Polona Aurea Dawn – Conscious Co-creation in the New – 3-19-14


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Living in a balanced state of living is truly essential in our physical Ascension. When we are driven only by our doing and the external, we often neglect the part of us that feels into things and absorbs what was experienced and learned in the current level of our Soul expansion. This is the part of us that always internalizes everything. When we reside only in being, we aren’t always grounding our Divine Spark in the physical. What is important here is the balanced state between both, which is what Self mastery is all about. This is when true “Being” can actually be activated and integrated. This is directly linked with conscious co-creation within giving and receiving. Living in the higher realms means not simply swaying from one state to the next, and constantly being in between doing and being, but it actually means living in a harmonious balance between both at the same time, while not denying one at the benefit of the other. This is what we are learning to embody and sometimes it takes practice and trying things differently until they perfectly fit our New ascending reality.

When we practice the Art of co-creation of our New and expanded reality, we might become aware of some new challenges and potentials for greater expansion. Therefore, when we reach a certain goal within a cyclical chapter of our journey (which is a spiral), we need some “time” (which is actually devotion) to internalize and ponder on what our co-creation is truly about. This is when we breathe life/consciousness into it. With this, we become life givers and we really begin to co-create with conscious intent, not just our mind. It also begins with realizing that every single thing has consciousness, whether dead or alive from our Human perspective. Then we work on expanding our awareness, and we birth a new level of Love into our reality, and as we do so, the whole of Creation expands. On the journey of Self mastery and realization it’s important to understand that we aren’t just engaging in some random activities and mental processes, for there is something deeper behind everything, and as we take the time to “observe the view from a Mountaintop”, we will see what the current co-creation was truly about in a deeper sense, and will feel into the deeper reality. And as we will have an increased understanding, our awareness will grow and expand as well, and so will our Soul in body.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn