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Cleansing Negative Energy

by Dr. Paul Haider


Negative energy can make us feel fatigued and depressed. Being around toxic people or in toxic environments can alter our persona and even cause challenges with our electronic devices, which are sensitive to negative energy. Here are four simple ways to cleanse away negative energy from the mind, body and spirit, so that we can once again have a great outlook on life.


Cleanse Negative Energy #1 – Name of God

Saying a personal name of God over and over again is amazingly powerful. Nothing can resist the power of the name of God. The name a person chooses may be something other than just the word God. Perhaps, the name is Jesus, Buddha, Krishna or some other personal name that connects to their heart.

A person may be guided to say this name silently in their mind repeatedly whenever they are not doing some specific task that needs their full attention. The name of God can also be used in combination with other ways of cleansing away negative energy. Over thousands of years, many great saints and gurus have talked about the power of the name of God in spiritual texts.

Cleanse Negative Energy #2 – Dip in the Ocean

Another way to cleanse away negative energy is to go to the seashore and take a plunge in the ocean. Salt water is great for cleansing away all negative energies. In fact, water in general has been used for cleansing negative energy for thousands of years. John the Baptist used water from the Jordan River to cleanse away all that was old in order for people to be reborn with a positive outlook on life.

To do this, a person may walk into the water and dip down covering their head completely while silently saying their personal name of God over and over again. Do this dunking 4 or 5 times, while completely submerging the whole body in the cleansing waters of the ocean. As we are a drop in the ocean, we are cleansed of all that is negative by the ocean. At the end of this process, say a short prayer thanking God for the cleansing.


Live Inland? Make Your Own Ocean

Take a 5 gallon bucket of water. Fill about 2/3 full of water and add 1/2 cup of any kind of salt to make your own mini ocean. Mix the salt into the water and let set for 5 minutes. Then, sit on a chair, so that your feet are in the bucket, while allowing the water to come up as high as possible on your legs. You may be guided to do this for 20 minutes, while silently repeating your personal name of God. Afterward, say a prayer of gratitude to God, the Universe, and the One and Only for cleansing away all negative energies. Dispose of the water properly.

Cleanse Negative Energy #3 – Grounding in Soil or Sand

This method is something anyone can do because we all live on planet Earth, and most have soil or sand around them Some people may not live close to the ocean, but grounding with soil or sand also does a wonderful job of cleansing away negative energy. During this process, a person can sit down on the ground and bury both their hands and feet in soil or sand. If there happens to be a tree nearby, that’s even better since trees have deep roots that absorb negative energy away from the body and nullify them in the earth. At the same time, start saying the personal name of God over and over again silently.

A person may sit with their hands and feet buried in the soil saying their God mantra for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, one can wash their hands and feet, while saying a little prayer thanking God, the Universe, and the One and Only for the cleansing. Many spiritual traditions discuss the fact that we ware made from the clay of the earth. Thus, Mother Earth is also one of our true loving guardians. She even watches over us, provides us with water and food, offers us shelter and is willing to wash away all negative energy from our being.


Cleanse Negative Energy #4 – Sage Stick

Obtain a white sage smudge and pour a little water over it to get it wet, so that it smolders and gives off lots of smoke while it burns. Set the smudge on fire; this will not be easy because it’s slightly wet (I usually use our gas stove to get it started). Then, take the sage smudge stick and move it around the body 10 times while saying your personal name of God repeatedly.

Do this process as many times as you are guided to do so. Once you are finished, say a prayer of gratitude to God, the Universe, and the One and Only. If white sage is hard to find, incense will work. White sage and incense have been used in spiritual rituals by Native Americans, in churches and in Aboriginal tribal rituals for thousands of years because of its cleansing abilities. Even today, researchers have found that white sage smoke kills bacteria.

After using any of these ways of cleansing away negative energy, a person should visualize and create a protective bubble of white light surrounding their body, which is intended to protect their body, mind and spirit. In addition, it is important to cleanse the mind of all negative thoughts, ideas and negativity that pop into their mind.


About the Author

A Master Herbalist and Spiritual Teacher for over 25 years, Dr. Paul Haider helps people to recover and feel healthy. You can find Dr. Haider on Facebook by searching Dr. Paul Haider and Healing Herbs.