Wendy Kennedy – Being a channel for The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective – via Wisdom From North

Wisdom From North
Published on Oct 12, 2016

Wendy Kennedy is an intuitive, empath, and channel. For two decades she has used her gifts and abilities to work with beings in other realms and dimensions, assisting others in recognizing and releasing old patterns and helping them to live a more whole and integrated life. The clear and compassionate wisdom shared through Wendy facilitates a shift in perspective from that of separation and limitation to connection and multidimensional existence.

In 1995 Wendy began channeling, working first with her own angelic guides before becoming reacquainted with The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective, whom she primarily channels at her public events and in private sessions. In addition to the Pleiadians, she works with beings from Sirius, Lyra, and Arcturus as well as other higher dimensional, celestial beings.

Wendy currently lectures and channels for clients around the world. She was one of the six channels featured in the movie and book, Tuning in: Spirit Channelers in America. Her work can also be found in the newly released book compiled by Martine Vallée, The Great Human Potential: Walking in One’s Own Light, which is now available in six languages.

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Message from SaLuSa and Higher Self – Channeler Laura Multidimensional Ocean – Ascension Update, Channeling Update – Multidimensional Consciousness – 11-12-15

Multidimensional Consciousness*

Message from SaLuSa and Higher Self  –   Channeler Laura Multidimensional Ocean  –    Ascension Update, Channeling Update   –   Multidimensional Consciousness   –   11-12-15



Hi SaLuSa, dear friend, guardian and protector!

I wish to know why are there less and less messages coming from you guys ? Is there a particular reason?

SaLuSa: Yes, dear one, there is! I have recently addressed Mike Quinsey’s health misfortunes, much of which were generated by darker energies, wishing for him to retire and who also did try to send him messages passing themselves as me. Mike is no fool and could tell the difference and prefers to withdraw from public messages under those circumstances, which we understand and support. Our power upon your world is only coming from above, and comes as subtle and gentle energy. We are somewhat limited in our actions upon your world as you already know, because it is your world precisely to love, protect and to use for your own growth purposes.

Concerning the decision on our part to give less messages, this has come about as we see the tremendous pressure and attacks carried out on our channels, who have been put through thin and thick in this life on many levels, which is best left undisclosed.

We also chose to let you find your own higher self guidance directly, rather than relying on channels to that intend. We have always encouraged you to pursue the spiritual world and to know your selves. This journey is an individual journey for every single one of you, and needs to be taken individually, with others who are also on the same journey.

Although it is all inside of you, too few of you are connected enough within and to the higher planes of existence in order to make the transition into 5D a permanent one. This journey must begin with self, and once you have taken that road and know the journey, you can take others along with you, including Mother Earth.

In other words, you do have the divine seed in all of you, yet too many among humans lack the will to fully develop that seed into its full limitless potential and journey into divine universal consciousness. This can only be achieved by working on yourself with many others willing to take the journey together, in the physical presence of one another, and allowing for the higher forces to manifest through you and transcend you while this takes place.

In short too many have been relying on our messages, without making a genuine effort from within of connecting with the higher. Being dependent on channeled messages for comfort and encouragement without a true inner search is not helping the planet to ascend in any way. This is why we feel at this time that the human population needs to go within and find their true answers within with the help of higher self and the help of others on the same journey of self discovery and of service to the planet.

We have never meant that people rely on our messages to the point of not pursuing a spiritual path at the same time, yet, there has been too much complacency at times.

This is the true reason why we feel that our voices need to take a back seat position, and that humanity needs to lead the way into permanent Earth Ascension. After all, only you, as humans living on the planet can make the transition happen, it is not up to us.

We keep monitoring the situation, but we would like to resume our “observer” position for some time, until a better balance has been achieved towards the completion of Ascension by our human light warrior and light worker counter parts, along as any human whose heart is true, pure and dedicated to see the planet ascend into a higher level of existence.

With much love and light from your sisters and brothers from the Stars.

Thank you


channel Laura Multidimensional Ocean


Wake up Call – St. Germain via Nancy Tate – by Rose Rambles .org – 10-26-15

tree of Golden Light*

by Rose Rambles .org   –   10-26-15


This is a bit more informatison regading Mike Quincey’s decision to stop channelling SaLuSa, from Sirius. So many of us are now reaching elevated states of consciousness, or multi-consciousness, that “traditional” channellings are no longer the viable information source they once were.  Please read on below, and…



Wake up Call  –   St. Germain  via  Nancy Tate

I would like to add something to the news of Mike Quinsey and his move to stop channeling. There will come a time when it will not be considered channeling by anyone because it will be speaking what one knows is the truth and sharing it with anyone who cares to read, or hear it.

There is coming that time for so many who are now channeling. They will realize that what they are bringing through is from their own inner knowing. It will be a subtle difference in what they are saying and feeling about the information. It will be resounding throughout them in a way that their own consciousness now shares information that they know is the truth, because it is being lived on a conscious level.

The difference will be that some of the information will relate to what they have experienced in other lifetimes, on other planets, and in other galaxies. They will be able to access the information that they have been carrying with them in their souls. This manifestation will be a part of the openness that they will be living and realizing is coming forth into their present consciousness. It is a part of the evolvement of their beingness. Their ascension will come in so many individual ways, and it will be the truth of what they have brought with them since the beginning of eternity. It will be a matter of the soul knowing when the consciousness is ready to begin the journey back to the outer world. For the journey forward into the levels of Creation are in existence through their expression of what they have manifested throughout their existence.

So, dear ones, when Mike feels the urge to share something with you all that he has just remembered, then that is when he will decide if that is what he will do. He may not remember that it is his own memory that is bringing the information through, but it will be an inner feeling that will bring it forth. He is at a place, as so many of you are now, where the completeness of their inner knowing will be accessed with the intention of doing so. It is one of the aspects that you all can expect in a time that is in perfection for you.

Go now into the world of remembrance. Take it as a fun trip through time and out of time. It is a new expression of your abilities that will be making themselves known to you in the coming times. Enjoy the remembrances and the sharing of that which is on it’s way forward in the libraries of your souls. Love is all around you and within. Speak it forth, and feel the family of Love in expression.

Thank you so much, Dear St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

BRIAN, THE DRAGON – by Georgi Stankov – Human Version 2.0 – 8-1-15

Brian, the Dragon, August 1, 2015


All true information from the soul (HS) is non-linear, it is simultaneous. This is how I discovered the Universal Law and developed the new theory of it, which was then also channelled in a sequential, linear fashion, a kind of automatic writing with the full integration of my critical scientific consciousness. The same holds true for Carla when she channels the Elohim and rarely other sources.

Therefore this message below is a very important contribution to the true nature of any channeling and how its simultaneous information is then moulded into linear, sequential verbal language. What it does not discuss is the faculty of the channeller to master the language that he uses and to have a clear idea of a true logical, axiomatic thinking that is an indispensable prerequisite for clear messages. This last truth has not been understood by all other channellers and that is why you can very seldom find a clear channelled message. Brian, the Dragon makes a notable exception in this respect.



This is the Dragon,

Our partner thought he was going to go clean the house a little, but we had a trick up our sleeves. A curveball to throw at him. As soon as he cleared his mind we gave him something new.

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: He doesn’t really realize it, however our partner doesn’t channel linearly.

He should realize that as he transcribes, he writes the end sometimes, then the middle, then the beginning, or the middle and then the beginning and then the end…

He’s just not very good at linear-izing things. That’s because he’s not very linear himself.

This is a “new” type of channeling that happens with certain individuals and it will become more common as people become less linear. There were a few in the past, however most channels came into the world ready to linear-ize things.

Our partner is frustrated by linearity but still has become very good at linearizing his day-to-day things. He just doesn’t have the will, the energy, or whatever you may call it to take that last step. What’s ironic about that, is it ends up being a more pure channel in that case.

It kind of goes hand-in-hand with the “continual channeling” that other entities have prepared you for, and we have touched on a bit.. When you are continually channeling in everyday life, it makes you more effective. It also just flies in the face of linearity at that point. Linearity doesn’t make sense at that stage. That is a stage of evolution.

Have you ever had conversations that you just jump around with the other person and someone listening would just scratch their heads, but both of you are completely on the same page? Some of you have in this life… All of you will.. That is non-linear too.

Welcome to human version 2.0.

Our partner wants to apologize for not explaining it very well. Fiddle-faddle. Another side-effect of this is that you will also start to seem to lose your identity… However, it is not losing your identity in so much as gaining another, and another, and another to become more of who you are.

It is not scary at all, it is wonderful…

You do it – a lot of you – together so that it is functional. Your souls are very wise..

But we digress, what were we originally talking about?

By the way, you all are so awesome. You have no idea. That’s because it hasn’t happened yet for you. If you could only see what we see. You’re going to blow this thing wide open, figuratively. The energy of it makes our partner cry.

With Love,
The Dragon


Five New Technologies Are Coming Soon


Brian, the Dragon, August 1, 2015


Contact with Interstellar Brothers and Sisters – SaLuSa by Multidimensional Ocean – 1-4-15


It is possible to contact them, as follows. I would appreciate it if you could tell us about the meeting and the conversations if any.

Close your eyes, envelope yourself in a blanket of positive feelings and energy. Reach out to the stars, let your mind be guided to the stars of the sky, to space, to above the Earth.

You will meet the energy of the Sun light there, and the amazing halo of Mother Earth.

Not far, the moon will be coming, watch out for her!

She is quite huge and can appear out of nowhere almost.

Once there, ask (or demand) to connect with your star’s brothers and sisters,

and with the minds of those close to your heart.

Only allow light beings near you..

If you are in luck, they might even invite you on their shipsand chat with you. Ok.

I am asking for connection now:

SaLuSa is the one who is here for me and responds.

I can sense his strong presence and mind,

it is like a bright light shining,it cannot be missed.

I ask him what is going on here, what are we doing,

how are things evolving concerning disclosure.

He replies: “Our mission here is mainly to support our ground crew,

to give you courage to continue, and to provide assistance in many ways,

that many don’t even suspect.

We give protection and cover to many from orbit.

Concerning Disclosure, this matter resides in your own hands, as a human specie.

It cannot be rushed or forced, no good would come of it that way.

We wait for human collective consciousness to grow, develop and

accept the reality of life in the entire universe,

although certain truths on that matter are being actively hidden from you.

You, as part of a wide lightworker network,

are here to bring higher vibrations of love, creative imagination and peace

above the planet, among the collective mind, so to speak.

There is a world, an ocean of other life forms and beings in the universe.

All at various levels of knoweldge and consciousness.

Ultimately, all will be one with Creator, with the One,

so be at peace, knowing that the Creation love is all embracing and present.

The world of alien intrigues, policies, or even conflict of interest

need not preoccupy you for now, as this world will open up to you

once Disclosure has taken place.

It is also a very complex matter, and in a way,

perhaps some will miss the illusion of being all alone in the universe.

No need for concern, just recommending that you enjoy this state of ignorance

for as long as it lasts.

Once you will enter as a civilisation in the bigger universe of inhabitated planets,

life on Earth will never be the same.

So keep the eagerness for Disclosure at bay for now,

know that it will happen, but it will only be a stepping stone

into a much, much bigger universe of choices,

if you are not ready as a civilisation to take that step yet.

With Disclosure, needs to come Enlightment.

Disclosure without Enlightment would only lead to a bigger trap,

if the big picture is not sened by the many.

Until then, we open our hearts and minds to all of you

who wish to join us telepathically from time to time.

We are pleased to connect with as many humans

as wish to do so, for the good and love of the light.

Thank you. I am SaLuSa from Sirius.

Channel: Multidi Ocean


Archangel Zadkiel via Linda Robinson – Keeping Your Energetic Channels Clear – GoldenLight Channel – 6-27-14



Archangel Zadkiel’s July 2014 Message




Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love and Light from the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation.  We are being joined by Sananda (Yeshua) to discuss keeping your energetic channels clear.

The incoming energy is providing you with many opportunities to move to higher levels of being and to experience new insights and awakening.  This process is much easier when your energetic channels are clear and free from old or outdated ways of thinking and being.
Clearing your energetic channels can be compared to clearing debris from a highway.  Your journey is much easier when you do not have to navigate around items in your path.  When your energetic channels are clear, you can rise to higher levels in a natural process of ascension.

The clearing and purification process begins with a desire to move to higher levels.  You have studied many concepts, and you are aware that there are levels and worlds beyond your current state of being.  This awareness has enabled you to move to your current level, and it has prepared you to rise even higher.  Keeping an open mind will allow your present concepts to expand and change, and new ones can emerge as you ascend.  You are presented with new information as you remain open.  The information is there, and your openness and receptivity will allow it to come into your awareness.

Keeping your receptivity open can begin by remaining in a state of acceptance and non-judgment of others.  Each person is at a certain point on the path.  You can send them Love by connecting with their Divine Spark within their heart center.  It does not mean that you have to agree with their views or actions, but remaining free from judgment will keep your energetic channels clear.  Judgment is like a boulder on your path.  When you release judgment, you are clearing an obstacle in your channel.

Keeping an open mind also applies to new concepts.  What you now accept as part of your beliefs and philosophy may have, at one time, seemed foreign to you.  Now, it is a natural part of who you are and what you believe.  By keeping an open mind and remaining non-judgmental to concepts, you have removed another rock on your path and purified your channels even more.  When your channels are clear, new concepts and understanding can enter more easily.

Many levels of understanding exist simultaneously.  An open mind and a desire to see a bigger picture allow this new understanding to come into your awareness.

As you encounter new concepts, you can examine them to see whether they resonate with you.  If they do, you have added another level of awareness.  If they do not resonate with you, you can set them aside for future consideration or discard them entirely.  It is your willingness to look at new concepts that keeps your energetic channels open.

Another aspect of keeping your energetic channels clear is forgiveness.  When you hold on to negative feelings about someone else or a situation, this forms a block in your energetic channels.  Many times the person with whom you have angry, hurt, or otherwise negative feelings may not even be aware of your feelings.  Even if they are aware, your negative feelings toward them are causing you much more harm than you can imagine.  The negative feelings form an energetic block that slows or impedes the flow of higher level energy.  Again, it is as if you have placed a large boulder in your path on your energetic highway.  Not only does this form a block, it also attracts more energy of a similar type due to the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction.  Negative feelings vibrate at a lower frequency than positive feelings, and what you focus on expands.  Therefore, you are actually harming yourself when you harbor negative feelings about someone or a situation.  When you forgive someone or a situation, you are removing an energetic block, and this allows higher level energy to flow through you.  When you take this process to the next level by sending Love to them, you are opening the way for even greater understanding and harmony.

Another aspect of forgiveness is forgiving yourself when you feel you have not measured up to your desired ideal.  Each situation is a learning experience.  When you feel that you have not measured up to your ideal, take a moment to review the situation and your actions.  Look for the lesson in the situation, and replay it in your mind as you wish you had handled it.  This prepares you to choose another option should a similar situation arise in the future.  Then forgive yourself for not living up to your desired ideal.  Forgiving yourself is just as important as forgiving someone else.  If you find that you need extra help in the forgiveness process, you can call on the Violet Flame to assist in the process of transmuting and transforming the energy.

When you consider that all of humanity is an interconnected energetic network, the concept of forgiveness can be viewed from a higher level.  It is truly a case of the Golden Rule and treating others as you would like to be treated.  Because you are part of this network, forgiving yourself is important because, at a higher level, energy is even more connected, and you want to have what flows from you to others to be as loving and positive as possible.

Beloveds, you are making rapid progress in your ascension to higher levels.  We encourage you to continue your rise to higher dimensions by keeping your energetic channels clear through practicing non-judgment and forgiveness.

Know that you are greatly loved.
WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, along with Sananda,
…and we surround you with Love.
And so it is.

All rights reserved Linda M. Robinson, www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.
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