Wes Annec – Oversoul Teachings – You’re Purifying the Collective Consciousness – 11-4-14

6ffa8-1004762_669008726460633_138590120_nChanneled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Channeling, like many other things, is a form of art, and those of you who enjoy channeling the energies and impressions of various higher-dimensional souls are encouraged to embrace this practice and the greater spiritual energy that comes with it.

In practicing channeling, you’ll practice sustaining a very real and pure link to the higher realms and, specifically, your higher self or whichever guide you feel comfortable channeling.

We’ll always encourage anyone who wants to channel to first connect with their higher selves and allow themselves to connect with other guides at a later time, because your higher selves have far more to offer you than any given guide.

Your higher selves have a very direct link to your earthly experience – a link that many other higher-dimensional souls don’t have – and they watch you experience the pains and stresses of the earth in a more direct way than the rest of your guides can do.

The higher self has a wealth of advice and guidance to offer you that’s related to your ongoing ascension process and the best and most helpful choices you can make along your quest for spiritual enlightenment, and we highly recommend any seeker who’s receptive to the influence of spirit attune to their higher selves and receive the banquet of energy and advice that results.

Struggling and Shining

When you can put yourselves in a pure frame of mind and open up to the flow of energy you’re receiving from the higher realms, which is constant, you’ll be easily able to do anything that requires or involves your creativity or your connection to a greater spiritual/inspirational source.

We in the higher realms seek to do everything we can to fill your minds and hearts with inspiration and enthusiasm to begin contributing to your ongoing conscious revolution in the purest ways you possibly can, and we continue to watch you struggle through the darkness at times and shine brilliantly in the light at others.

We watch you experience all of the pains and stresses you’ve come to the earth to transcend, and even though some days tend to feel considerably more difficult than others for many of you, we encourage you to keep going, for you’re doing far more good than you yet realize.

Your very presence on the earth is helping change things in monumental and extraordinary ways, and even though we understand that it doesn’t seem this way on some days when the pain and stress seem turned up, we want you to know that you’re making a very potent and noted difference.

You’re purifying the collective consciousness with each attempt you make to open up to spirit and allow the divine, creative flow that results to express itself through you, and when your minds are open and your hearts are filling them with the pure love that sharpens and enhances your creativity, your spirituality or anything else that utilizes your greater perception, you’ll find that you’re basically infinite.

You’re as infinite as you allow yourselves to be, and if you’re willing to believe in yourselves and your divinely ordained abilities to be conduits for spirit in the realest and purest sense, your abilities will be naturally strengthened and your enthusiasm to contribute to your conscious revolution will be turned up.

As long as you have love in your hearts and willingness in your minds, you won’t have any difficulty doing all of the divinely inspired things you’ve come to the earth to do. You’ll do them with the grace and ease of one who’s mastered their life plan, and you’ll skyrocket toward enlightenment more quickly than ever.

One of the best things we feel we can encourage each of you at this stage of the game is to do things that fill you with passionate inspiration.

Even if this means staying home and embracing the creative works you enjoy bringing to humanity, we absolutely encourage it. If, for some of you, it means taking a temporary leave from you creative work and getting out to nature or another place that fills you with passion and spirituality, we’d have no reason not to encourage you to embrace it.

As our scribe has learned, those of you who enjoy retreating out to nature can still be creative in the expanded setting it provides, and all it takes is the willingness to find a way to be creative in this setting.

Our scribe resonates with the idea of taking a notebook out to nature and writing or channeling, and we couldn’t recommend this more for anyone who enjoys getting out but still feels a responsibility to be creative every day.

From our perspective, being creative every day and in every moment is among the best things you can do for yourselves and those around you who enjoy and benefit from your creativity. When many of you are creative, we note that it fills you with a sense of wholeness; a sense that you’re doing exactly what you came to earth to do.

You absolutely are, and for this and plenty of other reasons, we’ll always encourage you to be creative every day of your lives. Never let your creative well run dry, and know that the only way it can run dry is if you don’t routinely refill it by being creative every day, or at the very least, every other day.

Those of you who aren’t in a position where you can practice your creativity every day are still encouraged to practice it as often as you can, even if this means choosing it over other things that you enjoy.

You’re Constant Creators

Creativity is very important, because it’ll lead you back into the higher realms and help you see that your reality is spiritual. Creativity is innately spiritual, and even before you came to earth, you were (and still are) constant creators who manifested entire realities out of sheer thought and the desire to create.

Even while you exist on the earth, other aspects of your consciousness that are still rooted in the higher realms are creating realm after realm; landscape after landscape to explore, run around in and learn lessons in.

The earth is one of many realms that were created by the willing minds and hearts of higher-dimensional, etheric creators who continue to create to their heart’s content.

You can constantly manifest creations if you allow yourselves, and those of you who feel inspired to create in the realms of spirit can meditate and visualize yourselves creating entire realities to, again, explore and learn lessons in.

Those of you who enjoy creating things in your physical reality that benefit your fellow humans can embrace the idea of writing articles, channeling messages from the higher realms, writing music, writing books or doing anything else that fills you with inspiration and helps enlighten those around you who could use enlightenment.

Many of your family members subconsciously crave the spiritual perception so many of you have started to gain, and even though they resist spirit at the surface, a subconscious aspect of their personality that’s very aware of spirit, your ascension and everything else you’ve come to advocate and empower strongly hungers for their surface perception to catch up.

We’d say you can assist them in this endeavor, but we’d never encourage attempting to pour your beliefs into those who aren’t yet receptive or ready to hear them.

You don’t gain anything by overwhelming those around you with your beliefs, and neither do they. From our perspective, the best thing you can to is to drop little, subtle hints about your beliefs – hints that aren’t too bold or brazen and that could start to awaken others to the truths and revelations that exist beyond your conscious perception.

Another thing we’d recommend is that you only present your beliefs as your beliefs, instead of as reality. Even though your reality’s far more spiritual than most of your planet understands, your truth is your truth and doesn’t necessarily have to be another’s.

Spirit’s a very pervasive aspect of your reality to say the least, but the things you believe and empower make up your reality, whereas the things others believe and empower make up theirs.

If one puts their faith and energy into conventional religion, for example, then they’re creating their reality based on their beliefs. Attempting to squash those beliefs with your own would be akin to attempting to tell someone the reality they’ve created for themselves is incorrect or insufficient.

The reality you each create for yourselves can never be ‘incorrect’, because even if some choose to empower ideas that are technically illusory, they’re still primarily responsible for creating their reality and when they empower these ideas, the ideas become fixed in their sphere of perception and, for them, go on to become reality in a sense.

Thus, advocating your beliefs as if they’re the only correct ones diminishes others’ sense of reality, and you certainly wouldn’t want anyone to do this to you with their beliefs.

If one empowers atheism, then they’re creating their reality based on the idea that spirit doesn’t exist and physical death is the complete end of consciousness. Even though this might seem like a very restrictive and confining belief for many of you, it’s their belief nonetheless and there’s no reason not to honor it.

Again, we encourage you to say little things that are intended to express how you feel about your reality to those who aren’t yet ready to hear what you have to say.

Continue On

We note that many of you are learning the best and most proper ways to present what you think and how you feel to those around you who haven’t yet opened up to spirit, and we wholeheartedly encourage you to continue on with your diligent missions, no matter what they entail.

The missions of some of you entail using your creativity for as many spiritual and progressive purposes as you can, whereas others’, like we said in our previous communication, entail direct forms of activism and shedding light on important social issues that need addressed.

Many celebrities are even stepping up to shine their light on aspects of your society that are less than lighted or fair, and you can support the souls who are doing this while keeping in mind that you’ve each come to earth to offer something valuable.

Whether or not you’ve been put in the public spotlight, you have a lot to offer the awakening humanity and you have little reason not to offer yourselves to the restoration of consciousness in your increasingly evident new paradigm of widespread spiritual understanding.

All of humanity will become aware of spirit in due time thanks to the diligent efforts of each of you, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with appreciation for how aware and receptive so much of humanity’s beginning to become.

Yes, many souls on your planet are still unaware of spirit and have little desire to become aware, but those of you who’ve gained a glimmer of awareness are, for the most part, using it to do as many positive things as you can in your short time on earth.

The things you’re doing are uplifting your collective consciousness and making it easier for others to find an open spiritual perception when they’re ready, so continue on your diligent missions with the understanding that the things you’re doing are very pure, potent, needed and helpful.

You’re contributing far more to your ongoing conscious revolution than you yet realize, and when you feel depleted of the greater spiritual energy that helps you thrive, keep in mind that in most cases, you’re sharing this energy with the rest of humanity. When you feel depleted, another soul’s usually brimming with light.

We recommend balance over anything else, of course, and in due time, every earthly soul will brim with the greater and more refined spiritual energy that’s helping you find your way back into the higher realms.

Your ascension is only as far off as you allow it to be, and while there are phases to your ascension that many other channeled sources have started to outline, you create your reality and you can ultimately determine when you ascend.

It helps to keep in mind that your ascension is a moment-by-moment process, and when you realize this, we can envision many of you taking your focus off of dates and timeframes and putting it onto what you can do in every moment to help yourselves and your little blue world (and everyone on it) ascend.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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Oversoul Teachings via Wes Annac – You’re the Saviors – 10-28-14

Credit: Pinterest

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Everyone who’s discovered spirit and works to raise awareness of the spiritual nature of your existence is in an important position to start creating real and lasting change, and you’re all needed and important contributors to your ongoing conscious revolution.

Realizing your value and the importance of the things you’ve come to earth to do is essential to successfully doing them, and when you can empower yourselves and each other to start contributing to your conscious revolution in a real and pure way, you’ll accelerate your ascension timetable and help create a wealth of needed and important changes.

Everything you’re doing is intended to help the conscious community and the rest of humanity find a higher vibration and use the inspiration that results to start changing your planet, and the more motivated and enthusiastic you are about creating the changes you’ve come to earth to create, the more you’ll naturally get done.

One of the best things we can recommend for any seeker who wants to use their creativity or anything else to change the planet is not to censor yourselves; not to set limits for yourselves, be it in the avenue of what you talk about, what you advocate, or the work you’ve come to earth to do.

Transcending Obstacles

Transcend any limits or obstacles that stand in your way of fulfilling your purpose for being on the earth at this time, and do it with love in your hearts and the willingness not to let yourselves be hindered in any way.

With all of the amazing and paradigm-shattering things you now have the potential to do, you have little reason not to embrace your growing creativity and the greater perception that comes with it, and we know many of you are particularly excited to begin using your creativity to change your planet.

Creativity really will lead you back into the higher realms, but you have to be willing to embrace it wholeheartedly when you could otherwise embrace the finite or materialistic aspects of your earthly existence that keep you chained to the lower vibrations and stop you from making any real or significant inner or outer progress.

We note that it can be very easy to feed the constant wants and demands of the ego, but with all of the revolutionary things you have the potential do, to continue feeding it would be akin to sitting down with a healthy meal and eating the cookies on the other side of the table instead.

You have no more reason to feed the ceaseless lower-vibrational wants and desires of the ego, and instead, you can embrace the awareness that’s leading you each to make positive and progressive choices in your lives – be it in the area of your health, how you treat others, or anything else.

With every choice you make, you can either take a higher or lower route, and the choice is yours.

You were granted universal, inalienable freewill to enjoy in the lower realms, and you can use this freewill to feed the light or the dark. You can use your freewill to feed the ego and the materialistic concerns associated with it, or you can feed the loving energies and perceptions your expanding hearts will introduce and reintroduce you to.

We know by this point that most of you know which decisions are in your best interest to pursue, but we’d never seek to stop you from making the choices that you feel are best. If you feel like feeding the ego for any reason, then we can’t stop you from deciding this for yourselves.

Nor would we want to, because even though you’re ascending into a higher state of consciousness, you still have the freewill to do, be and experience whatever you choose for yourselves.

You’ll experience the consequences for whatever choice you make, and those of you who seek daily alignment with the divine are noticing that the higher choices you make render positive consequences, whereas the negative choices render negative consequences that drag on your spirit and your sense of wholesomeness.

The food you choose to consume is very important, for example, and one of the greatest things we can recommend is to choose foods that help your body progress and excel. A lot of your manmade food is artificial to say the least and inedible to say the most, but you aren’t without the ability consume healthier foods.

Even though some souls haven’t yet realized this, the food you consume determines how you’ll feel shortly after you consume it, and many of you can notice that eating junk foods naturally and gradually puts you on a lower vibration, whereas eating foods that are filled with light and nutrition help you feel far better and more clearheaded.

We wholeheartedly recommend every seeker who wants to re-find the higher realms choose the healthiest and most light-filled foods that’ll help them lighten their vibration and eventually ascend, and if you eat healthily all your life, you’ll notice that you live much longer.

You’ll also notice that your health doesn’t diminish, and you can be seventy years old and still enjoy activities twenty year olds enjoy. It all comes down to what you choose to put into your bodies, and the people who descend into poor health later in life usually do so because of their eating habits.

We can’t express enough that the things you put into your evolving bodies are very important, and if you want your sacred temples to be light enough to assimilate the incoming vibrations that’ll steadily yet surely adjust you to a purer frame of mind and heart, you’ll want to be as light and healthy as possible.

You can also call on spirit every day or in every moment so you can be filled with a constant spiritual perception.

Continuously Seeking Spirit

From our perspective, there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with continuously seeking spirit throughout the day, and it doesn’t have to point to an attempt to escape reality or find a way out of the stress and difficulty so many of you tend to experience.

Yes, many seekers do use spirit as a means to escape your physical reality, but the best thing you can keep in mind is that your physical reality, while filled with pain, fear, stress and every other destructive quality under the sun, is still spiritual.

Instead of using spirit to escape your reality, you can use it to enjoy your reality far more than you would’ve ever thought or expected. Spirit will help you see that everything – even the considerably darker or more negative aspects of your existence – is filled with love, positivity and every other quality that’s leading you back into the higher realms.

Everything around you is filled to the brim with love – you simply haven’t realized it yet. We’re confident that all of humanity will realize this in due time, and the sooner you realize it, the sooner you can begin to consciously fill yourselves with the love and light that exist in every sacred spark of consciousness around you.

Everything around you is love, and everything around you is consciousness. You couldn’t possibly be separate from spirit or the higher vibration descending onto your minds and hearts, because they make up everything in existence.

Everything – every situation you face and every emotion you feel, whether positive or negative – is comprised of spirit, and realizing this is the first step to enjoying your lives in the manner you’ve always been meant to. Life isn’t meant to be a drag on your sense of wellbeing or enjoyment, and life on earth can be heavenly if you let it.

Even though you’ll eventually greet the presence of otherworldly civilizations who are physically/spiritually evolved and have a lot of wisdom and insight to share with you, their assistance isn’t inherently required to start creating change.

Our scribe’s recently felt torn between having us discuss the galactics and various other subjects that point to outside assistance with your affairs and having us encourage you to seek empowerment without looking to others to ‘save’ you, because he, like many seekers, recognizes that humanity’s responsible for making the planetary changes that need made.

Yes, you’d benefit a lot from the things your galactic family has to offer, but instead of focusing solely on them, you can focus on the things you can do right now and in every moment to make the changes that so desperately need made to the broken and corrupt manner in which your planet functions.

While we understand and empathize with the fact that many seekers look to the galactics or another omnipotent spiritual force to help you make the changes that need made, we too will encourage you to look to yourselves and each other to determine what you can do to change your planet.

You can do more than you think, and your galactic family has no desire or ability to exist on your surface before your collective vibration is significantly purified. They aren’t about to swoop down and ‘save’ you from the mess your species has made, but they offer a wealth of assistance from the higher realms that’s related to various aspects of your ongoing ascension.

They intend to help you gain a new perspective and use it to lighten your collective vibration, and you can open up to them and begin receiving their insight if you’re particularly willing or attuned.

Transforming the Earth is Your Responsibility

They’re doing a lot for your planet from behind the veil, but for now, humanity’s intended to arise as a solid collective unit and begin changing your planet. If you don’t, nobody will, because it isn’t necessarily the responsibility of the galactics or the rest of the Company of Heaven to start changing your world.

We see it as a duty and a sacred responsibility in many ways, and we’re doing everything we can to assist you, but we still look to you to do what you can to help all of humanity see that spirit exists and can be constantly tapped into to produce a universally pure spiritual/creative flow that’ll help you with every progressive and significant thing you do.

With the immense potential you now have to come together and drastically raise the collective vibration, you needn’t look to any outside force to make life on your planet better for you. You are the force that’s intended to make your lives better, and we don’t just mean this for the world stage – we mean this for your personal lives as well.

Many seekers, including our scribe, have looked to the galactics or the Company of Heaven in general at one point or another as figures who’ll come down and change everything about your lives that you don’t enjoy, and we say with love that this isn’t our goal in the sense that many of you would expect.

It’s our goal in the sense that we seek to connect with you via your intuition and help you make the personal and collective changes that need made before you can be filled with the spirit and enjoy the flowing perceptual bounties that result, but we don’t seek to come to your planet and proclaim that all of your trials and hardships are over.

You’re meant to be tested with nearly constant challenges that help you grow into newer, purer and more refined versions of yourselves, and we’ll happily help you through every challenge and obstacle you meet on the ascension path.

The point we intend to convey is that our direct assistance will come from within instead of from without for now, and it’s essential that you empower yourselves with the understanding that you’re far more than you’ve given yourselves credit for.

You’re nothing less than divine, omnipotent beings of pure consciousness who’ve come to the earth to start making changes, and instead of looking solely to your higher selves, your guides or any higher-dimensional soul to create personal or planetary changes, recognize that you are the divine force that’s come to the earth to change things.

You’ve come to bring your lives into alignment with spirit in the greatest way possible, and many of you have come to show the way for the rest of humanity to do the same when their awareness grows and they recognize the importance of aligning with the divine and living for love.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with encouragement to see just how spiritually powerful you truly are. Even though some seekers don’t resonate with the idea of power because it’s come to be associated with corruption and various other negative and limiting qualities, true, raw spiritual power isn’t something to turn away from.

It’s something to embrace, and it can only be embraced with a significant degree of love in your hearts and willingness in your minds. Embrace your greater spiritual power and the perceptual enhancement that comes with it, and know that you’re endlessly loved, guided and supported by myriad higher-dimensional souls who seek to positively influence you from within.

You’ll achieve your purpose with a wealth of inner assistance, and when you look back on the experiences you had on the earth from the higher realms, you’ll be glad you empowered yourselves.

You’ll be glad you stepped up to the plate and started offering yourselves to your planetary restoration, because you’ll see that you contributed to the creation of all of the changes that needed made before you could enjoy a brimming galactic society that hosts the presence of various higher-dimensional civilizations who’ve waited for you all to arise and embrace the light.

We’re real, we’re here and we can be communicated with, but we aren’t the saviors some seekers assume we are. You’re the saviors, and with your potent and divinely inspired efforts, you’ll ‘save’ the earth and everyone on it from the thoughts, feelings and actions that have resulted from the lower vibrations you’re all enmeshed in.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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Oversoul Teachings via Wes Annac – Oversoul Teachings: You Can Limit Yourselves or Free Yourselves – 8-16-14

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

You can receive an endless amount of higher-vibrational energies and impressions, which you can interpret for your benefit and that of the conscious public. Opening up to your divinely ordained abilities is the first step to acting on them in a real and pure way, and they can become as infinite as you’re becoming if you allow them to.

Your ability to pick up on the energies being happily and lovingly sent your way from the higher realms depends entirely on your willingness to believe in it, and if you aren’t willing to believe you’re capable of channeling or willing to pursue the practice often, your connection will be shallower than if you remain dedicated.

As long as your heart’s in the right place, every creative work you produce will be pure and flowing.

Of course, depending on what you do, the influence of the ego will have to be diminished before your work can be pure or successful, and many of you are learning this as you continue to develop your respective creative works with the aforementioned dedication.

As your dedication to your ascension and the creative works that help you re-find the higher realms grows, your perception of all of the divine wonders you’ve been waiting to perceive grows as well.

Your ability to find and remain in your sacred center increases, and your clarity of mind is sharpened, along with your ability to express the resulting positive emotions.

Enthusiasm to Contribute

Some of you are having trouble reaching such a clear and pure state of mind, and the sleepiness that’s become common for many of you will be replaced with joy and enthusiasm to contribute wholeheartedly to the restoration of consciousness when you can simply exist, refusing to give into the wants and demands of the ego.

You hold yourselves back more than we can express when you continuously give in to the ego’s demands, and if you want your perception or your creative works to be sharpened, you’ll have to release the grip the ego has held on many of you and enjoy the resulting flow.

We’ve mentioned the importance of traveling into your sacred center and remaining there plenty of times, and this is because of its relevance to your attainment of enlightenment and your enjoyment of the resulting clarity and assuredness – of yourselves and where you’re going.

Willingness to venture beyond the needs of the ego and into the constant, blissful love of the centered self is very important, and as long as you’re dedicated to the process and willing to do whatever it takes to re-find the higher realms and help others do the same, everything you want to do will become easier.

Of course, they’ll only become easier if you can get out of your own way and let a higher facet of your consciousness work through you, and we note that it can be easy to block your reception of the divine because of the aforementioned demands of the ego.

When you fulfill these demands, you cut yourselves off from the greatest source of information and energy you could hope to connect with, and we’re confident that many of you are ready to cease ‘feeding the best’ and see what the next stage in your development and evolution have to offer.

Now that you’re readying yourselves to greet the fourth and fifth dimensions, your vibration is growing and your clarity of mind and heart is being turned up to incredible extents, but these things can only happen if you open up to them.

Your minds can only be clear if you allow them to be, and you can only feel the energy pouring out from your sacred heart space if you open up to it. Everything you have the potential to do requires some momentum, and if you aren’t willing to open up and see what the divine has to offer, you won’t find what you’re looking for quite yet.

If you are willing, this’ll be displayed by your actions and the readiness with which you pursue anything that has to do with spirituality or finding a higher vibration. Your enthusiasm to re-find the higher realms is displayed by the amount of enthusiasm you approach things that relate to it with, and willingness and determination will see you onward in this time of transformation.

You have the individual and collective potential to manifest miracles on the surface of the earth, and all you have to do is believe in yourselves and willingly pursue the creation of such miracles.

Believing in yourselves will take you further than you might think or expect, and practicing your divine gifts every day will help you hone them and the general expressions that are helping you collectively re-find a higher vibration.

By ‘expressions’, we mean the energy/advice/information you’re all sharing with each other as your vibration continues to rise. You constantly communicate with each other on a subconscious level, and even though many of you have never ‘officially’ met in person, you’re closer with each other than you realize.

Contributing Something of Value

Your closeness with the higher realms is also very strong, and your ability to connect with us can strengthen exponentially if you allow it to. Given that you’re strengthening your abilities with every day that passes, soon enough, they’ll be so strong that you’ll reach waves of other seekers who’ll be very glad they discovered your passionate, inspired work.

We can’t express the importance of everything you’re doing enough, and even when you’re depleted, you’re encouraged to squeeze out what little work you can so at the end of the day, you can know you’ve contributed. This is one of the main goals of your presence on the earth: to contribute something of value to its ascension.

Even if you find that you’ve only been able to do a little bit each day, this is still better than nothing. As long as your will and intent are there, everything else will follow suit, but you have to be willing to do what’s required to bring yourselves and the planet around you into the light, which we note can be difficult at times.

You don’t have to strain or push yourselves too hard, but a little bit of momentum is greatly needed and greatly appreciated. We don’t want you to burn yourselves out, but as many of you are discovering, you can never truly ‘burn out’ given that you’re infinite receptors of creative energy and inspiration.

You can push your bodies too far or convince yourselves you’ve burned out, but underneath your physical bodies, your energy is as limitless as your potential to act on it.

Realizing you’re infinite is the first step to acting on your infinity, and if you refuse to believe you’re capable of expanding your minds and diminishing your perception of yourselves as finite, human beings, you’ll continue to struggle with limitation and the feeling that you aren’t doing enough.

Let limitation be a thing of the past, and let yourselves open up to the infinity that sits all around, waiting to be discovered and tapped into. Infinity is everything, and everything survives into infinity. Is this difficult to fathom from the limited realms of the earth?

Despite all of the limitation and depletion some of you tend to feel, your infinity remains intact. Most souls on your planet haven’t yet realized or tapped into it, but as your vibration continues to rise, everyone will understand and act on it.

Not one soul will be left out of the construction of your new earth or the realization of your collective infinity, and everyone who’s been lost in the unawareness of the lower vibrations will rediscover that they are and have always been infinite.

When they do, we can envision all of humanity contributing to your planetary restoration in much stronger ways than most of your planet currently does, but until this time comes, the incarnate lightworkers, starseeds, etc. have a lot of important and potent work to do.

If you let yourselves, you can become miraculous healers of the ailments that have clogged your collective consciousness, and only if you can expand your perception will you be able to do this. It’s essential to understand that you’re capable of everything you’re willing to believe you’re capable of, and your beliefs can either inhibit your or help you soar.

Depending on what you believe, you can either limit yourselves or free yourselves from the limited beliefs that have been commonplace on your planet for millennia. You can free yourselves from the self-instated and collectively enforced illusion of separation and inability, and all it takes is the will to do so.

All it takes is the desire to pull yourselves and everyone around you out of the mucky unawareness of the lower vibrations, and when you can do this, you’ll find the spiritual elation so many of you seek.

A Lot Needs Done

You’ll help others find it too, and there’ll be an entire planet of awake and aware souls who recognize that changes need made and are willing to do what’s required of them to make such changes.

A lot needs done to transform your planet and make sure it operates fairly, in the name of serving humanity instead of oppressing you, and since your motivation is already growing, we can envision the most important changes being made relatively easily.

Of course, this can only happen if the conscious public continues to be as active as you always have, and with the awareness you carry within, you can light up the surface of your planet and help everyone understand that something real and pure exists beyond the limitations you’ve grown used to.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with endless encouragement to develop your creative abilities, even when your flame seems doused and you feel more depleted than usual.

In many cases, your creative routes will lead you out of the illusory depletion you tend to convince yourselves is real, and by living in love and constantly orienting to the divine, you’ll find that you don’t feel depleted or unable to complete any given creative venture as often.

Depletion will be replaced with an unprecedented drive to do everything you can to bring humanity into the light, and in time, all of humanity will feel and act on this drive. Continue to be as busy as you can in preparation for this time, and know that in so many ways, your work has just begun.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Oversoul Teachings, The Golden Age of Gaia, Lightworkers.org, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness), and Twitter.

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Oversoul Teachings via Wes Annac – Never Lose Faith in Where You’re Going – 7-18-14

Oversoul Teachings: “Never Lose Faith in Where You’re Going” Channeled through Wes Annac, July 17, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/p3jfryg

Your ascension process requires you to be as strong and diligent as possible, and as you make your way through the lower vibrations, you’ll find that a lot’s required of you before you can find the greater state of consciousness you seek.

Plenty of seekers have noted that darkness and density are turned up to extreme and intense proportions on your earth, and you knew this before you decided to make your way to its surface in an effort to help its people find the higher vibration you enjoyed before your descent.

You knew the earth experience would challenge you more than any other lower-vibrational experience, and you were still willing and enthusiastic to take on the challenge because you knew your inner light would help you soar.

Now, many of you are empowering a greater level of self-discipline than ever before as you seek to make the constant, greater connection you’re rediscovering. Even at this late stage in the game, you can fall off the horse if you let yourselves, and you might find it difficult to get back on.

Turning Away Lower Influences

Instead of letting yourselves fall in the first place, you’re encouraged to employ a greater level of strength and discipline than many of you have employed so far. In letting yourselves be strong and pure instruments for the expression of the divine, you’ll be able to turn away any lower influences or energetic parasites that’d easily drain your greater perception if you let them.

They can only reach you by way of your actions and intentions, and if you live in love and express the necessary strength, you’ll find that they don’t hinder you. If any of you ever find yourselves in the company of one of these lower-vibrational thought forms, you can beam love their way to assure that they leave your space and never desire to return.

Lower entities and thought forms will only appear where they think they have a chance of being fed.

They seek humanity’s energy, and especially the energy of the conscious public, like an addict who seeks their next fix. An addict will go to places that house their poison, and similarly, lower thought forms will travel where they can receive the sustenance they get from the conscious and unconscious humanity.

If you blast light these souls’ way every time they attempt to influence you, they’ll immediately leave your space; not because of any moral rejection of your light, but because they literally can’t tolerate it.

When a soul or thought form becomes so rooted in darkness, the light is too bright for them. It’s akin to a poison that they must flee from before they’re exposed to themselves and the darkness they carry within in ways that are too pure or potent.

Thus, by shining your light on them, you help them in very small ways before they flee, and you also help yourselves by getting rid of their energy and influence within your sphere.

In doing so, you can bless these souls from a safe distance without having to worry about their attempts to influence you or convince you to fall into old habitual patterns and ways of being that don’t serve you as much as the greater, purer perception you’re beginning to re-find.

Acting on old ways is your choice entirely, and if you do, you’ll naturally find that your environment returns to the condition it was in before you started to ascend.

You’re always making progress, even when you stand still, but if you directly impede your own progress, you could return yourselves to the limited conditions and circumstances you were so ready to grow away from when you started to traverse the ascension path.

We know in our heart of hearts that this won’t happen, of course, because you’ve all already displayed an immense amount of strength, willingness and dedication to the process and the missions you’ve set out for yourselves.

We’re very confident that you won’t return to your former conditions, but the seekers amongst you who choose to continuously fall back into old ways will eventually experience the natural consequences of such falls.

When you can rid yourselves of the influence of lower aspects of yourselves who are in need of exposure and transmutation, as well as the aforementioned thought forms who seek to negatively influence humanity for their own gain, you’ll find all of the divine wonders you seek and your natural energy and vitality will be constantly replenished.

Remaining on the Path

The more you live in love and use your inner strength to refrain from the lower-vibrational temptations that can easily hold you back, the purer your perception will become and the easier you’ll find it to be in an immense, boundless state of joy and bliss that spreads out to everyone around you, creating an unprecedented ripple effect that your planet and various others will feel and benefit from.

Willingness to remain on the path is one of the best things you can have, and since the energy’s being turned up to extreme proportions, duality will continue to intensify in preparation for its complete dissolution. Just like time, we intend to say that your perception of duality is dissolving more than duality itself, and as long as there are lower realms of consciousness, the resulting qualities will continue to exist.

You’ll leave duality behind, however, as long as you can find it in yourselves to remain on your paths and excel like never before.

We note that many of you crave expansion and, at the same time, you’re very comfortable where you’re already at along your growth, and we want you to know that striving to expand won’t help you as much as going with the natural, expansive flow and experiencing the blessings that result.

When it comes to helping others find the light, striving can definitely be a good thing. However, it can also hold a seeker back from going with the flow and experiencing the natural upgrades they’re destined to experience.

By remaining in a constant, open flow of love and creativity, you’ll find and act on the expansive thoughts, feelings and ideas that cause you to dig deeper and deeper into new territories – territories you might not have been comfortable with a short time ago.

As you naturally expand, your ascension process unfolds before you and you find that everything flows in a simple yet complicated rhythm.

Everything you seek comes to you with relative ease, whereas blocking your natural flow and striving too hard makes it far more difficult to find the creative flow you strive to find. Detachment is necessary in a lot of ways, and detaching from the lower vibrations and everything that feeds them is among the best things you can do for yourselves.

There’s no sense in continuing to feed into the lower vibrations, which you know only cause grief, pain and further separation from the divine Source, of which we’re all extensions.

Instead of feeding into the hellish states of consciousness you’re so ready to grow away from, we welcomingly invite you to expand your greater perception far more than you yet have and use your inner strengthen to refrain from feeding into the mechanisms driving your old world.

With time and a lot of effort, your earth will be transformed into a brimming galactic society with various crystal cities and far more advanced ways of powering a more advanced lifestyle than your current.

Pollution as you see it will have long been a thing of the past, but from the perspective of many of you, a lot of work still needs done before your earth can be completely unpolluted.

She’s far more polluted than even many lightworkers and starseeds on the ground realize, but we and the rest of the Company of Heaven are well aware of earth’s condition and we’ve been sending her endless amounts of loving, healing energy that’s helping her eradicate some of the pollution-based pain and cope with the rest of it.

In time, humanity will be made aware of the importance of saving your environment with humanitarian works that’ll be intended to reverse the damage done by landfills and various other things that feed an immense amount of pollution into Gaia’s surface, in her water and under her ground daily.

A lot of major restorative acts will need to be implemented, but it’ll all happen when it’s destined to and once the pollution-cleansing work is done, you can focus on opening your planet to the presence of your extended family; the infinite number of advanced civilizations who exist just outside of your planet and far, far beyond.

You’ll have to ‘clean your house’ before you can greet their presence, and by this we mean you’ll have to clean your planet up and raise your vibration sufficiently before you’re able to host the presence of various advanced civilizations who have a lot to help you remember.

Some of these races are responsible for seeding your physical bodies on earth, but by this we don’t intend to say these races ‘created’ you. They engineered the physical temples you’re all incarnate in, but your body is finite and by no means does it solely constitute who you are.

Creating and Sowing the Human Template

It’s true that a select few extraterrestrial races sowed the template for the human body as you currently perceive it a very long amount of ‘time’ ago.

While modifications have since been made by benevolent and malevolent extraterrestrial interests, much of humanity is opening their chakras and activating the DNA your galactic brethren created and intended for you to be able to use in an unhindered way.

You’re reclaiming your sacred powers and abilities as you open up to the suppressed truths of your existence, and as long as you can remain loving and open to the influence of the divine while balancing out your lower selves, the truths and perceptions you seek will flow to you, naturally and gracefully.

You have to be willing to receive this flow, of course, and blocking yourselves from it in favor of lower-vibrational dross is akin to keeping yourselves out of the shade and away from a nice, cold, refreshing glass of water on an oppressively hot day.

Remaining tethered to the lower vibrations won’t do any of you any good, and you’re wholeheartedly encouraged to leave everything that’s hindered you behind in favor of things you know will empower you and fill you with the bliss, wholeness and elation you seek.

Even when one seeks lower-vibrational things, they really seek Source – it’s simply that they seek Source in a distorted way that won’t ultimately fill them with the wholeness they desire.

The conscious public is starting to discover the right channels; the right pathways to Source, and for centuries of your time, seekers have discovered things that did and didn’t help them find a higher state of consciousness or convene with Source in a purer way than the third dimension allows.

The third dimension entails immense yet illusory separation from Source and from oneself as Source, which can be very difficult to climb out of, but those of you who are climbing out of it now are showing the way for billions of other earthly souls to live by when their time comes to re-embrace the higher dimensions.

You’ve all come to earth from the higher realms, and we mean this for everyone on your planet. Whether you’re an incarnate lightworker, starseed, etc. or not, you all came to the lower vibrations from the purest realms of Source that exist for the purpose of knowing and experiencing yourselves in a different way.

As facets of the all-knowing and all-loving Source, you sought to know and understand yourselves in a greater way than you already did by creating an illusory environment to play around in. Eventually, you grew more sophisticated in your creation of this lower-vibrational reality; you began incorporating lessons for yourselves to learn and challenges to overcome.

Eventually, you grew so lost in your lower-vibrational creations because of how much creative fun you were having that you solidified them more than you already had by convincing yourselves they were your reality when, truly, they aren’t.

You were stuck in your own desire to create and experience as much illusion as you could, and you’ve planned your earthly lives down to the last detail with each lifetime you’ve experienced.

The Natural Creative Drive

You all have a natural urge to be creative, and needless to say, this urge was much, much stronger in the higher realms when you were immersing yourselves in the lower-vibrational illusions you discovered you could create and convincing yourselves they were reality.

You wanted to create more; experience more; learn more; grow more; understand more; and in doing so, waves of souls became immersed in the illusions they’d created for themselves.

The souls on your earth who are particularly attracted to obtaining material things are, in some cases, the souls who were basically obsessed with creating new realities; new challenges and opportunities for growth.

Those among you who are immersed in physicality the most are some of the ones who were the most enthusiastic about continuously creating lower realms to experience and learn lessons in.

This is one many reasons we have so much compassion for all of you – especially those among you who are lost in darkness. At one time, you were all innocent, happy, blissful creators of these fun lower-vibrational realms that you took sojourns in as you learned lessons and explored yourselves in new ways.

Some of the darkest souls amongst you today were the happiest, most ecstatic and jubilant creators of lower realms, and they enjoyed their creations so much that they continue to be ‘stuck’ in them and the darkness that’s grown to constitute them.

We excitedly await the time when everyone on your planet can find that playfully creative state of consciousness again, and we feel for those who’ve lost themselves in the lower vibrations they were so happy and excited to create and explore.

While it was known by many in the higher realms that creating and experiencing lower-vibrational realities for the sheer purpose of enjoyment was a bit foolish because it could cause the very ordeal we now seek to help mend, we were still more than happy to watch all of you create and experience to your heart’s content.

We speak from the perspective of those who didn’t create lower realms to experience, but many of us who are speaking to you were lost in the very darkness many on your earth are now lost in because of our own enthusiasm in creating and experiencing lower realms.

This enthusiasm has transformed into enthusiasm to continuously explore the higher realms we delightfully descended away from to create the illusions we’re no longer trapped in, which we’re helping you and various others transcend.

Many of us have chosen to send our godsparks down to the earth to help those among you who are stuck in so much darkness that they can’t seem to release its grip on them, and the actions of the incarnate lightworkers, starseeds, etc. are intended to help heal the distortions that have gripped the minds and hearts of every earthly soul who’s still lost in the illusion of materiality.

Whereas before, a lot of us were focused on creating lower realms to experience, we’re now focused on helping everyone understand that they are and have always been infinite beings of creator energy who constantly create, consciously and subconsciously.

You constantly create in other realms based on your earthly vibration and the vibration of various other aspects of your oversoul who are rooted in various realms of experience in an ultimate effort to help all of creation ascend, and the vibration you send out determines the things you create.

Wondrous Works of Higher-Vibrational Art

If you’re on a particularly low vibration, your creations will reflect this, but if your mind and heart are rooted in purity, you’ll constantly create wondrous works of higher-vibrational art that, we can say from our experience seeing them, are very impressive.

The fact that so many of you are able to create such amazing works of art from within the nearly suffocating lower vibrations of the earth is remarkable to say the least, and we continue to watch you excel and falter in nearly the same breath with amazement at how you’re able to balance it all.

From our perspective, the things you’re experiencing are practically unfathomable in how difficult they are and how much misery they seem to cause, but again, many of us have experienced the lower realms in our own ways. The earth’s darkness and density are far more extreme than most other planets’, and most of us who speak to you haven’t had quite the degree of experience you’re all having.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with endless joy and anticipation for the things you have yet to experience. If some of you can simply get out of your own way and let your divine flow take over, you’ll find and notice so many wonderful and amazing things that your expanded perception will be responsible for your ability to perceive.

Remaining sensitive to the influence of spirit while being strong in the face of the lower vibrations will see you onward, and before you know it, your vibration will have risen to new heights and you’ll be in a much purer state of consciousness that’s far easier and more blissful than your current.

Remember this in your most difficult times, and never lose faith in where you’re going. We’re all here for you, and you’re encouraged to seek our energy and advice when you need it the most.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

(Permission is given to spread this post far and wide, as long as the following bio is included.)

I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site. The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future. I can also be found at Oversoul Teachings, The Golden Age of Gaia, Lightworkers.org, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness), and Twitter.

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Spiritual Guidance via Wes Annac – Connecting With Spirit is a Sacred Right – 6-12-14

Spiritual Guidance: Connecting With Spirit is a Sacred Right – June 12, 2014, channeled through Wes Annac, http://cultureofawareness.com/2014/06/12/spiritual-guidance-connecting-with-spirit-is-a-sacred-right/

When you attune to the energies and impressions of the higher realms, you connect with something that constantly sits within and waits to be utilized. Your reception of the energies we’re offering can be very smooth and free-flowing, but you have to have plenty of energy and willingness to interpret and expand on the impressions you’re being given.

You have to be in as receptive of a state as possible if you want to open up to us and the energy we’re sending you, and you utilize your creative energy when you channel us or do anything else that’s intended to help humanity become aware.

You have to be receptive so you can bring forth your natural, creative energy and the energy of the souls you seek to connect with, and after so long of successfully connecting with us and bringing the resulting words and energies through, it’ll become much easier to communicate with us and the impressions you receive will flow to you much more effortlessly.

As long as you continue honing your reception of the energy you’re being happily and lovingly given from the realms beyond, the purity of your connection will continue to strengthen and your perception of the spiritual nature of your existence, as well as your overall ability to connect with the divine and use that connection to help others, will strengthen just as much.

Tapping Into the Heart

Above all, we recommend tapping into the love of the open heart space on a daily basis and making sure you don’t deplete yourselves of the creative, inspired energy you hold within. There are plenty of ways you can drain this energy, and we encourage eating light, among plenty of other things, for those of you who want to utilize it to its fullest extent.

You’re infinitely capable of connecting with the love of the open heart space and using your creative energy for progressive purposes, but if you deplete your energy or block yourselves from the love of your hearts, you’ll find that it’s much harder to channel us or complete any other creative act that would’ve ordinarily been easier.

We encourage humility for any soul who wants to continuously connect with the higher realms and produce divinely inspired creations, and too much earthly consumerism will block your channels and make it difficult to find the divine flow so many of you seek.

If you’re too enamored with the physical world to engage in your unfolding perception of the spiritual, your connection will be blocked and you may wonder why you suddenly can’t feel the energy and inspiration you once felt naturally.

Creativity is a beautiful and spiritually inspired thing, and we never encourage draining your natural energetic source of creativity in favor of finite, earthly things that don’t satisfy as much as utilizing your greater perception and creativity.

Getting active is one of many ways you can increase your reception of the divine and your ability to effortlessly connect with the higher realms, and you can also spend plenty of time in nature, revitalizing your channels and nourishing your spirits as much and as often as possible.

Some of you are blessed to have nature spots very close to your homes, and we wholeheartedly encourage utilizing these spots and gaining as much energy and vitality as you feel you can. In doing so, you’ll expand your greater perception like never before and your reception of the divine will increase into eternity.

We talk about the divine flow and connecting with spirit so much for two reasons.

One is because this subject is on the mind of our scribe, who’s interpreting our energies and having us shed light on matters that are important to him, and the other is because this flow will creatively liberate every seeker who taps into it in a real and pure way.

What we mean is that any creative project or venture you seek to embark on will be strengthened exponentially by tapping into the divine flow and letting it be responsible for the things you produce.

You’re still responsible for these things, but once you step into this flow, you can think of yourself as a conduit for a greater aspect of yourself who works through you and produces things you would’ve never thought yourselves able to produce.

In connecting with your higher selves and the numerous, uncountable guides that wait for you to connect with them, you’ll find a wealth of important and needed assistance along your paths as well as a strengthened spiritual perception and a greater understanding of the importance of everything you experience.

Highs and Lows

You’re all going through difficult but necessary trials, and the earth experience entails going through highs and lows; ups and downs that you’re tasked with navigating in as centered and balanced of a way as you can. Some of the challenges you’ll face will test you more than you expect, and others will be easier as long as you remain in the aforementioned balanced space.

No matter what you experience, inner harmony is the key to navigating it. This goes for anything and everything that could possibly make its way to you, and as long as you’re loving, peaceful, and centered within, nothing will take your sense of security away from you.

Security isn’t to be found in your outer reality – it’s to be found in the calm assuredness of the open heart space. The real security every soul seeks is in knowing Source and themselves, and when you explore your inner realms and your metaphysical capabilities, such as channeling, you’ll find the security so many of you search so actively for.

The physical body is the sacred, holy temple that one can use to constantly praise Source and themselves, and the spirit that sits in the body is the real self; the authentic self who can never die. Your real selves will always exist, and when your physical body perishes, you’ll simply drop it and become your true, etheric selves, free to explore your reality in a much less dense and inhibited way.

Your higher self is the result of your experiences gained in the lower dimensions, and your authentic self will meet and merge with this higher soul-fragment in due time. In fact, this merging is already taking place, and even though I lean on my scribe’s vocabulary to communicate with humanity, my scribe and I will continue to merge, as will each of you with your respective higher selves.

The higher realms (as well as your higher selves) are descending onto the earth, and likewise, all of the lower-dimensional creation on earth is ascending toward us. We’re merging our respective perceptions, and the result will be a much greater and purer perception on the part of all of humanity.

You’re continuing to pass through the fourth dimension, and like we’ve said before, much of your collective is currently rooted in a lower fourth-dimensional perception. This isn’t stopping the awakening lightworkers from bringing through as much and as pure light as they can in preparation for the events that are to come, however.

Your ascension is more gradual than many seekers think, but there are important events that help you collectively shift into a higher state of consciousness – that is, if you utilize them. The upcoming full moon on your date of Friday the 13th will prove to be one such important energetic event, and if you make an effort, you can attune to the pure energies you’re being given, which will be intensified on this date.

We want to use this opportunity to talk about superstition and the negative effect it can have on your quest for spiritual truths and revelations.

Various things, such as breaking mirrors, walking under a ladder, seeing a black cat, etc. are believed to herald negative consequences, and the date of Friday the 13th has fallen into this category. What a lot of people on your planet don’t know is that the negatively oriented superstitions that preach fear are aligned with your cabal’s agenda to limit humanity’s greater perception with irrelevant dogma, and every form of superstition can be transcended.

You Create Your Reality

In reality, it doesn’t matter what certain dates, symbols, or numbers mean to other people on your planet, because you can each choose what these symbols mean for you. If, for instance, the upcoming date of Friday the 13th and the coinciding full moon could be seen as positive for your spiritual development, then you’ll experience the benefits from such a belief because your create your reality.

No matter what a symbol, date, etc. means to someone else, you’re in the driver’s seat and you have the full ability to decide what it means for you.

You can make every day a reason to celebrate if you want. Imagine, dearest souls, every day being a holiday wherein you celebrate the joyful nature of your existence and the fact that you’re able to perceive such wonders and beauties in such a lower-vibrational place.

Especially on your upcoming Friday the 13th, you can use these self-created holidays to attune to an increasingly pure banquet of Source energy, and if you do, you’ll find that your consciousness and that of the people around you started to grow in the days and weeks afterward.

The lightworkers who are inclined to acting as conduits for a greater amount and purity of energy will want to be hard at work on this date, day and night, receiving and transmitting the powerful waves of energy that’ll be emitted.

This date is just one of many that herald a massive increase in the amount and purity of energy you’re being given, and the more active the conscious public is in assimilating and spreading the energies around, the more people they’ll be able to reach.

Of course, they’re reaching everyone on your planet no matter what, but some earthly souls have a very thick, ego-driven shell to break through that we hope for these energies to help penetrate.

Your planet and everyone on it is given freewill, but the higher selves of a plethora of earthly souls are ready to make the soul-level connections that their sparks on earth have been cut off from, and as such, myriad lightworkers and starseeds have been called to your planet to help these souls make the connections you each deserve to make.

Connecting with spirit is a sacred right you each carry within, but nobody can force you to act on this right. Nobody in the higher realms can force you to see beyond the very strong illusion that exists on your planet and into the light of your developing higher-dimensional perception, and only you can make the connections you want to make.

Making these connections is one thing, but maintaining them is something else entirely, as our and plenty of other scribes are beginning to learn.

Once you realize you’ve been endowed with an ability to connect with the higher realms or do anything else that benefits the conscious public and, eventually, all of humanity, you’re encouraged to pursue it as much as you can – to ‘milk it for all it’s worth’ as we’ve said before.

As we’ve also said before, the purpose of the earthly existence of many of you is to bring through the energies of your higher selves and guides, so feel free to start working harder than ever before and enjoying the deeper connections that result.

Your connection with spirit can be deeper than you ever imagined or envisioned, and all you need to do is make an effort to keep opening up to the divine and producing as much and as pure spiritually inspired material as you can.

Our scribe recently made the decision to start channeling every day, for example, and this is a huge commitment that requires daily dedication to the channeling flow and to offering oneself for the expression of a higher aspect of one’s consciousness.

The Importance of Commitment

Channeling can be easy, but acting on the everlasting flow you can each access is difficult if one isn’t fully committed to the process.

We’re confident that the growing number of souls who seek to channel us will commit to the process in due time, and we, like many of you, are excited to see just how many souls choose to connect with us and how easy it’ll be for an increasingly aware humanity to make the connections you’ve been convinced you’re too limited to make.

Humanity has been misled about the existence of the spiritual realms and every soul who resides in them, as well as the existence of various otherworldly civilizations who are very close to your planet, and there’s a lot for you to learn about your spiritual nature and the infinitely deep ability you have to connect with the higher realms and even call for your star brethren to show themselves to you.

This is a tricky subject, because your star brethren are very excited to show themselves to conscious seekers who won’t be overwhelmed by their presence, but they have to be careful because in any given moment, hundreds of people are looking up into the same day or night sky as the seeker who wants to see a craft.

Many seekers have been given sightings of your star brethren, and every time a sighting is given, extreme care and caution are taken so freewill isn’t hindered and people who aren’t ready to witness something so bold and outside their physical perception don’t have to.

Every facet of the Company of Heaven cares for humanity deeply, your star brethren included, and we would never want to overwhelm or scare any soul into closing their greater perception and refusing to see what lies beyond your physical realm.

This is the hardest thing about helping awaken humanity: if an earthly soul is given too pure or intense of a glimpse into the higher realms or the souls in them, they’re likely to shut down and abandon any greater perception they might’ve otherwise sought.

We want you to be awake and aware, but we want you to wake up in your own time and not in a time that’s designated for you by someone else.

The seekers who want to witness a craft and are willing to express patience, however, can make a request in their minds and hearts for a sighting and see what happens, and many seekers can attest that this method will offer the sighting one seeks. Everyone’s different, however, and some seekers might not witness a sighting for various reasons.

One is, again, because we don’t want to overwhelm anyone else, and another is because witnessing a craft or a series of them could shatter what was left of a seeker’s physical paradigm if the sighting is particularly bold or intense.

Many seekers are confident that they can witness something bold or physically unexplainable, but some seekers who’ve been given visions of billions of craft in the sky and other, similar phenomena in their dreams have noted the uneasy feelings these things caused in them.

You’ll be overwhelmed if you’re awakened too quickly, and for this and plenty of other reasons, we can’t express the importance of patience enough.

Let whatever happens flow naturally, and if it isn’t what you expect or you feel as if you can handle something more intense, make a request to your higher self and put yourself on a different timeline where you’re more susceptible to witnessing intense phenomena.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with the utmost support and encouragement to keep expressing the flowing love you’re beginning to rediscover you carry within.

Strengthen your perception of this inner love whenever possible, because without it, your lives turn cold and hollow and we note the anguishing feelings that can result. Keep your channels pure and flowing, and allow your physical body – your place of worship – to be as clear and pure as possible.

You’re holy beings who are worthier of Source’s all-encompassing love than you yet realize, and you’re given the love and support of the entirety of the Company of Heaven. Remember this in your darkest and most difficult times, and always seek to expand the already strong flow you’re tapping into with grace and ease.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.


I can also be found at Conscious Oneness, The Golden Age of Gaia, Lightworkers.org, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness), and Twitter.

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Hathors Via Wes Annac – Karmic Acceleration, Exposure of Tyranny and Understanding Channels

The Hathors: Karmic Acceleration, Exposure of Tyranny and Understanding Channels

30 August 2013

Channeler:  Wes Annac  /  WesAnnac.com  /  AquariusParadigm.com

The minds and hearts of the awakening humanity are expanding more rapidly than we could possibly communicate, though of course, despite the rapid nature of your ascension it’s still a progressive and steady one that sees you grow and learn in increments, which have been discussed by other sources.

We are excited at the prospect of beginning to communicate with you much more directly as you open up and expand your channels to the incredible heights many of you are learning to, and we can say with happiness that your ability to bring through our impressions will only increase as much as your ability to perceive of and understand us and the realms we exist in.

We’re so very excited for humanity to open up to the reality of our existence and our immense desire to reconnect with you in very direct ways, because we all, as a united body of assistance for the Earth, have so very much to offer you.

It’s important to be opened up to the idea of our existence if you wish for an uninhibited connection to be found with us, because we’ll only funnel our impressions to those who willingly ask for them.

We seek not to overwhelm humanity or the awakening Lightworker public in any way, and if any soul becomes uncomfortable with absorbing our impressions or channeling our energies through and makes such discomfort clear, we’ll happily detach our energies from theirs and eventually greet them again after your Earth has ascended.

Acceleration of Karma

Your populace specifically is in need of collective ascension, and Gaia has existed in the fifth dimension for quite a long amount of your concept of time. Each of you can make active attempts to connect with and feel the energies of the fifth-dimensional Earth you’re building and growing toward in every moment.

The veils between you and the higher dimensions continue to be torn down with each alignment you pass through, and as we give this message at the end of the month of August, humanity still has many important celestial alignments and configurations to pass through that’ll see your power truly unhindered.

Dear scribe, we note the “thousands of tiny personal revolutions” as you’ve termed them, that you’ve been receiving in the past few days of your time. We ask you to expect many more unfolding aspects of yourselves to be made known, and the overhaul many of you are experiencing will continue until you find yourselves glimmering examples of spiritual beings who’ve done the most difficult Life-path work.

You’re reaching the end of your karmic contract individually and collectively, and this means that karma will accelerate exponentially for you, dear souls.

We note that some of you feel yourselves to be experiencing nearly instant karmic reactions to what you sew for yourselves to experience, and specifically, the negative karma you manifest is being sent back to you with much more rapidity than it previously has.

This is because of your aforementioned closing karmic contract, and because it’s essential for you to experience and transmute any bit of remaining residue accumulated from your dense Earthly experiences and the effects they can have upon you at times.

Recognizing the density prevalent on your Earth is important to understanding why some of you feel your mood or vibration to be dragged down at times. It’s important to remember that you’re transmuting the dense energies given out by the collective as a whole, and when you can remember this you can find equilibrium in the face of a bad mood or a low vibration seeming not to want to leave you.

Balance and Collective Energy-Transmutation

You’re pioneers of bringing the Light energies through and expressing them for your collective to benefit from, and you’ve recently taken on the much greater task of transmuting the dense energy of others in massive ways.

To be quite truthful, the effect this has had on the Lightworker pubic has been much less detrimental than it could’ve been and you’ve largely been able to maintain your balance and continue to find the Light energies despite the heavier weight that’s been added to the backs of many of you.

Those of you who specifically signed up for transmuting the collective’s dense energies have been given the bulk of difficult energy to process and transmute nearly every day, though your Lives are planned-out in a way that makes allowance for the fact that energetically, you simply need to rest at times.

You’re coming to find an uninhibited line of connection to the higher dimensions, and the more you make your efforts to perceive of the higher realms and connect with us souls happily existing here, the more fulfilled your experiences will begin to become.

You’ll find your hearts opening and expanding in an exponentially-rapid manner, and you’ll find your experiences lighten up as your wholeness with the existence around you grows to unprecedented heights.

This is all being Divinely guided and led, and your deepened perception of the metaphysical realms has always been meant to herald a collective establishment of a society in alignment with the ideal of each citizen.

The pure Light energies many of you are unlocking within naturally lead one to question everything that’s been hidden, and the prevalent corruption and tyranny present in your government and financial institutions among many others will be fully exposed because such exposure is an ordained facet of humanity’s growth into purer fourth-dimensional planes.

Our Main Task is to Serve You

The fourth dimension will herald exposure of everything that’s been hidden for darkly-inclined reasons, and while there could be some difficulty along the way of surfacing such exposure on an individual and collective level, the result will be humanity’s building of a full-on Galactic society, built by and for each one of you.

Your restoration into full consciousness is being brought about by you, but the Company of Heaven has and will continue to assist you as we wish for you to reach the states of consciousness we’ve been able to.

Our main task is to serve you, the awakening humanity, and to help you serve the rest of your populace who will become open to the existence of the spiritual realms and the activities of those who’ve used money and power to keep you in the dark for generations.

Exposure will come about, and will largely be driven by the actions of the awakening public.

Already, so many souls have stepped to the forefront of the collective consciousness to offer revelations concerning the cabals, and we ask you to continue paying attention to exposures regarding the surveillance activities of the American NSA, the British GCHQ and the spy agencies of plenty of other countries; some of which haven’t yet had their activities exposed.

An entire, strong network of lies and half-truths has been fashioned around your society, and those who’ve suppressed your history will be held accountable for what they’ve done as humanity is subsequently informed of what they’ve suppressed.

A great sense of liberation and freedom will result, and prosperity will flow like water to every nation, every family and every person. Humanity will find the importance of establishing widespread unity, and the harmony you’ll breed and spread will see you easily and happily working together to bring your planet into the Light in every way.

The re-engineering of your cities will perhaps be the biggest feat for you to perform, but you’ll be assisted by your personal and collective drive to enact widespread and positive change on your world. You’ll also be assisted with technologies given by us and others, and the widespread disclosures you’ll be given regarding such technologies will see you able to understand and utilize them.

Cabal Exposure: A Collective Clearing-Event

Humanity will be able to fully utilize the potential of the technologies we’ll offer, and will be able to benefit incredibly from the inspiration you gain to help build a new world.

There could be some catalytic difficulty along the way of exposing the darkness that’s laid dormant in your collective consciousness, and beyond the transmutation of much of humanity’s dense energy, exposure of the dark’s activities will serve as an immense clearing event for your collective.

So very much will be revealed that you wouldn’t perhaps expect, and we ask you with Love to brace yourselves for much greater and more flowing insights and revelations than you’ve been given thus far.

The Light energies have largely made their way back to your planet, and the exposures coming about as a result have truly only begun and could leave humanity quite overwhelmed and even exhausted at times. Each bit of work you perform will be for the greater good of your collective, and those of you who are particularly keen on spreading peace and unity will pioneer helping your collective to do just that.

It could be difficult for some to establish unity and peace with those they’ve perceived themselves to be different from, but in the end, humanity will have come together despite everything that’s been played upon in your culture that teaches you to think you’re separate or different from each other in any way.

Indeed you’re not, and we know that an ever-increasing number of Earthy souls can feel this.

Unity, prosperity, abundance and wellbeing will be established for every soul on your planet, and you’ll find yourselves very fulfilled and satisfied with yourselves and the experiences you’ll have from here on out.

Those of you working already at the forefront of the Lightworker consciousness will perhaps expand your roles even more than you already have, and we anticipate many stepping up in the time ahead to help inform your collective about specific facets of your evolution into full consciousness.

Working Fruitfully Behind the Scenes

Your evolution is coming about in a collective manner, and this isn’t the norm for the ascension of most planets.

A certain quotient much be reached before the collective energies can resonate with the frequency of the fifth-dimensional energies you’ll be constantly absorbing and assimilating to Create the reality you’ll find around you, and at present, the collective is still largely feeding into the mechanisms of separation and unawareness that would only keep you situated upon a lower vibration forever if allotted.

We and so many others, along with you awakened souls scattered about in various different places on your Earth, have been working fruitfully behind the scenes on your return to full consciousness and on the awakening of your collective in time for the most potent events related to your ascension.

You’re beginning to reach heightened energies that will allow for the presence of such energetic events, and in the face of the vastly-purer energies you’re entering into and the metaphysical events they’ll cause that humanity will be dazzled to witness, we ask the Lightworkers to continue their energy work as much as possible.

There’s so very much for you to experience that’ll help initiate you into the higher dimensions as a collective, and we trust in the Lightworkers and in humanity as a collective’s ability to put an end to separation and hatred and see your populace feed into the pure energies of harmony and Love that will lead you onward.

We ask for you to enjoy the journey and seek the destination in healthy and balanced manners. Understand that you’re growing back toward the higher dimensions in every sense, and that you don’t have to be separated from these realms or from us as many of you tend to convince yourselves you are.

Nothing about your existence on the Earth says you have to deny the higher dimensions or otherwise not perceive of them; only you allow yourselves to believe that the veils between your world and the higher dimensions are too thick.

Understanding Channeled Communications

Indeed they’re not, and at this stage they can be practically seen through as ever-more souls embrace the higher dimensions and all that comes with them.

The higher dimensions and the existence of us souls in these dimensions will be widely disclosed on your world in the time ahead, and the communications we’ve been offering for so long will come to be understood by your collective as aspects of the assistance we wish to give you along your ascension.

Messages from us and many others published to your internet that have only been viewed by a certain segment of the Lightworker public will be opened up to, as it’s understood that we very actively communicate with humanity in an effort to reach you and help you grow back toward our realms.

Previous ridicule or mock will give way to open-minded understandings about the reality of the assistance we’ve given for so long.

Indeed, we’re not lower-oriented beings looking to gain humanity’s energy by fixating you on us or our communications. If the messages of any channeled being don’t resonate for any reason, we wholeheartedly recommend seeking what works best for you as an individual and fashioning the purest connection to your inner-realms that you can fashion.

Every one of you can open up and channel brimming communications from the higher dimensions, and upon allowing yourselves to believe that this contact can indeed be real, you’ll find excited contact from us or from whoever you wish to open up to.

As examples of the diversity one can pick up on when becoming open to a higher-dimensional connection, we’d like to go against the usual flow of our messages to allow two different collectives to come in and offer short condolences.

The Ascended Masters Speak

Greetings, my dear children, I am Jeshua speaking for the Ascended Master collective. We and so many others have been watching and listening as the dear Hathors have given their words and impressions, and we too seek to let you know that we are and have always been here, waiting for you to open up to us in any way you can.

We’re all here for you, dearest souls, and many of us have went as far as to incarnate on your Earth in many different lifetimes to reach your collective.

Why, then, would we choose not to communicate with you from the spiritual realms? We’ve done absolutely everything we can to reach humanity and to help you understand the reality of your existence, and in doing so, we’ve become very close with you.

We wish you to know that we’re not going anywhere, and your ability to pick up on us will continue to increase.

The Pleiadians Speak

With Loving thanks to Jeshua, I am SanJAsKa speaking for the Pleiadian High Council, the Council of Nine and our General Council.

You’re (currently) speaking with millions of Pleiadian souls, and I am representing them as we seek to let you know of the Love we possess for you, as well as your ability to pick up on our impressions and those of every soul and collective in the higher dimensions.

Your ability to reach the higher dimensions and various ascended entities and collectives is much stronger than you’ve been led to believe, and you’ll find yourselves able to pick up on and understand much deeper and more intricate impressions as you broaden your telepathic abilities.

Continue to practice channeling the higher dimensions and the pure energies you’re being given in any way you wish, because we too will remain here for every one of you.

The Hathors Conclude

With thanks to the Pleiadians and the Ascended Masters, we express that there are so many more collectives you can pick up on. We’ll conclude this communication at this point so as not to tire out our scribe, with the reminder that your perception of the realms of full consciousness can only be affirmed by you.

Some may attempt to discredit one’s perception of the higher dimensions or the many wondrous things that can result, but you’ve each incarnated with the knowledge of your personal Godhood and Divinity, and can shine in any and every moment.

Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes, as well as the Ascended Masters and the Pleiadians.



Wes Annac – SanKAsKa – Pleiadian High Council – Continual Revolutions Of Peace And Love – 20 August 2012




Channeled through Wes Annac-

The minds and hearts of the awakening public are expanding as rapidly as your progression into the realms of full consciousness. If we could only detail our amazement as we watch you continue to traverse a path that tests your faith and resolve enormously, than we’d be able to properly express our appreciation for the efforts of you dear souls on the ground.

We note the progress being made along your paths, and we note that the collective energies are rising in every moment in favor of a full entrance into and understanding of the Light on the part of your collective.

Every person around you is awakening in their own unique ways, and this is a message we’ll happily continue to repeat throughout the progression of the most intents aspects of your collective ascension process. While we don’t encourage focusing oneself on manifestations or brazen validations of the realms of spirit, we should note that there are many brazen energetic initiation points still to be reached by your collective.

Phenomena related to your entrance into the higher dimensions is long due to occur in different intervals on your Earth, and this process won’t involve danger, cataclysm or anything else that could drop the hearts of the awakening public.

This is because the cataclysm surrounding your brazen initiation into the realms of spirit that’s been predicted in times past is no longer appropriate for your collective to experience. The collective energies are, again, lightening in every moment and the presence of the awakening Lightworkers is helping to quell the chaotic energetics that could’ve otherwise caused the destruction previously predicted.

We ask for you to worry not and to enjoy your Earthly experience, for no relocation of one’s home will be necessary because of a brazen chaotic event and rather, the bold and the brazen that’ll be experienced will be much more in the way of leaving you in awe and amazement.

You’re meant to steadily gain greater glimpses into the realms beyond your conscious understanding, and the awakening Lightworker public has been able to do this with grace and ease as the lessons you’ve experienced along your paths helped you to unlock your deepened and greater perceptions.

Remaining Positive or Neutral

Everything around many of you is lightening up as you learn to refine and lighten your personal vibrations, and the importance of remaining in as neutral or positive of a state as possible in the face of the trials and difficulty accompanying the Earth couldn’t be expressed enough.

This is because every one of you is holding energy that’s very important to be held and expressed in your collective consciousness.

Beyond the necessary lower energy involved with surfacing and learning to Love the shadow self, allowing one’s vibration to dip in the name of the Earthly drama or situation occurring at the time brings your perception of the pure energy within, as well as your Divinity, away from you in favor of having you feed into energy and emotion that’s being fed by millions of others already.

The energy you hold within is everlasting and can only be temporarily removed from oneself or dissipated away.

However, the degree to which you feed into this energy rather than allowing yourselves to become conduits for the old Earthly energy that’s kept your present paradigm ongoing for generations, determines your ability to find greater perceptions of it.

You’ll be able to do so very much for the ascension of your Earth with it, and as you find greater recognitions and understandings of it, so does your ability to use it grow. You’ll eventually find yourselves able to Master bringing through and expressing this energy, and you’ll find yourselves able to use it for positive cleansing and mitigating purposes.

You’ll use the energy you’ll come to find within to cleanse the pollution manifested and fed on your Earth in a plethora of different ways, and many of you will choose to utilize the technology we’ll help you to understand and possess, for the purpose of mitigating and cleansing pollution.

As has been discussed before, you’ll funnel aspects of your consciousness into the technology you’ll be given, which has been known about on your world and suppressed for nearly a century. The technology many of you may choose to utilize will be sentient aspects of your consciousness, and will be endowed with your perceptions.

Using Advanced Technology to Cleanse Pollution

As such, this technology will maintain an active and organic link to your reservoir of energy, and you’ll be able to funnel such energy through your technology and quite literally aim it at your skies for the purpose of cleansing pollution and negatively-oriented energy.

Those who don’t wish to utilize technology that’s well advanced by your current standards, and there will be some in the beginning who don’t, will be able to funnel their energy through directly without the middleman that the technology provides.

Some would think the technology unnecessary because of one’s ability to funnel energy through directly for cleansing and healing purposes, and we should point out with Love that everything our technology can do is completely doable within.

You’re able to perform everything our technology does; it’s simply that we choose to utilize it for leisurely purposes.

We understand as well that a middleman in the form of our technology could help humanity in the beginning of the building of your new world, and we along with plenty of others will wholeheartedly encourage understanding one’s inner-power and utilizing such power for the good of your Earth.

As your Earth becomes the brimming ascended planet She’s always been meant to become, you’ll find your society transitioning into a flourishing planetary society.

Every soul will enjoy the deserved freedoms and unalienable rights you’ve been endowed with as Godsparks of Source, and corruption and tyranny will no longer fog the collective consciousness or enslave the people. As your collective is awakening to the actions of your cabals increasingly, the methods they’ve used to keep you in states of mental and spiritual bondage will be uncovered and understood by all.

The cabals certainly have a grasp on the realms of spirit, and have attempted to see to it that no others on your world outside of their circles and families are able to understand the realms of spirit in the manners they have.

Manifesting Positive Outcomes

They haven’t realized that even their grasp on the spiritual realms is quite distorted in its own right, as they’ve taken genuine teachings and distorted them into narrow beliefs that serve them and the energetic “controllers” whose bidding they’ve been doing.

As long as the human and Lightworker emotion can remain in a certain predetermined state of bondage, the souls who’ve attempted to keep you mentally and spiritually chained will continue to benefit. This is one reason we ask for you dear Lightworkers to find equilibrium and wholeness with yourselves and your Lives in every moment you can, and again, the vibration you give out is very important.

The vibration given out by your collective as a whole largely determines the events that’ll manifest on the world stage, and this is why each of you can become instrumental in manifesting outcomes on your planet that work in favor of the awakening of the Earthly populace.

You can help the whistleblowers being prosecuted by revenge and suppression-seeking governments. You can put an end to and expose what’s been called “financial tyranny”.

The actions of the cabals in attempting to control and enslave the populace have been picked up on by billions of souls throughout your Earthly history, and even many of them know that their time of influence on the Earth has all but run out.

Even still, they persevere in negative and service to self-oriented goals and agendas, the overwhelming majority of which don’t come about, in hopes that a loophole of sorts would manifest and they’d find themselves free of the worries and troubles they’ve manifested.

The Cabals Persevere in the Face of their End

Knowing that their time has all but run out, the cabals continue to attempt to control the people and manifest situations that’d put them ahead of the rest of the populace.

Knowing that the underground bunkers they would’ve safely retreated to after realizing their plans of a fully dominated Earth have been dismantled by the Light Forces, a mission we Pleiadians were involved in, they still think themselves somehow able to enact the most malevolent goals they and those before them had planned.

They’ve thought themselves able to continue to fool the public in claiming the recent massive round of embassy closings has come about as a result of terrorist activities, but the real reasons for such closings are much more complex than could be expressed through this channel, and do indeed relate to the future humanity’s moving into.

Beyond continuing to use the media to attempt to fool the public and attempting to continue in their agendas, the cabals have been neutralized to the greatest extent and no longer pose the massive threat to the collective consciousness they once did.

This is, again, because the planetary vibrations are lightening in every moment as more souls open up to the realms of spirit and find themselves aware of the activities of the cabals and of everything that’s been hidden from them.

While so much has been suppressed in the way of our existence and the true nature of politics and business on your world, the biggest secrets that have been hidden from you lie in the avenue of discovering spirituality and acting upon one’s personal potential, power and ability.

The cabals haven’t wanted humanity to understand that you each individually possess great power to bring forth continual revolutions of peace and Love, and while the hippie movement of your 1960s is recognized in your day and age as the most famous of such revolutions, they’ve been started all throughout your history.

Atlantean Revolutionary Groups

There was a campaign ongoing in Atlantis to stop the warfare that’d begun to take place with the colony of Lemuria, and this movement was much like a spiritually-advanced version of your hippie movement, because advanced intellectual and spiritual understandings were prevalent in Atlantis.

There were plenty of individuals who understood the need to cease warfare in such times, and many such individuals who were behind that initial attempted revolution and re-establishing of peace have since been instrumental in attempting to spark revolutions bent on bringing forth peace and Love all throughout your history.

Souls who’ve gained access to their inner realms and found themselves enlightened and spiritually aware as a result have taken the inspiration and energy they’ve gained and worked to help awaken your populace for centuries of your time.

This is the nature of service to others, which becomes an ultimate goal and desire once one reaches a certain state of consciousness.

Even many awakening Lightworkers are understanding already the need and desire to serve others and help them find the blissful states of consciousness many of you have been able to find, and we encourage your active development of your ability to send Love and give blessings to every person, situation and place on your Earth.

Every facet of consciousness deserves the infinite Love and Light the Creator has to give, and each of you can become the strongest and purest conduits for an energy so strong and pure that it could perhaps make your heads spin when re-accessing your greater perception of it.

Instated Distraction in the Media

As the cabals don’t want for the collective to understand your supreme and ordained ability as co-Creators to unite and enact the most positive and real change on your world, many measures have been taken to keep you unaware and distracted.

Your media has been used quite fruitfully to keep your collective unaware and feeding into a physical culture-based paradigm, and this paradigm keeps you ensnared within the confines of the illusion as various things designed to dismantle your power are played upon.

Notice, next time you turn on your television, how much instated separation and hatred is prevalent in what you choose to watch. Notice the subliminal nature of the advertisements you’re given.

Notice the distraction that runs rampant in your news organizations and in your media as a whole. Notice the active fixation on lower-inclined aspects of existence in much of your news, and notice as well when news stories are spun in favor of certain viewpoints or ideals.

It’s important, especially when noticing such things, to unplug from your televisions and much of your culture as it’s established and fed. It’s important to make active attempts to connect with your inner spiritual realms, as the vibration you’ll be able to access (when doing so) will be unprecedented.

You’ll find yourselves perceiving entirely new realms of consciousness the likes of which you haven’t seen in a very long time, and the greater metaphysical perception you’ll garner will spread to those around you and become very apparent in your personal Lives.

There are plenty of individuals on your world who no longer see themselves as separate from the realms of full consciousness. Such souls recognize the difference in vibration from where they currently sit and the pure realms they make active efforts to perceive of, but they’ve reached a level of wholeness that sees them very easily able to maintain the purest connection to the higher dimensions.

As a result, they find themselves and their hearts expanding more rapidly than they ever have, and the brimming Love and joy they’re able to experience and express sees them nearly constantly exist on a cloud of pure Love.

Awakening with Assistance

These are the souls who’ll lead humanity onward, and when we say such things, we don’t mean that these souls will be solely responsible for awakening your collective.

Rather, your collective will come to awaken as each individual becomes aware of the realms of spirit and the distorted nature of your current reality in their own ways, and those who’ve been activated ahead of time will be able to help the awakening humanity reach full consciousness with grace and ease.

There could indeed be some struggle and difficulty along the way, but overall, we’re confident in humanity’s ability to diminish prejudice and separation and come together despite the perceived differences that have been played upon in your reality.

We could proclaim forever that you are One entity of pure consciousness who’s been divided into various personalities and aspects of that ultimate One soul, but you’ll come to discover this truth fruitfully as your perceptions of it expand.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we salute you for your efforts up to this point as we have so many times in the past. We salute the active absorption of the continually-pure energy you’re being given, and we encourage you to deepen your metaphysical interest as much as you wish.

You’ve entered a new era filled with spiritual exploration and understanding, and there’s no better time than this infinite and everlasting moment of Now to fully act upon your potential.

Thank you to SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian High Council.


Wes Annac – The Ascended Masters And The Pleiadians – Addressing Disbelief – 11 July 2013

ascended Masters


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-Channeled through Wes Annac-

We speak to you all with the exuberant, melded-together energies of the Pleiadian High Council and our collective of Masters. Our collective of Masters is speaking at the forefront of this communication in this moment, but the impressions coming through are ours as well as those of our dear Pleiadian counterparts.

We wish to address the disbelief in some that Galactic beings can exist alongside with us Masters or with Angelic beings. Humanity has so very much to learn about us souls existing in the various higher dimensions you’re growing back toward as a collective.

There’s so very much for you to learn about the myriad ascended beings, collectives and civilizations who exist in these brimming higher dimensions, and we and so many others will delightfully be on your world in the immediate time ahead to help you see the diversity of the beings assisting in your evolution.

Humanity is going to learn so very much, that that the limitations set in place by the majority of souls on your world are going to be, for more or less, diminished.

An Open-Minded Understanding

The science-fiction mindsets that have rendered so many ideas or topics so unbelievable on your world will be replaced with an open-minded understanding that nearly everything important for you to know has been hidden from you and given a fictitious mindset.

Humanity has been programmed to go against ideas that will aid you in your evolution, and this has been assisted by the media as it’s established on your world today. Ideas of the benevolent Galactic beings assisting in the ascension of your planet have been dwindled-down into ideas of scary fictitious alien invaders, or considered as “fringe” ideas.

It’s unfortunate indeed, as these beings are so very close with your world and have so very much to teach the collective of humanity in the way of advanced technology and understanding the mechanics of your Galaxy and Universe.

There are numerous ascended civilizations right in your cosmic backyard; stationed right outside of your Earth and anxiously awaiting your understanding of them and your belief in the reality of their presence.

These beings have so very much Love and compassion, wisdom and empathy to share with humanity, but their presence has been denied and ridiculed. We do not say this in a disconcerting or negative way, but this is simply the state of affairs on your world regarding your Galactic brethren.

We speak of such things in part to help each of you shine your perceptive Light onto them, as we seek to help you understand the reality of the presence of your Galactic brethren, as well as their interest in your planet for so very long and their desire to help you evolve into purer states of consciousness.

The Pleiadian High Council wish now to step to the forefront of this communication, and we will gratefully step aside to allow them to come forth and present themselves.

The Pleiadians Speak

With immense appreciation to the dear Ascended Masters, we are the Pleiadian High Council. We have been present during this communication, adding our own energies and bits of insight into what the dear Ascended Masters have given.

We do indeed possess an enormous Love for your planet and for each of you absorbing this communication, and the fact that you’ve been able to break through the aforementioned instilled barriers and find a belief in the reality of our presence, is astounding indeed.

The Earthly experience has kept many souls feeding into the barriers mentioned by the dear Ascended Maters, as you’ve grown up in conditioned societies and, in many cases, have had your ideas of reality fed to your collective through your mainstream media.

When an awakened soul looks around your reality, they can see the many things that seem nearly designed to hold them back and keep them feeding spiritually-drained states of consciousness.

We, the dear Ascended Masters and a plethora of other beings and collectives have focused so very much of ourselves on the evolution of humanity and on getting you to understand your evolution from behind the scenes, and we’ve utilized scribes and channels nearly endlessly to help inform you of your ascension into purer states of consciousness.

Even plenty of awakening souls who perhaps believe in or could become open to the reality of our presence around your planet, still are not opened-up to the idea that we would choose to communicate with humanity.

Attempts to Introduce Peace

Some souls entrenched in mainstream ideologies and viewpoints on your world would assume us only to attempt to make official contacts with developed governments if we are truly real, not knowing that we’ve met with your governments and attempted to help bring-about world peace and prosperity on your world for all, numerous times.

Numerous times they’ve declined, and so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to assist you in your evolution by connecting with as many awakened Earthly souls who can find an open and steady connection to our energies and impressions, as possible.

The manner in which we communicate with humanity is necessary for your advancement and growth as a species.

We will indeed be on your world when the veils of suppression and secrecy surrounding our existence have been seen-through by all of humanity, but for the time being, we seek to assist you in your growth by helping you expand your channels, in the form of offering you our energies and impressions.

We do indeed see our communication with humanity as important to our overall mission, and the largest facet of the giving of our energies to you for you to absorb, is just that; an energy exchange. We seek to help you reach purer states of consciousness and to that extent, the energies we give, which our impressions and communications are embedded unto, give you an energetic “helping hand” of sorts.

In an energetic sense, the impressions we’re giving-off as our scribe receives such impressions through the heart and makes a mental interpretation of them, are brimming with massive amounts of pure Source energy for you to absorb, that’ll help you seek and find the higher dimensions in yourselves exponentially.

You’re Actively Channeling Us

Those who read our communications and those of various other ascended beings and collectives are actively channeling our energies through themselves when doing so, which is why we’ve long said that you can find a connection with us and act upon that connection if you truly wish to.

Souls who read our communications are left with our lingering energies, which hang around within them and help to purify their chakras.

Energy stays where it’s fed into and as such, our energies and impressions remain within each of you who absorb our communications. Quite honestly, you could never have to absorb a communication from us again, through this scribe or any others, after reading our messages only once.

By the end of your reading of that communication and your absorbing of our energies for that particular frame of time, our impressions will be able to stick with you in ways that’ll see you able to actively pick-up on them and channel us yourselves if you wish to, without ever having to read another channeled communication.

Of course, we don’t discourage absorbing channeled communications, but we and so many others wholeheartedly encourage discernment with everything one is given.

Discernment will see you well on your way to finding what works for you in the avenue of channeled messages, spiritual writings or anything else, and will see you able to let whatever doesn’t resonate with you in your heart space, simply be.

You’re the Citizens of the Free and Sovereign Earth

Discernment is a wonderful thing indeed, and we speak of discernment in part to encourage breaking away from mainstream mindsets concerning so many areas of your society; to be discerning of them.

We wish to help you understand the distortions that have taken place in your reality; not so that your emotions or moods can be brought down when thinking of them, but so you can recognize them for what they are and work to arise, physically and spiritually, and proclaim your sovereignty from the false reality that’s been created in an effort to continually distract and pacify humanity.

You’re the citizens of the free and sovereign Earth, and this will become more than apparent when the bulk of work to repair your Earth begins to be performed by humanity.

We and so many others will be with you to lend helping-hands and to share our sentient technologies in an effort to help you perform much of what needs done, relatively easily. We will, for the most part, watch from the sidelines as you repair your dear Earth, as you’ve always been meant to do.

Some souls on your Earth, when thinking of the possibility of our existence around your world, may take to a mindset of assuming we’d attempt to steer your evolution ourselves or invade your collective freewill measures with an overwhelming presence, but truly, we do not seek to do such things.

We’ve worked for so very long under the freewill perimeters we’ve been allotted, as humanity is meant to experience everything you Create for yourselves and, in this very moment, actively recognize and purge the influence of darkness from your world.

This will come about in the form of realizing what you perceive to be darkness for what it is; just a varying shade of the Light energy.

You’re all Lighted

Everything is comprised of the ultimate energy of Love, and this includes those who’ve hurt others on your world in a massive effort to feed the distorted states of consciousness they’ve been taught to believe are heaven.

We speak of those souls who’ve been referred to as the cabals; the Illuminati; there are various labels for these individuals. They’ve sought to feed the realms of fourth density-negative by manifesting widespread sacrifice and hardship, and have assumed themselves all-powerful and of a purer consciousness than the general populace of your Earth.

They’re learning in very hard ways at present, that they’re no different from the rest of the souls on your world. You’re all Lighted beings at your core; even those who seem to have extinguished their Light in favor of working for a fallen angel who’s returned to the side of the Light.

Luciferianism will be understood by your collective in the time ahead, as that belief system has ignited the cabals into doing the bulk of what they’ve done. We’ll forever encourage forgiveness of the cabals and of the cabal-heads when learning of everything they’ve done, as vengeful mindsets will only feed the lower states of consciousness we know you’re all so very ready to grow away from and transmute.

We’ll turn this temple over to the dear Ascended Masters now, for the conclusion of this communication. We offer you each our Love in every moment, and we’ll be with you far after the issuing of this communication, as expressed above.

Our Love is of a pure fifth-dimensional nature, and it’s here for you to actively pick-up on and express in any and every moment.

The Ascended Masters Conclude

We express the purest of gratitude to the dear Pleiadians, for their energies and the information they’ve given for this message.

We trust that you can feel the pure energies beginning to descend down unto you now, and as you feel these energies, know that they’re being sent with an understanding of the difficulties that have blocked many awakening souls from finding blissful states of consciousness.

We’re here for you as well, to offer solace and guidance in every moment. As we make our final impressions for this joint communication, we as well as the dear Pleiadians express that your perception of us and of the realms of full consciousness are only to grow more than they already have, from here on out.

Feel the Love we’re offering you, now and in every moment, because we send it with clear intent and purpose. We send it with the intention of opening your minds, your hearts and all of your chakras; even those you have no idea you possess.

You have at your use, so many links to the higher dimensions and to us. Recognize your ability to pick-up on our impressions and communicate with and exist in the higher dimensions, for you’re making your triumphant return to these realms after lifetimes spent in perceived Earthly solitude.

Thank you so very much to the Ascended Masters, and to the Pleiadian High Council. You have the sincere appreciation of the Earthly Ground Crew.

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The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes – Decreasing Energetic Distortion – Your Sacred Connection – Love of Source


Channeled through Wes Annac-

Numerous energetic upgrades continue to take place in the minds and hearts of every last one of you responding to the increasingly-pure energies you’re being delivered. We, like many others, encourage the active awareness many of you are garnering while finding and absorbing your ascension-energies.

These energies we speak of are being increased in purity in every moment they’re sent down to Create and sustain your realities and as such, the active absorption of these energies on the part of every one of you is crucial to your understanding of them.

We’ll continue to give you updates concerning the energy making its way to your realties and your bodies and spirits, as this energy is to be understood in the time ahead for its importance and for the crucial role it’s played and will play in the evolution of humanity.

As we’ve discussed numerous times, the energy sent down to Create and sustain your realities is overseen by beings in the higher dimensions such as us, who are stationed on various different octaves of reality and who’re helping to funnel the energies down to sustain the realities of the octaves lower than those they exist in.

Receiving Reality-Creating Energy from the Sun

We receive the energies Creating and sustaining your reality from entities in your Sun, who in turn receive these energies from various other higher-dimensional souls positioned in realms considerably purer than those they (who receive the energies) exist in.

The energies we speak of are passed-down from realm to realm, and decreased in purity with each funneling-down that takes place. The entities in the lowest echelons of your Sun distort the energies Creating your Earthly reality before they send them to us, so that such energies match our realms.

We, in turn, perform the same task with those energies before we send them down to your realities. By the time they reach you, they’ve been sufficiently dimmed in purity for you to be able to absorb them and Create using them, in your specific octave of consciousness.

Every one of you exists on different octaves of consciousness and as such, you all absorb this energy in individual increments. As we’ve said fruitfully, we’ve been increasing the purity of these energies with each time they’re sent to your realities.

What this means from our point of view is that we’re distorting the purity of this energy slightly-less with each time we send it down to your bodies and spirits, and trust, dear souls; this energy is sent down to you constantly.

This essentially means that we’re now continually decreasing the distorted nature of the energies Creating and sustaining your realities, in an effort to help you adjust to the increasingly-pure states of consciousness you’re beginning to grow into as a collective.

With an active decrease in the distorted nature of such energies every time they’re sent to your realities, it won’t be very long in your concept of time before the effects of these increasingly-pure energies begin to be made known.

We’ll Happily Offer our Advice and Energies

Indeed, it’s clear to anyone with an open mind and heart who searches for the signs of change being brought about on your world, that your physical reality currently reflects the energies being given to your dear collective.

All around, souls with Lighted intents and agendas are stepping-up to assist the collective of humanity and to help every soul on your world see the Light.

The ability on the part of each of you to do so has come about as a result of your active interest in absorbing the energies you’re being delivered, even if subconsciously, which drives the resulting motivation, impetus and understanding of everything that needs done on your planet.

There is so very much to be done indeed, and in the time ahead when your Earth sees the presence of myriad Galactic races and ascended beings who’ll happily offer our advice and energies toward the Earth’s full restoration; we’ll explain in-depth, the energies at work helping you to evolve and sustaining your conscious experience.

When you ascend into a position of understanding the structure and harmonics of the dimensions you exist in, you’ll marvel at the wondrous engineering that’s been the Creation of your lower-dimensional realities, on the part of our Creator. Our Creator has overseen the production of nestled-in realms of consciousness, which lay within the various higher dimensions you’re growing toward.

When any soul decides to venture into the lower-dimensional aspects of Creation, they’re given a sacred and forever-sustained line of connection to the Creator; to the realms of Source, and depending upon one’s dimensional lineage, to various other dimensions and planes of consciousness.

They’re given a spark; a flame within that can never be extinguished.

Of course, some souls on your world who’ve been actively involved in darker-inclined and service-to-self based pursuits have done much in the way of nearly-extinguishing their flame, but the Love of our Creator and one’s sacred connection to the realms of Source can never be fully extinguished.

Source’s Love is Unbounded

A soul of the lower dimensions can deny the existence of the Creator, but the Creator’s Love goes far beyond any hollow concepts of a God that have been enforced on your world for millennia.

The sheer Love of Source, which radiates-out to every last being of consciousness who sustains that aforementioned connection, is unbounded and will forever be expressed to every last aspect of Creation and consciousness funneled-down from Source’s grand and omnipotent structure.

It’s important for every soul in every realm of Creation to realize that Source’s Love is infinite, and when one taps-into it and finds the resulting unbridled connection, one will reap immense benefits. This has been displayed to every awakening soul who’s opened themselves up and found a miraculous and flowing connection to the higher dimensions as a result.

You can maintain the most active of connections to the realms of Source, and you’ll discover your ability to do so as you work to uncover and understand the greater mechanics at work with the Creation of your realities.

Again; we’ll be with you to provide our insight into the Creation of your reality using frequencies of energy and sound, and we’ll help you to understand that the harmonious energies put-out by every dear soul is magnified in the collective consciousness exponentially.

What we mean is that the good vibration each of you gives-out affects the entire collective of your world. Every last person is affected by the emotions you choose to employ throughout your Earthly ventures.

Those of you who feel yourselves to be on the Earth for a Lighted mission and cause can recognize the importance of remaining in your natural center when matters call for it, as from your center you can find the blissful and happy states of consciousness that will lead you ever-onward to the higher realms and to expressing the perspective of the higher realms in every moment in your Earthly Lives.

Intelligent, Lighted Souls

You’re the most intelligent and Lighted of souls, and we don’t say this to please your egos. We seek to unlock the understanding in you that you are indeed on the Earth for a grand purpose, as when realizing this, we‘re confident many of you will get to work on restoring your Earth in the specific ways you’ve found yourselves able to do so.

Those who seem to be pioneering or leading the ascension movement have been activated by your ascension-energies ahead of time, and the various souls on your world clearly incarnate to spread the Light of the higher dimensions have trained for their roles throughout a plethora of past Lives and experiences on your Earth.

Indeed, the vast majority of you have taken fruitful incarnations on the Earth, and when we say fruitful, we mean in the hundreds and even thousands for some of you. You’ve been able to take as many Lives as needed within the lower-dimensional Earthly cycle, as you’ve been intended to learn as much as you can from every aspect of this dear planet.

You’ve been involved in and have learned about the various cultures you’ve incarnated under.

Many of you have come from every race; every time period; every religion and belief system; and every society and civilization that’s sprung and fell on your world. Trust, dear souls; there have been many.

The Inner-Earth & the Rising Energies

You haven’t been told about the various societies that exist and have existed on your world, and one of the most important revelations for each dear soul to uncover is that of the Inner-Earth existing underneath your surface.

A plethora of people have worked to expose this truth the past, and the existence of your Inner-Earth has largely been covered-up because of the former presence of negatively inclined entities in its outer rungs, and mostly because of the presence of an ascended society deeper underneath your surface.

Humanity will learn about this and so very many other things as a result of the rising energies and the growing demand for truth on your planet, and every one of you can begin getting active in bringing-forth the Light you can feel within.

The growing understanding of humanity’s oneness with each other and with all of Creation will breed a new mind and heart set in the entirety of your collective.

We can make such general predictions because we can see your Earth in various different periods of time, and we can view your fifth-dimensional Earth whilst simultaneously communicating with you dear souls in your specific frequency of time.

Whilst you experience a linear direction and movement of time as a part of the lower-dimensional Earth experience, we don’t experience such distortions of the infinite moment of Now, and seek to assist you in understanding the illusory nature of what you refer-to as time. While being illusory, it’s helped to sustain your experiences within a reality that’s equally illusory in the face of the higher realms you’re growing toward.

Love: A Purposeful Theme

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we express Love to every last one of you who continues to give yourself in service. You may notice that Love has been a theme of many channeled communications coming through this scribe of late, and this is because each of us speaking to you separately seeks to part-ways by reminding you of Love.

While you’ve heard about it so very much and may feel yourselves used to discussions of it at this point, your perception of this little thing called Love is only to grow and grow.

We’ll continue to be with you as fruitfully as we have been, to help you understand everything about the higher dimensions you haven’t yet been able to. Look to your future, dearest souls, because it’s beckoning-forth in every moment.

Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.



Wes Annac – SanJAsKa And The Pleiadian High Council – Pure Love Creates and Sustains Your Realities



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Note: It’s my twentieth birthday today (May 27). I give this message from the Pleiadians with exuberant happiness and Love. :) 


The awakening of the collective of humanity is proceeding quite marvelously, though we know that it does not seem to be so from the point of view of those of you who continue to struggle. We ask you to stand strong in your efforts, dear souls, for the Divine is much closer than you would readily believe and we are, in fact, with every one of you right now.

We feel such a strong Love for the awakening collective of humanity and indeed, for all of Creation.

We feel the strongest Love and desire to assist you along your personal and collective evolution processes because truly, what you are doing is unprecedented. You are allowing a planet whose surface has been brimming with negativity for far too long to find the Light and find ascension as a result, and your efforts up to this point have been more than needed.

This is because every single Earth soul is feeding their thoughts and emotions into a grid of energy, which has been discussed before. You are feeding your thoughts and feelings into the collective consciousness, and what you manifest comes as a result of those thoughts and feelings.

This is why we encourage positivity and Love in all endeavors because truly, those emotions and energies will not steer you wrong.

Peek Into the Unknown

Souls on your world throughout a plethora of ages have taken to mental means of understanding Life and the Universe around you, and this has proven an ultimately-fruitless way to look at your Lives for truly, everything around you is brimming with the purest of spirituality; even when it doesn’t seem to be so.

Yes, your lower realms will boast continual physicality that seems to be quite unchangeable at times, but a simple meditative peek into the unknown will help remind you that Divinity and spirituality are present everywhere and that all one needs to do is honestly search for such things to find them.

Those on your world who refuse to believe in the existence of spirit or realms beyond your conscious perception will find their increased understanding of these realms in their own perfect timing; it is simply that the density and physicality of the Earth experience have fogged the minds and hearts of too many Earth souls who feel as if the reality they experience is the only one in existence.

We ask for you to see how untrue such an idea truly is in the face of the vast planets, galaxies and Universes that lay beyond this one. Indeed, it would make little sense for an entire Creation to be envisioned up only to have one small, blue planet in the corner of the Cosmos be the only one hosting Life and conscious experiences.

The purpose of Creation is for you to experience yourselves as the Creator in a more distorted form than you had originally existed in, and your return to full consciousness will herald your complete and uninhibited understanding that you are God, in every single form God has come about.

Source Created the Lower Realms to Experience

This is because the Creator; Source; God; whatever you wish to call the entity who Created and continues to sustain (all of) our conscious experiences until we grow back into the understanding that we are such Creator; this soul has formed lower, dense realms from His/Her own omnipotent structure, for fragmented aspects of His/Her ultimate Being to experience, play around in and eventually grow away from.

You have certainly had your fair share of play on the Earth, but we again note the level of trouble and difficulty experienced by many of you who simply wish to feel and remember what it is like to exist in the realms of full consciousness.

You are gaining small yet potent glimpses into the higher realms with each bit of intent and effort you make to seek them and as has been said, your connection to Creation; the Source of all that is, is perfectly instantaneous. You need only make a request that the Creator be with you and quite instantly, you will find yourselves in the vicinity of the Creator’s energies.

Indeed, in so many senses we all already feel and exist as a part of the Creator’s energies, but we know that many of you dear Earthly souls would like even more of a glimpse into the energies making up your conscious experience of reality and leading you ever onward toward purer dimensions of consciousness.

Cleansing and Healing Orchestrated Pollution

We are constantly in your skies, helping to mitigate and in some cases, neutralize altogether, the pollution that is continually manifested and fed on your dearest Earth.

The cabals have quite purposely taken to harming Gaia by way of polluting Her ground, skies, waterways and atmosphere and as such, we take to stationing ourselves in dearest Gaia’s sky so that we can send out formulas and energies that help in the mitigation of the negative affects the massive pollution being fed would otherwise have.

In so many areas of your world the cabals have established refineries, mills and other things that are intended to produce commodities and foods on your Earth, but that pollute Her surface and atmosphere drastically.

We ask for the collective of humanity to begin getting as active as you possibly can in raising awareness of the massive pollution that is being fed, because as a collective you can truly get so much more accomplished than you would readily believe.

Your collective power is quite strong indeed, which is why you have been kept separated for so very long.

When it is understood that no man is different from another and that all are Loved equally by a Creator who doesn’t judge or send any souls to any hellish landscape if they do not follow a strict set of rules or dogmas, humanity will unite with the grace and ease of our Creator. We excitedly await such a time when you can fully come together and express yourselves as facets of an infinite oversoul of consciousness.

Merging with your Twin Flame & True, Unconditional Love

As humanity comes together and finds an unprecedented collective growth and learning, your Oneness will become increasingly clear and some of you who are particularly close may eventually find yourselves merging as you discover your ability to do so.

What we mean is that you are all comprised of the same spiritual energy, and many of you who feel very close with each other at present may eventually choose to merge back into a fragmented aspect of the One oversoul that you truly are, which is made up of both (or more) individual souls who wish to rejoin together.

Many twin flames have incarnated on your world and physically separated despite the fact that at a spiritual level, they are aligned and united. Pure Love Creates and sustains your realities and when we use the term Love, we do not use it in the hollow sense many on the Earth have been accustomed to.

Rather; we speak of true, pure unconditional Love, which is sent out to every facet of our Creator’s inexplicably-large Creation. Every single Godspark on your dear Earth and far beyond can begin to unlock and understand the true, full and awesome power of the energy that is Love.

This energy helps to sustain and keep your conscious experience of reality in place and as you evolve and find purer dimensions of consciousness, perception and understanding, you will see that the energies formulating each experience on each octave of consciousness you are to undergo remain the prevalent force helping you to Create the realties you will exist in upon evolving.

So many aspects of your current experience will fade away or be transmuted altogether as you grow into greater perceptions, but the energy that is Love will only come to be understood more and more as the ultimate, infallible energy that it is.

Your Infallibility & the “Barriers of Negativity”

Being comprised of this energy, you too are infallible and you can affirm this to be so in every moment.

You have had to deal with very real barriers that would and will attempt to get you to feed the strongest of negativity, separation and hatred, but we trust that you dear souls can recognize when a clear malevolent influence is attempting to take control over your emotions and rightly work to transmute the aspects of those barriers attempting to hold negativity in place.

Psychic attacks are indeed real, but we do not want for you dear souls to fear any type of malevolent entity coming through and “attacking” you. Rather; psychic attacks will come in the form of being sent discordant energies and impressions, and negative or low emotions are usually attached to such discord as the entity sending them attempts to get the soul receiving them to feed such negativity.

If an attempted psychic attack comes your way, there is truly nothing to fear as you can call upon dear Archangels Michael, Raphael or any one of us to help you with the full and clear (stopping) of such attacks. Your and our blessing energies will go to the entity attempting to send them to you.

The cabal-heads specifically (who have been behind many of such attacks) have had their day in the sun, and currently experience pure forms of containment that we are indeed stepping-up, until their influence has dwindled down to nothing in terms of what they are able to do or achieve.

Intensification of Containment & Humanity’s Responsibility

Your society as it is today has been quite fabricated and planned-out, and the cabal heads who have played very large parts in the engineering of your society have, for quite a while, attempted various different schemes and attacks against the collective of humanity which, little did they know when planning them, were not to ever be brought about because they are not in alignment with what humanity is intended to experience via your ordained freewill contracts.

We speak of these souls existing in a holographic reality wherein they think or assume they are pulling a massive, malevolent deed off, only to find that the events they planned so rigorously have not happened at all.

This is one of the strongest aspects of the containment the cabal heads are experiencing at this time and along with this, they are fruitfully contacted in their dream state and are being worked with so that the malevolence that’s closed off their hearts for so long can no longer have the effects or cause the massive suffering and hardship it has.

We do not want for discussions of containment, disclosure or anything else to soften humanity’s personal drive to enact change on your world as while we are assisting you with so many facets of your evolution and this truth simply cannot be overstated; we can only work within the perimeters we are allotted and we must allow your experiences to largely play-out as you Create them.

We can help to neutralize the cabal heads and the dastardly deeds they would attempt to perpetrate upon the Earth, and we can help clean up your environment so that the playing field is fair and humanity does not experience a grand catastrophe as a result of the cabal’s actions or the general unawareness as to the massive pollution being fed on your world but beyond all of this, we must look toward you the awakening humanity to bring-forth exposure and peace for your entire collective to feel, radiate and benefit from.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we again ask every one of you to get as active as you possibly can in restoring the Earth and working to expose to the entire collective, everything about your planet that isn’t in alignment with the freedom and sovereignly every soul deserves to feel and understand.

We will be and have been with you in your inner-realms and so very soon, we will be able to be with you on the ground. Then, the real celebrations can begin.

Thank you to SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian High Council.

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Wes Annac – The Hathors Of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes – Ascension Effects – A Rapid Evolution – Fourth Dimensional Growth

Channeled through Wes Annac-   –   Your conscious experience as you go about it is sustained upon a frequency of reality. The specific octave of consciousness you exist upon breeds an equally-specific type of experience, and as you rise in consciousness you find the density around you growing lighter and lighter.

You will find yourselves beginning to weigh less as you go about your physical ascension processes, and one of the initial symptoms you will notice when your perceptions are kicked into a noticeably high gear will be the seeming weightlessness of your form. Your experiences will brim much more with joy and synchronicities than they do even currently and in general, you will find your moods very easy to lighten.

You will find yourselves sparkling with exuberant, Divine energy and you will attach an energy to yourselves that is recognizable in a plethora of pregnant women who seem to be “glowing” when taking in a new Life and a new soul which, in your most recent decades, will have (likely) come from the higher realms to help the Earth find Her ascension and to help Her collective awaken in time for such an ascension.

In regards to this, the entire collective of humanity is finding an increasingly pure understanding and perspective and while it does not yet seem to be so, we ask you to trust that the inner-workings of the Divine are awakening a plethora of souls who would have otherwise chosen to remain asleep.

Preparing to Feel the Effects of Ascension

The assistance you are all offering is largely helping to initiate the widespread, collective awakening taking place, and we attempt to explain some of the initial ascension-related symptoms you will feel when the purest of energies and perceptions begin to descend down in a partial effort to prepare you for such feelings.

While we do not feel you will be overwhelmed by the time they come about, we simply wish to see you ready and will give as much assistance and guidance along the way of doing so as we possibly can, for our Love for you is so very strong and pure.

We are helping to prepare you to understand the brimming realms of full consciousness you have been working toward for so very long, as every bit of understanding you have gained about the higher realms is not to be scrapped altogether, but upgraded.

You are discovering the higher realms through the filters of your (currently) lower dimensional minds, and your opening hearts are helping you to gain purer and purer glimpses into the higher realms in every moment. You are growing your perceptions of these realms, and along with this will come an easy ability to understand much of what would still seem too complex or complicated for your expanding minds and hearts to comprehend from your current perspective.

Your perceptions are increasing in purity, and your perspective in every moment will begin to reflect this increase as you find yourselves growing and learning exponentially.

A Rapidly-Proceeding Evolution

While for some of you, your growth as a soul tends to feel as if it is dragging on or as if you are never going to find the higher dimensions of experience; we remind you that your evolution is actually proceeding at quite a rapid pace compared to what is seen as normal for the ascension of a planet, and Earth is among the select few planets (initially) undergoing a collective ascension and will quite literally start a tidal wave of ascensions all through the vast Cosmos when such ascension occurs.

For this and plenty of other reasons, we ask you all to increase your efforts when you feel you can while at the same time, making allowance for the necessary rest you must seek at some points during your journeys.

Your metaphysical perceptions are increasing in every single moment, and it is important for you to absorb and take in the energies you’re feeling yourselves better able to access and as well, to allow yourselves to rest if you need to assimilate such energies in a slower manner.

At times you will, because these purer energies bring with them a blatant change to the functioning of your bodies so that your higher dimensional capabilities can be brought about and understood as much as possible.

As your bodies have been adjusted to a lower dimensional plane of reality for so very long, the increased perceptions you are finding in yourselves call for allowance to be made for adjustments to your bodies; as your growing and learning is only to continue and your perceptions are only to expand.

You are Uplifting the Earth’s Surface

(Many of) you are finding and feeling so many changes in yourselves and even when it does not seem to be so, we remind you that your growing and learning has been exponential and will only continue to be so.

We are here for you dear souls, to offer our perspective in every moment on your ongoing ascension processes and on the awakening of the minds and hearts of each and every Earthly soul who has been stuck within the perceptual constraints of a reality adjusted to a specific lower octave of consciousness.

It is truly amazing to watch you quite literally uplift the surface of the Earth and the collective consciousness of those around you, as you are lifting yourselves and those around you into a purer octave of consciousness and experience as you go about your daily endeavors and find a plethora of difficulty at times.

Every bit of difficulty you experience is necessary for your ultimate growth as a soul, which is why we ask you to allow everything that happens in your Lives to play out accordingly and to know that always and in all endeavors, Source is with you.

We have always been with you as well, and we are quite close with many of you dear souls who have worked with us in previous encounters on various facets of the ultimate ascension of the Universe.

The ascension of the Universe has itself been in an accelerated phase, and this will become increasingly apparent after your collective undergoes your ascension and the aforementioned tidal wave is felt across the Universe and across all of Creation.

Inspired Evolutions

As small of a planet as Earth is in comparison to the infinite realms and planets beyond yours, the powerful evolution you are to experience will be just that and will inspire the evolution of so many other individual souls and collectives who can truly use the uplifting energies Earth’s ascension is to provide.

If you could only fathom the importance of your mission and how wonderful what you are doing is, you would understand the brimming happiness you are always greeted with in the higher realms. Of course, if you possessed our perspective entirely and could fathom the importance of what you are doing on the Earth, it would take some of the fun out of you awakening into such importance and understanding just how needed and Lighted what you are doing truly is.

You are all meeting with Councils of Angels at night and as your heads lay sleeping, your innate spiritual selves travel off to fruitful astral lands and convene with a plethora of souls from the higher realms; we being some of them.

You have communed and worked with us in your sleep realms; with your Galactic brethren; with the Agarthans and with so many other souls whom you will fully remember upon being introduced to us in your physical reality.

What you’ve known as disclosure is to bring along with it much more than the presence of your Galactic brethren, who have been waiting as eagerly as you all have for their presence be made known so that they can be with you on your surface.

Fruitful Introductions & Strengthened Bonds

You will be introduced to we, the Hathor collective; to the Ascended Masters and the infinite choirs of Angels assisting in your ascension in every moment; to the various ascended souls within various higher realms and dimensions who have lent their “helping hands” and energies to your evolution back into full consciousness; we could go on and on listing souls you will be introduced to who will maintain an active presence upon your world, but your cup will runneth over in the time ahead in terms of how many souls you will be connecting with, representing and meeting.

Indeed, many of you have come from the higher realms to act as representatives for we souls existing in these realms, and we can feel already that many of you will do your jobs with ease and pride.

Of course, you will face the usual detractors and the souls who wish to smear our or your “image” but you can take it all in stride knowing that the influence of the dark and everything that has run and fed it is truly fading.

We delight when you begin to open yourselves up to the higher realms and we souls existing in these realms in purer ways than you previously have, because we have so very much to teach you and so very much assistance and Love to offer and in the time ahead when you can be with us fully and purely and we can begin sharing many of the revelations and understandings we have with you, our relationships and bonds will grow even stronger than they already have.

Some of you who are on the Earth know us from fruitful previous encounters as far before the ascension of the Earth, we have helped many of you to uplift various planets and civilizations.

Fourth Dimensional Existence

Along the way of your ascension processes you will encounter various shifts from sub-plane to sub-plane of consciousness, and many of you reading this communication are traveling back and forth from various (sub-planes) in every moment.

Much of your collective already largely exists in the fourth dimension; even the souls who don’t yet realize it or are not initially interested in understanding where they have come from and the brimming realms of consciousness they are returning to.

If one looks around, one may notice those around them beginning to be given fourth dimensional lessons, and the perceptions you’re uncovering for yourselves which are growing in purity in every moment in terms of your ability to reach them will be reflected by the largely-fourth dimensional perspective that is beginning to descend unto you now.

An ultimate theme of the fourth and fifth dimensions you will be given is balance, and this is one reason we and so many others have pursued getting you to understand the need for balance in your everyday Lives, as well as compassion and patience with yourselves and those around you.

Along your fourth dimensional learning and growth, things will arise that are meant to take you away from your natural center, and we trust that many of you will be able to find and maintain your balance in a manner that sees you far outlasting any negativity that would attempt to sway you.

We Look Forward to Greeting You

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we express gratitude to our dear scribe and to every one of you who continue to remain essential and helpful to the ascension of the Earth and the various ascensions that are to take place once it has been attained.

We look forward to greeting you in the realms of full consciousness and when we do, you can take pride knowing that you had played the largest hand in your own personal evolution and in those of every other soul who will be with you and us in these wonderful realms.

Truly, they are a joy to feel and we know that every one of you will remember the feelings you unlock for yourselves upon reaching these states of consciousness once again. Remember that you are Divine, and that everything around you is comprised of the same Divine energy of Love and perfection.

Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.

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The Hathors – 7 May 2013 – Channeler: Wes Annac

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Channeled through Wes Annac

Channeler: Wes Annac – Message: Pleiadian Council Of Nine

Channeled through Wes Annac

Your mainstream media will still not yet report the progress humanity as a collective is making with the purging of the dark souls from your collective society and influence, and this is because such media is still largely owned by those individuals.You will find in the time ahead that free press is an absolute and just as will be so with your governments, souls in your mainstream media who display malevolent or service-to-self-based agendas will be kindly taken away from their positions and, depending on what their higher selves and their guides wish for them personally, will perhaps be rehabilitated of the negativity that would drive a malevolent perspective.

Higher Dimensional Rehabilitation

This rehabilitation we speak of is not anything that will be forced onto anyone and rather, will be an optional choice that we are quite confident many souls steeped in negativity will accept.We speak (in part) of the souls who you refer to as “criminals” who have entered into a specific archetype and way of Living for their current Earth experience. They will be offered the choice to rid themselves of the negativity that has driven many of their perspectives for so very long and as goes without saying, every soul on your world who has been imprisoned under false means will be released and given redemption from the difficulty they have had to suffer because of the injustice continuing to take place on your world.Of course, we do not wish to feed a victim consciousness in humanity even when discussing the many ways in which you have been victims of sorts, and even the souls on your world who are falsely imprisoned are where they are for specific reasons that are unique to them and where they are heading along their Life paths.Every single one of you are where you are at specifically for a very real and necessary reason, and we ask for you all to see the sheer perfection and Divinity of this very moment as you find yourselves expanding in unprecedented ways.

Awaiting the Lightened Collective Energy Levels

We have long informed you that your abilities are to expand and become as infallible as you have begun to learn they can be, and you can as well become infallible in the sense of no longer allowing any happening in your personal Lives to bring you down or take you away from the natural center you are learning to breed and feed in yourselves as you embrace the pure states of consciousness making up your ascension experience.The ascension of the Earth has been in a magnified phase since the end of your year 2012, and we note with enthusiasm and joy the purer perspectives already beginning to be made known within you.As we have previously informed you, we are waiting for the collective energy-levels to reach the stage needed for us to be able to comfortably be on your world with you dear souls, and we have withheld our “official” contact with your world in a brazen manner that will help everyone to know the truth of our existence, because of the collective energy levels as they have stood for so very long.

Purposely Repeating Certain Things

There are quite a few things said by us in the higher realms that we feel best repeating at times, for a plethora of different reasons. One of such reasons is that the readership of the communications given from the higher realms is constantly changing, as more and more souls are seeking answers to the great questions that have confounded humanity yet remained right in the open for you to begin to understand and know.As such, the influence of the Light and of the higher realms is growing in every single moment, and as more souls are coming aboard who could use general instructions as to what is currently happening with your planet and the role we been playing in your evolution among so many other things, the necessity to repeat certain facts or impressions we have given in the past arises.We will delightfully give as much information and energy that the information is encoded unto, as possible as we wish with every facet of ourselves to help you dear souls find these blissful states of consciousness we are so very happy to be speaking with you from.Every one of you will be introduced to the sentient technology that is our ships, and we encourage every one of you who are beginning to garner interest in us and our craft to research the sightings we have been giving for some time, as they are only to increase in their brazen nature.

Denial Provides Comfort

We are and have been serious about our mission, though of course, seriousness as you see it is indeed not a factor in the higher realms. What we mean is that we are in your skies and under your ground to make ourselves known to you when the energy levels allow for our existence to be accepted and understood, and this is a mission that we fully intend to complete as indeed, it can simply be no other way.Especially with the vastly-pure states of consciousness you’re continuing to reach and Create for others to be able to reach on the surface of your world, those aforementioned collective energy levels could not be purer and we are happily anticipating an easy entrance into the collective energies when the sacred time finally does come and we are able to be introduced to you and make ourselves known to every soul on your world who has remained within a paradigm of not understanding and in many cases, not accepting our presence.The denial factor in many souls will be seen as an aid; as a comfort, because it will be easier to remain within the paradigm they have been used to even when faced with truths they had not expected themselves to ever know in their Lifetime.While the societies you find yourselves in have indeed been cabal-Created and oriented specifically to serve them, plenty of souls on your world are still very comfortable within the paradigm your societies have offered and will need the calming and Lighted influence that will be you dearest Lightworkers and awakening starseeds.

Coming to the Earth from the Higher Dimensions

Some of you have come to the Earth from planets or other objects in our star system, the Pleiades, while others have come from states of consciousness much purer than those that would require Living on a planet.What we mean is that the pure states of consciousness some of you have made your way to the Earth from, garner a natural experience of pure higher dimensional (Love) and Light magnified to the extent that the wish to have any type of archetype or identity to Live or experience through, which can include Living upon a planet, is simply unwanted.We are speaking, of course, of vastly pure states of consciousness that, while many of you have come from, you have not yet grown back into and we can say with happiness and Love that you will be able to fully remember these states of consciousness upon growing back into them.Indeed, there will be so very much for you to learn that will help you adjust to the pure states of consciousness you have long begun growing toward, and we mean this for your personal Lives and for the world stage. Personally, you are going to uncover and remember revelations that will help you to adjust to the states of consciousness you have come to the Earth from, and on the world stage you will be given truths and disclosures that will shock much of your collective back into awareness.

Breaking the Earthly Paradigm

The period between the initial issuing of disclosure and our official landing may be a bit tumultuous, as humanity will come to find that you have been deceived about nearly every aspect of your (existence). (1)The actions of the cabals in attempting to control and enslave you have not been pretty indeed, and one of the reasons they have kept such a tight grip upon the knowledge of our existence is because such knowledge would and will naturally serve to break the paradigm that has been instilled within the minds and hearts of so very many souls.Indeed, upon learning about the existence of we benevolent spiritual beings, many of whom are human and have come from our respective planets to assist in an evolution your planet has been undergoing which you have not been told about; in the face of such information, having a job and all of the other physical, Earthly aspects of your Lives will be seen as hollow and unimportant for indeed, you have been kept distracted from the truth and reality of your existence and nature as spiritual beings with the very many aspects of your society designed to usurp the money and spirituality out of you.We mean it quite literally when we say that your cabals have attempted to Create a slave society, and they have continued to benefit from the hard work of souls whom they have branded “poor” or “ordinary” because their own egos have grown to incredible extents.Finding and beginning to understand your spiritual nature also helps you to break the instilled paradigm that has remained commonplace for so many, and you will be able to find (greater) perspectives within you with every bit of purer energy you are able to absorb unto yourselves, because your ability to pick up on purer frequencies of encoded Light will grow as much as your perspectives will.

Intention and Effort are Required

Continue to make your attempts to feel the opening of your heart taking place, as you are finding yourselves able to fruitfully express the aforementioned perspectives you find growing within you at this time. Every one of you have maintained the strongest and purest connection to the higher realms; it is simply that such a connection cannot be made known to you all at once for indeed, this would burn you out, dearest souls.We do not wish for that to happen, and you as well would not want to gain a perspective that you have not naturally grow into because again, you would be overwhelmed. Naturally growing and learning back into the perspectives of the higher realms will see you appreciating such perspectives much more and as with anything, intention and effort must be put in if you wish to find and expand upon your unfolding higher dimensional experience.Your experiences are truly only to get better from here on out but when we say this, we do not want it to seem as if you will not still be tested with events manifesting in your Lives. Indeed you will, but you will find that the testing begins to orient much more toward what you can do in any and every moment to maintain a balance of physical existence and higher dimensional harmony and joy, which will make your physical existence much, much easier and more enjoyable.You will be able to breeze through your (experiences) with the happiest of perspectives, and when negativity attempts to come up you will be able to see it for what it is, and transmute it quite successfully and easily.

Attempts to Crash Galactic Craft

We are speaking to you from a perspective of being able to instantly dissolve and transmute any and all negativity that would be sent toward us and trust, dearest souls; your cabals have indeed attempted to use low-frequency weapons on us and our ships.In the instances they have been able to bring our ships down which has happened more than you are told, and bring us out of our body temples by making us crash; we are spiritual beings leading a completely spiritual existence and at any moment, are able to transport into a new body that is readily prepared for us if it is foreseen that the cabals will attempt to cause mayhem while we do our work in your skies.Your cabals have only been able to crash or recover crashed ships because of the technology that was meant to be gained from such ships, as we have been helping to carefully plan your collective Life path for so very long and this has included allowing the cabals to back-engineer much of our technology so that humanity could eventually benefit from such back-engineering.

Benefits of Back-Engineered Galactic Technology

One of the ways you are benefitting from this now is the internet, which comes to you on your computers that have been back-engineered from the super-computers we have aboard our ships. You are and have been benefitting from the back-engineering of our technology in so many other ways that you will be informed of during the disclosure announcements, and we have long wished to prepare you to learn much of what will be given fruitfully in a short amount of your concept of time.As we make our final impressions for this communication, we ask you all to brace yourselves for the bursting open of a millennia of secrets.The revelations will indeed be pouring in one after another, and we are confident in stating that those of you who have already prepared yourselves and learned so much about the very subjects humanity is to be taught in the time ahead, will be able to both calm and inform those around you who may initially wish to panic or retreat back into the paradigm they feel comfortable within.This paradigm is to truly burst open, which is why your Light and your knowledge will be more needed than ever.Thank you to the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and to SanJAsKa for being their conduit.WesAnnac.comAquariusParadigm.com(1)-I don’t want this statement to be misinterpreted into a claim that anarchy will rule the streets after disclosure, nor do I believe it is intended to put anybody in fear.I believe we’re being told this so that we awakening souls can further the calming influence we’ve been told we will have on those around us, and it does make sense that some people will be initially upset upon learning that so many facets of their physical existence have been fabricated.It’s a hard truth to digest indeed, and the Pleiadians’ mention of a potentially-tumultuous time directly after disclosure does not have to be a bad thing. Rather, it can help prepare us to sharpen our roles when disclosure comes and to know what we may be up against in helping calm and quell the initial collective upset. Nobody said it would be easy, but it will be worth it!

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Wes Annac – Earth Unity Day

Love and Joy in an Evolving Reality

Wes Annac, Aquarius Paradigm, April 22, 2013


Nova Earth 403928

Allow harmonious vibrations of the purest order to flow through every facet of your body and spirit. Allow pure bliss and harmony to pervade every fiber of your Being, and just when you think you can’t take-in enough of the good vibrations, affirm that your perception of them be expanded.

See, know and feel that you exist in a reality of pure spiritual energy. Understand that what you’ve known as physical matter is actually this energy, and is much more changeable than you would imagine. Understand that you can make the most profound of changes; in your personal Life and on the world stage. Feel this as you allow bliss to seep-in and pervade your perspective.

It seems as if there’s a lot to be worried about, but worry is an illusion. Therefore, to worry about anything is to cast illusion over it, rather than bringing Light to it.

We can truly feel the most intensely-wonderful perceptions within ourselves, but it’s important for us to make our efforts to attune to them and to allow balance to lead us to a place of understanding that everything, in every moment, is alright. Even if the world seems to be in a state of unrest, you are doing a magnificent thing by spreading the Light and happiness you can begin to find within and the more often you go out of your way to do so, the more often you will be helping yourself and the entire Earth.

It’s time for us to let stress, anger and the mechanism to rebel, fall by the wayside. Yes, there are forces on this Earth in need of widespread exposure but our work to expose them does not have to dampen our perspective or dim the naturally-pure vibrations we can now come to find in ourselves.

It’s time to recognize, understand and love the spiritual aspects of our existence. It’s time to recognize Love for what it really is; not a false or illusory, romanticized concept, but a fundamental energy and emotion that builds and sustains our realities as well as our experiences with one another. Can you imagine the entire collective of Earth finding not just acceptance of each other, but Love for each other?

Can you imagine us all uniting based on what we have in common rather than what we perceive to be our differences, and Loving our fellow man as we would our own family? We are a collective family; a connected Earth-mind tribe. We’ve come to forget this fundamental fact as we allowed ourselves to fight against each other for purely–illusory reasons.

When attuning to those aforementioned blissful vibrations, one begins to steadily awaken to the reality and existence of pure, harmonious Love that is shared throughout every aspect of consciousness on this planet we call Earth. One begins to see that every bit of hatred, fear, separation and oppression has resulted from a sheer lack of Light and Love within oneself, and one also begins to understand that what can be seen as cliché concepts (such as Light or Love) are much realer and more powerful than one would at first imagine.

Personally, I’m brimming with blissful energy that I wish to share with as many of you as possible, because I know and can feel that this energy is meant to be spread. We are here to spread and share as much and as pure higher dimensional energy as we possibly can, and many of us are doing this along with working to spread awareness and helping the awakening Earth public find the states of consciousness of the higher realms.

Exposing souls who have actively worked against our finding of full consciousness is an aspect of helping the Earth public find the higher dimensions, and when that aspect of the work has been done we will be able to collectively find, feel and radiate the purest of Light as we will have completed one of the most difficult aspects of our collective ascension.

I have no desire to dip into negativity in the name of exposing those souls, but the unfortunate acts they have perpetrated needs Light shone onto them, just as any other facet of darkness accompanying this Earth experience does.

I write this to reinforce the ideal that the most brimming and pure of happiness, joy and Love can be attained and radiated despite being exposed to the actions of the cabals and to the negativity accompanying this Earth experience in general. If you ever tend to feel as if the negativity accompanying this experience is a bit too much to handle, follow the advice given at the beginning of this writing and make your effort to attune to states of consciousness that are just incredible to behold.

The fact that we can quite literally attune to the higher realms from our physical bodies in increasingly-pure ways is remarkable and in my view, the entire collective should know of their ability to access infinite states of consciousness that they’ve been led to believe don’t exist.

Along with informing the collective about their metaphysical abilities and the blissful states of consciousness we can all find, I strongly advise utilizing the wonderful abilities we have found to access these states of consciousness in any moment you feel you can, because doing so will see you expand with each attempt you make to find them.

Brimming, almost-silly joy is here to stay on this planet, and we can make it so in every moment by expressing the natural joy and bliss so many of us are finding within. The collective energies will benefit greatly from our doing so, and will aid the Light in finding the “wiggle room” to fully enter the collective consciousness and help to anchor the higher realms upon the surface of our world once again.

Wes Annac – Offering Love and joy in an evolving reality



Santa Fe Galactic Command Center – Already Exists in 5D

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Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.


Channeled by Goldenlight, April 11, 2013


Goldenlight: A very rudimentary sketch of the vision I was sent today about the Galactic Command Center in Santa Fe. I tried to illustrate this a little more clearly digitally last evening, without much success. I am going to attempt to paint this at some point soon! The digital version is below.

sf sketch


Goldenlight: Hi! I wanted to ask you about the vision you gave me of the command center today.. The drawing I did of the vision you showed me.

This center – like much of the rest of the New Earth – already exists in the 5th dimension, you are simply “tuning into it” from your 3rd/4th dimensional frequency. You were able to get a glimpse into the 5th dimension today when we showed you this center… as it has already been created since we are beyond the realm of time.. We are simply waiting for you all to “see” it. When the people of your earth see our ships it is a combination of us lowering the ship’s frequency and the viewers being able to tune into a higher frequency. Most on your earth now are in the lower to mid-4th dimensional frequencies now so that it is easier to see us, especially when we lower the ships frequencies.

Yes this Galactic Command Center does already exist in the NOW! And you were simply able to tune into it visually today and we also sent you a holographic visual light information packet which you were able to pick up on. We were so pleased when you did!

This is part of your “job”, Goldenlight, as a member of the team for the center: to give it artistic expression as well as to bring in communications from the higher dimensions about it.

We lovingly await our reunion and your arrival to this dimension and of the manifestation of this intergalactic portal and center into your current paradigm, which is in the process of upshifting and merging into the 4th and 5th dimensions.

So it is a different way of looking at things: we are actually “waiting” for you, not the other way around as your minds would have you believe (smile). Of course all is perfect divine timing, and all is happening in the Now.. A difficult concept to grasp from the third dimension, but simple from our perspective as we exist outside of time. As we have expressed before, In the 5th dimension, time does not exist.

Being in the third dimension, quite a restrictive space, has served its purpose for many if you and you are ready to move on. We eagerly and lovingly await the intersection and merging of your world with ours. There will be much sharing of news and information with you as you become full galactic “citizens”, or members, once again. A great reunion it will be, with many of you joyfully reuniting with your star families of origin. Know, too, that in the realm of No Time, this too has already occurred.

– With love and light from The Pleiadian Intergalactic Council as well as other intergalactic team members, ascended masters and archangels who have been assigned to this project

Channeled by Goldenlight, thegoldenlightchannel.com. © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when re-posting this message.