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Coast To Coast AM – April 6, 2015 Hollow Earth & Magic Techniques

In the first half, researcher, adventurer and documentary filmmaker, Stephen Sindoni, discussed evidence for the Hollow Earth, as well as communications from Native American elders that relate to and support the Hollow Earth theory. He recounted the legend of J.C. Brown, a man who supposedly worked as a geologist for the Lord Cowdray Mining Co. in the early 20th century and claimed to have discovered an ancient Lemurian civilization in the hollows of Mt. Shasta, California in 1904. Following an 11-mile tunnel that burrowed into the mountain, he reported finding a village which had such relics as 12-ft. copper tablets, statues, weapons, and skeletons that were large as 10 ft. tall. The statues glowed as if they used radium as an element in the copper, he added.

Interestingly, Sindoni believes that he may actually be the reincarnation of J.C. Brown, as a photo comparison of their faces shows a remarkable similarity. In 2009, when Sindoni was visiting Mount Shasta, he said he saw a fleet of UFOs leaving the mountain. There are a number of races that live inside the Inner Earth, including the Telosians, who are similar to humans, he stated. A Native-American elder/shaman met with Sindoni, and shared an oral history that spanned over 40,000 years. According to the elder, a group of people from another solar system came to our planet thousands of years ago and were taken underground by the Ant People. The Lemurians, the elder continued, stood 8-9 ft. tall, and were seen by his grandfather fishing in a river near Mount Rainier.


In the latter half, philosopher and student of science and human nature, Anthony Alvarado, talked about his quest to unlock the secrets of the human mind using techniques of magic. He presented various methods used by artists, inventors and free-thinkers, which people can readily do themselves. One such exercise was Salvador Dali’s “dropping the spoon,” in which a person starts to take a nap while holding a spoon in one hand and another object in the other hand. As they begin to fall asleep, they drop the spoon, which causes them to remember the potentially inspiring hypnagogic imagery in their mind.

A lot of magic is powered by a person’s intuition, he noted. He cited one of William S. Burrough’s techniques that he used to pass through dangerous neighborhoods unharmed. Burroughs would simply look at people before they saw him, gaining power from awareness. Another technique Alvarado recommended is called the “power stance,” which comes from the world of psychology. A person takes a wide-hipped stance, and places their hands on their hips for several minutes– this can serve as a way to boost confidence, say before a job interview. A more advanced technique or spell, he shared, for those more experienced with magic, involves creating a “mental Golem” or tulpa– a kind of imaginary creature.

Electromagnetic Pollution & Disease – Dr. Samuel Milham Coast – Coast to Coast AM – August 18 2013 –

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Coast to Coast AM Today Date: 08-17-2013 Coast to Coast AM Host: John B. Wells Coast to Coast AM This Week Guests: Dr. Samuel Milham Coast to Coast AM Topic: Electromagnetic Pollution & Disease

Release Date ( August 18 2013 ) Air Date ( August 17 2013 )
John B. Wells was joined by Dr. Samuel Milham, who discussed the frightening link between human disease and electromagnetic pollution. The remainder of the show featured Open Lines.

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Communications with Ashtar – Michael Ellegion – With George Noory

Channelers and contactees Michael Ellegion and Aurora Light (third hour) spoke about ET communications, encounters and interventions. Ellegion described going onboard a spaceship in 1979, and told he would have contacts with a being named Ashtar (whom he later channeled). Contacts with benign, human-appearing ETs such as what he, Aurora, and other contactees like Billy Meier have experienced have been suppressed or debunked in favor of stories of sinister grey aliens and abductions. “I think there was a massive agenda and bias against anything that’s uplifting…and helps empower and prepare us for the time that is coming ahead,” he commented.

We could see the mass appearance of UFOs, in a series of waves possibly within the next two years, to help humanity deal with the upheaval and changes that are coming, Ellegion outlined. This could involve a mass evacuation of vibrationally attuned individuals, he added. The arrival of Planet X or Wormwood has been confirmed by his ET contacts. He described it as a dwarf star on an elliptical orbit that may or may not have catastrophic effects on Earth this time around.

Aurora Light detailed her encounters with ETs while living in Michigan, including a dramatic intervention in which she was saved from an impending car accident, and experienced frozen time and telepathic communications. She also spoke about seeing a medium handle Dr. Ray Brown’s “Atlantean” crystal, in which it changed colors and looked like “neon Jello.”


Michael Ellegion is a “Direct-Voice Channel” and ET contactee. He was trained in the Edgar Cayce method of Channeling at a young age, which opened up his telepathic abilities. Throughout the years, he has had numerous “etheric” visitations from human-appearing higher dimensional “Beings of Light.”


In “Prepare for the Landings!” co-author Aurora Light, shares her encounters with benevolent human appearing extraterrestrials, her life saved by Divine Intervention and other unique life changing super-natural encounters. Aurora’s profound experiences while growing up in the Detroit area, and years of study, lead to her career in metaphysics. She found herself affecting the outcome of many events with her mind. Her “Muse” work, intuitive health counseling and long distance healing, has changed thousands of people lives for the better. Aurora is an expert on “Trespasso,” the ancient art of remembering and seeing past lives, and privately teaches her students techniques on how to open their third eye and spiritually connect with the God force.

For over two decades Aurora has traveled throughout North America and Great Britain openly sharing her knowledge with thousands of Lightworkers at conferences and places of higher learning, and has written articles for many magazines. She has been a guest on numerous radio and television shows throughout the US, Canada and Great Britain and featured on many of the BBC’s programs. She produces and hosts that specializes in views, news and interviews with attitude. Aurora is a co-founder and Director of The Progressive Tech Center a non-profit research and development center specializing in advanced green, clean energy solutions.