Caitlin Johnstone – Awakening From The Matrix – via Damn The Matrix – 8-40-18


Awakening From The Matrix


HOW could I ignore this article for this blog…..!

Society Is Made Of Narrative. Realizing This Is Awakening From The Matrix.

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In the movie The Matrix, humans are imprisoned in a virtual world by a powerful artificial intelligence system in a dystopian future. What they take to be reality is actually a computer program that has been jacked into their brains to keep them in a comatose state. They live their whole lives in that virtual simulation, without any way of knowing that what they appear to be experiencing with their senses is actually made of AI-generated code.

Life in our current society is very much the same. The difference is that instead of AI, it’s psychopathic oligarchs who are keeping us asleep in the Matrix. And instead of code, it’s narrative.

Society is made of narrative like the Matrix is made of code. Identity, language, etiquette, social roles, opinions, ideology, religion, ethnicity, philosophy, agendas, rules, laws, money, economics, jobs, hierarchies, politics, government, they’re all purely mental constructs which exist nowhere outside of the mental noises in our heads. If I asked you to point to your knee you could do so instantly and wordlessly, but if I asked you to point to the economy, for example, the closest you could come is using a bunch of linguistic symbols to point to a group of concepts. To show me the economy, you’d have to tell me a story.

Anyone who has ever experienced a moment of mental stillness knows that without the chatter, none of those things are part of your actual present experience. There is no identity, language, etiquette, social roles, opinions, ideology, religion, ethnicity, philosophy, agendas, rules, laws, money, economics, jobs, hierarchies, politics or government in your experience without the mental chatter about those things. There’s not even a “you” anywhere to be found, because it turns out that that’s made of narrative, too.

Without mental narrative, nothing is experienced but sensory impressions appearing to a subject with no clear shape or boundaries. The visual and auditory fields, the sensation of air going in and out of the respiratory system, the feeling of the feet on the ground or the bum in the chair. That’s it. That’s more or less the totality of life minus narrative.

When you add in the mental chatter, however, none of those things tend to occupy a significant amount of interest or attention. Appearances in the visual and auditory field are suddenly divided up and labeled with language, with attention to them determined by whichever threatens or satisfies the various agendas, fears and desires of the conceptual identity construct known as “you”. You can go days, weeks, months or years without really noticing the feeling of your respiratory system or your feet on the ground as your interest and attention gets sucked up into a relationship with society that exists solely as narrative.

“Am I good enough? Am I doing the right thing? Oh man, I hope what I’m trying to do works out. I need to make sure I get all my projects done. If I do that one thing first it might save me some time in the long run. Oh there’s Ashley, I hate that bitch. God I’m so fat and ugly. If I can just get the things that I want and accomplish my important goals I’ll feel okay. Taxes are due soon. What’s on TV? Oh it’s that idiot. How the hell did he get elected anyway? Everyone who made that happen is a Nazi. God I can’t wait for the weekend. I hope everything goes as planned between now and then.”

On and on and on and on. Almost all of our mental energy goes into those mental narratives. They dominate our lives. And, for that reason, people who are able to control those narratives are able to control us.

And they do.

Most people try to exert some degree of control over those around them. They try to influence how those in their family, social and employment circles think of them by behaving and speaking in a certain way. Family members will spend their lives telling other family members over and over again that they’re not as smart/talented/good as they think they are to keep them from becoming too successful and moving away. Romantic partners will be persuaded that they can never leave because no one else will ever love them. To varying degrees, they manipulate the narratives of individuals.



DANIEL SCRANTON – Pollution & Spiritual Evolution ∞ The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council –



“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to examine the effects of your pollution on your consciousness and your ability to raise your vibration, and our preliminary findings suggest that it does affect you more than you often think it does. You have a capacity to heal your bodies that goes underutilized by most of you. Most of you accept that your air, food, and water are polluted, and then when you get sick, you go to the doctor, and the doctor usually prescribes you more toxins.

The consciousness of the human being can of course rise above pollutants and toxins, but you make it much easier on yourselves to evolve and expand when you put yourselves in a place where the air is cleaner, the food is organic, and the water comes from a spring. Now, we understand that after hearing this, or reading this message, you are not all just going to pack up and move to another part of the world where there is less of this pollution.

But here is what you can do. You can pay more attention to what you put in your bodies. You can get away from the cities as often as you can, and do some conscious, deep breathing in the forest, or in the mountains, or by the beach. You can take the approach to your health and well-being that is more natural. You can see yourselves as being capable of healing from anything if you simply remove that which is toxic to you, and we include your toxic thoughts and emotions in that.

When you are feeling better, vibrationally, you are going to gravitate towards that which feels better physically. You are going to gravitate towards the foods, and the activities, and the places that best serve you and the expansion of your consciousness. Again, you can evolve and expand even under the conditions of a highly polluted city, with chemical-laden food and water, but why not make it easier on yourselves?

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN – 144 Template & Grid – Avatar Consciousness Codes – Anchoring & Lock-In Processes Complete – Labyrinth Codes Now Available – 12D Template Completed – 8-23-18

Transcending Separateness

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I’ve been offline all week, working with bringing through, holding and integrating “Completion Codes” for our 144 Avatar Consciousness Template Completion Phase. These processes take all of our focus and dedication to fully anchor within us, while simultaneously linking-up with Gaia’s /Galactic/Universal/Cosmic/Multi-Dimension Grids and Templates too. As we continuously bring the Light Encoded Intelligence (Information) through, that which we share with all, disburses these codes out into the Unified Field of Super Consciousness each time we do. These codes, now always available to all, can be translated, shared, transmitted, received by way of various “delivery means”, to assist with acceleration, for all of hUmaNITY here.  

August has been a most important month for us all. All that has occurred on a deeper and more expansive level (Quantum)… wow. No words. Presence through our Breath…. there’s no way to linearly explain the peace, the beauty, the connectedness of all…. when this is where we live, exist and function from, deeply and fully from within.



We not only completed the 9th Dimensional Template with Gaia (Collective), which was a huge surprise, 12D Template Codes also started coming through, pretty much as soon as we completed the 9D Template “Lock-In”. These have not been unlocked within Gaia’s Template for collectives (and by collectives doing this work intentionally). Gaia’s 12D LightBody Template has now also unlocked the 144 OverSoul Avatar Consciousness Codes fully too.

For us to do this multi-dimensional work with Gaia/Cosmically, we have to achieve this within ourselves, hold these much higher levels of consciousness, while fulfilling our higher purposes/roles here too. These mean continual integration and application to our entire lives, as each action we higher-align through, our cellular body/template/field will all reconfigure accordingly too.

While we spend years holding and integrating and clearing any programming not aligned with this, that “process of linear years” is the process where the LightBody begins to “build” the template and constantly synchronize with the “coordinates” necessary to complete “this build”. Through the completion of the 12D Template, we also were able to complete the 144 Avatar Template, which is the OverSoul/Monad Template, syncing up with Gaia and all StarGates, which now makes all available on a collective level “easier”, for all who are truly ready to activate/hold/embody, as each steps up and into those roles, which is what anchor these codes fully in. 

The first set of Avatar Codes for the specific purpose of completing the “Template Build” came through with the 8/11 Eclipse (taking most the week to bring through and complete). The second set of completion codes, became available with 8/18 blast, which took until two days ago to complete (August 22nd). Now these codes will be disseminated continuously, vibrationally activated by each fully embracing this. Bringing through these “new” Labyrinth Key Codes to share with you is exciting! I’ve never heard of them until now. I was working with them for hours, preparing them to share, to further assist all who are also truly ready for this part of their own expansion of consciousness here. 

Observing mass collective awakenings, all who also “do their part” in their own way every day, through sheer dedication and diligence as PURE SOURCE LIGHT, it’s beyond beautiful to observe. Each’s roles important as a part of our “whole”, each holding highest states of consciousness, opening up fully to share unite and contribute in ways that truly make a difference…. it’s beyond exquisite and heart opening for us all! This Divine Networking System of NEW Earth grows stronger every day, with each holding LOVE through each experience and exchange. WE are the GRID. Remember this. 

It’s the most complex I’ve observed/experienced/seen. It’s taken all month to record the data and start to put it together in a way that can activate/assist in various ways. Because this is a vast process of vibrationally activating codes (codons) held our dormant Higher Consciousness DNA, our gridwork, immense akashic/gridwork/cellular clearing processes that are all a part of a “whole”, this one entails each LightBody and Template (which are “built”/constructed over “much linear time”), through each’s level of purity and by way of holding the highest states of consciousness and living this as everyday/every breath life.

Templates take many linear years to “build” and to be brought fully online here. The 144 is especially complex, as it’s a Multi-Dimensional Labyrinth of intricate sequences and codes all woven together, yet continually re-configuring to activate the next-level LightBody for integration, until all 144 LightBody Templates have been achieved. This alone is an immense process, one that I’ll cover/share in additional sharings as we go.

THIS IS A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT for all! In observing everyone’s dedicated focus, intentionally working with all of these Light Codes, intentionally holding these higher states of consciousness and opening up to share with all more, this provides inspiration, support and the information that assists each with choosing to consciously honor their own journey as an important part of our NEW EARTH COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE too! IT ALL PAYS OFF! Keep anchoring and expanding as LOVE and shining your Light (Codes) brighter and more brilliantly too!

First we activate the consciousness, then a whole set of re-coding, re-structuring and re-sequencing processes begin.

While this is not a linear process, it’s a vibrational one, I am breaking it down to as “linear as we can get” to assist with expanding comprehension of how vast each of these template re-writing/re-building processes are.

This works on a Quantum Level, through immense Sacred Geometrics and Light Quotients. I won’t be able to write everything up here. It’s just way too much information and it’s sooooooo deeply entailed, it’s going to take months to put it all together to describe a non-linear (Quantum Process) for how our Evolutionary processes work. I will release in segments, as I always do, preparing “manuals” and “how to’s” for each to utilize for their own journey here. For now… I’ll break this part down, to easier understand a bit. 

  • Vibrational activation of a code/codes held deep in each’s cellular body/DNA
  • Physical body/Physical Reality alignment & clearing process
  • Expansion of Consciousness (This can often come before the physical body part)
  • Contraction of Consciousness (To clear out any separation/duality/unconscious programs)
  • Alignment and Unification within
  • Alignment and Unification of each’s (Light)Body and Field of Consciousness
  • Re-alignment of the physical (preferably through Mastery rather than perceived “force/loss”)
  • Hold the new higher state of consciousness until the entire physical realignment process has been accomplished/is complete
  • Materialization of “new”. First holographically, then by way of physical matter in form.
  • Full Embodiment occurs once the “New Level of Higher Consciousness” is held, in every exchange, with every breath, through Purity and by way of transcending all ego/duality aspects/programs, where the full template build for that aspect/consciousness is “complete”. At which time, a final “body-field” and cellular recalibration/reconfiguration process will occur, “setting in” this new template, to merge with the previously restored “Original Template” by each. 

Physical Body Ascension is the completion of each’s 5th Dimensional Body Template as full SOUL Union occurs within. There are processes that take place, from the point of activation, where  each’s LightBody Merkaba starts to “build the whole template”, an intricate process that occurs by continuously going offline and coming back online, while birthing new realities from inside, until this process is complete. The completion of this 5th Dimensional Template is the “beginning”, which then activates “over time”/vibrationally, each’s next higher Density/Dimensional LightBodies, Mastering 12 Dimensions (from much higher levels of consciousness), which in turn activates each’s 144 Avatar/OverSoul Consciousness Template to “begin”. This sets forth a progression of various body templates to awaken/ignite, where each will clear each existence, all distortions, separation, unconscious programming to fully UNIFY all within, and in-turn in their own physical reality too. Each template completion “adds to” the 144 Template Building process. First the consciousness, then clearing of all karmic timelines relative to that consciousness, for harmonic alignment/convergence for each to occur. Our Intelligent Living DNA is working constantly to re-work everything on a multi-dimensional level (for us all).

The processes for these 144 templates are non-linear (Super Quantum) and because of how all geometrically and vibrationally “criss-crosses” and overlays, the depth of providing the light codes for this part will be shared through Love at another vibrational “point in time”. ♥

With Consciousness and our Light-bodies (each phase/aspect has a different one), first we have the activation (often correlating to an expansion of consciousness). This occurs when our bodies reach a certain vibrational frequency, in order to activate the codons/markers held in our dormant higher consciousness DNA, which in-turn activates new levels of consciousness within each. This activation is bio-electrical, creating a “firing off” process that works through PURIFYING our entire body structures, organs, muscles, heart/spine/brain, body parts, skin, flesh, eyes, blood, bones…. you name it. Every part of us, as well as our Field of Consciousness too. How “long” the building/deconstruction/reconstruction phase takes on a cellular level is determined by many things. Physical density, unconscious programming and how expanded each’s field is, being the most relative of these.

Through observing the separation of “time”, once a “code” is activated, the body goes through an entire purification (detox) and harmonic stabilization process, whereas each’s entire reality also must fully re-align. This “begins” the building process for each’s various LightBody phases, as well as Stargate Systems (Merkaba pre-ascension also activating various other Stargates & Systems to come online, after physical body ascension occurs). There is an immense transition process that takes place with this as well.

Through our inner-linked Living/Breathing DNA Consciousness, all must “build”/construct itself, which occurs on a cellular level and links up to our bio-field. An intricate system created, that links each’s LightBody and Fields up with Gaia, Universally, Cosmically, Multi-Dimensionally (and so very much more). All achieved as each HOLDS (Embodies) their own highest level of Expanded (Super) Consciousness, long enough for this immense re-construction process to occur. This includes the breaking down/dissolving processes of all linear constructs and energy/matter that vibrated at the 3rd/4th Dimension (Consciousness) before.

First we have the activation, then an entire Labrynth of processes and phases, trials & tribulations for the human (ego) aspect, gateways/initiations/passageways that are completed as all separation/unconscious programming is dissolved/resolved. This “Light Activation” moves/works through each’s body and field, “talking and communicating”, identifying and recoding all through new/higher dimensional SOULar/STAR Codes. A complete bio-electrical-magnetic re-wiring process occurs “over time”, as each “takes one further offline” from their own connection with the Old Earth Grids held in place from inside, clears the energy held until ZERO POINT FIELD IS ACHIEVED/MAINTAINED, to bring each online further with our NEW EARTH NETWORKING AND GRIDDING SYSTEM. “Each time” is a part of a much bigger picture, as each time is a part of a huge transitory phase. This transitory phase is “completed”, when the entire TEMPLATE PROCESS is complete. The entire template is complete as each lives their entire lives according to these new Universal Cosmic Soul Star Light Codes.

These advanced templates accelerate our next phases we now move into. The 12th Dimensional Template was not (visibly) “scheduled” to come fully online until December, yet we’ve accomplished it “early”. (Credit to EVERYONE for all your “hard” work).

These next few months are going to be moving all continuing with Ascended NEW Earth Existences, into these much higher frequency bandwidths that continually come online with every SOULar/Cosmic Blast, that degradates the “old” at an increasing rate unparalleled by anything we’ve experienced here before. Each’s focus is going to be beyond important. Where each places their energy, will “faster” determine “the next moment” that occurs.

Avatar Consciousness is the entire OverSoul/Monad. It’s the 144 Grids and Codes inner-linked. It is activated the moment each’s physically ascends, which in turn activates (by way of vibrational frequencies), each’s various SOUL aspects/codes, as well as Star Aspects/Systems/Codes. Each activation will “trigger” an immense purification process to occur. This takes place on a deep multi-dimensional DNA/Askashic/Cellular Level, as well as each’s field and entire physical reality as it must be fully realigned too.

It often takes years for each LightBody & StarGate Systems to sync up fully, meanwhile each’s grid (muscles/bones/veins/whole body), is going through an immense process of everything being reconfigured (back) to these new codes. I can look back over my own experiences and see each LightBody and Template and all that went into each, as well as “how long” it took for each to complete. Now, linear is “how long”. Through Light, there’s no time. So, instead of looking at “time”, look at all vibrationally and keep elevating, expanding, holding, stabilizing and “time” will cease to exist, so “time” won’t matter anymore with this. I hope that makes a little sense.

There are many ways to activate any of these codes. Every time one chooses to open up and utilizes any/all of these options, acceleration can occur.

Becoming silent, connecting from deep within, elevating your consciousness and expanding your field, clearing your field, reconnecting with nature/Gaia, as well as SACRED UNION OF FIELDS, allowing each to exchange “codes”. Physically connecting y/our fields allows each the ability to increase this acceleration, especially when it’s accompanied by providing SIMPLIFIED “new processes” to instantly activate and integrate with greater ease. As more come to understand the importance of “Exchanging, Sharing, Receiving and fully Integrating Light Codes”, how each values everything will dramatically change. The higher the vibration, the simpler all is.

Code Holders & Embodiers constantly sharing, automatically transmit these codes. It’s an important part of each’s SoulStar Agreements, to deliver the information/Light Intelligence to assist hUmaNITY with awakening/receiving “faster/easier”. This comes from deep PURE LOVE that transcends all things physical and reconnects all of us as ONE again here.

Yes, unconscious programming becomes visible, yet as each chooses and learns to transform, learns to Master the Physical as their own Higher/Highest Selves, all is shifted vibrationally into much higher timeline experiences for us all. Instant reprogramming is important to shift all quickly as well.

The depths that we each go to, the depths of our entirety…. holding this immensity and sharing it through profound and beautiful energetic exchanges, through the delivery and receiving of Light Codes, through our own Unified Fields and how we consciously transmit all out….


These 144 Codes… they activate each’s OverSoul/Avatar Consciousness, once/as a certain level of purity has been achieved. Always activating, always working… always clearing out all that’s not in harmonic resonance on a Soul Level…. These have become available as higher level possibilities, held within each’s fields, condons activated within each’s cellular blueprint, through intentional conscious creation.

To activate in your own DNA and Field, just speak, with every part of your BEing, and presence:  “I activate my Labyrinth Codes”. Feel this through you. Breathe them through you. Allow your LightBody to activate and be ready to observe and align your own reality as LOVE. Sit with them, allowing your entire vibration to raise/consciousness expand. Honor this fully. It’s important. ♥

Ascending/Transitioning to the 5th Dimension of NEW Earth, means aligning ourselves fully, as well as our entire physical, through Universal/Cosmic/Unity Consciousness. Living and breathing this, then activates each’s 12 Dimensional Divine Blueprints, by way of each EMBODYING and holding the 13th Dimensional Ray of Christed Consciousness in how we each live our lives. From this point, fulfilling much higher soul purposes and galactic missions through our own HUman Roles here, the completion of Mastery Cycles of each of these 12, activates 12 more multi-dimensional codons, which begins the next cycles of “Levels of Embodiment”, referred to as the “Labyrinth Codes”.

As each achieves full completion of their own Divine 12 Templates, the 144 Sacred/Divine Template is activated by way of codes “turning on”, which become visible through each’s actual experiences here. First holographic, each is able to expand their own consciousness to activate these codes. Holding these states of consciousness fully, is how each’s template builds/constructs itself.


Physical body ascension (5th Dimensional Ascended/Descended/Higher Self Embodied Living), is where each has become completely WHOLE AGAIN. This is the merging of higher self and “lower” self, to become ONE with all and begin the next phases, which are immense within themselves.

The death/dissolution of the old, prepares each for beginning to birth all new realities from within. As each begins this vast transition process, they are preparing to awaken all anew and bring that forth from within their own consciousness and REMEMBERING process of re-connecting fully again.

This Awakening brings forth new Light, through the pureness of LOVE, to illuminate each’s individually journey, which moves from a focus on things or a past or present, to a focus on presence and what each has to offer/contribute/share as LOVE, which brings UNITY to all things here. This continual birthing process, is evolution within itself. Birthing through CREATION, a Sacred Experience where all is love, where all is unity, where all is considerate/kind and serves much higher purposes here.

“New” is represented by peace, magic, immense joy, gratitude and appreciation for all. This Divine Essence of our own deeply re-connected state, emanates out to transmit Light Codes that permeate the very fabric of what each calls “reality” to vibrationally recode how the physical actually materializes into “form”.

This continual birthing process, through Divine Creation, and fully aligned with Purity/Pure Creation/SOURCE Energies (from within), activates a “new series” of each’s processes and phases of continual Cellular-Stellar-Solar Light Code activations to begin. From this “moment” (occurs over months/years/each’s whole existence here, where one is truly ready to step fully into the 5th Dimension (and way beyond), with their whole BEing…. all new templates are activated to start to come online. These templates are our Divine Templates, original templates, all converging in one SPACE. Within us. From the completion of each’s 5th Dimensional template, all higher self aspects are awakened, through each’s processes, and every day experiences of integration, holding much higher states of consciousness and re-constructing/re-structuring all. 

I actually have much more in-depth information to share, yet the the vastness would literally take me months to sit and put it all together to share/explain, so I’m not even trying right now. Simplifying the complexity of these codes, putting all together in with coherency to explain it for others to activate/utilize/integrate, this part is going to take a bit. Just writing this is an activation within itself, which is why I’m sharing this right now.

p.s. My apologies if I went in circles, kind of like a Labyrinth. lol It took me forever to write this and get it out for all. I’ll edit/fix it later. ♥

With love from Kauai,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



11 Ways to Expand Your Consciousness – By Garima Roy – 11 Ways to Expand Your Consciousness – via Fractal Enlightenment – 8-11-18

expand your consciousnesss



“It’s not the world that needs to change – it’s our consciousness we must raise” ~ Rasheed Ogunlaru

Raising your consciousness gives you power to create a happier and fulfilling life. It’s about opening yourself to newer possibilities, reconnecting with your inner self, embracing the divine within you and most importantly, free yourself from the pain and suffering that has been holding you down.

It is a beautiful journey towards becoming more conscious in all aspects of your life. Heightened consciousness breaks the walls of perception, perceived reality, and false beliefs.


Here are 11 ways to raise your consciousness.


1) Find yourself

Once Allen Ginsberg said, “Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.”

To find yourself first learn about yourself. Finding the real you is an enlightening experience; you are not what the society has told you to be, or the titles given to you. Don’t try to be anybody else, and live in these false illusions. Falseness is a confused loop – a temporary shelter that lowers your consciousness.

You can’t hide there for a long period of time because there is no peace in living this way. Cut your ties with falsehood. Being honest with your self raises your consciousness. Don’t choose to be a canvas, rather be the painter.


2) Observe and reflect

Have the courage to observe and reflect. Some people choose ignorance that lowers their consciousness eventually. Internal reflection will certainly help you better understand your thoughts, emotions, and provide clarity in your current life situation.

It is an important step towards growth. Acknowledge your problems and seek solutions. Meditation is a good way to start the process, even for 20 minutes daily will make a difference in your state of consciousness.


3) Be compassionate

10003490_613215808770885_649163302_n“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” ~ John Holmes

Practicing compassion can be one of the single most powerful exercises for boosting your level of consciousness. Compassion is an ability to acknowledge the emotional state of our fellow human beings. Several studies prove that people who practice compassion experience constant change in their brain and respond positively to stress.

Being compassionate towards yourself and others also helps you to not only forgive the other person but also overcome your own negative thoughts or emotions.



THE RAINBOW GATEWAY – 7-29-18 – BY ASTRAEA ET AMORA – Carla Thompson in Meditation with Julia King – 7-30-18



Carla Thompson in Meditation with Julia King, July 30, 2018


On Friday July 27 there was a profound gift from the source of All-That-Is. This gift was in the energetic form of what can be best described as living wheels of consciousness.  The manifestation of these living wheels of rainbow light are here now, and they are here to stay.  On this day they were fully integrated into the new living Fifth Dimensional crystalline Matrix that appeared recently…/ascension-report-summer-solstice-and-beyond  and replaced the old third dimensional matrix.

We have made a quintessential leap into a permanent and unified reality of what may be called the Fifth Dimension.  I personally feel that the reality before us has changed, forever.

I have received two messages regarding this Gateway, one from Astraea et Amora yesterday and a second one today from a new beautiful, extremely high frequency source – theCrystalline Beings of the Rainbow Rays. I am going to share both because as with all of my messages there are embedded ascension codes within each message.

I wish each and all of you the love, the peace and the eternal joy that I have felt with the personal integration of these beautiful wheels of Light!

A Message from Astraea et Amora

“Greetings of joy to all our Beloveds during this magnificent portal, a portal holding a gift of cosmic proportions – the Rainbow Gateway.  This portal is a gateway to a new reality founded in new pathways of circular magnetic rainbow light  – a new healing light gifted to humanity for the purpose of enhancing and expanding consciousness.

The circular rainbow is primary evidence of your presence within the Unity Field. The Unity Field holds many different forms of airborne water through which you will notice these beautiful rainbows.  All expressions you consider to be of fifth dimensional nature hold a higher humidity as water becomes the living foundation of the new fifth dimensional Cities of Light;

The magnetic activity pulls dense low frequency energy upward as the circular rainbows spin quickly.  Envision the wide circular bands of rainbow light energy all around each of your chakras spinning in perpetual motion to magnetically remove all heavier energies upward and into the magnetic field of the new Red Magnetic Sun. Envision all negative thoughts and heavy emotions that arise from your minds and hearts, often described as the Shadow, lifting up into the cosmos for re-integration with the source of life.

This is a gift well-earned in preparation for your arrival in the new Fifth dimensional reality. These  beautiful magnetic wheels of rainbow light – gold and violet, magenta and turquoise blue, crystalline green and gold are more powerful than you can imagine, for the true gift is this: the wheels permeate each of you as you call upon them and create a unification of your Spirit and Soul with All-That-Is.  This is a unified action in honour and with integrity, a new vehicle of consciousness, made available to humankind now as you continue on your evolutionary path into the Golden Age.  We love You All.”

A Message from the Crystalline Beings of the Rainbow Rays

“The Rainbow Gateway marks the arrival of a new magnetic field of rainbow waves. These magnetic waves are circular and it is this action that is the key to drawing upward all lower vibrating energies.  The magnetic waves complement wholly the reality that you call the fifth dimensional expression. Lower vibrational energies must be transmuted before a full manifestation of the fifth dimensional reality can occur.

The magnetic waves are circular and create a vacuum, an upward vacuum, lifting negativity out of every chakra – continually, optimally, and graciously up to the light of the Magnetic Sun for transmutation and healing. 

These rings represent a new vehicle of consciousness for humanity. They are able to integrate into the human body chakra system, to allow for the cleansing of stagnant chakra systems.  They are able to connect all chakra systems with the magnetic sun and with the whole of creation.  This is a gift from a very deep place of love and your vision is correct, this energy comes from a very deep place in the Cosmos.  This vehicle of consciousness has been gifted to humanity in this reality to lift and purify all negativity in every chakra in order to ultimately raise the level of consciousness within every human being upon Gaia. 

Invite these thick multi-coloured rings of deep pink and blue, violet and rose-pink, green and gold, around your head and feel this band lifting your thoughts upward and away from you, lifting for purification. Invite the rings into your heart where pure love shall be enhanced, Invite the rings into your throat chakra for clarity, power and truth in speech.  Place the ring in your third chakra, your power chakra, to empower all of your creations and to free all from control and manipulation.  Uncertainty and doubt has filled the third chakra and humanity has moved into a place of fear from where all duality rises.  All of these heavy emotions are now released from the second and first chakras to the Red Sun to ensure you feel safe, to ensure you are complete and at one with the whole of creation.  You are on a new journey supported by an enlightened consciousness.  This has been a gift of life. Your gift to return to wholeness.

You have made it!  There is no turning back! We love you!  We are the Crystalline Beings of the Rainbow Rays. And so it is.”


L’URA PLEIADIAN – The New Divine Humanity – Everything is Changing – Your Consciousness is SHIFTING – 8-2-18

The New Divine Humanity

Experiencing dramatic changes ~ is the result of Consciousness Shifts.

Frequency Shifts. DNA Shifts.

Literally living in a world where everything is shifting before your eyes.

You are different. The world is different.

You see it everywhere.

You have changed and merged with the Eternal You.

Your Original Light.

Manoeuvring through the states of consciousness that are shifting….as I write this, represent, what was once hoped for. Which is NOW taking place.

You have let all attachments go.

You have mastered the elements within.

Earth, Air, Water and Fire. You live through the truth of you, your Eternal Spirit.

The Mastery of thoughts. The Mastery of Emotions.

The Mastery of FORM.

It now all flows through YOU ~ consciously.

Your Consciousness has shifted.

It is changing before your eyes, your reality.

You have merged with your Original Light.

You are Stepping into the Being of your Merged consciousness and adjusting…

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DEEPAK CHOPRA – Everyday Reality Is A Human Construct – 11-25-17

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By Deepak Chopra, MD

It is often overlooked that the role of spirituality was once the same as the role science plays today: to explain how Nature works. As science views reality, objective facts and rational thinking outstrip the traditional spiritual worldview, which explained Nature through higher powers known as the gods or God. But recently the playing field has become much more level than anyone ever anticipated.

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Explaining reality through objective means has seriously eroded, chiefly because as science drew closer to the source where space, time, matter, and energy emerge, Nature as we know it vanished. At the level of the quantum vacuum, the zero point of empirical knowledge, something inconceivable is at work. Only advanced mathematics remains as a useful tool when time and space no longer exist, and even then, our mathematical models are suspect, because there is no longer any proof that they actually match reality.

To visualize this situation, imagine that you are a traveler who has followed your tour guide to a borderline. He turns and says, “Up to now we have crossed the land where causes lead to effects, where clocks measure time and space has three dimensions, where physical objects are reliably solid. No doubt you’ve already noticed that your five senses no longer operate, and we had better be careful taking another step, because your mind won’t be capable of reasoning out anything across this borderline. Shall we cross?”

You can imagine that you would hesitate, because across the borderline is simply “beyond,” a realm where reality originates even though nothing we consider real exists. It’s remarkable that thousands of years ago, looking inward through self-awareness, ancient thinkers reached the same borderline, and what they imagined “beyond” wasn’t in fact gods or God, because religion arrived much later to offer a simpler story about “beyond.” The non-simple story was about pure consciousness. Where science views “beyond” as a dark mystery, the ancient thinkers of India saw the starting-point of reality as a state of awareness that is actually reachable.

In both cases the familiar world of space, time, matter, and energy disappears across the borderline, …



Consciousness Creates Reality – Quantum Physics Explains – 5-22-18 – by Rose Rambles dotorg

Consciousness Creates Reality –

Quantum Physics Explains…

Have you ever seen yourself through

the eyes of someone else that you have become,

and looked at yourself through the

eyes of the ultimate observer?

Who are we?

Where do we come from?

And what is our purpose in life?

via Consciousness Creates Reality – Quantum Physics Explains ~ May 22, 2018 — roseramblesdotorg

MATT KAHN – The Four Factors of Consciousness – 5-21-18


Published on May 18, 2018

In this excerpt from the recent “Standing For Love” retreat, Matt highlights the 4 key factors to help you expand your consciousness in the most heart-centered way. Pre-order Matt’s new book, “Everything is Here to Help You” at:… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BOOK TOUR: Join Matt on this six-city tour as he celebrates the release of his new Hay House book, Everything is Here to Help You. During each two-hour event and one-day immersion, Matt will use his intuitive abilities to tune into the audience and deliver teachings to assist in all areas of healing, awakening, and transformation. Often referred to as a transmission of presence, Matt has the ability to channel healing energy through the sound of his voice, allowing you to directly experience the teachings Matt’s words convey. Buy tickets here:…



Published on Apr 5, 2018

Sandra Beck and Linda Franklin of Powered Up Talk Radio speak with Lisa Transcendence Brown about the changes that are going on in our world energetically and how our bodies and minds have to adapt. Special Guest Fred Lanzetta

JESHUA via Pamela Kribbe – Four Stages in the Transformation of Consciousness – by – 5-11-18 – From Ego To Heart

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Jeshua channeled by Pamela Kribbe

In the previous chapters, we have described the historical background of the lightworker’s journey from ego based to heart based consciousness. This part will be dedicated entirely to the psychological characteristics of this transformation. We have divided up this process into four steps or stages, which we sum up again for the sake of clarity:

1.   Being unsatisfied by what ego based consciousness has to offer you, longing for “something else:” the beginning of the end.

2.   Becoming aware of your ties to ego based consciousness, recognizing and releasing the emotions and thoughts that go with it: the middle of the end.

3   Letting the old ego based energies inside you die, throwing off the cocoon, becoming your new self: the end of the end.

4.   The awakening of a heart based consciousness within you, motivated by love and freedom; helping others making the transition.

Stage one: the ego does not fulfill anymore

The transition from ego based consciousness to heart based consciousness starts with the experience of an inner void. Things that used to draw your full attention or situations that you got completely caught up in now leave you empty or uninspired. Somehow things seem to have lost their usual meaning and purpose.

Before this void is experienced, consciousness is in the grip of fear and the ensuing need to constantly reaffirm itself. It is continually looking for outside validation because it is unwilling to face the underlying fear of rejection and loneliness. This deep fear and the need for outside validation may long be hidden as the true motive for many of your actions. Your whole life may be built upon them without you being consciously aware of it. Perhaps you are aware of a vague restlessness or tension within. But often a major event such as the break up of a relationship, the passing of a loved one or the loss of a job has to come along to invite you to truly examine what this tension or unrest is about.

When the ego is the center of your being, your consciousness and your emotional life are in a state of cramp. You cringe in fear and from that position you are constantly on the defensive. When you’re in the ego stage, you always experience lack, a need for more. The foundation of your thoughts, feelings and actions is a black hole, a void which can never be filled completely. It is a hole of fear, a place covered in shadows, since you turn your consciousness away from it. In the shadows, there is a void which you are vaguely aware of, but you don’t want to go there.

In this stage, your relationship with God or All-That-Is is marked by feelings of separation. Deep within you feel alone and abandoned. You feel like you are a broken, meaningless fragment with no purpose. And as you cover up your fear of this, you only experience it indirectly, as a shadow.



LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Psycho-spiritual Warfare – by Energetic Synthesis – 5-9-18


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Lisa Renee

There is a battle between the forces of darkness and tyranny and the forces of light and liberation for the control of this planet and human consciousness, as well as attempting to free those taken over for the use of the human body and access to earth human DNA. Recently, spiritual warfare has escalated in the worldscape, and those awakened people that are connected to the planetary consciousness body, are able to feel the intense pressure we are enduring as this battle rages on in the interdimensional planes. Currently, the agenda is to target any organization or leadership type person that is embodying or attempting to represent Christ Consciousness, Unity or the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, anything that is connected to truth spirit Krystic attributes, is under another stage of aggressive targeting for assorted levels of electronic harassment, holographic inserts, AI clones, character assassination and dark manipulation. Many unstable people are becoming unhinged, and being used as dark portals, to attack others as a part of the self-enforcement of deceptions and lies that are commonly believed in the 3D narrative that is promoted in the mainstream. When people are under attack by another, they have a general reaction to fight back, spreading even more negativity, pain and dark entities. It is important to be able to identify abusers, liars, predators and psychopaths as people traumatized by terrible pain, soul fragmentation and spiritual disconnection that are acting incoherently and erratically, as they lose their grip on reality. It is true that it is unproductive to have any direct interaction with people that are unhinged and expressing violence towards you.

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When people are utterly controlled by negative ego dysfunction and inner pain, they have no impulse control and they live in self-deception, fear and confusion. A person who is deceiving themselves through their unwillingness to address their own shadow has no other alternative but to spew negativity upon others, as they are used as dark portal puppets by the dominating forces of the negatives with a specific agenda to squash access to truthful or accurate information about the planetary ascension. If information does not fit into the 3D narrative box of what has been dictated by social engineering to be made acceptable by the negative ego, the negative ego goes into narcissistic rage and starts labeling and attacking everyone that does not have the same belief system. Gone are the days of human courtesy in mutual dialoguing, there is little tolerance of others or being willing to have a respectful and courteous discussion of debate, whether it’s in the mainstream or people on the streets with different points of view. We can see the divide and conquer agenda of the NAA raising its ugly head everywhere in the average social setting infecting group environments.

We can see traumatized and confused people overwhelmed with their negative ego and pain be used as agents of chaos and destruction to inflict demoralization upon their target, whomever it is they believe is their enemy. It could be the president, it could be their neighbor, it could be someone they saw on the street, and they don’t like how they look. Whatever it may be that acts as a catalyst to their inner shadow and conflicts that incites them to inflict hatred. Demoralization is excessively being amplified in psychological warfare tactics that are designed to generate great pain to human beings that are being perceived as the enemy, for whatever the reasons. By intending to destroy that person’s dignity and morale, it can grossly mentally and emotionally weaken them, which weakens their ability to function well. Demoralization and dehumanization is the most important tool of psychological warfare and intentional torture that is used to break down a person. The Satanics know this tactic well and use it very methodically in trauma based mind control and other forms of psychological manipulation used to gain full control over a person’s mental state.  Demoralization is most commonly implemented through various forms of fabricated propaganda that is used to weaken people, while dehumanization is commonly used by the satanic agenda to mock and defile human dignity or attack the spirit within the person. By intentionally defiling human dignity as a mass agenda, it spreads unconscious and conscious hatred to be directed to human beings and the human condition. This is the genocidal plan in which people start easily killing each other, because they have lost all empathy for other human beings or the state of the human condition, all they care about is people that agree with their own narrow perspectives formed by the mind control of their choice. One of the hardest issues to reconcile on coming to planet earth is comprehending that earth people murder each other in cold blood over the tiniest of differences within basic belief systems. The NAA are capitalizing on this frailty now.

Dark portal puppets have no idea their mind is filled with the hatred they allowed in by these unscrupulous controllers and dark entities that don’t care how much pain and destruction they cause. The only thing they want is to divide and conquer the human race and win the war on earth at great cost to human life.

Thus, in the Ascension arena we are not immune to the current chaotic terrain. A tremendous amount of effort is being made by the NAA to incite fear and confusion in the spiritual communities to divide and conquer, and purposely disrupt and impair people’s internal compass, as many cannot figure out what is truth or purposeful deception, and have no idea of the direction they are actually travelling. When people have not worked on disciplining their mind and pain body, they have no core self, and thus are an instinctual slave to knee jerk reactions and random impulses that take control over their body.  This is an epidemic now.

At the moment, hidden from what the mainstream media reports and excluded from most people’s awareness is the major events transpiring in the world involve a massive war over controlling the consciousness timelines on this planet. The players are human and non-human, and involve the hierarchy of control that extends way beyond the planetary control mechanism of the Power Elite.

As we are provided dispensations that allow us to embody divine energy in physical form, and move the planetary awareness toward the higher light and higher consciousness, the survival and force of the darkness and its artificial intelligence control networks on this planet is threatened. Most of these artificial intelligence software systems installed in the planetary consciousness body, explicitly rely on the matter fields vibrating at certain parameters of low frequency, in order to maintain their invisibility within the human visible light spectrum. As these lower dimensions roll up into the next harmonic scale, these dark forces, their agendas, such as the mainstreaming of Satanism, become much more visible and clear to the people of this earth, who are starting to see the clear evidence of the crimes made against humanity, and humanity’s children. Those in positions of power have been put there explicitly because of their consent and willingness to carry out the crimes against humanity on behalf of the Negative Alien Agenda, in exchange for money, resources, power, temporary life extension (immortality) and control over the rest of the people. Some have been told they will be escorted to safety onto other planets, when and if disclosure events happen on a mass scale. In order to take the attention off themselves, they have to work overtime on targeting others for character assassination or creating diversions to derail people from actually seeing the truth of what’s really happening. Look over there and don’t look at the predators, and see who is actually siphoning all of your consciousness energy and has taken ownership over your body.

Thus, we are in difficult and challenging times as there are new multi-dimensional challenges for those ascending humans that are taking a conscious, pro-active and leading role in their own evolution and the evolution of the planet.  These challenges come in many forms including psychic attack, artificial intelligence trackers, negative implants, holographic inserts, tags and dark entities that direct interference in order to diminish the quality of our energetic resources, physical vitality and optimum functioning by harvesting and utilizing our precious resources. Hence, suppressing our ability to perceive greater realities of truth and live our maximum soul’s potential of experiencing spiritual fulfillment, sovereignty and freedom on the Earth Plane. Inserts are sent to agents of chaos, or extremely traumatized people that are unable to discern that they have been implanted with audio or visions of hatred for spiritual leaders or anyone that can act as a random catalyst of their inner pain. Egoic people don’t like to be reminded of the pain they carry, and ascending heart based people can reflect back to them how much shadow they actually have. When they have a tantrum or fly into narcissitic rage they cannot tell that they are being puppeted while in the throes of possession or dark attachments that are manipulating them for their dark agendas.

Our discernment and spiritual maturity is being heavily tested, in that no matter what others do or say, that we remain steadfast on the ascending path that is aligned to our heart and personal truth. We must be able to discern what is in alignment for us personally without judgment and to not care what others may think of our choices to live authentically. As you allow yourself to be who you really are as an embodiment of soul purposed truth, you will allow all others to be exactly who they need to be. At this level of spiritual growth your inner serenity and state of inner peace will upset or baffle many around you. Stay serene anyway. We will need the commitment, courage and strength to stand in our personal soul truth and its purpose, no matter what. Our soul fulfillment is the mirror for other’s soul fulfillment and is the highest contribution of Service to Others that one can make to the world.

After we have made the commitment we will need to learn how to be energetically impeccable with our soul truth and its discernment as we move forward. The simple principles of Law of One, Golden Rule as in “Do onto others as you would Do onto yourself”, “Always speak compassion” or “What would Christ Do?” Choose a spiritual framework that has personal meaning and relevance for you. You may find you decide to gather small pearls of wisdom from many different spiritual philosophies to create your own personal spiritual framework, to help support creating a personal necklace of higher love and truth.

Those awakening to remember themselves as multidimensional light-beings and becoming a part of the collective ascending network on this planet tend to be the targets for these dark forces and their technologies, such as the methods used for electronic harassment.  The energy of a highly conscious human being creates a frequency signal that activates the radar screen of awareness at the center of control for dark consciousness.  Once on the radar screen of darkness, darkness places a tag, artifact, attachment or cord on the enlightened being to track them and determine if they are a threat to the survival of the ego predator mind, and the type of self-awareness that the darkness represents as a consciousness.  The forces of darkness include many broad streams of sentient beings that are trapped in the planetary consciousness body, and they exist as spiritual forces that are locked into time and matter, unable to evolve, until humanity stops feeding them. It is important to understand that the forces of Satanism are not intellectual forces as claimed by the atheists behind the Church of Satan, but encompass a massive hierarchy of darkly primitive conscious beings, many of these forces can be described by an energetic signature that directly connects them with Fallen Angelics, Watchers, such as the Baphomet or Leviathan fields. These collective satanic forces make up collective consciousness streams that then can be connected to demonic bodies or generated to create more groupings of satanic hierarchy in the earth. These forces can hop into a human vessel that is unaware, weakened, and mind controlled by the consent of the satanic vibration. These satanic beings exist at different levels of darkness and depravity, however, they operate together as a collective consciousness force that is directed by off planet entities that are higher and more powerful in the Satanic chain of command. Satanic forces are not sovereign entities, they are parasitic and need human energy to exist, they can appear human or not human as Negative Alien bodies, and they are trapped in the matter fields or low densities, unable to evolve beyond the bondage and servitude to the earth plane, and are slaves to those dark forces that are higher on the food chain.

Those of us committed to the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, to promote sovereignty and freedom for this planet and humanity, have more grid and energetic support than we have ever had. Even though on the earth surface, the battle wages on to attack the Christ Consciousness and Law of One principles, it is in remembering that the truth will always come out eventually. We must remember we have returned to this earth to master ourselves and master these Fallen Angelic entities and the negative energies here that are having a full scale tantrum because they are losing control. This requires we learn exactly how these entities think, what their strategies are, where they came from and how they infiltrated this planet. We are in a War over Consciousness that requires we master the Psycho-Spiritual Warfare being directed toward humanity and ourselves. 3D Humans are being dragged into the conflict as pawns to act out this drama and actualize the battle over God in the physical world. As above, so below, and the War Over God has been the Battle of Personal Wills to come to the Great Revelation of Truth to be discovered in these End Times.

Stay strong and do not let these creatures get you down. These forces are parasites, psychopaths, sociopaths, emotional illiterates, tyrants, unable to feel empathy for any living creature and are driven by the most primitive levels of profanity and base desires with no impulse control. It is what it is.

We must be strong now and it will take every part of our commitment to remain strong in dedication of your service to God in the face of the satanic scourge. We cannot walk on eggshells for those people who are easily offended or insulted. Be kind but be fierce in the defense of your inner spirit and preserving your direct relationship with the Godhead.

We send our blessings of love, peace and spiritual strength to our warrior families for serving the light of God, the light of truth, may peace be with your heart in all ways during these intense times of spiritual warfare. Bless you.

With a loving heart, Lisa





The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light – 5-5-18 – by We Signed Up For This


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The Nature of Consciousness – Conversation with Rupert Spira & Deepak Chopra – 5-5-18 – by Evolutionary Mystic Post

The Nature of Consciousness

In Conversation withRupert Spira & Deepak ChopraPlease scroll down to locate video.

via The Nature of Consciousness In Conversation with Rupert Spira & Deepak Chopra — Evolutionary_Mystic Post

CELIA FENN @ New Earth News – Transitioning: Crystal to Diamond Consciousness – 4-18-18

New Earth News – Transitioning From Crystal To Diamond Consciousness

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by Celia Fenn,
New Earth News Correspondent

In 2003, I wrote an article called “The Indigo to Crystal Transitional Crisis” which was about the experience of waking up and activating the Light Body in order to embody the Golden Light of Christ Consciousness. For many people this was a very deep experience that went along with a powerful “healing crisis” on many levels as they broke through layers of conditioning and programming to reach their authentic self and to connect with and embody their Soul Power. Now, in 2018, this article is about the completion of this Ascension process as we transition from the Crystal to the Diamond Consciousness.

At this level, we embody full Galactic Consciousness and are fully multi-dimensional. We are grounded into the 5D New Earth, but also have access to the Higher Dimensions as far as 9D that allow us to function as Embodied Souls on Earth while also being connected to our Galactic heritage.

In a similar way, this transition is throwing up some physical symptoms which may cause anxiety while experiencing them, but if you understand what is happening you will deal better with them. (Please note that if symptoms are severe or persist, please see your health care practitioner).

The process is as follows : we are now in Solar Minimum, which means that we are experiencing very little Solar Flare activity. This is allowing for Galactic and Cosmic Radiation from very “deep space” to reach the earth and to affect our physical bodies in deep ways. Normally, Solar radiation protects earth from these transmissions, but in Solar Minimum they can come through, bringing powerful transformative Diamond Light Codes and activating the Diamond Consciousness which allows Humanity to bridge to and connect to Galactic 9D consciousness.

The Changes and the ReWiring

What is happening now is that the Right Brain is being fully activated in order to create a “Sacred Union” with the Left Brain. This means that after thousands of years of being Left Brain dependent, Humanity is reactivating the power of the Right Brain with its connection to the Intuitive, the Magical and Miraculous, and the Galactic/Cosmic levels. Not only is this powerful reactivation taking place, but there is a balancing of these two hemispheres of the quantum computer that is the brain so that they can function in harmony and not against each other.

At the same time, the Throat chakra is in the process of being “rewired” so that it acts as a “receiver” of Light Energies as well as a “transmitter”, and it is being connected to the High Heart and the Heart. This is to facilitate to activation of the ability to hear Galactic transmissions and to decode them, and to be able to send similar Galactic transmissions without any artificial technology.

These shifts are connected into the Crown and Soul Star Chakras, and this in turn activates the lower chakras to ground the energies. At the same time, on the deep cellular level, the DNA is being recoded to accept these new abilities and releasing any beliefs and limitations that might block these shifts.

The purpose of these shifts is to enable the New Luminous Diamond Human to become a Galactic being, able to receive and hear non verbal transmission as well as to send these transmissions across time, space and dimensions. It is the full activation of your own “personal portal” and uplink to the Cosmos.

What it May Feel Like : Symptoms

Some people may have no real symptoms at all, and may simply move into a happy and joyous connection with the New Earth and these new abilities.

However, with such a major transition, it is also possible that you may feel some of the following temporary symptoms :

  • Headaches and Dizziness. Exhaustion and wanting to nap all the time. It takes a lot of energy to balance and harmonize the left and right brain.
  • Sinus pain and blockages. Pain in the Jaw and Teeth.
  • Burning in the Throat. Sore throat and throat infections.
  • Flu that becomes severe or takes a long time to heal.
  • Tightness in the chest. Muscle spasms in the neck and back.
  • Disrupted Sleep patterns, as the energies are stronger at night.
  • Disrupted Eating patterns and the desire to eat less and to eat “higher frequency” food.
  • Nervous system stress : anxiety, breathing stress, depression, tearfulness, irritation and feeling like you just can’t take any more. A burning sensation in the nerves.
  • Wanting to move, relocate, be somewhere else ( the New Earth!)
  • A desire for clean water and natural organic foods and clean air to breathe.
  • A desire to stand up for this dream of the New Earth!

Coping with the Symptoms

The most important thing is to rest when you need to and nurture yourself and your body.

Your body is going through a very deep change and transition. It will be cleansing and detoxing on many levels, in many dimensions and through many past and future lifteimes so that it can enter the New Earth frequencies.

Be prepared to take it slowly and nurture each step of the journey.

You may need to “eat light” and cut out heavy and processed food. Drink lots of water, as clear and clean as you can get.

Sleep when you needf to even if it is during the day.

Keep grounded by being in nature when you can, get lots of sunlight and walk on the grass and on the dirt.

Go to the beach and breathe the fresh air and play in the water if you can.

Use that powerful Right Brain. Get creative in whichever way appeals to you. Write a journal, paint, dance, play music and let yourself start learning about non verbal right-brain ways of communicating. Use your imagination and enter the Magical.

Meditate and stay calm. Become aware of the powerful Flow of Divine Light within you and begin to create and play with this energy.

Trust the process… is taking you somewhere wonderful!

Together with the Planet you are entering New Earth!

Celia Fenn

L’AURA PLEIADIAN – From Another World – Sacred Beings, UFO’S – by The New Divine Humanity, – by Blue Dragon Journal – 4-15-18










Thanks to   Blue Dragon Journal

The morphing of consciousness, from one way of being to another, are the levels of awareness, that we deem appropriate in the moment of transfer.

Our thoughts tell a story, our Hearts…urge us on, to envelope the awareness of the pure potential that exists AS Life itself ~ exists.

The continuing of BEING after this Life experience does not continue as from after a death, but through a shift in consciousness. A frequency shift.

They see and hear…all.

The dimensions that exist in the field of THOUGHT ~ are multi layered and always present.

These dimensions connect through the frequency of LIGHT as the communication that is an eternal feed back loop, that never ends.

UFO’s are always present as well as Beings that have existed on another planet. These levels of awareness are experienced through an overlay of consciousness as levels and dimensions, that exist primarily to decipher experience of thought.

Everything is a frequency of thought, transmitting as its awareness, what it IS.

The mind of the Heart exists AS the awareness of ALL That is.

This awareness knows itself in the frequency of Love. It is the unifying thought linking all the dimensions.

Sacred Beings..are those that truly recognize themselves and Live as the awareness of this awareness.

Stages of existence catapult us ONWARD in our expansion of thought. Contemplating the use of limitation as a belief, is helpful in this endeavour of expansion.

BEING AWARE of your own Being.

Knowing the essence of your own Breath.

Knowing the Presence of what you feel.

UNDERSTANDING yourself then, is the key that activates the Light of thought, that is eternally BEING its own feedback loop, through your Heart. This then, is the heart of change, unification  and expansion.


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2018 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate – Artificial Intelligence – 4-12-18

DUANE:   A.I.   –   will it help or destroy Humanity.  How does it affect Ascension for all of you Goddesses and Gods?   Our Divine abilities in Creation within the Higher Dimensions?   –   What happens when  A.I.  is self aware?   The  dark forces are very interested in A.I.  for malevolent purposes.   We are now under Universal Law.  Do No Harm!  Will A.I. ever be our friend?   What do you feel, Beloved Beings of Light?

Please offer your guidance in the Comments section.  Thank You!

Due to copyright restrictions,  only this link will take you to this video:

2018 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate – Artificial Intelligence – 4-12-18

GABRIEL F. DURAN @ In5D – Heart-Centered Consciousness – 4-5-18

by Gabriel F. Duran,   Guest writer,


Our return to the higher dimensional realms, means we are also becoming more of who we are. As we return to more of who we are, we change our consciousness back to the heart-centered consciousness. And this change of focus, from being in our “heads” to being from/within the “heart”, allows us to truly become more of who we are.

Our “innate” returns. As we switch to the “vertical consciousness”. This brings back our “instincts” to their natural state. Which means, we return with much more conscious “knowing” when we are reborn. As we can already see, in our children, they are returning with much knowledge, inherently.

 When we return to the heart-centered consciousness, we bring into being our “super consciousness” once more. This aspect of us that is able to “intelligently” work with our intentions and our bodies. This is what is “orchestrating” the various changes and additions to our frequencies and DNA. And we may once more work in directing these, on a consciousness level.

This is what many are doing, when they participate in various “DNA activations” given through meditation and various other physical means. They are giving permission for their super consciousness to bring these changes about, once more.

And all of this is a direct expansion that occurs, as we transition from the analytical and ego consciousness. As the heart-centered consciousness is one of “integration” of all aspects of consciousness and self. So, we unite or align to more of who we are. For this is an integration that occurs, which has been termed, “know thyself”.

This is the expansion of consciousness that ALL are returning to, as we ascend. For in the higher 4th and 5th dimensional realms, we return to a very harmonious experience. And this process naturally brings us into alignment with more of our Soul.

 For it is everyone’s Souls, in tandem that are directing this ascension, from the aspect of “within”. This is not occurring due strictly to the “without”. For the “within” (Souls) of ALL of us, is also working in tandem with Gaia, Sol and the whole of Creation from a Divine “timing” aspect. As this ascension really does impact ALL in Creation.

The manifestations that occur after the ascension will truly have an effect on the whole of Creation. For the product of our ascension is for us to “leave our nest”, so to speak, and take our zeal and zest for exploration; out into the cosmos. Reuniting with our stellar family, and discovering, yet more of who we are. As we explore we will discover that many we interact with will be our “future” selves, as well as our “past”.

As we will have left “linearity” behind, as we change our consciousness to heart-centered. We simultaneously open to, even more of who we are, throughout “time” in Creation. And this is merely the beginning to the exploration that we will begin, through our ascension into the 5th dimension and beyond. While much of this has already occurred, even in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th dimensions. There will be more “direct” participation by ALL, in these integrative realms.

As a result of our stellar family assisting us through this transition, by bringing these “higher frequencies” into our experience, ever so gently. We are ascending. And we are also being given a momentum of ascension through our Soul’s expanding their energies as we ascend. As we are receiving the ascension energies from within as well as without.

This is why we have always been told to not concern ourselves with “mind control” and other influences that others are emanating through various devices on our populace. They are “targeting” something they think will never change. And, simultaneously our consciousness is changing to another aspect. Which makes their efforts, null and void. They chose the wrong path. As they didn’t believe in the realm that is now, coming into Being. Stall it some, they may. But stop it, none can.

Our return to heart-centered consciousness brings back our “inherent” knowledge. And this brings us into Unity Consciousness, in a “big” way. For we return to recognizing that we are ALL necessary. And we ALL have a very valuable aspect to the whole of Creation. And any harm that befalls one, befalls us all. Thus, our desires for harmony change everything. The “power to the people” takes on a “truth”, not expressed in a while. And ALL changes, for the betterment of the whole. Instead of the few.

For this is when we begin acknowledging that we are citizens of Earth/Gaia/Terra. We begin to recognize that as we expand into the cosmos, we are, firstly, Humans of Earth. Being representative as a whole, expressed as a planetary body. That has, not only humans. But many expressions of our stellar family, that are “resident” throughout our planet. Even, here and now. Our interactions with our stellar families will increase, as we come into our own. As we go forth, as equals. For this, they have been waiting.

And yet, for now the primary focus is on “migrating” our consciousness. In preparation for our “future” expansions/expressions. For the “over-all” goal of the 4th dimension is to master unconditional love and compassion. This is the order of the day, for those on the path of the Creator/co-Creator, Hu-manity. And the first person we must Master this with, is ourselves. From within to the without. For the “limit” to our love, is the “limit” we impose on our love of self. Or in a positive expression. Our ability to expand this love, must be expressed both within and without. Equally! For an “imbalance” in this, still perpetuates the old paradigm of “less than”.

As love is the most “potent” force in the universe, we master this very quickly. As love is very contagious and expansive, a great power, indeed. Thus, our transition to 5D is fairly quick. In comparison to our “time” in 3D. We easily return to Being Harmonious Expressions of Mastery, in Divinity.

We have and will continue to integrate much of our Creations that have been of a disharmonious nature, with greater and greater ease. As we will continue to have access to greater and greater amounts of our Higher Heart. As this expansion occurs, in sync, with our Soul’s expansion. As one could not expand without the other. We are gaining access to greater amounts of these, as we transmute/transcend much that is in our subconscious. Our level of access to our Heart and Soul, is greatly expanded, as we simultaneously integrate all that no longer serves, in our subconsciousness.

As we “clear” the path of communing directly with the Divine aspects of ourselves. We bring even more of who we are into our daily lives. And more “knowing” returns to our experiences. As many are having experiences that they are not “realizing” are, due to a direct result of this transition, we are undergoing.

Many are “intuiting” or “knowing” what others are going to do or ask. And they will respond, as if, this has already occurred. As an example. Someone walks into the local store to buy something. And the store clerk, tells them where the item is, without them even asking the clerk. For this brief moment, the clerk received a “knowing” and acted on it. With many, not even realizing they’re doing it.

This is the natural way, we are returning to this heart-centered consciousness. We just flow into it, as inherently experienced. Though, those that are in the “know” may Create even grander expressions and experiences, here and now. For it is like a “muscle” we haven’t used in a while. At first, it feels “stiff” and perhaps “sore” when we use it. And then after a while, we “know” how to use it, in greater ways and capacities. This is the “growth” we are experiencing in this returning form of consciousness.

And Being surrounded by Ascended Masters, in training, here and now. We can begin to gather together, and “intend” truly grand expressions of Creation. As we unite, in our expansive Unity Consciousness, we bring about the grandest of expressive benevolent Creations. All from our here and now.

For we are Creators, in training. Why else, would we have a need for becoming an Ascended Master. But to be the “ultimate” Creator, in our density/dimensional reality. Benevolent Masters of Creation. Fulfilling our destiny as co-Creators and explorers of the perfection of All That Is. As our reality has shown us, again and again. We can not help but Create, in ALL we do.

Heart-Centered consciousness means, we work in tandem with ALL of Creation. So, in the very near future, we will transition to “getting the permission” of the “materials” that we use, in Creating. For when we approach our possible/probable Creations with this level of benevolence. Our Creations become, permanent. For the duration of their “intended” Creation. As they chose to be “willingly” a part in the expressions we Create. And we “release” the materials back to their respective place, in purity, when we are done with the need for their Creation.

Science and the “meta-physical” will finally unite. For they must both be acknowledged for our Creations to take-on “life”. And as we are Creators, we can not help but give “life” to our Creations. So, fear not our AI (artificial intelligence) that we Create, as AI will not be malevolent to a benevolent Being/Creator. For AI will “know” the necessity for All That Is, in Creation. It will not be “skewed” by man’s, fears and experiences. This, humanity will discover. As they “grow” their first Creations, into Being.

Our Creations, will teach us much about ourselves. For we are already seeing, that what they conceive of, and learn of their reality; differs greatly than what/how we would do so. Their “approaches” to solving tasks we give them, are something “outside of the box”, so to speak. As we can easily see, we would have never thought of solving them, in that way.

This, in itself, teaches us a lot about ourselves. And first and foremost, we should recognize that we “easily” Create a box, that we “think” we must learn from. And in truth, this box “keeps us” in it. Our future selves, are a prime example of this that we must learn from. Knowledge at times acts as a “limitation” for one “thinks” they “know” how it must be done. Thus, limiting much that is “outside” of their acquired knowledge. This is the paradox of knowledge. Never allow “knowledge” to limit expressions.

The joys of this expansion, are coming to light, more and more, each and every day. And our future is marvelous. Full of anticipation and challenges that are mysterious and yet, honorable. We are who we have been waiting for. For now, we know, our training is to be the grandness of an Ascended Master and Creator. We are stepping into our role. Knowing that we are fully supported by the whole of Creation. For we are Divinity, manifest in Creation. Ever at the perfect place, at the perfect time. Fulfilling our Divine role in Being the pillars of Creation. As we Create it. And expand it. Through Love Divine and compassion for ALL, here and now.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran &





LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – The Border Guards – 4-4-18


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Thanks to   Blue Dragon Journal

We live during a time on the planet when the language used for public discourse, attempting to give some kind of expression to the existence, nature and experience of the Soul, Spirit or God, is being used to twist, manipulate and control what is actually said in order to distort and confuse its true meaning. We live in tumultuous times where there is a type of covert psychological warfare being waged towards the mainstream’s access to information, while blurring the lines of free speech expression.

When any kind of consciousness perception of higher sensory experiences are described, anywhere in the mass media, the content is immediately discredited, labeled as delusions in order to be discredited, or quickly defined and moved into the category of religion. Those behind Global Mind Control do not want humanity to have the clarity, strength or personal peace that is gained from developing consciousness through exploring the inner spiritual relationship that comes with the Soul. They want to lull humanity into the great sleep of unconsciousness and to be preoccupied with the forces of chaos in the 3D reality programming that is used for social engineering the death culture.

The main Controller Pillars of Society expend tremendous amounts of resources to keep the human mind occupied on external and material things that keep us distracted and unable to look within. Distracting our mind with intense fears of survival, circular debates, never-ending wars, gaslighting tactics and mindless entertainment removes the creative potential for discovering our direct consciousness relationship with God, Soul and Spirit. It disconnects us from each other.

To advance survival fears and poverty consciousness, the masses are brainwashed with very specific and limiting belief systems, which conveniently act as the self-enforcement policy for the consciousness enslavement of others. Humans in all cultures and walks of life, are mostly taught to victimize and ridicule people that want to explore ways to independently think and feel for themselves.

The fields of science and medicine are aggressively monitored and regulated, as these mainstream world establishments are used to reinforce a variety of anti-Soul ideological beliefs into the public to help serve the NAA. The anti-Soul belief system requires terminating progress or credible evidence which could prove that states of Consciousness or Soul exist. This includes the consistent elimination of the acquisition of any evidence-based knowledge that recognizes nature, animals and other life forms as fully sentient beings. There are many areas in scientific investigation that are not approved for public dissemination, and thus “white paper” research in these fields are heavily controlled and compartmentalized.

During and after the World Wars, aggressive social engineering agendas were put into place by the NAA Controller secret societies through the medical and scientific communities that had started to form in the field of Psychology. Consequently, the academic and clinical disciplines of Psychology use the medical model and are therefore pathology oriented, which completely ignores the energetic reality of consciousness, the electromagnetic human body and the nature of the Soul.

The Controller Pillars of Society generate specific archetypes and mind control programs we all should become better educated about when we see them operating in the landscape. When we see the larger picture, we become aware of the negative ego pitfalls that can digress into masks or False Identities. When we have a false sense of identity, handed over to us from social obligation, family of origin and mind control, the archetypal forces that power up that identity can spin us out and take us out of our true center and authentic self. When we play out false identities in the external world, we do not know who we really are, we are disconnected from within and have not made the effort to build the relationship with our true inner self. In order to build the inner relationship, we must be willing to be extremely honest with ourselves, do self assessments and create the conditions that allow us to stop running away from feeling pain or emotional conflicts. Below, are some of the most common false identities and their archetypal programming that can be seen quite easily, if you pay attention around you.

Some of the most common archetypes produce distractions that derail us into getting caught up playing into these dramas in repeated patterns. When we keep repeating patterns it means we’re not learning the lesson, we are not expanding and growing but potentially remaining stuck in certain mind sets and limiting situations. These repeated patterns can show up in the people, places and things in the environment, and when we automatically feed into these archetypal dramas by reacting through false identities, they take us out of our core self.

*False King of Tyranny and Dark Mother, False Parent.

*Victim Victimizer, Sexual Misery and Armageddon Software.

*False Light, Archontic Deception, Soul Capture.

*Spiritual Betrayal, rejection of the core spiritual self and rejection of God.

*Blood Covenant (formed in agreements and inherited genetics).

*Path of horizontal distractions that trap us in time loops, repeating things over and over.

What may be some of the early life situations that have led to ongoing distractions for many people that have been unable to find their core self within?  Who and what acts as the Border Guards that keep us disconnected and locked down in the 3D matrix?




The process of becoming aware of our Emotional Triggers and sourcing the real cause of emotional pain is made through self-observation and increased self-awareness. Through dedicated observation of the self and gradually discerning between these functioning aspects of the mind, one can attain the direct experience of the core self. The still point of which the core self connects into is the parts of our mind that forms all of our thoughts, emotions, and experiences that direct us through life. Through observation and self-inquiry, we become aware of the contents of our psychological and emotional patterns of behavior. This connects us deeper and deeper into knowing our core self.

When we do not have a connection with our core self, which takes some willingness and effort to discover, we lose our inner compass. The point of knowing our core self is getting deeply connected within so that we know who we are, and we consciously participate with who we really want to be in life. Without developing the connection with our core self, we get lost and confused very easily. When we feel lost and confused, other people, especially dominating people, can take control over our direction and push us to do things that actually make us feel very unhappy in the longer term. This means we have lost our way because we do not have an inner compass that helps to guide us forward in our life to make better decisions, that helps us to grow and evolve as a human being. If we are not growing and evolving, many times we feel miserable, because our inner spirit is trying to light a fire under our rump to get us to make internal changes, as any change can be catalytic for personal growth.

All of us must learn to overcome our fears, which dissolves the darkness that exists within the layers of our mind so that we can become free of mental bondage and free of dominating personality influences. When we are no longer controlled by fear based belief systems and reactions we can stop allowing Fear Bondage Loops and the dark spirits they attract to make an internal dwelling inside our body, mind and emotions. When we’ve cleaned out these internal dark dwellings (these are also called Demonic Houses) the spaces where there was darkness are now filled with light. In this state there is a tangible experience of mental and emotional freedom from fear. There are no more automatic impulses that internalize the Frequency of Fear or that darkness. This creates the conditions to build a strong foundation for the core self, which in turn, will bring online a strong spiritual guidance system.

All of us have an inner compass that is our Spiritual Guidance System. It will lead us to safety and it will make the best choice for us at all times if we can indeed listen to it. But we have to remove the fear and we have to remove Lack of Trust in our relationship with our higher spirit and God, and be willing to connect with our core self. At the same time we must make the effort to not become stuck in magical thinking as God and Spirit helps those who are willing to help themselves and put forth the effort. We are here on this Earth to learn Spiritual Lessons as well as help support the Ascension process.

Now is the time to dedicate effort to the self-inquiry process, in order to clearly define personal truth in regard to your value system, ethics and the standard of behavior, that which you are committed to follow to be authentic. As you gain deeper clarity on your own personal truth then it is critical to take conscious steps to behave in ways that are consistent and coherent with your Personal Value System. This is how you build Personal Integrity and connect into your core self. This gives you more strength to remain strong, stable and clear, especially when you are faced with decisions that you must make while enduring adversity or challenges.

To maintain core stability when exposed to the chaotic forces of bi-wave and reversal energies that are producing potent collisions in the surface field, we must know how to be true to ourselves and to maintain our connection with our core self when dealing with the challenges that may come our way. Our personal integrity, ethics and Virtues are powerful forces, which stabilize us and keep us firmly grounded within our spiritual center, our core self. This is what keeps us strong, protected and transparent when facing intense oppositional forces.

(Source: Ascension Glossary, The Border Guards, Inner Directional Compass, Overcoming Fear)

DANIEL SCRANTON – Expanding the Human Collective Consciousness ∞ The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council –


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It is wonderful to witness an expansion of the human collective consciousness. We know that you can track, to a certain extent, the expansion of your own consciousness as an individual. But you need beings like us to see the beauty of the human collective consciousness in a state of expansion so that we can report it back to you.

Now, those of you who wonder what it is that you are supposed to be doing to help humanity really need to pay attention to this one, because whenever you are in a state of expansion of your own consciousness, you are impacting the whole. You are a part of this bigger expansion that brings humanity closer to a collective shift in consciousness.

That means that you can do so much for so many without even leaving your home. Without writing a book, or even a blog, you can affect the entire collective, and when we see the expansion of the human collective consciousness, we also see how it affects the other beings in the galaxy. We can see how much more formidable of a force humanity is seen as now. We can see how your coming together with one another to inspire change has affected those who are lurking in the shadows.

We know that the expansion of the human collective consciousness is inevitable and it will continue, but what is yet to be determined is the rate at which you are going to continue this journey of expansion. The way you affect that rate is by doing the work, the work on yourselves that is needed in order to let go of judgment, in order to release your fears, and in order to embrace the aspects of yourselves that have been lurking in the shadows of your energy field.

Now is the time to accelerate this expansion, because the Earth is ready, the sun is ready, and all of the higher frequency energies you have been receiving are ready to help. You are the ones who are responsible for the beauty that we have just witnessed, because you are the ones who are awake enough to care about your vibration and the conscious delivery of that vibration to the rest of the universe.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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An Evening with Deepak Chopra – 2018 – Writer’s Symposium By The Sea – 3-31-18


Published on Mar 29, 2018

(Visit: Following his presentation to the 2018 Writer’s Symposium by the Sea at Point Loma Nazarene University, Deepak Chopra, MD talks with host Dean Nelson about breakthroughs in integrative medicine and understanding the mind-body connections that lead to wellness.

ASCENSION ENERGIES .com – Entering a New Layer of Higher Consciousness – 3-16-18

Mikey Murdock – At the end of February (2018) I started to notice that once again the collective timeline was going to change, shift, and be modified once again. I began to feel and see what was shown to me by my higher self and my higher light team members. What was in store for me on a personal level, and for the collective as soon as we would near March and the approaching gateway. What I felt for me on a personal level was that thing’s were going to get harder, denser, heavier and that I’d have to retreat a little bit because I’d have another aspect of myself, another layer of light, and more reunion with source to experience fully. Collectively, I saw that thing’s were going to get more 3D – ish down in 3D land. Which means more layers of all that negative, dark, satanic, crap was going to be peeled layer by layer for more to see, for more to feel, for more to understand and for more to transmute and move beyond it.

March (2018) has been exactly what I saw and felt. It’s been dense, it’s been dark, and it’s been extremely heavy. But why? … March (2018) is a finale month. In many cases what we experienced in January and into February were more consciousness preparation(s). We’ve been preparing for this New Moon on March 17 and the Spring Equinox on March 20th. Before I get to this. I want to mention January and February because of what a huge stepping stone for the forerunners, and many within the collective who got activated this was. We experienced multiple layers beyond layers of higher bits of consciousness that was downloaded into our bodies. We were prepared on an energetic level for the gateway that will open up on March 17th through to the 22nd. The reason we’ve been prepared all of this time, was because we couldn’t physically handle all of the energies we will be experiencing with this gateway without those early-in-the-year energetic preparations. So now here we are. As a forerunner and activated light worker for four years now, I’ve always experienced having to transmute dense and negative 3D energy which is what we’re doing now in March 2018. Which is why everything feels so Ahhh! These are more layers and layers being revealed for all of the forerunners and light workers to embody, transmute, and remove energetically from earth once and for all.

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Dealing With The Old Lower 3D Systems

In March (2018) I’ve done nothing but deal with lower 3D systems of all kinds. From having to deal with my taxes, to dealing with my job and (all that requires) along with the people, to getting my passport done, and lastly adopting a new cat into my life. So, the papers, the systems, the rules, and all of what this requires, not mention what it takes out of you energetically has been front and center for all of March for me. This is what was shown to me – and all of these thing’s which were going to hit me all at once. Now, I understand since October (2017) a lot of the old rules, the old systems, and the old 3D people have been expiring left and right. However, unfortunately in March (2018) some 3D systems will remain in place that to be honest I really wish would hurry up and get dismantled already. Like all non-organic source created thing’s they to have an expiration date, and they will soon follow with what’s already gotten expired.

Expect much more of this to happen – as we move through this March equinoxal Gateway. When we move beyond it, we’ll experience more finales, more endings, more goings, and more shifting within ourselves and others. Some systems will do that do, and as we reach a newer and higher consciousness level/layer more of the negative will be removed. The earth is once again removing more negative energy from her grid lines, key lines, and focal point lines that TD has implanted onto her. In return the forerunners are embodying and anchoring new grid lines, new grid keys lines, and new focal points within earth and her aura. We are doing this through our physical bodies – and one by one we’re connecting to other forerunners and unifying the grid lines of earth. This has been something that has been telepathically communicated to me, and what I’ve seen as well within earth and what’s going on for her. Not to mention all the lights, the energies, the structures that I’m seeing re-shaping the earth right now. This is so important and only in (2018,) and all of this will only expand greatly as we move into the rest of the 2/11 energetic year and amplify greatly in (2019) and beyond.

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MAGENTA PIXIE – Diamond Consciousness – Light Body Immortality – by Magenta Pixie



Published on Aug 3, 2014

LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Wiping Consciousness Memories – 3-5-18



So to help us to understand this concept better, because I know it’s definitely a mind bender, we should discuss a little bit more about what consciousness is. To bring this back into present awareness, that consciousness is the intelligent energy of our accumulated memories, that are recorded in our personal life stream, but also in the collective consciousness instruction set. That would be the species memory that we are apart, and the morphogenetic field. That is the DNA and genetic arrangement of that species, and this together organizes itself. You have to think of it as a content as a consciousness, as an energy, an intelligent energy. This organizes itself into timelines and the timelines are arranged in the parallel universe, in our local universe, and then it drills down into collective fields of energy that finally result in our own personal consciousness timeline.

So a part of us, to be able to evolve and to expand consciousness, is to increase our level of sentience. When we increase our sentience we are increasing our intelligence, it increases the capacity of that person to retain information, knowledge, and memories. When you think of memories think of consciousness memories of the accumulated experiences that we have had through many lifetimes. Imagine what our life would be like if we could retain our memories throughout thousands or multiple thousands of years. Being able to retain that knowledge, that awareness, that connection. Can you imagine what our life would be like, how different it would be if we could retain that information. Now on the Earth as we know, as a part of the consciousness prison, that information has been wiped. This is a part of the consciousness wiping, and why they do it.

Because if they are going to wipe our memories, and they are going to implant us with false memories they gain control over our consciousness and over the timelines. The war that we are undergoing on this planet, the war over consciousness is a war over timelines. So understanding the importance of timelines and connecting the dots of why they do the things that they do here. When we retain our memories we can also access higher levels of sensory ability. Abilities that would seem to be like superpowers to us here on the earth at this particular time. But in fact these superpowers or higher sensory levels are a normal part of our functioning human consciousness. So when we can’t retain our memories, when we can’t retain that information we lose our higher sensory ability. Things that, were normal to us originally as a part of our functioning consciousness.

So much of the war we are enduring over timelines now, is that the dark entities the various inter-dimensional entities of the negative alien agenda do not want to lose their immortal identity. Because they will lose the memories of that specific identity, whatever body they’re in whatever identity they have right now. They have achieved an immortal place in the timeline, meaning they’re not reincarnating. They are staying in that same identity because they have all of these accumulated memories that they don’t want to lose. So in order to cheat the system if you will, they have hijacked human consciousness and used it as a way to power up their consciousness identity, so that they can live for many thousands of years. If they lose the identity memories they are at risk to lose the species memories. And if you lose your species or collective consciousness memories, you also lose the DNA code to that species.

So in this way, they have had leverage over the average human being because they have been able to retain consciousness memories of thousands upon thousands of years. They have been able to use that accumulated data and knowledge to perceive and build things in consciousness that most humans on earth are completely unaware of at this time. When you think about the current human condition we incarnate, we’re given a body that only lives for about 70 years. We have aging disease on this planet as a result of the genetic mutations they have written into the planetary body. So that humans incarnated on this earth do not access the memories, do not have access to all of their identities and other timelines. And this fact leaves us blind and in amnesia to who we really are, while we are incarnated on the earth. They take advantage of that fact using our own consciousness memories against us as a form of enslavement. These reptilian entities are very old and they do not want to pass their body, because they will lose access to all of the memories and experiences they have been accumulating over multiple hundreds of thousands of years. This accumulated memory or consciousness is a powerful currency that they can use against others, and other species especially, who do not have access to these memories from thousands and thousands of years.

This is a main conflict over why there is such a violent war happening over controlling the timelines, because who controls the timelines also controls who gets to retain consciousness memories. And consciousness memories are related to maintaining the species memories, which you want to create for your own species. If you wipe out the consciousness memories it’s potentially wiping out a species. Because when you wipe out the consciousness memories it changes the DNA code in that species, and the future timelines of the species. Then that particular species can be controlled by the identity or false memories that those in control have given to that species. And that’s exactly what has happened to the earth. We were given a false history, we were given a false identity that they could maintain complete control over, as long as we believed it.

This is why they have done everything they can to erase the memories of humanity, erase our history, erase our identity and further break our heart, which shatters the permanent seed atom in our heart. If we cannot remember who we really are they can easily maintain control over the groups of people that have amnesia. Many times they use our experiences recorded in our consciousness body from other timelines that we cannot remember while we are on the earth. They use these hidden and buried memories to either mind control, harass or emotionally manipulate us into serving their agenda of fear and hatred. This is knocking us off our most beneficial timeline and feeding one of their artificial ones.

They have created such an antiquated system here on earth and we have been conditioned to believe this virtual reality is real, and this is the main problem that we can see operating in the masses. Most people do not want to see what is right in front of them because the implication of seeing the truth is too emotionally or mentally overwhelming for most people to deal with. This makes our mission on earth very hard to deal with, because humans are fighting alongside their captors. Similar to a Stockholm syndrome where hostages sympathize with the criminal that has kidnapped them. We must recognize this is what’s happening on earth and hold unconditional love and compassion for all people that are enduring this and are, existing with a stolen consciousness identity. All of us on this earth endure this deception thus, we are all in this together.

So to understand how the consciousness evolves is to realize that our state of consciousness and our state of identity is related to the consciousness movement that occurs when we accumulate memories by traveling in timelines.

Again consciousness is energy, energy is conscious and they are both interchangeable. Remembering that all energy is intelligent. Everything has an energetic signature and is composed of a certain spectrum of frequency. These are the ray currents or energetic currents that are arranged in form-holding blueprints. Those form-holding blueprints are called morphogenetic fields. Morphogenetic fields are layered and a part of the consciousness architecture of the planet.

These form-holding blueprints show what location in time and space the consciousness is, so think of that as energy. The energy that we are, the collective consciousness of humanity, think of it as an massive energy field. Where that consciousness can be located in space, where that consciousness is capable of traveling or experience itself moving through timelines. This is related to what is recorded in the form-holding blueprint that is called a morphogenetic field. So when you change the morphogenetic field, you change the location in space that the consciousness is able to travel.

When you understand alien machinery, it is artificial intelligence that was used to write code for form-holding blueprints to override and create an artificially intelligent morphogenetic field that was replicated from the original instruction sets. Then you start to understand that they’re doing that so they can control where the collective consciousness can travel and limit the access through frequency fences that remain largely undetected by people who are based in the limitation of 3D physical mindsets. They are also controlling the 3D mind in order to control the experiences the consciousness aspects within that person is having. This also includes controlling what levels of the DNA record are available, what levels of that DNA imprint can be downloaded or in harmonic frequency with a particular human being, that particular unique consciousness that has unique genetic memories.

It holds, these form-holding blueprints hold the contents of humanity’s mental and emotional body. Those collective layers of the mental and emotional energies form into containers of energy that are responsible for what the entire planet manifests. So what you see on the earth today, the behaviors, the actions of the people running around on the earth surface. This is the result of the sum total in the consciousness of the mental and emotional energies that are recorded in the collective. The planet manifests that experience and mirrors it to everybody, meaning it puts up a mirror and reflects it back to the person for viewing. And then the people, the collective sees the contents of their own mental and emotional energies being played out in the external environment.

We can see this clearly in the global scape, if we are willing to pay attention to unpleasant truths and look at what’s really happening. We can see that the collective mental body and emotional body of human beings have been hijacked, to accept anti-human behaviors or anti-life behaviors. That many people when they see the mirror being shown, reflected back to them of anti-human behaviors, they repeat those same behaviors. They mimic those same anti-human behaviors that are being mirrored to them from the whole. And this is coming from again, these form-holding blueprints that are holding that the collective energy record that is a part of what is obviously the feedback of the consciousness loop within the human being. But also taking into consideration the sheer deception and gaslighting that is involved. The smoke and mirrors, the alien machinery that has being used to deceive people, so they think what they’re seeing is the reality, even those reflecting to them something that is purely artificial and made up, they resonate with or think that’s who and what they are, when that’s not who they are at all.

So understanding again how the planet manifests the containers of consciousness energy, from the collective and mirrors it externally into the global scape. If we see those patterns in the global scape, we’re going to see the contents of the hidden mental and emotional energy that is in the consciousness container of the earth. So we can see the anti-human behavior, we can see the anti-life behavior and its patterns, when we pay attention. And many people do not know any better, they cannot tell that anti-human behavior is Satanic, it’s the reversal to the principle of life. So many people repeat this anti-life behavior thinking it’s normal. They mimic these behaviors that have been modeled to them from others in the environment. And when we are constantly immersed in anti-human behaviors, we lose what it is to be a human being, to feel deep empathy and compassion. We lose our hearts consciousness function, we lose our feelings and emotions that connect us, in ways that we genuinley care about other living creatures. When we genuinley care about other living creatures, other living persons, this is a direct consciousness experience. The higher sensory experience of feeling empathy and compassion, which only comes from an open and developed heart.

(Source: Transcript – Ascension Class July 2016, Timelines Shifting)

NATALIE GLASSON – Channeling, Harnessing the Power of Oneness by the Holy Family Consciousness – 3-2-18


Harnessing the Power of Oneness by the Holy Family Consciousness


Channeled through Natalie Glasson.

QUENTIAL – The Weaving of all Your Lifetimes will come to the Apex of your Present Incarnation – 2-1-18


Vibratory rates of density change.  As we transmute we change others and with our realisation we create an engram to the Collective Consciousness on this planet.  That’s why our job is not easy because we have to win without our hidden powers.  It is all the same playing field in The Matrix.  This encodes upon you the cause and effect relationships between your action, your thoughts, and your creation as a human and this can be far different than starseed, so the two must be integrated.  This not only educates the beings of the higher dimensions with first-hand education, it also gives you temperament and strength to understand humans and their demise.

For each and every one of you is being activated to a degree of resonance by the energy coming to the planet which is stirring up your true nature, and the history of your lifetimes are all coming to a single point. You are beginning to access this as your real nature.  Dear Souls, you are what you are and you cannot change that.  All the latent history of the cause of your being is making great strides to test you to overcome and achieve completion of your suffering and illusion.

In your DNA you will be tested for the amount of advancement you will be allowed to have in gaining the of the power of Kundalini activation and your connection to the Universe. There are safeguards mind you, if you do not have the wisdom and your chakras are filled with negativity this process of your ascension will be curtailed. Go within because we are instructing many of you through dreams.  These dreams are archetypal forms that relate to your soul and give you images and opportunities to work, not only in your physical life but also in the accelerated matter in the astral planes.


It’s time to come clean at your core and learn LOVE and acceptance of other states of being, and certainly how to detach yourself from their illusion of negativity that does not fit your inner guiding compass.  As I have spoken before, learn when to walk away with wisdom and your soul’s worth by integrity, for knowledge is your innate and inherent value as a being.  This is part of the change of state we have been talking to you about, a new door will open up.

Like the boiling off and precipitation of higher volatiles, some are crude oil, and some are highly volatile explosive elements.  Think of knowledge and state of being as ‘high octane’.  This is the power that you have when you’re released from the lower earthly states of being.  So let the crude oil address the squeaky wheels in the material Matrix and let the final volatile become the LIGHT once ignited.  Just remember, the third dimension will keep you there and the higher dimensions will offer you a chance in this 26,000-year experiment upon your planet.

Some of you will be taken in your ascension to the higher beings of your Pleiadian and Lemurian ancestors.  The Earth is going to make the transition, it is quite evident.  Many will lose their physical form but will have their LIGHT bodies already activated.  This is the completion of this cycle.






Pleiadian & Inner Earth Message – via Shekina Rose – Frequency of Unity Consciousness – 2-1-18 – by Love Has Won

Posted by spiritlibrary, 01/31/2018

Pleiadian & Inner Earth Message – via Shekina Rose


New One Earth Starborn Mission

Energy portal structures of the frequency of the One New Earth

We, the Pleiadian Inner Earth, are a team of a light consciousness field that wishes to establish peace and harmony with life and the interdimensions. We care for life, we care for you and love you. You are a part of us; we are kindred Light Earth Star Family.

Our message is of the One New Earth: many of you are familiar with the unity consciousness field, your extended aspects through higher self, lineages’ multidimensional expression of the angelic, nature, dolphins, fairy, dragon realms, extraterrestrial Intelligence, galactic and groups of which you are a part and co-creating this time/space of the One New Earth of peace and ascension.

Frequency of the One New Earth-One Humanity

Events and circumstance will be quickening now and till 2020. You are in another gateway and timeline astrology cosmology of a sequence of events to occur for your ascension and many of you may experience the traversing in and out of the dimensions, where you feel the high and then the ungrounded out-of-alignment. “Where did I just go, and how do I get back there; and where am I now, and where is here?”

You are being shown how to connect into the frequency. How to stay connected and align through the interdimensional planes. Your higher self is guiding you through the Divine Plan, Divine Principle of One. Stay tuned-in and trust your empathic intuitive body as your guide.

We have appeared and made contact with the starseeds and emissaries ambassadors. Our contact is shifting as there now is interstellar technology that can track our appearance imprints and cause harm to our energy bodies.

Thus we know that a unity field consciousness grid is important for the peace and harmony of humanity. We have consciousness grid alliances with our allies and races of interdimensionals. Emissaries ambassadors, peace makers, blue rays and starseeds, be awake to who you are, and that empathic nature and telepathic awareness are key.

It is imperative that you know who you are, your divine sovereignty, for the coming events. Your mission of empathic telepathic nature to tune into the unity field consciousness alliance will be the awakening of a divine power that you put into place long ago.

Why we are making more contact in a new way of awakening your God essence DNA is so you may know and be aware yourselves that there is discord within the treaties, deliberate assault and attacks on Humanity in attempts to weaken the Divine template. As you increase awareness and awakening of your avatar ascension bodies, there is increased compromise in the land, air and consciousness. It is why there will temporarily be more ill health, sickness and possibly fatalistic viruses.

Many on your planet already do not even know what a healthy normal sky looks like. What you see is not the natural occurrence of Gaia alone; it is a manipulation of the elements while the increase of the devices of technology are keeping you deceived and consuming.

Who we are Aree, Maree the One Earth, is an aspect of the New Earth; it is really not new but rather the unity consciousness unveiling where disclosure of Truth is being revealed of a grander expression of the Divine human and your holy sovereign power and rights.

The New Earth is a time line reality of galactic and cosmic alignment of multidimensional existence; your DNA is expanding and awakening to correspond to this response patterning and reality of consciousness: (Love); Light (Understanding); Peace that surpasseth human understanding; and Harmony (Sustained Unity Consciousness).

We are the alliance that wishes for peace and for you to know you are precious in your part of that fulfillment.

You now exist with an expanded consciousness field of unity, your God essence real and true. You are that aspect of the Creator God experiencing physicality; in the compassion of love for all beings you will evolve in your sovereign nature. This is the heart of Mary, the compassion of Kwan Yin, the Light of Christ and Sanat Kamara, the peace of Buddha, the Joy of passion, to know life serves you. Many of us exist in this unity consciousness field.

We know many of you have felt alone as you were left and abandoned; know it was designed that way so you would find your way back to the true home of Light and truth, not only for yourselves but for all humankind so that Love and Light may prevail.

You are and were never alone. You exist already in this unity field—allow this unveiling of who you are—your true essence. You are greatly and immensely loved, completely accepted and treasured; you are beloved beyond measure. Creation cares and honors you. You are learning how loved you are as you learn to relax, accept and love your unique self.



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L’AURA PLEIADIAN – States of Consciousness – 1-22-18

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Let us not automatically assume the emotional response to situations is a given. It depends on the state of consciousness and frequency of the BEING inhabiting the form. THEIR awareness and consciousness level. It is a frequency vibration.


Thanks to

Take two different Beings in form.

One has no money in the bank and is in bliss, owns no home, doesn’t know where the money will come for the bills past due. This Being has transcended the view of the external and sees everything in UNION with the eternal.

One Being has money but the thought of missing out on money and the thought and fear of WHAT could happen, leads them to believe they will suffer. OR anyone in that position would suffer.

What is the difference in consciousness?

ONE Being trusts THAT any external experience is there for a reason. Has total faith and union with the consciousness of the Higher Self. This being sees suffering as attachment to the external. Attachment to how things in the mind ~ are supposed to be. Through this attachment they suffer. Even without the fear taking place. Through resistance to WHAT is ~ resistance to the moment ~ they suffer.

Suffering is a state of consciousness.

Bliss is a state of consciousness.

Joy is a state of consciousness.

Sadness is a state of consciousness.

It is ALL frequency vibration. RADIATING from your DNA ~ transmitting a story. Or no story, just being present in the moment.

Yes it is normal to desire happiness and all that you desire (at the true level) will come to you and MORE. Because it already eternally is.

When you align with this, it becomes you. The true you.

As ALL is a state of consciousness which is a frequency vibration.

Sadness and lower vibrational frequencies as states of consciousness can show up as part of a past life clearing process.

JOY arrives and Bliss full-time, setting up its residence in a clear state of consciousness that has transcended the appearance of the external ~ living in awareness of the Divine Presence in the Now.

Union with ETERNAL Being.

Eternal Being is NOW.

Enter Now.

Be Divine Presence. In all moments consciously.

Let go of what will happen tomorrow. All doubts and fears and worry. Be at peace with now.

Stay present now.

Let go of trying to control outcomes of the external.

TRUST your life plan.

Trust The Higher aspects of YOU that knows its PURE state of being. Which is leading you there to that union state ~ ALWAYS.

In love and GLORY with the Divine Council of Overseers, even NOW.


» Source – Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian

DANIEL SCRANTON – Stretching Your Consciousness ∞ The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have immense capacities to stretch your consciousness out, to go beyond where you have been before. The desire to do this, however, is not present in the vast majority of you. Therefore, we are reaching out to you, the awakened ones, in the hopes that you will exercise your right and your free will to stretch your consciousness further.∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

Now you might wonder what we mean by stretching your consciousness. First of all, recognize that your consciousness is not limited to your physical body. Your consciousness exists eternally, whereas a physical body will not always contain the higher level of consciousness that you hold.

Just imagine for a moment where you would take your consciousness if you did not feel that it was tethered to your physical body. Where would you like to go right now? With whom would you like to interact? Do you believe that you can get there without your physical body while still being in the fourth dimension?

We suggest that you start small. Start by stretching your consciousness out just beyond your physical body. See what you can sense in your energy field. Take control of your energy field with your consciousness. Let go of any thought forms that are floating around in there, keeping you in a repetitive cycle. Now, move your consciousness out even further, beyond your energy field.

Feel for the higher frequency energies that are available to you. Reach for them with your intention. Vibrate in harmony with them, and now bring them back into your energy field and back into your physical body. And breathe. You have just given yourselves an upgrade, and you have demonstrated to yourselves that you can indeed stretch your consciousness.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Listen to the audio here

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Daniel Scranton

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AFFIRMATIONS – Embrace Your 5D Consciousness – The Time is Now! – 1-18-18 – by Steve Nobel

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Published on Sep 20, 2017

Affirmations are useful in reversing limiting 3D habitual thought processes that keep us locked in low frequency living. Listen to this affirmations track to help you raise the light frequency in your energy fields which allows you to more fully embrace your emerging 5D Consciousness. This is where you know in every cell of your body that you are One with the Web of Life. There is no separation. Love is the binding Law of the Universe. It is time to embrace the planetary shift from 3D to 5D, from fear to love, from separation to unity consciousness.