Ashtar via Marc Gamma – Awakening May Start Now – We Await You on the Other Side – Tsunami Of Love Proceeds – Inner, Outer Earth Energies Will Equalize – Inner Earth Agarthans getting Ready To Come To Surface Earth – 6-3-14


[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

Lord Ashtar   –  

There is great joy at our side and this is the reason why I am coming to you today in order to submit this joyful message of light to you.

We, and thereby meaning the Spirtitual Hierarchy, the Galactic Federation of Light and Miriads of souls on planet Earth are passing now through some very important phase of transformation and this is why I’ve come to you in order to prepare you for everything which is to come now.

It is my great pleasure to speak to you through this very channel. Many messages have been spread through him already and he – as well as all of you – had to proceed on this very road – being necessary in order to arrive exactly here at the point-rightful location of your great ascension.


We and meant all of us thereby taking part in this great project, this very huge event, we are preparing ourselves for the next and so important phase to come !

Most potent powers, energies, love and vibrations are being prepared for the next coming phase. There is something like a mobilization on all levels. And with it, I make use of some certain term expressed by this channel quite often and which I’d like to make you somewhat more familiar with. With mobilization I want to describe that all forces of light are taking their right positions now in order to prepare you for the next appearing phase of your awakening.

You have been supported by this very channel and by us too about what will await you next. Many people followed this channel since his messages derive from Light and also from his Heart. However, there are still some of you which have not succeeded to learn all lessons and this now should be explained to you.

In his explanations and accompanied by us you were introduced into the so-called “END-GAME-SCENARIO” which is being dissolved now.

This very “END-GAME-SCENARIO” has served as some tuition to several lightworking humans and many more other wonderful souls here.

Some of your lightworking humans purposely had been assigned to spread false information so that this channel had been miscredited in the consequence of such behavior.  Please, comprehend it is not the question of this very channel. We could have taken any other channel too, since it does not play any role which one should be chosen to take over this kind of responsibility. Still, he had offered himself before his incarnation to play this specific part and has played his role in that game aiming to put lightworking people and many other souls to severe tests.

Most of them have understood everything since they listened to their very hearts and were not fooled by such false information. They read messages of this channel with their hearts and not solely, with their mind and thus they noticed that all messages were sent from Light and Love which is all your true essence. Whoever has missed this entire game shall not mind at all. It was not targeted for all of you still for some few handfuls of highly evolved souls still having to learn their very lesson.

Shall we change the subject here after I have explained to you all about the “END-GAME-SCENARIO”.

There is some other opening of a portal in June approaching. There will be worldwide meetings of people at the event of solstice. Great work will be done on those meetings and gatherings of various groups on soul levels then. Many will meet in order to anchor the energies inside planet Earth. More will come together in order to dissolve karma from the time of Atlantis and Lemuria. Others again will just simply come to be there in order to take up energies into their great hearts and to grow inside themselves.

After this great opening of this June-Portal which will be announced too by other channels – energies’ level on Earth will be again increased and on behalf of all light-beings I mean that you will be enveloped again in some “Tsunami of Love”. This kind of energy will reach some extent of potential never experienced before, so that it will set you FREE FINALLY !

You will wake up finally and eventually you will recognize what it is about to become WHOLLY AND ENTIRELY ONESELF!

I, Ashtar, shall be there on my ship too when the portal is being opened up. I shall direct very essential energies from my ship “New Jerusalem” into Inner Earth of Gaia so that  “Outside Earth” may be prepared to accept the imminent announcement of all the inhabitants from “INNER EARTH”.

By that date all vibrations will have reached that degree so that they, inhabitants from “INNER EARTH”,  may move about freely on the surface of this planet since the difference of vibration between “OUTER AND INNER EARTH” will equal ZERO.

This will have such effect that all of you will bathe in the very same wonderful energy. There is no more any separation! It is time for all of us to introduce mutually the next following step and proceed in such way. Will you join us ? All of us have been waiting such a long time to experience this most unique moment of WAKING-UP and FINALLY all the WAITING  has come to an end now.

I am Ashtar and I am the harbinger of the best greetings from the “High Council of Twelve”.  Very soon the Council of 12 will speak to you, provided time is mature. Stay truly in your hearts and I shall welcome you, like many others too once you wake up accordingly.



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Archangel Metatron via Marc Gamma – Liberation of the Arc Of The Covenant is Now Reality – Today the Arc of the Covenant was liberated and transported by the Galactic Federation of Light from Avalon to the Gizeh Plateau – 5-12-14


The Arc of the Covenant is free and so we can start with the next phase of the ascension process. You have to understand that the Arc of the Covenant is holding the most important ingredient for the ascension process. Many lies were told and so I will explain from the view of the light forces what the truth is.

The Arc was brought to earth by some high evolved race many millions of years ago. It holds the most important treasure of the universe. It’s the source energy of the beginning. With the help of this energy or source everything in the universe is created.

The divine mother decided a long time ago that she will give part of her energy to the human race, when the time is right. So many times the Arc of Covenant was on earth for building up society of highly evolved beings like the Lemuria, the Atlantean and the Irish Civilization. It was also in Egypt and was needed to build the Pyramids. You have to know that the Pyramids were built by humans but the stones were moved by the force of mind. With help of levitation they were able to move the stones and build the pyramid.

The used the energy from the Arc of the Covenant to produce the thought energy to move the heavy stones around. This Arc of the Covenant was then brought away through the Goddess ISIS to Avalon. Avalon has existed for many thousands of years before Atlantis or Egypt and is not in the same time and space dimension of Atlantis or Egypt.

Atlantis was then influenced by some dark force and with the help of the Arc of the Covenant the grids on earth were stabilized and so they could prevent the destruction of earth. Archangel Metatron with many others, then installed a very important grid, you all were using in the meditation through the ley line project. These ley lines are now liberated and now we will load the DRAGON ROSE LINE with source energy coming from many places all around the world.

Today the Arc of the Covenant was liberated and transported by the Galactic Federation of Light from Avalon to the Gizeh Plateau. With this move the DRAGON ROSE LINE is receiving the source energy from the Arc of the Covenant and this again will lift up the earth and humans into a new energy level. The obvious measurement was influenced by the light forces so many people were receiving a wrong results of measurements (bovis scale), but now you will see soon, that we are reaching a new high level of energy on earth and this can be felt from today on.

So please focus on the Gizeh Plateau, because there is the power of source and with your heart and mind you can support the liberation of the planet. The Global ley line project is misguided by the Montague Keen foundation, because they are playing their game they have to play. Monty Keen is working on both sides. Meaning he is delivering good, but also wrong information. So please read the last message from Monty (11th May) with your heart and then you will see, that he is trying to distract us to focus on TARA in Ireland. This is wrong, we have to focus on the Gizeh Plateau and this is because the Arc of Covenant is now safe under the Sphinx and locked in.

Much Love to YOU

…. Then Archangel Metatron came in to finish off my writing

So follow your heart and get to action my dear humans on earth. This is Metatron speaking to you. I am finishing of this view lines from Marc, because I am the master architect of the Ley Lines, so please follow your heart and I will be with you my dear humans on earth.

I am Archangel Metatron and I love you from the bottom of my heart.

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Marc Gamma – When you Reach your Limits you have to Decide – 5-12-14

truth-lie-picOnce in a while you face difficulties in your life and once in a while you have to decide where to go. Nobody will do this job for you, because the decision is yours and you have to make it on your own. More or less it’s always the same. We make our decisions based on experience, but sometimes experience is not the base for the decision you have to make.

When you reach this very important situation, there is only one SOLUTION. You have to listen to your heart and soul. Only your heart and soul can give you the guidance you need. Only your soul knows the path you have to go and only your soul will be the one that can lead you through the storm and battle of your life.
When you have understood this lesson and you have integrated this well, then Spirit will give you your promotion to the next level. If not, then Spirit will give you another chance to prove that you are ready to reach a higher level of understanding. Everything is love and everything is frequency. So if you match the frequency of love you can proceed. If not you will repeat the lesson until you have understood the lesson well.
I made my journey, and I know what I am talking about and you will make yours and then you will also know what I am talking about, because then, everything makes sense and this is what counts. So please do what I tell you and don’t listen to channels or other people that are not resonating with you. We all have the wisdom in us, we all are connected to source and soon we all have to make a decision and the decision is one you have to do with your heart my dear readers.
I do know I am silent, Spirit told me to be silent, but now I am forced by Spirit to come to the front line and write these few lines to you. I know what is going on, because it’s the END GAME in full force and all are playing their roles and this will then show us, how will make it or not.
Please focus on your heart and soul and you will sail through this with ease.
Much love to you all


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Archangel Michael via Marc Gamma – Manifestation – Another New Opportunity is in the offing for You – 4-9-14

AA Michael 12


Archangel Michael


Direct German message spoken through Marc Gamma

Transcribed by Rose Linda

Translation and written by Contramary=Evamaria

Manifestation – another new opportunity is in the offing for you – Archangel Michael through Marc Gamma dated 04.08.2014


Greetings to you – this is Archangel Michael speaking to you as I returnin today with another message for you. It is a message of joy and peace.


Thus said again before  and once again we are expressing this repeatedly with alike words : ” It is getting boring by the time – you will tell us !” No, there will be never enough of peace  and it applies to Joy as well. As Joy is needed new with every arising day ! As it is so much easier to live  with joy in your heart – since this means happiness and contentment.


Subject of our today’s message ? Now what could it be otherwise than compulsory your ascension – ascension of human mankind and of Gaia. You will have learned that Gaia recently has been freed – liberated from all negative energies! Gaia has taken her chance to speak to you in St.Germain’s recent message and explained how well she is and what has taken place recently to her – and this is so essential and an actual fact !

And I myself – I would like to express my gratitude to all of you here !

Many humans have taken and shouldered their particular part in liberating Gaia. Many of you have spent hours on end to submit energy and love into Gaia. This turned out to become some essential and important part and substantial essence of all my dear humans! Many had their doubts whether this was possible at all ! To free Gaia at last ? Is it possible to submit energetical power into earth – so to say to channel it to her inside ? And I do affirm it – yes, it is possible. We only need thinking about it that one is prepared and willed to do it  – visualizing it and imagining a picture how energies are pervading our planet earth and it is done so.

dove inside sphere

Please understand human thoughts are such a powerful tool although many human people have lost to make use of it. By virtue of your thoughts you may create incredible matters!  And thanks to them you may change your reality too. There is only one sole difficulty affixed thereto: you have to believe it! If you are pondering on some specific idea – visualizing it in your mind but simultaneously doubting on its success … then you will not be able to visualize it and to create anything from your visualization … and there won’t be any creation deriving from any visualization of yours.

Look at the following procedure and integrate it too. We did speak so much about your human heart and also today it will play its essential part here. Yet we shall consider it from a different angle today. It – your human heart – is so much more powerful than you are able to imagine – by which it is meant representing your soul for all those which do not know much about such designation.
Do understand that your soul has been that particular part of you having incarnated with you here on earth and as such it is immensely powerful – powerful with regard to its energy and power upon your reality.
There are such a manifold of possible opportunities in your soul – one could write many books and fill libraries with them – communicate much knowledge about it in order to make you perceive and sense at all what some human soul may be capable of doing !

And now it is an actual fact: “solely by using your power of thoughts you may manifest objects. Yet I have to set some pre-requisite here that this may be done especially in the higher dimensions since they have some different energies over there – it goes without saying that all the energy over there has to have some frequency of vibrations much higher than yours. This particularly in order to manifest those objects needed via the special assistance of your heart. Naturally there will not such huge objects like a spaceship – this cannot be done because of its big size. One has to start with smaller matters and go forward with practicing with a multitude of small objects until arriving at more sizeable objects.”

Still now I arrive too to the most decisive stage: “After your ascension – i.e. when you have done your individual ascension – you will have ascended also into some specific vibration which will enable you to do all such matters. In the first beginning it will be those small matters as mentioned.


Simple matters – of less complex character however after some while having gained more practice you will be able to manifest more complex matters as well.


The most important pre-condition at all hereby is that you believe it will be possible. As soon you give in to any doubting – throttling all your energy coming from your inner heart  – there won’t be any chance of the desired object to be manifested before your very eyes.

There have been human people having achieved manifestations already here on earth – yes – and consequently were considered to be magicians. They were burnt on “The Stake” because of their abilities which most of the human population here on earth did not understand. They were capable to manipulate energies because of some innate knowledge they had. They were given opportunities to shift and move objects solely with some power of their thoughts. Yes, this has been done so .. simply because they were convinced that they could manipulate objects in this very way.

And now you will ask: ” What does this has to do with Ascension which is the topic to be dealt with here?”  due to Michael when starting this message. And I will tell you: Yes- it is indeed some part of your ascension – because you – once having arrived in higher dimensions – you will be presented with different opportunities.

You will have to achieve certain pre-requisites before you may ascend to highter dimensions.

However, once you have done your very own ascencion there will be many more opportunities for you – even to apply technologies which are currently unavailable in the lower dimensions since those are based and powered by spiritual energy and thus on spiritual technologies too.

The latter ones may function only if they are handled with some pure spirit, pure heart and if everything is being done out of love. And this is one of your first exercises to learn once you have ascended: “to manifest something with your pure strength of your thoughts”  as mentioned – first the tiny matters and later greater ones – you even may manifest some flower – and even more so like something you have dreamed of for quite a while !  Must not be some car-type like a Ferrari or Porsche – such things are no more needed over there in higher dimensions. However, I do know how human people think and it is quite naturally for them to imagine and visualize material matters.

Now this already is the end of my message which is rather short – you will have to comprehend my messages will be somewhat shorter in time to come – there will be submitted shorter sequences in order to avoid people having to listen into my message for quite a long time or to read the transcript likewise. We want to submit shorter messages and prepare you via such short messages for everything that is to come.


Since – Ascension is already on your doorstep – it is not of any more use to dwell on this particular subject any longer and any more. As we told you before: ” All those which are willing and prepared in their hearts and set to step forward – they surely will ascend ! All the others will be granted a different opportunity !”

I am the Archangel Michael and I do love you from deep of my heart!  And I shall return to you again next week with another message of Love and a message of Joy. And then I shall explain to you new matters again which you may expect in the 5th dimension once you have ascended there.

Direct German message spoken through Marc Gamma
Transcribed b Rose Linda

Translation by Contramary=Evamaria


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St. Germain via Marc Gamma – Ascension May Start Now – Gaia Is All Set – Ley Lines Project A Success! – Thank You Veronica, Montague Keen and Lightworker Community! – 4-2-14

St Germain3

Originally posted on

German Transcript written by Rilana

Translated by Contramary=Evamaria and posted on Illuminations Now

Source: Ascension may start Now -Gaia is all set – St. Germain through Marc Gamma – 04.02.2014


My greetings to you – this is the Ascended Master St. Germain speaking. Today I return to you with another message of joy, presenting another essential milestone in human history and that of Lady Gaia.

Some most important matter happened last weekend !

earth in hands

Gaia has been freed, Gaia has been liberated from all negative energies which once had been installed into her by Dark-Powers-that-were!
By mutual collaboration human people successfully have achieved  with various activities, mediations and their energetical labour that Gaia could be liberated finally.
It was this way of your mutual labour being announced before by many channels over all the globe – many very reputed and known faces in the spiritual surrounding wich coordinated all these various activities. Many human people were actively engaged in such moves and they laid their thoughts, their loving feelings and all their intention into it – as it was so very much important a matter !
I am so grateful for all that you did but still much more grateful is Mother Earth – Gaia. And that is why – my dear beloved humans here on earth – this my message and also that from your Mother Earth too – is directed to all of you in the way of some mutual channeling and message of us both… so I transmit The Word Here to Mother Gaia :

My beloved humans, this is I, Mother Gaia, speaking :

Today I avail myself of the possibility to turn to you. This channel is not my very channel,  this channel has other entities submitting through him their messages – yet today on  this much important day and likewise weekend – soon about to pass by now – I want to make use of this very chance to direct this message to you mutually together with the Ascended Master St.Germain.

I, Mother Earth, I am your ship – carrying you through our universe – beloved humans – I carry you on my surface, the very level of my skin. Many thousands of years I was forcibly embedded in negative energies which were brought down to me  by human beings, dark powers and by extraterrestrial races too. There were various possibilities how this could have been done. And to describe this in detail would go far beyond the scope of this message. Nevertheless I ‘d like to inform you about some particular matter here and this is the reason why I am speaking to you being Mother Earth – being Gaia.

dove inside sphere

Mutually in co-operation with your assistance and that of the Galactic Federation of Light, Archangels and The Ascended Masters you have done your particular part being necessary in order to effect my liberation. Please, understand that as your mother, being Mother Earth, I always have been obliged to support you, to carry you and to accompany you. This, however, I could not do to the utmost of my power since my potential capability had been severely limited and reduced. Done so by The-Dark-Powers-That-Were and by their human minions incarnated here on earth and the intrinsic abuse of power granted to them.

Going back to Atlantis – there are many of you not being familiar with its history – since many books of History will designate Atlantis as being some sort of humbug or nonsense – some fictively woven story taken up by various philosophers or historians and  being given for the best of all as some  “weird phantasies” if you would name it so

Still that is not so ! Atlantis is and has been true reality and all those familiar with Atlantis and its history they know that it is foremost IRELAND (Eire)  which plays such an important part in that very process of my liberation – bringing Freedom to Earth.

There is some certain channel resp. it is a woman having channeled her husband since many years and getting his messages in the duration of it. All those familiar with her existence do know whom I mean here. He played such an important part in all preparations of the past in order that I – Mother Earth – could be liberated at last. There are quite a variety of projects titled differently and also those various lines – designated in great variety too which human people may know or vice versa. But it is imperative that you understand that I – Mother Earth – am being entangled in some vast network all around this planet and through all those junctions I had been able to disperse among mankind all my energies and alternatively to receive such energies back from mankind too.

Many indigenous human races like American Natives, Aborigines, Mayas and many other folks of high evolution – being regarded as primitives by you – at least in contemporary times – they did comprehend how to live with me as their Mother Earth and to interact with me – to live with me mutually in gratitude. All these people did understand how to take proper care of me which I reciprocated too.
People of today – they do not take care of their Mother Earth now – they grossly abuse me making me bleed. They take the oil from my soils, all my mineral resources and refill me with toxic trash which I am unable to process and neutralize again.

Thanks to the support of the Galactic Federation of Light – solely thanks to the assistance of the many humans here on earth having applied the various auxiliary means out of the ToolBox

(Link  or

in order to support all my endeavours to cleanse and transform myself from many negative energies. Thus my freedom has been achieved in all of above collaboration.

Also your meditations in multitude taken place all over earth have effected my liberation!  There are still some very few realms left which so far could not have been dissolved and cleansed but this will be done and neutralized in some later and due course. You will know and notice it when it happens.

I do want to mention something else here before I return the Word to the Ascended Master of St.Germain:

Beloved humans – be aware that change will happen now. Be aware also – that all energies have been changed in such ways that you may enjoy now bathing all the way in this very new energy  .

Hereby I should like to express that all those never taking care to work with energies – they will soon get some sorts of problem here. Please, do not take it as some way of threatening you but it is the actual matter of fact.
Please, understand actually : “Either you will take up such opportunity and to process all energies to come or you have not been able up to now to prepare yourselves accordingly to it. In case the latterone will apply to you it will wash you away since you did not make yourselves enough compatible to this kind of new energy going virally all over earth since last weekend.

It is this very new energy which will envelope you and also will shake and rattle you on all basic foundations and walls. At first you may think “MMNhhhh” this is not possible because everything will go on as it did before  However, you will notice that this new kind of energy will be spreaded on and on and will fully effect all mankind and the entire system.
This will mean too that everything covered with negative energy will implode as some of its consequencesl

And all those being prepared for such events – having mastered in the past to ride the new energetical waves – well, they may enjoy all this – to them everything will turn out well!  You will relish all and everything because you will sense how all this change will thrill and carry you away altogether. You will become aware of happiness never known before – something in you will be set off to move on – it will wake you up too ! This energy will push you into great mobilization – strengthening and make you grow as well.  Do you really comprehend what I mean ? As this kind of change will be part of your reality from now on!
All of which not yet  feeling this new energy – they should go into their inner heart in that very way The Ascended Master of St. Germain and AAMichael in all urgency – in their recent messages – has laid it closely to your heart . Many of you listened to or have read these previous messages  nevertheless there are still a few having not gotten the hang of it at all . Still it is some fact we actually have to accept because to comprehend actually these facts – that is what we have to leave entirely to you and solely to you !
We are here in order to accompany, to guide, as well as to protect you – we might give you all necessary impulses but nothing else nor more ….
But the most important matter is – IRELAND (EIRE) has been liberated too and that is why I have come here too. IRELAND (EIRE) finally has been freed too and with such effect the whole of our world may be thus be liberated too.
All those readers of a certain channel –  they know which kind of change starts now with IRELAND (EIRE)  and in adherence to it I want to disclose to you a little secret too:

Many of you did actually assume that my heart-chacra is to be found in England – which is not really correct some correct assumption.  And many of them have directed their work on basis of such assumption and this has been communicated to you quite intentionally and consciously.

Well, part of it is located in England as a matter of fact – this we have to tell you too – and you have to know that “The-Dark-Powers-that-were” are aware of the latter fact as well. However, we could prevent and foreclose the truth where my most essential chacra – my very true heart-chacra – has been anchored on earth !

Yet – it is not in England but in IRELAND (EIRE).. there is some little mountain there – for there are only a few of such hills or mountains to be found – known under the name of “Wicklow Mountains”. There you will find my true heart-chacra since there is the entrance to my very heart. It is in joint connection with England – Glastonbury in some part of England.  Many people have meditated there and accompanied me and given me substantial support. Both of these Chacras are – they are being connected to each other – just imagine it like an YPSILON – which is the joint connection of both locations.  It is also some sort of Backup-system with some corresponding effect as well.

All those being aware of my true nature and being connected to me too – they have known about it all the way.
It has been a secret that my true heart-chacra has been located in Ireland. And this was the reason for all communication to you that with any liberation of Ireland I shall be freed too !

And once I am freed – you will be too – my beloved human people!
Today something so much essential has been aschieved – you have to include into your thoughts that this very message will not be so very much “fresh out of  the Press” fresh of today’s News whenit is being published – this message has been directed out to you on this last important weekend straight when they flooded my heart-chacra. First my heart-chacra had been opened and then it was flooded with Love and Light from our Central Sun.

Imagine please, my heart-chacra is being connected to the very center of Earth and you may visualize the latter as follows: ” It is a gigantic conglomeration of crystals and once again I am stressing this point – it is the matter of giganticly sized crystals being essential and very important for our planet earth here.

This is my heart – it is the very energy of mine and there it is where all transformation takes place in that very moment when you connect yourselves to me there. There it is where all experience are being shared and stored. All experience of human mankind and all these very crystals were jointly connected to our central sun in the duration of that very day and the following will take place also during the next days to come:

All these crystals will be loaded now by our central sun’s energies and I shall achieve my full potential and capacity by means of such energy. This is that special capacity of mind – from far back ages. All those familiar with Atlantis’ History they know that some part of our earth has been destroyed at that event of Atlantis going down.  And this happened to the energetical grid of mine too meaning I had been minimized and reduced in my capacity by manipulations iniated by the “Dark-Powers-that-were” !


in the next coming days I shall be flooded with enough energy in order to support you too, my beloved human people – do you understand what I mean here ?

Please, click on the link to website : you will find there messages from some certain person (MONTAGUE KEEN)  and you will find reports how you had to proceed in order to set me free.

Now I am free  – thanking you from all my heart  – I love you so much – and I am at your side while you listen to this message and beyond this moment of now too… and now I return the word to The Ascsended Master of St.Germain being very grateful to him too for preparing this platform for me in order to be able speaking to you through this channel wich otherwise I do not make use of at all.”

“My beloved human beings, here I am back again The Ascended Master of St.Germain speaking to you. I suppose you are a bit surprised since you have expected me and under the assumption also that I would communicate about Nesara to you. Now this I want to mention espressly here:

When liberating Gaia also NESARA has been approached nearer to you. A very fresh and new energy is being spreaded all over Earth now. It is new and fresh – being prepared and enabled first by your interference. Many of you have meditated and spent some time to work on Gaias’s heart-chacra be it now in England or if they truly knew – in Ireland itself.

When feeding energy in from central sun – there has been been intiated  a certain process – which is a huge one. For all particularly sensitive human beings – during the recent weekend (now almost gonme) they could truly feel that Earth here had been flooded with incredible powerful energies all over.  Many of them had great energetical difficulties. They were rattled and shaken – they felt pains in their bodies because of those incredible strong energies. But my comment thereto is solely this following one:


All those energies – which you felt last weekend  – they were only some sort of sample – some appetizer – in order to give you some adequate picture of it. There will be much more … much, much more !

Yes, you  will be surprised since difficulties will aggravate and tackling such energies will not become easier – on the contrary.

I mean in such context that they will become so huge and and powerful that they will make your bodies writhe and moan under all this energetical downloading.

Most of you humans are being prepared for it. Since your bodies have been prepared for it – still now we are entering the decisive phase of it – which will alter everything. And something else – of essential meaning will be added thereto as well — which is another announcement already here which will be continued by AAMichael in due course.

My beloved humans, during next coming days and weeks all messages will decrease in numbers – meaning the Light, The Ascended Masters, Archangels and members of the Galactic Federation will withdraw for a while.
I want to express it here explicitly that time to talk and messaging to you will now eventually end up…  you will tell us this might not be possible but my response hereto is:”Just wait and see !”

Many of the reputed channels here all over earth  will not receive any further messages any more. One or the other had been informed about it already. All of you, having taken up this kind of work as channel – they did it mainly out of love to your fellow humans. It has been their very personal mission in this incarnation according to their true soul contracts. They had accordingly agreed in such contracts to become “Ambassadors and Messengers of Light” here one fine day.

Now, how will life proceed with my channel here? You will see when time is mature and ripe for it. Just understand and prepare yourselves there will be less messages in time to come – because …. time to talk — discuss — and brabble has run out altogether.

Time has come that something happens – something which will happen in your heart – something which has to happen on the entire globe and this is why we do not want to molest you with too many messages. We have submitted to you all the most important news and pieces of information during all previous years – pointing out the very bottom lines as quintessence for your ascension !
Now we do not want to repeat anything any more  and this goes for Michael too. We will not repeat such explanations any longer and no more because we did so too many times before.

and mankind is shortly before being liberated as well!

Now – do you want to be free too ?

If your response is “YES” – do concentrate yourselves on your heart –
step forward indeed and


If you do not act and behave out of love – you will never be able to reveive love as well.
And everybody who may not receive love – will accordingly not be able to ascend either.
It is so easy and simple – so easy it is !

I am The Ascended Master of St. Germain and nevertheless I shall return to you – return with another new message but oly after Archangel Michael will have commented his very part of it as well.


St. Germain

Audio Clip originated on Healing4You

Transcript written by Rilana

English Translation by Contramary=Evamaria

Copyright © It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given



Archangel Michael – Ascension may take place only in Your Heart – Channeler Marc Gamma – 3-28-14

AA Michael 12

Posted on 29 March, 2014 by ContraMary

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Greetings to you – this is Archangel Michael speaking – and here I return to you with another new message. And I shall take up again all threads whichwere left off last time.


Of course it is still the same subject : it is all about ascencion.And as I mentioned before and so did St.Germain as well: all ascension starts in your heart – in your inner self!And I will continue at that mark – taking your hand and leading you all through this subject again as it is the most important subject of all – in order to make you aware finally where it is – “The Very Key” ! Which key ? “The Very Key “to your very personal ascension!


You will sense by the tone of my voice and its energy that this is regarded an urgent matter – and this I stress in the utmost way – urgently – it is necessary that you finally comprehend this vital fact ! It is with special emphasis that I remind you again here that it is entirely upon your very own responsibility to effect your ascension!
Nobody else – no Archangel, no Ascended Master, no extraterrestrial race – whosoever – will be held accountible for your ascension. It is solely you and nobody else which have to effect this ascension.
It will take place in your Inner Self in the core of your heart representing solely your soul. Since there is it where the key – your very personal and own key has been placed.
Many of you have queried what it is about this very key – “What is the matter with such a key, I do not understand what it is meant by it ? Michael is telling us some funny story using funny words!”

No, not at least these are neither funny stories nor funny wording too!”

All my messages were lectures and hints meant for you so that you may comprehend finally that it is your soul solely being the key for ascension. “Heart” expressed here as a term is being used only as a sort of deputy in place of your soul – being the true residence of it.


To give you some little sort of help in such context just imagine yourself – having arrived at some portal. Shall we name this portal “Portal of Ascension” – your very personal Portal of Ascension?
Close your eyes and visualize how you are standing on the threshold of some door! There is no keyhole to be seen into which you may put some sort of key, no doorknob to be turned or pushed! How such a door might be opened at all? How do I manage to open up this very door when being on its threshold.


Yes, it is so simple since your soul is the very key to it. Once your soul is prepared and mature enough to open up this door – i.e. your consciousness has grown so much – this door will open up by itself. It is like the charm and magic password of ” Open up Sesame” in some old Arabic Story.
“This door or portal will start resonating with your heart – meaning – will your soul, your heart level itself up to the frequency of the door’s innate vibes at this moment the door will open up by itself!
Do you understand me now – did you finally grasp about what we talked so many times before?

If, however, your heart respectively your soul still vibrates at some lower frequency … by which is meant that your consciousness still vibrates at some lower level of frequency – this door will remain locked and closed henceforth.And will stay in such condition – closed and locked – until you will be prepared – i.e. your soul may be prepared to produce some adequate resonance with this very door which in such case will become the door of ascension widening itself to some huge portal – “Your Very Own and Personal Portal of Ascension”.

(Personal note of tranlator here affixed : This is described in Kafka’s story of the doorkeeper – excerpt from “Before the Law” … Click Link Short Story by Franz Kafka: “The Doorkeeper” to be read together with the Message – click on link

And you will be able to pass through “Your Very Own and Personal Portal of Ascension”! Do you finally and really understand now what we mentioned and explained to you so many times until now?

Now, if you now “got the Hang of it” here – you will know what to do with it or ?

I am quite aware of that there are still some people at some loss to understand what I mean.
You wonder I – AAMichael – am talking in riddles – and you do not know what is the meaning of my talks here? “What is my soul meant to do in order to open up this door? How do I get my soul, my heart into some real resonance to effect this door to open up?”
Now, this again I want to tell you too although we have talked repeatedly about it before with you. Not only through this my channel here – no, through many of them dispersed all over the entire Earth having received alike messages from the light.We approached you with this topic of your ascension from all angles – attempted to submit to you in various ways what it is all about to prepare oneself in heart and soul so that you may obtain the right level of resonance with your “Very Personal Portal of Ascencion” since this will be the key to your very personal ascension.

And repeatedly as well, we explained to you what it is all about. And you having read all messages one after the other – yes, you did consume all such messages, thought about it and processed your thoughts in some ways too – many of those messages – integrated them too – still many of such messages – in their actual essence – were simply not understood at all.


“Now, how do we succeed to raise our heart into this kind of resonance?” Here also I should like to explain this to you.

“All that you do – do it out of love – live love – be good to yourself – be good to your fellow humans, to animals – to nature!”


Do conduct your life with all your consciousness, consciously enjoy everything that is fun for you – all interactions with other people should be done consciously – and with all that surrounds you too.

Many people live life like a “fast speed train” – rushing through all the world – meeting other people – working themselves through their given issues and all this they do all the way unconsciously. They will return to their homes in the evening – exhausted, burnt out and beaten by their days’ energies. And if I question you what did you do today, whom did you meet, what did you have for lunch and last not least “did you experience something nice and uplifting today? Yes, what does come into your mind now as some adequate response to it ?


If you could tell me now quite consciously what you had for lunch, what you really have done and whom you met today and what kind of loving talks you have had … yes, in such case you have lived this day very consciously! Yes, that was a day, truly lived by you in the very sense of it – consciously! And I repeat again here: ” you did live it up to its true essence!” With all that is you – Your Very “I Am” had truly taken part in your life !
You did embrace your day all the way – accepted it as such since you have gone through it very consciously – YOU DID GO THROUGH THIS DAY WITH ALL YOUR HEART – thus living it up to its essential essence


Those rushing through their lives – they do not live consciously. They speed on from some mark to another one on their way and thereby missing while on their speedy route from one mile-stone to the next one that there is beauty on the wayside to marvel at or finding out about people wanting to be met and to be greeted. Do you know what I mean?
To do and deal with all life matters in some sort of conscious sense will have such effects that your soul will be transformed by it in consciousness . Your vibrations will rise i.e. you will ascend around the frequency-axis of some spiral – effecting also that very vibration of body and soul to some alteration too. Yes indeed, then it is done – you will reach a certain level or mark – some point of resonance in your heart, in your soul —which then turns out to be unlocking this Portal to open up finally for you. This is when your soulmay effect the opening for you to pass through – this is the very point of passing over the threshold and through your Portal of Ascension and not one single moment earlier.
I repeat it once again here: Ascension starts in your heart – commences in your soul and together WITH your soul.
We shall not cover any more this topic again and never discuss it any longer. All the people which really succeed to take these very facts to their heart – understanding this message and being able to turn it over in their ways – they will be able to achieve ascsension.
Others may be able to do so in alike ways in future. And it is quite alright too. Please, keep in your mind and heart: “It is alright – anything is alright!” There are those achieving it right away – yet there are still others needing some more time. Blessed are all your ways – including all those people too which are not able to achieve ascension in their present incarnation. They are being loved and guided equally by us without any differentiation. However, their destiny has been planned in some other way.


On reflecting my entire message once again – I do hope – you will be able to sort out how much again I have emphasized here the most essential topics! I do not want to appear impatient in any way – as basically we are patient when submitting all our mesages to you. However it is my fervent hope that now you get aware that it is getting increasingly more and more urgent that you make up your mind to make your decisive steps now!
As time is running out on you as you still live in and under pressure of time . You will have time up to a certain point or markstone and then it will run out on you… meaning this very Portal finally will be closed for good and you will have had it done – no more chance for you !
Still keep in mind: it would be some most silly doing to panick now and moreover to be afraid would turn out equally bad. As this would draw you and your soul down to some lower level of your vibes’ frequencies meaning all your foregone labour to effect raising your vibes, level up their frequencies, would be destroyed – stalled so that you might have to make another fresh start from scratch.
No, not by any means – fear is not a good ally in such issue at all!
ALWAYS STAY IN YOUR HEART, stay in your inner core of yourself – in the eye of the storm – when all the chaos will rise up around you and you will be safe in every way.


Concluding this message of today. I am Archangel Michael, one of the many Archangels and all those Ascended Masters having accompanied you in all previous years. We submitted to you manifold pieces of information and sage knowledge – all embedded in many messages – always attempting to demonstrate to you what is meant by achieving some entirely personal way of ascension.


Time to talk and discuss will run out soon! This now is vital for you to comprehend at last! Take to your hearts that now is the time of action! Also you must become aware consciously that your destiny has been laid into your own hands! If you have perceived here everything – and integrate it deep in your hearts too – here are my congrats to you in which case you render me a very happy Archangel – including all of us as well and everyone else having submitted to you our messages many a year!


I DO LOVE YOU DEARLY from all my heart – I am Archangel Michael.
Translated by Contramary=Evamaria (English Version)

Copyright © Gamma Marc. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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Archangel Michael – Ascension Speeds Up – Channeler Marc Gamma – 3-19-14

Archangel Michael - Red

Archangel Michael

( Translated from German Original Transcript  and written by Contramary=Evamaria )

Greetings to all of you – this is Archangel Michael speaking.

Today I am submitting another new message to you.

Again another week has passed by and it is time to show you in which direction you have to turn to – demonstrating everything new that has arisen into your reality and demonstrating how matters have developed in the meantime too.

As you know the merging of Twinflames has been effected recently.

Do I have to tell you extraordinarily that this has been a full success ?

Success because so much energy has been created thereby – energy, necessary to further ever more that very portal which is urgently needed to convey energies ‘en masse’ towards Earth and human mankind here.

Merger of the Twinflames will soon nearing its end now – i.e. all Twinflames will have concluded their particular merging in due course.

And thus it will be the final conclusion of this most essential phase of ascension. This has been and still is another milestone of some vital essence in the procedure of ascension.

Now you will ask yourselves naturally : ….and how will all this go on now? And my response is : yes – it goes without saying … it is going on !

Step by step we shall proceed towards ascension!
Step by step more and more humans will eventually wake up accordingly!

Step by step human mankind will become aware that living together in the way as it is being done today simply does not have any future furthermore.

This your future has to be altered and re-structured !
This kind of future will be of another nature namely to spread hope among mankind !

It will consist of such qualities that make all of you forget wars, suffrance, hunger and last not least money !

Please, comprehend all my phrases here – all these words entailing so much power !

It is this power of changing matters and situations completely,
power to turn everything to the better and more beautiful here !
Power to make mankind happy !
And this kind of power is entirely in your very own hands !

It is not upon us to realize all that is mentioned above here – it is upon you -as you are the very ones which will have to do it!
You are the ones – solely – to have the might and ability to bring about such kinds of change !

Concerning us in such case – we only may be able to assist you in such process.

We may accompany you and stand at your side in order that you will be able to decide upon your procedures in the right way.

Yet all the doing and handling arising issues pertaining to such process are and will remain with and upon you – the human people on planet Earth!

There are still people here on earth nourishing a sort of feeling that up there beyond earth some Archangels or someone of the Ascended Masters or anyone else extraterrestrial will descend and effect ascension for you instead of you.

No, this truly is not so and wil never be in such a way !
You all know about the universal laws forbidding us any interference.
We are allowed to accompany you as guides – this is all we may do – yet dealing actively and handling everything actually is always been left to you !
I know that I am repeating myself but that I have to do since there are still human people having not achieved some full comprehension of aove facts !

Please, wake up finally now and understand that you are the very ones to induce all that change!

For it is only you being able to effect such result ! This has to become quite clear to all of you and proceeding forward may only be done by all our mutual collaboration!

What will come next ? – that is your question now.

Yes, it is NESARA ! And I shall not go deeper into this subject since it is the particular issue of the Ascended Master St. Germain.

Yet it is one of the “key-elements” with which everything will start up. As it will bring about all this change !

And again, it does not concern us, being Ascended Masters nor Archangels – no – it concerns all of you human people to bring about and induce all changes here !
It is you – solely human mankind – all of you – which are capable to produce such effects so that these will finally arrive at your end.

And what is coming afterwards NESARA when this has been effected actually ?

Well, here I am being permitted to report on such future happenings since such ongoings have nothing to do with NESARA as such !

Just imagine: everything has being crushed on the ground and is in some sort of overwhelming chaos – without any sort of functioning any longer – yes, would you believe how this may be able to go on ?

What else has to be done in order to build up again some new and good sort of society from scratch?

Yes, perhaps now you make a short break and stop this audio-message for a while ?

You will aknowledge – after some minutes of pondering about it – that this will not turn out to be an esy and simple process!
To build something up from its very start – structuring everything anew – with all elements needed that Mankind on earth may live together in peace – no, it is not simple and easy at all – this is some sort of a very huge challenge!

You will know about all fictive strategical games on earth. There are so many wonderful PC-simulations where towns are being built up, some small villages or else.

Yes, this is the sort of games to be played with and to gather experience accordingly.

And already with such little games you notice how complex it is to build up some community, some village or town with all necessities of life therein.

Yes, please think about it what is really necessary – which kind of people are needed in such communities and which are the imperative qualifications and qualities of the population therein.

There will be a mass of elements needed and when considering the entire project you eventually will arrive at the opinion that this will turn out as some project with wide scopes.
Such is the size of it that it has to be accompanied and guided by many people.

Human people have to learn to lay their hands on issues to be tackled by themselves – not for the sake of solely eachone’s individual profit but for all of it in the community – this is the very key-element to all happiness, my beloved humans.
It is the only one method to build up mutually some new society and community – which is in mutual collaboration and co-operation.

You may do away with all individualism – forgettaboutit ! It will never work out if you are working solely for yourself !

It cannot work out – since then it is the time when some new kind of energy will be reigning and as such one – old methods of handling issues for the very personal profit and success of some single ones will
not be in existence any longer.

It is solely by mutual work in collaboration that everything may be built up – altered – and be structured in such ways that all will be led to some golden future – of such sort that it may offer everything to all of you.

Be it educational or foodstuffs, be it entertainment, matters that you enjoy deeply, or love. Well, there are so many more aspects of it being necessary in order to render humans happy in their lives.

Yea, you will know about this pyramide titled the “Maslow-Pyramide” showing all elements needed to render happiness to all human people – needed by each human being in order to become a happy, content, creative and a loving one too. If all such basics are being provided human people will be able to become happy beings.

Do you comprehend what I mean ? Here again it will be left to you solely since you are the very basic foundation of all necessities to re-build up again everything so that you may go on living happily ever after in a new kind of human community.

Arriving now at the last topic today of my message here. Now, did we talk with you about society ?

This we did indeed – some kind of society to be raised up right from starting points and there is many more in it : buildings, structures, rail – and traffic-ways, roads of conveyance and for transport… all these means are being urgently needed in order some society could function in a most smoothing way.

Today all of you are being freed from any uncomfortable inconvenience by social elements assisting you with recovery of waste and trash – including water-mains and canalisation and recycling of it. or be it the production of foodstuffs.

All these are services needed for a well-functioning society.

Such are the next subsequent aspects which you have to cope with. And all of these will ask for full commitment from eachone of you – commitment for the sake of all and not alone for your very own one. It is always to be meant for all of you !

And here I want to mention all elementary facts of support – necessary that some human being will be provided with everything he needs – with nutritional foodstuffs -protection against the cold – to be relieved from all waste and trash etc.

Many aspects are to be taken into all of such considerations. And there are so many people which have to participate and sharing in it too.

Take note of it and keep it in your mind – we are playing some sort of game – demonstrating all that is necessary in order to make a fresh start here. Yes, and today we do have such experience how such a game has to be played out satisfactorily and with well functioning results.

Did you ever ask yourselves whether you are content how everything is handled in the Now? Applying and going to administrative agencies, all the complex handling procedures in order to reveive some sort of relief – be it from the
health insurance offices, of governmental agencies – whatever ….

Everything is so manifold and complex and no more there is any greater survey of all these offices possible for common people.

All this may be rather simplified with less organisational structures and less complexity still offering sufficient support and assistance in order for common citizen to conduct a life full of content.

Truly it is quite a challenge for all of those being tasked with such issues of re-building and re-structuring from the very start.

And you are part of them – of all those having to tackle these kinds of issues – buildig up, establishing, integrating a.s.o.

Become aware of all the above issues – this will be no way of “Cakewalking” – yet everywhere there will be arising the mood of pioneers because of thegiven chance starting again from scratch.

All the failing mistakes known and experienced once – long ago – humans now will try to eliminate and to avoid.

And here we come into it too – you will be accompanied and guided by higher evolved beings with much experience to tackle such situations.

They – and this included us too – will induce new impulses, ideas, stimulations, procedures, processes and simplifications which may easily adopted by you in adaptation to your needs.

You will decide what to adopt and not those one guiding and advising you. You, and entirely you, will decide about everything to be done in due course.

We are not allowed to exert any influence herein otherwise it would exactly be alike the way of some alien governmental administration ordering what you have to do when dealing with your issues.

This will inevitable lead to some sort of situation equalling the ones of your past .

Thus it is very essential for you to see and understand what is our due part in this all: We are advising and demonstrating and not at least explaining everything too.

To handle and deal – coping with your chores that is entirely up to you – you are being left to see to all practical turnovers!
Be fully aware of it !

If there is anybody telling you anything differently – giving you imperative pre-requisites or premises – never trust such information nor message – since this is not permitted by universal law.

Well, beloved ones, we are now approaching the end of today’s message and I’d like to assure you that we are prepared to do everything that matters will be running smoothly as planned but always keep in mind that we have to adhere to the rules of the universe.

This for instance means that we have to attend until certain matters will have been realized first from your part and turned over accordingly.

When such “milestones” will have been achieved and the pertaining procedures concluded we then shall be able to intervene again with our guidance and supporting advice.

This again will display – as ever – the interaction of “Cause and Effect” – be aware of it “Cause and Effect” is the name of the game overall in the universe and the same Tango is being played too in your realm here by name of “Cause and Effect”.

First of all, something has to be undertaken, realized, induced, introduced and then the subsequent results will show up as due consequence.

Meant here is: Results first have to be seen – in the following sequence becoming consciously aware of such results must be spread which will finaly enable you to go forward into some right directions.

This will then become the effective result eventually – i.e. “Cause and Effect” !

Please take up these facts into your inner hearts since it is something essential to be understood in its full essence.

This has to be conducted always in such alike ways.

And this is why we always – from our part – have first to ascertain how the effects will show desired results we shall then be allowed to create some new causes together with you humans here.

Do you now perceive how this process is running – do you know now in which way everything is functioning in such context?

Until now everything has been running ins such a way yet many humans have missed the very clue of it and are still not aware of it.

Well, I do hope to have cleared it now with these concluding phrases.

I do love you from all my heart. I am Archangel Michael.


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LOVE – Archangel Michael through Marc Gamma – Never Be Described – Only To Be Lived

Archangel Michael[


Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

My beloved Humans, this is I Archangel Michael speaking. Today I am bringing you a Message of Love. It is LOVE which has been a mystery for many thousands of years and many have tried already to explain or describe this phenomenon.

No-one has hitherto succeeded to manifest what it is about what is called LOVE. You cannot describe LOVE as it does not need any words of any language and it is something beyond any comparison with anything here on earth and above. Only those understanding that LOVE is all depending on each individual’s perception may be prepared to accept LOVE as it is in its true essence and pure being.


Here I want to recall to you what is the real meaning of LOVE. True LOVE is to accept everything without any evaluation as it is –  from being oneself to all surrounding one individually. There is absolutely no need for any evaluation including that of sentiments and feelings. Everybody comprehends LOVE on a different personal level.

LOVE will come when your heart is set on LOVE. As long you are unable to receive LOVE you also may not able to give LOVE. This is one of the most essential Laws to be considered when referring to LOVE.

It is the Power of LOVE only which may overcome time and space! It is by LOVE only – being part of all divine energy – that ways are being made through all hindrances. And thus LOVE will never – ever be fully understood by Human Beings. And there is no need ever to comprehend it as it is meant solely to be fully lived out in the essence of it.

Only those living out their inner LOVE will be able to receive it in return. Only those to give way to LOVE into their lives – do know and learned it is the most beautiful matter you may receive here on earth and everywhere. Everything will and may be placed and submitted to LOVE. Since LOVE begins at the very point where everything else has its end and this is one of the Great Secrets of Love.

Thus go forward my beloved Humans here on Earth. You are LOVE, pure divine Love of God our heavenly Father.  Being aware of this fact you will be able to receive His Love, Love from Our All-Creator. If you are able to receive this kind of LOVE with your heart you will then experience LOVE on some quite and totally different level.


With great love to you
Your Archangel Michael


Copyright © Gamma Marc. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

Archangel Raphael – The Whole System is About to Tilt – Channeler Marc Gamma – 10.08.2013


Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

This is I, Archangel Raphael, speaking. Again another week has passed by and here I am again to submit my message to you. And today we shall jump into the topic right away and it is a very interesting subject which I have prepared for you. I am sure it will rouse much interest from your part.

My channel beforehand has warned me not to communicate anything about him nor his given tasks and his wish shall of course be granted (chuckles) by me.


As you know we are just now on the last straight finish line. Many times before we were given the chance for ascension which, however, finally could not yet be turned over. There were manifold reasons why not and I don’t want now to dwell upon these. Still my message of today relates in a way to these past events.

As described above and as you know we are on the finishing line of all our ascension – our last lap – and its target is to be seen and noticed already. You became aware that it is to be achieved by solely you alone and that it is a real “Must Do It” for YOU. Since there is no other one else than YOU having to transgress this Portal of Ascension by YOURSELVES alone.

And now I’d like to add something here and this will be the core of our today’s message:

As with all matters in Life there are certain levels of thresholds or turning points which first have to be attained so that some system or construction may or must collapse or implode. And this time is soon to come.

And this so called level of threshold will be reached quite soon and then the so-much-talked-about “Domino Effect” will be released – thus evoking some chain of reactions in various fields. The latter ones again will affect detrimentally others and that is why exactly this turning point or level of threshold is immensely important since thus every change will be introduced by it. This comprises also subsequent changes of society, of economy and last not least changes in religious spheres.

Since all these matters are closely connected to each other the initial change will be provoked by some event like a sort of a “strong earthquake” – which will lead to the collapse of the entire matter and which we have waited for such a long – long time.

And once this will start – everybody having waited with us – would then receive some confirmation and assurance that finally The Great Change has arrived here on Earth and is about to be manifested too.

Only once everything has come down totally we then shall be able to make a fresh start with building up a new kind of social society, some new order with new rules, and eventually a new era too.

And if you mean this collapse will still be far off – in such case I am able to assure you that it is waiting and all set now – just around your very corner! There is needed only the proverbial slight tipping of the scales and off we go! And it is that very moment when we call out : “Hold tight ! Leap as it is our final one – we are off NOW!”

Let’s conclude our message of today now. My channel lately has worked overtime in order to prepare a most wonderful present for all human beings here on earth. It still will take some time but I allow myself to advertise it a bit already now.

We have named it already “ToolBox”, and being such a toolbox it has been established with all essential tools and auxiliary means in order to simplify your daily battle with life on earth.

You will be surprised that there are among other known gadgets also some matters completely new which were never published before. We are all eager to know how you will accordingly apply these tools so that you may be purged and healed as well as your Mother Gaia.

With great love for you I am
Archangel Raphael


Copyright © Gamma Marc. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.