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Wes Annac – Restoration Of The Earth – 17 April 2013

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I’m posting this today despite the tragic Boston attack, as it increasingly seems to be cabal-caused and when things like this happen, the work being done to rebuild our Earth tends to fall by the wayside in favor of continual coverage of the event. The attack is discussed more toward the end of this writing and there are as well, fruitful places you can now go to understand the truth of what has happened.

Despite what has happened, we have a movement to strengthen and along with continuing in our goals as valiantly as ever, I would recommend sending those affected by this bombing the purest Love and compassion we can muster up.

A balance of understanding the higher realms and understanding the injustice that has been wrought upon our world will aid us tremendously as we greet the future we have been Creating. We will all be playing specific roles that will likely require specific understandings in this future but at this very moment, it is important for us to have the understanding of realms beyond our conscious perception, as well as the injustice that continues to take place in every moment.

We can spread knowledge and Light in this time, and we can help to bring about justice as we restore this planet to the sovereign one it once was. We are going to be rebuilding every aspect of our current societies that have been based in injustice and corruption and at the same time, we will be responsible for understanding the evolutionary event taking place on our world at present.

Our collective and individual plates are going to be awfully full in the time ahead and already, plenty of people are doing everything they can to restore this planet and help our entire collective to find peace and prosperity. The various facets of the missions of each of us are going to require our full ability and attention, which is why the “emergence” that has been spoken of lately is actually incredibly important for each one of us.

What I’m about to say has been said plenty of times, and I almost don’t feel the need to say it: no matter how insignificant we feel we will be in the restoration of the Earth, the pieces of the puzzle we will fill will be large indeed and will require every bit of ourselves.

It’s easy to say this and even to agree with it, but consider the implications of fully and truly devoting every last bit of yourself to the establishment of Nova Earth. Beyond pondering it or thinking about it, feel what it is going to be like to be a part of the single largest movement that has taken place on this planet in a long time.

Consider the possibility and likelihood of meeting people you had not perhaps expected yourself to meet in this Lifetime. You say you like a certain musical artist because of the truth and Light they are spreading? Ponder meeting that soul, thanking them for what they have done up to this point, and working with them and every other soul to bring forth the grandest of change on this Earth.

When seeing how active we are going to be and how much work we are going to do amongst ourselves and with the rest of humanity, does the actual need for emergence become clear? Of course, I’m not suggesting anybody force themselves out of their shells; it is a process that takes time and effort but I would absolutely recommend continuing along that process rather than hiding away from it, despite it’s perceived pace.

We have a world to rebuild, and it is we who will play the fundamental roles required for such a massive undertaking. The implications of this continue to reach me in every moment, and I look upon the Masters and the awakened souls of the past who generated large, Lighted movements that seemed to accelerate the collective evolution, even if only a little, and I see that every one of them faced some of the most incredible challenges.

The challenges these souls experienced seemed at times to be unrelenting and yet, they pushed on with the agenda our Heavenly Father had set out for them to fulfill. The odds seemed stacked against these souls in so many cases but nevertheless, they emerged gloriously and helped to liberate the minds and hearts of so many Earthly souls who were previously stuck in the mucky waters of unawareness.

These souls faced great and numerous challenges to overcome, all in the name of anchoring and spreading truth and Light.

I’d like to offer an example if I could. Bob Marley, who arose from within a poverty-stricken situation and actually put a third world country on the map while attempting to change the world and bring forth awareness of the plight of his people through his music, was shot in 1976 because he was to play a concert in Jamaica intended to unite the bitterly-rivaling political parties of the island (1).

Likely cabal-instated political violence seemed to rule the island in the late 70s, and Bob was there to act as a force of peace and truth for the citizens of his country and the world to unite because of.

It’s reported that Marley had no political agenda himself in doing the concert; it seems that he supported Michael Manley’s democratic People’s National Party to an extent at the time (if I’m wrong about that please correct me) but the only purpose of the “Smile Jamaica” concert was to unite the two parties and bring about peace in an area plagued with violence, conflict and political turmoil.

Just as plenty of people have said, somebody seemed not to want the concert to go on as just days before it was set to happen, the shooting of Marley, his wife and his manager took place at his home in Jamaica. Marley was injured but was ultimately alright, and still went on to play the show and in a snap decision, even brought the two leaders of the respective political parties on stage during a song to unite them. That is pure courage, plain and simple.

Marley would later go on to put the lyric “no bullet can stop us now” in his song “Jamming”.

I think it’s safe to say that most of us have never met such a great challenge and arisen so wonderfully, and it’s safe to say as well that that would be one of the hardest things to undergo in the name of stabilizing violence and spreading truth and Light in one’s homeland.

What a lot of people tend not to realize or ponder is that we are building upon what has been started by others such as Marley, Lennon, Hendrix, MLK, Jesus, Gandhi, Buddha and so many others. They have started the spreading of peace, truth and Light and we are tasked not with letting their sacred work fall by the wayside or be in vein, but to show the same vigor and readiness to throw all of ourselves in the restoration of this world that they have.

We are ready, and there is no doubt about it. We may have thought we’d reach higher states of consciousness by this point but instead, we’re allowing ourselves to stall the collective evolution a bit in the name of spreading and realizing real truth and change on this world.

Those before us have sacrificed greatly in the name of doing just that, and it’s time for us to put our share of the work in while at the same time, knowing and understanding that we are constantly backed and guided by the higher realms we have come to this world to do this work from.

The proof of our actions has already been made known in so many ways. The sheer awakening that has and continues to take place on this world is motivating more and more people to stand up for their rights, and to understand the truth of their existence as sentient spiritual beings leading a temporary human existence.

The entire framework of our societies as it stands today will likely crumble when we understand the reality of our existence, as this framework has been driven by and established around illusory, money-based and often materialistic things that have kept us in states of distraction and resulting subservience.

This is another reason our future seems to be taking so long to come about; the souls who have established this grand illusion as it is today have rebelled as hard against the establishment of our future as we have rebelled against their false and hollow societies. Don’t think the cabals wont’ and haven’t already been flaunting their actions now that they see that people are awakening to them, as they are on their last legs and seem now to see it proper to begin bragging about what they have done and hidden right out in the open.

They also seem to be taking bold yet considerably-smaller measures (compared to what has been done before) to distract and pacify the public with heart-wrenching tragedies. The recent attack in the city of Boston could likely be offered up as evidence (2), (3) as we are being told it was a “terrorist attack” and it just so happens that drills were being run in Boston the day it happened, for that very same type of attack.

It is the same thing that happened with the London Bombings and with the September 11 attacks and just as Occupy Wall Street put up on their Facebook page yesterday, it is the CIA’s cover story for an attack that could very well have been planned by the cabals (let’s keep in mind as well that a Facebook memorial page for the attack was created, hours before it happened. See link below).

Part of the reason they would do this is again, to distract and pacify humanity and keep us only worried about the latest tragedy that has happened rather than continuing to work to spread awareness of what has been going on right under our noses for decades.

It is tragic indeed, and we should of course send our Light to the souls who have been affected by the latest cabal attempt at instilling fear into the populace. However, we cannot let them be successful in their aims to stop what is currently happening and in fact, with each cabal-instated attack that comes about we must be ever-more vigilant and devoted to our cause of exposing them and what they have done.

If we let our perspectives dampen because of this latest attack and because of all of the bad that continues to be manifested on this Earth, than we are allowing the cabals to succeed in their agenda whereas a continual devotion to spreading truth and Light and exposing their twisted actions will accelerate our evolution and help the rest of the public to wake up.

The next time you see a soul with a clearly-negative perspective on the internet ranting about everything awful in this world in the context of happiness and Love being impossible to establish in a widespread manner, remind them that what we feed with our thoughts and energy grows in influence and while it is not proper to hide ourselves away from all the bad that has been done, the bad does not need to change our perspective or make us think as if the concepts driving the higher realms are somehow impossible to establish because of the always-temporary rein of the cabals on this world.

Developing a higher dimensional perspective and understanding while becoming aware of what has been done to our dear collective won’t see us tipping out of balance and at the same time, a powerful embrace of the roles we are about to be playing is essential. It is quite a balance indeed, but we have always proven up to the task and will only continue to do what we do best; Create movements, inform the public and bring the Light back to the surface of a lost planet.

Wes Annac – Feeling just as energized as you and ready to build our New Earth