The Great Divine Director via Tazjima – On Challenges – 2-23-15

The Great Divine Director: On Challenges. Received by Elizabeth Ayres Escher (Tazjima), February 22, 2015, Taken from

I am the Great Divine Director. I greet you this day in the energy of unity and love. And I continue in my mission to serve the evolution of humanity.

Your world is changing. That should be evident to most people. Where the change takes one can be very different for each person. How you chose to react to the change is even more telling.

It has been said that change is the only constant in your world. That phrase certainly holds true now as old systems are showing signs of wear and tear, as entropy continues to devour what has been resistant to change.

Creation first comes in the form of destruction. It is this essential stage of change and transformation that you now find yourselves. This transformation and re-creation process breaks down everything that resists movement. The rate of change seems to be increasing but it is truly your awareness of this process that makes it so.

There are many people who would rather cling to the old and resist the new. They will find it more difficult to do in the coming days, months and years. The world is moving on; it is “time” to let go of the old paradigm and every element within these belief systems that resonate with the old, decrepit energies.

Transformation requires that one let go of that which no longer serves. The object of letting go can be anything and even everything within one’s life. Being comfortable as you are will soon become uncomfortable if there is an ounce of resistance in letting go.
Many people might interpret this transformational energy as a need to let go of all material goods, relationships, jobs, and former interests. This might be so for some people, especially when they find that they no longer resonate to being in a certain setting or with certain people. It’s not really about things or persons outside yourself. The journey is one that really takes place inside yourself. It is how you choose to interface with the self within.

You might find yourself unable to concentrate or work on old projects. Let them go without judgment. Being “here” doesn’t require that you finish anything or even “do” anything.

Follow your interests, what gives you a moment of joy during a stressful day. Does your heart lift when you see beauty in nature? Perhaps you want to explore using different mediums of expression.

Sometimes the process of letting go is to simply let go of all that your ego mind has placed in front of you as “problems”. Your mind was created for the job of keeping your consciousness safe within its physical vessel… or rather keeping your physical vessel “safe” so that your consciousness could continue to reside within it.

It prefers to create problems to keep itself employed. However, your consciousness and soul are the ones who are in charge and can make the choice of allowing the problems to disappear and dissipate as if they never were… only illusions that the mind has built up in an attempt to gain your attention.

During this period of great change, there is the potential to feel quite stressed by the circumstances in which you find yourself. However, the human consciousness contains a vast ability to adapt to whatever is entering its awareness.

Self-judgment often enters the picture when going through changes. You may be hearing at times as part of the mind-chatter, “If I was good enough, I would be…” Fill in the sentence with those things you yearn to be, to have, to do, to experience… and you will discover where your focus and intent has been derailing your process.

Start with where you are NOW, in the now moment, which is the only real place to be. What happened in the past cannot affect you NOW. Whatever is about to emerge from the future is also beyond your knowledge and experience in the NOW. Be here and now. Easier said than done, but it is possible to allow yourself to be aware of the mind chatter, the fears, the emotions, the beliefs that something needs to be done a certain way… and anything else that gets in your way… and choose to let those things go.

Vigilance is required. Listening to the mind and allowing the flow of thoughts and emotions to go through without latching onto any one of them will enable the energy to dissipate and release itself into the aethers.

Perhaps you are uncomfortable with the sensation of strong emotions. You have probably been trained to suppress and deny your feelings, to not look at them with compassion and to understand them in others. Experiencing feelings and emotions are part of the journey of being “human”. The challenge is to master the emotions and thoughts, without suppressing them so that they are hidden away to be dealt with in the future. Deal with them up front, experience, feel and release.

Seek balance. There will always be the sensation of first tipping one way and then tipping another until you discover just the right elements to bring your being into balance. New challenges will arise to test your ability to reconnect within and to master anything that comes within your field of experience. You can do this. That is why you are here now, dear Masters.

Feel out the energies. As you gain clarity in your ability to discern the “feel” and resonance of one energy over another, you will be able to discern and hence decide on what is right for you, in the moment. Your desires and needs will change as you continue to move through this process.

Transformation will continue to reveal and strip away those things within your life that no longer serve. It may be your job, your primary relationships, your living space… or simply letting go of a no longer desired habit or pastime.

Look back into the recent past and wonder at how much you have changed already. More is to come, of this we can assure you… but it does not have to be a fearful journey along the way.

Be open to feeling with the heart and discerning and choosing with the mind. Listen to your body. Make a choice and then listen to your body. If it is the “right” choice in the moment, you will find your body is relaxed and eager to move.

If it is the “wrong” choice, there will be a feeling of uneasiness centered within your solar plexus or upper abdomen area (just beneath the diaphragm). This is not dualistic judgment. It is a simply a matter of choosing what direction you want to proceed in within this now moment. The way could change tomorrow, but you will not know that until you arrive at the next now moment.

This is a challenging theme for those who have allowed themselves to become caught up in restrictive belief systems and ways of doing things… especially those who have judged others as being wrong in their beliefs and practices.

Listen well – ALL existing belief systems including those within the realms of esoteric teachings – are being challenged. What is “good” for one person, will not necessarily work for another. There is no purpose in attempting to determine the direction in which others “find” themselves by decreeing that it must be done this or that way and no other.

That restrictive thinking no longer pertains. The barriers to individual and collective creativity have dropped and will continue to dissolve until all that remains is the pure essence of being in the moment.

There are as many perceptions about life as there are human beings living upon this planet. One way fits all will not work, has never worked… and will not continue to be allowed to be used by a few to control the many. The dam has broken, the waters of the unconsciousness have been set loose. All that has been hidden through the millennia, whether from self or the collective, is now in the process of being revealed.

Learn from what is revealed, revel in the ability to make choices for what you wish to experience and learn how to navigate these untested waters of Source. You are on your way to becoming a new HUman, a fully conscious divine being clothed in flesh and walking upon the earth, in your full splendor and strength. To get there will take tiny steps and adjustments, so be patience with yourself. You are on your way. Rejoice and make it so!

In joy,

I AM the Great Divine Director, your brother in the Light and Love of the Creator.

Lord Adrigon – On Ascension – Channeler Tazjima – 12-28-14

Ash Tree Pioneer Park

Lord Adrigon: On Ascension

Channeler:  Tazjima

I AM Lord Adrigon. I greet you today from the deck of our mother ship, my personal vessel, The White Winds, which is stationed between Earth and Venus. When you look upon the Morning Star just before dawn, you will also be looking upon us.

Our Pleiadian fleet is stationed within and around your solar system until that time when your world will be set completely free from its ancient restraints, brought upon it by darkened souls from another Universe.

As part of our mission here, we train those who are starseed volunteers, who are willing to step down in their frequencies and enter the cycle of incarnation upon your world. In league with the etheric retreats that still exist with the auric field of your planet, we prepare these volunteers, guide them, mentor them, and heal them in between embodiments if need be.

Also, we serve as a way station for those souls who have served long upon this planet as volunteers, those whose soul contracts are now over. We prepare these souls to return to the frequency levels from which they first descended, now having won the opportunity to graduate through ascension due to their long service and achievements won through much struggle and toil in the lower frequencies.

There have been some among the new age followers and even among the Wayshowers themselves who doubt that those who are now ascending are worthy of such accolades. We say, in no uncertain terms, that they are worthy… and sometimes it takes great effort on OUR part to convince these gifted ones of their worthiness.

Due to many deep-seated and sometimes deliberate misunderstandings of the process of ascension, it is thought that those who are currently undergoing the process of walking out and being replaced by other souls, that these same ones are deserting their posts and missions, leaving them to others. It is not so, as we have called these ascending ones Home, reminding them that their time to serve on the planet’s service is now over. A contract is a contract and must be honored by those who agreed to it.

The soul contracts of those soul aspects who have served upon Earth which are now at an end, even extended beyond the original reckoning, can in some cases, be altered. However, it is the will of the Higher Selves of these who have served for their soul aspects to return, to re-blend into their original essence, so that their Higher Selves can, in turn, move onto degrees of higher service themselves.

Ascension is, simply put, simply a rise in frequency levels. One can ascend while physically present on the planet. One can ascend in frequency and remain there if one can retain the high vibrational energies at all times. It is possible to be on the planet and be in Samadhi simultaneously, but my dear ones, we who serve the evolutionary process of your planet and that of others, do not sit and meditate blissfully at all hours of the day and night. We work. We serve. We live our lives here on board this ship and others, far away from family and our loved ones, far away from our home planets, far away from our native towns and villages.

So it is for those who have sent a portion of their soul essence to Earth, to serve as an incarnating presence there, acting as a bridge between our dimension and your own. These brave soul aspects carry forth the higher essence of being and anchor it through their fleshy vessels into the earth beneath their feet. Due to their carrying this higher soul essence, they also suffer the pangs of separation from something that has been lost or forgotten.

For the ones who worked through the last evolutionary period, just being present upon the planet’s surface has been difficult. Given that many of these lighted ones have also received harsh reception from the people with which they found themselves, it has been a long and difficult struggle just to survive. Many of these lighted ones have died young, from disease or violent deaths at the hands of those who instinctively feared them since they were different.

Those starseed volunteers who have recently incarnated upon the planet are now in the process of gathering up the reins and taking positions as gatekeepers, ascension teachers, guides and mentors to those who are awakening, and as Wayshowers. Never forget that the ones who came before you, who will be leaving this planet in the coming months and years, have ably prepared the ground for your work to be done without the need to fear for your life. Your relative freedom has been won by those who have made tremendous sacrifices so that all humanity could eventually be freed from the artificial bonds and miscreations of your controllers.

Now it is the time for the second wave volunteers to instruct the waking waves of humanity in the truth of their world, to uncover the secrets of your societies and history, of your cultures, to reveal the many lies and acts of deception that have been perpetrated upon you.

The first wave volunteers kept the fires of freedom burning through the dark ages since the Fall of Man, and the descent of this planet into the third dimension. Now they have lifted the planet up to the point where the work can be undertaken by those who have incarnated with more conscious awareness of who they are and what their mission is that lies before them.

Our First Wave volunteers came in without knowledge of their spiritual lineage or where they had come through. Many still do not remember. The ones who do, but have turned away in denial or anger, have dropped down in frequency so as to not be eligible to ascend in this time period. Instead they will be relegated to the lower frequencies of this or another suitable planet until such time as they learn their lessons and are able to rise in frequency and reconnect with their Higher Selves.

This is not a judgment on our parts. The Higher Self of each soul aspect is the ultimate judge who determines the ripeness of the fruit, whether or not their aspect is prepared to return and rejoin its higher essence. And so, on the day of the last Solstice, when your sun appears to halt its progress across the skies for three days, 99 of the First Wave volunteers were taken through their graduation ceremony. Looking on were fond family members and proud mentors. There are thousands more First Wavers to process in the coming months and years, but not all are ready to return, and so their Higher Selves will wait.

Time in our dimension does not work in the same manner that it does upon Earth. We, who live and work in physical bodies, even though our higher essence is Angelic, we do not age and grow old in appearance like the bodies upon Earth. It is the lower density, the heavier, slower vibrations of your world, with its pollution and poisons that prematurely weakens and ages your bodies. As your world is cleansed and rises up in vibration, your bodies will respond as they are made up of the fabric of that same celestial body, your planet. Your children and grandchildren will have a much longer life expectancy than what is possible for most of you today.

Do not seek to judge those who are leaving through the process of ascension. Not all are here to remain and serve upon the surface. Many go Home to serve there in various ways. Some go home that they might rejoin with the soul essence of their Higher Selves, so children can be created for the future of their families.

While our people serve on board the Ships, they do not have children and most are unmarried. There comes a time when the crew members and some of the starseed volunteers chose to go home to take up a new and different life as a resident of their home planet or perhaps another one that appeals. Many find that they have changed much during their time of service in the Command (Ashtar Command) and wish to serve as teachers for their own people to acquaint them of the things that they have encountered during their service away.

Our people live long lives, but we do not live forever. This is another misunderstanding about life in higher dimensions that has been bandied about. When one reaches the higher dimensions, you can live without a body, solely in a light body… but without a physical body, it is also difficult to serve the people of lower dimensions. We chose to serve, so we wear bodies of flesh. True they are much more refined than your own and appear ageless because we have designed them thus.

Some of those who rejoin their Higher Selves will choose to continue to serve from 5D on board the ships. Others will serve from the higher dimensions and seek to make connect with sensitive and receptive scribes and channels who are also starseeds, still incarnated upon the planet. There is also much work to be done with cleaning the atmosphere of the planet and preparing for the days when we are allowed, by Divine Will, to finally land upon the surface. The timing is not up to us.

Ascension is also about expanding your mental horizons, opening your heart so you can tune into the wisdom of your Higher Self. Some of you will not resonate with our words; that is the way of things. When frequency levels do not mesh, understanding will not come. If feelings of anger, resentment, jealousy or other lower frequency emotions waken within, then it is up to the individual reader to come into realignment, to quiet their emotional body and to come back to balance.

Wisdom and understanding cannot come if your heart is closed. Seek the place of calm within, through whatever means resonates with your personal taste and manner of living. The paths to Spirit are many and varied.

We have spoken of many things today. We trust that you endeavor to understand or allow yourself the space to disagree with what has been shared and to move on without need to criticize the scribe for her efforts herein. Translation through telepathy takes practice.

We are ever present to mentor, to advise and support those who seek ascension into the Light and to reconnect with their Higher Selves. Not all souls will be returning to the higher frequencies (6D and higher) once the planet fully ascends and the fifth dimensional energies anchor physically upon the surface. The higher bodies of the planet have already ascended into the lower frequencies of 5D, but it will take some time for the physical to manifest this new reality.

Meanwhile, endeavor to keep YOUR energies high so that you might successfully enter this New World. Leave aside all divisive thoughts and actions and endeavor to work together towards the full manifestation of Unity consciousness in the heart and mind of every soul who still lives and breathes upon your sweet planet. Release the need to contribute to the length of time in which it takes for the Fifth Dimension to fully manifest here by refraining from criticism and judgment of others. You only drop down in frequency yourself when you do these things.

We remain at our station near Venus. Call upon us if you are interested in coming aboard The White Winds sometime. We retain many compartments that are available for the use of guests and visitors.

We send you our blessings for the New Year which will begin within a few days hence. There will be many challenges to overcome, but those who live in the higher frequencies will find many of what have been formerly deemed barriers to be magically dissolved. Solutions will appear to solve problems that have been deemed unsolvable. Magic is in the air. Discover and share your own gifts, many which will come online for those who have long dedicated their lives to the cause of freedom and devotion to Source.


I AM Lord Adrigon, Commander of the Pleiadian Fleet, Lord of the Pleiades and humble servant of the Most High.


©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, Permission is NOT given to alter this piece from its original written form.

The Great Divine Director – The Shift Continues – 23 August 2013 – via Tazjima

August Sunshine

“The Shift Continues… .” A Message from the Great Divine Director via Tazjima – 23 August 2013.

I am the Great Divine Director, also known as Lord Ganesh by our Hindu friends. I come today with tidings of great joy! You are ascending.

“What?” you say. “That’s news? I don’t feel any different than I did yesterday.”

Ah, but you are different and even those who are the most resistant to change ARE beginning to notice something has shifted in their world, but it couldn’t be them, could it?

We are here to gently say, yes, it is you. You are changing. You are changing your own world. You are changing your perception of your world. You are changing inside and the changes are reflecting back to you as you look outside of your energy field.

How are these changes occurring? Through a long, subtle process of rising vibration and frequency levels – the shift is happening and has been happening for a very long time. However, only in the last five years has the magnitude of changes accelerated and so most everyone on the planet are finding challenges, difficulties or opportunities cropping up for expansion in their lives, depending on their outlook on life and how they view themselves.

This shift “of the ages” as it has been labeled by the New Agers, is the movement from one age or the Kali yuga (dark cycle) of the Age of Pisces to the Satya yuga (light cycle) of the Age of Aquarius. And it is a part of a greater age involving the universe. Your sun is ascending, your solar system is ascending and your Universe is ascending. Everything is being stepped up in frequency levels. The shift started a long while ago, but has been accelerated due to the presence of lightworkers on the planet. And as the frequency levels increase, the souls coming into this world as babies are lighter in frequency, too. There will be no return to darkness for this world.

Long have the Powers that Be (now Were) fought and resisted the influx of new energies. Linear descendants of the black magicians of Atlantis, these beings long thought that this world belonged to them. Humanity and other life forms on the planet were considered property to be used or abused. And now they are being disabused of this cavalier attitude by the rising up of the consciousness of the multitudes of humanity, as well as the increasing intensity of Nature’s “attack” on the old way of doing things, through storms, earthquakes and the such.

What has been regarded as the only way to do things actually has not been in effect for very long. The grounded sacred approach of the indigenous peoples across the planet has been the target for attacks by the PTW for many centuries, starting with the European invasions of South and North America, Africa and Asia. With the ebb and flow of civilizations, from Rome to the Holy Roman Empire and then to wholesale economic enslavement of continents, the attack on the indigenous and peasant peoples was on.

However, cycles turn and life moves in a sacred spiral. What came down is now rising. The energies of the planet are rising every moment of every day. You see the rise of energies reflected in physical changes in your bodies, reactive modes in your friends and families depending on their level of acceptance, denial or resistance to change, and in the crumbling apart of institutions long thought the foundation of the modern world. What you call the modern world has been forced upon the people, upon the animals, upon the earth. Rape, pillage, wholesale destruction of species, environments, water, air, and soil… all that is needed to sustain life on this planet has been the subject of targeted abuse by international corporations and imperialistic governments, most especially Britain and the United States.

Enough already! Heaven has called a halt to the dark cycle. The Kali yuga is fading into the sunset and the new dawn of Aquarius is arriving. Transitional periods are always difficult, but this one is different than the ones before. With the fall of Atlantis, which actually occurred gradually, before the last cataclysms brought the physical demise of the last island continents, the dark magicians had discovered methods to harness the powers of crystals and of the atom. Much destruction was wrought in the name of power and control. What you are experiencing today is just a shadow of what occurred with the last violent overthrow of the Atlantean culture.

Many of the humans alive on the planet today were present during the long ages of Atlantis, both during the golden age and the long sunset eras of her demise. Many of you played roles on both sides of the game board, dark and light, and are now balancing for any acts of commission or omission during those times.

While these times are difficult, it is important not to judge the actions of others, outside of your energy field. Each of you was chosen to come here, to experience the transition, the bringing of the world into a new and glorious age of light and love. You have played many roles and must realize that even those who are members of the power elite have also played on both sides. The souls present are here to undergo the richness of experience as potential when such a transition is unfolding. This time period is like none other this world has ever experienced, so cherish the moments of feeling unsettled, up and down, the fullness of the sensations and sights to be felt and seen. It is a marvel to be alive, here and now, as the massive waves of light overtake and defeat the darkness that has prevailed for many thousands of years.

Many sources are reminding you on a daily basis to tune into your inner being, to listen to your heart, to find that quiet space called your higher mind, to spend quality time learning about what truly you and what is not. There is much social conditioning to overcome, but it will be done. Each of you is in the very individualized process of becoming reacquainted with your Self, the greater you who has always been here (not there) with you but who you temporarily had to forget in order to become truly “human” for a time.

For light-workers, forgetting who and what you are has had sometimes painful consequences but you can chalk it up to the wealth of experience that you have gathered during the course of your time here, assisting the “local” population to break free of the chains of economic and emotional slavery.

Not all the parts of this great story have been shared yet. The ascended masters and your galactic cousins have much to share with you when your energy levels rise enough so that you can both comfortably interface with the others on common frequency levels. We are here and unless you are an especially gifted clairvoyant, most of you cannot yet see us. However, you are becoming increasingly more sensitive to our presence and can feel us in a sudden increase in the warmth emanating from your heart center or a flush of heat in your body. Your “paranormal” gifts will continue to return online as you grow in your self-acceptance, adjust to the new energy levels and expand your horizons. What has been deemed beyond normal is actually just a part of what you will open back into. You are in the process of returning to the awareness that you are greater than you realize while at the same time, you are becoming more wholly human or humane with each other, all life and the world around you.

Human beings are not meant to be cruel, destructive or distrustful. This manner of behavior has been literally beaten into succeeding generations who were bred on fear and lack. None of these things are natural to this world or to you as a human being. And you need to forgive yourself for anything you feel that you have done “wrong” or out of alignment with some specious code of morals. Your leaders are in the process of displaying just how much they hold these same moral codes sacred by their insane actions of self-destruction and destruction of whole systems as they attempt to bring down entire countries in an undeclared world war of economic and physical terrorism.

Each of you will return to self-mastery where no code delineates your outward behavior, but where you follow the Will of the Creator because it is your will to do so. No longer forced to become anything that you are not, you will blossom into your true potential and be all that you can be. Perhaps this will occur for you in a couple of months, a couple of years or in an upcoming lifetime. Your path is set out before you by the dictates of your soul and soul family. You will discover what to do when you get there. Now, enjoy the moments as the transition occurs. You are witnessing a miracle in action, as an entire world and her population ascend from the lower third dimension to the upper fourth and eventually to the fifth. Physical ascension of an entire planet has never been done before, so it is an exciting time for us and the rest of the Universe watching to see what happens next.

When you get overwhelmed for a few minutes or even days, go within, dear ones, and find the smile that lingers in your heart. Know that we are ever present with you, to guide, mentor, heal and comfort. We share our love for your planet, for you and all life here.

Go in peace and go with our profound love and devotion to your heart flames.


Copyright © 2012-13 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

Message from the Light Collective – 10 August 2013 – Channeler Tazjima


In the ever present Now moment, we would like to take you on a tour of your Self. Each of you who read our words is beginning to wake up to the fact that you are more than a body or a single consciousness. In fact, you are a collective being. You exist in a Multiverse, more than one universe, in more than one body, on more than one planet. And yet, your primary consciousness is focused, here and now, in this human body and on this planet, Earth, located in a side arm of the vast Milky Way Galaxy. Why? You are here because the transition that this beautiful but humble planet is undergoing is unprecedented in at least one Universe and really all Universes.

Many of you, even those who have long been conscious of the transition are struggling with the issue of self-identity. Who are you, truly? Are you a human being doomed to struggle and slave for some three-score years and ten (often shorter) and then die, never to live again or are you something more? You really, really want to accept the knowledge that you are more, mainly because it gives you hope that you can change, that you will be given an opportunity to do it all over, again.

Dear ones, you are doing it, now. You are changing the game plan because you are in the midst of a Grand Experiment, one that is bringing light back into a darkened world and a darkened Universe, a Universe that was affected by an unintended mutation of creative energies. Step by step, your bodies are changing and being stepped up in vibration, in their ability to carry the light. This is the result of long-term planning by the Archangels, who oversee the rehabilitation of this world, its people and this Universe. This experiment is only in its beginning stages. What you do here, you will do the same and more on other worlds, because that is what you do. You are the explorers, the wanderers, the special light forces who have volunteered to undergo this process in order to transmute the imbalance back into alignment with the Will and blueprint of Creation.

We understand that it is difficult to see or believe that you have any hand in the changes currently happening across the face of your planet, but we assure you that you are heavily involved. Simply by opening yourself up to the realization that you have choice, you have stepped from a third-dimensional vibration to a fourth. By determining and realizing that you can change your world consciously, you begin to bring up your energy field closer to the fifth dimension. You are a powerful, creative being; now is the time to acknowledge that you are not a victim of circumstance unless you choose to undergo victimization as a means of gaining experience. You can move beyond experiencing yourself as a victim by simply tweaking how you view your world. You can begin to see energy as being neutral; it simply is. And then realize how you bind your thoughts and emotions, together, is how you attract what you see and experience into your daily life. By choosing to remain neutral, you release the emotional charge from events and can eventually choose how to consciously determine just what experiences you wish to have.

The experiment that you are undergoing is a rebuilding of the stepping stones of mastery– Self-mastery, which means that you are responsible for the choices that you make, each day, whether unconsciously or consciously. We hope that you feel that you are ready to be conscious so you can tune into the ways in which to channel energies and create the world in which you want to live.

We know that many of you will deny that you have such power of creation, but we remind you, dear ones, that each and every one of you is a creator god. Yes, you created the world in which you live and breathe. It is only one of your creations, but right now it is the focus of many worlds who wish to move into higher frequencies. You have a unique opportunity to prove to yourself just how creative and powerful you are. Do you have the necessary courage, determination and will to go forward? We feel that you do. We see the whole of you, not just the singular individual who appears lonely and lost, struggling to make ends meet, dealing with health issues, relationship issues, and emotional ups and downs.

South Fork Walla Walla 52812 001

Are you ready to step up to the plate and learn how to master your experience, to master your emotions, to create your world, to be all that you already are within? If your answer is yes, and you give us permission to work with you, we will guide you in your discovery of your own gifts. Each of you has what it takes to be a master, carefully stowed within your own heart and mind. Through the pineal gland you can make connection with your soul and I AM Presence. Through the secret chamber of the heart, you make connection with the Creator and his rays of Creation. In working with the angels and elementals, you can change the focus of your life. By connecting with nature and the earth, you become grounded.

It can be easy to lose yourself in the bliss of meditation, but grounding in the present moment is necessary if you are going to accomplish the work of changing your world. Each moment that you can be aware, even while you sleep, is another moment when you can accomplish great things and learn to bring the wisdom of your higher selves into manifestation. You are the anchors and bridges, bringing in the light of creation into manifestation. You have been chosen for this role by your selves, the parts of your multi-dimensional being that works closely with the Archangels, ascended masters and ascended galactic and extra-galactic races. You are these beings, true, but you are also human and here to experience all there is to experience of the ongoing transition of this planetary body and all life upon her. See yourself as an integral part of the transition, as an agent of change. And what you manage to change in yourself will be reflected back to you in what you see around you in the course of daily life.

Be aware that every thought you have, every emotion you feel, every action that you take is a part of the rays of creation. While you go through your day, you are creating. Will you choose to be conscious of your creations so you can align yourself with the Will of the Creator or will you choose to remain unconscious and seemingly helpless in the face of adversity? It is your choice and we will honor whatever you do, but know that mastery is self-determined, not something that some guru can wrap in a pretty package and hand to you on a plate. It takes intention, attention, focus and action.

We understand that our expression through this message may overwhelm and confuse some who appear to be struggling. Let the emotions flow through you like water without latching onto them. Let your thoughts settle at the bottom of the lake, clearing the troubled waters. Be still. Be calm. Allow for the wisdom of the heart and the connection of your higher self speak to you in a non-verbal manner. It is through this unspoken, non-linear method that you will receive your guidance, from within, not through the avenue of another person. Although others might serve as a guide, it is through following this inner beacon that you will find your way through the maze of indecision and inaction and break through to the other side of the matrix. Once outside the matrix of the rigid third-dimensional structure of thought and emotion, you can discover new ways to create your own world, as you, the master, so will it to be.


You are already free of the matrix, whose underlying structures have been withdrawn as of the 12/12/12; but you have to make the first move to go forward into the new dawn as a creator of all you see and experience. Go forth and discover for yourself, dear ones, what lies beyond the miasma of limitation, want and need. Many delights and wonders and beautiful worlds are there waiting for you, for you have already created some of what you will find during those moments when your linear thinking mind has been stilled, during sleep and dreams. And we await your coming, in robes of many colors as you again are clothed in the auric hues of mastery.

We stand in awe of what has already been accomplished. The transitional period from 12/12/12 to now, just now eight months in length, has advanced and heightened the frequency levels of this planet and her peoples so that even the sleepiest of its populace begin to stir and wonder what is going on. What is going on is simply the reconstruction of an entire world and its collective humanity into a star nation, a fully conscious planet of living physical ascended masters. It is something that has never happened before, but now you are well on the way.

Yes, there will be revolution, turmoil, death and destruction. What is old and broken must be destroyed and removed before a new world can come entirely into manifestation, on clean and cleared soil. Change brings challenge. Not all humans or life forms upon the planet today will survive physically the changes, but all are being given the opportunity to undergo the experiences contained within as they have so chosen before coming into embodiment. Judge not the actions of others; focus on your own choices and actions. Be focused on your inner development and see everything outside of your aura as theater being played out for your enjoyment and entertainment. We understand that some of you will be appalled that our seemingly callous regard for human suffering and misery, but we remind you that each human being makes the choice to be here before they are born. Their experiences are their own, chosen for the growth of the soul. And the soul is eternal even if the body is not. Those who are meant to be physical ascended masters will survive the transition; many others have chosen another direction, other timelines, but all, will eventually come into alignment with the Will of Creator and so it is best not to judge.

Understand that much is being balanced by various souls. Some souls have chosen short lifetimes. Their lives, cut short by violence, in turn act as a catalyst in order to awaken others; to create the opportunity for large numbers of individuals to experience a spontaneous heart opening that otherwise would not present itself. Honor these braves ones for their seeming sacrifice for many times they are balancing acts of violence that they, themselves, have committed in other “lifetimes”. What is termed an act of “evil” may be just the catalyst needed to break the locked in thinking of people, to move them to an opportunity to choose between anger and vengeance or into forgiveness and love. You have the opportunity to choose, every moment of your life how you will react or not to whatever “happens” around you. Become conscious of your choices; take responsibility for them and you will soon find yourself on the road to self-mastery. You are already on it, but have not thought to look down and see the yellow brick road beneath your feet, leading you on to the great Emerald City of Shamballa, with its gleaming crystal towers.

There is no good or evil, there is only You, the eternal dreamer of the one dream. You are the experience, the creator of the experience and the experiencer. You are the master of your world. Find delight and joy in creating the world that you want to be a part of, along with all your friends, the angels, the ascended masters, the galactics, the elementals and fairies, the wondrous creatures of “myth” and many others.

We stand at your side, ready to guide and mentor, ready to encourage and cajole, as brother and sister to you and one in the light of the Creator. Go now in peace and be consciously all that you already are.


Copyright © 2012-13 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

Message from the Angels, et al – Who Are You, Truly? – Channeler Tazjima – 3 August 2013

Evening Blues

“Who are you (or “Hu R U” in text!)?” asked the Caterpillar of Alice in “Through the Looking Glass”. Many of you are now deep into the process of discovering the answer that Alice was seeking.

Today, several of us, as ascended masters, angelic beings and divine mentors have joined together to address you through our scribe:

I AM Sanat Kumara, Planetary Logos, also known affectionately as “Raj” by many.

We are the Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother.

We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine.

We are the Divine Mother and Father.

We are You, part of your Multidimensional nature, which you are now in the process of rediscovering and opening up to the realization that you are greater than you know.

We have joined together to address our brothers and sisters through this scribe as part of her own mission to know herself better. While well aware of some of her own spiritual roots, she has been unwilling to reveal much to her readers. Now has come the time to speak of many things, not just of a personal level, but a Universal level.

Each of you is in the process of returning to Source. Why? Creator has instilled his creation with the desire to be in Oneness. For some time, this has not been the case; many worlds, universes, creations and individuals have, shall we say, strayed from the original blueprint and far into darkness and separation. And so Creator has sent forth brave ones, volunteers all, to work in these distant fields to act as wayshowers, to bring awareness back to those who notice them, in whatever light, positive or negative, that joining into oneness is possible for anyone to accomplish, no matter how lost they currently feel.

Our scribe has been undergoing the process of “getting to know yourself” as described and guided through the work of Jim Self, long one of our guides and mentors, taught by Archangels and Masters. This is one approach to coming into Oneness, but only one; there are many and each individual needs to discover what method or direction suits their own individual needs. All of you are unique and precious to Creator; all of you are now discovering just how unique and amazing you truly are. To some the revelations will be overwhelming at first, and then others will be quite accepting and also blasé about their discoveries. And still others will be secretive, at least at first, because they do not yet trust themselves or those around them to understand completely what has been revealed or why.

We ask nothing of yourselves that you are unwilling to give at this time, only to look dispassionately at what your heart tells you, what is shown to you through dreams and visions, what you feel through your body, what is revealed to you in moments of “aha”, as you piece together disparate bits of information into a complete picture… a new you is being revealed.

Our scribe has noticed what has been explained by Jim Self in his latest energy update (August 2013) as a removal of certain levels of frequency, a detachment from the need or ability to emotionally react to some happening in daily life that would have earlier created a disturbance in her emotional body, creating another thought form to be stored in her unconscious to be dealt with at a later date. This detachment, while deemed by some to be a lack of response or coolness in her nature, is a godsend now as the agitation in the world around her increases. She is now able to watch the gyrations of the minions of the departing paradigm with equanimity; these oppressors are now struggling to retain their control over the people and are attempting all kinds of acts of oppression and aggression to push through their agenda. It is not working anymore as the energy has shifted and the structures that once held together the rigid paradigm of the third dimension have been removed. All the flailing about is pointless, but will be done by these stubborn ones until they, too, realize that change is inevitable and that their time is done.

Butterfly and Balm

For the lightworkers to be drawn into the drama of the departing paradigm is not the solution, either, for to place attention and focus on these dark energies is to strengthen their remaining hold on society and the individual. One must learn to be observant, compassionate and removed, focusing instead on the golden vision of the inner heart and connection with soul; the I AM Presence and Creator. Through the Law of Attraction, what is focused upon will emerge into your life and hers. It is universal law and above all those created by those who wish to control the actions and lives of others for their own benefit. So be willing to forgive those who have worked against you throughout your many lives on this planet and others, and to move on into your own dream of bringing heaven to earth. It can be done; it is being done by many who have learned to focus on what gives them joy and can offer abundance and healing for the collective of humanity, not just their own pocketbook.

Now has come a time of letting go of what is not yours, what has never been yours. It is up to each of you to identify just what constitutes those things that have been put forward by others in your life as being the way to do things, what to believe, how to act, who to trust, who to hate. All of you have been affected by the administrations and belief systems of your elders, mentors, teachers and bosses, to one extent or another. However, as the energies shift and change, the new children coming into the world and many who are here already as Indigos, blue-ray beings, crystals, walk-in volunteers, starseeds and other various titles, these individuals do not resonate with the old energies and so they rebel or walk away from what has been placed before them as the way things have always been and seek another direction, one quite divergent from that of their parents and teachers. The children understand that there is another way to be, to follow; so they go their own way because of their different “wiring”. They have come in with bodies that naturally respond to higher frequency levels and so they can adapt to and demand that others change, as well. For them the process is easy and quite natural.

This ability to shift with the incoming energies and shifts is not quite so apparent in the older generations still living on this planet. Our scribe is one who came in soon after the last great world war; she took on some of the decades of energetic healing of karmic patterns and lines that many of her compatriots did, but in a mostly unconscious manner. She just knew that things weren’t right or comfortable for her, so a great search for meaning was undertaken quietly, moving her away from the paradigm of her parents, and eventually quite away from her entire family. She has lived a solitary life for many years now out of choice, realizing that she needed to focus on her own inner growth and not respond to the needs of others in the manner which was the existing and unsatisfying paradigm of her own mother. Perhaps her actions were deemed suspicious and selfish by some, but she was driven by a deep inner desire to understand what was going on, outside and within. The process for her is still ongoing, but now there is an increasing acceptance of her inner power, strength and determination to be reunited with her Soul and with Creator. With this acceptance also comes a sense of peace despite all that is continuing to play out in the world around her. This is a journey that is being undertaken by many individuals, each in their own way, and is beginning to be reflected in changes manifesting in the outer world, as the “people” come awake to the need to change what has been accepted and put forward by the few to control the many to what can be accepted by the many and is for the good of all.

It is up to each individual to arrive at that place when they can accept and learn to love themselves, as they are, not as they hope to be, but as they are here and now. And they will begin to discover just how truly wonderful and astounding that knowledge can be, even if they now see themselves as being quite simple and plain on the surface. No one is what they appear to be; all are part of creation, facets of the great diamond of Being and in the process of being buffed and polished by events in daily life, by opportunities and promptings to expand horizons and sense of Self. Respond to these promptings as you see yourself guided and learn to trust the process. You are in control; you just may not be aware of that fact, yet, mainly because you are not quite aware of Who you are.

Strawberry Falls

You will discover that paradox will be quite apparent as you continue to grow towards self-realization. Paradox allows for people to change. What is true of a person or an event one day, may not hold true the next. Perhaps someone hurt you in the past. Will you hold that against them until the day you breathe your last breath or can you forgive yourself and them for what has happened and allow them to reveal how they have changed or not. You do not have to give in to another; just be compassionate and understanding. You act as mirrors to one another and reflect back what has not been dealt with. As bluffing agents, your “enemies” act to bring your attention to what has not been released from your own unconsciousness. How you react to their actions or not can give you a sense of just how far you have come in the process of forgiving yourself for acts of omission or commission.

What upsets you today as someone commits an atrocity “out there” is something that you, yourself, may have committed in another lifetime or even this one. You need to forgive “them” and yourself and move on. These acts are still being committed by those who hate themselves so desperately that they believe by hurting others they will regain a sense of control and power over their own lives. Of course they are seriously deranged in thinking so, but even the worst murderer or child rapist can change, can find redemption in the “lord” if they can forgive themselves and learn to love what they are now, a child of the Creator. Can you do any less than the angels and forgive that one as the Creator does every day, every moment, knowing full well what that individual truly is already? Can you forgive yourself? Can you learn to love your loneliness and the traits that drive you from being able to live with others? Can you learn to accept that what you deem as weaknesses and character faults within may truly be your most precious gifts and strengths that you can place on the altar of Being?

As the velocity of change quickens in the world, through the avenues of extreme weather, social upheavals, economic and political changes, as well as upsets caused by the now daily revelations of what has been hidden from the general populace by their governments, religious institutions, by corporations and powerful individuals, each person is undergoing a process of initiation into mastery. Many are unprepared and will leave as the paradigms shift and the frequency levels of the planet continue to rise. This exodus is well underway already; it can be seen in an increase in the death statistics, whether through natural causes or through violence and social upheaval. Do not feel that the ones leaving have failed, however, as each individual has a path to follow. When one leaves the body, one can adjust the patterns and make another attempt at mastering the energies and demands of physical embodiment, which is so much more challenging than many beings existing in the higher frequencies, truly understand.

You are the brave ones, who have taken on the job of bringing a planet back into alignment with the Will of the Creator; it is not an easy task and will take some time to come into full manifestation, but the light is increasing in this world. The new world will come into being; it exists already in your Heart of hearts. Each individual who leaves will come back to fulfill their mission or choose to fulfill it from the worlds of light, as they are so guided. Do not fear for your loved ones who do not appear to be awake yet; they will not be left behind even if they appear to forsake you and your efforts to go forth into the New World, now. If you are meant to work together, you will, but you cannot force change on another against their will. Let them be what they are. They will discover what lies within soon enough.

Be the process of change that you want to see happen in the world. Focus on what is your dream, your passion, your joy and bring it into manifestation. It is not your duty to correct what is broken. The energies of change will scour and remove that which is not suitable for the continuation of life from the world. This planet is undergoing her own path of initiation and return to her Christic plane of being; what vibrates at a lower level is being removed, naturally. What already exists within her and within each individual will eventually manifest in the physical. This process is already underway. See the world with the eyes of a child, filled with excitement and wonder, free of cynical judgment, alive to the possibilities and delights of physical existence. Your world is a wonder of creation and you are, too. Discover the joys of life on a beautiful planet, made even more beautiful by your focused thoughts and visions of heaven on earth. You are a part of the Creator made manifest. Bring your most beautiful dreams and passions into reality. You have the power within; learn to harness it for the good of all creation. Be what you are meant to be, a beautiful, powerful being of light.

Oregon Butte 041

Go gently into the new day that approaches you as a dawn flushing the skies of your world. Go forth in wonder and create in joy. You are human angels, drawn into manifestation by the Mother and empowered with grace and spirit by the Father. You are their hands; create in the fields of the Lord and learn to sing, again, with angels and elementals. We stand at your side, guiding, mentoring and giving encouragement when needed, but you are the masters. Go forth and act accordingly. We truly love you as you are, here and now.

Namaste; we bow to the Divinity within each of you.

Copyright © 2012-13 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.