be in one’s power, realize that the program has been built up continuously over thousands and thousands of years, so that it is that which most would consider non-debatable, without discussion, that it could be anything but the negative and that this is reality.

If one can understand this, recognize this and even pledge oneself to dismiss this, to disentangle oneself from this way of thinking, and with equal vigor apply oneself to focusing on a positive future, of recognizing that if one creates one’s reality through the beliefs that are held and the energies put out consciously and unconsciously to support those beliefs, then why not have positive beliefs?

Why not hold hope as that which is fundamental to one’s life? To understand that one can live for the sunny day and does not need to expect the rainy day.

This process is one that takes time to develop, in that there is great discomfort often in an individual when they try to let go of a programming.

If one simply gave up one’s job today because one wished to dance in the sunlight and the fine times one is in at this moment, often leaves that energetic recoil of the individual that goes into fear and doubt and confusion, and it becomes a stress to them to make such a change, such a dramatic change, even though intellectually they may understand the very principle that this Awareness is talking about.

Therefore this Awareness asks first that you simply begin to identify when you, the individual, are in a negative programming, where you have negative thoughts and feelings and fears, to doing something positive or moving away from that which is held by the collective as so.

That as you become more aware of this negative programming, it does become easier to choose not to endorse this negative programming and alternatively to begin to focus on a more positive outlook and outcome.

That you begin to make choices, where you choose not to simply be the slave of the conditioning and the programming and begin to make the small steps into your positive nature and your positive being, and that when it is finally time for one to step fully off the cliff that they can do so much more easily because they have been working at it step by step.

The most important thing of course is to realize that one of the biggest programmings of all is that it is not possible for you to have a wondrous result, a wonderful life. Begin here to say “why not? Why is it so that the expectation is that when you think in terms of positive outcomes, that the energies held by the mass consciousness will dictate it cannot be so?”

“Is this not part of a program and part of programming that has been given to me that I have accepted because I was not given alternatives, that I have ingrained within my own being to such a degree that it stresses me to think of life where it is fine and wonderful and positive, knowing that the truth, the alleged truth, is that things will go bad, things will not work out, and that for me to believe anything else than that is irresponsible and insane.”

Of course this Awareness is presenting it in first person so that each of you can think of your own responses and feelings when you are faced with information such as that which this Awareness delivers: that you must look positively forward, hold that the outcome, the timeline of your own personal experience can be one that is glorious and uplifting and exorbitant in positivity and well-being.

That when one chooses to focus on the negative, it is because of the programming that exists within oneself and it is only with an awareness to programming that one can start first to recognize the program and secondly then to change the programming.

Instead of holding the creed that bad things will happen, that life is about pain and suffering, and there is no way, and to think in terms of things working out, even though it is hoped for, it is never totally believed in.

That understanding this as a starting point will help the individual, each and every one of you, to effect the changes in your own life, to begin the process of deprogramming yourself as you move into the program of your own choice.

Do not save for a rainy day, prepare to dance in the sunlight.

“Cosmic Awareness: Our Negative Inner Programming,” channeled by Will Berlinghof, March 6, 2015, at http://rainbowphoenixcom.ipage.com/Archives/20150306M.pdf

Source Link: Rainbow Phoenix: Rising To Ascension

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Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghof – Times of Great Challenge – Taking Personal Responsibility for our Consciousness – Shaping of Our Reality – 10-17-14

Will BerlinghoffCosmic Awareness: Times of Great Challenge, channeled by Will Berlinghof, October 11, 2014, http://rainbow-phonix.com

Alex: We haven’t shared Cosmic Awareness here on Golden Age of Gaia recently, but this message, which focuses on taking personal responsibility for our consciousness and the shaping of our reality is very empowering, and worth the read with respect to the coming time period.

Opening Message–Times of Great Challenge

That Cosmic Awareness is now available for the purpose of doing this Rainbow-Phoenix session. This Awareness would ask the Energizer/questioner Joan to proceed with the questions.

Thank you Awareness, and welcome. We appreciate your presence with us today for the Rainbow-Phoenix membership session of October 11, 2014. Will Berlinghof is the Interpreter for your messages, Joan Mills is the questioner and energizer. The Law of Light,the Law of Love, the Law of Unity and the Law of Gratitude have been invoked. Is there an Opening Message or any event you would like to discuss please at this time? Thank you.

That this Awareness does have an opening message, a general opening message. That this Awareness says that these are times of great challenge. That the energies of this time frame, this particular month in particular, the month of October are of an enigmatic nature, a powerful nature and can push things greatly at this time. That there will be upheaval during this month in the continuation of the upheaval that has already been launched, but due to the astrological energies of this month, it can be understood that events may be ramped up and that there may be certain events that deeply challenge those who are privy to the events that are taking place on the planet at this time.

As all human beings are privy to these events, that it is important at this time for those who have a higher understanding or awareness of the manipulated nature of the events that are taking place worldwide, that these ones with higher awareness must truly be vigilant at this time, be active in their opposition at this time. Active opposition here would mean that for those who have that higher understanding, who can see the gross manipulation behind world events, that they actively promote for themselves and in their personal environment, an attitude that does not simply buy into the mass events that are being played out at this time.

That active opposition would entail an active process of questioning, of altering that which is perceived as the truth to a deeper awareness, that these are the extreme actions of certain ones who have a hidden agenda. This has been much spoken of by this Awareness many times before, how the Powers That Be are pushing the envelope at this time, because they themselves are under deadline to complete that which is the fulfillment of their own hidden agendas and to create for themselves the reality where they come out on top still, and have reduced the world’s population substantially, and created for themselves a planet that is truly an idyllic planet for them to enjoy with most of the riffraff being removed and the few hundred million that might be left. This again according to their plan, be in the position of servitude to them, to these ones who are used to being Gods, who are used to being worshiped, who are used to having what they want to have.

This is of course that which this Awareness has talked about previously and still reiterates at this time, but during the events that are coming, especially the events between now and 2016, and then the events that will still be occurring from 2016 to 2017, that this time frame is one where all must establish the reality of their own experiences. The easiest way forward is of course to submit to mass belief, not to question, not to look into why things are the way they are, and what one might do about these things that are happening in the world.

That the truth of the matter is that the outer events are still a reflection of the inner attitudes and beliefs that one holds, the dogmas that one follows and holds to be true. That active opposition would truly and deeply challenge one’s own perceptions of reality at all levels, would not allow one to simply be manipulated by the gross events that are taking place as one begins to truly comprehend. That those events that one is seeing outside of themselves are but a reflection of a state of mind that is held within oneself–beliefs, attitudes, dogma that are followed and lived every day.

Therefore active opposition would be to challenge one’s own personal beliefs and attitudes, to deeply probe why one may fall for that which is mass fear and terror, mass beliefs and understandings. That many understand that the way to sometimes deal with these matters is to alter one’s consciousness through substance, substance abuse, and this is a way that many who are in pathetic personal situations, challenging personal situations, irrevocable personal situations to what they are experiencing and what they would wish to believe, use substances such as alcohol and drugs and gambling and other addictive methods, to avoid having to deal with the outside world. But, this Awareness would say that it is not through turning to substances, so one can shield oneself off from the events that are happening around them, that a true liberation from those events and from creating such realities will occur.

One must alter their own personal consciousness, and this does involve a difficult process of truly questioning all personal beliefs held, all core beliefs, all dogmas, all assumptions of duality that one may still be living.  Many have the mental understanding that it is possible to create a different reality, but when faced with personal challenges, many revert back to the instinctive fear level they have been bred with, and that has been heavily promoted.

Thus when one, for example, comes to a situation where personal finance  is being challenged, and that there is not enough money and there is not enough security, many will rush back into jobs once abandoned in order to have financial compensation, so that they can have security.

That this Awareness is not questioning that this may be needed by some, nor is It even saying this is wrong. It is however saying that when one assumes that one cannot create for themselves what they know is possible and when one responds by going back into old belief
patterns and ways of acting and creating, based on the manipulated and mind controlled beliefs of the masses, then one is not altering one’s consciousness.

One is not walking one’s talk, for it is very easy indeed to have mental comprehension about possibilities and yet at the same time, that it is difficult to implement them and to live in faith and trust that, despite what one may be seeing in the evening news, what one might be reading in the local and national papers, despite what one might be reading and researching on the Internet and Internet sources, that when it comes down to the actuality of imposing such systems in their own lives for themselves, that when things come down to a crunch, many will retreat back into those familiar patterns and actions that they have been told continuously are that which is needed to provide, for example, financial resources.

How many, when they sit there in that position of seeing that there is not enough money to pay for things, would hold that this is all right, this is part of that which I needed to bring into my life so that I could walk away finally and completely from the illusion of security, based on manipulated control and mind control of those in power?

Most will go into fear and panic and will do what they are told to do, not because they do not know they do not have options, but rather because it is a retreating back into that disbelief that the Divine focus of one’s inner being can lead one, that Divine Godhead Source energies will provide, that Spirit will provide.

This Awareness, understands that each individual must deal with these matters in their own way and thus it is that some do need to take up work in areas that they do not fully believe in, simply to create for themselves that which they feel is needed still, financial security, for
example. But even if this is so, one must still be looking at the situation as something that is still in need of tweaking.

That one still needs to understand that at some point an altered consciousness means an altered lifestyle, means that one will walk the talk and be the truth and not simply one who has intellectual curiosity and comprehension, but does not have the heart strength and the spiritual fortitude to live that which is known mentally.

Therefore, it is time to understand altered consciousness leads to alternative living. Living with alternative realities that may not be part of mainstream belief, may actually fly in the face of that which is held collectively by a majority of humanity. That one must be willing to travel this path alone, for it is often the case that many will oppose such attitudes and belief, attack such attitudes and belief and deny those who hold such attitudes and beliefs.

This period of time, this year and a bit before 2016 and then beyond that into 2017, will be a time for intense personalization of one’s own reality, of altered consciousness that will lead to alternative living. Each will do this in their own way. Some may take huge leaps, many will take baby steps, but the importance at this time is to realize it is not the reality outside of oneself that matters. It is the reality that is held within and thus projected outwards that is of the greatest importance, and that it is time to reach alternate stages of conscious living. It is time for one to step into altered consciousness, not through substance or substance abuse, but through intent, will and design. That one is not subject to the realities that are imposed upon the majority. That one truly can create one’s own reality that is based on the Truth of Divine Source, the Truth of Spirit and the Truth of one’s own true being.

That this Awareness is complete with this opening message at this time.
Thank you. That was very, very interesting, Awareness. Thank you for that.

Cosmic Awareness — The Attitude of Gratitude by Will Berlinghof – 8-17-14

That which is Cosmic Awareness is now available, please proceed.

Thank you. Welcome Awareness, thank you for being with us today for the Rainbow-Phoenix membership session of August 7, 2014.  Will Berlinghof is the interpreter for your messages, Joan Mills is the questioner and energizer. The Law of Love, the Law of Light and the Law of Unity have been invoked. 

Is there an opening message or any event you would like to discuss at this time please?  Thank you.

That which is Cosmic Awareness does indeed have an opening message. That this Awareness has spoken of the attitude of gratitude several times in the past. It would like again to speak on this. That this Awareness states that an attitude of gratitude, although perhaps understood in a minor way, a faddish way, for it is indeed a fad at this time to use this phrase attitude of gratitude by many of the light workers.

That this Awareness would speak to this at a deeper level. That It has spoken many times of that which is the energy of creativity, that each and every one is a creative being, and yet many still have great problems in understanding this or putting it into play, into action.

It is for many an intellectual concept that they are Creator beings and yet, when in their own lives there is failure to manifest one’s creative desires, often there is great disappointment, often there is a willingness to blame another, even this Awareness for a failure, for each individual to manifest their own unique and individual reality.

Of course this is indicative of the fact that while it may be intellectually understood, it is not perceived or understood at a more basic and fundamental level, at a level of the heart and soul. What this means yet again, is that many are still looking outside of themselves to see the results of their intention, and as it has been most popular to quote the Law of Attraction, that if one puts out something they will attract it to them. This is not a concept that is well understood or well employed. Often it is thought that simply because one wishes this to be so, it will be so without a full understanding of why it is important to seek out at the deeper inner levels, the unconscious and subconscious levels, those thoughts, those beliefs, those attitudes that would negate the Law of Attraction, that would prevent the manifestation of that which one thinks they want.

Herein lies the dilemma and many become discouraged because they have put out they want something and yet nothing is happening.  Many of the light workers who are in the dense energies of this third dimensional reality you find yourself in, wish to leave this density, this oppressive reality that they find themselves in and thus they put out that they would wish big changes to occur – life altering changes on the planet, the destruction even of the old systems as Mother Earth shakes off the vermin on the surface, and transmutes herself, transforms herself.

Many wish to escape their earthly experiences because it is too much, because there are no positive results seemingly occurring for them. This of course is a dilemma, for it is not often appreciated or understood that each and every individual who has placed themselves upon the planet at this time, this unique and powerful time, has done so with purpose and intent. 

There are no accidents, no one on the planet is here by accident, for it is of course a very complex procedure for Spirit to condense Itself into that focus of personality that is having a life experience.

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