Mira of the Pleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner – A Fly By In California – 11-9-15


On November 7 around 6:00PM a huge beam of blue and green light was seen in the skies from Santa Rosa California to Southern California.



Greetings, I am Mira.

Do we have the ground crew rounded up and paying attention to all that is happening right now on the Earth? Perk up your ears and watch your skies because there will be much more coming your way to show you that we are with you. We timed the flight (mentioned above) so that you would be made aware of our efforts to comfort you and excite you with our presence and our participation in the unfolding events.

Although we can’t do things to save you, we can encourage you and assist with technology where it is needed. This is the time of the greatest need for life and for the Earth. Much is at stake. We are taking responsibility on the Earth Council for where intervention is necessary. We want you to keep your morale up. Discouragement makes you take steps backward and we want you to move forward with ease and grace.

When we provide air shows we do it at a certain risk. Your government continues to deny it could be a fly over and dismissed this last one as “a naval missile.” You can decide for yourselves. The truth is flawless and you will know if it is so.

We are collaborating with many powers that be/are on the Earth. Our Council is active. We have issues to resolve together. We are making big steps towards resolution so that the next steps in progressive change can be taken. Ultimately you will have a new planet of beauty and Love like the Earth was in the beginning.

You will begin to see the end of the old ways. Each time there is a shift you will feel lighter and happier. Pleasant times are coming for pleasant people. The unspoken and newly accepted truths will be easier for you to integrate. The lies and perpetrations of the past are falling away.

Some are continuing to act out like spoiled children who are accustomed to getting their way. It is going to become increasing unpleasant for those who continue to pursue self-interest, greed, power, hatred and war. They will begin to feel misplaced, labeled, and revealed for who they are and what they have done to you and the planet. You will observe with wonder and awe at how they respond. It will be given to each according to his/her need.

In the end all will be revealed and your new work in the New Earth will become clear. The Earth Council is working at Light speed to implement and co-ordinate the rising needs and changing consciousness. It’s all coming together and working for you and for the Earth. Self-interest is on a downward sliding scale. The release of these energies will assist you to lighten up and catapult the Earth into the Light.

I am Mira with Love from the Pleiadian High Council working with the Earth Council.

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner: November 9, 2015. http://www.thegroundcrew.com/channeled_messages.htm#message

Channeler Valerie Donner – Ground Crew Update – 12-5-14



Here is part of a very informative newletter… you can find in full at : http://thegroundcrew.com/updates/vdonner/2014/120514_print.htm Please go to check out all of what it contains.

There is a good video about our economic progress, and links for other great information a poem by Valarie and other pieces.
Here are the two channelings which are contatined in this link above by Valarie Donner who holds all right to all of this.

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Mary Magdalene
In my Monthly Meeting with the Masters Class last night we were blessed with Mary Magdalene’s presence.

This is part of what she said: “There is a time table for new truths to be revealed and it is now. We want to re-unite with you. As first we will do so quietly to those are a part of our family. When we come we will engulf you with our love. Only those of a certain vibration will be able to recognize us.

They will be activated. These energies will sweep the land. It will melt the hearts of many. You will remember. The conglomerates will break up (like the churches) for they will be in fear of the truth being discovered.

Many will drop their cloaks and be seen/revealed for who they are (like reptilians, etc.). Their services will no longer be needed. They will have completed what they came to do. Then restoration will take place.”

A Message from Mira from the Pleaidian High Council through Valerie Donner December 5, 2014
Greetings, I am Mira. I am pleased to tell you that as a full time member of the Earth Council progress is being made on the earth at an accelerated pace.

Yes, the chaos can seem unnerving but it is serving a purpose. It is allowing for the upending of the old ways of being on the earth that no longer serve most of the planet. The future trajectory for the earth is service and goodness for all.
We have a good understanding and pulse about the earth and humanity. We see humanity waking up at an accelerated rate. We are optimistic about this big shift that is being facilitated in a myriad of ways.
All of who are working with the earth Council are devoted and dedicated to your ascension. We understand that the requirements are many and we know that you are up to the tasks at hand.

We have faith and trust in your abilities.
Some of your governments on the planet are still trying to enter in to space with the wrong intentions.

They will be corrected and re-directed. We will not allow for their interference. They have been told and shown this so please understand that we are aware of potential miss-deeds. We love the earth and love you.
Outside interference with the Divine Plan will not be tolerated. Some hard lessons may have to be learned by those who still believe they are in power. This is one of the biggest lessons that some of these beings will be taught. They seem to have to learn the hard way.
We stand in unity with all of the space family who are participating in the earth’s ascension. They are many with various levels of expertise. We cover all of the areas and potentialities. We are experts at what we do.
Our ground crew is also the very best. This is the greatest group of Light beings ever amassed for a planet’s ascension. We want you to know how much we appreciate your efforts.

Most of you are as devoted and dedicated as we are and that is a fact. We rely on you for your positive approach to change, your flexibility, loving hearts, and your intelligence.

You each have unique and amazing talents that assist us. In the future even more of your talents will be put to use. You will be happy and pleased with yourselves.
Thank you for your good work and your love.
I am Mira. I love you.

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council – Channeler Valerie Donner – 7-8-14

Mario Gattoaladino

listering video and reading: http://federazionegalatticadiluce.blo…

by Valerie Donner


Message From Mira – Pleiadian High Council – Valerie Donner – 1-0-14



Greetings I am Mira:

As you know I am still working with the Earth Council. This is my primary assignment and will be for some more earthly years.

First, I want to assure you that we are real and present on the earth. We want to relieve any doubt of who we are, why we are here on the earth and what we are doing. Our mission is a big one although there are many other members from other star systems who are also assisting the earth.

At the present there is a lot of chaos and that makes a matching need for peace and calm. We monitor these energies constantly. For some reason humans constantly surprise us with how they can get into trouble. The emergence of radiation from the country of Japan is an additional problem. We are there and have been there since before it happened. The situation continues to require the utmost diligence and care. Our scientists are experts in this issue however; we cannot intervene and undo everything that humans created. They must participate in this need for cleanup. Unfortunately, it is affecting marine life and all of life.

Humanity is learning some important lessons about the use of this type of energy. There are alternatives that are far superior and less dangerous. These must be brought to the forefront. The technology is already there. In the meantime, there is great sadness about what is happening to marine life, the people in Japan as well as other places where this is reaching. Humanity must learn that greed and lack of respect for the earth and life will not create a sustainable future.

We are your brothers and sisters. We are with you because we love you and we are a part of you. We have been on the earth for eons of time. Little do you know our faces or the faces of others who also come from the Pleiades. Some of you have recognition of each other that you have known in the Pleiades or other star systems. Your DNA is comprised of some of our DNA so let’s say we know each other. One way or the other we are connected. Part of our purpose is to help other planets ascend. The earth is one that we love the most. It is the most beautiful of all planets. We are present to make sure that she is not destroyed. We don’t want you to think this situation with your waters is futile but we want you to be more helpful and aware.

Humanity cannot continue to go about their lives like everything will always be the same for this is untrue. The choices that are made now must be about how to cope with the events that have occurred and how to creatively heal the earth as a collective. Going about one’s life as separate from everyone else is futile. You will begin to see more and more what we mean by that. You are meant to live together co-operatively not competitively. You will need to band together to assist the earth and each other as well as all parts of life.

 We will be working together with you in the fullest extent in the near future. This fact could rattle some people who do not believe in the star families but let me assure you they will be blessed that we are here. Know that we only come in peace, love and helpfulness. You need all of these features and much more.

Get ready to become more connected with your galactic neighbors, family and friends. This is the only way to get through the challenges and for the earth and those who choose to ascend also.

I am Mira sending you love and healing.


Valerie Donner – Message From Mira – Pleiadian High Council – You are the Weavers of Light – Inner Life Through Prayer and Meditation




Greetings, I am Mira. I am pleased to speak with you and to be participating full time with the Earth Council.

Change is rampant. We see much elevated consciousness. This is inspiring to us. We know that many of you are challenged yet each time you meet the challenge you are making bold new steps in your ascension process.

There is no turning back. You can only move forward for your own benefit as well as for life on the Earth. Holding your dreams and hopes for a better way to live on the Earth is one of your jobs. You are the weavers of Light and a new life. It is important work and you must understand how your consciousness provides valuable exponential input.

If you think that you are the only person with the challenges that you are facing you are misinformed. You are assisting many others as you heal from your issues. Please note the importance of your inner life and inner work.

Behold there is a new day and a new way that you are creating on the planet! Let your imagination flow in terms of what you can create. Can you imagine an Earth where everyone has all they need? Can you imagine healthy happy people living for hundreds if not thousands of years? Can you envision a life without war? Can you fathom people doing what they love for work and loving what they do? Can you get a sense of what higher relationships could be like? There are numerous questions to ask. It is in the asking that you are creating. You are creating out of the unlimited instead of the limited. It is like looking at life on the Earth from the eyes of a child. Yes, you are the children of Light co-creating a light-filled planet.

In times of heartache, challenge, uncertainty and surprise, let yourself pretend that you are a child looking at your situation from a new perspective. This is what it will take. This effort will unlock you from “We’ve always done it this way.” It will free you to uplift your thoughts and your own life into something magical and amazing.

We observe the outdated thought forms and emotions on and around your planet. We can tell you that they no longer serve you. First you must be aware of what is serving you and what is not. Remember that it takes energy and thought to create. We are holding the energy for you to do your amazing work of new creation as you release the old. We surround you and the Earth with all of the higher Light codes and frequencies for you to grab a hold of so they can be anchored into you. This is what ascension and transformation is about.

You have legions of helpers both on the Earth and surrounding the Earth. There are many gifted healers who have the ability to use their gifts for profound healing. In fact, there is a huge grid of Light that is supporting you for your healing pathway. You will have all of the tools that you need and you will be guided to those who can be of the most assistance.

We recommend you spend time in prayer and meditation to participate consciously in the shift of consciousness. Invite your space family to be with you, the Ascended Masters, Archangels, angels, and your own team of guides, your entire support system. Our Creator is watching all of us as we free the Earth from the bondage of the past and move into a new present now time of Light and love.

Thank you for your dedication, devotion, Light, intelligence, and mastery, as you come back into the oneness from which you came.

I am Mira in great love and Light.


Master Saint Germain – Channeler Valerie Donner – Straight from the Heart – September 14, 2013

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Valerie Donner – Message From Mira From The Pleiadian High Council – 8 August 2013



Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council currently working full time with the Earth Council.

I greet you today with good will and love. You are all going through monumental changes that can feel insurmountable at times. We assure you this is a natural part of the ascension process. It is necessary to wean yourselves from your old fixations. You need to focus on the skyrocketing energies of new creation. This is what is in front of you. It is not about what is behind you because that is over and done. I suggest you remember this fact.

You are a part of the Earth’s ascension team. We are working with you in tandem with all of the forces of Creation to make sure that the Earth is successful with her ascension. We monitor yours as well.

What I can tell you at this time is that the stage is set for some unusual occurrences. Events will occur that you would not have imagined. Fear not for it is all a part of the stripping away of the veil of forgetfulness leading into the full remembrance of who and what you are as multi-dimensional beings. These occurrences will coalesce into a powerful form that will catapult you and the planet into a much higher level of consciousness. Are you ready?

There is little time remaining for third dimensional conclusions. This includes every area in your lives as well as the Earth’s. You will need to garner new solutions to solve problems. You will find these new discoveries bring swift results with remarkable outcomes. This means that you will need to remain open to change and not feel like “We have always done it this way.” The old excuses will not be feasible for as you move into higher consciousness you will find that higher frequencies require higher vibrational solutions.

As the old paradigms fall away and the old systems implode upon themselves, you will begin to feel a newly found freedom. The energy that comes from the new opportunities is rife with higher consciousness. These Light frequencies are a part of the expanded levels of being. They are alive and vibrant. You are becoming an even larger part of this vibrancy and life. Your cellular structure is sparkling and becoming more alive. Your nutritional needs are shifting changing due to this Light. Listen to your bodies. They know what they need.

We realize that in many areas of your planet that cars and traffic, airplanes and airports, and all means of transportation are becoming less desirable. We have technological solutions to these problems. I want to assure you that this will become one area that you will find to be most favorable. We know you are anxiously waiting for these new modes of moving about. We can’t wait to present them when the time is most appropriate.

I came today to give you guidance and encouragement. Everything is moving according to the Divine Plan. Even if you feel as if you are faltering, please understand that this situation is far from that. It is only a part of releasing the old and opening to the new.

Until next time, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council sending my love.