Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff – The Quality of Harmony – 1031015


Archangel Gabriel


Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as harmony.

Harmony is a prime and natural law of the universe. It is an energy that vibrates within and around all of life in a continuous manner, connecting all living things with each other including the Earth and its kingdoms. It connects life with the constant flow of universal energy and the events that take place.

This energy can greatly expand one’s potential to be the change they would like to experience in themselves, within their relationships, and within the collective consciousness of humanity. When an individual focuses on the harmony they desire to experience, they connect to that power until they manifest this state of being and have many harmonious experiences to enrich their life.

When they create harmony within self and with others and align harmoniously to the universe, things in their life start falling into place. Assistance comes to them from many unexpected places to help their vision move into manifestation. They receive the helpful and needed information in perfect timing through wonderful coincidences and synchronicities. They feel the rhythm and harmony of the state of universal joy.

Every thought from one’s mind is a communication with the universal mind. The choice as to how one lives their life determines the state of harmony within one’s being. When an individual becomes aware of how they spend their physical and emotional energy, they consciously choose peace, harmony, trust and empowerment in every situation. They make a loving commitment to work together with others in harmony and peace.

By aligning with the divine, they are in harmony with its loving intention for their highest good and move into the flow of its blessings. They experience more clarity in all that they do and live a balanced life that is in harmony with self, others and the universe. They train their minds and hearts to immediately send love to everyone they interact with or think about. They give to others without attaching conditions or expecting anything in return. This creates a harmonious balance between what they have given to others and what they receive in return.

There is a harmony, unity, and oneness between every one and every thing; all are bound together by the same divine essence. In harmony of being, life becomes a glorious adventure filled with joy and wonder and brings one a sense of inner peace. Personal moments of harmony occur when one is quiet and relaxed.

They are connected to a deep reservoir of stillness and well being where the chattering of their conscious mind ceases and they experience the beauty and grandeur of their environment. This results in a quiet mind which helps them to experience beauty in the current moment instead of thinking thoughts of the past or the future. This practice increases the flow of harmony and peace.

The state of harmony connects them with higher spiritual influences which assist them in making changes that are good for all of life everywhere. These harmonious influences facilitate a more rapid personal growth. Experiencing quietness within allows their mind, heart and body to settle into a state of harmony.

Each individual is constantly trying to find the most encompassing harmony in all that they do. Harmony within is grounded in love and respect for one’s self and others. When one has achieved inner harmony, it opens them to a greater discovery of themselves as a fully integrated being that is a part of the whole of life.

The state of harmony supports a person to act from a place of authenticity and integrity which allows them to be at peace within their own being. Inner peace within gives them feelings of harmony, tranquility, happiness, goodness, self love, and stability on a consistent basis. Inner peace and harmony entails a deep trust in one’s self, and the world around them.

One must believe that they live in a benevolent universe and expect that things will always turn out well. They believe in goodness and have a positive outlook towards everything in their life. They are always true to themselves, to their own unique intelligence and abilities and have a sense of internal security and self confidence which leads them to the experience of inner peace and harmony.

Understanding and maintaining balance within oneself is a gentle movement towards harmony and a sense of deep respect for the natural world. It requires a viewpoint that does not seek to dominate, control or impose ones views on others or upon nature but is tempered by respect and a desire for harmony and compassion for all things.

One seeks to celebrate nature and restore the harmony of their planet, their society and each individual who is a part of it. When one’s connection with the divine becomes the inspiration for all that one does, their body becomes the instrument for the direct experience of love, harmony and beauty in this world.

They attain the fullness of life which they have been longing for as they follow the guidance and deep inspiration of the still small voice within them. In the pure harmonious depths of their own heart, there is a fountain of truth, love and understanding, and a flow of profound guidance which is far greater than anything that their conscious mind can offer.

Their heart readily understands that which their head has been overlooking. In this way, they reunite their mind, heart and body with the divine in a direct experience of love, harmony and beauty. They find enduring peace, satisfaction and joy in their everyday life.

May your inner harmony and happiness guide and inspire you toward experiences of greater love and beauty always.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

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Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.

“Archangel Gabriel: The Quality of Harmony.” Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff. October 30, 2015, at

Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff – The Quality of Wisdom – 10-23-15

Angel of Light - gabriel - marleneArchangel Gabriel  via  Marlene Swetlishoff   –   The Quality of Wisdom   –   10-23-15

Beloved Ones,

I want to have discourse on the quality of love known as wisdom.

In its essence, wisdom is the truth of the divine. It rises from within one’s inner guidance clearly, purely and simply as a knowing that something is absolutely true for them.

One’s inner guidance is always speaking to them and one exercises the quality of wisdom when they attune and listen to its quiet voice. In this way, they are guided to navigate the river of their live with divine intelligence.

Following one’s inner wisdom fills an individual with a sense of love for self and others. Wisdom is an undeniable knowing that a course of action is the wise choice to take and that one will be given all the guidance they need to do exactly the right thing.

When they trust their higher wisdom and inner guidance doing what feels good, they feel at peace within their heart knowing they are always led in the right direction. When they allow this inner wisdom to be heard, their life unfolds in mysterious and wonderful ways. It is a surrendering of personal wants and desires to the universal flow of life, the loving intelligence that is greater than anything one’s mind could conceive.

A mind that is united with inner wisdom becomes more proficient at fulfilling one’s deepest and most authentic desires. When one commits to discovering self with a sense of awe, curiosity and passion, they connect to a deep happiness that is unshakable by chaos, criticism, or current circumstance. Inner wisdom is the ability to access the language of the heart, the language of love and the language of feelings. It is a heartwarming sensory experience.

In order to hear one’s inner voice of higher wisdom, one needs to be mentally relaxed, physically and consciously aware and emotionally open to receive the guidance that comes forth. When one employs this inner wisdom to investigate their feelings, they become clear about what is currently happening in their life.

With this higher level of conscious awareness, they have the freedom to choose, knowing their feelings are providing important information about any given situation that is before them. When they allow their life to flow along with their inner wisdom, they feel happy in their heart. When they try to force things to go in a certain direction, it does not feel good to them, they lose their rhythm.

As they allow their life to unfold, each step they take gives them feedback with the answers that they need to set them back on track. They come to realize their body is their secret messenger that gives them clues which their inner wisdom is providing. It is important for each individual to become aware of how that occurs. They must be willing to act on it, to trust that it is taking them to the next step on their journey and is the right one for them.

As an individual is willing to meet everything that is arising in their experience by exploring it, their true direction in any given situation will become clear. Bringing compassion for self into this exploration is essential. As one surrenders to stepping into the unknown, they are allowing the flow of guidance of their higher wisdom. When they turn deep within and ask their inner guidance to help make the right choices, they are never led astray.

The more one listens, the easier it becomes to discern the correct answer when needed. One realizes that being an astute listener of their loving higher wisdom makes for a blessed life. When they follow their truth, they are allowing themselves to let their inner wisdom guide them rather than listening to their own personal desires. Their life is far more peaceful, centred, loving and gentle when they develop their inner listening skills. When they make a choice and do their best, every life situation offers the learning and growth that they need.

As each person aligns to and listens to their loving higher wisdom, their minds and hearts are filled with creative expression, new ideas and promptings that come from a place of fullness, a place of love and fulfillment. They know innately that they are aligned with a consciousness that speaks only truth and is characterized by feelings of trust and love, humbleness and gratitude, compassion and mercy, peace and harmony, and tolerance and forgiveness.

The more one identifies and aligns with their higher wisdom and consciousness, the greater their spiritual power becomes and things start to manifest in their lives through amazing synchronicities. The answers they receive make sense to them on more than one level because truth reveals itself on all levels. They come to realize that the power inside them is the same power that creates worlds and that part of their life purpose is to learn how to utilize this power to create the peaceful world they want. This has a wonderful positive effect on their life!

May your connection to your inner wisdom prompt you always to listen to your heart.  It is the creativeness of the universe speaking through you. It is a valuable guidance from deep within.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff – You are an Ambassador of Light and Peace – 10-19-15


Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff   –   You are an Ambassador of Light and Peace   –   10-19-15

Beloved Ones,

As the world moves further into the higher frequencies that are available now, there will be a long period of adjustment, with a series of intense energy downloads and then there will be a resting time to allow the body to align and fully integrate with the new enhanced version of self.

There are so many of you struggling to surrender former limitations and thought patterns that limit further movement right now. This activity will become much easier to accomplish now that a shift into higher octaves has taken place.

There will be a lifting of the mental and emotional blocks that have kept you from taking your rightful place on the stage of life in the new world reality. You are now, even more than before, energetic powerhouses and are able to influence the energy dynamics around you in a most beneficial way.

It requires that you intend to be a blessing in this manner and that you make this a focus each day and verbally state this intention. Just by being who you are in this moment, you bring blessings to others. Those of you who have successfully integrated the new frequencies so far and have agreed to on the higher levels, are being utilized as conduits to disseminate these higher frequencies that are available now.

Every one who reads or hears this message is an ambassador of the Light and an ambassador of peace. You have become more discerning in the way you utilize your focus and energies and this is having a beneficial effect on the work that you do and the gifts that you bring to the world. Each person on the planet has at least one special gift that they bring to share with others.

We see more of you beginning to go deep within in order to align with your Divine Essence to stay on track with the work that you came here to do. You are venturing beyond your learning curves into new territory and it can sometimes feel uncomfortable. You are being encouraged to persist, to see beyond former expectations to that which lies waiting, as yet unrevealed.

As always, it requires your willingness and determination to move to the next level. It is your journey and you are the one to walk that path, no one else can do it for you, no one else can make your dreams a reality, it requires your action. Once you make the choice and decision to move forward, you receive help when you ask and by now, you know that this is a given.

As you do this, you will begin to recognize the synchronicities that unfold in your everyday life. You are being given the boons that you need to get to the next step. These are blessings and assurances that you are on the right track as you struggle to go where you have not gone before. You are capable of so much more than you have believed possible and these possibilities are now opening for you.

Seize the moment as it comes and dare to make your new life one of incomparable majesty. Allies and friends surround you at every moment, you have but to reach out to recognize them, not only from the world of spirit but also on the physical plane. These ones support, nurture and strengthen you on your personal spiritual journey. As you walk your path, their good will strengthens; delights and upholds you and helps you to live a balanced life. You will know without doubt that you are never alone.

As you become more established in your new beginning, you will embrace and see more easily how you may transform your intention into one of action and this will give everything you do the potential to become more than you dreamed was possible. This will assist you to breathe new life and possibility into even the most mundane activities.

As you tap into the bottomless fountain of life, you are renewed and filled with a joy that transforms everything it touches through a heightened awareness, the understanding of truth and the hope that this brings. This renewal and enthusiasm radiates from you, spreading outward to all those around you. You ignite their light and this in turn helps them to open to greater possibilities for their own path and direction.

As you walk your path with honor, remember to appreciate the world which sustains and supports you and contributes to your well being. Honor the people, places and things for the effect they have upon you in every aspect of life upon this planet. Accept others for who they are and celebrate the differences and diversity in this dance called life. Learn to look beyond the obvious as this may lead to richer rewards and a joy that knows no bounds.

This new change in direction brings with it a restoration, a transformation and a re-energizing of your entire being. As you walk your chosen path, the flame of timeless truth that you hold within your heart ennobles and enriches you with an aura of the highest integrity, which propels you to face the future with open and willing eyes and heart.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

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Source:“Hilarion: You are an Ambassador of Light and Peace,” Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, October 18, 2015, at

Upliftment – Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff – 1-24-15

Angel of Light - gabriel - marlene

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as  upliftment. This quality within an individual allows them to experience a wide range of emotional experiences and still have the ability to create some of the most inspiring creations.

They believe that the best response to any situation in life is to be patient, grateful, gracious, and most of all, positive. These individuals believe that an uplifting attitude is beneficial to them and is inspiring to those around them.

They believe that all good things belong to them and that even situations that are not ideal will work out for their benefit in the end.

One must always look for the good in others because they know that pointing out the good in others uplifts their spirit and makes them feel valued. Their family, coworkers, and community members know that they can count on this person to have a positive point of view in every situation.

Their attitude towards all situations in their life is infectious and causes others around them to become positive towards them with an outpouring of love.

Their uplifting attitude ignites others to emulate them and reciprocate their attitude by being pleasant toward them. Such uplifting spirit is strong because they choose to remain positive, regardless of the circumstances they may face.

Uplifting emotion is a creative force which uplifts an individual and takes them on a journey of discovery and delight into new possibilities. It is the doorway to new perspectives; the doorway to change.

It creates a powerful and positive momentum by maintaining a moment-to-moment awareness and a focus on feeling good. When an individual carries an uplifting attitude each day and practices unconditional self love, it uplifts their emotions to a higher level of positive optimism and utmost freedom.

When they interact with others, they make it a point to genuinely compliment them. They recognize others for their good heart and kind spirit, making every effort to focus only on the positive attributes of others instead of their shortcomings.

The giving of one’s loving efforts to help others makes one feel powerful and uplifted. These individuals count their blessings and spend more of their day thinking with gratitude about the things in life they truly love.

People who are grateful for what they have are more alert, enthusiastic, determined, attentive, and energetic than people who do not count their blessings.

By maintaining this quality of love called upliftment within them, everything that happens is viewed as an opportunity to provide and experience contentment, understanding, perspective, and guidance to the people around them.

It is up to each person to be responsible to live their best life. One becomes very careful what they think about, and very selective as to where and what they give their time and attention to.

It is important that one’s thinking involves their heart. When one is in harmony with spirit, nothing can hinder them, as they always do what makes their heart sing.

When they give someone a hug or a smile, it uplifts the atmosphere. Their soul is expanded and they discover that they love every moment of their life.

By creating this important shift in one’s personal consciousness and taking a moment often to be still, to be quiet, and to just be, uplifts their emotions and does wonders.

Indulging oneself by basking in the sun, going for a walk in nature, absorbing the wonder and amazement of the beauty of the world around them creates a spiritual upliftment within them.

By changing one’s attitude, everything else in one’s life improves. One’s attitude is the key to creating behaviors in life which are highly effective and lead to the greatest happiness.

Genuine happiness is a state of mind, and is always a personal choice that an individual makes. They have the courage to follow their own heart and intuition. Their genuinely good character always radiates from within them and uplifts and inspires throughout their life.

Everyone values the gift of unexpected assistance and those who supply it. When one makes a positive impact in someone else’s life, they also make a positive impact in their own life. All are uplifted and empowered to a higher level of feeling.

By sharing the rich experiences of one’s life and the wisdom that comes from one’s unique point of view, by being vulnerable and willing to share one’s failures as well as one’s successes, others will relate to their example and be inspired and uplifted.

Others will understand that they are not the only ones with challenges. Being happy with whom one is now, and letting their positive attitude inspire their journey into tomorrow, helps encourage and touch those around them.

Everything that happens in life is neither good nor bad; it just depends on one’s personal perspective. And no matter how it turns out, it always ends up just the way it should.

As an individual stays positive and appreciates the pleasant outcomes and learns from their every experience, they can uplift themselves in a greater, more expansive way.

What people must realize is the tremendous amount of influence they can wield on those who surround them. What an uplifting person does best is to make everyone they interact with feel empowered or validated.

They are pioneers of the new age. Their job is to heal the world and elevate and uplift everybody. They pay attention to their motives and look for ways to uplift and purify them to a state of love.

They find happiness just from doing something well or from finding ways to give happiness to others. Everyone wants to feel valued and validated. Taking one’s time to talk to someone about their interests, their goals, and their talents places confidence where it was potentially lacking.

People always do better and thrive with compliments and positive direction. One’s emotional state and their thoughts travel out from them like ripples on a pond.

They radiate energy that affects everything and everyone. Their happy emotions radiate outward and affect those around them in a positive and uplifting way, and contribute greatly to the future unfolding of the higher destiny of the planet.

May your hearts stay uplifted and inspired as I take my leave.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

“Archangel Gabriel: Upliftment,” channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, January 22, 2015, at

Source Link: The Rainbow Scribe: Archangel Gabriel 2015

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Hilarion 2014 – Marlene Swetlishoff



Blessings  of the season to all! Marlene


January 12-19, 2014

Beloved Ones,

The times that are before you are filled with energies of new beginnings and this creates a feeling of anticipation while at the same time needing to bring completion to all outstanding issues, and there is a sense of waiting in a void between two worlds. It is a strange time for those of you who have been earnestly working to align with the higher aspects of your self, for you know the work is in completion yet you find that the way forward is hazy and undefined. This is because you are creating your world as you move through each day and you are not used to consciously creating. This feeling will pass and is temporary in nature, all that is required is a willingness to be fully present in each moment and integrating this new idea of yourself. Conscious creation is the next step in your spiritual evolution and requires more attention from you.

Create a plan for what you wish to create and experience in your personal world. Make a list of what this might look like for you including feeling the emotions of having what you want, seeing yourselves having the experience with a sense of exhilaration and well being. Visualize every detail as much as you can as often as you can. Then when you feel it is complete, release it to the universe and know that it is manifesting for you. This method is best employed at the times of the new moon phases to begin your creation, working on visualizing and owning it until the full moon phase at which time you release it to the universe knowing it will become manifest in divine timing for you. You are becoming conscious creators in your everyday world. Some of you may need to maintain this practice until it becomes easier for you. Remember that nothing that is just started comes instantly but with greater practice and training, you will become proficient.

Those of you who have pulled back in the last year are now ready to move forward once again. You are receiving your second wind, as they say, and will find yourselves beginning your work on self mastery with renewal and great enthusiasm. This time, the way forward will be much easier than ever before. You will be filled with a sense of higher purpose and many of you will come to a conscious realization of your part in the divine plan. You will also begin to see how perfect each experience you have endured on your journey to this point has helped to bring you to a feeling of confidence and personal sense of your own power. Every experience had its own gift to give you and now you can utilize what you have gained and learned with more understanding and proficiency for the benefit of yourselves and others around you. You have been enriched with a greater sense of your own magnificence and capabilities.

It is important to treat yourselves with greater kindness within your thought processes and remember that all that you have experienced in your life is what your soul desired to partake of in order to bring you to a greater sense of mastery. This is now where you stand on your journey. Celebrate this accomplishment by rewarding yourselves with some action or item of significance to you. Let it be something that brings you great joy and helps you to remember how far you have come on your path of initiation into higher consciousness and understanding. And we ask that you celebrate the moments as they unfold for you, for it helps to keep your frequency level in tune with the ever increasing energies that flow through the atmosphere to flood the planet without ceasing.

Connect each day to the Earth and stay grounded. Eat foods that impart the higher frequencies into every cell in your ever transforming bodies. Affirm each day that you are an eternal powerful being who can stop the process of aging and renew yourselves on every level. Thoughts and intention are the things that bring the reality into your experience. Write your intentions down and repeat them every day, ideally at the beginning of your day but what is most important is your consistent persistence. You are creating your new reality by this practice and every day is a new fresh start. Fill it with the most positive and benevolent intentions for yourselves, your loved ones, your community and your entire planet. Love is the answer in all situations and this is becoming more noticeable in your personal world.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2014-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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Message From Hilarion – Channeler Marlene Swetlishoff



November 9-16, 2014

Beloved Ones,

You have all received a great influx of energy in the past week and this is now beginning to assimilate within your human operating systems. This higher energy creates a greater cleansing and purging to occur, bringing up memories and triggers from the past that set you into reaction rather than thoughtful response. When this happens, realize that it is part of the process of integration and assimilation by your body system and forgive yourselves the irritability and lack of patience in your interactions with others. You are doing fine, so do not berate yourselves too much for not having enough patience to recognize old patterns of behavior before you respond to others who have triggered the old and well worn patterns. You know there is another and better way to view and respond to the situation but it comes up anyway in the same old pattern. This requires from you an observation of yourself during those moments so you can set the intent to respond in a different way next time.

As each DNA strand is activated, it brings up all the accumulated ‘stuff’ brought into this lifetime from previous lifetimes and also from your ancestral lineage. Each person you are interacting with has come into your life in order that you assist each other to heal all that needs to be acknowledged and balanced. This is what is occurring within your daily lives right now. Tomorrow is another day and a new and fresh start. It will go better than it did today. Each of you is on a pioneering path upon which not many others have gone before and the process of resurrection while in the physical body has not been attempted before. Take each day as it comes with whatever it brings you and try to regain your equilibrium as quickly as you can. That is what the path of mastery is all about, gaining mastery over self and detaching from the human personality perspective and seeing and acting from the higher perspective.

Daily record all the wonderful breakthroughs that have occurred within your mind, your feelings and within your physical vehicle. There are many and if you record these and acknowledge the changes, it will help to keep you on track with your highest intent and vision. By calling on your guides and angels when in the midst of this process each day, you will be assisted in whatever way is necessary. When in the throes of these changes and transformations, asking for upliftment into a lighter and more positive and empowering energy can be most helpful. The angelic guides that surround you do not judge any of your fiery outbursts when they happen, they only surround you with their love and healing energies. Remember to send your love and compassion to the one who triggered the old reaction and stay in empowerment within your inner space.

Move forward when you are able and renew your intentions to be the beacon of light, love and healing to others and begin on your path again. One step at a time is the way to move through this journey into the higher dimensions. Your mind is the builder so do your best to infuse thoughts that focus on that which you desire to create and experience in your lives. It is perplexing to your family members to be witness to your fiery moments and so they try to avoid using the triggers that set you off. Your nervous system is bearing a great load of energy and doing whatever can help you relax during this process will help. Receiving these energies into your system is like having a higher voltage turned on and until your physical body has integrated and assimilated these, being as kind as possible to yourselves is advisable. Those around you who don’t understand now will do so in the future.

Spend time each day in quiet contemplation, silence and meditation. It helps to align you with your higher aspects and your higher vision of the life that you want for yourselves and all those you love, and indeed, for all upon the planet. Even ten minutes a day to align with intent can make a big difference. Talk to us, your guides, and give us an update on what you are going through and ask for assistance. We are with you always and desire to be of ever greater assistance. The times you are now experiencing and on into the future are setting the template for all others who follow so we are eager to support you in anyway we can.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2009-2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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Hilarion – Hold the Vision High of the New Earth made Manifest – 10-19-14

Matt Muckleroy




October 19-26, 2014

Beloved Ones,

We call upon all lightworkers in the world to hold the vision high of the new Earth made manifest. We ask that you discipline yourselves to not be distracted or sidetracked from your purpose by the created illusions that beset the world during these times. You all have ability to discern what is real and true and to create what you desire to experience and this is where your attention should be focused. Peace is a reality if you can bring this into your own experience. From this, it flows outward into the world around you and has an exponential effect on everyone and everything. The new epoch is being created by your adherence to the highest ideals that you can envision and hold as your focus. The key here is to identify with your divine origins on a daily basis and act as the daughter/son of the Divine.

One does not have to be a magician, one has only to believe in their own goodness and integrity and uphold it. Leave others to choose their own way. It is by personal example that the wayshowers inspire and uplift their brethren. It becomes necessary to uphold the higher virtues and qualities of conduct now. Others around you will see, sense or feel these emanate from within you, they then have the human templates and examples of the divine human that they can become inspired by and emulate in their own lives. It is time to let your light shine, to let your goodness and purity of heart shine, to let your deep love of the Creator shine. Decree daily the light that you are and do not falter in this practice. It is necessary to add this field of protection around you as a shield or sphere of light.

Spend as much time as you can on activities of light in the form of mantras, prayers, invocations and decrees in order to constantly increase and maintain your higher vibration. Spend time in nature to connect and ground yourselves into the Earth and let the cosmic energy flow through you in balance and harmony. Keep the activities of your life as simple and uncomplicated as possible for this helps you to remember your reason for being here on Earth during these times. Daily communion with the Divine is essential. By this we mean that time spent in solitude and silence is very important to help with the integration of the higher energies and downloads that are now occurring. Do everything that you know that helps keep you in equilibrium and stability, so that you do not lose your way.

Focus on creating the feeling and state of joy, for this state is a higher vibration that one can easily create by focused intention. There are many experiences that each of you had in the past that can be tapped into in order to bring this state to you in your moment of now. Make a list each morning of all that you are grateful for and again before your bedtime. Do this daily, as this practice brings more than you can conceive to you. If you are experiencing challenges and difficulties, you must train yourselves to retain these practices of giving gratitude until they become second nature to you. As energy alchemists, you turn all that comes into your experience into a higher and lighter energy. You already do this each day and it only needs your conscious awareness of it in order to give it more power.

Again we remind you of the need for adequate hydration by drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily. The increased energy downloads may make you feel tired and depressed. You can assist your endocrine system with supplements such as the herb Maca, which is a natural way to regulate and support endocrine health, for it regulates metabolism, energy levels, and helps the glands to produce the vital hormones that create a sense of health and well-being. Eliminating processed foods and replacing with raw and unprocessed foods as much as possible can help, as well as learning relaxation and deep breathing techniques. Exercise for at least half an hour each day, even if you must break that time up into 10 minutes, three times per day. Moving your body parts are essential to keep the energy downloads moving through you. One hour of sleep before midnight is equal to two hours of sleep after midnight and your adrenal glands are rejuvenated by this practice. These are some of the ways to give practical assistance to your physical body during these times.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

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