Cosmic Consciousness – Saint Germaine and Channel Maxine Jones

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Cosmic Consciousness- Saint Germaine and Channel Maxine Jones.
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Discover how you can not only connect with your Soul, but have help in everyday life from your closest friend, your Soul. Channeling your Soul is not only possible, it is mandatory in today’s hectic world. See what your Soul can do for you now!

The idea of Connecting with your Soul came from and through channeling St Germain. He said to me one day as I was feverishly working on soul development and newsletters, he said to me “People need to know how the soul works behind the scenes, in their everyday life and they need practical tools to help the soul work more easily and more directly, to make life work in ways that everybody needs it to work right now. We are in such a state about this life and work and how to do it more quickly and easily and how could the soul help.

So we have set up a program to remind people that the soul is not a figment of their imagination, but an important component in expanding consciousness and human development. I was talking on behalf of the source itself and a lot of the higher wisdom of the universe and they simply said “Can you help us represent to people that human beings have a higher wisdom, they have a connection with the universe, remind people that by embracing their souls they can claim one of the amazing and fun parts of what it is to be a human being. And it simply repeated again: soul helps make life work. That’s the birth of connect with your soul.

The channeled messages from Saint Germain were requesting something actually practical and simple.

So the first thing that we came up with is that we need to define soul connection. Here are some ideas of the ways soul appears in our lives: * In known and unknown way such as random miracles and synchronicities and not just random miracles, but the ones that we really love. * When something unexpected happens during the day, that’s probably soul, * Everyday Soul is when something unexpected and wonderful happens in the day. * Time seems to stand still when you need it the most and it stretches when it’s ready to run out. * The perfect response from a random stranger * When a difficult task unfolds with ease * Being in the right place at the right time * When you’re happy for no reason and life is wonderful just because it is.

These are some of the examples of the random appearance of the soul, and that your soul is working behind the scenes and then pops out and makes the difference. There are many other examples. The list of soul’s hand in our life goes on and on and it gets better and better as you begin to recognize that it’s a part of you, that is really is what is behind the scenes, making life work if you allow it to. Generally it’s our lack of allowing that gets in the way or our lack of recognition.

I want to help you to increase your ability to recognize what your soul is doing. What it is already doing and what some of the capabilities are that you haven’t even begun to recognize or use.

Penney Peirce – Raising Vibrations – Following Intuitions – Dreams

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Penney Peirce is a respected and gifted intuitive empath with deep psychological understanding, visionary ability, and business sense. She is one of the early pioneers in the intuition development movement, having worked since 1977 with organizations like the San Francisco-based Center for Applied Intuition, The Institute for the Study of Conscious Evolution, and The Intuition Network.

A popular author, lecturer, counselor, and trainer, Penney specializes in intuition and sensitivity development, “skillful perception,” personal energy and frequency training, dreamwork, and future trends. She travels widely, working throughout the US, Japan, South Africa, and Europe as an advisor to business executives, scientists, psychologists, other consultants and trainers, and those on a spiritual path. She has counseled tens of thousands of people worldwide about life and business direction, and the fulfillment of destiny.

Penney has been on the faculty of The Kaiser Institute, working with their Intuition Fellowship program to train hospital CEO’s, health care consultants, and philanthropists in the development of visionary skills. She also works with The Arlington Institute, a group of futurists in Washington, DC. She has teamed with shamans, led spiritual tours to Mt. Fuji, Peru, Egypt, and the American Southwest, and been a TV talkshow host. She has spoken and taught at colleges and conferences internationally; and appeared on radio and television interview shows internationally.

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Alan Steinfeld Interviews Edwin Harkness Spina – Energy and Healing

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Alan Steinfeld of New Realities talks with Edwin Harkness Spina about Energy and Healing

Levels Of Consciousness – David Gikandi

How we got here… how it all works… the fascinating nature of change… how to use that information to more deliberately choose your life experiences from moment to moment…

Part 1   –   Oversoul: Non-Physical Energy. Multiple Soul/Spirit Perspective

Part 2   –   Individual Soul/Spirit: Non-Physical Energy. Soul/Spirit Reality. Soul = Pre-Incarnation, Spirit=Post-Incarnation.

A Journey of Thoughts With Dr Deepak Chopra

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Deepak Chopra is an Indian-born American physician, a holistic health/New Age guru, and the most famous of America’s alternative medicine practitioners. Chopra has taught at the medical schools of Tufts University, Boston University and Harvard University. In 1985, Chopra met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who invited him to study Ayurveda.

Chopra has written more than 70 books, including 21 New York Times bestsellers. His books have been translated into 35 languages and sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. Chopra has received many awards, including the Oceana Award (2009), the Cinequest Life of a Maverick Award (2010), Humanitarian Starlite Award (2010), and the GOI Peace Award (2010).

Alan Watts – The Veil of Thoughts

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The only version of “The veil of thoughts” where Alan himself calls the lecture that, I have the wrong lecture on here somewhere and felt it only fair to include the original now that I have found it, enjoy.

Breaking Free Of Fear – Conscious Life News – Achieve Abundance Mindset

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There is no getting away from it, all highly successful business owners and leaders became that way though having an abundance mindset.  We get conditioned to believe that life is about being put into pigeon holes for careers and lifestyle and this is all that is available to us. How wrong can they be! And great pioneers knew this, look at the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and more recently Richard Branson.  Each of these had great vision, an unstoppable creative energy which would not be contained within the confines of limitation. What kept them going over the months and years of failures and often ridicule? It was their unwavering belief in abundance mentality. Their absolute certainty what they were creating was coming into being.

How do you translate this in your experiences?
Your vision is just as powerful as these pioneers, don’t ever doubt that! It is your creative energy that has brought you to leave the pigeon holes and express yourself through starting your business. Yet many will falter as the day’s move into weeks and months where income is nonexistent or low, pressure from family, friends or what you perceive externally can begin to cause doubt and uncertainty. This is why you must cultivate your ‘abundance’ mindset.

Creating your abundance mindset all comes from belief, or rather changing what you believe to be your perception of truth. When you hold low self-worth or a lack of confidence this does not just affect you internally, it creates the experiences coming into your life.
It has been scientifically proven by such scientists as Dr Bruce Lipton that our cells take their signal from our beliefs, not from our environment. This signal is transmitted through the physical body via the nervous system (your electrical system) and then determines the frequency at which your body resonates.
You see:

  • A healthy body resonates at 78Hz to 83Hz
  • Colds, flu and illness begin at 57Hz to 60Hz
  • Cancer is 42Hz

So the lower the body frequency the more the immune system becomes compromised. As we live in an energetic Universe, energy does not hear words –  energy feels vibrational frequency and will attract back the same frequency you resonate out. So low self-worth and a lack of confidence puts you in low frequency which not only affects the health of your body, it brings experiences that will always maintain feeling of low self worth.

This is so often observed in people who have gone down the corporate business route, when their natural energy is to be creative. When the creative energy cannot be expressed, doubt creeps in as maintaining engagement or enthusiasm becomes an uphill struggle. I have personal experience of this having held a 10 year career in corporate finance, to support my 4 children I was bringing up on my own. Although I made a very successful career, it was my passion for people that saw me through not the ‘work’ and I became frustrated and disillusioned (wonder if this resonates with you?) I could not see a way out as conditioning had taught me I had to have a career with formal qualifications and my own self worth would let me down, believing I wasn’t capable of training into other careers.

It wasn’t until I was laid up in severe pain and had to have a major operation that I finally ‘got’ it. I admitted to myself I actually hated corporate life, I felt like a caged animal and one way or another I had to make the change. I went on to qualify as a business and personal coach, which started my awareness of entrepreneurship, yet this still did not satisfy me. It was then I understood, for the first time in my life my creative energy was finally been unleashed!

Success is when you maintain high frequency and this can only happen when you are living your passion, it is then your beliefs come into alignment and create the frequency of abundance. Once I became clear where my passion lay, in helping others all over the world become powerful creators in their own right, I became unstoppable! Ideas and creative energy I never realised I had came pouring out; I was finally living and breathing what I loved to do.

Success tips:

  • True abundance comes from defining who you are. Allow yourself time to get to know the real you, your desires and passions, not what other people think you should do or what you do to keep the status quo.
  • It starts with focusing on your desires, letting go of that conditioning that tells you 9 to 5 working will just get you by. If your desires do not fit into the corporate pigeon hole, then get out now!
  • Persistence and a definiteness of purpose. Stepping away from conditioning can be challenging at first, it calls for bringing out the warrior within you. When you have absolute focus on your desires, persistently work towards bringing them into your experience and are absolutely definite in your desire to succeed, then you move into the abundance mindset.
  • Absolute belief in YOU. The foundation of abundance comes in honouring your self-worth as energetically this is closely linked to whether you allow yourself to receive wealth into your life. Once your belief is rock solid in your success, you will be resonating abundance.

Highly successful people started with nothing and created their abundance through an unwavering belief to live their passion. You have the same ability within you, you just need to tap into that creative energy and let it loose! / link to original article

Nisargadatta Maharaj – Awaken to the Eternal

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Nisargadatta Maharaj – Awaken to the Eternal

Bashar – Dark and Light

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Cirque du Soleil – Quidam – 2 As One Consciousness

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Miyoko Shida Rigolo – Goddess Manifestation Of Perfect Being

NOTE:  Please give this life moment your total devotion.   Her gift is to You!

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Global Awakening – Barbara Marx Hubbard – Better World Quotes

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“Our mission is to serve as catalysts for a planetary awakening in our lifetime, to take a non-violent path to the next stage of our evolution.” — Barbara Marx Hubbard — – Read by Cheryl Melody –

Bashar – How to Meet Extraterrestrials w Your Mind

Bashar – How to Meet with Extraterrestrials with your Mind – Before the Story Of the Hybrid Races

Bashar – Animal Consciousness

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A segment from Rising from the Ashes 6-12 All copyrights reserved. Bashar Communications. Full DVD at This segment is for educational purposes.

Consciousness Is Non-Local

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consciousness is non-local!!!
I was inspired to put this together by the youtube videos
“Mind over matter & Quantum Universe”!

What The Bleep Do We Know – Full Movie

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What the Bleep Do We Know!? is a 2004 film that combines documentary-style interviews, computer-animated graphics, and a narrative that posits a spiritual connection between quantum physics and consciousness.

Quantum Physics & Consciousness – Dr. Amit Goswami

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Quantum physicist Dr. Amit Goswami talked about the “science within consciousness,” and how the paradigm is shifting from a materialistic world view into one that incorporates spirituality and the mystic traditions. He believes the existence of God is being revealed in the signature of quantum physics. “Quantum physics says every object is a possibility, so there has to be a non-material entity that chooses the actual event from the process of these possibilities,” he explained. In quantum physics, there is also the concept of non-locality, signal-less communication outside of space & time, which is being mediated by consciousness. This relates to religious notions of God, he said.

The materialist viewpoint tends to be pessimistic, and doesn’t find value or meaning in the world, Goswami commented. “As you become a connoisseur of consciousness, you begin to see that we are more than just our material bodies. We have a vital body that we feel, and it is…the coupling of this vital energy with the physical organ– that is what gives us vitality.” When this coupling is weakened, that’s when we fall sick, he continued.

He foresees humankind evolving over the next centuries, integrating emotions and thought in a more balanced way. People will learn how to harness the energies of love, and access more of the intuitive mind, he said.


Amit Goswami, PhD, is a theoretical nuclear physicist and professor emeritus of The University of Oregon Institute for Theoretical Physics. His father was a Hindu guru in India, and in his work Dr. Goswami brings knowledge of mystical traditions together with his love for scientific exploration. He is a pioneer of the new paradigm of science called “science within consciousness”. As well as being a highly sought after international teacher and speaker, Dr. Goswami is the author of 11 books and numerous papers translated into 9 languages. He appeared in the popular film “What the Bleep do we know” and is the subject of a new documentary, “The Quantum Activist”.

Quantum mechanics had enormous[45] success in explaining many of the features of our world. The individual behaviors of the subatomic particles that make up all forms of matter (electrons, protons, neutrons, photons, and others) can often only be satisfactorily described using quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics has strongly influenced string theories, candidates for a Theory of Everything (see reductionism), and the multiverse hypotheses.

Quantum mechanics is also critically important for understanding how individual atoms combine covalently to form molecules. The application of quantum mechanics to chemistry is known as quantum chemistry. Relativistic quantum mechanics can, in principle, mathematically describe most of chemistry. Quantum mechanics can also provide quantitative insight into ionic and covalent bonding processes by explicitly showing which molecules are energetically favorable to which others, and the magnitudes of the energies involved.[46] Furthermore, most of the calculations performed in modern computational chemistry rely on quantum mechanics.
A working mechanism of a resonant tunneling diode device, based on the phenomenon of quantum tunneling through potential barriers

A great deal of modern technological inventions operate at a scale where quantum effects are significant. Examples include the laser, the transistor (and thus the microchip), the electron microscope, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The study of semiconductors led to the invention of the diode and the transistor, which are indispensable parts of modern electronics systems and devices.

Researchers are currently seeking robust methods of directly manipulating quantum states. Efforts are being made to more fully develop quantum cryptography, which will theoretically allow guaranteed secure transmission of information. A more distant goal is the development of quantum computers, which are expected to perform certain computational tasks exponentially faster than classical computers. Another active research topic is quantum teleportation, which deals with techniques to transmit quantum information over arbitrary distances.

Consciousness is the quality or state of being aware of an external object or something within oneself.[1][2] It has been defined as: subjectivity, awareness, the ability to experience or to feel, wakefulness, having a sense of selfhood, and the executive control system of the mind.[3] Despite the difficulty in definition, many philosophers believe that there is a broadly shared underlying intuition about what consciousness is.[4] As Max Velmans and Susan Schneider wrote in The Blackwell Companion to Consciousness: “Anything that we are aware of at a given moment forms part of our consciousness, making conscious experience at once the most familiar and most mysterious aspect of our lives.

David Wilcock – Channeling Ra

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Water Consciousness – The Shape of Love – Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Work

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Does prayer actually work? Is there a powerful force taking place when one person prays to another person? The beauty of this is that, there is.

I invite you to take a journey with me and explore the unimaginable world of focused prayer. Through the foundational work layed out by world renowned water researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto, we begin to see that water is alive, it is intelligent and it is conscious.

This film is dedicated to others out there who know of the importance of healing our water, to expand this idea presented before you and to forward the knowledge to the greater whole of the planet.

Soundtracks used in this film:

1. Neverwinter Nights OST – Heart of the Forest by Jeremy Soule…

2. Neverwinter Nights OST – Forest by Jeremy Soule…

Dr. Masaru Emotos book The Hidden Messages in Water…

Water has Memory

oasishdchannel·89 videos – Water — just a liquid or much more? Many researchers are convinced that water is capable of “memory” by storing information and retrieving it. The possible applications are innumerable: limitless retention and storage capacity and the key to discovering the origins of life on our planet. Research into water is just beginning.

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Suzanne Lie – Galactic/Earth Alliance – Landing Party Remembers: Part 3


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I am very concerned about Mytria. She is, indeed, awakening to some of her experiences on the Ship. But, it appears that as Mytria is remembering more about the Ship, she is actually forgetting more about me. I know that it is selfish of me, but I am afraid that I have lost her.

When she comes aboard the Ship at night now, she appears to be fully human. She no longer interacts with her friends from the Ship and stays with the other humans who believe they are having a dream. I am happy that her human guise has awakened to the Mission. However, it appears that the more she fulfills her Mission, the less she remembers her real SELF.

It is as if she has gone so far into her human earth vessel that she can no longer remember me, her Divine Complement, or her true SELF. My deepest concern is that she is working her earth vessel too much. I can see that she falls into bed exhausted each night because she is doing too much during the day.

I fear she is overcompensating for some inner reason that I cannot determine. Clearly, she is lost in her human and perceives her visits Home to our Ship as interesting dreams. However, she is doing so many things with her Blog and her meetings with others that she is greatly depleting her human earth vessel.

She seems to have forgotten the warning we received that if we “died” while in our earth vessel, we may not remember our true SELF even then. In that case, we would enter the Wheel of Birth and Death that surrounds that planet rather than return to our true expression here on the Ship or on our Homeworld.

Mytria is actually sharing the earth vessel of the human. This agreement was made before the human’s birth. The Mytria on the Ship has been in deep meditation and holding the energy so that she can continue her bi-location, and I have been checking her life-signs that are displayed outside of the cubicle.

In fact, this human is a component of Mytria’s myriad expressions of her Multidimensional SELF. But, the human has all the limitations of a third dimensional being. We were also warned before we took this Mission that human limitations are very infectious. Hence, we could begin to believe human illusions while we wore that form. I am concerned that this has occurred with Mytria.

So far her life signs are consistent with her Pleiadian self. However, if they become consistent with her human earth vessel, then she could become trapped in the illusion of her humanity. I must speak with the Arcturian about my concerns. I am so happy that the Arcturian decided to join us on this Mission, as “becoming human” is very dangerous. Mytria so wanted to perform her duty that she has put her SELF in great danger of forgetting who she really is.

Suddenly the Arcturian appeared in front of me as if IT had been listening.

“Mytre, we are aware of your concerns. In fact, we share them with you. Mytria entered very deeply into the consciousness of the parallel reality of her human expression. Through her Mytria SELF, she has been communicating with this human for many decades. However, the human could not bring that information into her conscious mind.

“Hence, all of the human’s communications with Mytria have been stored in her deepest subconscious. Now that the higher light is entering the human’s form, which is now shared by Mytria, there is a growing perceptual awareness and an expanding state of consciousness.

“However, the human consciousness (in which Mytria is becoming increasingly intertwined) cannot directly experience this shift yet, as it is occurring within her DNA. Nonetheless, these changes are shifting the perceptual field of the earth vessel that Mytria is sharing with the human. Even though the process of perceptual shift is still unconscious to the human’s daily thinking it is creating many uncomfortable emotions.

“You are correct in your concern that Mytria has become lost within the consciousness she is sharing with the human. Mytria has indeed forgotten much about her true SELF aboard this Ship and perceives herself as the human form she is wearing.”

At this point, I became extremely agitated, which the Arcturian instantly sensed.

“Mytre, your concern is not helpful to Mytria nor to the Mission. You are to be Mytria’s anchor in the higher planes, and whether or not she is aware of it, she does feel all your emotions just as she has always done. Therefore, a part of her uncomfortable emotions are because she can unconsciously feel your concern.”

This statement made me quite disturbed. Thus, I knew that I would have to dedicate myself to having more faith in Mytria’s abilities. She was a Keeper of the Violet Flame on our planet, thus I must trust her innate power.

“Yes, Mytre,” the Arcturian said in response to my thoughts. “It is vital that you remain calm and confident, so that she can find her own calm confidence. If she is to assist the humans, she must experience what they are experiencing. Mytria is becoming the human that she is wearing in order to fully understand how to transmute that form into its higher expression. She is very brave to do this and needs you to be confident and supportive.”

I thanked my Arcturian friend. I did understand how my concerns could easily bleed into Mytria’s consciousness. On the other hand, I also understood how a growing shift in her perceptions of reality could be quite disturbing to the third dimensional thinking which had temporarily taken hold of Mytria’s consciousness.

In order to shift her perceptual field into the higher frequencies of her reality, she must first become aware of the lower frequency fear-based emotions that tie her attention to that frequency of perception, and thus that frequency of reality. Mytria’s challenge was to show the humans that the reality they live is the reality they perceive.

I must remember that within the NOW of the reality Mytria is visiting much of humanity is experiencing extreme emotional shifts within a short period of time. Furthermore, time itself is shifting in nature. As the frequency of Earth reality continues to shift into the higher dimensions, third dimensional time changes into fourth dimensional time, which is much faster. A more gradual shift in their perception of time is very helpful to diminish humanity’s fear of change.

“Yes,” thought the Arcturian as It joined in with my thinking. “Becoming the master of ones fear is the greatest challenge in the Now that Mytria is living. Her human expression with whom she has merged had battled fear for most of her life. It was the unconscious influence of Mytria within her human form that initiated a great shift in the human’s consciousness.

“However, we do agree that we must watch the life signs of our Mytria on the Ship. We are fully aware that you are doing so on a regular, somewhat obsessive basis. When you go to check on her, stay there for a while and talk to her Pleiadian SELF. In this manner you will assist her to remember her SELF more than you may think.”

I was very happy to receive that information from the Arcturian and tried not to run to Mytria’s meditation cubicle. Because she was in a very deep trance, she was fed intravenously and constantly monitored. I had not considered the component of Mytria that was aware of my concern and how much I may have been harming her. I wanted to instantly run to Mytria’s cubical, but my duties made it impossible to visit her until much later.


Because of my deep connection with Mytre I can feel his thoughts. That is, when I am not too absorbed in my human life. I have to admit that it is getting easier and easier to become lost in the turmoil of my human life. There, do you see? I just owned that human vessel as “my life.” Mytre is correct to be concerned. I am of no use to anyone if I become lost in this human vessel.

In the briefing for this Mission we were warned regarding the power of illusion on this world. Now I must admit to the arrogance I had that illusion would never fool me. Becoming lost in this vessel greatly concerns me, as well. Perhaps, it would be good if just I, without my human consciousness, visited the Ship. All right, I will admit it.  It is not the Ship I wish to visit, but Mytre.

If I could be with Mytre again and feel his body around mine, it may be easier to maintain my SELF in the midst of wearing this earth vessel and living this challenging Earth life. There is a growing hope on Earth that I can feel, even though there are still so many that are totally asleep and completely unaware of what is most important.

So many humans are so stuck on surviving. Others are having glimpses of a new reality, but they cannot maintain that vision. Some of them can remember that possible reality while in their night-body such as I am doing now. But, I must not judge them, for my sense of self is becoming more and more human and less and less Pleiadian.

I have had to move very deeply into the consciousness of the human to assist her to awaken and to act upon her awakening. I am very happy that her Blog is well read and she is doing a great deal of research about multidimensional realities and higher expressions of SELF.

However, she is still unable to own the fact that SHE is multidimensional and SHE is her own higher expression. Actually, that SHE is ME because she is one of my myriad earth expressions. However, when she is unconscious about my living within her, it makes it very difficult for ME to remain conscious inside of HER.

Oh, she is waking up now. I will think of Mytre and Ship so that I can better remember my SELF.


I had a very interesting dream last night in which I was a very tall and quite beautiful alien. I will have to search the Internet to find where this being is from. I think it was a female, but she looked so different from me. I mean, she looked like a human, but she was very tall, with light skin and long blond hair. I knew she was not human by her eyes.

They looked much like human eyes, but the centers of the eyes were not black like human eyes. The centers of her eyes were white, as in white light. Her eyes were very hypnotizing, and she appeared to be looking into my Soul at the same time that I was looking into her face. It was a very unusual and somewhat upsetting experience.

I do not understand what is going on with me. I enjoy my Blog and love my new Internet friends. But I still feel like something is missing. No, actually, I feel like some ONE is missing. I know that this alien has a mate. I can feel it just as I can feel it when someone is in a happy relationship. Yes, this alien is in a relationship, but her happiness seems a bit tainted by sorrow. What does sorrow have to do with an alien?

If she really wants to feel what sorrow is, she should come to Earth! / link to original article

What a Wonderful World – Playing For Change

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Playing For Change is proud to present a new video of the song “What A Wonderful World” featuring Grandpa Elliott with children’s choirs across the globe. In these hard times children and music bring us hope for a better future. Today we celebrate life and change the world one heart and one song at a time!!

This video was produced in partnership with Okaïdi childrens clothing stores. Okaidi designed a special line of PFC T-Shirts to be sold in over 700 Okaïdi stores worldwide this holiday season. Okaïdi has committed 1 euro per T-Shirt sold to go to supporting the PFC Musicians and PFC Foundation’s music education programs. We thank them for their generous support of the Playing For Change Movement!

Shifting Into Higher Frequencies – Morning Mayan – David Palmer

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Shifting Into Higher Frequencies With Morning Mayan and David Palmer (Discussing Boston Bombing)

Inclusive Astrology sets to Illuminate the Collective Consciousness

Morning Mayan

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David is an esoteric astrologer.

Resonance – Beings of Frequency

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(Full Film) RESONANCE ➜ This James Russell film is a Sensational Eye Opening Documentary that examines 60 years of scientific research! ➜ Join the FACEBOOK page

➜ James Russell (Director + Producer)

➜ John Webster (Director)

This spectacular documentary uncovers for the very first time, the actual mechanisms by which mobile phone technology can cause cancer. And, how every single one of us is reacting to the biggest change in environment this planet has ever seen.

Two billion years ago life first arrived on this planet; a planet, which was filled with a natural frequency. As life slowly evolved, it did so surrounded by this frequency. and Inevitably, it began tuning in.

By the time mankind arrived on earth an incredible relationship had been struck; a relationship that science is just beginning to comprehend.

Research is showing that being exposed to this frequency is absolutely integral to us. It controls our mental and physical health, it synchronizes our circadian rhythms, and it aids our immune system and improves our sense of wellbeing.

Not only are we surrounded by natural frequencies, our bodies are filled with them too. Our cells communicate using electro magnetic frequencies. Our brain emits a constant stream of frequencies and our DNA delivers instructions, using frequency waves. Without them we couldn’t exist for more than a second.

This delicate balance has taken billions of years to perfect. But over the last 25 years the harmony has been disturbed. and disturbed dramatically.

Mankind has submerged itself in an ocean of artificial frequencies. They are all around us, filling the air and drowning out the earth’s natural resonance.

To the naked eye the planet appears to be the same. But at a cellular level it is the biggest change that life on earth has endured; the affects of which we are just starting to see and feel.

Russellian Science – A New Concept of the Universe – Walter Russell

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More readings from ” A New Concept of the Universe” Part 4

Russell lays out the case against academic cosmology in great detail in this book.

Newton, einstein, hawking, sagan and lately micho koo koo have all been dethroned for the false science they taught for their corporate masters. The false academic sciences have need utterly demolished within the pages of the many volumes written by Walter and Lao Russell regarding the true Nature of our Universe.

If anyone is still slaved into this false, corportae owned belief system, I would suggest reading all of DB Larson’s many books which have proved beyond any doubt that quacakdemic science is nothing more than a dumbed down mind control program which enslaves humanity to:energy barons, war mongers and central bankers.

The Stream of images in this vid series is a collection of the diagrams created by Walter Russell in his attempt to explin the simple yet extremely detailed Cosmology which was revealed to him by the very Universal Mind which is our source. This information is based on mind knowing, whereas western science is based on sense thinking ie. emperical reductionism, which has diverged from Nature and Reality.

My intent is to communicate directly with the inner “knower” via these images. The synchronistic association of images with the narrative was created without thought, with the exception of einstein’s images.

It is my hope that theese images speak to your inner knower and awaken memories of who you are, on your spiraling path, in the scope of eternity. We are all of Universal Mind and therefore we have access to all knowledge when we commune with that which is our higher selves.

Produced by Robert Arnett Otey

Free Energy and Free Thinking

Jennifer Hoffman – Awake In A Sleepy World – 22 April 2013




As a child I had a recurring dream in which I was the only person alive in the world. I walked through quiet streets, looking for people, but no one was there. It was a scary dream because I was very alone and there was no one to talk to or take care of me. Now, as an adult, I know that this dream related to what many Indigos and Crystals experience, being awake in a world that is partly or totally asleep. This knowing is experienced as feeling very alone, unsupported, misunderstood and without strong, deep connections to like-spirited people. By being born awake we’re very aware of others’ state of sleepiness and since we’re unable to connect to them, we feel very much alone. But this may be a misperception on our part because we aren’t necessarily here to wake them up; rather, we can give them reasons to awaken when we have the right perception of our own state of being awake.

Indigos and  Crystals, both the older generations and certainly the ones born since the early 1990s were born awake, meaning that they know there is more to life and living than what we are aware of with our physical senses. Most are highly intuitive, empathic and sensitive, which is both a blessing and a challenge. A blessing because they perceive the world in a much more profound, enlightened and spirit-filled way. A challenge because they are also aware of how many people in the world are sleepy, unaware and not aware that they are not aware. And they feel they should do something about it to wake people up and make a difference in the world. But does that mean waking people up or letting them sleep until they’re ready? Who decides when it’s time for this to happen?

Some Indigos feel they should be the blaring alarm clock, others are more comfortable being the like the snooze button. Some Crystals wait for the world to awaken before they do anything, others lose themselves in their despair over a world that needs love but is not open to it. The challenge they, and all those who are awake, must rise to is being the difference in a world that needs to see a new path before it is willing to consider it as an option to the existing ones. Being awake makes us aware of what needs to be changed in the world. The truth we learn, which sometimes leads us into thinking our efforts are not appreciated, is that people awaken when they feel ready, and not before. Being the difference is what will wake the world up to its own potential.

We are the difference when we show the world the possibilities that are available, not by telling them they are asleep but by showing them what it is to be awake. When we present an alternative that is so compelling and so much more fulfilling than being asleep, the world will awaken because it will have a reason to (something we don’t understand when we’re already awake). Being born awake doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to tell the world it’s asleep until it decides to awaken from its slumber. Instead, see it as having the ability, mindset, gifts and understanding to show the world why it is much more joyful and fulfilling to be awake instead of being asleep, and the world will choose to wake up.

Drunvalo Melchizedek – Our Near Future – ETs, Consciousness

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Seer: Almine – Ascension User Manual – Part 1

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In this first episode of the Ascension User Manual, Almine talks about the road to spiritual mastery. What are the different stages one goes through and what might you expect to encounter? She also talks about:

The spiritualizing of the cells. God-mind, expression and evolution of consciousness and the broader aspects of turning the unknown into the known. The ongoing journey of enlightenment of all of life. The Ascended Mastery Realms. Contrasting resurrection and death. The song of the body. The changes of ascended masters remaining in the flesh. Recapitulation, grids and fields, identity consciousness, beyond the God Kingdom, and silence of the mind. Levels of the spirit realms.

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The Creative Will – Helena P. Blavatsky

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