Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young – 2015 – The Year of Discovery – 1-3-15

gabriel_smallerGreetings, Dear Ones! How pleased we are, so pleased, to be in your presence today.

We honor you for coming on this magical day of celebration to anchor the energies of the group. And of course when we say group we mean not only those who are in the room at this time, but also those who will be experiencing this transmission on your internet at a later time.

We wish you a blessed solstice. What a wondrous time on your planet. 2014 has been a profound and pivotal year, not only for you individually, but for your entire planet. You have shifted from one age into another and you have done it brilliantly.

We would like to give you an overview of what has been going on with you, as well as a sneak preview, if you will, of the energies of the year you are moving into, and it is our greatest pleasure to do so.

You have been experiencing accelerated energies since mid 2012. You entered into this rapid moving energy with the first of the Uranus/Pluto squares that your astrologers have been speaking of.

This has been a series of astrological events that have been completely transformative in their nature. We liken these energies to being in whitewater rapids. You, in mid 2012, entered into the beginning of the rapids and started accelerating. Once you made it past that pivotal alignment of December 21, 2012, the acceleration was profound.

You have been in these rapids since then. So, let us think about what that means. When you are in accelerated movement, you are buffeted from all sides. You do not feel straight and smooth growth. You do not feel a steady, predictable trajectory of movement.

You go in one direction very quickly and stop, and then the flow shoves you in another direction very quickly, and it becomes so fast; so quick that you become very focused on just holding tight, in just not bouncing out of your boat, so to speak.

You may have water thrown in your face, you may feel cold, you may be uncomfortable, you may feel jarred, you may get bumped into by other passengers in your boat. Everything is churned up. There is no time to pay attention to what other people are doing because it takes all of your concentration to hold on.

It is unpredictable to be in rapids; and when you can barely see and are moving so very erratically, it can be difficult to gauge how much progress has been made because you are not even really able to watch the scenery as it goes by.

Dear Ones, you are almost out of the rapids, and we want you to think about what that means. When you reach the end of a series of rapids, the stream widens and the flow evens out. It still moves very quickly but in a smoother, more enjoyable way.

All of a sudden, you can start to see your new landscape. You don’t have to hold on as tightly anymore. You can settle down and start to enjoy the journey again. All of a sudden, from this new vantage point, you can see that your new creations are taking form and that you are actually getting somewhere.

You can catch your breath, and you can now see who is still in the boat with you. You feel tired but alive, strangely exhilarated by all you have been through. You are different, but whole, and amazed with your resiliency and new state of being.

So, we would say that because you are coming out of the end of this period of profound and radical change, that you will find 2015 to be The Year of Discovery. It will be all about learning what all of this means, now that you are landing in this brand new land, in a very different energetic space, yourself. This is exciting and momentous for you.

We had called 2014 The Year of Balanced Relationships, and that is very much been what you’ve been working on. You’ve been working on your relationship with self. Self-love has been a predominant theme through 2014. Your relationship with self and your relationship with Source have been first and foremost of importance this year, because you cannot create balanced relationships outside of yourselves until you have created it within.

You have had shifts in your friendships, in your dealings with others. You have moved into greater balance and boundaries with family members. You have learned the art of acceptance and allowing, in many cases. You have honed your boundaries. You have forgiven yourselves and others, and encouraged yourselves and others. You have expanded your ideas about love and unity consciousness.

You are evolving and it is showing. You have also been reevaluating your relationship with the planet and with the universe, as well, understanding that everything you do sends a ripple across the cosmos. All of this has been preparation for moving forward in earnest. So we would say to you that you have done the work, and you have done it splendidly.

We understand that this has been a long and arduous process of purging and releasing. We understand that this has been difficult, but the wonderful news is that after all the purging and releasing you have done, you are left with the pure essence of you. You are left with the divine glory of who you really are. You will be moving forward in your truth, in your transparency, in your integrity, in your beingness.

You have been cleansed so thoroughly there is no more hiding who you really are. Your insides and your outsides will finally be matching. It is from that space of beingness, of self-love and self acceptance, of finally owning your divinity and walking your purpose, that everything else will reflect that. It can be no other way.

Gone are the days of hiding – you simply cannot play small any longer. It will be too uncomfortable to try to compromise, to try to hide, to try to deny who you really are. We talk about solstice events as being save points. You have saved your light, your progress, every step of the way. There is no going back. There is only moving forward, and moving forward into 2015 means finally starting to be your real selves and starting to reap the fruits of your labor.

It is like an archeological dig. You have seen archaeologists who have painstakingly swept away debris with the belief that there was something magnificent below. You have all been your own archaeologists, and the purging and clearing that you have been doing has been to get to the treasure that has been there all along.

You can never be disappointed with what you discover! Everything is sacred and amazing when you make discoveries during your dig. And once you see the glory of what is inside, you will never again cover it up or hide it.

You preserve it, don’t you? You appreciate it. You learn more about it. You share it with others, because it is such a wondrous discovery. You are all beautiful, glorious treasures! We have always seen that truth. Now you are starting to see it is so.

We are so excited to see what you will do with this brand new year. It will be fun. You will finally start to see your abilities. You will finally start to live your truths. People will finally start to see you for who you really are. People will comment on your energy, on how shifted you are, on how beautiful you are.

Be mindful. Be true to who you are. Allow yourselves to shine. Know that from this actuated place you will be drawing to you, effortlessly, the experiences that you wish to have. From living in your truth and from shining your light courageously, the rejuvenation that you’ve been seeking will come. The healing that some of you have been searching for will occur.

The divine partnerships will happen. The soul groups that some of you have already started reconnecting with will come together with ease, with joyous friendships and relationships that support and uplift each other. The weight of the ascension process will be lifted. It will start to feel joyful and not as heavy because there are so many participating in it now.

For many of you, your purposes will change and shift. For many of you who have been part of this process for a very long time, you will feel like your load has been lifted. You will not be feeling the intense sense of responsibility that so many of you have carried. It will lighten up.

Allow it to expand into its full glory and understand this shift is likely to involve far more being than doing. Whatever you choose to do will be a true match to you, and will be far more joyful as a result.

There is nothing that you need to do other than to be your splendid self and to discover all of the gifts and treasures that already exist within you. What glorious times you are in!

We honor you for all that you have done. We thoroughly enjoy you in your human antics. You are so loved, so supported, so celebrated! Go forth joyously and know that you have done magnificent work, and that the fruits of your labor and the next phase of this Shift, are so well-deserved.

But before you come out of the energies of this channel, we ask you to simply open up and receive a divine blessing of love from us today. We are always with you and you will always have everything you need. And with that, we will bid you adieu. It has been our great pleasure.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young

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The Courage To Live Your Dreams – Archangel Gabriel – Channeler Shelley Young – 3-23-14

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honoured we are to be in your presence today.

We would like to thank you for coming and supporting our beloved partner in transmission in this last live event before she starts to make the changes that will allow her to move into the life of her dreams, and along that line, we would like to present a channel that will support you to do the very same thing.

We honour you for coming to anchor the energies of the group, and of course, when we say group we mean not only those who are in the room at this time, but also those who will experience this transmission on your internet at a later time.

You are in completely unique energies in this now moment. Your planet is shifting into energies that have never been felt before.

Your earth is shifting, and as the earth shifts, you shift. You are shifting, and as you shift, the earth shifts. It is a beautiful cosmic dance of support, love and unity.

Because critical mass was reached and your disaster scenarios were not met on Dec 21, 2012, and you have all, as a collective whole, decided to move forward into the next grand age of enlightenment, you are truly starting to experience magnificent things on your planet.

2013 was largely a year of shifting into a brand new age.

Your bodies were learning how to sustain higher and higher vibrational codes.

You were shifting on a DNA level in order to support the higher energies and to create the changes that you wish to see.

Now that you have reached the year of 2014, and you are now fully sustainable on the planet in these new energies, you are starting to feel the winds of change blow.

You are starting to feel that the endless cycle of shifting and purging, cleansing and transmuting is ending, and that would be true for each and every person who is reading this channel or who is attending the channel in this room.

Of course, you will always be growing and expanding, but the heavy shifting is largely completed, and you are now entering a time we would consider energetic refinement.

You are changing phases, and this is a profound shift, indeed.

You have been well aware of the changes that have been promised as you were each individually going through your ascension process.

Many of you were aware that you would be moving into unity consciousness and the energies of unconditional love, acceptance, grace, ease, surrender and flow, divine assistance, and stepping into your authentic power and your creator selves.

As you have been pondering what this means for yourselves, many of you are starting to truly feel that the end of the letting go phase is in sight, and that you are about to start creating some of these heartfelt dreams that you have been nurturing for so long.

This can be a scary prospect to the enlightening human being.

Many of you have been disappointed by your religious teachings in the past.

Many of you have pastlives where you believed wholeheartedly in gifts and rewards that never came.

Many of you have sacrificed your lives in pastlife expressions in your pursuit of spirituality.

Many of you have been disappointed by false prophets and other promises and predictions that have not come true, so to believe in the fact that your life can actually, truly shift that profoundly, that you can have the life of your dreams, can be a scary prospect because on a soul level you do not want to risk having that disappointment again.

What is different this time around, is that you are finally understanding that you are the ones who are creating it!

You are stepping into your authentic power, into acting as a creator god yourself.

You are realizing that you are fully responsible for the life that you live, and this can be both exhilarating and terrifying to the enlightening human being.

Your victim consciousness, for many of you, has been a shield that you have hidden behind to avoid accepting self-responsibility.

It can be difficult to understand that you’re moving into be a co-creator of the life of your dreams, working with God rather than accepting presents for good behaviour.

Deciding what you want and then co-creating it, as a piece of God, is a powerful concept that many of you have not yet come to terms with.

Let us assure you, Dear Ones, these are different times, indeed.

There would be no point in re-experiencing what has already been experienced in the past.

You are pioneers now, and you are powerful examples of what people will be able to achieve by embracing their own enlightenment process and stepping into their own authentic power.

Many of you have a fear of failure.

You are reluctant to fully commit to the life of your dreams because you are afraid that you will fail and that you will be disappointed. In reality there is no such thing as a failure.

There is only experience.

We love you for your kind, gentle and mindful souls, and we understand that you do not want to make a mistake.

In our eyes there are no mistakes, there is no judgment, you are not being graded.

You are being encouraged to fully embrace having experiences.

So we would say while we do not believe in mistakes, if there was anything close to a mistake, it would be choosing to play it small and not having experiences.

The fear of success and the fear of failure is very much based in your old conditional love mindset and the idea that there is a
God who is judging you, giving you shiny golden check marks or big black x’s next to your name.

Again we say to you, this is not Santa Claus spirituality, Dear Ones!

You are just fine. In fact, you are more than fine. You are divine.

So, if you can look at things through a new model – a model of experience merely being a means of self definition, you will be far less fearful moving forward.

Many of you have a fear that if you step into the life of your dreams people will no longer need you, or will no longer love you.

Some of you may fear that you will be leaving your loved ones behind to do so, or that you are somehow going to be judged, deemed unworthy, or draw attention to yourself that you do not want.

These are not valid reasons to avoid living your dreams, Dear Ones!

You are here with your own desires, with your burning, yearning passions within you for a reason, because you are meant to bring those energies onto your planet.

By honouring yourself, by loving yourself enough to live the life of your dreams, you can only please everyone around you because you will be having your highest life expression.

Disappointment can never come from having your highest life expression, and again, you will be being outstanding examples of what to be.

Many of you fear that if you attain everything in your life that you will simply transition and leave the body.

We chuckle at this because your energy is still very much required on the planet to support it in its enlightenment process.

So if you get everything that you want, we assure you, you will not die. In fact, trust that you will never be done creating.

There will always be new inspirations that come with every new level of attainment.

Many of these dire “what if” scenarios that make you afraid to follow your dreams are designed by the ego self, the part of you that wishes to keep you small, and has no interest in your enlightenment.

So remember where it comes from, and don’t give it any more weight than it deserves.

Many of you feel that if you attain all of your dreams there will be nothing left to do.

Dear Ones, you are never done growing and expanding.

You are always moving forward. From each new plateau you will create even greater things to experience.

It may be that your current dream is really only a stepping stone to what your grandest dream and purpose really is.

Your destiny may be even greater than you ever imagined!

Your dreams are the pre-programmed route in your internal GPS to help you find your highest, most satisfying life expression.

Hear us when we say that you can have a life of joy, love, support, honour, health, and abundance.

Everything that you are looking for you can have!

You would not be able to dream it, if it were not so.

You have the support of your own soul, your guides, your helpers, the angelics, the masters, your planet, the entire universe assisting you and cheering you on!

So, as you consider living the life of your dreams and doing those things that you have always wanted to do, pay attention to the little doubts that come up, the ones that say, “Yes, but what if you do that and…”

Be aware of those old fear-based thoughts, see them for what they are, and let them go once and for all.

The way to truly and effortlessly move into the life of your dreams is to embrace surrender and flow, faith and trust, understanding that to be in such energies is to bypass all blockages, all fears, all self limiting belief systems.

It will move you seamlessly into your highest life expression and from there you will create anew.

That is what is going to support the New Earth that you are all here to birth and experience, and we simply cannot wait to see what you collectively create.

This is what we wished to present to you today. It has been our great pleasure.

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