Gloria Wendroff – Heaven Letters – Coming True – 21 May 2013



God said:

You might as well know beforehand that all good is coming to you. Listen to Me. All good.

Your first response may be: “Yeah, sure, God, all good is coming to me. Right and left. Nothing goes wrong in my life. Sure.” And you believe Me not.

Believe Me. I suggest you imprint this image of all good coming to you brightly in your mind — in your every thought, in how you walk, and in your very Being.

What would you like to expect? Pretty much you have been expecting an axe to fall. You have solid belief in the idea that you are doomed, doomed to dashed hopes and a somber reality.

Which way of thinking do you bet gives you better odds? The practical way you tend to think? Or the way I think and the way I advise?

You may prefer to point out to Me the Reality you see — the newspaper point of view. You see trouble brewing and trouble evidenced. You have a picture of gloom, and you call it Reality.

Beloveds, please get it through your head that there is a Greater Reality. Not only is there a Greater Reality, your sense of life reflected in your thoughts influences your life, your daily life and your far-range life. You do not always see this. Life has disappointed you, and you don’t want to be a fool and appear to live in a Fool’s Paradise. Probably, you like to think of yourself as a person who faces facts.

Facts are only partial truth, beloveds. Facts are hardly the whole Truth. Think disappointment all you want, yet what is the sense in it? What is the gain? What are the benefits?

Okay, all your dreams may not be fulfilled across the board. All your dreams may not be fulfilled instantly. All your dreams may not be fulfilled this month, yet I ask you again: “Which way of thinking furthers the odds of fulfilling your dreams?”

When you bet on a horserace, you take certain aspects into consideration before you bet. When you bet on a horserace, you bet to win, don’t you?

In life, you bet to win. It behooves you to be on your side and support your desire to win. It behooves you to bet on yourself. It’s a good idea to give yourself a good run for your money. It’s a good idea to anticipate your winning in life. Do you begin to see the sense of this now?

What you think tends to bear fruit. Your thoughts are a vital contributing factor to how your life unfolds. It has been said that you are your own destiny, that you write the script of your life every day. Certainly, from your perspective of anxiety and insecurity, this is not the whole story, not the whole story by a long shot.

Yet, even from your perspective, you can estimate that your attitude and belief system do contribute. Be a fool then who has a better chance of winning than a smart guy who proudly reduces his chances of winning for the sake of his image as a realistic down-to-earth person. This could be named vanity.

I do not tell you that the way I suggest is fail-safe. The realization of your fears will likely not be erased from the face of the Earth. Your car may still break down. It can rain on your parade. Loved ones may leave. At the same time, with your well-being in mind, I maintain that an uplifting and refreshing point of view will uplift your life as you live it. Your manner of thinking and expecting do make their mark. They have as much of an influence on your life as all the thoughts of fearing the worst. Come, look forward to that which you desire coming true.