JELELLE AWEN – Coming Together – Living in Conscious Community – Soul Family Reunions – Forming of Soul Purpose Networks – 6-22-17


JELELLE AWEN – Coming Together – Living in Conscious Community – Soul Family Reunions – Forming of Soul Purpose Networks – 6-22-17

Urges toward unification and to be in community with other souls may be coming up for you lately as it seems to be increasing in so many of us it seems. Reunions with soul family members in which you feel like you’ve known each other for a very long time or through many lifetimes is happening much more frequently and rapidly, leading to fast unions and life changing geography shifts. Networks are forming based on frequencies of serving love that most match and fit each soul, as synchronistic events and connections bring those together who are meant to find each other.

These gloriously high energies of PURE love and light available to us now offer us a reminder of our galactic origins of collective, shared mind, and communal living experiences. We have spent much more of our soul’s existence within a unified consciousness then in the separated one that we experience in 3D reality, which we chose on the soul level to experience. We chose to experience the forgetting of telepathic and non-dualistic forms of communication, even as it is most natural for our souls. We chose to put a veil of amnesia over our remembering of Star BEing family, where fluid access of information and experience is available to ALL as a collective one mind download.

After living and existing separately and in insolation in so many ways, we are being invited to feel what ‘conscious community’ might look like and BE. To allow our desires for this to come up and out. To feel the fears that may come in parts of us to imagine this possibility. Our 3D conditioning is to remain self sufficient, taking care of our own needs, and our immediate families needs to the exclusion of anyone else. 3D living has supported the illusion of separation, especially with the 3D economic system of separate incomes, with many souls needing to work very hard in order to provide their own livelihood.

More and more bright light souls are gathering together and coming together is the picture that I was shown today during meditation with Metatron. He pointed out the bright beacons of energy (that looked like glowing dots on a map) that are vibrating from the grids over Gaia. These bright lights represent soul groups finding each other and living in as much PURE love as possible as they are also growing, learning, and awakening still as humans, especially related to emotional body maturity in relationships. He showed me the vortexes of energy created by these soul groups networking with each other, whether they are in local geography together (very BRIGHT energy then) or connecting virtually for now. These groups radiate a grid of unity out to the local surroundings around them and also out into the collective consciousness Web of Life, as he called it. We forget in our 3D amnesia that we are connected to the Web of Life WITH each other in all ways at all times, until we raise our consciousness enough to BE this more and more.

Metatron offered that even if it is only two souls coming together in sacred union or sacred friendship, their connection when based on higher frequencies of healthier love transaction, has an exponential impact on the Web of Life and the collective unconscious. And, of course, the MORE souls that unify in soul purpose, the MORE love energy is able to be radiated out as they support and enliven each other. He then offered the flower of life figure from sacred geometry as an example of this. A central source of LOVE radiating out at different degrees and angles, with all of it ultimately interconnected. This is also what he has offered to me previously about Divine Source radiating out from the center of the ‘flower’, with the Archangels as the next degree of closeness out from it, then the angels, then spirit guides/Ethereal Beings, then us, etc. I could more FEEL what this meant than I am able to explain it to you in the moment through words……if you meditate on the flower of life symbol, you will probably be able to feel what was being offered as it LIVES in our DNA to be connected in this way to each other and is the blueprint of our original birthing as a fragment out of Divine Source.

The desire to live in like-mindedness, like-heartedness, like-soulness IS growing as more souls move out of a necessary lone wolf phase and into higher frequency desires for intimacy. As you awaken and go through the process of sorting through your relationships and healing birth family woundings in your emotional body, you become more drawn to higher consciousness relationships based on soul resonance and heart vulnerability. Intimacy with yourself then leads to a desire for intimacy with others that is just as nourishing, not less. You are just not as drawn to the traumas and dramas, codependent cycles, games and manipulations, etc. that are a 3D-based reality in relationships of all kinds. You would rather be alone than in ANY of that and, so, maybe you were OR still are. This may have been a very sacred lone wolf phase for you as you let go of what WASN’T you in your social body (which I feel represents our ultimate connection to unity consciousness) and could then feel the emotional body connections and wounded hookups that were playing out. The ultimate healing and growth opportunities in community are exponential, however, when compared to being alone as so many new triggers and reactions get pushed up in a new way.

In the now, we are being invited to feel into NEW EARTH commUNITIES and what these may look and feel like. Beyond the wounded frequencies of settle and shrink in so many of our birth family experiences, we can imagine and experience now too more health, more resonance, more mutual growth, AND more service of love when we come together and join our lives with each other in deepening ways. Serving love is the ultimate purpose of all this coming together in community and if it isn’t, then it is coming from a lower vibrational frequency of understandable codependence. At our most leading edge, our species is evolving from codependence to interdependence, where each “I” is respected in their sovereignty and individual will, even as they lean into intimacy with others. Our capacity to mature and heal our emotional bodies, where the deepest roots of codependency exist, seems to be KEY to experiencing this sense of being together yet not clinging to each other; bonded yet not bound; claimed yet not caught.

I have lived in this kind of community for many years and it has been a crucial and vital aspect of my awakening journey, even when it was just Raphael and I in sacred union mateship. In SoulFullHeart, we live in commUNITY together and interact many times on a daily basis with each other. We live in the same apartment building in the moment, yet in separate units as we’ve found this allows for individual autonomy WITH community experience. We have shared a ‘pool’ of community money with the four of us (soon to be six!) for a few years now, and individual income goes into this pool. This helps hugely with anxieties and tensions about money as we hold the decisions and choice points around money together in community decision making. We are connected and united by the values, way of life, and process ground of SoulFullHeart and serving this to others and this allows us to have a very common ground and resonance with each other, a matched vibrational frequency that comes from this process. There are no unresolved conflicts, problems, fights, gossiping…all is brought out and vulnerably as needed. It is still an experiment for us, of course, and as our community grows as other souls are drawn to join us (at whatever degree and depth they do), NEW issues will come up needing to be responded to and resolved. This feels like SUCH an interesting crucible to me, though, and I am very excited to live into more of the community co-leader aspect of my soul expression here.

Coming together in community to heal the family wounds, to remember our unity origins, to network in support, and to SERVE LOVE is a sacred phase of our journey here into embodying our sacred humanity and one that we are being greatly supported to go into, live out……FEELing and HEALing as we go!


We will be talking more about the SoulFullHeart way of life, community, process, etc. during a group call with ALL of us this Saturday at 11:11am CST. This is a wonderful opportunity to get a taste of us as a community if you feel drawn to what we are offering:

Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Sacred Feminine and Sacred Union Facilitator, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond .

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Wes Annac – I Stand With the Conscious Community – 3-2-16


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I stand with my brothers and sisters in the conscious community who are working hard to raise awareness and set the planet free. I’m proud to be a part of this movement, and I’ll gladly work with anyone who’s genuinely dedicated to change.

We can achieve more if we work together or at least support each other, because we’ll have an interlocked network to go to for guidance if we ever need it. We can come to each other with problems that stump us, and we can remind each other that we aren’t alone; there are people around us willing to lift us up when we’re in doubt.

Everyone is approaching this revolution from a different angle, and we all have something unique to give that comes with its own set of problems. This is one reason I think we should support each other, and while we might not be able to help with issues that are specific to someone else’s work, we can still let them know they’re not alone.


The more we support each other, the more we can achieve. For example; if your goal is to help people wake up to the fact that we live in a massive police state, you can link up with those who share the same goal and collaborate on projects intended to raise awareness.

If you want to share spiritual guidance, you’ll find plenty of people in the spiritual community willing to help.

No matter what you want to do, you’ll find support as long as your intent is genuine. The only downside is that some in our community would rather fight over simple disagreements than work them out, but we can get rid of this tendency by encouraging unity and respect.

Some people are so sure of what they think they know that they have no problem arguing when someone disagrees. If we could get past the ego-driven part of us that convinces us we should convert people who don’t think like us, we can work together to help the world without any bitterness or serious disagreements.


If we open our hearts and become empathic toward those in our community who think differently, we’ll see the issues we fight about a different point of view. We’ll realize how silly it is to fight over any differences, and we’ll learn to accept (and even work with) those with a different perspective.

The people in our community who don’t care about your differences will accept you as you are and encourage your individuality, because they know it’s important to be yourself. They’ve seen what conformity does to people, and they’d rather live in a new way that encourages harmony and respect for our differences.

They’re usually the most open, warm and inviting people you’ll ever meet, and they’re the best ones to work with on a project or something intended to spread the truth.

Despite the potential for heated disagreements, my favorite part of being in this community is that we’re all inspired and unwilling to accept defeat.

We’re tired of the ways the system has conditioned us to think there’s nothing we can do about poverty and the suffering happening daily, and fortunately, millions of other people are fed up too. We’re not alone in the struggle to expose the darkness and share the light, and in most cases, we’re only separated by distance.

Anything seems possible in this community, from dethroning corrupt governments to expanding your consciousness, and the main thing driving this sense of strength is that we’re doing all of this together.

It’s inspiring to see people in our community work hard and achieve amazing things, especially if we have their support, and it makes us want to strive more and reach out to more fellow world changers.


Whether we work together or separately, dedication goes a long way and our work will contribute to the achievement of things we never expected. It can only happen if we keep working and, perhaps most importantly, keep supporting each other, and unity will help us make even greater strides together.

We need each other’s love and support more than ever, and collective dedication is essential if we want to achieve anything significant.

Right now, my goal is to inspire people and spread good vibes with the power of words. No matter what your goal is, I recommend faithfully pursuing it and linking up with others who can support you and whom you can support.

We can make the journey easier for each other by coming together, and we can set an example of unity for the world to acknowledge when it’s ready. We can also expose and heal the evil in the world, and the day we increase our support for each other will be the day finally start to change things.

Wes Annac – Unity – The Conscious Community’s Next Step – 10-29-15


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

There are various active conscious groups on the internet, and it doesn’t take much to find one to which you can contribute. No matter what unique beliefs you hold, chances are you can find a group that suits your needs and helps you grow into the socially and spiritually aware activist so many people strive to be.

It’s great that there are so many groups out there with different philosophies, and the only downside is that they remain separate from each other. Their division could be caused by the fact that their beliefs and the things they strive for are so different, but I think the main cause is that they really haven’t tried to connect.

Every group is so secure in what it’s doing that it hasn’t taken the time to branch out and connect with other socially/spiritually aware groups who have different beliefs but strive for change in similar ways, and in my opinion, our next step will be to unite the various groups with respect for our differences and commonalities.

We’re all doing great on our own, but could you imagine how strong we’d be if we brought our groups together? We don’t all have to do or believe the same things to work together with the mutual goal of making the world a better place, and this next step doesn’t just apply to spiritual or ‘conscious’ groups.


The goal is to bring the world together, but the groups and organizations who consider themselves socially/spiritually aware will have to start first because we have an idea of the changes the world needs and we can mostly agree that unity is a potent solution. If we know that unity can solve our problems, it only makes sense to unite and coordinate our unique works together.

The hardest part about it will be learning to respect beliefs, cultures and lifestyles that are different from ours, and it all comes down to tolerance. Our society will make a lot of progress when people learn tolerance, and I’d love to see the day when everyone can get along. We aren’t there yet, but the socially/spiritually aware groups are the most capable of getting us there.

We can become a worldwide conscious community comprised of individual groups who believe different things yet still work together to raise awareness, call for justice and contribute to the establishment of a new way of life, and if we pull it off, we can eventually invite the rest of the world to join us. We can invite the groups and communities that currently keep their distance from us, and we can show them the same love and respect we show people in our community.

This might sound naïve, but I’m confident that it can happen if we refuse to give up. We might be uncomfortable with the idea of respecting beliefs that aren’t ours, but all we need to do is realize that our differences make us unique (and make life more interesting) and find common ground with each other. It’s tragic that people kill each other every day over these petty differences, and this makes it all the more important for us to set an example that the world can live by.


I used to be the kind of person you’d consider a ‘new ager’, but now, I don’t hold any specific spiritual belief besides the power of love to heal the world. Even if I were still a ‘new ager’, however, it wouldn’t bother me to be around with someone who thinks differently as long as we had mutual respect. It doesn’t bother me to hear people say they think some aspects of new age spirituality are hoaxes or unintendedly keep people from true spirituality, as long as they can respect me as I respect them and not automatically associate me with the downsides with which they associate the new age movement.

I could say the same for someone who disagrees that love can heal the world.

Our beliefs don’t matter as much as what they inspire us to do, and I accept anyone who genuinely wants to help the world evolve, regardless of their beliefs or how they think we should accomplish a worldwide revolution. As long as they can respect me and anyone else they work with, I don’t see any reason to reject them. The key is how we treat each other, and if your beliefs don’t hurt anyone and they propel you to strive for change, you’re alright in my book.


Society will eventually realize that our differences can bring us together, but only if we show it to them in a way that nobody can deny. Along with honoring the natural human rights our governments deny us, love, peace, respect and tolerance are the most important things we can fight for because they’ll unite a divided and broken world so we can fight the real enemy that threatens our freedom.

We’ll realize when we’re together that we’ve acted like children for centuries, and it’s tragic that full-grown adults have been incapable of honoring each other’s differences throughout nearly all of our recorded history. We can finally change this, and it starts with the willingness to no longer reject people who think differently.

No matter what we believe or how ‘conscious’ we think we are, we haven’t learned a thing if we can’t show everyone of every faith, culture, skin color, sexual preference and political stance the love and respect we all deserve.

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