Orienting Message, from

Feel script Archangel Michael

Greetings Divine Ones,

As you may be feeling, your energy structure has changed. For many of you what is happening is that you are building great capacity to structurally energize from light and receive the refined light frequencies of the galactic center.

Your conscious evolution is an ongoing process. There are stages in this experience and some have more marked shifts in consciousness and sense of self than others. What many of you are finding now is that your sense of self is increasingly shifting to a soul-based reference point. This is a more distinct aspect of ascension and a wonderful shift to celebrate and unfold.

Living as the light you are, is becoming more clear to you. It feels more real. As you acknowledge your multidimensional self, the field of consciousness you are that is expressing here…as you claim this as your identity you give direction to Creation to rearrange your reality to reflect this state of being. Although your awareness of your true, divine nature has been in your consciousness for a while now, in fact it was one of the first insights of awakening, this shift to truly embracing this as who you are, your identity, fully and without concern for how others might see you or what this might mean or sound like, is transforming your energy field and summoning a different, corresponding reality.

This shift in identity is really the most fundamental shift you can make in awakening. All else flows naturally from this reference point and so this shift is truly worth celebrating, seeing clearly and with this distinct knowing, having a capacity to deeply invest in this sense of self.

The timing for this could not be more perfect.

As you approach the coming Eclipse Cycle in March, many of you are spinning off old thought-forms and reference points that no longer fit or are now seen as disempowering, conceptual layers. As you let all of that go, you begin to have a more direct experience of your naturally direct relationship with All that is.

Given this refinement, you also, simplify the inner workings of your mind, freeing up your creativity and humor. A lightness of being enters your experience and it is, dear ones, coming from your own state becoming clearer and more unconditional.

As you let yourself be more free to create your emotional state and therefore, feel less affected by people, circumstances or situations, life becomes more fun.

As you root deeply into your own soul self, nourishing and acting as the authority on YOU, you become more loving and kind to all life. It’s natural. For as you grow to trust yourself you grow to trust others.

As you grow to appreciate yourself, you appreciate others.

As you grow to believe in the reliability of your sovereign inner connection with all that you are, and realize THIS, this inner connection with your SoulSelf is how you are here and how together, you are awakening and ascending…well, then you begin to realize EVERYONE has this current within that is guiding them home.

It’s a relief, if you let it inform you.

Although some around you may still feel that they are transmuting things for others and that is there “job”…we encourage you to smile and love them, letting go of any need to change this, or them. This distraction will grow old some time, just as all forms of “us vs. them” will later be clearly identified as 4th dimensional perspectives. Beyond the 4th dimension it’s impossible to be concerned about dark forces or “evil” or any type of enemy. These energy states are clearly recognized as structural aspects of polarity; essential in creating duality and which will naturally collapse as the ascension into Oneness progresses. Until then they keep the 3rd dimension structurally available with and for those living in that state of consciousness.

For those of you becoming Soul-based in your embodiment, this coalescing is changing the game! Empowering you to create the life on earth you want to live…so that you can live, your heaven on earth.
The Eclipse Cycle can be used to further recover your innate relationship to creativity and empowerment. We are inviting you to join us in a sequential experience of co-creation that will support you in not only expanding your personal power, but making big leaps; elevating you to a new state of being, as you move toward the June Solstice and into the rest of this year. So that you can bring your soul song, into expression and elaboration, for your joy and for the remembering within all of humanity of the Oneness that is.
We look forward to co-creating with you, during this powerful time and hope you will gift yourself with the joyful experience of believing in your own divine identity.
With love, we are always with you.
I AM Archangel Michael, with Ashira and the Arcturians and the Council of the Golden Dawn Temple

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ARCHANGEL MICHAEL via Meredith Murphy – You, In your Human-ness ARE THE KEY – 3-7-16

AA Michael

Archangel Michael –

Hello Divine Ones,

Thank you for being with us. We are quite excited about this conversation today, for the time has come to have a very direct conversation in a way that we have not yet had with you. Recently we have offered specific suggestions for working with your mind and your habits of thought and patterns of being, so that you might open up more capacity to think freely, to feel more open to think freely, and therefore to have different experiences from within your humanity.

This kind of movement is an essential part of your evolution because you, in your humanness, are the key to the ascension of your life. What we mean by this is your soul is not within you to take over and do it all. Your soul is within you, offering you energetic nourishment. Pure, clear consciousness, so that you might use this energetic stream of all that you are to remember and to tune yourself into alignment with your essence and use that alignment to create your life with that joyous flow.

The point here is not to become your soul in a way that eclipses your human life. The point here, is to learn to feel your soul presence within you and to recognize it as a pure clear energy that is you, that gives life to you, that is your essence, and to use that energy to guide and steer yourself. To use that energy to know yourself. To use that energy to support and energize your life, and to know that it is the source of your being and your connection with All that is.

As an embodied aspect of your soul, you are ever-expanding awareness. You provide the soul a vehicle to have different experiences, and you enrich the fullness of your being. The vehicle of your life is an amazing experience of expansion for your soul. This is true, really from the very beginning, without you doing anything. Just having the ability to be here, in a body, and perceive and experience this amazing this planetary field, and your amazing intelligent body, is beneficial and expanding to your soul.

Your body, like you, is fueled by the essence of your being. Your body and you are innately aligned in intention and aspiration. You as consciousness experience the world, and it’s richness and all it presents gives you ideas. You see what you like. You discover from a very early age, that you have your own preferences. This occurs naturally as you in your uniqueness live and encounter life. As you encounter life, you discover what you like, what you don’t, and as you grow and develop, you make adjustments based on what you like, and what you don’t, and what you think will get you more of what you like.

Sometimes these adjustments are based on separation. Sometimes these adjustments are coming from within. They are wise and insightful. When they are based on separation, or they’re fear-based, they typically involve shutting yourself down in some way. Any kind of adjustment that shuts you down in some way creates problems later.

In our many conversations with you we offer many ideas for working with these kind of congested energies and patterns so that you might clear them. These more limiting ideas were beneficial to you in the moment in which you chose them, but to perpetuate them is never beneficial. It’s only beneficial to be present in the moment and choose from the present.

From a more elevated vibration in the present, because you’re ascending, it’s much easier to choose more empowering ways of relating and being and participating. Learning to clear the congested energies is beneficial.

Your life is a means of experience, and it’s always changing. You are always changing, and your experience of life is always changing. What you are translating as experience is always changing because your vibration is dynamic. What you translate and perceive as experience is based on your vibrational state. What you translate and perceive as experience is always changing because your vibration is dynamic.

You are translating life based on your dynamic frequency state, and so what you translate and interpret in one moment may come from an elevated clear energy state, and in another moment may come from a distorted fear-based energy state. You experience the full spectrum of all of this.

Now, our message for today. There is no need to get this to always be some perfect way in order to have a wonderful life. Do you know this?

Do you really know this? Do you realize that you can feel free and happy and enjoy all the different dynamics of your life by simply seeing the big picture of the game, and knowing your soul here for the experience of it all? Some of it will delight you. Some of it you will wish you had not tasted. If you want to be happy, if you want to be free, choose to be happy, and choose to be free. Choose to think and notice in ways that give you the feeling of being happy and free.

You may say, “Oh, Archangel Michael, I don’t know how to do this”, but you can choose these qualities as important to you, and begin to discover how to feel them more often.

You can make these feeling states your priority.

If you want to be free, and you want to be happy, then choose those feelings. Choose to think about life in ways that make you feel free and happy, and give up logic and conditioning, and the rules, and expectations that you’ve learned before that are in any way contrary with this. Just let them go.

Feeling states are a manifestation of thought-forms. Learning what perspectives and ideas make you feel free and happy, and giving yourself permission to think them is how you experience being happy and free. It’s really that simple.

None of the circumstances or situations in your life have the ability to make you feel less happy or less free unless you invest in them and give them that power. Unless you decide that they –circumstances or situations – are what makes you feel happy and free. You may wish to change circumstance and situations, but regardless, they will have no ability to change how you feel unless you invest in them, and decide that your happiness and freedom comes from them.

Yes, it’s nice to feel free, and yes, it’s nice to have money, or a wide open afternoon where you can do whatever you want, but you can feel free without having money, and you can feel free without having a wide open afternoon.

You can decide you want to create more money, and you can decide you want to create more free time, and all the time that you’re choosing and learning how to create more money and create more free time, you can still feel happy and free long before you’ve discovered how to create more money or how to create a wide open afternoon every other day.

You are always free to think what you want, and you can realize that all the things that feel limiting to you, and that feel like they’re pinning you down and holding you back are just circumstances or situations that you have invested in as having the power to make you happy.

Now, we want to say something that’s really important, so please take it in. Discovering you are a soul living in a human form does not make life perfect. It does not give you the experience of never feeling challenged, or never feeling that life goes up and down.

You are not here to have an arrival into some blissful state of being and never feel anything else. Please, if you want to start to live fully and freely, give up this idea of a destination, of an arrival. This idea of an arrival in which your human life no longer has all this variation, there is only one way to arrive that way. It’s death. It’s not life. If you want to have a sense of arrival in your human life, then die. If you want to have a sense of adventure, then live, and if you intend to live, which we sense all of you do, then expect variation. Expect that you can always choose to think differently, and look at life in ways that feel good to you.

As you all know, it’s always possible to find something to smile about. It’s always possible to find the silver lining in any moment. It’s always possible to find a way to make things different in your experience. Making things different is not the same as having a specific feeling.

We want you to start disentangling this idea that circumstances and situations create the way you feel. They don’t have to, although they might have for a long time, because you gave that power away. You are free to feel the way you want right now, and then to create the life you want from that state of being.

Imagine how much fun it might be to go about learning and facing the challenges of life, feeling the way you want? Feeling the way you want now, not waiting for some moment, not denying yourself the joy of that feeling until you’ve accomplished some certain thing, but instead choosing to feel that way now and enjoying that feeling state as you go about the experience of creating your life.

We’d like you to think about this today. We’d like you to think about how you might further untangle the way you want to feel from the things you’d like to create. Not only is it beneficial for manifesting to feel better, but it’s just self loving.

If you want to feel in particular ways, make those feeling states a priority, and use those elevated feeling states, because we assume most of you would choose elevated feeling states, use the experience of those elevated feeling states to create a happy life.

From that happy life learn and develop in the ways that interest you, but start to disentangle the idea that circumstances and situations create your sense of freedom and happiness, and take back that power, and be the sovereign beings you intended to be.


I am Archangel Michael

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Archangel Michael via Meredith Murphy – 2015, A Year to Explore Your Freedom Notes from the Ascending Energy Arc – 1-12-15

AA Michael 12

Blended Being: living aware of the absolute eternalness of you, while having a relative expression in human life and on Earth.

So, here we find ourselves.

2015 is the time to live it!  Decide now, to create tangible results. Learn how to create what you want to experience. Contribute to the world diversifying and becoming more elevated and beautiful, as only you can — from the unique preferences and arrangement (harmonics) of your presence in communication with this life, this world, this moment.

Ready? Let’s go. It’s time to make your LIFE a Soar Fest. Be you. Drop everything else. Center in on authentic being. Hone your mastery in the material. Trust the exceptional beauty of all that you are, and shine!

New Message from Archangel Michael

As we kick of this amazing year, I’d like so share a new message from Archangel Michael. You can find it by clicking here:


09 January 2015

2015: A Year to Explore Your Freedom

Message from the Archangel Michael

Channeled by Meredith Murphy

Hello beloved ones.

We want to talk further with you today about this invitation to let yourself be fully and purely who you really are. To speak to what this means and how you might explore this more fully, and also to encourage you. By talking more about the context in which you are situated and the ways in which traditionally humans relate to freedom and self-expression and how this is affecting your ascension experience, we believe you will feel emboldened and step forth more fully to explore your freedom.

Your capacity to embody the fullness of your being is continually growing. It will continue to expand as your planet and you are on an ascending energy arc. You’re rising in frequency and growing more accustomed to this frequency that is higher than where you have been. You’re learning through the generation of new functionality in your body, to circulate and flow an increasingly higher frequency energy and to do this more consistently and in a more sustained way. As you know doing this releases lower frequency energy so there is a continual process of recalibration and a re-establishing of the homeostasis of your being. This is happening in waves.

Regardless of where you find yourself in this continually unfolding experience, we want to tell you, that you have already received new and significant capacities. How did this occur? By your expansion and refinement. Through this you have grounded and can now emanate and receive who you are much more fully.

How do you open up these new capacities though … the gifts of your expansion? By allowing yourself to pursue your dreams and visions. By allowing yourself to blend the energy of all you are into action. We suggest you do this by taking action upon your cherished dreams and visions of your own life and of your world.

You know, the safest dreams are the ones that just stay as dreams. They’re very beautiful and they’re very precious. They are the ones that people really treasure and the ones that never get messy and feel as though they’re not untarnished because in your mind they exist purely and perfectly and yet they’re just possibilities.

They’re just possibilities in this sphere in which you’re focused because this sphere in which you’re focused is the material sphere.

When you begin to act to engage in life and you dare to risk the possibilities of living and creating your dreams you start to blend your being more fully. You begin to realize the life of the New Human. It becomes more than an understanding or an idea, it become your presence.

In doing this, you allow yourself to enter a path that is unknown, new, created as you go. Unfolding and powerfully transformative. A path which may have many surprises.

Sometimes on these paths of self-expression in relationship to your dreams you might even feel in moments that you totally failed and yet it is through this kind of devotion to the things that you envision and treasure that other people and you yourself, divinely inspired beings, have engaged in action and with passion and created immensely beautiful expression. So realizing this, naturally, you want to get in the game!

It is in the creation of dreams such as this and the exploration of those questions that you love so much and want to explore or the interests that you enjoy participating with that all truly universal and beautiful expressions have come forth on Earth.

You create energetically. We talk about this so often, and you live in a physical world and the invitation to you now is to blend these seemingly two distinct things, into a flow.

Physical action and engagement supports the flow of energy. You create energetically the capacity to give birth to dreams. To summon the support and synchronicities that help you find and unfold the path of creation. You use law of attraction confidently and boldly to do this. Yet, creativity on Earth involves action. It involves talking to and being with other people.

You don’t create a new job for instance using the law of attraction but never leaving your house and never talking to anyone. You use the law of attraction in your vision and your vibration to draw to you the opportunities and through these opportunities you connect and collaborate. Through these conversations and actions and the energy that you are, you find and connect with an amazing new job that meets the energy of your vision and your vibration and so often, so much more!

Do you see? Action, participation, getting in the game and out into the world is an essential component of blending your being in the material.

Part of the ascension pathway as we have also talked about recently is that there are moments when you tend to withdraw more and sometimes these periods of time last quite a long time. Sometimes your energy is quite low because there is so much transformation happening in your physical body that you don’t have a lot of energy to put elsewhere. But when this comes to a close, and it naturally does, when you feel yourself emerging into clarity and with energy again action is natural. To accomplish your blended being, it is, in fact, essential.

Now, another thing we wish to highlight today is that one of the greatest challenges of the New Human is to really lighten up, and we mean this as a state of mind.

We want you to lighten up so you can explore the possibilities of your immense freedom with these new perspectives you now carry. There are so many on Earth that do not yet understand the truth of their being and their landscape is indeed smaller than yours.

You have opened up your understanding and with this you are in a vast territory of possibilities. We encourage you to not let yourselves be stalled by trying to do it perfectly or searching for the perfect dream.

We would like to remind you there is always now and there is always later. Choose what you want to create now and begin. Begin anywhere. When you feel inspired towards something different let yourself do something different.

We’re saying all of this because freedom can be scary. Freedom can be scary and human beings have a very strange relationship to freedom. Most of you crave it profoundly but it invites you to go beyond that which you have known already and in doing that, it invites you to explore life in ways that go beyond a sense of knowing. And then you wonder, “Is it going to work?”

In your world there are so many ways in which you want to know things before you experience them! Are you aware of this? It’s quite striking how you remove the joy and delight of direct experience by doing this. Because of this you impair your ability to experience you life as flow.

There is a tremendous amount of holding back and inhibition in the way most humans, quite habitually, relate to their lives. It’s like when you go see a movie, for those of you that like film, let us ask — when was the last time you saw a movie without seeing a preview? That previous could be a film preview or it could be a verbal one given to you by a friend.

So many of your experiences are not actually encountered until they’ve already been somewhat evaluated and pre-digested for you. They’re not directly experienced and unfolded. Do you see how this dilutes your presence? How it impairs your ability to be here now, and to flow with the fullness of your power?

You generally want to know how things are going to go before you begin.

Is that not true? And you don’t start things, often, that you think might not be perfectly assured to work out as you want them to work out, from where you are, before you’ve even started.

Do you see how you diminish the landscape of freedom that you actually have, by functioning in the world in this way?

Dear friends this is not the way you came to play!

You did not come here to play it safe.

You came here to dream up a new world and birth it into being.

How can you do this if you only do the things that you’ve already experienced and that are already familiar and that you already know how they turn out?

How are you going to move into something new in your life and on the planet if you don’t allow yourself to engage upon a path that is unknown? How can you do that if you don’t let yourself explore the fullness and the possibilities of all this freedom that you’re generating?

It might not have occurred to you yet, but in fact the benefit of ascension is freedom, expanded freedom.

In remembering and rising in frequency, clarifying your consciousness and presence, you are removing all those filters of perception that have created obstacles to living powerfully in your world. As you come into greater clarity and more accurate understanding about who you are the gift of this is liberation. The gift of this is freedom.

When you engage in action and you dare to pursue something you have no idea how it will go, but you actually really hoped you can create, you are exploring this freedom.

And guess what? It might work exactly how you envision it.

It’s far more likely, however, that whatever you’ve envisioned is actually dynamically unfolding and shows up as a great deal more than what you initially knew about it. It’s far more likely that the act of living and creating, the act of endeavoring to make it come forth will involve revision, will involve refinement. There might even be some degree of “crashing and burning,” and there will definitely be some degree of success and encouragement.

This is a process not a destination. And although most of you know life is a process, you still tend to relate to it as a destination. Consider that for a moment.

Staying with your vision and persisting and endeavoring to get it where it feels right to you, ought to be the goal. Rather than, some perfect idea of absolutely replicating the initial inspiration which gets you going.

That initial inspiration gives you focus, and a sense of the feeling and the potential of your own participation in the material. You’re here to apply this.

You’re here to apply this in your life. That’s who you are in the material sphere of expression. You are here to do this for the joy of it and to elaborate your being for the evolution of your soul made possible by the exploration of self-expression and the expanded awareness that comes with creating in this way.

You expand your awareness by allowing yourself to know more than you did before, to perceive more, and to discover more.

Doesn’t it seem quite obvious to you that doing new things is a powerful way to expand your awareness?

Isn’t it true that the things in your life that were new, often challenged you the most and brought you the most exquisite exhilaration as you discovered your capacities in the process of pursuing them? And when there has been disappointment the only problem has been, if you still care about these things, interpreting that as there is something wrong with you and then no longer trying.

Your life is meant to draw out the fullness of your being, so some of the things you really care about creating will challenge you because it is in challenging you that you will get more creative and open up your new, and/or dormant capacities.

Your life is meant to share here, the uniqueness of you, your perspective, your energy and the elaborations that are inspired and acted upon and arise from that blending.

What you elaborate into is not just the non-tangible expression of energy, it’s all you say and do and think and how you behave and what you create and what you envision and the ways in which you and others are affected by all of this.

You are physical and nonphysical. Blending your being comes forth more fully by seeing yourself in this wholeness as a unity of spirit operating in the material, the material which is just as beautiful as you and arises from and is embodied by the same love that you are. It’s all love.

As you begin to come in more, as you begin to let yourself and your own uniqueness ground more fully, more completely and more purely — most importantly – meaning, you drop what doesn’t feel right to you. You drop what no longer fits for you. As you do this, you ground the pure essence of you more fully into this human body and that helps you create more easily.

The more grounded in your physicality you are the more powerful in the material you are. The more grounded in your physicality you are as you simply and straightforwardly, with no apologies and hesitation, allowing yourself to flow …

As you allow yourself to give up this human preference for always having a preview before you live something and you begin to trust yourself more, going out into the world and just endeavoring to make things happen, you facilitate the flow of energy that is you.

The more you live like this the more you are accomplishing what you came here to do.

Lastly we wish to highlight a most spectacular realization: each and every moment has something available to you. What is that something? It’s everything.

Each and every moment has everything available within it and you in your multidimensional awareness are innately birthing experiences and expressions that open up this potential now available on Earth more fully to be perceived and experienced.

Why is that? It is because you yourself are creating from a reference point of more wholeness. It isn’t something you have to try to make happen it will naturally occur.

The other thing we want to tell you that will help here, is that as you embody your physicality more fully, an amazing thing happens. You feel safer here. As you come in more fully, you’re grounded more fully, so you feel more safe on Earth and this gives you more courage to play with all this freedom.

Action helps you explore the freedom more and action helps you open and let yourself flow in more fully and this helps you become more fully embodied which gives you more confidence and courage because you feel more safe.

Because you’re more fully you and this courage and confidence can be used to explore the possibilities of human expression more freely and with less hesitation and fear and … You can see how this will build upon itself and there will be a momentum generated from all of this!

And the self-love that you have been generating and opening up to and realizing and practicing serves you well for it softens up the ideas that you have because you’re human, to create everything perfectly right out of the gate. It makes it easier to begin without knowing exactly what will happen. Which makes the joy of flow, an option!

As you begin to truly put your expanded knowing to the test you have the chance to discover the truth of life on Earth: that all is well.

You have a chance to become a brilliant, radiant presence of that knowing. To know, that you are fine and capable and that the world is perfectly fine. That you can handle this world and your dreams and that you can enjoy the growth and the expansion that comes from acting upon your desires and learning how with others and with us to make them alive and material.

2015 will be a year for many of you in which you finally, boldly stick your toes into the water and start moving and stop waiting. We know this because it’s already happening for those on the leading edge. They’re already moving into their human lives informed by this fuller understanding of their divine expression and their being. They’re being a flow of love.

The leading edge is already happening in this way and some of it is already out there and some of it is already flowing and dancing and that could be you too. It doesn’t have to be something you’re afraid of because it’s different than how you’ve lived before. You can just let it be a fresh new beginning and we would suggest you bring a playful, attentive, openness to the experience and allow yourself to feel young again.

Allow yourself to get messy and learn and grow as you discover how to create stuff that interests you.

There is already on your planet the presence of fellow human beings who are living deeply at peace. Who are living highly creative lives where they are abundantly financial, where they feel deeply connected to other people and animals and nature and the planet. Where there is immense physical vitality and well-being. Where there is an ongoing profound sense of appreciation and love.

You have tasted many or even all of these experiences yourself. Some of you are cultivating and experiencing some of these experiences readily in consistency. Now as a unity of spirit, run with it!

Get it all to blossom.

Run with all that you’ve received and know to be true and get into the living of it, and being human!

Being a human being informed from this amazing wholeness of you that you have become and are continually expanding into and are so deeply aware of and connected to.

Get into it, get messy and have fun discovering your new capacities of light by blending them into the material world, on the pathway of following your heart and creating your dreams!

This is what you did when you were young and hadn’t yet absorbed ideas that in some ways the world wasn’t safe.

So you’re returning again to that perspective of passionate freedom and exploration and creativity that you came in with, yet now your physical presence and your consciousness are entirely new.

What an exciting place to be!

I am Archangel Michael.

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Archangel Michael via Meredith Murphy – Liberating The Godhead Within – 12-29-14


AAM gardenFlipping the Mirror to Liberate the Godhead Within

Message from the Archangel Michael

Channeled by Meredith Murphy


Beloved friends let us start today by inviting you to turn further inward. To intentionally open you heart by placing your attention there. Attention remember amplifies. It also opens. Then with your attention on your heart gradually allow that focus of your awareness to extend so that you become aware gradually of the field of light that you are, present here.

As your awareness is expanding and encompassing the field you are, feel your way into this energy field, this human energy system that is your life. How does it feel to you? What do you notice?

Can you sense the rate of vibration in your field? The movement of the very energy that is you. As you imagine and feel this, using your psychic capacities to notice and perceive whatever you notice and perceive, what if you just turn it up right here right now? What if you just turn up the rate of vibration? What if you turned up the frequency of your energy? Do that now and raise it at whatever rate you feel comfortable to. Whatever speed appeals to you as a new state of being. Take a moment now and intentionally accelerate the vibration of your energy just as if you were turning a dial and tuning upward your frequency because it is truly that easy.

Play with this a little bit. Like directing the body field to speed up. As you do this notice the emotional changes. Notice the way your mood changes a little bit or a lot depending on where you begin and where you go. Dare to turn your frequency up even higher than you really want to just to see what it feels like and then choose and settle into a frequency that is higher than you began that feels good for right now.

As you do this we invite you to enjoy realizing how much control you have over your own state of being. We want to point out one very clear and obvious thing for you to take in. Your body changes your mind. As you change the energy of your field you change the energy of your body and your body in turn changed your mind and all of this changed your mood or your state of being which is perceived in your mind.

Over time if you stayed in this upward pitched energy you would become more accustomed to this higher state of being. It would become more familiar and as we spoke of yesterday familiarity is important because human beings are inclined to find more attractive and to move towards and to stay with that which feels familiar and comfortable. So becoming more familiar with an uplifted state of being will help you to go into an uplifted state of being and stay there more often and longer. If you were to do this, which we would suggest you do for two minutes, all kinds of hormones would be released in your body and chemical changes would take place. This would help you to cultivate your mood and your state of being. It’s like you could get up in the morning and just turn your frequency up if it’s not already up and if it’s already up you can turn it up higher and find intentionally the way you want to feel. Pretty nice isn’t it.

These are simple little things you could do for two minutes once or twice a day that would really help you to feel better. If you care about yourself, you will let life be easier, and so we are suggesting this as a way you might do that.

Caring about yourself is an essential aspect of awakening and it is through caring about yourself that you create your presence in a way that really works for you. It is that attunement to your own well-being which helps you to have the capacity as well as the feel good courage to be who you truly are. It’s important that you let yourself feel good.

In feeling good you let more of you come forth and more of you coming forth is integrating more light into form which is the whole method of becoming the New Human and it’s the reason that we are here.

New Human there are so many ways that the world and your bodies are changing and so many people have spoken of the awakening of dormant DNA within your body and the fact that the light is opening up these dormant structures and opening them to activate a fuller expression of you. You have also heard that thoughts are things and that negative thoughts create congestion and eventually lead to illness or disease. You are well aware of how light can change things and how your thoughts can change things. What we want to point out today is that it works in reverse too. That you change the quality and the nature of light and that your body for example can actually change your thoughts.

What does all of this mean? It means that you can begin anywhere. You can begin anywhere and open up more of your life to light and love, to feeling good while doing so. It means you are affecting the nonphysical. We know that you know this but we don’t think you really fully see the deepest implications of all of this, the truth of your being, your Godhead. You are affecting all of us in the nonphysical family of light. You are uplifting us, inspiring us. You are helping us expand and open more fully to our own light and expression. We are dancing together in powerful ways and it’s important for you to know that we are paying attention to you and you are paying attention to us and this is amplifying and expanding everything.

We are choosing, we are choosing to pay attention to you. We’re not paying attention to you because someone told us to. We’re not paying attention to you because it’s our job. We’re paying attention to you because we want to. We’re not paying attention to you because you need our help. We’re not paying attention to you because you are weak and we are here to be strong and to protect you and make sure you’re okay. This is all very important. We’re paying attention to you because we’re fascinated by your experience. We’re fascinated by what you are doing and being and becoming and creating in the material. We’re playing our part in the material being changed by you and we’re fascinated by all of this and impressed and inspired.

You are well aware in your world of how paying attention to the outer world, the material, can be beneficial or not. Remember that if you are paying attention in ways that your perspective is in alignment with all that you are then you feel good. If you’re paying attention to things with a perspective that is not in alignment with the fullness of your being you feel less good or even awful. Feelings remember in your realm of focus are indicators of alignment. You are aware also that paying attention to things amplifies them. We want you to see how amplified we are by you paying attention to us and how amplified you are by us paying attention to you and together we are all enlarging and expanding our creative influence and our potential and we’re focused together on very particular topics. On very particular qualities of energy and those are the qualities of energy we are inspired in a shared way. We have a shared interest in these qualities of energy and so we are enlarging and expanding them. As we do we are also enlarging and expanding our creative influence and our potential. When I say our I mean all of us physical and nonphysical. It works both ways.

In this realm of focus in which you are playing it is so absolutely important for you to feel powerful and confident in order to express yourself as the New Human.

We want to speak very pointedly about this today and to ask you to consider your relationship to yourself.

We invite you to know really that you are God. You are divine beings descended into a realm of physical focus with the aspiration of the joy of it. You came here knowing your presence would transform this realm through your remembering and your awareness.

You are divine. You are immensely creative and powerful and it is important that you fully claim this. The awareness of this is available to you and we are stressing it today and showing you the way that things work on so many levels because you have to claim this to live it.

We have been talking quite a lot about the fact that there are realizations for many of you which are now being integrated in ways that are approaching knowledge, approaching the capacity to live in an integrated fashion from what you have heard, resonated with, recognized as truth and understood.

The first step of all of this is really to claim this.

I am a God.

I am a divine being.

I am as good as it gets.

I…am…as…good…as…it…gets! I am as good as any being there is – physical or nonphysical. Does it surprise you that we say this? We have to say this for it is not only so but in an essential aspect of realizing your awakening.

Another component that we want to point out with regards to claiming your awakening: the Earth realm is not less than the nonphysical.

Dying and coming into the fullness of your being once again is not preferable to being where you are now. It is definitely not preferable to being where you are now when you’ve accomplished your remembering. It is just an ending of the game. That’s all.

When you’re playing a really good game and you cannot quite figure out what the solution is or how to win in whatever way that is defined, or if you’re creating something you’ve envisioned and you’ve almost got it what’s the most fulfilling thing? To get it, to win it, to discover it.

When you were young and you were playing a really fun game the last thing you wanted was for your mother to call you in the house to eat dinner. You wanted to finish the game and to have many moments where you discover your own capacity to win. Living this way is the way to feel your life in a fulfilling way. It is the capacity to do well on Earth, to be skillful in living as human beings, to have beautiful lives and relationships, to have beautiful experiences and ways to express yourself, to have abundance and physical vitality and hope and love and laughter and sharing. To define success on your own terms and winning on your own terms and then to achieve it and then to expand it and then to achieve it again and then to expand it and then to achieve it again and then to expand it.

This is the point of it all and in having this and being this radiantly happy then it all comes together and by this we mean you — the nonphysical you and the physical, it all comes together. This is how you realize the awakening, your experiencing. It’s realized through and in this vehicle of your human life.

It’s simply up to you to claim it, your Godhead, your divine nature. To realize deities are not separate from or better than you. They are not more knowledgeable. They are not more capable. They are just aspects of the One just as you are. In this particular moment you are presently aware of any deities you know of as they are present in another realm. That’s it. That’s all. And it’s time beloved friends to demystify all of this quite explicitly so you can claim your true nature and do your thing here. So consider your Godhead today and truly sit with this. Truly sit with this.

One way to open this up more fully is to consider who do you think is better than you? Who do you think is more accomplished than you? Who do you think is more successful than you? Who do you think you need help from? Who do you think you’re dependent upon?

We dare you to stare that down until it shatters into clarity. Then we encourage you to claim this Godhead fully and entirely. To embrace it so passionately, so entirely that you allow it to emerge as it really is: as the core of your being.

And in this expanding inner knowing, all that is at odds with this will shatter and dissolve. Claiming this will shake out and spin off all the distortions of any kind of worship of others – physical and nonphysical. It will liberate you from any way in which you make yourself less than, wrong or not enough.

As this happens in layer upon layer what you’re left being and what you’re left with is the shimmering light of love that we already know as you.

I am Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael via Meredith Murphy – Limitlessness Meets the Material – 12-27-14 Michael
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 Channeled by Meredith Murphy  / December 24, 2014

Greetings beloved friends and welcome. It is time for us to invite you to turn your attention inward. We invite you to place your attention and to orient to the flow of energy entering your field. To close your eyes and place your focus in your energy field so that you can allow yourselves to perceive, notice or sense … in whatever way arises for you, the vibration, the emanation, the flow of your being.

As you are placing your attention on this you’ll realize this is a subtle thing and that’s because higher frequency energies are more subtle. It is higher frequency energies flowing into you purely and directly. The more you turn your inner knowing and attention to perceiving and orienting to these energies the more your capacity to perceive them opens up.

With an awareness of the pure energy of you coming into your field and even if you feel that you are simply imagining this, take a deep breath and intend to open further.

Be available to receive more.

Be aware of the sensations within your physicality that indicate these very subtle shifts created by your choice and your focus and be aware of your capacity for allowing, your ability to soften and let things move more easily.

When you are tuned to this energetic expression of your being you will notice it feels delicate. This is not because you are fragile in any way. It’s because fundamentally your consciousness is this higher frequency subtle energy and it is this energy that is interpenetrating your physicality and creating your embodiment.

You are this consciousness that feels delicate and ethereal. You’ve been focused so much lately on embodying your human life we wanted to be in this space together where we returned your awareness to who you truly are and now to say: this is what you are bringing into form!

This energy that you’re sensing and orienting to, this is what you are bringing into form.

You are being encouraged to expand upon your allowing so this subtle energy can enrich your life and your world. This is the blending of which we are speaking.

Most of you are getting very relaxed right now and this is facilitating greater flow. So much of this ability to flow is accomplished by your state of mind. When you are excited or passionate, peaceful, enthused, blissed out, full of love or appreciation your energy flows easily, quickly, directly.

When you are feeling less well, you create resistance. You filter your own flow.

When you are feeling less well we want to point out something else to you – you’ve gotten disoriented. You’re not really in alignment with your own consciousness. You’ve kind of abandoned your own consciousness. In some way when you don’t feel well you are focused on the body you live in or the temporary experiences that arise in your awareness and you’ve got some story going about all of them and in fact you’ve gotten disoriented. You’ve made the temporary playground your “reality” and you’ve kind of disengaged from the truth of your being. You’ve given perhaps more permanence or meaning to the temporary uprisings in this experience of focus.

When you find yourself unhappy, stressed out or discouraged, in pain, we encourage you to do what we just did and re-identify with your own true self. Return to your own energy and the subtle field that is really who you are.

You are conscious awareness. You are conscious awareness that at this moment is experiencing a blended embodiment, an interpenetration of your awareness with this physicality and having the experience of your focus molding things.

When you return to the awareness that you are consciousness and that you are consciousness that molds to your focus and is eternally abundant you create a new relationship to this moment. One that again feels more powerful, peaceful, expansive and free.

We wanted to talk a little bit today about what happens when you feel unhappy or stressed out or if you’re experiencing health issues or feeling discouraged because some of you are beginning to feel the disappointment that you have because of the different societal beliefs, stories and experiences all of which can create a difficult relationship to the holidays.

Some of you are more alone than you feel you would like to be. Alone in terms of having plans and things to do and people to share stuff with. Some of you would like this holiday to feel and be more special but there are difficult challenges occurring in your human life at the moment.

Some of you feel like you would like more kindred souls to be with. You would like to have arrived at this holiday in more health so you could enjoy it with more comfort.

Some of you feel like you would like something like these holidays to have a deeper more substantial kind of celebration feeling to them. A way of acknowledging and sharing the wonderful life you have with love and friendship and connection and thriving and yet, it’s not really here yet.

If you are one who has noticed this and is having any of these challenging feelings about the holiday we want to remind you that holidays are not to be used as checkpoints for success… and yet, that’s what happens.

So many times when a holiday comes up it becomes this external marker when you look at your life and kind of decide what’s going well and what’s not.

We would like to encourage you to not do this and instead, if you’re feeling in any way that your joy is diminished by the upcoming experience and the mindset around the holidays to instead create a new state of mind. You are the shaper of your experience so use this capacity to your benefit.

What would you feel about this day and this time if instead it was July? Would you be feeling discouraged about your life and your plans for this week if it was a regular week in July? If this was a Saturday in July? Can you play with your mindset in this way to see how much you are being affected potentially, and unconsciously? Choosing your emotional state and your experience unconsciously by letting the time of the year and the societal expectations dictate your relationship to your life and initiate an evaluation of your life and your success?

If you want more kindred relationships and more well-being and more abundance and more vitality and more clarity and more of anything… And many of you are creating more and if it was actually July, and you were learning to create more and you were steadily working towards these things and feeling yourself making some headway and having the sense that things were moving in the right direction you wouldn’t be feeling bad.

In fact we suspect you’d be feeling quite proud of yourself and we’d like to encourage you to orient to that, because we want you to feel good about you all the time. To not use these external things like holidays to apply them as a checkpoint for your success or to define what success mean.

Remember when you love yourself, you love yourself. Not sometimes but all the time.

In this state and in the state to which you are evolving you love yourself. In this state and the state into which you are evolving, you love yourself. We want you to feel good all the time.

Return to this blending which you are creating.

Reorient to the subtle energy which is the truth of who you are.

Let yourself as awareness expand from the center of your being.

We’re asking you to do this now. To return to this subtle energy that you are and then as you’re letting yourself expand as conscious awareness from the center of your being, do you notice how you can expand outward in all directions, endlessly?

Even though you might not distinctly perceive things beyond your physical state, without hearing or sight you still can have a feeling, a sense of your own expansiveness and you can have a sense of how your consciousness can just expand infinitely.

There is a limitlessness that is your actual awareness.

Do you notice the way it can expand outward endlessly and in this awareness, as we often say, everything arises. Everything that you experience arises within this vast awareness?

Your awareness is the host in which all experiences arise and this can be more real to you as you tune to the subtle energy you are. Then you can see quite clearly that all of the conflict and all the challenges are temporary arising within this awareness.

You can also see that everything can be resolved in your awareness.

Everything you want to be different can actually arise differently within your awareness.

All the beauty of life can be known within your awareness.

At any given moment there is so much going on and rising up which is beautiful and benefiting you and everything that is and that in essence all of it is rising and falling away and yet the perpetual thing is your awareness.

When we guide you in this way these are not tricks to distract you from what you see as problems. These are pathways to tap into the more accurate relationship to your existence, which shows you that what you relate to as a problem is actually a temporary experience and it’s most definitely not who you are.

We’re encouraging you to consciously maintain that awareness more often while embodied. Blending you being means embracing your humanity as we have been encouraging you to do and engaging and creating the most beautiful and expressive, free and elevated experience in your human life.

Blending your being occurs by cultivating an awareness that you are this subtle energy, this subtle, expansive, eternal energy flowing into this human life. As consciousness you and let the implications of this broader knowing shape your experience, become so fundamental to how you relate to life and yourself that they implicate fully.

To achieve this is an ongoing practice – to live as a blended being. It’s a practice that integrates light into form and energizes the material while liberating paradigms of love and wholeness. You are the ambassadors of this emerging paradigm of wholeness for human beings. Do you realize this is a brand new experience to be a human being and relate to your life as it is whole?

You are the first collective human experience that is seeing itself as whole. As already good enough. Already capable.

Although you’re identifying more fully with your nonphysical eternalness, and although some of you may struggle to maintain this state of mind consistently, you have tasted its truth. You have moments where you feel this knowing. You are developing an ability to be in your bodies more consistently with this knowing and you are using daily practices to reshape the habits of being human through creating your own experience.

As you live differently, as you behave differently, as you alter the lifestyle of being human by living with an orientation to your fullness rather than fully identifying with this temporary expression of you, you are also transforming the human DNA so that you will experience greater and different experiences through the capacity of your human body and future humans will have a far different experience. These future humans also include some of you. There’s a wonderful complex mind blowing co-creation occurring and it’s being facilitated by your conscious awareness opening up while you’re in this embodied human experience.

Practice being aware of yourself as consciousness, embodied.

We encourage you to combine these wonderful, active, doing, enjoying, being moments of humanity with this sense of yourself as this subtle, eternal, expansive consciousness and to play with finding a balance in relating to both of these such that you feel an awareness of the fullness of you more and more often, more and more accurately.

See how much of your limitlessness, your awareness, can flow forth, here. That, dear ones, is the game.

I am Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael via Meredith Murphy – How to Experience the Perfection of Life – 11-26-14

Hugh Nimmons, again
artwork by Hugh Nimmons (mandalamann on Facebook)


Message from the Archangel Michael  /  Channeled by Meredith Murphy 

How to Experience the Perfection of Life

“Hello, Beautiful Ones,

We join you today in a field of openness and love.

And so it is, that you are present for each moment. Do you realize this fully?

Do you find yourself able to respond to what presents in a way that is free and spontaneous? Without overriding it with your thinking? Can you allow yourself, and trust yourself, to relate to life directly and openly? These are subtle things to feel in your life, but worth observing.

Do you assert an idea, an approach created in your mind, at the moment? Can you shift into your heart and create more spaciousness, more openness, more flow, more presence?

Are you letting your participation arise from being met by the moment and life unfolding? Can you trust that your own energy field is creating the perfect sequence, regardless of how it may show up, or what you expected, and be one with life by embracing what is?

What we wish for you to see in all this, is that the moment presents to you for awareness. It comes into your consciousness, so you might be aware of perceiving it. For each moment to be realized and know as it is: complete, whole, perfect.

It is for you to be present as Source Creation, receptive to the life you have unfolded. It an opportunity, in essence, for you to know you, and to love you. For what is each moment but “part” of you? What is everything that happens, but something that is you, reflecting you, to you? In this knowing of your life, you allow yourself to be more fully recognized. More realized. More complete. More whole. More fulfilled. More loved.

You are loving you in endless ways and in each way you are paying attention to the life you have created. You can do this through total openness to your experience.

Many of you have been hesitant, or even afraid to be open. You have felt as if you were or are vulnerable. As if, you were capable even, of being destroyed, or injured if you were in a state of openness.

Or, you may have been someone, on the other hand, who wasn’t open because they did not want to be known or seen, having not liked the particular view of you that you have, you might wish for no one else to really see you, to know you, to amplify, to be reflecting back to you in awareness that which you did not want to claim. That which you wish were not so.

So you see, all of these ways of hesitating to be open speak to, the ways in which the illusions of this realm can become energized and start to structure your experience. Yet, they are distortions of your pure, divine, true nature.

You — and I want for you to hear this with an open heart, and consider it to be, without exception, entirely true. You are perfect. You are perfect. And I don’t mean, only, that you are perfect in your fundamental, absolute state innately. I mean, you are perfect right here, right now, as this relative elaboration of your essence, that you are.

There is no way to change this. There is nothing you could do in your life to delete or tarnish your perfection. It is impossible to create a smidgen of anything in your experience that in any way could improve you, transform or take away the perfect, the complete and total beauty that is you. You are divine. You are an eternal being. You are here to play within immense diversity and as such, you try on all kinds of things, and all of it is perfect.

All of it is an opportunity to know yourself more.

You came here to become as fully present here as possible, for the joy of it. To explore and discover. The challenge of this realm in which find yourself focused is to relate to everything you are, and everything that happens, knowing the innate perfection of it all. For human beings, this is a process of discovery — it is a process of remembering and tuning to all you are. Finding alignment. So that you can experience this.

You also came here to play. To create. To use your unique response to life here, and the knowledge, and your desires and your openness and the awareness that you are continually expanding into, to refine and express your vision. Your creation, of what you’d like to experience and then create some more.

So life shows up for you, reflecting what you have chosen to believe in, what you have focused upon, what you have noticed, what you have paid attention to. Life, is giving you the perfect unconditionally loving response t everything you are here. It is most clearly, and brilliantly, and completely, unequivocally, saying to you, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Everything you energize with your choice of focus, life says, “Yes!”

Thus, there is no need to fear any moment or anything, or your openness, for, in your openness, you are actually, only being direct. You are living the truth of life. You are connected to, and One with everything. So in being open you allow that to directly be perceived and known as your experience. You don’t filter it. You don’t create layers that keep you somewhat insulated from the clarity of the direct experience of life. You allow yourself to experience life as your own creation.

When you love yourself, the clarity of directness, and being available in the present moment can really be incredible. Because there is no judgement about the present. There is only the temporary, relative experience responding to your vibration.

In the present moment, there is another chance to be realized. To be fulfilled. To know the expansive freedom and innate perfection of life! To understand your creative powers. To cultivate. To practice playing with your vibration to create what you want. To expand. To try things. To experience. To decide what you want, and to make more decisions, and to choose more and more and more, and create more and more and more. Everything you experience is created by you. Do you take this in, do you claim it?

If you walk down the street, and you are amidst beautiful buildings. You notice gorgeously pruned trees, and flowering bushes. You are walking, on a smooth sidewalk, wearing comfortable clothing and shoes. Your body has energy — it is full, you have just eaten perhaps, you are satisfied. All of this — the buildings, the care of the trees, the structure of the sidewalk, the materials that created the buildings, the order of the city, the making of the equipment, the material of the clothes can be known, directly as part of your creation. Can be appreciated, acknowledged, enjoyed and felt as the abundance it is.

All of this is your creation. All of this your abundance. You are abundant.
Consider the money it takes to bring forth all that you experience so directly and consistently in your life? Often times because you do not personally “own” something, you do not claim it as part of your experience and thus do not see, that innate abundance that is so overflowing around you. Why not consider that this money is an abundance which you can claim as yours? For are you not benefiting and experiencing all of this? Is this not your reality? Can you, in this way of thinking, see the immense infusions of abundance which make all that you experience and know as your life possible? What if, you allow it sink in, how free and perfect this all is and how generously and how reliably, it is showing up for you?

So these are some ways you live your life, potentially, more consciously aware ofthe perfection of Creation showing itself here in your relative experience.

In becoming more conscious you open yourself to greater awareness of how magical life already is. This gives you confidence to hope for more and expect more. To dream more expansively. To feel capable of your own desires that are acute, pointedly, present in your heart at this moment, realizing they too they are also being brought forth into your experience as you align with them in vibration.

If you were to consider that you have already in this lifetime created trillions of experiences! Trillions! So many things you have chosen have been presented to you as you have lived day after day of your experience.

It is beneficial for you to see this because it gives you relief. It helps you to relax! It might even make you laugh, if you really get it! It’s amazing! All of these kinds of considerations, help you to see the ease you already have.

This way of approaching your experience opens you up more — because when you recognize abundance and ease in your experience, you tend to soften even more, and relax even more and tension drains out of your body and energy flows more quickly and easily … and you open up even more.

In this more open state, you’re available to receive. Life can be more generously experienced. You can feel the abundant love of life and how it meets you with intelligent knowing and such crystal clear, perfect reflection of your focus.

Today, even while reading this, or some other times you might find yourself feeling irritated. Tired. Crabby. Achy. Unsure even. Yet noticing life in this open way, will shift you. Today we are speaking gently and drawing you into what may feel as if it is a slower, more aware, attentive state of being. In fact, the perspectives we are offering are actually quite rapidly moving energy, but we are delivering it in such a way that it will feel more relaxing and spacious to you, by inviting you to notice. In this noticing of life, you feel more stillness.

Why? Because you’re allowing the absolute energy — the Universal Oneness — to be more fully present in your awareness blended with the relative focus of you. This is your natural state — distinct and relative, absolute and expansive.

To experience the perfection of life, you simply feel more. Notice more. Tune in a bit more. Breathe more. There are lots of ways to become more fully present and if possible, more open. Each of these serve you in living more freely, and feeling happier.

How are you feeling now? All of this is to support you integrating the faster moving, more direct energies you have recently summoned and which we have already introduced and infused you with.

We wish for you to realize that the irritation you may feel now, or at another point, is because you are stretching energetically, stretching to accommodate more energy and light. Stretching into a more elevated state of homeostasis.

In this stretching, you actually, shall we say, sort of use up all the energy and space within the current limits of your reality. Then, it’s time to break through those boundaries and expand your sense of what your life is. Every time you feel bored or you notice you are irritated with life, it is a good thing to remember, “Oh — I’m about to expand more. I’m must be ready for more. Because I feel impatient.” Feelings, dear friends, are indicators. The more you learn to relate to them as such, especially when you find them disturbing, the more ease you will experience. Then you can realize such a moment that you are complete with what I have experienced and it is time for more. It is this “more” which draws the life force through you and creates this presence you are experiencing as your human life in this epic time of transformation and creativity, and change.

So if you are one who has been affected by the high flying energies in a way that immediately brought you fact to face with the fullness of your landscape, and the fact that you may be ready for a whole lot more — know that you can choose to spread out more. You can do this simply. We often encourage you to just create an opening. Just acknowledge that you’re open to receive more, that you’re not sure what that more is even — you don’t have to know. But it might really be possible now to shift into a more expansive experience. Allow yourself to consider and believe this idea. To choose to open and receive more. To decide it’s time now, to expand and rise in frequency. To expand more, in spaciousness. To intensify more, in your own energetic concentration and to elevate your experience. You could call forth your higher self and state your intention to continue to evolve, your willingness to experience newness and inspiration, and to be shown and presented with that which will fulfill you more and more.

You, dear ones, are on a perpetual journey in this life stream.

This is a really new idea for you, as human beings, to live —  knowing you are perpetual.

In this, you are continually opening to the fullness of your being and in doing so, you are creating more and more capacity to be more and more of you.

That is going to happen throughout this human life experience. So there will be many, many waves of expansion. In these waves, what was your life will fade a bit as the context enlarges. You will not lose anything, but you may find that what feels prominent, or is centered in your focus, will be different. In fact, at this moment this is happening so expansively for many of you, to the degree that it feels like a whole new you!

There may be new things introduced which then become more prominent and more dominant in your experience blend. Eventually these too will fade and you will open to more and more, and this is creating increasingly refined ways of experiencing and creating your life because that, is the nature of being human; perfecting your experience.

So today we invite you to love yourself in all of this and see and experience the innate perfection of what you know as your life.

We encourage you, to take time to claim fully the abundance of your current reality.

What is within it, this moment, this day, in your home, in your relationships, in your refrigerator, in your bank account, in the city where you live, in your learning, in your body, in your sky, in your knowing, in your leading edge emerging, what is there which can be seen more fully? Realized more accurately? Perceived with more awareness of the immense, abundant creation that all of it really is?

For nothing you experience is simply superficial, without layers of different aspects of you — in the form of others here — participating in focus and contributing through action and presence, in creating the things you know and take for granted in your life.

All of it has been drawn forth from what you think of as nothing! From the Universal Oneness, which is nothing! All of it, originally, existed as pure potential energy and this energy, through the focus and the intention and the action, and the collaboration of YOU, with all these other variations of you, that you experience as your human and Earthly family. And your non-physical family. All of this collaboration has turned this pure potential energy into apples and shoes, and sidewalks and cell phones and ideas about health and dog care and wall colors and music and so, so, so much more. And all of it, is perceived and received by you, in a moment. In an immense, infinite, rich, singular moment. All of it is temporary and such a gift. So perfectly present.

Can you sense, more accurately, the fullness of your experience? Can you see more clearly, how the abundance of existence is demonstrated to you, in each and every moment? Can you open yourself more and more to notice and acknowledge, and receive all that is being presented to you?

Then … Oh beautiful, intelligent beings of love! Living life on the leading edge … can you use this demonstration of your creative powers and the generous, abundant, intelligent, immense generosity of the Universe, to give you a sense of the most profoundly perfect and unbreakable bond you have with all of life? The reliably generous ways you are endlessly supported and met and loved?

I AM Archangel Michael”



Meredith Murphy Expect Wonderful 2014 copy 2

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Archangel Michael via Meredith Murphy – Working with Eclipse Energies – 4-15-14

When I asked Archangel Michael about working with Eclipse Energies, here is what I received:

Dear Ones,

This time is part of you already, as a wholeness. Think of it as a spiral, an ascending current of light meeting you, merging with you, amplifying you, lifting you into a more refined state of expression.

Each of you meet this Eclipse with a deep sense of knowing. This is the time of Creation opening up to it’s direct relationship with life on Earth. This is the time of those of us, embodied on Earth — You beautiful ones — finding yourselves in an increasingly clear state of being.

These eclipses are clearing the way to life beyond beliefs. This first eclipse will help you shift into a body/mind relationship with life. This is our way of speaking to your conscious awareness and knowing being, consciously experienced, within your body (which is not you.) What will occur is a increased sense of separation between your identity and your emotions.

We know emotions can be very exquisite experiences. You will continue to have access to them, you will simply discover more and more that they are stuff and not you and so be able to relate to them with greater freedom and fluidity.

To work with the Eclipse Energies of this first Lunar Eclipse we suggest you make a list of all the feelings that are hard for you. See if you can list 5-10 major themes that throughout your life have been challenging emotionally, like “No one is there for me,” or “I love feeling enthusiasm.”

You’ll notice we’re listing what you would think of as both positive and negative emotional states. Neither are you and the point is to experience THAT. So the feelings that will be hard for you are both what you think of as the positive and negative ends of the spectrum — those you grasp after and those you wish to push away.

After you make a list, spend a little time with each one.

1) Is this me? Who am I if I am not feeling this? What remains of me when I am feeling the opposite of this? Can I still be me without this? Play with how strong your sense of identification is about this.

2) What if I no longer believe in this? What do I have to drop? What would change for me?

3) Lastly, ask yourself, “Am I willing to do this?” If so, then drop it.

Once you’ve done this with each item on your list, burn the list in a small bowl or pan, then wash the pan with cool, clear water. Seeing your fluidity and clarity echoed in the water.

We suggest you celebrate the rest of the day, feeling your own more refined energy circulating freely within you. Have fun! Enjoy the day. Look up at the moon with loving appreciation — the moon and you are One in the same, working from different points of focus, together! Creation is collaborating with itself. You are living this!

We look forward to this Eclipse Cycle with you and to sharing it, like all of this time, with you.

I am Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael – The Really Big Cosmic Picture of What’s Happening on Earth – Channeler Meredith Murphy



Meredith Murphy

Meredith Murphy Channeler

Message from Archangel Michael

Channeled by Meredith Murphy

Telepathic Transmission – 14 December 2013

(Edited written transcript of original verbal channeling transmitted as part of the the Soar Fest: Relationships in the New Harmonics)


Greetings, High Fliers!

How are the currents you are feeling today? We see you syncing up more now with what is altered within you. You are starting to feel a sense of hopefulness as you start to feel the emergence of your refined and uplifted field, which is coming into a more coherent arrangement. As you emerge in states of greater and greater coherence in each level, of upliftment … they are not levels, but you might think of them as such … because they feel so different. As you emerge in these new states of coherence, your energy field is actually in a new arrangement, which is creating the coherence. So you have incorporated new aspects into your energy field, by bringing them forth from within your DNA, and released others.

It is for you to facilitate all of this with your willingness to support the body and be with yourself, in these moments of deep rearranging and reformatting. So all of this is possible because of your interest at a soul level and in your interest, in human life, in cooperating and collaborating with these larger units of your own self. That, Dear Friends, takes the experience you are having into realms that are elevated and powerful for the evolution of the Cosmos!

The Cosmos. Yes, indeed, were you expecting that? [wink]

We wonder and feel amused at being able to say things like this to you as if we were the messengers of some very big and cool news, do you get that?

Because that’s what this is — some big and very cool news to you! Of course in your higher levels, in the Cosmic Consciousness you are, you are metaphorically, rolling your non-physical eyes at us (we wink as we say this) because of course you already know these things. However, we are feeling amused by being able to play with you, and transmit this message, which makes this inner knowing sort of an announcement in the Earth-world to you!

So please do humor us! Allow us to play with you, after all, this is one of the most exquisite energies in your world, this ability to be fluid and flexible and let humor and play be such simple and easy ways of knowing delight! Delish! We must say delish for we know this is a favorite word of a few people here, and we are in the mood to please you with your favorites and simply, to uplift and delight you with the deliciousness of being you at this now moment in time, in All that is. And to tell you why, you too ought to feel so exquisitely happy.

Dear Ones in all seriousness now, we want to ask you, are you feeling your fan club? Are you feeling the many focal points of light that are watching you with keen curiosity and amazement? For indeed they are present. They are present in a way in which you can sense them if you open to them, with this awareness. So if you let yourself tune to these energies, which are being — truly, deeply, more than you can even imagine — very inspired by the possibilities you are creating. So we’re going to talk more about WHY it is feeling this way. These beings are being very inspired by the possibilities you are creating, and if you tune to this, you could make this whole challenge of Divine Embodiment so much more fun for you! You could pause and acknowledge your fan club! And listen to your own heart, and your inner knowing as they share with you, a deep comprehension, of the fundamental effect your creativity and courage, your bold, amazing transformation, is having in their own understanding — the understanding of your fan club! About their world and their own civilizations and cultures.

For you see, the civilization and culture of your world are already renaissance-ing. We like that word, we just made it up. Renaissancing. Do you get it? There is a lot of creativity happening here. So a lot of power being wielded with expanded focus here! And the energy that you have brought to work, and the energy that you have achieved with your own challenges as you really, and most importantly, as you FULLY, embrace that you are the Creator of your experience? Wow. That’s the stuff of dreams for so many other cultures, and we are not kidding. We are not prone to hyperbole in saying this.

The resolution of difficult energies is paramount for other cultures to witness — it’s PARAMOUNT — in order for them to feel the possibility of opening up their worlds to greater freedom. Do you realize this? Many worlds are not that free. Many domains of experience are more constrained. They do not know how to resolve the challenges they feel sure they would have, if there were to experience the intensity of immense contrast.

As we have been working together, you are spending time focusing on being more sovereign. On creating a more neutral and peaceful experience from your state of awareness.

We have spent a tremendous amount of time together, you and I, letting go of the need to control others in order to achieve this and to realize you can to it, yourself. You are learning, as you do this, that you don’t need the world to change. It doesn’t mean you might not like things to be different. However, you are getting, deeply, profoundly, that you don’t need the world to clean up its act for you to be happy. You, in fact, are setting your world free. Even more! So you are moving beyond these ideas that the only way to peaceful embodiment is to limit what happens OUTSIDE OF YOU, because otherwise you can’t handle it. You are taking your own power. You are creating your own experience from the focus of your awareness and from paying attention to you.

Do you see Dear Ones, the incredible intentionality to the sequence of the Soar Fests? How this sequence in general is useful as you consider your own remembering and reclaiming of your capacity?

We started with a basic introduction to the New Harmonics.We encouraged you to invite the higher units, the higher levels of YOU into the game. We spent many, many days talking about how you might do this and also supporting you because you allowed this. We were able to en-train you into a more refined energy of embodiment. To support you in opening up your resonance to all that you are, more fully so that you could embody more of this and let it come in.

Then we focused on Abundance, primarily financial. The fears and lack of confidence many of you have about money, keep you from feeling and embracing the freedom, you have here. Embracing that freedom is essential to your mission.

Then we moved to Self-Love, to begin to get you really tuned into you. To create a state of attentiveness to YOU where sovereignty could be achieved. So you could have, the experience of realizing you don’t need other people to change to find happiness.

Then we turned to the embodiment of your higher levels, because the Eclipses and the Equinox set up the perfect platform for this and your self-love made greater level of embodiment possible. This self-love created the potential that your creation would be fueled by its alignment with Divine Will.

So here we are now, because you love you, much more.

So you feel much more capable and free. Are much more clarified in your physical form, and in the material way you are present.

Here we are now having shared and worked with ideas of setting your standards. Remember the whole focus on self-love was fundamentally about creating standards for your experience. NOW because you are capable of setting standards that support your upliftment and expansion, now we’re talking about relationships.

We are now preparing you to take the reins in your world.

That’s what’s happening. We’re now preparing you to take the reins in your world, in a way that you cannot even yet fathom. That’s what all of this is about. Of course you can take these reins now, any time you wish. However to operate well with them, you have to cultivate.

You have to cultivate your capacities as we have been discussing recently. So today we are talking a bit about the VERY BIG PICTURE. The REALLY BIG COSMIC PICTURE. To empower you by putting all of this in a context that is more Universal.

So you can expand your awareness and begin to see that wholeness you have long been told you’re influencing is a thing that will fuel your joy, and give you a great sense of meaning in what you are doing as you understand more about the WHY.

These other worlds, these worlds that, in fact, so many of you think, or have thought — we hope you’re not thinking this anymore, in the same way you’re growing in your neutrality about all kinds of things. Because for a long time as you remembered these other worlds, as you awoke to your multidimensionality, you thought these other worlds were better than Earth. So many of you wish at times to return to some of these other worlds. So many of you “looked up to” these other cultures — like the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the Sirians, the Andromedans — these other worlds in which you are present in another way, that is why you feel an affinity with them. Why at times you want to return there. These other worlds are not better; they’re just different. So most essential to the understanding we are transmitting today, the really cool big news we’re talking about … is to realize, these other worlds are less creative. A lot less creative. The reason for this? They have a lot less contrast. A lot less freedom … and they’re watching and learning from YOU.

You have known for a long while that Earth is a free-will Universe. We call it a Universe because it is, unto itself a wholeness of profound individuality. A unit of incredible diversity and contrast and freedom, and because of all this: immense creativity.

So these other worlds that feel so resonant with you and which you herald from in some ways, many of you, are beautiful! However they have less freedom, and they have less contrast, and as a result, they have less creativity. And they are, and this is why they are, very interested in how YOU, Dear Ones, would find a way to feel love and know who you are, amidst this plethora of diversity, and contrast. Amidst the intensity of the distractions here. So YOU, are showing them how it’s done.

You’re showing them how it’s done, in fact; you’re showing them that it can be done!

You’re now walking a new pathway of light. So this idea that your world has been of interest to the whole Universe it may have seemed very abstract to you before, but we hope now you’re getting it.

You’re not doing what was aspired to by so many — which is finding peace by removing the intensity and the contrast from your experience.

So some people have done this even on Earth, by being a monk for example. Only interacting with other monks, which is in a much more controlled setting, with much more structure and much less freedom and most definitely less contrast. You’re not doing that. So you’re also not living within a closed community of religious tradition, which is also been another way in the past that people did this. They only associated with people who had the same beliefs as them. They’re are still a lot of people that think that’s the only way to go! Who think everybody has to believe the same thing. We want you to recognize in these perspectives that think this is the ONLY way to go, is a lack of self-confidence. It is the lack of self-confidence that is being expressed. We have shared with you so many times that real confidence comes from experience. So because you are opening up yourself to let the fullness of your being experience Earth with you, you are in a fact, seeding a tiny, tiny bit of self-confidence into the mix of a lot of other cultures about working with the contrast as you do so with so much skill.

So most of you have not moved to the boondocks. Most of you have not removed yourself from all kinds of contrast and connections as a way of finding peace. We do understand that most of you have had long periods of inwardly focused time in order to facilitate your remembering and your ascension.

However, most of you, you have stayed very involved in the world, even though you may not see it this way. Because many of you have spouses, friends, and lovers, and children, and parents, who are living in the world, and this is part of the plan. This is why we always encouraged you to trust these people to do it their own way. To not feel you need to try and change others. Your pathway in sovereign neutrality.

You are here to find the inner well of peace and happiness, and find your sovereign neutrality, and rise up into a more expansive cosmic expression of your being, and then to take the reins! To take the reins and create a new earth.

So to do this you did not want any of your freedom to be removed. You did not want any of the contrast to be, you know, destroyed or disappeared by someone else. You wanted all this contrast to be present to inspire you. So that you would have boatloads of ideas for how you could then see, how things might be to your preference-ing, more beautiful, more harmonious, more amazing in your experience. To create an experience for you of vision and possibility. You are capable of this sovereign, neutral, FREE state of feeling the underlying unity AND feeling the contrast, and working with all of it.

THIS is the newness people.

THIS is the newness that everything aspires to in the ascension of your planet and the embodiment of Divine Fullness in each of you. Feeling the underlying unity and knowing it to be the truth of your being. Knowing you are innately harmonious with everyone and everything. Realizing that you are eternal and this is simply a game — which takes all the fear out of the picture in any real way. And then? In your sovereign, self-loving, attentive state with standards of neutrality, opening up to all that you are, rising in frequency. Rising beyond contentment. Reaching for, as humans are designed to do, the optimum, the imagined perfection, the sense of beauty and exquisiteness that comes from the essence and uniqueness of Source as YOU. So creating from this perspective.

Using your powerful presence, your neutral awareness of others, your uniqueness in presence, to feel the joy of your own preferences. To feel, the eagerness and enthusiasm for what you enjoy most. Rising so much more into these states of anticipation and happiness that you find again YOUR current: in human form, which you will experience as the rush of passion. So as you step into your passion and live from and as your passion, you will know bliss, in embodied form, within all this contrast, and in awareness of the innate unity and harmony you have with everything.

This, lovely ones, is showing EVERYONE, every point of focus, in every corner of Creation (so to speak) that the contrast is not to be feared. That the contrast can be the fuel to exquisite material experiences of uplfitment and love and true being.

You are emboldening all of life to open up more! To feel confident enough to allow more freedom and contrast in, so creativity can flourish. THIS is why Earth is so important. This is why YOU are so amazing. This is why, you have a fan club! lAnd this is why you are the Family of Light, known throughout creation for your boldness. For your creativity! For your powerful, amazing, fearlessness and entering into realms and doing stuff like this! This is why this time in which you are now focused, has been heralded and anticipated for so long.

It was not, so you could eliminate everything irritating outside of you to feel good. You are not here to get every body to think as you, in order to find peace. It was learning to use your awareness to create your states of being and in doing so, to set everyone and everything free. FREEDOM is what THIS is all about. Freedom and Creativity.

You are liberating these qualities of experience throughout creation, which is making the expansion of awareness that you, as the unit that functions as All that is, as Source … you’re making the expansion of awareness which you crave innately as Source Creation, more and more possible.

For this, we are so excited.

I AM Archangel Michael


Archangel Michael – Channeler Meredith Murphy – Living As Light Transforms Your Relationships – 11 September 2013


Hello Beloved Ones,

As you tune to the New Harmonics of Consciousness your relationships will be transformed.

More and more you will find yourself being able to access a nonchalant attitude toward others. This will bring more humor into your lives and more fun.

One of the most incredible gifts of stepping into the New Reality is the lightness of interactions happening at higher vibrations. We notice how much you enjoy when we are playful with you.

There has been a serious absence of humor in many human lives for a long time. Humor, is, one of the most wonderful experiences of awareness and one we expect you to have more fun with as you open your hearts more fully and find your way into neutral perspectives.

So much on your Earth is delightful! Dogs chasing birds, flowers opening so brightly next to dark green leaves, so much of life comes up out of nowhere and surprising you, nature itself is dancing dancing dancing with you all the time. You dear ones, might consider joining in the fun!

We see you so serious, so determined about things, so much time spent thinking, fixing, working, on, understanding, what if you for today, let all of this go? What if you just today, showed up fully present open to what presents, taking none of it personally and seeing what you can smile about?

When was the last time you laughed out loud? The kind of laugh that you cannot hold back. Not just a smile, but an outright laugh? When was the last time you spontaneously hugged someone? When was the last time you played flirtatiously with another beautiful being on the Earth…not for the purpose of romance, but for the playful joy of getting them to smile, to loosen up, to laugh?

When was the last time you let yourself put aside something you are working on and just let go and do nothing? When was the last time you laid down underneath a tree on the grass and spent at least 20 minutes just noticing the sky? When was the last time you took a nap? Not because you were exhausted, but because it was delicious to sleep in the middle of the day?

When was the last time you had ice cream for dinner? When was the last time you let yourself dance in the shower and played music while you bathed? When was the last time you turned out all the lights and lit candles — just for you? When was the last time you spent the whole day reading an amazing story? When was the last time you let yourself learn to make something? When was the last time you sang out loud, with enthusiasm and playfulness?

When was the last time you played with a dog or a cat and really let go, feeling their energy, their physicality, their joy in being with you and fully joining them in the game?

Such moments of sweetness are available to all of you each and every moment! Life is meant to be joyful and as you re-acclimate yourself to soaring, as you condition yourself to LOVE, as you open your hearts to the True Nature of Your Being being present here and especially, as you invite your higher levels in, you are in for a surprise! Your higher levels?

They want to taste life on Earth. They want to see what things are like. They want to eat pizza, taste salty potato chips, catch a beautiful fish and they grill it outdoors and eat it with lemon. Your higher levels want to make love, to take long baths and jump in lakes, play with kids and dogs, watch light reflecting on water, listen to fountains and wind chimes, watch clouds blow across the sky, look up at the stars and sleep late.  Your higher levels want to enjoy being human and enjoy the Earth.

Your higher levels want to know what it’s like to be here AND be in joy.
Learning to let yourself live this way, to live in and as the Light you are, is going to transform your relationships.

Don’t you just love to be with another human being who knows how to have fun? Who smiles often? Who is willing to let go and relax? Who doesn’t take things seriously, or personally, who is easy going and carefree and happy and fun to be with?

That is going to be YOU as you take off the serious, unworthy, “I’ve got to work hard to ascend and heal myself,” mindset.

As you open up to your higher levels you are going to abruptly discover that there isn’t anything wrong with you.

And initially this may make you a little bit sad — so we’re telling you that now. You may initially realize all that you didn’t do that would have been fun, because you thought you ought not to, shouldn’t, couldn’t, because you thought it wasn’t good for you, wasn’t right, was selfish, would make you fat, or was superficial, or wasn’t about “getting ahead” or making more money, or accomplishing things, or wasn’t in service, wasn’t about helping others, wasn’t going to please the people close to you.

But then you’re going to laugh. And you’re going to laugh a lot more often. And you’re going to have a lot more compassion for everyone else, especially everyone else who is still being so hard on themselves.

You’re going to find yourself embracing the body your in with an incredible deep love! You’re going to see how silly it is that you have been so hung up on finding fault with yourself, your shape, your looks, your life, your natural inclinations.

So much of what you find fault with is in essence the natural desires that suit you, that you prefer. You have spent so much time at odds with YOU. Being in an ongoing inner battle with your very beautiful perfect self and all it wants to experience.

One person channeled once that when I am on Earth I like to eat corned beef and Meredith read this and always wondered about it, well it’s true. I like to eat and I like corned beef. And I know it comes from a cow and I am grateful for this form of energy and all that goes into it. If I tell you I love to eat coffee ice cream are you going to warn me that it goes right to my hips? Are you going to love me less if I have wrinkles or hips? Of course you think this is funny as you see me as all glowing and perfect. Which naturally I AM.

And naturally so are you. You are going to discover, my beloveds that as you live as the light you are, you treasure your body and your body is radiant and able to create ways for you to feel in this experience and it’s going to be the most precious thing to you to have the means to do this.

And as you lighten up about this and so many things, your relationships are going to be transformed.

Your light is going to be like a breath of fresh air to everyone you meet. And you are going to remind everyone you meet at some deep level of the wholeness they are, and of home. And this is going to accelerate the transformation of your reality.

It’s really truly a beautiful day. Go out and have some fun now, would you?
I AM Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael – The Purity Of The New Arises – Channeler Meredith Murphy – 17 August 2013


Greetings Beloved Ones.

As the new age dawns in each of your hearts, there is a freeing up from old ways of living in human form and an opening to a new experience of humanity. The cross-over into this new experiences happens in fits and starts. You thrust forward, you experience a new sense of openness, spaciousness, possibility. You acclimate to that level of expansion, you get frustrated and eveny ornery wondering what happened, and then you expand again. As you begin to realize the spiraling nature of expansion you wonder how you can persist more and more in the energy that you enjoy, in the state of being that feels so good. And so it is with this longing in mind that we speak with you today.

It is as I just described, first and foremost, an evolutionary process. And within this process you must allow your body — your physical body — to build it’s capacity for the new formation of life. This is being directed from within you, from the very pure template of your essence blueprint and the fullness of your DNA, so there is no need to work at it, or worry about it. Still there are things you can do actively with your consciousness to participate in this expansion with greater joy and a sense of collaboration.

Life expands in radiant spirals of wholeness.

I have shared this more and more in different ways recently because it is a key understanding. What this means is that you expand in all directions and in doing so, you revisit versions of your experience and ideally — to experience your wholeness — in an expanded way. The way to “get” something to fade into the distance, is to expand beyond it, meaning, including it in the experience of you, with a neutral-ness that allows it to be within the whole inclusively with love as you continue to dance and flow and evolve.

The reason that knowing you expand radiantly in spirals is important and can assist you with your focus, if you wish to play [smile] is that you cannot expand and open up more and more of your abundance if, for example, you are closed in your human relationships. To say it differently, you can expand only as much or as far as the least neutral area of your life, allows you to expand. In the areas of your life where you find it very hard to be self-loving, neutral, not critical, not pitting one thing as better then another, or against another, in these areas of your life, if you were to bring your own generous heart to self-loving you would empower yourself to more graceful and more accelerated expansion.

As you experience the realization of neutrality in any area of your life, you have the ability to discover how love-filled, abundant and fulfilling life can be. You can use this realization to begin to expect this type of experience in other areas of your life. You can pay more attention to these areas with a focus upon noticing how you relate to you.

The way that you relate to you, sets your energy standards.

Creates, in fact the field you are broadcasting and which summons your life into conscious connection in form. So it is within your power to relate to yourself more and more with a neutral — meaning open, non-judging, curious appreciation — and this will greatly assist you in experiencing your own wholeness.

You are innately whole. There is nothing that needs to be fixed or healed. These are old ideas from an old paradigm of life that you have opened up. You have the ability to step into a new paradigm of life in which you live from Unity, the wholeness you are. The real question is: are you doing this?

Do you take your spiritual awakening seriously? Are you living from the fullness of what you know to be true?

Have you given yourself permission to let go of what is of the old patterns? Ideas that you will be rescued by this or that non-physical energy, this or that guru, this or that financial aid package, or relationship that validates your worth…these hold you back from joy. They are big looping detours in which you will eventually have the chance to see how much you’ve given your power away. So you choose how to play in all this and for any of you in these detours, recognize the value in them and allow yourself to harvest richly, and step out of them fully.

Any way in which you allow yourself to feel you need a healer, any leaders in the spiritual world, the health world, the psychological world, in all the different domains of assistance on your planet, any leaders within these domains who are still speaking to you of healing, have not yet caught up with the leading edge in their own life. See this clearly.

Anyone in the healing-game or encouraging you to believe in the rescue game is not wrong, they are simply still on their own looping detour to reclaim their sovereignty and live from their own leading edge.

You don’t have to wait for them to discover this to orient there yourself. The ultimate destination which is available to you all whenever you’re ready to be in charge of your life, is your own leading edge. There are many people in your world who have not yet claimed the truth they have already experienced. It takes more courage or self-confidence then they are yet ready to live from. Bless them. Bless yourself if this is you. Be neutral toward them, yet see all this clearly.

If this is you, and you want to experience more courage, more strength, then call upon the fullness of your being, and the angels and Archangels, the ascended masters to assist you. Focus upon discovering this quality in your life. It is essential to learn to live from your heart authentically and with consistency in order to harvest the joy of the new harmonics in your own experience.

The leading edge of life is lit with gold and ripples with expansive potential.

Where is this place? It is the place at which you have the greatest experiences in form and where you inform the material with spirit. It is the edge between the material and the energy of pure potential. This is the leading edge–the frontier of your experience.

For each of you this frontier will look and feel different. It will express the culmination of your experiences in focus, made manifest in the material and then you stand in your neutrality, in your willingness to be present in the moment and yet holding onto nothing, as a bridge between matter and spirit, choosing what to give your attention to, thereby extending your own boundaries of being and expression, or playing within the same field over and over again. You choose. You create. You experience. You are flow. You are life. You are exhilarated and radiant. This is where I suggest you begin to return every time things feel less then wonderful, and learn to orient and play. The way to orient is that it is at the edge of what is known. To get into this orientation, allow yourself to open to life without knowing what’s going to happen. Really getting that life is spontaneous, continually invented and experienced and in this fluidity, preciously temporary and beautiful. When you begin to have this lightness of touch toward each moment you are in this space of merging heaven and Earth and you have claimed in that moment, the mantle of your Earthly existence.

The purity of the new age arises in each of these moments of realization and this jolt of insight, this incredible joy of seeing things clearly IS the ascending energy. When you feel it you are current. And this, dear ones, is where you really truly want to be!

Realize that this will be a perpetual experience of cultivation and opening. You will discover what distracts you from this and you will then have a choice: do you integrate the realizations you have? Allowing them to change how you live, what you pay attention to? Or not. Again, there is no right or wrong pathways, but they are different pathways and they have different routes and thus you will have different experiences. These are often called timelines. The reality is, there are infinite timelines available to you in each and every moment. You can step off of one into another anytime you wish. This is all done with attention, the alchemy of your focus. For what you perceive creates your view, and your view informs your perspective and within all of this you are free! Free always, to do the only thing which creates anything — choose your perspective!

The cycles of upliftment will continue, and the greatest of these will happen over the next year and a half, while Earth is within the center of the galactic band.

By the end of this time you will have had access to Universal Energies in streams of light that far exceed prior potentials for life on Earth. What you do with all of this is up to you. One choice is not better than another. They are all simply different.

Within this difference, within the immense diversity of your world, your clarity is key. Your courage to live from your heart and your own true knowing, is key. And your strength, you willingness to learn to express your mastery in form, is key. Keys to what? Keys to how much newness you will experience and how much newness you personally will be part of creating.

The Earth itself is expressing in newness.

This will continue in well being and expansion as you too continue in well being to expand — radiantly and spiraling into more and more. So as with you, the Earth will be focused upon the most potential for change, which lies in the areas of greatest limitation. Greatest density. And these areas of life will be loosened up and shaken free from the old and rise up into new, more spacious expressions. Do not be concerned about this, for the Earth’s consciousness as your own, wants the best for everyone and everything. And you yourself, control your experience in your sovereignty and so all is within your reach as you decide what path to take, how direct vs. how much of a detour, and there is value in all of it.

Living within the New Harmonics of Consciousness is an act of invention.

You will be presented with many opportunities to live differently. Your own fullness of being will open for you and present to you, the ideas and inspiration, the openings and experiences which give you vision of new ways of being. Realize that in your willing participation, allowing all that you are to guide you more and more, you take up residency in that space I described earlier — on your own frontier. In this realm of focus where you live within the material but very consciously multidimensional, you let yourself be fluid. You let yourself step into newness and let it be what it is for you. You let yourself orient to your heart and to realizing that life is all beautiful and full of the potential to meet you perfectly. You begin to look for the perfection in each interaction, in each experience…Aha! Now you have expanded into the fullness of you! You are meeting life with the knowing eyes of a powerful creator and realizing the perfection, the innate purity within everything. And in doing this, all of life is uplifted by you, in you, through your presence and experience. Because as you look this way, as you participate this way, you tune to the Universal within life.

All of life, right now, is seeking expression of it’s purity.

Purity is an undiluted, undistorted expression of essence. Purity means something that is only itself, nothing else. Perhaps you could let yourself live as purely you? With no need to please or to care of others opinions of you and your life? Perhaps you could envision every aspect of your world, your civilization, your culture, all the jobs and functions, uplifted into the a pure expression of their essence?

As you step into this new way of being in relationship to yourself, there will be a lot of change. And it is this change that you all long for and expect to happen. And yet, like all change, it happens quietly, within you, and then is reflected in the expansion of your experience and the formation of matter.

You are returning humanity to an experience of conscious multidimensionality.

You are doing this from within the experience, from an immersion in a veiled world and an ability to find your way amidst all of this and spiral outward beyond it, into a larger dimensional experience of Unity and the Universal Wholeness of All Life. This is epic. It cannot be said often enough how enormously exhilarating this collective collaboration of the Divine Plan being expressed by humanity and the Earth, is to the One.

Recognize that you own ability to be loyal to the leading edge, is your own ability to be fulfilled, experience your innate wholeness and consciously participate in this amazing experience.

I am with you always.

It is a great joy to participate with you in this endless opening to more love.

I AM Archangel Michael

Meredith Murphy – Message From Ahsira – Great Mystery Of You – The Pleiadian Emissaries Of Light – 23 July 2013


The mystery of you is the greatest thing that is.

As you begin to be lured into your own inner journey you discover the endlessness of it all.

The landscape opens.

You find that you are far more then you realized and also far more unknown to your human awareness then you can even comprehend.

Somehow, in this expansive not-knowing you begin to feel vastly and deeply at home.

You have connected to your Source.

Within you is the true nature of your being. Wishing to arise, impulsing you to glory. Standing aside as you focus upon other things, outer things, yet persisting, waiting, with that deep abiding love that you have for you, in you for all that is and for this true divine presence that exists as an expression of you on Earth.

At this time this knowing of all that you are, is ripening. It is playing a more prominent role in the way you understand yourself the way you see and feel your life. And with this you find you are knowing your way more and more.

It is still challenging. People let you down and you wish that they would not. You wish that they could love you without their expectations. Perhaps they will, in time. But regardless of the different ways that your life is changing shape now as your fullness opens you up to more of you, you are profoundly aware of the rightness of this path, this path of becoming your true being, and so you continue.

As you allow all that you are to reorganize your life, you begin to know grace. Grace is that energy which floods your field when you let go. It reminds you of the divine beauty of existence which is ever present in it’s wholeness, but which you must create an opening for, to experience.

So much of life is missed because the attention is outward on things that are ephemeral but captivating. These things, that each of you love and create and live with and enjoy are so important to the ways you are living in this reality but not at all important to who you truly are. They are merely a wave in the field of light, a flash in eternity in terms of your endless, powerfu self-expression. You are a Creator, so naturally you enjoy arranging a life here on Earth and re-inventing it at different times to explore the experience of it all. It is so very beautiful to have so many different varieties of form and expression with which to create and organize your experience. Do allow yourself to take advantage of all that interests you and everything you would like to feel and create. Care less about what others think of you and more about your own curiosity and joy. It is within you to know so many thing and you can remember this in your fullness if you allow yourself enough spaciousness to let the non-physical, the inner knowings, the multidimensional always be present in  and as your awareness, your attention.

You are alive here and now for a reason and that reason is known within you and you don’t have to be able to say it, or name it  to live it. In each moment you can feel what is most capable of expanding your experience, and opening you to more awareness and joy and this is your journey. Take these moments and step into them, receive all they presesnt. Loving them with a generosity that can only come from fulfillment and great joy within. In this state of being you have access to all that you are and the whole Universe gets to experience this here — in through and as you.

How amazing it is.

Do have as much fun as possible.

We love you very much.

We are the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light and I am Ashira.

Meredith Murphy – Message From Archangel Michael – Momentum Of Ascending

MeredithMurphy link to original article

As you are opening more and more to the fullness of your being, you ignite within you a deep remembering.

There is an amplified connection with all that you are, and the Source which IS you. And in this extension of focus. And through this increased connection with your Universal Self, the Universal fullness of your being you begin to realize more and more what is possible for you.

And saved up wishes come forth. And soft insights about what gives you joy rise to the surface and a willingness to embrace these directly as options, as possibilities as invitations to a more happy experience in this existence, comes forth.

And you begin to sense and see how you could step into a fuller expression of your being. You begin to see how you have held yourself back from all kinds of things you could enjoy and you will enjoy now because you are no longer holding back.

Because you are more and more full of all that you are and in that fullness you are very OPEN to the world. You are willing to step into the world more fully and to let the world thrill and delight you. You expect, more and more. And you expect more and more to be met with love, to be met with spontaneous presentations of love and fullness. With mirrors of your beauty and with joyful friendship and dear comaraderie in the journey.

You realize that every person is capable of meeting you in such a profound and beautiful way. And that their journey can show you the Source they are if you open to feel this truth and knowing and you can flow into these connections and through them, letting yourself feel the remembering, the wholeness, the Unity of Life, you can let yourself live the truth of the Law of One in your remembering. The truth of the wholeness that you are.

And every person opens up that wholeness more. You begin to see and feel, quite sincerely and directly how every person opens up your remembering more fully and in your neutrality, you begin to be more available to life presenting you with directions and invitations that seem quite innocent yet harvest amazing experiences and energies for you.

You begin to realize more and more you can just show up to the day and let it seize you. The day can seize you with it’s beauty, it can captivate you with all it presents and offers to you. And you can just flow through it, step into it, open yourself to more. You can just allow yourself to be met and seen and acknowledged. You can let your own guidance come forth from the higher realms of your being, you can let you speak to you and call you forth into more fullness by arranging each day, each moment to meet you and speak to you and summon forth a fuller knowing of your own grace, your own playful presence, your own joy, your own expansion and upliftment into more and more and more.

And you begin to relate differently to change. You discover that you are fundamentally very fluid and very flexible. And it’s like you feel very familiar when you’re in this mode of being and yet it is so new and beautiful and exciting and quite surreal in it’s difference, in it’s amazing ability to create openness and expansion in your life as you let go more and more and let life dance with you, inviting you into more and more of the experience with your heart open, guiding you. You let the higher levels of your being lead, you join a much larger momentum within your own energy and it’s exciting and feels elating.

And with this open heart everything opens to you. With this openness you flow the non-physical fullness of your being, into this sphere of reality and life is opening up life. The earth is being opened up by the fullness of your being flowing from your higher levels into the realm of focus into which you have extended.

And through this you are bridging and flowing energy and you don’t do it with effort, you’re not “sending” energy anywhere, or feeling anything “needs” you to do so, you’re just being you more and more fully. And in this you present so much great stuff energetically to the realm in which you are focused and this enlargement of your presence, of your energy field, creates more and more avenues for the Universal You to be here, now. And this Universal You is expanded being here now. And the upliftment of all of this is epic. And Creation is, all of Creation is uplifted by you and your ongoing presence in form on this leading edge of life.

And it’s new! it’s new! it’s new! Over and over again, there is newness! And you’ve let go of needing things to stay the same and you are facilitating this newness through your openness. That’s how it works. And you are empowering yourself to expand into greater well-being because of your openness, that’s how that works. And All-That-Is, is soaring with elation and expansion the joyous remembering faciliated by your openness to you.

Quite fabulous, isn’t it?

I AM Archangel Michael link to original article