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Blossom Goodchild – Conversation Galactic Federation – Highest Purist Love – 10-13-14

bloss arizona biggerHello dear friends. Well, last week’s channelling certainly caused a stir! I have tried to get my head around the ‘Nothing matters’ issue. Yet, I have to be honest … I don’t quite ‘Get it.’ I have received varied emails … some ‘Get it’ completely and have felt they knew this all along. Whereas, others, like myself, simply cannot grasp it fully. Can we continue on with this theme? Many of us need clarification. Thank you.

Dearest Blossom and all who take part in these conversations … We join you in LOVE … for we CHOOSE to assist you in your Awakening. Each corner of your heart is being activated with each new concept we put forth. As you digest and rearrange thoughts, you allow that which you KNOW to be YOUR TRUTH to emerge.

We are aware that the opportunity to stretch the imagination may have caused conflict within the self. You ask HOW ‘nothing matters’ … when all around you are moments that definitely seem to matter! Yet … in the Grander picture … in the big scheme of things … they do not.

Why don’t they? It matters to us down on Earth how things are going and how people are acting out their play?


Because, we want to live in a world full of Love and Light … and right now there is a lot about it … that simply isn’t!

That is what you desire … correct?

Yes … So it matters to me.

IT matters to you …. Because you are assessing things from your view point.

Correct. So my view point matters to me. My view point is SOMETHING that matters TO ME. It is not ‘Nothing’ that matters to me.

Take a deep breath.

This entire source of Life … that which comes from the Highest … is LOVE.


This LOVE has CHOSEN to express itself THROUGH ALL THINGS … IN ALL WAYS … in order to KNOW itself.

It cannot KNOW itself in fullness … until every single possibility has played itself out … THROUGH LOVE.



Therefore, it matters not WHAT is played out … it has to be played out … in order for LOVE to be complete.

‘Does it matter’ … whether or not LOVE is complete?

It is not a question of it mattering … for it simply IS this way.

A few wrote in, simply not being able to understand that it does not matter about war, and how one treats another. I mean, how can the way one treats another … how can the fact that so many suffer through the hands of another’s choices … not matter?

Because … it is part of The Game.

It’s not a very pleasant one then!

Is it not? Are not your choices Blossom … THROUGH LOVE … allowing you to experience a pleasant side of ‘The Game’?

Yes … yet, I am not talking about me … I am talking about those who choose to destroy … and those who supposedly ‘choose’ to be the victims. The way one behaves towards another … how can this NOT MATTER?

Let us try and put this into a perspective in which you can see Light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m looking!  I’m looking!

As we spoke of …

All things came from LOVE …

All things are of LOVE …

All things shall return to the HIGHEST LOVE from which they derived.


That which is acted out … and upon … through thought … is simply an expression of self-awareness for each individual. They are in a game … whilst in the dimension of Earth reality.

Let’s talk about ‘The Game’ then. I have heard this mentioned many times … That we are in a game.

Perhaps express it differently?  You are in a game … yet, you are also PLAYING The Game. YOU make the moves … YOU move up the board.

When you play a game … perhaps of chess … a move that one may make … with a strategy in mind … depicts how one continues on for the rest of that game. If one plays a move that does not serve … IT DOES NOT MATTER … it simply means that one has to ‘find their way out of it’ in order to complete The Game.

The moves you make determine whether you win or lose …THAT particular game …



Yet, are we not all trying to return to THE HIGHEST PUREST LOVE THAT WE ARE? Doesn’t it matter that we FEEL we are doing the right thing to ‘get home’?

No. It doesn’t matter.

Yet, it does matter … TO ME. It matters to me how I behave and how I choose to ‘get there’. If nothing matters … why are you choosing to assist us with your messages? I mean … if nothing matters … why bother? I’m not having a go at you here … I’m just trying to ‘Get It’. You ‘Get that’ right?


Here is a key note …


Do you see the difference? That which you CHOOSE to do … makes all the difference as to how you FEEL and yet …


Yet, for each individual … being part of The Whole … the choices One makes can allow One to FEEL wonderful or to FEEL miserable … A choice. Yet, either choice …. DOESN’T MATTER … because whatever way one CHOOSES to FEEL … is part of the experience of LOVE /LIFE.

I have to persevere here … if I may?

By all means.

These choices we make … how can you say, for instance … that one soul killing another … or torturing another … doesn’t matter?

Because it is part of The Game. A game that you all agreed to take part in.

It has been said that this game is all an illusion … and not reality at all. I can’t get my head around that either, just quietly!

Because you are IN The Game. When you are out of The Game … you ‘see it’ for what it TRULY is.



Anyone got a parachute? … I’m outta here! … Then why does it FEEL so real?

Because it is a GAME OF EXPERIENCE.

How could it be played, if it did not FEEL real? How could you experience, if it did not FEEL real?

So, are my FEELINGS real?

To you at this time … in this illusion. Let us speak more of this.

Please, be my guest!

 Look up the word ‘Illusion’ if you would.

‘An illusion is a distortion of the senses, revealing how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation. Though illusions distort reality, they are generally shared by most people.’


So, are you saying that although it FEELS real to us … … Because it is an illusion … our FEELINGS are distorted from our TRUE reality … whatever that may be … if there is no one Truth!!! Anyone got a spade so I can dig myself in deeper … or indeed out?

Yes we are! You say that it is different for us, in the realms we reside … and we do not understand how it is to be living in your dimension. In many ways, this is correct. Our FEELINGS are real … for we are not in The Game.

Your FEELONGS are as REAL as you are able to perceive them … within this ‘illusional reality.

So … do you go by ‘nothing matters’ in YOUR reality?


LOVE matters … TO ME … LOVE matters.


That matters!

How can we help you to ‘Get it’?

Keep trying! I just don’t ‘Get it’… that LOVE doesn’t matter.

Yet, EVERYTHING … as we said … IS LOVE … How IT chooses to act out … in all ITS different scenarios, does not take away the fact that it is STILL LOVE.

Yet … if nothing matters … one could say … I can do anything I like …  kill … maim … rape … and it simply doesn’t matter … IT DOES!

To YOU in YOUR reality.

Does it not matter to YOU that people do this then?

Not when you can see the WHOLE PICTURE … which you are unable to do!


Yes, I get that bit …

Therefore … in ALL its forms … it is BEING ITSELF.

EVERYTHING IS LOVE … and it MATTERS NOT how it chooses to appear … because IT IS ALL LOVE.

Now then … here’s the clincher … Doesn’t LOVE matter then?


That is the only answer we can offer you to that question.

Well, I don’t know if we have actually progressed here … I’ll absorb today’s information and see where it leads me. Mind you … it doesn’t really matter!!

Thanks Guys for ‘trying’ …. I’ll get there. Some already have … I never was at the top of the class!

That doesn’t matter.

Further down the rabbit hole we go! In Love and thanks. Until next time …

Always, we are in Love with you.

Later that day, I found myself in a particularly bad mood … A rarity for me … and I didn’t like it! Not really succeeding in trying to calm my thoughts, I said in my head ‘Being in this bad mood DOES MATTER … TO ME’ … and the immediate reply/thought was,  ‘Because you are CHOOSING to let it matter!’.
The penny dropped for me! Well , maybe a halfpenny! So I said … ‘I CHOOSE to not let this matter’ … and all I can say is … that a wave of Love came over me … and I ‘Got it’. Well, that bit!
I realized that by CHOOSING to let go and really accepting it ‘didn’t matter’ that I was in a bad mood … I got out of the way … and … how do I put this?… It allowed for LOVE to take over. That’s the only way I can describe it. So, I then applied that, to thinking about war and hunger etc … said the same thing to myself … ‘I CHOOSE not to let it matter’ … and had the SAME FEELING of LOVE … TAKING OVER … this time, on a global scale. In that moment … I GOT IT. Not sure I still have it … yet, thought I’d share, in the TRUSTING it may assist those who are on the same page as me … to GET IT.

* The Federation Of Light speak of LOVE.

Conversation – Blossom Goodchild – Galactic Federation – 9-15-14

bloss arizona biggerHello. Well, it seems the last two conversations have enabled the vibration of many, to move a few rungs up that ladder. Including myself. I can’t quite put my finger on it, yet, I just FEEL different and it FEELS so Good. Like I am really beginning to ‘Get it’. I would LOVE for you to continue on in the same vein if that suits you?

Greetings to ALL on your astounding Planet Earth.

I just got a visual of mountains and lakes and FELT the Glory of it. Thank you.

It is our delight to move Higher with you in preparation for the wonders that are to benefit you …  and it gives us the Greatest of Pleasure to do so.

So, may we continue on the same theme?

We would care to point out that this that you are experiencing is only taking place due to the individual’s willingness to do so. For many, many years now … we have almost ‘drummed into you’ that which we KNOW to be of benefit. Little by little, you have allowed your Beings to soak up this information … which of course you already knew … and it is that NOW … the pieces are finally fitting together.

Much we could have told you in earlier days would not have been accepted in its Truth at that time, as the soul was not in the correct place to accept it for what it is.

How simple.

You shall find that as we continue to converse with you … your Vibration shall automatically resonate with that which we offer … for those who are ready to receive it. You are understanding more and more that it is YOU … and only You … that has the power to change that which is no longer acceptable to you. You are realising that the things you no longer require in the physical, emotional and soul self are easily discarded these days … and inspirational moments of the self and where it is CHOOSING to go … are readily accepted with Joy and much Enthusiasm.

This is wonderful news for The Whole. You are accepting your worthiness of everything that is of Goodness to come to you. You are remembering not to wallow in that of a lower Vibrational Energy, and respecting the pure and simple fact that YOU are doing incredibly well on your pathways. Yet, most of all … you are moving into a space that allows you to understand the workings of a magnetical force that can bring to you all that you desire.

Feeling very blessed as I went to bed the other night, with many of my family visiting, I was very much in Gratitude mode and a heart full of Love … and then my thoughts turned to those far less fortunate … who may be sleeping on a street corner for instance … yet, automatically …. I sent the FEELING of cosiness that I had … out to them. So that they may receive the same FEELING. In days gone by I would not have understood the power of that.

Many do not understand the power that lies within. Yet, you are discovering that there is so much you are capable of. You are no longer whingeing and whining … with all respect … yet, getting on with the job of BEING LOVE.

What a spectacular form of experience … should you so CHOOSE … you have at your very fingertips.

It is for many … that finding themselves slipping into a lower Vibrational thought pattern … they rectify immediately … and bring that Vibration back up to the Higher.

We wish you to understand the POWER of this. For by remaining in the HIGHER … you are serving your Planet in the very best way you can.

There are those upon your Earth plane who FEEL they have nothing of any substance to offer. They are neither channellers, speakers, healers, or indeed anything in which they FEEL many are giving of.

Yet, Dearest Ones … it matters not WHAT YOU DO … as long as it is done IN/AS/THROUGH LOVE. It has exactly the same effect, no matter what your position, when one is living within that Higher aspect of themselves. For by doing so … one’s Vibration radiates to the ALL.

Do not consider the self any more or less than another because of the ‘service’ one has found themselves offering.


There can be not one that is greater or smaller …

Yet, what DOES make a difference … is the attitude one has whilst going about taking every breath … within every moment.

Do you see of that which we are saying?

You have asked us to speak of The New World and what it will be like …


Each one taking full responsibility for their Happiness. Each one sending their FEELINGS of JOY out to Everything. For when you do so … you cannot possibly sink into the realms of despair and frustration. You cannot give the things that are not conducive to your way of Being, any Energy … because you are not focusing on that which you do not want. You are only magnifying the FEELINGS of that which you do want. Of that which you want Everybody to have.

When YOU ARE BEING LOVE in its finest array of colour, you are doing what you came to do. You are lifting the Vibration and serving The Whole.

There is not one soul that cannot benefit from YOUR LOVE OF YOURSELF and the experiences you are choosing to undertake.

Inside each one is a key to this Happiness and so many of you now, are able to access this key and open the door to a much deeper understanding of ‘How this all works’.

You are finding that thoughts you once had about a certain matter no longer please … and that ONLY thoughts of a Higher degree FEEL correct within your BEING.

You are doing exceedingly well. We of other Vibrations are extremely excited in which the pace has picked up regarding each individual remembering their TRUTH.

Years ago … there was talk of ‘The Quickening’. Everything seemed to be racing ahead from a spiritual soul self-point of view. We say … that there is another ‘spurt’ of this Energy that is taking place NOW. Yet, it is far stronger and far more implementative (?) than has taken place before. The reasoning, of course, is because so much since then, has lifted. Therefore, EVERYTHING is now on a Higher Vibration than it was when one spoke of it before.

This is the joyous workings of the plan, playing itself out  … THROUGH YOU.

I really am understanding it more, yet, again … the FEELINGS are so hard to put into words. I do find it all very exciting!

Excitement shows that one is on track. When one gets excited at the prospect of becoming more and more of their TRUE self … then we can safely say, that we FEEL we are accomplishing our mission.

This FEELING that is with inside these days, is what we have been working towards. The more, more of you are ‘Getting it’ … the more we are able to advice on tactics to rise to another rung of the ladder.

There is so much more that we are able to expand upon, NOW that you are allowing yourselves to expand! It is very much akin to a veil having been lifted and therefore, Energy and communication can take on a much HIGHER LEVEL than previously acclaimed.


When we speak of your Joy becoming the Joy of ALL … we are not just speaking of souls and Energy upon YOUR planet. That which you give out in FEELINGS of Happiness and LOVE … does not suddenly come to a halt as it reaches the outer corners of your globe.

No, dearest friends … it continues on … throughout ALL and EVERYTHING.

How wonderful a thought … that by YOU FEELING FULL OF LOVE and Joy … that you are assisting a BEING on another planet in another galaxy FEEL Joy and Happiness also. The expansion of these FEELINGS that are yours … can extend to ALL THAT IS.


Therefore, it would not be possible for any action you think or take … to not affect the WHOLE.

How delicious to sit and breathe deeply and smile … and FEEL full to the brim in LOVE … KNOWING that by taking the time to do so, you are offering that which you are giving yourself … to be given to another. And not just another … EVERYONE.

Every living thing is affected by your choice to be Happy … in all that you do.

I have to say that this plan sure is a DIVINE ONE. By taking soul/sole responsibility for the self … in the KNOWING that each choice affects THE ALL … it really makes one want to pull their socks up and make sure that one keeps ‘above’ it all … rather than ‘below’. To KNOW that I am having a good time … maybe a good laugh … maybe FEELING deep Gratitude from watching a sunset … to KNOW that I am assisting a lonely soul or a troubled soul of any degree by doing so … is just so awesome.

You are surely getting it now Blossom. We are FEELING of late … that we are really getting through … and we are honoured to be part of it ALL.

There are times, naturally … when one’s thoughts and FEELINGS may be in opposition to that of Joy and pleasure to the heart … yet, it takes but a few deep breathes in LOVE … and a few thoughts of that which one KNOWS to be uplifting … to bring one’s heart back into alignment.

One should never feel guilt for not always BEING the best one can Be. Life is an up and down ride … as you KNOW. If you did not have the downs … how could you recognise the ups? The difference these days … in these Glorious days … being … that the ‘low’s’ are no longer as low as they used to be.

THE BEST NEWS OF ALL IS … that the ‘HIGHS’ are HIGHER than they ever were … and shall continue to move on up.

So, do you see Dear Ones? Are you ‘Getting it’ now?

The world which you are so looking forward to living in … is right on your door step. See how far you have travelled? See how much more your levels of understanding have lifted you into a place that you ‘think’ you are looking forward to.



All you need do … is continue on the way you are … and all around you shall appear to be that which you keep dreaming your world to BE.

That which you live by … surround yourself with … FEEL your soul’s excitement through … IS THE NEW WORLD that you long for.


The more LOVE you allow to flow through you … AS YOU … the quicker the pace in which your dream world shows up before your very eyes.

Everyone has dreams. Everyone has fantasies of WHO/HOW they want to be. It is ALL THERE for each one.

Bring it to you. Each one … bring to themselves their perfect existence and watch … Dearest souls … watch … as if by magic … how THIS NEW WORLD expresses itself THROUGH EACH ONE.

Oh, how our BEINGS are full of delight, that we are now breaking through … on to a Higher level.

There is so much more to come.

So much more to share …

So much more … so very much more available to you … as you continue to climb the ladder.  The never ending ladder.


We wish not to appear condescending for we are not of that Vibration … yet, we FEEL so very proud of YOU UPON EARTH who are performing the most magnificent play ever performed.

For today … we close the curtains … until next time.

Shine your Lights out … it matters not in which direction … for anywhere it radiates, shall surely be received Gratefully … aware or unaware.

May our LOVE penetrate deeply within your BEINGS … allowing your hearts to smile … which in turn allows other hearts to smile … because, heart smiles … face smiles … all smiles … assist The Whole.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. How blessed we are!

I shall continue to post this under the channellings, for the sake of new readers. The more I listen to it, the more it sinks in!

* The Federation Of Light speak of LOVE. .

Drunvalo Melchizedek

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Conversation – Ascension Guide Jim Self – Interviewer Barbara Hand Clow – 2013

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In this special episode to mark the fall equinox, Jim Self and Barbara Hand Clow will once again share their guidance, insights, and perspectives on:

*What we can expect from the 4th Pluto-Uranus Square on November 1 (2013)
*Creating in the Quantum Fields
*What it means to “resonate with Nature”
*Exploring the Nine Realms of Consciousness
*Moving beyond the energetic limitations of time and space

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