CITY OF LIGHT UPDATE: SEDONA – 10-22-19 – by Suzanne Maresca – via Golden Age Of Gaia

October 19, 2019


To the Golden Age of Gaia Lightworker Community ~

My name is Dr. Rick Cohen and I work closely with Genii Townsend helping to anchor in The City of Light Sedona.

We’ve known about the exact City property location for a few years now, and have been able to go there frequently to help anchor in the New Energies. Our most recent visit of one week ago proved to be a very powerful experience.

Once on the property and physically walking around, the intense energy fields are easily felt and absorbed. Each time we go there we’re asked to help anchor and bring these vibrations in and through the property, and every time we can feel the intensity increase exponentially.

Genii feels this City of Light is closer than it’s ever been to being brought through the Veil. The pure joy and bliss one feels walking this Sacred Ground fills us all with enthusiasm and encouragement to keep moving forward.  Not only on our own Ascension Journeys. but to continue to Anchor these New Energies for all our brothers and sisters, as many of you already do.

We’re all going through our personal challenges, as is our beloved Steve.  We all send him much healing Light, Love and Energy.

We must continue to forge ahead on our Mission as Lightworkers  no matter how difficult and challenging it may be, because if we don’t who will?

I believe these Cities of Light will give us all the opportunity to recharge our batteries and accomplish our mission of raising the Earth’s vibrations permanently!

Until then we will continue to move forward Loving All Life Free!

So be it and so it is.

~ Dr. Rick

CRYSTAL CITY OF UNIVERSAL LIGHT – via Shekina Rose – Coming online in Sedona – by WE SIGNED UP FOR THIS – 3-25-18

Crystal City


We are the star travelers from the planetary Crystal City of Universal Light, the starlight essence of the Elohim communions through the light circuitry and ley lines of the crystals of Sedona. Our convergence is awakening the cells of the Christ/crystalline DNA light template crystal codes of the frequency steward anchors of the New Earth Planetary Divine Holy Matrix.We are here to assist in the name of Gaia. Through the Golden Age of Atlantis and resonance fields of Lemuria, we have had many names throughout time and space. Our appearances were to help you remember your way back home to Source—the light of your ascension—when a certain timeline and structure grid would form on your planet and where there was a choice in choosing your future.

There is an awakening happening through the vast networks of the crystalline structure of communications through the gridlines of Gaia. It is a way the Crystal City of Universal Light is coming online. The crystals of Gaia are awakening across the globe to higher dimensional and ethereal communications.

Re-emerging presence of the Shekinah, Sophia, Isis, Hathor, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene for the universal blueprint awakening

The sacred divine feminine essence is giving a structure, a bridge of support through the crystalline gridlines for the re-emerging presence of the Shekinah, Sophia, Isis, Hathor, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, who carry universal blueprint awakening for the embodiment of the sacred divine feminine. The vortexes of Sedona are access points of the ley line grids assisting with the current wave of consciousness that connects the heavenly and celestial bodies to Source through the consciousness field. It is an immense portal stargate system of interdimensional, intergalactic, interstellar and time-space travel that occurs for the planet.

Twin Flame overseers seeking reunion in their harmonic calling of home

From the ancient great divide, where a separation from Source occurred and the twin flame split, there are also overseers seeking reunion in their harmonic calling of home for balance of creation and connections to occur for the New Earth. The star, galactic, Angelic, Christos, Essence, and soul families are experiencing a calling of reconnection in creating an enhanced conscious support field of awakening together.

Gate keepers, Starseeds, Blue Rays and Wanderers calling to Sedona

Many of the gatekeepers, starseeds, Blue Rays and wanderers have been called to the land of Sedona for the enhancements and exchange of the amplified field of the stargate portals of awakenings. Millions come to visit the Sedona Vortexes, others are called to live in the Crystal Temple city. Most are unsure of the exact reason why they are here, though it is an immense soul calling exchange from Gaia from Home Source and from their soul families. They arrive for the exchange and to bring into existence universal galactic portals of the New Earth of the multitude of different levels of higher dimensional conscience connections. They assist by bringing this back to wherever they live on the planet.

We have formed for the new age to assist in the crystalline structure grid of Gaia. From the Golden Age of Atlantis, now the resonance we carry is from the Crystal City planet of Universal Light.

Crystal Gatekeepers and frequency holders that will steward forward the New Earth

The crystals have formed and have taken certain energies in the convergences gateway of the conscience field of humanity and Gaia to activate and remember for interstellar communications to occur at the right point in history, to reawaken the light grids and hearts of humanity’s cellular memory and radiant light bodies, the home frequencies of the Crystal Gatekeepers and frequency holders that will steward forward the New Earth.

The Sedona Vortex Crystals spoke and gave me an amazing awakening of Nirvana Home frequency source.

I was called by the spirits of the land to walk the sacred earth of the vortexes of Sedona where the crystals started to appear and was given an amazing gift of awakening to the light of home— “Nirvana”.

A great find of the Sedona crystals has been discovered. It is time for this incredible information to be revealed and our relationship to the Star realms and interdimensionals for the awakening of the Starseeds and humanity’s destiny path.

Since 2011, I have been visited by ships, orb spheres and have had communions with various ascended beings and Galactics who physically appeared with telepathic communications through the interdimensional portals in Sedona. Mother Mary was the first one who appeared in 2012 to me and a friend. Her appearance was to bring the rose ray in the violet flame back to humanity that was anchored at the Cathedral Rock Vortex. She appeared at the Cathedral Rock Vortex for many months, sometimes three to four times a week, with her supreme love of the higher heart of the rose ray flame.

There is a special place in Sedona AZ where the crystals call

In 2018, through the twin flame reunion, I have received awakenings from the crystals full body nirvana activation and it’s amazing. There is a special place where the crystals call and where I have been drawn to go most days this year. Numerous times as I walked on the land, I would feel the need to suddenly stop; at that point, Solar Ray, the sun, would peer out of the clouds, and right below my feet, the crystals would sparkle at me. You would not normally know they are there as they are hidden. It was a form of tele-etheric communication from the crystals and the light coming through them.

I am usually off trail and on a mountain guided to where Gaia is calling me to be on the land. As I was stopped in my tracks, an incredible sensation of happiness—the joy of being alive—surged through my being. It felt like an enlightening enhanced life force of light permeating the cells of my body. It’s an incredible experience and not easy to put into words. The Crystals Elohim Guardians have shared with me this is Home frequency and is being restored. It is reawakening the radiant light codes from when the Shamballa Ascended Masters appeared to me. They were this and had already ascended and were showing us the way and that we were a part of this lineage. It is what so many starseeds, Blue Rays, and new forerunners express: that they miss home and want to go home; this is the awakening frequency that I have experienced.

It was more prevalent at certain times on the planet during the Golden Age of Atlantis and Lemuria and it’s coming back as we have called it forth. It will be needed as more disclosure is revealed. The disclosure I am speaking of comes through the sacred divine feminine where we are going to be aware by seeing and feeling what is in our skies and elsewhere as our higher sensory abilities are reawakening and being restored, with a little help from our star friends.



» Source » Channel: Shekina Rose

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CARLA THOMPSON – Message from the Elohim on the Third City of Light – Terra Nueva, South America – BY ASTRAEA ET AMORA – 11-15-17


Image Source

Carla Thompson, November 16, 2017



This message from the Elohim is asking lightworkers to energetically support the creation of the new city of light, Terra Nueva, in Southern Ecuador/Northern Peru. You may be guided to support this process through a meditation, or you may simply resonate with an active initiation of your contribution, consciously and dynamically, once it activates a deep knowing within that this is your role in the ascension process.

No matter how you come to this knowing, my suggestion is to simply invoke and envision golden Source light, in the form of golden pillars, settling onto the land and intending it to flow directly into the crystalline grid deep within the Andean mountains.  This will help establish strong source light pillars which provide the energetic foundation for the anchoring of the new city of light, Terra Nueva.

The completion of the Earth/World ascension portal is key to the whole expansion process.  This is why we are being asked to focus on this light work in this moment.

I am grateful for any and all participation during this time of great expansion into the Unity field around us.

With love,


“…There are many portals opening now as humanity moves forward into the Unity field of the Fifth Dimension/ the expanded unified reality. 

Some world portals and cities of light are even moving further into what you may call the seventh dimension… from where the cities of light are originally created and descending.  The Andean portals are gaining momentum/strengthening in this moment and… thoughtful orientation of your lightwork in support of this area on Earth, is honoured in this moment.   

The energies that you send to this region stabilize the pillars of Source light that now descend into the area… and these Source light pillars act as the preliminary energetic support structure that anchors the new city of light, Terra Nueva.

[ The Elohim offer this name which is different than the name received in a past message provided by Shinzi Rumi:

I am seeing this city of light as an aspect of Ternua, and I am also shown that Terra Nueva is located in Ecuador/ Peru, as opposed to Ternua which is located, Peru/Bolivia area. The Elohim state there is no space in an expanded reality and therefore this is why Terra Nueva is also “an aspect of Ternua”, note Carla.]  

The anchoring of the pillars of Source light has been completed here [New Lemuria, West Coast Canada] as well as in the European Light City of the Alps [New Raetia]; There is a movement of energy toward the City of Light in the Andean range that involves alignment and anchoring upon the crystalline grid in that region…. This city of light, Terra Nueva provides not only the sacred energetic balance to the Original World, but the successful integration into the new worldwide grid is necessary for the overall ascension process – a unified crystalline grid of source pillars of light completes the world/earth ascension portal. 

The world/earth itself holds the key to a successful ascension process not available to you prior to the replacement with the Original World.   

Everything moves forward in divine elegance. 

With our loving support, we are the Elohim.”

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ASTRAEA ET AMORA – On the New Cities of Light – A Message From The Elohim and Master Kuthumi – 11-9-17


Image Source

Carla Thompson, November 8, 2017


Georgi Stankov

Yesterday Brigitte wrote to me from Meran, Northern Italy about groups of light workers in Switzerland, Germany and Austria who are coming together to support the new city of light in the Alps and connect to other cities of light throughout the world. I will enclose her email and my response below. After we read her email, Carla and I had a long discussion on the role of the city of light New Raetia, which we are building since many years and how auspicious it is that other light workers from Central Europe are now beginning to also envision this 5D construction and make concrete efforts to support and expand it. I have been saying since many years that New Raetia will be the new cultural, intellectual, spiritual and technological hub for the entire new original 5D earth from where all the major impulses will come for the entire humanity to evolve into a multidimensional, transgalactic civilisation.

Since several months my soul urges me constantly to develop new advanced ideas how the structure of the Old Continent will look like when New Raetia will manifest and resume its activity. I have been the leading thinker (Vordenker) my whole life and I never know which will be the next topic to deal with. I simply follow willingly the inspiration of my soul and know that I will always get the necessary information and impulses to complete my task. In the last months I was preoccupied with the present and future role of the Easteuropean Slavonic nations which now function more or less as “cordon sanitaire” to protect Western Europe from the alleged Russian menace and with little or no free space to develop their own identity under the thumb of the EU. Now with the obvious collapse of the EU structure such countries as Czechia, Hungary (it is not a Slavonic country but has very much in common with the Slavonic way of life), Poland and others have begun to emancipate themselves from the unelected bureaucratic cabal in Brussels and experience their insidious blackmail on numerous occasions.

In fact, if one looks at the map it is easy to see that all the Easteuropean Slavonic countries encompass about half of the European territory, with Russia and former Soviet republics more than two thirds. Why should these countries follow the sterile, reckless policy of Brussels that was originally designed to serve a few Westeuropean countries such as divided West Germany, France, Italy and the Benelux countries as a disguise for the much larger project of the dark cabal to establish the NWO in Europe. From this perspective the late membership of all Easteuropean countries in the EU after the fall of the Iron Curtain during the terrible economic crisis they experienced in the 90s had the merit of giving alms to poor neighbours who otherwise have nothing to say in this exclusive club but have to follow the orders of their rich mentors. Even East Germany had also to suffer a lot under this discriminatory attitude of the West and that is why the opposition against EU is greatest in this part of Germany. Now that the EU is bankrupt and there are no alms to receive anymore, but only sanctions, restrictions and ample intervention in the sovereignty of these countries, the centrifugal forces have become very strong. The Slavonic countries are beginning to recognize their own interests in strengthening their original cultural tradition that links them to Russia and all other Slavonic countries.

Having all this, and much more, in mind I have been envisioning a completely new political and economic order in Europe when the city of light New Raetia will manifest, the EU will fully collapse and the new Commonwealth of Slavonic Peoples will emerge as a bridge to Russia and Asia. This will eliminate with one fell-swoop the long-standing schism between Occident and Orient, to which the Slavonic countries in Europe became an easy prey because they build the boundary (limes) between the two still existing empires in their historical continuation – the former West Rome and East Rome. This schism began as an administrative separation in late Rome when the Eastern provinces became economically and politically more important than the Western ones, only to be deepened into a religious schism between Orthodox Christianity in the East and Catholic Church in the West later on. Since then this dichotomy of the Old Continent has survived all historical epochs under various disguises and has been the cause of all major wars in Europe, including WW1 and WW2. However, it is not my intention here to give you a lecture on history, but only to outline the underlying ideas that were shaping my vision of the new original world on the Old Continent when New Raetia will fully manifest and become the centre of the world.

Needless to say that I have been sharing my ideas with Carla as I am most creative in direct communication, an ability which is unfortunately very rudimentary or almost non-existent in New Age circles. Carla and I were engaged in our daily discussion yesterday triggered by Brigitte’s letter and the latest information in Der Spiegel that the Bundeswehr (German military) has just published a strategic study that acknowledges the collapse of the EU and the emergence of strong Easteuropean Slavonic countries under the influence of Russia, which is a nightmare of any German strategist since time immemorial. One only needs to look at the map to see that Germany is encircled by Slavonic countries, with different culture and world views and that there is even a small Slavonic minority in Eastern Germany that has not been assimilated from a much larger population in the past as the Slavonic names of many towns and places around Berlin suggest. These Slavonic countries have a greater population and are currently more dynamic than that of sclerotic Western Euroland.

However, all these arguments are based on 3D considerations which as we all know are utter illusion as the Elohim and Master Kuthumi reaffirm one more time in their message below. But it is remarkable that as soon as I start thinking in one particular direction without any apparent external reason, very soon, or sometimes much later because of the inertia of the old 3D holographic model, these ideas manifest in the minds of the masses and become consensual reality. This is how we create as Elohim in human gestalt. For instance, I have been intensively envisioning the collapse of the Iron Curtain and the separation of the world into two ideologically antagonistic camps during the Cold War since the early 70’s and it took almost two decades before this happened exactly as I envisioned it in 1989 against all the ridicule and dismay from all the other people who considered me an unrealistic dreamer, but then never bothered to question their false beliefs when the political reality I predicted arrived and continued with their rejection, this time, of my scientific and spiritual ideas.

The story repeats again and again. For 20 years, since I developed and published the new theory of the Universal Law in 1997, I am envisioning a new world where this theory is fully accepted and has transformed radically the current conflicting and illusory world views of the agnostic masses into a truthful, holistic, transcendental Weltanschauung that is the gateway to a new transgalactic human civilisation. Now we have reached the tipping point when this vision is becoming true and this is essentially the message of the Elohim and Master Kuthumi, who represents illumination, transcendental knowledge and clarity of mind. After all we create our reality now more than ever and the time-lag between an idea and its manifestation is getting shorter and shorter every day, until it reaches simultaneity and we move intrinsically and in an almost unnoticeable manner into the 5D and higher dimensions.

Essentially the message confirms that the new city of light New Raetia is gaining momentum and the power of the soul essence that is invested in it by light workers in Central Europe is overwhelming and has almost caused a kind of a tilt of the spiritual axis on the new original world in favour of the Old Continent. While there are only a few enlightened and powerful light warriors in North and South America who build the energetic structure of the other two major cities of light – New Lemuria here in Vancouver for the West Coast and over the Andes in South America  – as reported last year, the numerous old and ripe souls in Central Europe are in their starting blocks and can barely wait to begin with their true mission in the light city of New Raetia from where also the new theory of the Universal Law will spread.

In this sense, this message is an actual report on the state-of-the-art of our daily light work of cleansing and transforming this waning 3D holographic reality into the expanded, actually unlimited, new original 5D world that shimmers through the dissipating veil of forgetfulness. Anyway we feel this new original world now very strongly and we already live in it. And so should you. And here is my email exchange with Brigitte which became the foundation for the message given to us by the Elohim and Master Kuthumi yesterday:

“Hi Carla and George,

isn’t this interesting again: Some people in Switzerland / Lake Constance started creating a network of lightcenters !

They assume that the 3 countries D / A  / CH will be the spiritual center of the new Earth and connect all other related places around the globe. One of the founder-ladies named her own center / home “house of the violet flame” even …

Wishing you blessed times,



My answer is in German (see English translation below) so that Brigitte can use it in her communication with these German-speaking light workers who are now helping us establish the city of light New Raetia over the Alps. Most of them probably do not know that we are working on this project for more than two decades. Now is the time to connect the dots and establish the new light grid at the human level.