Jesus via John Smallman – Do Not Castigate Yourselves for Errors or Missed Opportunities – 4-9-16

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We are all One, there is no separation. So many in the spiritual realms have told you this over and over again, and still you are filled with doubts and skepticism, despite all the evidentiary proof to the contrary. So we just have to keep on telling you this until it finally resonates with you and your doubts and skepticism fall away, as they surely will.

You are loved and cherished beyond your ability to imagine or conceive of, and we want you to know that, so we will continue to bring it to your attention as we wait patiently for you to wake up. Our patience, unlike yours, is endless, there being, in truth, no such thing as time. What is is.

To awaken is your destiny and you cannot avoid it, however you can choose to delay that moment indefinitely. Engaging fully with the illusion by allowing yourselves to be seriously concerned with worldly problems that do not affect you directly is a choice to delay that inevitable awakening. It seems that there is enormous suffering and poverty throughout the world that humanity needs to address and put to rights, and there is, but it needs to be addressed spiritually.

You are all spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. It is a little like going to the movies or to the theatre, you enter into an imaginary place and story for a short period to be aroused, stimulated, and excited. Taking part in political, religious, business, sporting, intellectual, or conflict zone events also arouse, stimulate, and excite you in a similar fashion, although that seems far more real to you. In fact there is very little difference! The illusion is illusory, a dream or a nightmare, depending on the part you choose to play in it, and you make that choice in every moment!

All of you have engaged in personal conflicts of various types – physical fights or sporting activities that you intend to win at all costs, intellectual battles to prove yourselves right and others wrong, political, religious, and philosophical arguments and disagreements; the list of activities in which you are required to take sides is practically endless – and when you win you experience a momentary sense of glory or of a job well done, and when you lose you experience disappointment, maybe extreme disappointment, anger, or depression.

And when you look back on these events, ten or twenty years later, the importance they had for you at the time has faded or totally dissolved. You might even think to yourselves “What on Earth was I thinking, what was all that about?”

However, if you positively establish and maintain yourselves on a path of love, treating all others with respect and compassion, refusing to judge anyone – of course, in certain situations some discernment or discrimination will be called for – and basically intending to operate from your true nature, your eternal and spiritual nature, intending to be loving in every situation, then, when you look back on your lives, you will be aware of a sense of satisfaction, of peace, and of personal growth that has resulted in you gaining some wisdom along with an increasing ability to accept whatever arises.

Living in the moment, as opposed to focusing your attention on the glories or pains of the past or hoped for pleasures and joys or worries and anxieties that lie ahead, is a far more uplifting and satisfying practice.

Remember, before you incarnated as a human you laid out a life path that would constantly present you with the lessons that you had chosen to learn. That path is always there for you, however, due to the intense attraction of the distractions with which the illusion presents you – options to judge, to engage in conflict, or to just follow your moment to moment egoic drives – you frequently take diversions from your path. Sometimes these diversions seem to bring you temporary pleasure and satisfaction, while at others they lead you into what appear to be dead ends or even personal catastrophes. But always what arises is a nudge or opportunity to return to your path.

Obviously the path you chose will not always be a path of sweetness and light, but, if you recognize and learn the lessons presented to you, it will provide you with a sense of its appropriateness, a sense that where you are is where you are meant to be, and that will be immensely satisfying. Generally speaking if you are consistently experiencing pain and suffering you are being guided to change direction. Even if it is not possible for you to change the outer environment or situation in which you find yourselves, you most certainly can change your perception of it. In other words you can call on your spiritual guides for help in understanding the lessons being presented to you, and for assistance in accepting with good grace whatever arises.

Whatever the situations in which you find yourselves embroiled, if you make the choice and the intent to be loving, accepting, and forgiving – of yourselves as well as of others – you will find that your perception does change, enabling you to deal far more positively with what is arising. Truly, to make the most of your experiences as a human on Earth, all you need do is to accept, without judgment, whatever arises, and accept that there is a lesson for you here that you have chosen to receive.

As I keep reiterating, Love is always the answer whatever the issue. If you are unable to feel loving that is a very strong signal that you need to withdraw, to go within and settle into your innermost holy sanctuary – everyone of you has a holy innermost sanctuary – and then ask us, your loving guides and mentors in the spiritual realms, for assistance in finding the peace that resides within you. As that sense of peace begins to pervade your consciousness you can release your hold on whatever is upsetting you such as, judgment, resentment, anger, or blame, all of which prevent you from dealing with the situation that is disturbing you.

Obviously, if it has brought you suffering, the suffering may take time to dissipate, much like grief, which can only be accepted and lived through. You have the saying “This too will pass.” And surely it will. If you can intend to be patient, which is difficult in a world where everything appears to have needed to have been done yesterday, and allow yourselves a few moments, moments in which you take a few very deep breaths, you will experience an easing of the stress that you are undergoing. Then a knowing that you can cope will arise, and options that you had not seen or ignored will present themselves to you.

Be kind, loving, and forgiving to yourselves daily. Do not castigate yourselves for errors or missed opportunities, instead remind yourselves that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, where you have chosen to be, and that your guides are with you in every moment waiting to flood your hearts with Love when you choose to invite them in.

The only reason you feel unloved is because in your fearful unacceptance of the fact that you are a divine being, a beloved child of God, you close your hearts as a defense against suffering and pain. Open your hearts! Love envelops you in every moment waiting for the opportunity to embrace and enfold you when you choose to allow it to do so, instead of focusing on how unfairly you believe that you have been treated. Focusing there is self-defeating when you could instead be enjoying an uplifting and inspiring divine hug!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus: Do Not Castigate Yourselves for Errors or Missed Opportunities. Channelled by John Smallman. April 8, 2016.

Jesus via John Smallman – You are all Powerful Divine Beings who have Momentarily Forgotten Who You Are! –



Jesus  – 

Waiting is a very human experience, it is part of limited consciousness, rather like traveling along a winding roadway.  As you round each bend a new vista presents itself to you, but until you actually round the bend you cannot know what will be revealed.  So you wait, and then your expectations are either delivered, or not.  Many have come to learn to live without optimistic expectations as a result of previous disappointments, and this does have certain benefits and also disadvantages, as you have learnt.  In Reality, in Heaven, there is only now, waiting does not occur.

In the spiritual realms we cannot truly appreciate what waiting is like for humanity, even though we may have had lives as humans, and we are very aware that you cannot truly understand what living in the now, as we do eternally, really means.  You may get brief intuitive moments in which you seem to experience it, and then it is gone, and you wonder what just happened!  So I need to remind you that time is of the illusion, and however real it may seem to you – and we know that it does seem extremely real to the vast majority of humans – it is really quite unreal.  Nevertheless, you are experiencing it constantly, while hoping, intending, and expecting to awaken very soon – but of course, in truth you are already awake!

As is evident from your ongoing experiences you did build an incredibly real seeming environment in which to play your games of separation.  But you will be glad to hear yet again that the time for those games to end is rapidly approaching.  You have made the collective decision to end them, and the process of terminating them is continuing to move ahead unstoppably.  You can see the signs of this as the mainstream media quietly and discreetly publishes brief stories offering further evidence of corruption and deceit in high places, while your alternate news channels give you far more detail as they are not able to be suppressed by the wealthy owners of the corporate news organizations.

Change is occurring far more rapidly than you are aware of, and situations that in the past might well have led to war are not now doing so.  This is because you, the Light bearers, and all those billions on the planet who want peace and abundance for all, are so effectively sharing the Love in which the tsunami has enveloped all on Earth.  You always have the option not to engage with It or share It, but the numbers making that choice are miniscule. 99.999 percent of humanity wants and intends that all on Earth shall live in peace, security, and abundance, and because that is your collective will it will inevitably come to pass.

You can help, you can speed up that process, by being loving in every moment, even when it seems that you are under attack, or when it would seem wiser for you to erect defences against attack.  As we keep stressing, and as we will continue to stress: “Love is the answer to every problem.”  Do not be fearful, do not erect defences; be loving, be accepting, and never attack.  Deep within you do know that this is the only appropriate way to live because you are, every single one of you, divine beings created in Love by God so that you could delight eternally in the joy of being One with Him, and therefore with one another.

The apparent successes of those who fight, compete, cheat, and attack are unreal.  They may seem to do well, but that success is illusory and very temporary, and has enormous karmic repercussions for them.  Instead of judging and condemning them for their unloving behavior, pray for them when you meditate, and send them Love.  Doing so demolishes their dark strength like water wearing away stone as it pours over waterfalls.  You think this is an extremely slow process!  But there is no time!  The whole universe appeared but a moment ago and has already dissolved into the nothingness from which it seemed to appear – you are just clinging to a dream of bodies and suffering and pain. Let them go and awaken.

All the wise ones, the mystics, the gurus who have spent time among you in the illusion offering you guidance and assistance, have always stressed the importance of surrender to and acceptance of whatever occurs in this present now moment.  When you do you find that you have the means to cope with what is occurring, to deal with it, and to continue living, in peace.  When you fight what has happened, judge it, and condemn it, you exhaust yourselves in conflicts that resolve nothing and only lead to further suffering.  But until you try it and find that it does work you will strenuously resist surrender.  So try it, now!

Surrender does not mean that you bow to or even join with the forces of the dark – all unloving thoughts, words, and actions – it means that you maintain your serenity, your calmness, your stability in situations that are challenging and stressful, while intending that Love resolves the problems or issues that are arising.  When you do that you establish a calm inner space into which intuitive and loving guidance can flow to assist you in that particular moment so that peace prevails, and threats of conflict dissolve.

As we in the spiritual realms keep on reminding you – most compassionately and lovingly – you are all, every single one of you, powerful divine beings who have momentarily forgotten who you are.  You are dreaming a dream of separation and abandonment, of fear, pain, suffering, and death.  It is but a frightening dream from which you cannot fail to awaken.  Go within daily, to your quiet inner space where there is always peace and Love to support you, and remind yourselves yet again that you intend for humanity to awaken.  That is your ongoing task and you are carrying it out quite spectacularly, so instead of embracing worry, impatience, and anxiety, celebrate and rejoice because the dream is coming to an end.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Saul – Channeller John Smallman – You can only be happy if you express your true nature

11/06/2013 by John Smallman

John Smallman Blog

Ascension is the event to focus on, as it is a major part of your awakening process, and you are very close to it.  Yes, you keep hearing that from numerous channels, but it is true, and you are bringing it into being by your collective intent, so do not allow disappointment with the apparent but unreal delays to cloud your vision, instead strengthen your intent and desire for its arrival, and make it happen, as indeed you are doing.  If you could see and feel the Love we have for you your anxieties and doubts would just fall away, so do not forget to ask for a loving hug whenever you go within to listen to us, then relax into it, and you will feel it because you intend to.  So often skepticism and doubt block the sense, the feeling, the knowing awareness that you could be experiencing of our Love for you if you would only open your hearts to receive It and bathe in the soothing balm in which we have enfolded you.

We shall keep reminding you of our Love for you because we wish to make it clear, as we have told you so many times, that Love is the answer to every issue, in every situation, Love is always the answer, period.  There is nothing else.  Love is everything that exists because our divine Source is Love.  True It has many forms but every one of them is unconditionally loving, accepting, compassionate and healing.  All else, all that is not of Love, is illusory, which is why all else continually fails to deliver what you hope for and desire.  To manifest your true wishes and desires be loving, always.  Your true wishes and desires are loving.  Those that are not loving are egoic and self-centered dreams of judgment, condemnation, and punishment, that you would like to impose on those with whom you disagree or whom you find unacceptable, thus destroying them.  Mad fantasies indeed that should make it abundantly clear to you that you are not coming from Love, and consequently you are seeking something that is unreal, unachievable and in every aspect utterly unsatisfying for you.

Love is your nature, your true nature, anything unloving that you attempt to engage with or use for any purpose will always lead to dismay and disappointment because it is unreal.  Anything you seem to achieve through unloving thoughts, words, or activities will turn to ash, to dust, because being unreal those things cannot last, and any satisfaction gained from their acquisition will be short-lived.  Those who live unlovingly are forever seeking new joys, new experiences, new forms of satisfaction or happiness purely because those previously gained have failed to provide lasting satisfaction, have in fact failed to last and have become grave disappointments. Only loving ways bring lasting satisfaction, and if you are honest with yourselves you do know this.

By being loving in every situation in which you engage, mentally, emotionally, or physically you release all that is unreal thus enabling yourselves to see the Source in everyone instead of the damaged egoic aspect that is worn as a mask to hide what is real.  You have done a good job of convincing yourselves that to be loving is dangerous and that doing so makes you dangerously vulnerable.  But you also know from personal experience that when you act or engage from your true nature, lovingly and compassionately, you are instantly rewarded by feelings of satisfaction, contentment, and even joy.  Love’s nature is to give, and not giving is extremely unnatural and leads to an experience of meaninglessness in your existence which you then have to hide from yourselves by denial or some other form of subterfuge because it is such a frightening prospect.

You can only be happy if you express your true nature through loving thoughts, words, and actions, but your egos keep trying to persuade you that to follow that path will lead to betrayal, because being loving lays you open to being taken advantage of and abused, and from that poverty must surely follow in both relationships and material well-being.  And yet, when you let your egos guide you, you find little if any satisfaction because you are always expecting to be betrayed or taken for a fool and must therefore be extremely cautious in all situations.  So by following your egos’ guidance to avoid betrayal you find yourselves expecting and fearing it almost constantly, and taking precautions to avoid being caught out or cheated.  It is a vicious circle, an endless loop of fearful wariness that inhibits love, and it just does not work.

You have to be Love, which is what you are, and offer it constantly.  Waiting to receive It from another does not work because that is in and of itself unloving behavior which always leads to disappointment.  To receive Love offer It, nothing else works, ever.  And deep within yourselves you know this, but the human life experience that you are engaged in so often shows you unreality – anger, resentment, bitterness – your defenses against all that you fear, and which are truly unreal.  You can only come out from under the heavy blanket of fear by loving – others, and yourselves – there is no other way, which is what all the spiritual masters have been demonstrating to you for eons.

God, the Source of all that exists, is the divine field of energy from which and in which all arises, and that is pure unadulterated and infinite unconditional Love.  When, you accept fear (either acknowledged or denied) as part of your lives you are choosing to shut out Love which is who you are, your divine and eternal nature bestowed on you by God at the moment of your creation.  Fear is unreal, a figment of your imaginations, an aspect of the illusion which you have enthusiastically embraced because it seemed thrilling, and that, surely, is insane?  Yet you continue to hold on to it as though it was the only reality, and against which you have to take protective measures.

You are all a part, an individualized aspect of your Source, God, your heavenly Father and divine Mother, because all is oneness.  But you have allowed yourselves to become so beholden to the illusion and all its seemingly mysterious characteristics that it seems you are enslaved by it, trapped within it.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  You chose, every one of you chose to experience the fear and confusion of the illusion for lessons that you wished to learn quickly so that you could move forwards with your spiritual evolution as rapidly as possible.  The downside of those choices was the seeming unshakable reality the illusion seems to present to you once you are within it.  It seems to you that you are weak, defenseless, and insignificant beings in a vast and threatening environment in which you have to protect yourselves from the elements of extreme heat and cold in order to survive. And you are becoming increasingly aware, as your science stretches its vision and its understanding of the universe, of the incredibly narrow band of essential conditions that are required to enable your continuing but uncertain survival as humans in this enormous and inhospitable environment.

You were created in Love, as you know very well, by your loving Source Whose Will for you is eternal joy and happiness.  It is only by denying your awareness of His infinite Love for you that you could continue to convince yourselves that the illusion, with all the pain, suffering, and fear in which it apparently enfolds you, could be real.  Deep within you know it is unreal, but until you make the choice to express and share Love in every moment, and actually do it, you will continue to find the illusion seemingly very real.

As humans embodied on the Earth plane it is very difficult for you to recognize this and live it constantly.  Doubts and skepticism are very powerful aspects of the illusion that hold it together and confirm your fears, and it is those pillars of the illusion that you need to let go of.  That is Faith in God, and the power of the various enticing and threatening aspects of the illusion just dissolve in the face of it.  Go within daily, three or four times if possible, and reconfirm that Faith in God’s Love for you so that the illusion shows itself to you for what it is, an unreal environment in which confusion and chaos hide Reality from you, but only for so long as you choose to accept it as real.

You are all aspects of the Divine, eternally safe and lovingly embraced in the Presence of God.  Open yourselves to the awareness of this and let the illusion collapse, crumble, and dissolve.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Jesus – Channeller John Smallman – Your true nature is Love – Make a point of being Love in every moment


November 3, 2013 by John Smallman

The enthusiasm to awaken and to know God is intensifying daily as more and more of you add your intent to the human collective intent that God be known and honored all across the planet.  You are going to achieve this by living lovingly and compassionately and by cooperating peacefully and harmoniously to change yourselves, thus letting go of any egoic self-serving agendas to which you may have been attached, and by so doing changing the world into a place of holy joy.  This is not a pipe dream, this is an environment that you are working constantly and most effectively to bring into being, and success in your divine venture is inevitable, because it is the divine Will.

What is occurring on your beautiful planet is quite astounding, so stand ready to be amazed when you awaken and discover what you have brought into being.  You are all part of God’s divine creation, and you are, therefore, creating with Him a state of incredible beauty and goodness, the like of which has never before been seen on Earth.  It has been a long time in the planning and a lot longer in the accomplishing as you experience the stages of development from initial design concept to completion in linear time.  In truth, however, the entire creative process from inspired idea to fulfillment and completion has taken but a moment, just as long as it took to imagine and intend that it be so.

As divine beings your ideas or thoughts, when so intended, are created instantly, in the now moment.  That is how creation was designed and it is continually fulfilled by your infinitely wise and loving Father.  However, once you entered your illusory world of extreme limitation this was no longer possible, and because it seems so real to you, you believe that to create anything of value, in fact anything at all, takes a very long time.  And because of the limitations with which you have freely engaged this is what you experience.  This need not be so!  When you awaken these self-imposed limitations will just fall away, leaving you free to create whatever you desire instantly.

Within the illusion the limitations that you imposed on one another, by your collective choice and intent, have enabled pain and suffering on a massive scale to enfold you with apparently no adequate way of relieving it.  It appears to be an endemic and constant companion in your daily lives, whether you are a member of the wealthiest self-serving 1% or one of the rest of humanity.  You are all, by your freewill choices, subject to the limitations of the illusion in the form of illness, violence, pain, suffering, and finally death.  No one escapes, the wealthy just get to experience their suffering in relative comfort!  And that offers them very little actual comfort.

But that is all to end, because its time has passed, and the New Age, which was established very recently, is one of joy, peace, and abundance for all, although you still have linear time to contend with and so its fruits are not yet fully apparent.  A little more patience on your part is still requested, and that is proving very difficult for many of you because your hopes were raised and then seemingly dashed as apparently nothing of note occurred as the New Age birthed late last year.  Of course there has been an enormous energy shift right across the planet, as evidenced by the public and ongoing disclosing of so much of the endemic corruption that has held you in its thrall for so long.  Much has changed it is just that you were expecting change of a different nature – a magic wand sprinkling fairy dust, perhaps? – to see corruption and all its allies defeated and shamed.

Nevertheless, the intense and powerful field of divine Love enveloping the planet and all sentient life thereon is having a truly remarkable effect on all of you and your hopes have become a very strong intent that is bringing in the changes for which you have been hoping and praying.  The old order is collapsing, their power is dissolving, and their selfish and self-serving agendas can no longer be made manifest.  Political organizations everywhere are in severe disarray, and the economic policies that have caused so much damage worldwide over the last several decades can no longer be displayed as magnificent models that have proven to be effective in bringing wealth to many – the much touted theory of “trickle-down economics” has rightly been totally discredited.  The truth of the matter is, as all are now seeing, that those policies never worked as claimed, that they have always been used to enrich the already rich and disenfranchise everyone else, and that can no longer be permitted.

The days of “every man for himself” are long since passed, but the clearing away of the distrust and damage those policies produced does take time, which is why all that you had been hoping for so enthusiastically is taking a little longer than you had imagined to bear fruit.  The fruit is there and it is growing beautifully, so do not despair – that never helps anyone – observe it growing and swelling as it must prior to becoming ripe and abundant as the harvest approaches.  No one will be left out, short changed, or denied their share, for all will partake of this magnificent abundance, and joy will be boundless in the ensuing celebrations.

Keep returning at least daily to your place of inner peace and holy quietness.  When you are settled there reconfirm your intent to be channels of divine Love assisting all to awaken by living, teaching, and demonstrating Love in action.  All in the spiritual realms are with you encouraging and inspiring you to reach out and lovingly embrace all with whom you interact in any way at all.  A physical embrace can often be misunderstood or misinterpreted, but holding the intent to embrace all with Love without engaging in the physical aspect is exceedingly effective, and will most definitely be felt by those at whom it is directed.

But do not let that discourage you from physically embracing those whom you intuitively feel are open to it, remember that seeing loving hugs being exchanged uplifts the onlookers.  After all people go to the movies to enjoy watching demonstrations of love in action, and mostly they feel insufficiently loved in their normal daily lives.  Your true nature is Love, and within the illusion no one gets enough of It, so make a point of being Love in every moment, sharing It, and thereby bring all to their awakening.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Saul – Channeller John Smallman – Your Collective Intent is the Determining Factor – 11-1-13

John smallman Blog   /   11-1-13

Here in the spiritual realms we are watching with joy as humanity’s progress towards the moment of awakening becomes ever more powerfully focused.  We have told you many times that it is a done deal, which indeed it is, but your collective intent is the determining factor, the force driving you forwards and homewards so purposefully.  It has always been your collective intent to awaken, ever since the moment of apparent separation, but of course the distractions and enticements of the illusion that you had conceived and built were quite fascinating, and for all practical purposes you had forgotten that ineradicable intent and became lost and distracted in the vast maze that is the illusion.

Many have come among you over the eons to remind you and show you the way home, and finally their loving and persistent efforts are coming to fruition as ever more of you open to the realization that you are indeed eternally alive spiritual beings undergoing learning experiences, requiring physical bodies, that will lead you out of the illusion and home to Reality.  The way ahead is clear, there are no obstructions or obstacles that entail any more diversions or detours, just hold the intent to awaken, for yourselves and for all of humanity, and reconfirm it at least once daily, and preferably many times because your task is to wake up and remember with wonder who and where you truly are.

You have a saying: “Home is where the heart is,” which basically means that home, where you all perpetually desire to be, is a state of knowing that you are always and unconditionally loved, and where you want for nothing; but within the illusion that is an almost impossible state to attain.  Yes, some of you have wonderful relationships, when judged by your human standards, but even then you know that however good it is something is still not right, something is missing.  You are always on the lookout for something more, and that of course is your divine and eternal connection to God.

That connection has never been broken and never can be, but your awareness of it, your knowing it is lost temporarily, and you yearn for it – which is why, as a human, you can never find true satisfaction – because deep within you know that that is what is missing in your lives, and there is absolutely nothing that can replace it.  A few do become aware of this and turn to God full time for the Love that they know is their due, and in doing so they fall fully and finally in love with God.  But only a very few have sufficient dedication and persistence to come to know Him and dwell in His Presence during a human lifetime.

Now, with the intensifying field of divine Love bathing and embracing the planet and all sentient life forms, an awareness of this is growing throughout humanity, that you are indeed spiritual beings.  Many are finding this hard to accept.  Nevertheless, their awareness is strengthening despite their doubts and skepticism, and resistance is futile.  You are beings of Love, eternally connected to your divine Source, and denial of the reality of that divine Truth can no longer be maintained.  And for many that is very unsettling.

Having bought into the apparent reality of unreality it can cause considerable emotional distress to acknowledge that you had made an error, and that the environment of pain and suffering that seems to envelop you is a figment of your collective intent.  You focus intently on your ingrained beliefs to convince yourselves that you are right, that the world around you is most definitely real – after all you experience it directly with all your physical senses, so it must be real, right?  And in that rightness is your unhappiness and dissatisfaction firmly maintained.

So often you are in places or situations where it seems you cannot safely be yourselves, and so you have all donned disguises that you have become so accustomed to wearing that you believe they really are you.  Then something unexpected happens and you find the disguise cannot cope with it and an aspect of yourself you had forgotten you had breaks into your awareness.  It can be a sense of great strength and ability to cope, or a terrifying breakdown into emotional collapse.  Either way it is shocking for you.  Rest assured that when something like that happens to you it most certainly is not an accident but a wakeup call, a learning opportunity that you had built into your life path to assist you on your way to awakening.

You can still deny its meaning and refuse to become aware of the lesson with which it has presented you, but even so it will have such an enormous impact on your life perspective that you will eventually have no option but to acknowledge it, leading you to make necessary alterations in your attitudes and behaviors.  It is a little like finally admitting to alcoholism or drug addiction and agreeing to take part in a twelve step program.  And, as you all know, doing that can be a life saver and a life changer, bringing amazing rewards to those who find the courage to admit that they need help.

You need to keep remembering that a human life on Earth is an ongoing learning experience, an experience you willingly chose to undergo for the essential lessons with which it would present you.  Once you accept that and start to accept what life presents to you with equanimity and patience your stress levels will fall, and you will find yourselves far better able to cope with the unexpected situations or crises that life seems to throw at you.

At first, when a crisis occurs, go immediately into your inner space, give yourself time to unwind a little, to relax a little, and then ask for help from your angels, guides, mentors, saints – whomever you feel most comfortable, or perhaps least uncomfortable calling upon – and you will receive it, instantly.  But be aware that the guidance that is offered so wisely and lovingly may not fit in with your presumed need.  You will need to be prepared and ready to see things differently so that you can understand, appreciate, and then put into effect the assistance on offer.

Learning life’s many lessons is all about surrendering to Love, God, the Source of all that exists.  Love does not judge, blame, condemn, or deceive, It offers a wise and loving embrace that will solve all issues.  Holding out for justice or restitution encourages a state of bitterness and resentment that burns – it is like holding your hand in a flame, the only remedy is to remove it.  When you first feel the pain that another seems to have caused you, possibly with intent, it is difficult to stand back from the situation and maintain an awareness that that other is also in pain, and that the remedy is Love, because part of you wants to hate!  But you know from experience that clinging to a hurt, a mistreatment, a betrayal, or any other form of attack only ensures your own continuing pain.

When in pain, therefore, whatever the reason, go within to ask for help and for a loving embrace.  Open your hearts as you do so to be ready to receive the incredibly powerful loving embrace that will be offered immediately, and let your intuitive knowing that you are indeed doing the right thing in that moment relieve the pain and stress that you are experiencing.  At a deep level of your being you know this is so, because you know that all is Love.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Saul – To Humanity – Be Alert – The Grand Event Is Really Close – Channeller John Smallman – 10-20-13

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John Smallman Blog   /   10-20-13

The excitement continues to mount as does the intensity of humanity’s collective intent to awaken.  The ocean of Love flooding the planet is embracing you all, Everyone is immersed, there are no holdouts or exceptions, and the effects are absolutely amazing.  Yes, a very small minority of hardcore illusionists are still refusing to acknowledge the unreality of the environment that they are attempting to shore up, but their efforts and intentions are futile as the power of humanity’s collective intent strengthens and engages ever more fully with the divine ocean or field of Love in which all are enfolded.  The illusion is disintegrating rapidly, and that small core of refuseniks who are trying to hold on to power and control by supporting and maintaining that unreal and unloving state of affairs will just be gently relocated to an area where they can continue playing their games without in the least way inconveniencing the rest of humanity.  The time for controlling, dominating, and manipulating others is over because the New Age is one in which synergistic and loving cooperation provides a harmonious environment for all to enjoy to the full free from unwarranted authoritarian hindrance or interference of any kind. Your Father created you free, and free you will always remain. Your awakening into the awareness and experience of that your natural state is the event for which you are all enthusiastically waiting. You will not be disappointed!

The message for today is “Be alert.” The grand event is very close, and as it happens the joy that humanity experiences will be wondrous. You have been waiting eons for this great spiritual and evolutionary step forwards and upwards which was planned as soon as the “separation” occurred, and its time is now almost upon you. Time is a difficult concept for you, being part of the illusion and seemingly very real, but in fact there is only “Now.” Now is eternal, everything that happens happens now, there is no other time . . . there is no time!

Nevertheless you are accustomed to your experience of the apparent, constant, and logical unfolding of linear time, and so the event will occur by and by, in time, and when it does, it will of course be Now, and then you will realize that you are, and always have been, eternally present in that state.  Your very limited state of human consciousness has great difficulty with that concept, so, as Light workers and wayshowers inspired and uplifted by the grace of God, just accept, as at the depths of your being you do, that what has been promised is about to occur.

There are extremely few of you, the Light bearers and wayshowers, who do not get some sense of the intense energy of impending change, of essential change, that is enveloping your lovely planet in preparation for your upliftment into a far higher state of awareness, intelligence, and wisdom, which is the next stage in your ongoing and entrancing journey of spiritual evolution.  You were created perfect, and God gave you everything – LOVE!  It is just that in your present state of individual personal limitation you cannot understand what that really means, but you are about to find out.  Oneness knows all that there is to know, and when you open into awareness that you are One with all of God’s divine creation, all knowledge will be instantly available to you.

It will not overwhelm you as does the inundation of information that you are now experiencing on Earth, but it will meld with you instantly as you choose and make the decision to avail of any part of it that appeals to you.  You will all be instant experts (in fact you already are) in any field of knowledge to which you feel drawn.  I want to stress that you will be true experts, unlike so many in your unreal realms who claim to be experts or who are “recognized” as experts, but who most certainly are not and never could be because the limits that you built into the illusion when you constructed it make that an impossibility.  A real wide awake expert knows. Earthbound experts believe, and then when more knowledge is gained, they release those beliefs and embrace new ones.  It is not a wonder that you are all so confused . . . even those who claim not to be.

Many on Earth enjoy puzzles and struggling to solve them.  That is because at a deeper level you know that you know more than you think and you want to come to understand that which appears to be hidden from you – mostly in plain sight!  You are spiritual beings have a physical experience of limitation, and you desire only to move beyond those limits.  That has become a major area of interest, and consequently you see greater and greater numbers of people spending their lives breaking limits in every field of human endeavor.

That is a sign that you are ready to awaken by ascending.  However, many of the older ones among you may find the strain too much for their physical bodies to undertake because they have become so firmly attached to their present state of physicality in which increasing age causes incapacitation to varying degrees, and to raise their energy signature to the next level would just cause their bodies to disintegrate.  To avoid this unpleasantness many will quite suddenly and unexpectedly lay down their bodies and ascend without them.  The fact that they had been hoping for a physical ascension that does not occur will not be a reason for disappointment, because the transfer from physical form to spiritual form will be instant, and delighted amazement will then fill them with wonder and awe.  As you have frequently been told “There will be no disappointments.”

In the moments remaining before your awakening focus on the knowledge that each one of you has at the center or deepest part of yourselves that all is divinely taken care, that all who wish and desire and choose and decide to ascend into fully conscious wakefulness will do so.  The welcome that awaits you is beyond description, there is nothing that could be used in human terms as an analogy to describe what awaits you. Plan for utter joy!

With so very much love, Saul.

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Jesus – Channeller John Smallman – Due to the immense Love-flood enveloping your planet denial is being washed away


October 1, 2013 by John Smallman

The fact that all are one is becoming ever more apparent to humanity.  This is partly due to the positive pronouncements of your mainstream scientists, specifically physicists, who are unable any longer to refute the evidence for this, but mainly due to humanity’s evolving spirituality which is providing the intuitive knowing that this is so.  This is amazing progress in a very short period and you wayshowers and Light-bearers have helped greatly by holding and strengthening your intent for humanity’s awakening.  Your intentions are far more effective than you can possibly imagine, and because of the limitations of consciousness when it is embodied as a human, you get very little sense of this, very little feedback, although the results are now being seen worldwide.

Congratulations are in order for your continuing sterling efforts to awaken humanity. They have not been in vain, despite much of the gloomy international news on conflict and corruption.  On the contrary, humanity’s awakening is a done deal.  It is inevitable as Love extends Its field, sweeping away fear and confusion and encouraging willing cooperation that is leading you forwards towards a world in which enlightened thinking, followed by wise and loving action, creates a harmonious environment in which all your physical needs are provided for abundantly.

Many of you have been hoping and praying for this New Age for most of your lives, in which all of humanity without exception lives in peaceful and loving abundance, and this hoping and praying has clearly defined your intent – which is why and how it has come to fruition.  You are beings of Love who had lost your way in the dark confusion of the illusion, and that dark confusion is now being dissolved by your loving intentions – in other words: “what goes around comes around.”  You are very effectively changing yourselves and the world, so do not buy into the gloom-and-doom scenario presented by much of the media that terrorist activities are making the world ever unsafer.

Very nasty events have been happening over the last ten years or so, with an apparently exponential increase in the last twelve months, but this is mainly due to those who would retain control of your world acting with panic-stricken intensity as they try to persuade you that you need to trust them to protect you from the alarming horrors that they themselves are directing.  It is in fact a last-ditch-stand on their part – which is failing.  They still have a few tricks up their collective sleeves, but for the most part their abilities to cause mayhem have been curtailed, and the peak of their chaos-causing activities has passed.

Continue to do what you do so well: hold the intent constantly for Love to permeate the hearts of all on Earth.  That is the task you incarnated to do.  Know that it is succeeding, and do not let the various disingenuous diversions of violent and hate-filled events distract you from embracing Love and sending It to all who are caught up in these situations – to victims and perpetrators as well as to the collective that is humanity.  Love, as you well know, is the only solution, no matter how serious and irreconcilable the differences separating those in disagreement may be.  For eons, you tried to resolve issues and differences through force, violence, betrayal, and deceit, and you know from bitter experience that it does not work. When the wrong methods have been proven time after time not to work, is it not surely insane to go on resorting to them?

Your task, your only task is to spread Love.  That message has been offered to you constantly throughout the eons of your long history, and finally enough of you have understood this and are making it happen.  It is the glorious path to awakening, and that path is expanding and spreading like a vast flood, immersing all before it, because each one who chooses to accept its embrace is unable to avoid sharing it with all with whom s/he interacts.  Love is gently contagious, overwhelmingly invasive, and there is no antidote, and that one fact alone is a cause for great celebration.

In case you have any doubts, I would most emphatically reassure you that Love – the divine energy of creation, which flows constantly outwards from the Source in infinite profusion to all who open themselves to receive It – embraces you all constantly, every child of God.  There is no one anywhere in the infinite vastness of God’s Presence who is not held in His loving embrace.  Consciousness in all its many forms – individual, family, group, collective, planetary, galactic, multiverse – has only two options: either turn towards it, accept that loving embrace and delight in the warmth, acceptance, and wonder that that entails: or turn away in denial of Reality and pretend that it does not exist.  For eons, many on Earth have been doing the latter, but to deny something does not and cannot make it cease to be.

Due to the immense Love-flood enveloping your planet, that denial is being washed away so that all that remains, all that has ever been, is All That Exists – LOVE!  Your illusion and all the unreality with which it has surrounded itself is disintegrating.  This can be most clearly seen in the ongoing uncovering of the massive scandals of corruption and deceit being constantly engaged in by those who have for eons preemptively reserved to themselves the power and authority to govern the world. Their time is over because illusions have no place in the Presence of God, the eternal home of all who are conscious – the state into which humanity is shortly to awaken.

Your loving brother, Jesus

Jesus – Channeller john Smallman – The results of the collapse of the dark’s nefarious agendas are coming plainly into view


September 17, 2013 by John Smallman

John Smallman Blog

We are watching over you with love and compassion, and we do see the doubts, worries, fears, and suffering that so many of you are undergoing in these final moments of the old ways in which conflict and betrayal are rife.  The divine field of Love is constantly holding you firmly and gently, as you make your way along your homeward paths, to ensure that any stumbles or falls cause you the minimum of suffering.  It is a hard slog, and your patience and fortitude are exemplary as you continue to move forwards with unfailing determination.  Some of you have been tempted to throw in the towel, to give up, but not one of you has done so, even though it might seem that some of you have, for you are far stronger than you are aware of, and we can assure you that not one of you will fail to complete the journey.  You are coming home to Reality, and arrival at that divine Destination is inevitable.

Humanity at large is also making tremendous progress towards awakening, enormously assisted by your loving intent that this be so.  Be aware of the suffering that many are still experiencing.  Intend to send love and compassion to them in every moment, but do not focus your attention there.  Look for and focus your attention on the good news because that uplifts and inspires you, and intend for it to be widely known, widely promulgated, and take joy in it.  Your joy uplifts you, and the energy that flows through you as a result of that joy inspires others.  You are all doing what you incarnated to do, and you are doing it extremely well.  Congratulations are in order!

Much of what is good that is occurring across the world is because you Light-bearers and wayshowers are intending that it happen.  And as it happens, more and more are uplifted and inspired by what they see and hear and they then add their intent to the collective, as you have been doing for so long, to help direct it into new loving attitudes that will strengthen the foundations on which these monumental changes are built and ensure that there is no back-sliding.  Humanity has collectively made the choice to awaken and that decision is known and honored throughout the spiritual realms, and a choral symphony of incredible beauty is playing now throughout creation as a precursory celebration in advance of the grand celebrations which will greet you as you awaken.

To be alive as a human at this point in your spiritual evolution is a privilege and an honor, and enormous numbers of beings, far more than could be accommodated, wished to be present on Earth at this time to assist in and be a part of the changes occurring.  You were all invited to be a part of this grand venture and every one of you chose to accept that invitation.  Nevertheless, for many of you now it is extremely hard to envisage anyone wanting to be on Earth as the present multitudinous, ongoing, chaotic and confusing events and situations – military conflicts, political instabilities, economic turbulence, and religious scandals – continue to bring pain and suffering to so many.  However, most of you also realize that things cannot continue like this for very much longer, and in this you are utterly correct.  And of course you also knew this when you accepted your invitations to be present on Earth and assist with the awakening of humanity.

The balance between Light and dark, which seems from your perspective to have been weighted most heavily in favor of the latter for eons, is finished.  The Light has prevailed; no other possibility ever existed, and the results of the collapse of the dark’s many nefarious agendas are coming plainly into view.  The brilliant Light of God’s Love for all of His divine creation is rapidly dispersing the dark, and only a very few remote enclaves remain, in which those who choose to block out Love can continue to embrace darkness.

And as the Light on Earth continues to intensify due to the strengthening collective intent that It do so, the few last remaining members of old-established organizations that have for so long cherished the dark and the apparent power it gave them will shortly have to choose either to embrace the Light, as most will, or they will move on to environments in which they can continue to play their unhappy games for as long as they choose to do so.  But even they will eventually turn around and embrace the Light, because it is impossible to deny one’s nature permanently, and all that exist are by their very nature beings of Light.  There is only Light, and darkness is merely illusory – a nothingness that is unreal but seems real when one closes one’s eye to the Light.  But all will open their eyes because the Light shining upon them is far too bright to resist.

Your loving brother, Jesus

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Jesus Through John Smallman – Everyone you chose to meet on your lifepath will appear at exactly the right moment

September 2, 2013 by John Smallman

Ascended Master Jesus


John Smallman Blog

Much attention is being focused on the troubling situation in the Middle East, and this is understandable because your compassion flows to those who are suffering there. But do not forget to focus also on being Love in action all day every day, while not judging those whom you think are causing those problems, because in truth they too are suffering and are equally deserving of your love and compassion.  Only a constant flow of Love can resolve that situation, and you who are reading this chose to be incarnate on Earth at this time so that you could send your love to those who are suffering anywhere on Earth due to military conflicts, or for any other reason.

Suffering is an enormously powerful distraction that tends to draw you deeper into the illusion.  It can lead you to forget to make your daily intent to be Love in action, while those involved in conflicts are frequently so distracted by their own suffering and that of loved ones that they find it almost impossible to enter their quiet inner space even for a moment, where they can access the spiritual help they so dearly need.  Your intent to send love to those who are suffering is very effective and does help them to experience brief moments of peace despite the intense distractions of their unhappy environment.

As you know, the divine energy field in which everything has its eternal existence is composed of Love, so that everything that exists is therefore composed of Love. The limitations that are the characteristics of the illusion are the result of attempting to live without Love. . . separated from It.  The power of Love is infinite, and by entering the illusion and attempting to separate yourselves from your divine Source you effectively reduced the power, the life force available to you enormously.  It is as though, using electricity as an analogy, all the immense power flowing out of an earth-based electrical power station was available to you, but you chose to reduce it to the level at which it would barely light a lamp.  That is why it is in your best interests to wake up.  When you do so you will cease to reduce the power level of the Love that flows through you constantly, and without which you would not and could not exist, but will allow It to flow without restriction of any kind, and you will then know yourselves as you truly are: beings of immense influence. . . of immense Light.

Awake and fully conscious, you could not even conceive of the way of life that you are experiencing in the illusion.  It is truly beyond understanding, and yet you cling to it in fear, unable to conceive of life without it, with many believing that life ends permanently with the laying down of their human bodies.  Nothing that God creates dies.  Death is an illusory concept. . . merely a move forwards, a progression to a state of being that is way beyond your present severely limited experience of what life means. It is not to be feared.

The time at which a human lays down her body is not random.  Accidents and illness are experiences on the lifepath that you planned, and everything that happens to you is part of your own personal plan.  That is not apparent to you while embodied, although some of you are rather good at getting an intuitive sense of what your future path entails.  The thing to be aware of is that you are each on the path home to Reality: the state in which Love fills you with the infinite power and joy in which you were created, and of which you are fully and eternally aware.

You are all destined for eternal joy in the eternal Presence of God, the loving Source of all creation, and your homeward paths have been uniquely and individually tailored for you to encounter precisely the experiences and lessons that you chose, before you incarnated, to undergo.  Nothing that happens to you is by chance, although you may well feel that some of your experiences just had to be accidental because you cannot imagine any other cause.  However, once you accept that nothing that happens to you is a chance occurrence it becomes much easier for you to see and learn the lessons with which your lives present you.  And when this happens you will find life flows more easily for you with far less stress.  This is because you have effectively made the choice to accept the situations that arise, instead of fighting against them and blaming others – or God! – for any misfortunes that befall you.

Wherever it is that you are experiencing life on planet Earth, it is where you chose to be for the lessons that you elected to experience and learn.  Where you were born, to whom, and where you live are no more chance occurrences than any other events that “happen” to you.  It is impossible for you to understand these reasons while you remain on Earth as humans, and utterly impossible for you to make sense of another’s lifepath.  You have no need to.

If you meet or become aware of someone whom you could help, then do so; it will be one of your lessons.  But you do not need to go seeking out people to help.  You may certainly choose to do so, but everyone you chose to meet on your human lifepath – for the lessons that you could learn together or teach each other – will appear at exactly the right moment.  Your lifepaths will always unfold just as planned; the fact that they may displease or delight you does not alter that fact.

Pay attention to each moment by living in the now as consistently as you can.  Doing that is the most effective way to follow your paths and learn your lessons with the minimum of discomfort.  When you created your lifepaths you built into them all kinds of allowances to enable you to provide for the myriad choices within each and every situation that comes up.  Think of all the choices you make, moment by moment, choices you could not foresee, and from which you had to therefore provide alternative routes forward.  To proceed most efficaciously, trust the path that opens before you and proceed lovingly and compassionately along it.  It is the most direct way Home.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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Message From Jesus – Channeller John Smallman – Children of God Entitled to Deserve only the Best


June 23, 2013 by John Smallman

Humanity’s journey homeward to God has been long and fraught with confusion as you attempted to discern wisely between conflicting opinions about the best strategy to follow to ensure your arrival at your planned destination.  But you really had very little understanding of what the journey entailed or what the true destination was because of the severe limitations you had imposed on yourselves when you chose to separate from your Father and enter the illusion that you had constructed.  Clear thought, wisdom, and knowledge are not available to you within the illusion because it is but an unreal dreamlike world, a place in which you have hidden from Reality and the infinite abundance of wisdom and knowledge that that offers you.  And of course your return to Reality is guaranteed by God.  You have only to make the collective intent to return, and you will.

Many of you are holding that intent and as a result the divine field of Love is embracing you and drawing you forwards, while the drag on your progress from those who choose not to participate in the journey is diminishing as rapidly as are their numbers.  Love is your natural state – to define or demonstrate all the characteristics that Love employs and exercises constantly is quite impossible – and the choice to enter the illusion, while attempting to leave Love behind, was unnatural.  Nevertheless, you did choose to play a game of separation, powerlessness, and ignorance, thinking that it would demonstrate and provide creative possibilities that were unavailable in Reality.  And you were right. . . and wrong!  Right, because it does seem to have provided you with an unimaginably vast and varied environment in which to play and explore, and wrong, because it is unreal and does not exist even though its apparent reality is very convincing for you.  And while you believe in it your collective energy fields support and maintain it, confirming for you that you are missing something, that you are separated from God, and that you need to return to His Presence to achieve everlasting happiness.

However, as you know, you have never departed from the Presence of God – there is nowhere but His Presence – but the imaginary environment that you conjured up in which to play and experience separation from Him seems very real and has caused you much pain and suffering.  Slowly, over the eons (although in Reality less than a moment has passed!) you have grown tired of the struggle for survival and the accompanying suffering that is inseparable from it.  You have prayed and prayed and prayed beseechingly to God, and finally you are listening to His reply!  And that is the turning point.  Listening to Him – He speaks through your guides, your angels, and your human companions – instead of beseeching and imploring Him is the most effective way to uncover the way Home.  And that is what you are at last doing.

By listening to Him, in whatever form He shows Himself to you, you open your hearts to the Love with which He has surrounded you and become channels through which It flows to wherever He chooses to direct It.  And when you allow Him to direct His Love through you the most marvelous results occur.  Over the last few decades of illusory time, more and more of you have chosen to listen to Him, and all across the world evidence of this is growing exponentially.

You, all of humanity, are the beloved children of God, and your choice to listen to Him has filled Him with joy.  He loves you, He cares for you, and He wants only your eternal happiness, and you have been refusing it, blocking it out, like teenagers who know everything – until they discover that they do not!  You have come to realize that Love works, that It is the only thing that works because It is the only thing.  All that you have to do is to allow It, and as you do, humanity’s intent to awaken intensifies.  That intent is now very intense!  It will not be overridden by any contrary intents that some – trying to hold on to the illusion and the seeming power that it gives them – are still holding.

You cannot avoid waking up into the Presence of your Father, because to be awake is to be in His Presence.  And even in the illusion you are aware that you cannot stay asleep indefinitely – even in drug- or alcohol-induced sleep! Eventually you wake up and have to experience life.  Once you begin to really experience the illusion that you constructed, as you have started to do, it becomes impossible for you to ignore, disregard, or deny its utter inadequacy as a home for the children of God.

The only Home for the children of God is to be in His loving Presence.  First of all there is nowhere else, and secondly, even if it were possible for there to be an alternative home of any kind it could not be in any way near good enough for the children of God, who are entitled to and deserve only the best.  And only God can offer the best of everything!  He is offering you the best of everything in every moment – you do really know that – and so it is inevitable that you awaken into the eternal joy of his loving Presence.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Message From Saul – Channeler John Smallman – Guilt – ridden Beliefs

John Smallman

06/23/2013 by John Smallman

Humanity’s forthcoming awakening can be likened to an enormous wave cresting and breaking – a tremendous power (the ocean of Love) peaking and then spreading out in all directions encompassing all, and leaving no one feeling unloved, unaffected, or unchanged.  It will be a moment of unimaginable exhilaration as awareness dawns, through the directly felt experience, of being infinitely and eternally loved by God, our Father, and of the impossibility of being anything less than a perfect child of God, an essential and inseparable part or aspect of God in Whom the whole of creation has its eternal existence.  All sense of a separate form of individuality that is not one with God will be gone, and all the fear, the anxiety, and any sense of not being good enough or deserving enough will also be gone as you fully grasp and see, seemingly for the very first time, the wonder and the magnificence of the being that God created as You!

Let go of your fears and allow Love to fill you to overflowing.  It surrounds you in every moment just waiting for you to accept It and invite It in.  You are not, and never can be, alone, lost, or abandoned because you exist permanently within the field of God’s unfailing and eternal Love.  Within the illusion it is extremely difficult for you to maintain your belief in that unalterable truth for more than a moment or two at a time before all your doubts and fears come rolling in, wrapped in a cloak of skepticism as you once more begin to doubt the existence of God.  You have done a very good job of hiding Reality from your view, and you have great difficulty in acknowledging and believing in what you cannot see. That is all to change because the power of God’s Love for you is insisting that you open your eyes to the brilliant Light in which It is bathing you, and thus awaken.  You will be unable to resist Its loving calls to you for very much longer because It is everything that your hearts desire.

To live consciously in the Presence of God is all that a heart desires, but the illusion that you built, because of its less-than-totally friendly nature, has encouraged you to see yourselves as small, insignificant beings with a very limited life span adrift in a vast and dangerous universe – a universe that could bring catastrophic disaster on you at any moment, snuffing out your lives for ever. Consequently, apprehension and fear provide a background sense of insecurity which you attempted to alleviate in eras past by inventing powerful gods (super-human-type heroes) to whom you paid obeisance and offered sacrifices.  In recent times you have studied science and attempted to come to terms with and take precautions against any physical harm that the Earth environment might deliver.  Whenever your scientific knowledge provides a means of combating one threat, a new one seems instantly to replace it.  And you have earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, hurricanes, forest fires, and a multitude of illnesses and accidents which keep that background sense of insecurity justifiably alive and well.

The divine Flame of Love burning eternally within each one of you has kept you from accepting and maintaining a sense of utter hopelessness as you observe the seemingly impossible odds against humanity’s continuing survival on Earth.  It is an inextinguishable spark of hope placed within you for your safety and protection so that you could not fall into a sleep of despair from which you might refuse to awaken.  While you have hope, you continue to seek out resolutions to humanity’s problems and therefore you keep your minds open enough to let the divine Love field flow through you, keeping your own personal Flame constantly burning.  Falling in love even for a very short time stimulates It, reminding you that there must be much more to life than the constant and unending struggle just to stay alive.  You seek meaning of a spiritual nature, and It burns brighter. You have discovered that there is a meaningful way forward, but have difficulty choosing a meaningful path.  There appear to be so many, and most demand a belief in some kind of dogma or set of rules – religious, political, cultural – or just total loyalty to one who has set himself up as an intermediary between his followers and God.

The time for those kinds of guilt-ridden beliefs and their resultant paths of suffering and sacrifice are now well and truly over.  They never made any sense, but you chose to believe in them anyhow.  Now the power of Love enveloping you and the planet is dissolving the belief that you need a more holy, spiritual, or advanced human to intercede for you and to mediate between you and your Father, God.  You have collectively realized that your Father wants each one of you to speak to Him directly and experience the Love in which He holds you at all times.  Here in the spiritual realms we are always offering our support and attempting to remind you how dearly your Father loves each one of you.  The Love that envelops you is irresistible and you are becoming aware of that and turning towards It in ever greater numbers.  Know, as we know, and as you do deep within your hearts, that God’s Love for you is unending, as is His patience as He awaits your awakening which you cannot avoid for very much longer.

With so very much love, Saul.

John Smallman – Message From Jesus – Enormous Evolutionary Change Of A Most Essential Nature

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Here in the spiritual realms we, in every moment, are pouring out our love and our assistance to help you in your awakening process.  To many of you it seems that your progress has stalled, but we can assure you with the utmost confidence that this is most definitely not the case.  Your progress is proceeding, as perfectly and divinely intended, and will continue ceaselessly until you awaken.  And we are your spiritual guides and mentors who contracted to be with you at all times throughout this period of intense spiritual evolution that you chose to undergo.

What you are doing is of great benefit to all sentient life forms.  You are bringing in enormous evolutionary change of a most essential nature, while for the most part remaining unaware of the immense task that you have so willingly undertaken.  And you are succeeding quite brilliantly.  It is a sweeping away of the dark, of the unreal physical limitations that appear so real.  Once, you believed that the earth was flat, that instant communication over great distances was beyond belief, and that rapid and convenient travel across the world and into space was impossible.  Those were all limited belief concepts that have been permanently proved erroneous.  What other beliefs do you have that will be proven false?  Countless numbers!

The unawareness that you experience of your essential divine nature – the joy of oneness with God and with all sentient life – is a choice that you made.  Within the illusory environment of confusion, pain, and suffering you are in the process of learning about and releasing the many restrictive, inflexible and very frightening beliefs you invented which are not in alignment with, and do not and can never resonate with, your true nature – Love .  While you hold on to them you close yourselves off or hide from your true and divine nature because Love is terrifying to anyone who is fearful.

Love is all-encompassing, all-welcoming; fear shuts out, excludes, disparages. When you release yourselves from the cloak of fear under which you are hiding, when you remove and discard it, you will see clearly and realize that your fear was just fear of the dark – as imagined by a small child – a darkness which does not exist, unless you could establish it by shutting out the Light, and that is impossible, except temporarily, under that imaginary cloak of the illusion.  The thought of removing that cloak frightens you because it seems to be a protective shield that is essential to your ongoing well-being.  To be without it would make you vulnerable, open to experiencing horrendous pain and suffering, the kind that you observe all over the world as people behave without love, defending themselves or attacking others.

However, the truth is that when you remove that seemingly protective cloak you become invulnerable, because you will have removed the barrier you erected to keep out Love – a barrier that to you has seemed almost impenetrable, because Love was hardly ever seen except when offered conditionally and in exchange for benefits or payments – truly love with a small “l,” another unreal aspect of the illusion.  Love is the most powerful field of energy that exists.  It is the only energy field that exists.  Any other energy that you can conceive of or experience is of the illusion, and is an enormously diluted and weakened form of Love, which allowed you to think that you had power without the Presence of your Father. Love is the life force; you cannot live without It.  You are, every one of you, essential parts or aspects of It.  However, when you constructed the illusion you attempted to exclude It, by apparently separating yourselves, shutting yourselves off from God.  That is not possible, but you were and are free to pretend that it is, and that is what causes you so much pain and suffering.

Your awakening process is in fact a process of uncloaking yourselves, of releasing all that is not in perfect and harmonious alignment with Love – your natural and eternal state – and which effectively hides from your conscious awareness the fact that you are, always have been, and always will be beings of infinite Love as created by your Father.  The time for games from which you have attempted to exclude Love is over.

You are now very much aware of the pain and suffering worldwide which need to be brought to an end – pain and suffering in which many delighted and gloated as they watched others mistreated, abused, and tortured.  The insanity of that attitude has now become apparent.  Daily, more and more on Earth are becoming aware that they themselves did actually embrace it while at the same time denying it and convincing themselves that they were only making “fair judgments” of the unconscionable behavior of others, as was their god-given duty and responsibility.  This awareness has shocked them, and now they are making the firmest of resolutions to release that unloving attitude and replace it with compassion, forgiveness (of selves and others), and the intent to offer only love from here on in.  In the spiritual realms that change of heart, which is occurring throughout humanity, has led to the greatest rejoicing.

Relax into your quiet inner space at least once daily, talk to your guides, ask for their help, and open your hearts so that you can recognize the great changes that are taking place worldwide, as Love dissolves the fear that has driven and guided so many of your thoughts, words, and actions for eons.  Remember, anything other than Love is illusory, and intend to be constantly loving, as you make your way homewards.

Your loving brother, Jesus. / link to original article

Message Fom Jesus – Channeled By John Smallman – Blame And Guilt Are Illusory Concepts

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The New Age has arrived, and signs of it are apparent everywhere as the field of divine Love continues to flow across the planet, embracing all in Its path; and there are very few who are not in Its path.  A major and very determined effort is required of anyone who might choose not to be influenced by Love’s ever intensifying and entrancing energy field.  It is God’s Will that humanity throw off the mantle of pain and suffering in which it has chosen to envelop itself for so long, and humanity has now chosen to align its collective will with God’s – that is what the New Age is all about, aligning your will with God’s – and is doing so by throwing off the ephemeral veil of fear and separation in which you had wrapped yourselves, temporarily.

Many of you are making new and delighted connections with strangers as Love enters into every heart that has not made an exceedingly determined effort to remain closed.  You are flowing along on the current of Love towards your inevitable awakening, so be glad, relax, give thanks, and know that all is divinely taken care of, as it always has been.  Expect to make new friends and acquaintances as your hearts open into the field of Love embracing you, and bask in the warmth of that shared Love.

There is no such thing as “predestination.”  That is a concept, based on fear, which was invented to try to explain suffering as something inflicted by God upon those who displeased Him, and were therefore effectively damned as opposed to those who were “righteous in His sight” and would be saved.  The idea was that you were predestined for salvation and heaven, or for damnation and hell, and that you could do nothing to alter that state of affairs.  Obviously that is nonsense.  All sentient life is dear to God’s Heart, and all will come to experience the infinite wonder of His eternal Love for them, regardless of any “crimes” or “evil actions” that they appear to have committed.

Only Love is real, and it is therefore eternal.  Anything unloving, no matter how much pain and suffering it may appear to cause, is unreal and will fade away with the illusion once you release yourselves from any apparent need that you have to hold on to it.  And that is what you are presently in the process of doing: shaking the dust of the illusion from your feet as you leave it behind, and moving forwards as you make the constant intent to be loving in every moment.

Once you make that intent, and ask for help from your guides and mentors in the spiritual realms to maintain it, then you are on your way Home and nothing can prevent your arrival.  It is still possible for you to deviate from your path if you become intentionally unloving in a situation, but very quickly awareness of this deviation will break into your consciousness, allowing you to release the unloving intent and forgive yourself and anyone you may have unwisely judged or blamed. Love is your nature.  And the distractions of the illusion are becoming less and less appealing for you, which is why you have made the irreversible decision to awaken.  Any deviations from your loving intent to align yourselves with the holy Will of God will be brief, because the flame of Love within your hearts is burning ever more brightly as each day passes, and to remain unaware, unconscious, insensitive to Its constant presence within you is impossible.

The flame of Love within each one of you — the guiding Light leading you Home — is intense, powerful, and there is no way that you can keep it permanently hidden, denied, or ignored.  It will shine forth, and even if you have spent lifetimes denying or ignoring It, It has never left you even for a moment, but has waited patiently and lovingly for the first and smallest change in your attitude or belief that demonstrates that you are becoming ready to acknowledge It once more. That moment is now, and it is becoming ever harder for anyone to bear a grudge or a resentment.  Whereas before, many on Earth enjoyed holding on to grudges with a sense of bitter satisfaction as they planned vengeance or restitution against the one who had hurt or offended them; now that sense of satisfaction is hollow or lacking, and they are puzzled.

That is an early sign of awakening.  If it happens to you, welcome it and rejoice. Your times for bitterness are at an end!  Maybe you were even unaware of clinging to rancor or a need to punish, but now that the sense of closure it brought is fading, you are becoming aware of it.  That can be shocking because you maybe saw yourself as kind and accepting, and your satisfaction came partly from your self-image as a person who did not hold a grudge, whereas in truth — as has now become apparent — you did.

Forgive yourself!  There is no advantage or redemption in self-blame or guilt.  You made an error; you have seen it and corrected it, and by doing so, you have released another unloving aspect of self, making more space available within you for Love to dwell.  In truth, you are blameless and guiltless.

Blame and guilt are illusory concepts which tie you to the illusion by making you feel unworthy of knowing God, much less of basking in the warmth of His eternal embrace.  But that is where you belong!  That is where you have your eternal existence.  You just forgot that momentarily, as you played in the illusion.  Now that unreal playtime is ending as you prepare to return to enjoy eternal, totally absorbing and creative play in Reality — your only Home.

Your loving brother, Jesus. / link to original article

Jesus – To Trust Is To Be Free – Channeller: John Smallman

May 12, 2013 by John Smallman

JesusAn intense and creative shift in humanity’s perception of itself is happening all across the world in preparation for your move into full consciousness, full awareness of who you are and of your eternal inseparability from God – Who created you to enjoy infinite and everlasting peace, joy, and happiness.  Peace, joy, and happiness are states of mind.  Modern psychology has informed you of that, and it has been well demonstrated, especially by those who have moved from depression and anxiety into peace and contentment by changing their minds and their perceptions.

Everyone has the ability to change their perceptions, but until quite recently it was thought that an individual’s perception – his view of life and the opportunities it offered him – was basically fixed: a state of existence into which he was born and with which he had to deal to the best of his abilities.  Now it is generally recognized that everyone does have the freedom to change those apparently given attributes for something more in line with their desires.  It is a recognition that you are each masters of your own destiny, that how you experience life is a personal choice which you make in every moment.  Yes, you all have different and indeed unique limitations – physical, intellectual, and creative – which vary from one to another, but they do not prevent you from altering the beliefs and the perceptions through which you view the world, your world.

When you view life as unsatisfactory, unfair, painful, it means that you are focusing on those aspects of your experiences.  You have all had experiences which at the time were fearful, painful, shaming, unjust, and perhaps afterwards you held on to what seemed like a totally justified sense of resentment or bitterness about it which only slowly dissipated as the time interval between you and that event increased, and the pain that you felt diminished.  Then maybe weeks, months, or even years later, when you recalled that moment you saw that it also had a funny side and you could now laugh about it, or that it had taught you some important lesson or truth that you might not have learnt otherwise, and so you now feel grateful for the experience.

When you are going through a period during which life is really getting you down, try to recall previous times that were painful but that you now view with the wisdom of hindsight, and remind yourselves that everything passes, and that there are always moments of value, moments of happiness, and moments of laughter during your daily lives – moments that are often missed because of the intense focus you place on what is going wrong or needs fixing.  So make the intent to be aware of them and enjoy them.  When you do this your stress levels fall, and you find yourselves more at peace.

You are the masters of your destiny!  God created you perfect as members of His divine field of Love, endowed you with an infinite array of gifts, and honored your choices and decisions, including the choice you made to experience separation from Him.  You have now to chosen to terminate that experience – an illusory or imaginary state that exists only for as long as you support it.

You have supported it by seeing yourselves as separated individuals living in an unsafe world, in which you have to take constant care not to be overtaken by or caught up in some dangerous and painful event or situation that could even cause your death.  So you live on the defensive, only able to partially trust even those you love, always primed and ready to repel attack.  That state is a state of fear, and fear shuts out Love, refuses to acknowledge it, and focuses on the unloving personal energy fields that you have built around yourselves for protection, and which seems to demonstrate with monotonous regularity how wise you are to maintain them. Within the world where you are experiencing your human existence it seems insane to even consider dismantling that protective field, because when you look beyond it you see pain, suffering, chaos, and confusion everywhere, threatening your very existence.

But until you dismantle your defenses you will remain unable to dissolve the illusion, because they support it by attaching you to it.  To trust is to be free, and you were created free.  You are free, and you will feel free when you let go of the felt need to defend yourselves, and allow yourselves to dismantle those defenses.  Yes of course, within the illusion your trust can be betrayed – it has been many times, and you have each betrayed others – but trust can only be developed and enabled to grow by engaging with it while not being attached to the outcome.  People do not trust each other; they believe that their lack of trust is fully justified, and they therefore feel that there is no reason for them to honor another’s trust.  It is a Catch 22 situation.  The only way forward is to start trusting.

Make the determined intent to trust, then ask God, your angels or guides, or anyone in the spiritual realms whom you feel intuited to call on to help you carry out that intent.  Know that because you are still engaged with and experiencing life in the illusory world, some will honor that trust and others will betray it. Remind yourselves that you are wayshowers and Light-bearers and that you chose to be embodied on Earth at this moment in humanity’s evolution for this very task – demonstrating and honoring trust.

Trust honored grows and strengthens.  It is a demonstration of love in action. Those of you who have had children know what it is to trust, and trust again, as your children frequently break that trust.  It is, as you well know, part of the process of growing from childhood to adulthood.  Finally your children mature and learn the wisdom that your trust has been demonstrating.  They then stop betraying it, allowing you both to rejoice in the love and honor in which you have always held each other.

But now, trust has to move out of the safe confines of the family to be widely shared, globally shared.  There will be disappointments, but to spread and share trust is part of humanity’s spiritual evolution, and when you do so with courage and determination you will be well supported by all in the spiritual realms.  Trust is growing now; it is an essential part of your awakening process.  Take part in that process and do not allow disappointment with some of the results to dissuade you from that noble task.  It is your collective intent to succeed, and so you will.

Your loving brother, Jesus.