Conversations With – Jim Self, Barbara Hand Clow – 2013

In this special episode to mark the fall equinox, Jim Self and Barbara Hand Clow will once again share their guidance, insights, and perspectives on:

*What we can expect from the 4th Pluto-Uranus Square on November 1 (2013)
*Creating in the Quantum Fields
*What it means to “resonate with Nature”
*Exploring the Nine Realms of Consciousness
*Moving beyond the energetic limitations of time and space

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Jim Self and Lenedra Carroll – Conversations With …

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How do you live as a spiritual being and create your life from that space? How do learn to navigate one of the most notoriously shallow and cut throat industries, like the music business, and not only retain the integrity of who you are, but also effect change by modeling spiritual principles in everything you do?

What happens when you decide to divest yourself of all material assets – bank accounts, credit cards, car, home, money, and career identity – and set out on a four-year walkabout to understand what enlightenment might or might not be in your life? And then how do you use what you learn in a meaningful way that enriches your life and the lives of others? Jim and Lenedra will discuss these issues and more…

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Conversations With – Jim Self – Steve Rother

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With this rapidly unfolding Shift in Conscious Awareness, you may have a feeling of ‘The Past’ – Your Past – slipping away and Time no longer existing as you have known it. With the past no longer being used to create the future and the future no longer being used to worry about past successes and failures, the opportunity to create and experience yourself in the Present Time Moment holds unlimited possibilities.

In this episode, Steve and Jim talk about the Unlimited Possibilities of the Present Time Moment.

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