You Can Heal Yourself Using The Chi Energy of Trees – According to Taoist Masters – by Humans Are Free – 12-24-17

Trees are very powerful according to Taoist masters. Aside from absorbing carbon dioxide and turning it into oxygen, trees also have the ability to absorb negative energy and transform it into positive.
The roots of trees dig deep into Earth, the deeper their roots, the higher they rise to the skies. They absorb the energy of the Earth as well as the universal force of the sky.

Trees are considered the most spiritually advanced plant on Earth because of their constant meditation with subtle energy.

You can establish a relationship with trees so long as you understand their language. And they can help you open up your energy channels to cultivate calm, presence and vitality.






10 Ways to increase Chi Flow through our Solar Plexus – by Awakening 5D Healing – 10-20-17

Many people have talked recently of a sense of waiting, of anticipation. A buzz of excitement running through an otherwise bewildering world. This buzz can be felt in our core, our gut, our solar plexus. The sun is intrinsically linked to our solar plexus. Both exhibit golden light, both hold strength and power and both are instrumental in the life force of our planet and our mind body soul systems.

Photon blasts from the sun trigger solar plexus activation. This is about ours and Gaia’s sovereignty, strength, balance and free will. This is us powering up for the next phase of our evolution, full disclosure. Disclosure of alien contact, technology, ritualized depravity and mass mind control programming. These secrets are being bathed in light, no place to hide. The resultant requirement will be for humanity to rebuild and redesign our way of life. Our core is being zapped into life, as is Gaia’s to power us up for this transformation. Our planet’s solar plexus is at Uluru in Australia. Bathed in heat, solar rays and isolated from matrix pollution, Uluru is the power house of Gaia. Steeped in ancient legends of the indigenous Aboriginal people, it is mysterious, magical, ancient and powerful.

Photon blasts from the sun propel higher frequencies to wash over and through us and Gaia. The sun is one of the gear sticks of this accelerated evolution. It is life giving force in our galaxy. Worshipped, idolised, profoundly potent to our existence. As each new wave of photonic higher frequencies triggers our solar plexus, activation is occurring. Butterflies, tingles, sensitivity and knots of anxiety or excitement can be felt as the solar plexus clears. We can feel antsy, unsettled, contrary, irritable and tearful as the chakra is cleared. Karmic purge of our core is a step towards sovereignty, towards ownership of our mind body soul systems, taking back our free will.

Our balance, our connectedness as energetic beings flows through our solar plexus, if we have blocks we can feel dissociated from our realities. Our upper chakras are disconnected from the lower chakras. This can have one of two effects. We can be too grounded, deeply entrenched in matrix algorithms of control with our mind locked down. Or not grounded at all, floating off to hyper space, or down deep, dark rabbit holes of past trauma in our heads, we struggle with day to day routines. We can be passive or active players in our own evolution. To actively participate is to make changes, it is to expand our consciousness. To embrace intergalactic communities, cosmic politics and super advanced technology. It is to wake up to a convoluted multi verse of oneness and light and accept this with no fear. We can make this happen.

10 ways we can unblock the solar plexus enabling free flow of chi energy between our upper and lower chakras.

1. Deepen our breathing, throat chest stomach, to reenergise our core with chi flow.

2. Drink lots of water, with lime juice for alkalinity (squeeze some into cold water), to flush toxins through our bodies.

3. Slow yoga like kundilini or asana and energetic movement practices like xi gong stretch our bodies, opening the flow of energy through our core.

4. Meditate for guidance on what may be causing blocks.

5. Using talk therapy and alternative healing therapies like sound, massage, reiki or acupuncture to realign flow.

6. Using prayer, chanting or meditation to reach out to our higher self, guides, ascended beings to ask for protection from lower frequencies.

7. Making self care a priority, resting, eating regularly, healthy portions of food so as not to clog our systems.

8. Immersing ourselves in nature to reset our vibratory field.

9. Practising mindfulness, underpinned by gratitude, and consciously embedding it into our lives.

10. Using mantras as tools to cultivate self confidence, inner stillness, outer peace and a calm approach to life.

Cosmic waves triggering accelerated upgrades can be seen and felt in the atmosphere around us. Like antennae we can tune ourselves into the energetic frequencies around us and get readings. This also helps us hear our instincts, our intuition, our higher self and soul tribe. Be active in this process, open your mind, meditate often, treat your body with respect and love. Solar and celestial events mark these cosmic times beautiful people. Breathe in love. Stay grounded and protected. In love and light.

Mantra: I breathe into my solar plexus releasing blocks (three breaths, throat, chest, stomach).

I connect to universal love light drawing it through my crown chakra into my solar plexus strengthening, balancing and clearing.

I am safe, I am grateful, I am loved. Namaste.

Gathering Energy and Feeling Chi Flow



Lisa Gawles – The Breath of Life – Creator Energy

breath of life

The Breath of Life – Creator Energy

t really is amazing how exciting this game is getting when you get over yourself (speaking souly of myself here.)  I am really starting to understand the greater importance to Being the Living Meditation, it really is so much more than I ever thought it was, thanks to my inability to talk beyond a whisper.  To see and hear beyond our old programming.

Pay close attention to where the brunt of this energy is coming into you, it is giving you much information about your role in the upcoming days, weeks and even years.  If we can look at these biology inconveniences as incoming presents from your soul, it is equally important to unwrap the present, understand it and how to use it.

With every connection I had yesterday, I became very aware of my lungs, the energy in my lungs and where I am “pulling” from to form words.  I have never had to take so much concentrated effort before to actually talk, to use my own breath to turn the images I see into verbal energy.  I became acutely aware of it all thru all four connections yesterday.  I also became aware of how the images on the field affect my own energy body as well as how your voice, the energy within your voice affects me.  It was an extraordinary day!!!

Nothing is ever a one way street, you really have to listen close to hear me.  In readings, I am barely one octave above a silent whisper.  When my landlady came to give me the mail yesterday, I was shocked to hear my voice when I talked her, still raspy and low, but very very different from in the 3 readings just before and even the one just after.

Even as I try to sort everything out to create this sharing, I can hear my team saying: A spiritual scientist must know what they are using before they can fully create.”  I guess that kinda makes sense.  Sounds like flipping more homework to me! lol

Let me tell you what I did notice and am beginning to understand about our lungs, since everyone one of you has them too (Smile.)  At the very very bottom of each lobe, maybe 2-3 inches deep are where the Adamantine Particles are.  Again, here is Ronna Hermans explanation (via AA Michael) explanation on these particles: …the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light.  The magnitude and power of these Divine Particles increase with each higher level of consciousness you attain. The empowering Breath of Infinity opens the pathways that lead to the multidimensional levels of Creator consciousness. Your inner perspective will automatically broaden as you gradually change your way/mode of thinking and perceiving.

These particles, very like stem cells in the body, engage when purposely in alignment with the soul of another.  For me, that translates to readings.  We are purposely aligned for a higher purpose and our entire conversation reflects that.  Because of whatever is happening within my larynx, I have to take deeper breathes to make myself audible and of course, the intensity of excitement by seeing what is being revealed thru you and the field, creates a frequency rise and I have to pull from deeper in my lungs.  Just above the very bottom of the lobes, little stings of color were floating about, which I now realize is what creates the ongoing visuals.  These floating strings of color are excited and change form as we talk together.

They are at rest when we are just causally in our day.  Main example: when my landlady came to give me the mail.  I was audible and didn’t have to pull my breath so purposely to talk.

Beyond seeing my own lungs and what is happening in their to produce what was is happening out there in the field (that alone is a statement and a half to take into yourself) I also became acutely aware of how your energy, how our conversation emerge as energy to surround me and flow into me.  Most of it was like an excited bubble around me and then seeped in as the day went on.  talk about taking you in!!

One of the most amazing and telling examples of how your energy affects, or doesn’t affect another came thru a reading yesterday and she showed up with her partner.  He was in deep silhouette body, she was like a brilliant mosaic of stained glass that light was shining thru, they were holding hands as he willingly left his west field and walked forward into her cathedral of creation.  I became so very aware that I could feel her energy bubble on my left side (as her body image was aligned in her field on the left side) and his, nothing at all.  Not even a little ping.  He is still very much aligned with the old world thoughts and energies and I found it wonderful and amazing that I could feel nothing at all from him.

Her task, per the soul agreement they have, is to rattle his energy system, start helping him see the bigger part of himSelf.  Her team said, in the coming weeks, he is either gonna crack open or melt down, or find it all to unbearable and just leave.  But I am not leaning towards the leaving because we got a glimpse of October!!  Holy shit…. October!!!

October opened up as the potential timeline when he pays back the hard work she is enduring with his accelerated enlightenment.

As I step back and really look at the energy frequency called October, I think we are in for one hellofa wild, intense ride getting to there.  That cathedral of creation has really condensed itself even more.  Instead of being a dome of about 20 feet tall (again, going to my scale of vision) it is barely 5 feet tall.  That is some serious concentrated magnetic energy.  Not to mention it was a very deep, textured gold with the webbing itself reflecting black, unseen potential in the web of creation.

Because of the color frequency, October has got to be the bookend to February.  February became a textured orange color.  The tangible (texture) embodiment (us) in the new Living Womb of creation, Eden/Shambhala.

What I find simply amazing, the other day as i was rescheduling someone, I asked her what day in October works best for her.  I didn’t even realize I said it until I heard her gasp “October??”  What the hell was I thinking??  lol  Well, now I kinda know!!

I also find it really interesting that my first three ladies all showed up with their man in their reading right from the get go.  That never happens!!  Well, not until now.  But then again, everything has changed and now the higher focus is on partnerships.  The work that needs to be done and the dance there is to have.  How exciting…  Jorge…. where are you???????  lol

My grand finale of the day, a beautiful virgin man upon my field and my heart.  What really took me by surprise, contrasting the first three lovely ladies who all came out of their west area moving towards future center, he started out on the east field.  Equally, unlike my ladies, he did not have biology in his reading at all, he was a tri-braided rope made of pastel energy colors.  Beautiful, but bizarre!  lol  I realized he was the rope coming in from his future, the trinity that he is, braided together to create his strength.  I watched as this thick rope weaved itself in and out of the ground as it moved toward his center.  The only thing I could feel for sure was incoming energies his future and multidimensional selfs taking form.  Embedding his wisdom into the ground itself.

Then he told me his back story, he is completely color blind and see’s in black and white, and is close to blind as well.  He has also been passionately on his spiritual path for some time.  As he was telling me this, his rope started to change form, ever so slightly… a serpent, not yet in form… but getting there.

This man was the most amazing divine mirror for me this day.  He looks at what he cannot do (see in color or past his nose) as a shortcoming instead of making sure he came into life differently and developed differently, even within his spiritual skills.  This morning I googled how snakes see:

Snakes do not see colors, but their eyes are equipped with a combination of light receptors: rods that provide low-light but fuzzy vision, and cones that produce clear images. The complexity of the eyes varies among species because of their different lifestyles. For instance, snakes that live primarily underground have smaller eyes that only process light and dark, but snakes that live above ground and hunt by sight have crystal-clear vision and good depth perception. Some species, specifically boas and pythons, have a second visual tool: Pit organs on their heads see heat sources in their surroundings like infrared goggles – an effective ability for nocturnal hunters of warm-blooded animals.

He truly is the embodiment of the snake, of the serpent, which also gives way to the vital life force itself, which is why I seen him weaving in and out of the new earth.  Setting the stage for him to take his uniqueness and fully develop it…. unlike anyone else to date.  He is well equipped with the infrared goggles and now to really develop that.

Each of you are equally bringing in something so unique to your Soul, dig in and develop it, expand it… please!!

As I was sharing back with him what I understood, I got that warm fuzzy feeling in my heart that echoed the same feeling with my whispering voice.  My lack of voice actually increased my spectrum of vision and understanding.  We must develop what we have, so we can do all that we came here to do.

We are being expanded in our abilities, in every facet of our spiritual Self and it is up to each of us to tap into that and fully develop it and expand what we have already developed too.

At first we were told to visualize, now it is time to express it into creation!!

The spiritual scientists creating the new world cannot do it half haphazardly.  Pay extra attention to conversations you have, how you feel, the energy moving in and out, this is where creation begins and ends.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with whispers of love to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

Lincoln Gergar – River of Life Flowing Within You – Channel Higher Self

Channel Higher Self·1,700 videos

Within you there is a river of life. The yogis call it the Sushumna or Kundalini channel, modern medical science calls it the spinal nerve and brain. In this Higher Self video you will be taught about this river of spiritual life force energy and conscious intelligence. You will learn where the source of the river is, where the river ends, and about the tidal pools (chakras) within the river of life energy.

For thousands of years, the spiritual traditions around this world have known about the importance and power of the spinal nerve, brain and life force energy. Many cultures of people studied this central pathway of life energy in the human body to understand it and to increase it’s power. In this Higher Self video you are taught a foundation to build upon. You will learn about the qualities of this river of life energy within you, the purpose for it’s existence in your body and how to more deeply explore the untapped possibilities inside of you.

After watching this video, if you wish to learn more about how to work with this river of life energy, visit my website and search the keywords ‘kundalini’ and ‘chakra’.

Satsang with the Self
video series by Channel Higher Self.

The Sacred Body – Kundalini, Subtle bodies, Chi, Yoga, Brain

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Neurotheology 5 – This lecture in neurotheology focuses on spiritual teachings about the body by neuroscientist Todd Murphy. Starting with an hypothesis (only an hypothesis; there is no evidence as yet) about Kundalini and how it projects our states of consciounsess into our bodies, it also looks at the neural basis for Subtle bodies. There is also a brief discussion of Chi and Yoga. This talk is given by Todd Murphy, inventor of the 8 Coil Shakti (similar to the Persinger God Helmet) and the Shiva Neural stimulation system.

What’s Blocking Your Chi Energy?

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The official “Awakening the Lightbody” Series by Bernard Alvarez
In this free series from the Global Illumination Council learn about:
– Awakening the Lightbody
– Grounding Meditation
– Learning to go between the thoughts and contact your Higher Self
– What are energy/chi blockages?
– Identifying energy/chi blockages
– The root cause of these energy/chi blockages
– Removing energy/chi blockages
– Activating the Lightbody
– Expanding the Lightbody to create an healing energy grid around the planet

Shamanism – Healing Traditions of the Andes

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Andean Curandera Doris Rivera Lenz, shows the traditional Andean divinatory methods using eggs.

For an interview with Doris Rivera Lenz,

Yoda – May The Force Be With You

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William Tiller – Chi – How intentions effect the world

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William Tiller is a teacher, researcher, author and consultant, and is currently Professor Emeritus of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University. He previously worked as an advisory physicist at Westinghouse Research Laboratories, and has published 275 scientific papers and three technical books in the field of materials science.

He has carried out experiments with highly trained Tibettan monks, and found that their intentions can ‘condition’ space in a machine on an atomic level (subatomic technically). He is one of the few scientists that is not put off by the scientific communities overwhelmingly negative opinion on these sort of effects.

A knowledge of science and physics is needed to understand what he is saying in its entirety.

Gathering the Chi – Szechuan Summer

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Smoke rises from his fingers as a Chinese health care practitioner gathers the energy or “qi” to help cure a patient. Later he creates heat over dry newspapers which smolder as he concentrates his energy to show how refined chi can be powerful.