Christina Fisher – Bringing Ourselves to Full Consciousness



My divine self is awakened. I realize there is more to life than the outward focus. My wise innate self guides me through this passage. My trusted self that told me many times which turn to take, place to travel, and who to meet upon arrival. I know my preeminent instinctual self holds my absolute highest interest.

 You are in-fact, the one you have been searching for. Dance yourself through the doorway. You are to discover the place of your becoming.


Awaiting me is my true purpose. My reason for being is to awaken my inner light, discover my divine purpose, and to serve my soul. Through this awareness and alignment I am fully prepared to embrace and behold my unique plan.

You are an embodiment of Divine Light. Explore the doorway, step over the threshold, and behold your true unlimited self.


Light touches me. I know this in my heart of hearts. This is who I truly am. This is a high truth. I am a divine embodiment of light. It is all perfect grace.

I embody the qualities of purity, devotion and love.

You are a clear reflection of my heart. The light within you is found within the heart of All That Is.



I know love is absolute and overrides everything. Love is the salvation and saving grace of humanity. It is the balm for my soul. I breathe into my heart. I breathe in light and the alluring beauty of love. I open the sacred centers within my being. I am embraced by the enduring sustenance of love.

You are a formless being of light imbued with divine love. Clarity and purity is found in your heart, pour out love.


I manage my assets as my indispensable gifts. I portray to my self and others my finest qualities magnified to the tenth power. I live my existence from my highest aspect. My attributes actuate through the gentility of my essential self. My divine aspects are pertinent to the quality of my existence. I focus outward all I have gleaned from within.

Be certain to shine a light for others on your way to your liberation. May your light serve to assist others as they too embark on their glorious journey.

Inner Voice

I omit the thoughts that rattle loose inside my mind. I listen and trust my true voice. In shifting my awareness to my true aspect I leave the unwanted thoughts behind. I undo the tether and let them fly away. I merge into pristine clarity. I experience myself in the light of who I am. As I listen to my highest thoughts I transmute every false idea I have created about my self.

As you dissolve the layers of your perceived shortcomings you recognize the patterns of your past here to bring you to full consciousness. What a perfect plan this is.

 Call to Unison, A Calling Inward to the Heart. Christina Fisher, 2014

Christina Fisher – Perspective of Our Third Eye Heart – Golden Heart Academy


Christina Fisher,

The perceptual heart is the all-seeing heart. As we view life through this lens we begin to understand it is safe to see the world via the eyes of truth. Our perception ennobles our understanding of truth. We realize we have walked through a looking-glass from another world where we never felt quite safe. And now, our all-seeing eye that lives inside our heart opens to a panoramic vista of a new world rising. A world that denotes the truth of our destiny. We begin living in a lucid reality void of the emotional fatigue of frustration and lower intent.

Our third-eye-heart perception is 20/20 and without distorted viewing we see our world as it is. Using our third-eye-heart we observe. Offered this new perspective we accept the new vision. We dream a new world into being. This is how it always is. We create the world out of the pile of dust leaving behind the old for the spectacular new.

We have erased our old patterns by both recognizing and responding to a world fading out. Always at the end of time we see the illusion and begin again.  Our heart-mind opens, managing the effect of a new timeline where feeling safe and seeing truth is a given. Unconditionality, compassion and coherence are the bricks and mortar of a new world rising. A spontaneous remembrance provides a monumental transfusion of clear insight. We finally see who and where we are meant to be.

We are perfectly guided as we have memory of walking this way before. Powerfully magnetized to our new world rising we celebrate a new vision as we wade through a lake of opportunities. Garnering our gifts and abilities we turn to the ones who know us. We merge with our group and acknowledge our similarities. Triggered by visual language we see with our new single-eye heart, we are living in a reality that is contrasting but not unfamiliar. Each night in dreamtime, we leave our earthly plane taking flight, hovering above the limitations of a fixed reality. We ascended beyond the realm of what was known. We traveled through matter, anti-matter and through wormholes inside our cosmic matrix.

Our once narrow perspective turns into a vast panorama of boundless options for our choosing. We have not only reclaimed our right to inhabit our new world rising, we mastered our abilities to get there as we knew we would. We leap into a non-linear world waiting to receive us. This appears as a harmonic convergence point, surreal at first, via our imagined mind we not only envisioned this new world we dreamed it into reality.

Engaging with a reality promised to us long ago, we make our way through a sphere of influences anticipating a perpetual atmosphere of bounty. Our frequency is attuned to this new setting enhancing our ability to thrive. We have been redirected away from limits and diverted from basic survival surroundings. No longer forced into a corner of a world coming apart, we trust.

 We are home free.

Coming Home Embracing Our New World Rising, Christina Fisher 2014

Christina Fisher – A Fire in the Madhouse at the End of Time – 5-3-14


Christina Fisher May 3, 2014

“This is what it’s like when a species prepares to depart for the stars. You don’t depart for the stars under calm and orderly conditions; it’s a fire in a madhouse, and that’s what we have, the fire in the madhouse at the end of time. This is what it’s like when a species prepares to move on to the next dimension. The entire destiny of all life on the planet is tied up in this; we are not acting for ourselves, or from ourselves; we happen to be the point species on a transformation that will affect every living organism on this planet at its conclusion.” Terrence McKenna


We are the point species. We are the point people. I am a point person and you are a point person. Well how does this look in one’s daily life? Are we managing ourselves in a way that says, we are being all we can be so we may be a part of a positive shift not only in our sphere of existence, but all spheres of existence?


How are we handling ourselves in the midst of the madhouse? First, we observe our individual demeanor, secondly, our greater expanded demeanor, and then our non-local demeanor. What are we offering both ourselves and others? Who and what are we being? How are we using our sphere of influence as a point person?


As we see ourselves in our individual role, we have the capacity to witness ourselves in our daily realm and how we interact with those in our immediate vicinity. When we are engaged with our expanded demeanor, we find our wholeness and are content. As we divide ourselves into a tri-configuration we observe and blend all points of ourselves. We have a local and personal self, and expanded and non-local self. We exist primarily both here and there. We live on earth in a fourth density space in a local time and travel between the two places. We do this in waking day-time and sleeping night-time.


We exist in unity time. We are moving toward unity no-time. That is, as we take ourselves to the very edge of time we experience ourselves in our true destiny reality. A reality set forth before we could even imagine, comprehend or ponder such a reality. We are a very, very ancient species. We are from the stars and are returning to the stars.


In a while, we will be actually be where we come from. Until then this is where we are and where we are is what we are. We are ever-expanding and finding ourselves caught in two defined locations. We are The Creator expressing itself infinitely. With this infinity principle we are in the throes of all that is going on. While we are aware of this, we are either in love with our lives or finding our lives unbearable at the same time. How can this be? Two joint realities. One in time and one outside of time?


It is our mind that keeps us inside of time. We truly are in unity time finding our way, seeing what we are being moment to moment. As a point person, we are the ones who are the first responders as well. We are the stand up people, the ones who said we would do exactly this right here, right now. At times we may say, what are we doing here? (especially if you might live on a small island in one of the most remote island chains). Why exactly right here with all of this going on?  The subject of the why does not matter, what matters is what you are doing while you are here.


The entire destiny of all life on the planet is tied up in this; we are not acting for ourselves, or from ourselves-McKenna


What we are matters. What we do matters. What we say matters. And what we don’t do matters. When we know in every ounce of our being that we matter, it affects the whole. As we find that still place where we truly exist we are more able to perform as the point person.


As we know this and become this, it assures us that we are right in the midst of the fire in the madhouse and we are doing really, really well. After all we have everything we need to take ourselves to the very edge. As long as we are awake and aware, we are assured a place among our family, our cohorts, our tribe and our soul citizen group.


We have never been alone here, not even for a moment. You know when you used to take paper and scissors and do those people cut-outs that folded out and were all connected?  This is how it is. We are the point species that is all linked together. Moving towards the end of time, we see we are not alone, not separate, but held as one group doing our piece.


If you ever get too tossed about in the madhouse during this huge transformation we are in, hold the thought of Proximity. This is your natural GPS system. Locate yourselves by pausing to recognize, what you are, who you are, why you are and where you are. You are the point person. What are your coordinates, your longitude and latitude? In doing so you will find yourselves calmly in the center of the madhouse with a huge smile and calm demeanor.


Many blessings will be along your journey and there will be many hands to hold along the way as well.


Christina   –   We Are Awakening One Strand at a Time,


Christina Fisher May 3, 2014