Ascended Master Mother Mary via Kim Michaels – 2-22-15


TOPICS: A spiral of light around the planet – Crucial points in world history – The collective consciousness of Russia – The spirals of the Ukrainian people – The problem with corruption – How much suffering do people need? – Taking the long view – The situation in Africa – The need for many messengers – The demands on a sponsored messenger – Qualifying for your ascension – How the golden age will be manifest – Why Muslims reject progressive revelation – The way to bring change in Africa – When the student is ready – Conferences for 2015 – Planetary initiations for 2015 – Book about changing the world –

Ascended Master Mother Mary, February 22, 2015 through Kim Michaels


My beloved hearts, I am indeed the Ascended Master Mother Mary. I come to share with you my gratitude and my enthusiasm for the fact that so many of you have taken up this vigil, to give four hours of decrees and invocations once a month for a specific purpose of consuming conflict and other atrocities going on around the world.

My beloved, although I have said 500 people, I do not wish you to play a numbers game here. It is not a matter of so many people. The real importance of this vigil is that as many people as possible give decrees at the same time at a regular interval whereby you create a momentum that becomes an upward spiral.

A spiral of light around the planet

I know very well that the human mind always has a tendency to look for specific results; you want to see a linear result of your efforts. I wish to share with you the very fact that what we of the ascended masters are looking for is not linear results and a linear progression. We see everything in terms of spirals.

A spiral, as you know, circles around and it comes back, not quite to the same point, but at least to the same side of the planet at regular intervals. That is precisely what you are building: A beautiful spiral of light that circles around the planet and that actually follows the planet as the planet moves through absolute space.

As you might know, if you think deeply about this, planet earth is constantly moving, not just around the sun, but throughout absolute space. As the planet moves through space, and at the same time moves in an oval orbit around the sun, it actually traces a spiral pattern.

What you are building is a spiral of light that in some ways goes faster than the earth. Therefore, you may not see a result right now of your efforts, but rest assured that as the earth again meets the spiral that you have built, there will be another chance at manifesting a result in the physical octave.

As I have said before, and as I want to instil on your minds, no effort of invoking light is ever wasted. You could do a vigil of focusing on a specific problem and asking for the intercession of the forces of light, and you may concentrate a great effort on that specific problem, but it does not necessarily mean that you would see an instant linear result. Even if you had millions of people invoking light for a specific problem, there may not be an instantaneous result because you always have the equation of free will.

Crucial points in world history

This is one of the mysteries that have often confused people when they look at the earth. You see, for example, how at certain crucial points in world history one person has been able to either hold back a new development, to hold back peace or to create a conflict that, once it had crossed the borderline into the physical, could not be stopped for a long time.

This is the extreme outplaying of the law of free will. What you need to recognize here is that even though one person may sometimes seem to be the one who has the power to change the course of the entire world, it is not actually so. It is only that that one person becomes the focal point for a movement in the collective consciousness.

Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao could not have done what they did in their nations had it not been because there was already a spiral in the collective consciousness of those nations. Vladimir Putin cannot do what he is doing today by his own power alone. He is also riding a spiral in the consciousness of the Russian people, not only in Russia but in other nations, especially right now in Ukraine.

The collective consciousness of Russia

My beloved, consider a mystery, or at least what seems like a mystery for the people from the West who do not understand the Russian mindset. You have people who have lived outside of Russia in other nations for generations. Many of them are born in those nations. Why then do they still identify themselves as Russians and not as Ukrainians or Poles or Lithuanians? This is a mystery to ponder, but the cause from a spiritual level is that these people have not freed themselves from the collective consciousness created in Russia.

This is because the collective spiral, the collective consciousness, created in Russia was spread beyond the borders of Russia during Soviet times. As we have said before, these spirals have not completely been arrested and consumed.

Those of you who are concerned about the situation in Russia, in Ukraine and potentially in other former Soviet nations, would do well to focus your decree efforts and your invocations on consuming these spirals. Especially those who are the spiritual people of a Russian descent might consider here that these spirals of identification as Russians are not the highest potential of the Russian people. They are an artificial construct, again created during Soviet times where the Russian people were used to put the whole world in an artificial conflict.

The Russian people – some among them – are so attached to being a powerful nation and having the respect of the world that they actually want these spirals to continue. They do, as Putin himself, to some degree does want to go back to the Soviet era where Russia was feared by other nations. They think fear leads to respect and that there is no way to get respect without being feared.

This, of course, is what people who have grown up in the West, in free democratic nations, cannot understand. You cannot understand why anyone would think that by making you fear them, they earn your respect. You know, of course, that that is the surest way to lose your respect. Certainly, other people can make you fear them but this will not lead to you respecting them, will it?

You need to make these calls also if you live in the West, if you are not of Russian descent, and you are concerned about the situation. Make the calls for the arresting of these collective spirals of the Russian people and their fear-based tendency to think that they can earn respect only through fear and power and the exercising of power.

The spirals of the Ukrainian people

My beloved, we are certainly desirous of seeing a resolution to the conflict in Ukraine, but I must also tell you that once again we look at free will. We see that the situation is not nearly as simple as it might seem for outsiders.

The Ukrainian people have their own collective spirals and one of them is that they do not truly want to take responsibility for themselves as a nation. That is why you see such high levels of corruption that it has made the majority of the population the virtual slaves of a small power elite of oligarchs and those in positions of power in the state apparatus.

This is not so different from what was there during Soviet times, only now those people at the top can freely accumulate greater amounts of wealth than they could during the so-called Communist era, which was not truly Communist at all. What needs to happen is that the people come to this awareness, and they demand what other people have demanded in other countries before: An end to this blatant corruption that brings any nation to its knees economically.

The problem with corruption

You can look to many other nations who have high levels of corruption. You might know that there are certain world-wide organizations who every year compile indexes of which countries have the highest level of corruption. You can go and look at these nations and you can see a clear connection between their level of abundance and the level of corruption. You can also see a connection between the level of corruption and a more dictatorial form of leadership.

What is corruption a sign of? It is a sign of the fact that people are not equal to the law. There are some people who belong to an elite who are above the law. They are misusing their power, the power that really is entrusted to them by the people or at least by the state and the governmental apparatus, which should be representing the people but is not.

The people have allowed this to happen, they have allowed this to go on. They all know someone who is benefiting from this corruption so it has become so ingrained in the population that they are not willing to take the conflict to demand an end to this.

That is, of course, why they have become susceptible to more dictatorial forms of government. They did not object to it, as the Russian people should ideally have objected many, many times as Putin tightened his grip on power. They should have protested when he stopped freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to assemble.

Of course, there is freedom for those whom he wants to assemble, as seen in this recent mock demonstration in Moscow against the so-called coup in Ukraine. How can it be a coup if you overthrow a government that was a strawman for a foreign power?

How much suffering do people need?

My beloved, without going too deeply into these topics, I wish to encourage you, for you have made a difference by invoking this light. We may not see an immediate result of this because of free will, which must be must be allowed to outplay itself, sometimes even into what seems like unnecessary extremes.

They are not unnecessary in the sense that sometimes people can be awakened only through extreme amounts of pain and anguish. This is clearly not what we of the ascended masters want to see. We would like to see people awaken through the least amount of pain possible. Unfortunately, people do awaken through the least amount of pain possible, but it is an enormous amount of pain that is needed before they awaken.

This, of course, is something that we of the ascended masters cannot stop, we cannot change. Neither can you change it. Neither, for that matter, should you try to change it with your calls and invocations, nor should you even desire to change it. Doing this will only make you frustrated and make you discouraged because you feel like your efforts are not having an effect. I tell you: They DO have an effect!

It is true that there are people who are in positions where they can hold back a change for some time, but they cannot hold it back forever, my beloved. As more and more people invoke more and more light, changes will happen, it is absolutely inevitable. It just may not happen quite as swiftly as you wish to see it happen.

Taking the long view

This is where you need to be a practical realist, as we of the ascended masters have learned over the sometimes very long time we have served this planet, or even other planets in a similar state as earth.

When you have been ascended for many centuries, like myself and other masters, you have long ago realized that you are working for the long-term perspective, you have long-term goals. You have long ago realized that the earth is indeed in an upward spiral, but that the upward spiral does not follow a straight, ascending line. It follows a curve with peaks and troughs, with ups and downs, not exactly like a sine wave because the ups and downs are not regular, they are very irregular. It still follows the curve that you might see as the result of some statistics, whether it be weather patterns or other dynamics.

We, of course, have learned to see that general upward movement and to work for that general upward movement, and not be overly concerned about the dips and not be overly enthusiastic about the peaks. We know that both are temporary and both will change, but it is the upward movement of the median that matters in the long run.

The situation in Africa

My beloved, I know that there are many people who over the years have asked: “Why have the ascended masters given so few dictations about Africa?” There are several reasons for this.

One is, of course, that you from a very early age have been taught to look at a world map and identify certain continents. When you learn that there is continent called Africa, you think that this huge area is one homogenous area. In your childlike mind, you think that the people in Africa must be as homogenous as the people in your own country, or in your own part of the world.

Africa, although it may be said to be one continent, really cannot be said to be a unit. This is in part due to the huge geographical differences. Consider the difference between the states North of the Sahara desert, those in the Sahara desert, those South of there, those around the Equator and those further South. The differences in geography are far greater than the geographical differences in for example Europe. They are even greater that the differences in the United States, even though the United States has quite dramatic geographical differences between the different regions.

It is virtually meaningless to make general statements about Africa. What we can do is make more specific statements about specific countries or specific regions. This, however, would require us to have a messenger who had a greater knowledge of these regions, especially first-hand knowledge from having grown up in one of the regions of Africa. This we do not currently have. Surely, this messenger could spend his time to learn more about the conditions found in Africa, but would this be the wisest use of his time, given who he is and the fact that he was deliberately born in another region than Africa? It would not, seen from the long-term perspective.

The need for many messengers

We, of course, hope that we will gradually have messengers from all areas of the world, from all walks of life, who can take valid messages. Until that manifests, it will be difficult for us to give messages, not only about Africa, but about many other regions around the world where we know there are ascended master students who would like to hear more specific messages for their own nations.

This is simply the nature of how it currently works on earth. Many of you who have studied the work of this messenger for years, or have studied the work of the ascended master organizations that come before this, have almost come to take this for granted. You sometimes think it is so easy for us to have a messenger in embodiment that you think it should be possible for us to find messengers who could talk about any topic, or that one messenger should easily be able to take a dictation about any topic whatsoever.

This is not quite as easy as you think! Having a sponsored messenger, who holds a complex mantle, is not something that we of the ascended masters can take for granted. It is not an easy task to be a messenger and to still maintain a physical life with all of the demands of having to make a living, having to get your economy to function, having to have a place to live, having relationships with other people and so on.

The demands on a sponsored messenger

This is not something that we take for granted because we know how complicated it is. It is not easy for us to train a messenger who can actually maintain a state of mind that allows that person to continue functioning for any length of time. It is not easy for a person to be a messenger and hold the many complicated balance points that you need to hold in order to have the mindset that allows you to even accept that you can be a messenger for the ascended masters, and that you can tune in to the masters and take a dictation.

This is not nearly as easy as some of you have come to think. We understand that it seems easy given the amount of ascended masters teachings that are out there, and that have been brought forth over the last century. You can see several messengers who were able to function over a long period of time and bring forth very large amounts of material. This, of course, makes it seem easy, but it is not easy.

There are only very few people who are able to hold that balance and that focus where you make this the highest priority of your life and everything else comes secondary, or tertiary or further down on your priority list. You do no allow anything to stand between you and your relationship to the ascended masters, no matter what kind of attacks or criticism that you are likely to be exposed to from the world.

There are many people who actually have a potential to take messages, but we cannot sponsor them as a messenger because we know that it would be too destructive for them psychologically. They would not be able to hold the balance, the very complex balance, that you need to hold in order to function as a messenger with any kind of mantle.

Some of you have come to think that once you have been given a mantle by the ascended masters, everything should be happily every after because now you are protected by that mantle. Certainly, there is some protection in the mantle. But you realize, do you not, that you have to continually earn that mantle. You have to live up to it, and there is a return demand on you that you have to be able to hold the balance that is required for you to carry the mantle.

You may look at the old kings who carried a big heavy metal crown on their heads, and it gave them a certain regal appearance. If they did not hold their balance, then the crown would fall off and roll on the floor, would it not? So it is, in a symbolic way, with a messenger who has received a mantle. If you do not hold the balance, it will come off and fall to the ground and then we must withdraw it.

Qualifying for your ascension

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to appreciate what you have while you have it. As Jesus said: “Work while ye have the light, for the night cometh when no man can work.” Everything has its time in the physical octave. We look forward to this messenger serving potentially for many years to come, but still appreciate what you have while you have it. Make the best use of it because I can assure you, my beloved, that those of you who are open to ascended master teachings have come into this embodiment, not to live the good life on earth, but to live a spiritual life that for many of you will qualify you for your ascensions.

When you are in your last embodiment, you cannot allow anything else to stand in the way of you qualifying for your ascension. It must be your first priority because the prince of this world is an expert in diverting your attention into all kinds of blind alleys that do not further your ascension or your service to the light.

How the golden age will be manifest

This in some way ties into the topic of why we have not said more about for example Africa or other regions. We must again look at the overall picture; we must look at where we have the greatest amount of ascended master students. Which nations have the potential to come closer to manifesting some of the complex matrices that Saint Germain holds for the golden age?

You may think that this will only make the inequality between certain nations greater, and this is true on a temporary basis. Some nations must be the first ones to begin manifesting the matrix for the golden age. As they do so, they will make progress far beyond those nations who are not yet ready. But you see, the golden age cannot be manifest all at once all over the world. It must be started somewhere where you break through the barrier, you break through the veil, and start bringing into the physical octave the matrices of Saint Germain.

When some nations have manifested this physically, then you have a physical proof that this is possible. Suddenly, there can be a shift in the collective consciousness where more and more people begin to accept that this is a possibility. You who are ascended master students may look at our teachings about the golden age and you take them for granted, you think it should be obvious to all people. But I tell you that there are many nations where the vast majority of the people simply do not have the awareness needed to accept our teachings.

Why Muslims reject progressive revelation

They would look at them as pure fantasy, or they would look at the fact they go beyond their religion and then they would reject them outright, as even being the works of the devil. Just look at how many nations are so trapped in the mindset that is dominating the Muslim religion right now that they would reject anything that contradicts the Koran or goes beyond the Koran. You may think this is ironic because, after all, these people believe that God, through the Archangel Gabriel, revealed the Koran to man.

Therefore, you might think that they should be open to the possibility that God, through Archangel Gabriel or other ascended masters, could give new revelation. But you see, the mindset created by the fallen angels is that there could never be new revelation because the previous revelation was perfect and adequate. If new revelation was forthcoming, it would prove that the previous was not complete as it is claimed to be. You see the catch-22 that these nations are in. Therefore, the vast majority of the people in such nations could not accept our teachings, even if they were explained to them.

This, of course, is also the case in many of the nations in Africa. I am not hereby saying that there are not people in all of these nations who are ready for our teachings. I am simply saying that there are so few that it would not be realistic to expect that there would be a widespread acceptance of some of our ideas.

I am not here even talking about a widespread acceptance of our outer teachings or our existence. I am talking about an acceptance of more subtle ideas by the people. We do not only spread new ideas through sponsored messengers and organizations. We spread them in many different ways, but again we must work primarily in the nations where at least the biggest possible number of people are open to these new ideas because there minds are not so imprisoned by the old concepts and ideas.

The way to bring change in Africa

What I will say, as a general statement about Africa, is that it presents a very difficult challenge to the world. This challenge has unfortunately been created by the fallen beings by taking what happened in colonial times and the entire issue of slavery in the United States, and distorting the relationship between different peoples of different races and skin color to such a point where it is almost impossible to bring forth golden age ideas about Africa.

Many of the wealthy developed nations in the world still suffer from what we might call a “guilt complex” about colonial times. They barely dare to debate freely what potentially could happen in Africa. They are not even open to some of the radical new thinking that is necessary if Africa is to be brought out of its current stalemate, or even the downward spiral that you see in many nations.

Neither are there very many people in Africa itself who are open to such ideas. The entire international community, such as the United Nations, is not open to these ideas. Therefore, there is not much point in us bringing out these ideas as the collective consciousness is right now. But I will give you a hint.

If there was to be a positive development in Africa, there would have to be created an international organization. This organization would have to go far beyond what has been envisioned for the United Nations. It could not be created from or within the United Nations because that organization is simply too stuck in its self-created matrices.

There would have to be a new organization created. It would have to be an organization that could make an overall assessment based on many, many different considerations. It would have to be an organization that would have to look at certain regions of Africa and say: “What is a viable way to turn the current situation into an upward spiral that will benefit most of the people who live in that area?”

You would have to think in radical new ways. You would have to acknowledge one very simple fact, and that is that most of the nations you currently see in Africa are simply not viable nations from a variety of perspectives. Many of these nations, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, have been created in highly artificial ways, going all the way back to Colonial times, but also based on very complex patterns of racial and especially tribal conflicts.

If you were to really turn things around in Africa, you would have to identify certain regions from an overall perspective and say: “How can we create an economically viable region that can move towards giving prosperity to all of the people living there?” This would in the beginning require an international force that could come in and suppress the tribal warlords and the warfare you see going on right now. It would require a radical new thinking on how to use the natural resources available without allowing single people or multinational corporations to exploit all of the profit without giving it to the benefit of the people.

Can you see that in order to avoid or transcend the exploitation by multinational corporations, you would have to create a multinational “corporation” that could function in a way that is not driven by profit or political interests? This is the only practical way to bring true change to Africa.

Unfortunately, it is not currently practical to create such an organization. Not even the most developed nations in the world are ready to seriously consider creating such an organization. There are so many concerns, so much baggage from colonial times – from two world wars, from the struggle between capitalism and communism, from the whole issue of multinational corporations – that no nation is ready to seriously consider this.

Yet unless such an organization is created, there is very little hope that the current struggle in Africa will be transcended any time soon. We of the ascended masters are greatly concerned that the warfare and the struggle you have seen on other continents must be repeated in Africa before a majority of the African people have had so much pain that they are ready to look for an alternative.

We have not given much teaching about Africa for there are very few people who are willing to listen to the radical, or so they would see them, ideas about what needs to happen on the African continent. You know very well the law: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Certainly, we have the ideas that would transform Africa into a number of regions that would be in an upward spiral. Certainly, Saint Germain has a golden age matrix for the area you now call Africa. But until enough students are ready to even consider these ideas, what would be the point in releasing them?

Who would be willing to listen? And if no-one is willing to listen, why then would we spend the time and the energy of our messenger to bring them forth? Why would we not concentrate our efforts on where there is a greater potential to bring certain nations or regions closer to the golden age.

When the student is ready

You see, we of the ascended masters do not have what you so often see among human beings: personal preferences, likes and dislikes. We do not have the emotional attachments, the evaluations, that you have. We look at the earth neutrally. We love all people everywhere, but we also look realistically at where people are at in consciousness. We look at the fact that we have limited resources available for speaking directly to people.

Therefore, we must use our resources in the way that has the greatest chance of having a positive impact. This I trust that many of you will be able to understand. It is clear that we hope the situation will change, we have plans for bringing about this change. As soon as things do change, then of course we will begin bringing forth more teaching. This is not only true about Africa, but about many other regions of the world.

You see, my beloved, there are complex equations here. Why has this Messenger not been in South America for years? Because there has not been a student body who was willing to, not only invite him but to hold the balance for a sponsored messenger visiting the area.

Conferences for 2015

This brings me to the final topic I wanted to discourse on. We now have two conferences planned for this summer. I am personally looking forward to these conferences. I know that there is a potential that they can bring much needed light to the area of Europe and the United States.

This messenger has not had a conference in the United States for some time. We have much light we want to bring there; we have much light we want to bring to Europe. I strongly hope that all of you consider yourself ascended master students will make an effort to attend or in other ways support these conferences.

There is great value in our students coming together physically, for much more light can be released, not only through the messenger but through all of those who participate with sincerity and purity of motive and intention. There are always some who come without having clarified their motives for coming, and sometimes they have selfish motives. Those who do have a certain purity of motive become conduits for the light, and the more people come together and the greater the harmony and unity in the group, the more light we can release.

We hope, therefore, that you will consider supporting this effort. I very much hope that you will also help spread the word about my vigil so that we can get more and more people and create more of a momentum.

Planetary initiations for 2015

My beloved, it is an important step for the planet that we have started releasing these books in the series called: “The Path to Self Mastery.” These next years, the total of seven years where the planet is being initiated by one of the seven rays per year, are very important. This year, as you know, the planetary initiation is on the Third Ray of Love and the book The Mystical Initiations of Love is extremely important for setting the foundation.

You can do yourself a great favor by studying this book throughout the year and by giving at least one invocation a day throughout the year. This takes only twenty minutes of your time. The reward I assure you will be worth it. But you can also do the planet an immense favor by using this book and the invocations, because you help create a trail in the collective consciousness.

You can see for yourself that relationships is one of the most complex aspects of your lives. But then look at the more developed nations and look at the divorce rate, and look at the problems that people are having with relationships. Then consider the service you can give by giving these invocations and by sending out these ideas and the light into the collective consciousness.

There is a great need for a breakthrough in the relationship between all people but especially between men and women. As the book makes it clear, we have entered a new phase where there is a need for an entirely new relationship between men and women. Who will bring it forth, my beloved, unless those who are open to ascended master teachings become the forerunners. Therefore, we look to you to make use of these teachings.

Book about changing the world

I am also excited about the new book, that has not yet been announced, about how you can help change the world. This will become the first book in a series of books that are specifically designed on the matrix where we give dictations and these dictations are turned into invocations.

This matrix is extremely powerful, as those of you will know who have made use of some of the books, such as the book about Clearing the Chakras. There is currently no more powerful way to clear your chakras than that book, and I can assure you that as we bring forth these books in the series of how to spiritualize the world there will be no more powerful tools available in the physical octave than these books.

The matrix of studying a dictation and giving an invocation is extremely powerful. It serves both the Alpha and Omega of raising awareness and transforming energy, and this is how you transform a world. This is how a relatively small number of people can have a decisive impact on transforming a world.

I know well that I do not have millions of people are who are willing to listen to or read this dictation. Therefore, we must bring forth tools that can work, that can have the greatest possible impact with the number of people we do have.

As I said: “Appreciate what you have.” Make the best possible use of it. Catch some of my enthusiasm, my beloved. Catch my Joy. Catch my gratitude, and allow yourselves to rise above these spirals of pessimism and discouragement that are so common in the world.

There are all kinds of doomsayers in the world, my beloved. They will tell you that this world is going to hell in a hand basket in five minutes. But my beloved, I have been an ascended master for two thousand years. You can go back to any year during those two thousand years and there have also been naysayers who would tell you that the world was going to end in the near future. This is a phenomenon created by the fallen beings.

Do not fall prey to this trick. It has worked on you enough times in past lives. Do not fall for it this time. Accept that with God all things are possible. When you make use of our teachings and our tools in the form of invocations and decrees, you are with God.

My beloved, what more can I say? If what I say has not been sufficient, what more can I say? Thus, I will bid you a fond “adieu” and thank you for your attention and your efforts in these vigils.


Copyright © 2015 Kim Michaels

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Ascended Master Mother Mary – Channeler Kim Michaels – Freeing Yourself and Democratic Nations from Opposing Spirits – 9-4-14


TOPICS: A prophecy about the Middle East – Why man-made problems have no solutions – How the West furthers the conflict in the Middle East – Why people are willing to kill each other – You are not responsible for how people outplay their minds – You cannot be indiscriminately compassionate – What you must do in order to ascend – Internal spirits are formed and react in pairs – People are trapped between two spirits – A pattern that you can apply to yourself – One spirit can see the faults of its opposite – Don’t be attached to a certain outer result – Transcending the reactionary pattern of internal spirits – Use the tools to free yourself and the world – Logical questions about the situation in Ukraine – The downing of Flight MH-17 over Ukraine – Be free from the illusory world of opposing spirits.



Ascended Master Mother Mary, August 19, 2014 through Kim Michaels



My beloved hearts, I am Mother Mary, the ascended

master who holds the office of the Divine Mother for earth. It is possible for me to attune my consciousness to the pain and suffering that is happening all over the earth. This is not something I do often. It is not something I encourage you to do, for you might easily be overwhelmed by the cries of pain that are rising from human beings in embodiment, from elemental life, and even from the body of the earth Mother.

Yet, it is necessary, once in a while, to take a look at the world and see where there are situations that cause more pain than normal. It is necessary, once in a while, to allow your attention to focus on the issues that need your calls, your invocations, your decrees, your visualization of a divine solution to a man-made problem that has no man-made solution.

A prophecy about the Middle East

Thus, I will begin this discourse by focusing on the situation in the Middle East, where you have seen the civil war in Syria going on for years, and now you see something that is beginning to approach a civil war in Iraq. My beloved, I would draw your attention to a prophecy I made on the first of January 2008, and therefore, I ask the messenger to read from that dictation:

“Unless the moderate people in Islam finally rise up and take a stand against extremism, well then, it will be impossible to stop an escalating conflict that will literally tear the Islamic world apart. And you might think that this will lead to a war against the West, but I tell you, it will not be a war against the West. For once the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, there will be so much infighting amongst the Islamic nations that they will have very little energy, weapons, and attention left over for fighting against the West, being so concerned about first killing their own brothers. I can assure you that there will be a great fracturing of the Islamic world where entire nations could potentially disappear and dissolve into smaller areas, each ruled by their certain chieftain or warlord who is against all others. Such an upheaval is the potential in the Islamic world that it will literally be like the scorched earth, where entire cities can be destroyed; entire cultures can be almost wiped away.”

My beloved, what you are seeing right now is the beginning of this prophecy unfolding. Entire cities have been wiped away; entire cultures have been forced to flee out of where people have lived for centuries. There is no joy in a prophecy being fulfilled, but there is a certain sense of realism that needs to dawn upon the nations of the world.

I have said it before that it is impossible to impose a Western-style democracy on the Middle East. But what needs to dawn on the Western nations, and which has not dawned until this moment, is the realization that you cannot treat people in the Middle East the same way you treat each other in the Western world or in the modern, developed world. The entire ideal that you can solve conflict through peaceful negotiations is simply not applicable to the people in the Middle East. What, then, should the Western nations do? What, indeed?

Why man-made problems have no solutions

This is a man-made problem. It is not a problem made in modern times. It is not a problem made by the Western nations, even though there are people in the Islamic nations who are always pointing the finger at the West. The Western nations somehow feel responsible for this situation, but this is a false sense of responsibility.

I am not in any way denying that the Western nations have always, at least in the recent century, attempted to influence events in the Middle East. I am not denying that there are huge, international, world corporations that have attempted to influence nations. I am not denying that Western nations want to maintain a steady supply of oil from the Middle East. What I am saying is that the Western, democratic nations need to stop feeling responsible for stopping a conflict that they have not created, regardless of the rhetoric coming out of certain Islamist extremists. The Western nations are not responsible for the current misery in the Middle East.

As I have talked about before, no people on the face of this earth are more divided amongst themselves than the Arab people and the people in the Middle East in general. This is the problem that Islam was meant to address: to stop the fighting amongst the Arab people. But this has not happened. As you can clearly see, Islam has been used to divide Sunni and Shi’a but also other factions. How many other factions are there, my beloved? I can of course count this, but there are so many that, for most human beings in embodiment, it is impossible to even keep track of them, for they morph all the time and change their names and do this and do that.

This division is the problem, this division where you are willing to kill your brothers and sisters indiscriminately in order to further what you see as a desirable end. You may say that it is God’s Will to establish an Islamic state based on Sharia law. You may say that because this end is so important, any means that you deem necessary to accomplish that end are automatically justifiable. You may believe that they are justifiable in the eyes of God and that he will reward you for doing his work on earth, but you are mistaken. And because you are completely mistaken, you become a tool for the forces who oppose God. There is no other way to state this from a sense of realism.

How the West furthers the conflict in the Middle East

What I said in 2008 was that the moderate people in Arab nations needed to awaken and make their voices heard. Have they done so? They have attempted to do so, but have they yet done so to the point where it has had a major impact on the region? No, they have not, my beloved. What needs to be questioned is the entire mentality that the ends can justify the means. Then it needs to be seen honestly that Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and other religions and political philosophies have been used to define an end that justifies the means of killing your own brothers and sisters.

This is the very consciousness that needs to be acknowledged and addressed. My beloved, it is the overcoming of this very consciousness that is the foundation for Western-style democracies. This consciousness has been overcome to a critical degree, or democracies could not have been established and have survived for as long as they have. What the Western world will not recognize is that the progress made in their part of the world has not been made in Islamic nations in the Middle East, and that is why there can be no negotiation on equal terms with such people. What, then, can the West do? Clearly, we are not encouraging a military intervention like the invasion of Iraq, but what they can do is stop supplying the arms and the credit that enables this fighting to start and to go on, and to go on, and to go on.

My beloved, how is it possible that a small group of people in a nation like Syria and Iraq suddenly have such an abundant supply of weapons that they can wage a war against an established and well-equipped government with a trained and fairly large army? How is this possible unless they received those weapons from some source outside their own country? This, my beloved, is something that the Western world has not been willing to address openly and honestly.

It is partly because the Western world itself is engaged in supplying arms to various groups around the world because they still have remnants of the consciousness that there are certain ends which justify killing and justifies the supply of weapons to those who are willing to kill. This must end, and I look to you who are the spiritual people to make the calls and hold the vision that there will be a major exposure of arms dealing around the world, how it is tied to governments even in the West.

Have you not seen in the last few years how even the American nation has been embarrassed by the leak of information? Do you think, my beloved, that there is no more information that could be leaked? I tell you, there are mountains of information that could be leaked, and that potentially need to be leaked. The governments themselves are not willing to do the necessary house cleaning and recognize that you cannot, on the one hand, claim to have a free nation with a democratic form of government and at the same time, under the table, be supplying arms to various groups who are not loyal to democratic ideals, but are simply seeking a temporary advantage, and are willing to kill in order to accomplish it.

What has happened time and time again is that democratic nations have made severe karma – and, quite frankly, none have made more severe karma in the democratic world than the United States – by supplying weapons to various groups that have no reverence for life. How long can a democratic government, a democratic form of government, survive if it loses reverence for life, if it sets aside reverence for life in order to achieve some temporary goal?

Why people are willing to kill each other

What is this willingness to kill in order to further some kind of end? It is, my beloved, a perversion of both the Divine Mother and the Divine Father. What you see is, of course, that the Mother is the physical realm. This is where things manifest as physical events. So what human beings do is that they look at the situation, as it is right now in the physical octave. Based on what they are experiencing right now, they define a goal. In many cases, there are unpleasant circumstances that cause them pain or other inconveniences, and they want to get away from the pain. Therefore, they formulate a goal based on the temporary circumstances they see right now. This is a perversion of the Mother because the Mother should be in complete alignment with the long-term, timeless goals of the Father. What is the long-term goal of the Father? It is that all human beings on earth are raised in consciousness.

It is not the long-term goal of the Father to establish an Islamic state that covers the entire world, nor is it the long-term goal of God to establish a Christian state that takes over the world. It is the long-term goal of the Father that any circumstance on earth serves the purpose that is the only purpose on earth, namely the raising of consciousness. This is the goal.

God does not have a specific physical outcome that is his supreme will. Throughout history, both religions and political philosophies have been used to come up with a definition that says: “This is the overall, supreme, absolute goal for what should or should not happen on earth.” This is the perversion of the Father where you take this idea of an absolute goal and you say: “The establishment of an Islamic State, of a Communist world, of a Christian nation, or even of democratic and free nations around the world is so important that it sets aside the reverence for life.” The Father’s overall, absolute goal for planet earth is that people are allowed to exercise their free will until they have had enough of a certain experience and say: “We want more.”

It is now possible to say, as many people have said over the centuries: “Well then, should we not allow people to do whatever they want without interfering?” This, my beloved, is exactly what you should do; you should not interfere with the internal affairs of a country or a group of people. Of course, in the present situation on earth, it is necessary for you to defend yourself against those other people interfering with you and your nation. Therefore, it is, unfortunately, necessary to have a certain form of defense. I am not saying that this is ultimately justified. I am saying it is necessary in order to prevent a greater calamity, but this is a double-edged sword. It is a very delicate balance, and that is exactly what I am seeking to point out.

You are not responsible for how people outplay their minds

It is not that we are sitting here as the ascended masters having a black-and-white judgment of the nations of the earth. There is, again, a long-standing tendency of wanting to have this black-and-white view where you can look at any situation and say: “This is right. This is wrong. Those people are wrong, and we are right. Because we are right, it is justified that we do what is needed to stop those who are wrong.”

My beloved, it is God’s will that free will on earth is allowed to outplay itself. There are certain times where you must stand by and watch while there is such fighting in a nation that it literally tears that nation apart. I know that you can come up with humanitarian concerns and say: “When does it become the international community’s responsibility to go in and stop, for example, the massacres and the torture you have seen in Syria and Iraq?” But you see, again, there are times when the international community must allow these events to outplay themselves, but they should do everything possible to stop the flow of arms into these nations.

This, of course, is not a simple issue. I am, again, not saying there is an easy solution. What I am saying is that there needs to be a raising of awareness where you recognize that the ends cannot justify the means. This means that, for a modern, democratic nation, it is necessary to recognize that when you have dedicated your nation to a peaceful resolution of conflict, you cannot go in and use force and violence in a nation or an area that has not reached your level of consciousness.

You must stop feeling responsible for those people who are still living in a medieval state of mind and have not yet outplayed it to the point where they have had enough of it and want more. This is the test that the modern nations are facing right now and will be facing potentially for one to two decades. Hopefully, they will rise above this test before it, but if they do not, you will see more and more of these man-made conflicts, problems, and atrocities that will seemingly defy any solution.

You see, my beloved, a perversion of the Mother is to be willing to kill in the name of some superior goal. This is one perversion of the Mother, but the other perversion of the Mother is where you take sympathy so far that you try to prevent any kind of suffering. Both of these perversions of the Mother spring from a failure to understand the absolute nature of the Law of Free Will. You do not, according to the Law of Free Will, have the right to forcefully stop other people from exercising their free will. The Omega aspect is that you are not responsible for mitigating or alleviating the suffering caused by people exercising their free will. This is a very difficult test that all of us who have ascended have had to face.

You cannot be indiscriminately compassionate

Jesus himself faced it because he did come to a state of consciousness, a level of Christ attainment, where he had the ability to heal the physical ailments of any person he encountered. There was not a single person among the tens of thousands of people that Jesus met during his three-year mission that he could not have healed. Jesus was many times moved by compassion of seeing the suffering of other people, wanting to alleviate that suffering by healing the person.

In the beginning of his mission, he did, in several instances, heal people out of pure compassion. It was only later – and again, I had some role in helping him see this – that he came to the realization that there were people who, regardless of how much they were suffering, needed to not be healed. Because only by experiencing the suffering, would they eventually come to the point where they had had enough of experiencing life through this filter of being a victim that is constantly suffering. Only then would they be willing to start taking responsibility for themselves, look at themselves and say: “What is it that I can change in myself?”

So many people who are suffering are constantly looking outside themselves for solutions or alleviation from their suffering. In a universe where free will reigns supreme, your suffering is never caused exclusively by other people. Now, be careful to use discernment here.

In a universe where free will reigns supreme, there are many times where you are not in control of the actions of other people, where they come in and use force against you. Nevertheless, what you need to ask yourself is: “What is it in my consciousness that caused me to be magnetized to this situation? There are people in the world who are not being forced by others. So why have I magnetized myself to a situation where I am being forced? What is it I need to learn from this situation? What is it I need to see in myself that is keeping me trapped in these reactionary patterns of reacting against others who are using force against me? What is it in me that is preventing me from being free to live without this oppression?”

What you must do in order to ascend

My beloved, how do you ascend? You ascend by realizing that the prince of this world cannot force you to stay in this world. The prince of this world cannot keep you out of the kingdom of the ascended state. How do you come to the point where the prince of this world has nothing in you? Only by being willing to look at yourself and ask yourself: “What is it that the prince in this world has in me that gives him an inroad into my consciousness, that makes me think there is something I cannot let go off? And precisely because I cannot let go of this, I am not free to ascend.”

You see, my beloved, those of you who have the potential to ascend after this lifetime need to look at the life of Jesus and his words. You need to look beyond what I have talked about earlier this year of feel-good spirituality and realize that Jesus’ form of spirituality was not radical, not extremist; it was simply realistic. Jesus was realistic in realizing that when it is your last embodiment and you are seeking to qualify for your ascension, you have to take some steps that will seem extremist to ordinary people in the feel-good consciousness. That is why he told you to forgive seventy times seven, to be willing to lose your life for the sake of following Christ, in other words, to be willing to give up any attachment to anything in this world in order to follow Christ. This is the only way that you can personally qualify for your ascension.

It is also the only way that the nations of the world, who are the more developed nations, can move out of the quagmire of seeking to solve man-made problems with man-made means. Do you not see that if the more developed democratic nations are to get out of this pattern of feeling that they have to react to everything that is going on in the Middle East and elsewhere, they have to ascend in consciousness? They have to ascend to a higher level where they are not pulled into any of these conflicts that are going on around the world. Otherwise, you will bind yourself to doing what the United States did with the invasion in Iraq, which I think has been generally recognized was a mistake. You cannot continue to do this because there are too many nations that are so far back that there is no way the democratic world has the means or the money to fight all of these battles.

What can you do? You can raise yourself, regardless of what others do. This is the step you can take when you personally are ready to go beyond what I have called feel-good spirituality where you think: “It’s all good.” What you do is that you look at the situation in the world, and then you look at your reaction to it, and then you make a very critical assessment.

As I said in the beginning, it is necessary for you to see what is going on in the world so that you know where to make your calls. This may also apply to your personal situation concerning the people you meet. You see that there are certain people that are trapped in a certain pattern. You make the calls for them to be cut free or be healed. You may take action in the form of talking to them about this but always by respecting their free will and not seeking to force their choices. If you find yourself being attached to producing a certain result in terms of changing other people, then you know here is the hook that the prince of this world is using to tie you to this world.

Internal spirits are formed and react in pairs

My beloved, let me give you a deeper teaching on how this works and why this is so critical. We have talked about many things over the years that can help you understand the patterns in yourself that keep you trapped, imprisoned in this world. We have talked about the ego. We have, in the last few years, talked about the creation of internal spirits. In previous dispensations, we talked about something called the dweller on the threshold, which can be seen as an internal spirit that is waiting on the threshold where you rise to a new level of awareness.

Before you can rise, you must deal with that dweller, with that spirit that seeks to keep you at the existing level. Until you see that dweller and resolve the belief that gives it a hook in your consciousness, you cannot rise. This is just another word for the internal spirits. What I would like to draw your attention to is that we have actually now given a higher teaching than the teaching on the dweller because the dweller was presented as if it was one being, one entity, one spirit. What we have said with the creation of internal spirits is that they are always created in pairs. This is an essential teaching to contemplate, and here is why.

Let us say that you observe your own reactions to certain other people or to what is going on in the world. Let us say, for example, to keep this impersonal, that you look at the Islamic extremists who are massacring people deliberately to instil terror. Let us say that you become very upset over this and you say: “This is absolutely wrong! Our government should send in troops or planes to stop this. These people should be killed because they obviously will not stop killing other people.” I am here deliberately not talking about the outer situation. I am only talking about your reaction. What I want you to see here is how this relates to the creation of spirits in pairs.

People are trapped between two spirits

There is a worldwide spirit that causes people to believe the ends can justify the means, and therefore it is justifiable that they use force in order to achieve an end. This is what you see with the people in Iraq. They have completely surrendered their free will to this worldwide spirit. They are feeding their energy into the spirit, and the energy released when they massacre and torture other people is also fed into the spirit. They feel a temporary sense of empowerment by doing what they are doing, but in the end, it depletes them of energy, and they end up feeling lower and lower.

Nevertheless, my point here is this: This is one spirit. It does not exist in isolation. It was created along with another spirit. The one spirit says it is okay to use force and to kill other people to achieve a goal. What does the opposite spirit say, my beloved? It says that the first spirit is wrong. The opposite spirit says that the people who are embodying the first spirit must be stopped even with force, if necessary.

Can you not see, or at least begin to see, how human beings on the individual level and even on the national level, even on the worldly level, have been trapped in the interplay between those two spirits? Some people have become completely blinded and overtaken by the first spirit, and then others have seen the atrocities committed by those people. They have felt the compassion of how wrong this is. I am not saying it is not wrong. But these people have then reacted by saying: “It is justifiable for us to kill those people who are doing what is wrong.” Can you not see that by doing this, by reacting this way, they simply opened themselves up so they are taken over by the opposite spirit of the first spirit? Now both sides in this conflict are feeding their energies into these spirits.

A pattern that you can apply to yourself

Now let me take this to a personal level, and let me make it personal to this messenger, who since 2009 has been exposed to a very direct attack on his person and character by certain people. In the beginning, he reacted exactly as most people do. He realized it was wrong what they were doing. He felt it was wrong, and he wanted it to stop. What he did not do was take action, forceful action, to stop it. He could have engaged in a fight against these people, trying to prove them wrong, but he was able to stop himself from doing this. But he was not able to stop himself from reacting to it, and this is the point that I want to bring out. What was it that caused his reaction? It was the opposite spirit of the spirit that was causing the other people to attack him.

My beloved, this is a pattern you can apply to yourself. Remember, your goal is: “I want to qualify for my ascension. In order to qualify for my ascension, I have to overcome all internal spirits in my being. In order to overcome an internal spirit, I have to see it. What is the most effective way to see my internal spirits? It is to see how I react to other people. If I am disturbed by other people doing something, if I am attached, if I go over this again and again, feeling these people should be stopped, these people should change, they should be made to see what they are doing, and I need to try to make them see this.” My beloved, whenever you see this reaction, this is your internal spirit that is reacting against the spirit you see in the other people.

One spirit can see the faults of its opposite

It has been said that it is so easy to see the faults of others. Jesus talked about seeing the splinter in the eyes of your brother but not seeing the beam in your own eye. Well, what you could actually say is that you are seeing the spirit in the eye of your brother, but you are not seeing the spirit in yourself. Why not?

The reason you see the spirit in your brother is that you are seeing through the perception filter of the spirit in yourself. Because you are seeing through the filter, you cannot see that it is a filter. Therefore, you cannot see the spirit, which can hide behind the filter. Do you not see, my beloved, how this works? Be willing to look at yourself. How many times have you been so good at seeing what other people are doing wrong? How many times have you found yourself come up with arguments: “They are doing this wrong. They shouldn’t be doing this. They should be made to see this, and they should be made to change.”

My beloved, when you approach other people from this state of mind that they should be made to see what they are doing, how many times have you been successful in changing them? Here is the reason why, as we have already given some teachings about, but I want to bring it up again. Why is it you cannot convince them that you are right?

It is because they are looking at the situation and their own behavior through the perception filter of their internal spirit. You are thinking that you are looking at it neutrally, that you have the right vision, that you are seeing reality, but you are not. You are looking at the situation through the perception filter of your spirit. Your spirit is not better than the other spirit. They were both created at the same time because they were created as a pair. The reason you can see the faults in the other people is precisely that there is no one who is better at seeing the fault in the opposite spirit than the spirit that you have.

When you have two spirits that were created as a pair, is it not logical that the one spirit can see all the faults in the other spirit and vice versa? You are looking at the situation through the perception filter of one spirit that sees all the faults in the spirit that the other person has. Of course, the other person is looking at the situation through the perception filter of that spirit and that spirit can see all the faults in your spirit and the arguments raised by your spirit. Will there ever be a meeting of the minds, my beloved?

No, because two opposing spirits can never meet. You never have, in the entire history of the universe, seen two opposing spirits who got together and said: “You know what? I think we got this all wrong. Let’s just sit down and agree.” This, my beloved, never happens. But two human beings can do this if each of them – each of them – is willing to transcend their internal spirit. If both transcend their spirit, then there can be a meeting of the minds of the people. Spirits will never meet, but people can because people are more than the spirits. This, my beloved, I trust you can see.

Don’t be attached to a certain outer result

What is it that you need to do? You need to look at your reaction and say: “What is my spirit?” And then you need to make the calls to me, to any ascended master who is close to your heart, to your Christ self, to your I AM Presence: “Show me the spirit!” Then, you need to decide honestly: “I want to see the spirit! Even if it causes me some temporary pain and embarrassment, I want to see the spirit because I want to move on.” Why do you want to move on? Because you are dedicated to life.

Do you remember Jesus said: “Let the dead bury their dead,” “Unless you partake of the body and blood of Christ, you have no life in you,” and “I am come that all might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.” What is life? Life is a process, my beloved.

Life is an ongoing process of the transcendence of consciousness. This is the Father’s supreme will—ongoing transcendence of consciousness through free will. That is why I said: “It is not God’s will that a specific physical result be achieved on earth.” Do you see that, in the process of life, there can be no absolute or final outcome? Any outcome is just a step in the ongoing process of self-transcendence. Therefore, life never stops. It is only the ego and the spirits who want to stop life. It is only they who want to focus on a result.

Do you not see that one spirit is created to achieve a specific result on earth, and the opposing spirit is created to prevent the manifestation of that choice? Therefore, they will never agree, and the people who are trapped by them will never make peace. You may have people who are attacking you. They may never change. They may stay trapped in that attacking spirit for the rest of this embodiment. But that is not your concern because the Law of Free Will is set up to make sure that they will receive what they are sending out. That same law will also make sure that you are receiving what you are sending out. If you are sending out something through a spirit that opposes the spirits of other people, then you are producing a force-based impulse and this will come back to you.

Transcending the reactionary pattern of internal spirits

What you need to do – if you want to ascend – is to stop sending out any force-based impulses. You need to stop sending out anything through the filter of these spirits, and therefore, you need to stop opposing anything. You are not here, my beloved, to oppose anyone or anything through force. You are not here to produce a specific physical result.

My beloved, this messenger recently had a discussion with a person who advocated the idea that you can instantly change your consciousness and then your problems will go away. This is part of what I call “feel-good spirituality.” Now, it is perfectly valid that you do need to change your consciousness. You do need to become more heart-centered. There is no question about it. But what I want to point out is that discouragement is the sharpest tool in the devil’s toolkit.

There are many, many people on earth who cannot instantly change their consciousness because, as this messenger pointed out, they have so much misqualified energy in their energy fields that it keeps pulling them into the old patterns. Unless they do the work to transmute that energy, they will not be free. Unless they do the work to look for the spirits that cause them to maintain self-destructive beliefs, they will not be free.

What happens is that when you come and say: “Oh, just change your consciousness. Be positive. Be heart-centered.” And then, people cannot do this, they feel: “Well, if other people can do it, and if these people are right, and this is all I need to do, there must be something wrong with me.” Then, they become discouraged, and they might give up on the Path, or they might simply continue, but still they feel inside that they are deficient.

This, my beloved, is another spirit. There is a spirit that says: “Oh you should be able to just walk away from everything and pretend like you never did anything wrong. You never misqualified any energy, and you don’t need to transmute it.” Then there is an opposite spirit that says: “If you can’t do this, there is something wrong with you, or there is something wrong with the path, or there is something wrong with this guru or that guru.”

You see, again, how these spirits are created deliberately to oppose each other so that if you are not trapped in the one spirit, you will be trapped in the other, and you will be damned if you do or damned if you don’t. My beloved, it is time to rise above this reactionary pattern, to look at these spirits and say: “Get thee behind me, Satan. I will have none of you in my being, neither this one or the opposing one or the third one and its opposing spirit and so on.”

Use the tools to free yourself and the world

It is time, and we have prepared you by giving you all the teachings and the tools we have given you, that you can make that step if you are willing. My beloved, we have, since 2002, released sufficient teachings and sufficient tools through this messenger that anyone who applies them with a willingness to change will experience lasting results.

I cannot guarantee you that, if you follow the outer teachings and use the tools, you will automatically make a shift in consciousness. What I can guarantee you is that if you apply the teachings and the tools, you will come to the point where there will be absolute minimum resistance to you making the necessary choice, the necessary shift in consciousness. You can suddenly see this menagerie of spirits and start saying: “Oh, I don’t want you anymore. And I don’t want the opposite one either. You are both gone from my being.” This, my beloved, is your personal potential to be free. It is also the best way you can help the overall situation on earth and help the more evolved nations transcend this same pattern of reacting against something else. Can you not see this happening again and again?

Logical questions about the situation in Ukraine

Look at the situation in Ukraine. The Russian-speaking people and the people in Russia have surrendered and are blinded by one spirit, but most people in Ukraine are blinded by another. They are opposing each other, instead of being able to find a different solution that transcends the old patterns. My beloved, as much as we do not encourage, in any way, that Russia interferes in Ukraine, it must also be stated why Ukraine has attracted this situation. It is, again, because there is not enough of a willingness to transcend the old.

It simply, my beloved, cannot be logical that a nation as large as Ukraine – with the potential it has, given its natural resources – cannot have a sustainable economy. This is not logical. It can only be because there is an elitist tendency where certain people are seeking to exploit the population. The population has been allowing this because they are not willing to take responsibility for themselves and for their nation. They are not willing to transcend, as I have talked about before and as we have talked about several times, the consciousness of the Soviet era, the consciousness of being oppressed by an outside force.

The downing of Flight MH-17 over Ukraine

My beloved, let me briefly comment on the event of the downing of the airliner in Ukraine. This should be an event that would shock everybody to realize that this entire situation needs to be reassessed and approached from a higher perspective.

How can it be that there is the availability of a weapon that can shoot down a plane flying so high in the sky that it could not – in any way, shape, or form – be a threat to the two factions in Ukraine? There is no way you can construe that this plane was seen as a military threat to someone on the ground and, as a defensive measure, they shot down this airplane flying at thirtythousand feet.

Therefore, you can only reason that someone deliberately shot down that plane, knowing what they were doing, that this was not a military aircraft, and therefore, it had to be a civilian aircraft. Now then, it needs to be asked why someone would do this? What is the state of mind of the people who did this, the people who supplied the weapons, and the people who supplied the experts and the training that allowed them to operate this fairly complex weapons system?

It also needs to be asked why certain forces in Ukraine would not allow the international community to come in and investigate the crash site and recover the bodies of the civilians who had been brutally and unnecessarily murdered. If you claim that it was the others who did this, why are you then resisting an international investigation to establish the cause? If you know you are not the cause, why would you resist the investigation? Why indeed, my beloved?

Be free from the illusory world of opposing spirits

I have given you more than enough in one installment, and I shall return at some future time to give you, perhaps, a more uplifting message. But then again, if you do not see this message as uplifting, I would submit to you that it is because you are experiencing this message through a particular spirit.

Truly, anything that comes from the ascended masters is an expression of realism, and realism is always uplifting. Reality sets you free from the illusory world of opposing spirits.

I am a Spirit, a free, ascended Spirit. There is no opposing spirit, for we of the ascended masters have no opposition, regardless of what certain spirits in the lower realms might claim. We are God-free Beings, and we have become God-free by transcending all opposing spirits.

This is the vision I hold for you, and I am willing to help you hold it for yourself. You only need ask. Mother Mary, I AM.

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Channeler Kim Michaels – Ascended Master Gautama Buddha – Overcoming your Dramas by Going from Reacting to Acting – 9-4-14

Message from Ascended Master Gautama BuddhaSource:… 

The Buddha I AM. Gautama I AM, and I AM awake.

I come to tell you, that you too, had better be awake, if you are to pass the initiations of this year of 2010, which as I expounded last year at New Year’s, is going to be the Year of the Son. The year where humankind must face the initiations of the Son—the Christ Consciousness, and therefore face the initiation of needing to acquire that Christ Consciousness in order to discern the difference between what is real and unreal.

Mind you, that I do not say what is true and false, for true and false are words that have been used by humankind for so long to refer to things that are in the realm of duality. And of course, in this coming year, what is needed is, that people step up from duality and learn to discern, first of all, that there is something beyond duality, that there is a level of consciousness that is real—and it is not in the realm, where there are always two polarities that oppose each other.

And thus, this consciousness of non-duality has no opposite, for God has no opposite; the Buddha has no opposite. There is no such thing as that which is anti-God, even though of course you can come up with such a word. Neither is there an anti-Buddha, even though you can come up with a word. For you see, that which is not the Buddha, is simply not the Buddha. That, which is not God, is not God; meaning it is separated from God, separated from the Buddha. Yet when God is everywhere and when everything is the Buddha Nature, how can anything truly be separated from the Buddha? How can anything truly be separated from God?

It, of course, cannot happen in reality, it can only happen in the realm of duality, where you can define two opposite polarities and say that God is one polarity and the devil – or anti-God or whatever you want to call it, even matter itself – is therefore opposed to, separated from, God. Yet this illusion can, of course, have no existence in itself. It can exist only in the minds of those who have decided to step into the realm of duality. And why do lifestreams decide to step into this realm?

You can always change your reaction
Well, as Jesus, as the Great Divine Director, as Astrea and Serapis Bey have recently explained in great detail, they do this because they are not willing to take responsibility for themselves. And what does it mean to take responsibility for yourself? Well, it means, quite simply, that you are willing to recognize and consciously acknowledge the one truth, that is the foundation for your progress on the spiritual path, for your entering into the ascending spiral. This is the one truth, that makes it possible for the ascended masters to work with you on a personal basis. Instead of you staying in the school of hard knocks or in the school of outer teachings and outer organizations and outer gurus, where you may find a true guru or you may not, but in any case you will be attracted to the kind of guru or teaching, that resonates with your current level of consciousness.

For you see, when you have not taken responsibility for yourself, you are not willing to question your current level of consciousness, your current perception. And thus, how can you attract a guru who is beyond that level of consciousness? It simply cannot be done. This is one of those self-evident truths, that should be self evident but is not self-evident to those who have not taken responsibility and therefore look at everything with polluted perception.

So what then is that one inescapable realization, that you must come to before you can be a personal student of the ascended masters? Well, it is precisely that everything in the world of form is an expression of consciousness, a creation of consciousness. There is nothing – I say again, there is nothing – in the world of form, be it in the spiritual realm or in the material universe, that has any independent or objective existence. Nothing ever came into being without being brought into being by a self-aware co-creator, who first envisioned a mental image and then used his or her co-creative abilities to superimpose that image upon the Mater light, which then took on the form of the image.

There is no other way to create. The Creator itself creates this way, and so do all co-creators throughout the ages—in this sphere, in previous spheres, going all the way back to the first act of creation. There is no other way to create. And thus, the beginning of the spiritual path is when one comes to the point, where one is willing to question the perception, that what you perceive in the material universe is real—has an independent existence, meaning that it exists independently of consciousness. And thus, it is permanent or unchangeable, or will only change very slowly due to some process beyond your control; be that God or the angels in heaven or the laws of nature or the process of evolution or whatever myth that people have come up with, in order to explain what they see around them. Where they see, that there is both an appearance of permanence but also an obvious appearance of change.

And yet, in their unwillingness to take responsibility for themselves, they must project that things have permanence, have independent existence. And thus, they must also project, that the change that they cannot deny comes about by some process outside themselves over which they have no control. Yet is there actually anything in your world – in your personal world – over which you have absolutely no control? Well, yes there is—at your current level of consciousness. But if you are willing to transcend your current level of consciousness, to transcend your current perception, to transcend your current mental box; then there is absolutely nothing in your world, that you cannot accelerate to a higher level by being willing to accelerate your own consciousness.

For you may look at the world around you, you may look at your personal circumstances, and you may see that right now there are many factors in your life that you seem to have no power to influence or change, because they are dependent upon natural laws that you seemingly cannot change. Or they are dependent upon other people and their free-will choices. But you see, you still have power to change something. You have power to change your own reaction to those external circumstances and to the behavior of other people.

The beginning of the spiritual path
And when you start where you are by saying: “How can I accelerate my reaction, so that I am not forced into a negative reaction by certain circumstances or by certain actions or words of other people? How can I accelerate beyond my old patterns of reaction? How can I get out of the reactive mode of consciousness?” When you begin to ask those questions, that is when you can start the spiritual path.

In the beginning, it may seem like you are only changing your reaction to outer circumstances or other people, but I can assure you that we of the ascended masters – we who have gone through the process of starting in a very dualistic state of consciousness and accelerating ourselves into the Ascension Spiral – we have proven, proven over and over again, that when you do accelerate your reaction, you will come to a point, where you will no longer encounter certain circumstances or certain types of people. And my beloved, is this really so difficult to understand, when you have the many teachings, that we have given on the fact that the universe is a mirror, that reflects back to you what you are sending out?

If you are sending out that you are always being accused unjustly, what will the universe reason, based on the mental image that you hold in your mind? Well, it will reason, that you want to experience a situation where others accuse you. And so, it will comply and send you such people. And thus, you can go into the age-old spiral of seeking to defend yourself against their accusations, or seeking to deny them or seeking to justify yourself or even seeking to change their minds—but you are still reacting.

And do you see, that what you are reacting to is not an external circumstance that exists independently of your own state of consciousness? You are reacting to the reaction from the cosmic mirror to the images you are sending out. You know about the law of cause and effect, which has also been called the law of action and reaction. So you know that reaction comes after action. And yet, when you have not taken responsibility for yourself, you do not see, that the chain of events started with an action on your part, namely the mental images, that you allow to exist in your identity body. And which you then project into the cosmic mirror—and so what comes back to you is the reaction from your own action.

When you do not recognize this, you look only at what is happening outside yourself, and now you think, that other people’s treatment of you is their action. And now you think that their action forces you to react in some way, often that it forces you to react in a particular way, whatever your personal momentum might be, such as defending yourself or accusing others back. And you think that because you cannot change their action, you have no way to transcend the situation. But do you see, that the reason why you feel powerless to change the situation is, that you have confused action and reaction? You think that your reaction is to their action, but the reality here – the reality that is the difference between those who are true students of the ascended masters and those who are not, even though they may claim to be or be firmly convinced that they are – is in fact the one realization, that when you take full responsibility for yourself, you are NEVER reacting to anything!

When you take full responsibility for your state of mind, you see that God has given you free will. And no matter what happens to you on earth, you have the freedom to choose what goes on inside your mind—regardless of what is going on outside of your mind and physical body. And thus, when you take responsibility for yourself, you realize that you have absolutely no need to react to anything. There is no natural law, that forces you to react to the circumstances you encounter in the material universe. For you have the potential to accelerate into a higher state of consciousness, where you are not reacting—you are acting. Because no matter what happens on the outer, you choose your own state of consciousness. And you choose your actions based on your own state of consciousness, NOT based on the consciousness of other people. And that is why you will never be limited by the state of consciousness and the free-will choices of other people, for YOU, in any situation you encounter – regardless of the choices made by others – you are free to choose your own action, your own state of consciousness.

Regaining the initiative
You are free to look at yourself and say, “Why do I keep encountering these kind of people? What is it in me, that I have not yet seen, that makes it necessary for me to encounter these people over and over again? What is the lesson I have not learned, so that I have to take that test over and over again until I learn the lesson? Then you can look at yourself, unravel what it is – whether it be a wound from the past, whether it be a particular belief – and then you can transcend it, you can accelerate yourself beyond it. And when you have done so, you have no longer any need to react, and now you are free to choose an action. So that even if you meet those people again who do the exact same thing to you, whether it is accusing you or something else, you do not react to them. You choose! And therefore you ACT.

And now, they are no longer the ones who have the initiative, for you have taken the initiative away from them by your own actions—actions that are not adapted to their consciousness, to their actions. Actions that come from your own built-in creativity, the fount of creativity in your own I AM Presence, so that you now can come up with reactions that will confound them completely, like you saw Jesus confound the scribes and the Pharisees. And as you would have seen me, if you had studied Buddhism more closely, confound the Brahmins of the Hindu religion of my time; those who thought they had it all figured out, those who thought they had the only right interpretation of the old scriptures, those who had their rituals and their tradition, of which they had made the Living Word of no effect, just as Jesus said it later.

The consciousness of the accuser of the brethren has been around long before the creation of this sphere, long before the creation of the material universe. It has been around on planet earth, not from the beginning but for a very long time. It is simply an initiation, that has become part of the spheres that followed after the one in which the first beings fell and decided to go into the accusatory energy, in order to pull others down with them. It is, so to speak, part of the initiations in the school of hard knocks. It is for that matter also part of the initiation in the school of the ascended masters, but in a different way. For we, of course, will work with you and help you see through the subtleties of the accusatory energies, but we can do so only when you have come to the point of being willing to acknowledge, that everything is a creation of consciousness.

For then you will see a very simple truth, that will help you rise above the accusatory energies, because you will not have your mind start thinking about the accusations themselves. You see, the mechanism that happens: somebody comes up to you, angry and accusing you of having done something. You instantly react to the energy by closing off your mind and chakras, of not wanting to take in the energy. And then, as the next thing your mind starts going over the content of the accusation itself. “Is there some truth here? Did I really do this? Have I not done this? No I haven’t done it, how can I defend myself? How can I make other people believe this? How will this affect my reputation?” And all of these questions that you can come up with over and over again.

And once your mind starts going into the specifics of the accusation, you are already into the downward spiral—and the accuser has you exactly where he wants you. Yet when you realize the fact, that everything is a creation of consciousness – and therefore everything that exists on earth is the expression in form of a particular state of consciousness – then you get a different perspective on the accusation, do you not? For now you realize, that the accusation that someone else is directing at you may in fact have nothing to do with you or your behavior or your state of consciousness. It may be exclusively the product of the consciousness of the accuser and therefore have no reality to it whatsoever. This of course, is where we get into one of these subtleties, that have allowed the accuser to continue the spiral of accusation over and over again—and even trap people in it over and over again.

For you see, once you have gone into duality, you may indeed have certain beliefs, you may have certain feelings, you may have certain motives, you may commit certain actions, that are not the highest possible—and thus the accuser will use this to accuse you. And now you feel, that if there is some reality – because you have done those actions or you have had those thoughts, feelings or motives – then you cannot simply ignore the accusations. And this, of course, is correct. You cannot ignore the accusation, but what you can do is you can say: “I will not react to this accusation by defending myself. I will look at myself honestly. If I see that there is some action, some motive, some feeling, some thought, some world view, that is not pure, that is not the highest possible, then I will simply work on myself. I will completely ignore the accuser. I will not defend, I will not accuse back. I will look at myself, I will go apart from the accuser, for his accusations and his energy are not going to help me go within and contact my spiritual teachers and get the inner guidance, that will help me see the beam in my own eye”

“So I will separate myself from the energy and the consciousness of the accuser. I will work with my spiritual teachers. I will see what there is that needs to change in my own consciousness. And I will change it. And I will accelerate myself beyond it. And then I will take another look at the accuser and see if he is still accusing me. And if he is, I will then deal with it at the new level of consciousness to which I have ascended, the level of consciousness where there no longer is a reason for the accuser to accuse me.

Do you see my beloved, the trap you are being pulled into so many times is, that when you are being accused of having a certain state of consciousness, you respond to the accusation from that level of consciousness? And thus you are trapped, you are trapped into a dualistic reaction, that can only create a downward spiral. And thus, what I am telling you here is not to simply ignore what anyone says but to be honest and see if there is a point. And then stop yourself from reacting from that level of consciousness, but instead withdraw, go aside, work on yourself, look at yourself, work with your spiritual teachers. And if you see that there was a point to what the accuser said, you work with that until you have accelerated yourself beyond it. And then, you may go back if necessary and deal with the accuser.

But you may also come to the point of realizing, that there is no constructive purpose for dealing with the accuser, for you have now transcended the state of consciousness. In some cases, having transcended that state of consciousness, you can go back to the accuser and you can make the accuser realize, that you have transcended your former state of consciousness. And in some cases that might cause the other person to be willing to transcend his or her state of consciousness. And therefore, you can now start a new relationship at a new level. But if you find that the accuser is not willing to transcend the accusatory state of consciousness, then there will in many cases be no constructive point in even trying to refute the accusation or defend yourself or change the mind of the accuser.

Christhood and Buddhahood
For if the accuser is not willing to do what you have just done, then how could you possibly achieve any constructive purpose? You see, a person accusing you may indeed point out something that is not right in you. And thus, you can take that as an opportunity to learn. But you also need to be aware, that even though some people see you doing something that is not right, they may not be in the state of consciousness of being willing to acknowledge, that everything is an expression of consciousness. For you see a very simple truth here. It has been said, that what you see as a flaw in another, you also have in yourself. This is not a universal truth, for when you are in the Christ Consciousness, you may indeed see a flaw, a splinter, in the eye of your brother and it may indeed be a correct observation—and it will be, when you are in the Christ Consciousness.

Nevertheless, in the Christ Consciousness you never accuse anyone, for you have transcended the accusatory consciousness, which is born out of duality—and thus, the Christ does not accuse. There is an important yet subtle difference between pointing out something that needs to be corrected and doing this with an accusatory energy, that seeks to put the other person down. The Christ has only one purpose, and that is to raise the other person up. And thus, when you point out something that needs to change, it is done in a constructive way, where you seek to help the other person transcend it.

But the accuser is not interested in having other people transcend. They are only interested in pulling other people down, and that is their motive, that is their intent, that is the energy that they project at others. And thus my beloved, when you have freed yourself from the impurities in your consciousness, you will come to a point, where you can now see clearly. As Jesus said, when you have removed the beam in your own eye, then you can see clearly what is going on in the consciousness of another. And if you see that a person is open to working on him- or herself, then you do everything possible to help that person. But if you find that another person has not come to the point of being willing to recognize, that everything is an expression of consciousness, well, then you may in some cases either take a different course of action – such as Jesus challenging the scribes and Pharisees or overturning the tables of the moneychangers – or you may indeed decide to leave such people alone. There is not one right way or one wrong way to deal with this, for there are stages on the path.

There is what we call the stage of the Christ, the path of Christhood, where you are indeed meant to go out into the world and either seek to help people or challenge those who are not willing to come up higher. But beyond that stage comes the stage of Buddhahood, where you will see that I did not go out actively; I withdrew from society and created a sangha that was set apart. And then, I let students come to me, which had the advantage, that I could turn away those who were not ready. For they had not come to the one realization, that was the essential key that gave you entry into my sangha; namely that you were willing to recognize that everything is an expression of consciousness. And therefore – my beloved, listen carefully – therefore the key to YOUR personal progress is found in your consciousness.

Do you see, that what is going on now out in the world, even among spiritual people, is that they have been trapped in the consciousness created by the accuser of the brethren, the downward spiral where they are constantly focusing on other people, focusing on changing other people? Thinking that they have to bring about these changes in the world or in other people, or even bring about the judgment or condemnation or the exposure of other people. And thus, they are constantly in this state of wanting to change the consciousness of other people, instead of being willing to change the consciousness of themselves.

This is, of course, perfectly fine. You have free will, you have a right to be in that state of consciousness and get the experiences you need in that state of consciousness. But I, as the Buddha, had the right to define my sangha as a place set apart from that accusatory consciousness. And therefore, I had a right to define a barrier of entry that said, that those who had not been willing to acknowledge, that they need to change their own consciousness – instead of seeking to change the consciousness of others – well, they are not worthy, they are not ready, to enter the sangha of the Buddha and receive my direct instruction.

And thus, they may stay outside and receive other forms of instruction, such as the instruction you can receive today from the external religion of Buddhism, or other external religious or spiritual teachings. But you will see that even today, there are those in the tradition of Buddhism who are true gurus, who have attained a higher state of consciousness. And you will see that each of them also has their personal criteria for whom they will allow into their circle of their personal disciples, their personal initiates.

For of course, you are not, as the Buddha, required to work with just anyone who knocks on the door. That my beloved, is actually the initiation of the Christ, where as the Christ you go through a phase, as Jesus demonstrated, where you deal with anyone regardless of their state of consciousness. You deal with the lepers; you deal with those with various infirmities, those who are possessed by demons—all kinds of people who are trapped in all kinds of beliefs. The Christ is out in the world, and whomever the Christ meets, the Christ deals with that person according to his or her inner creativity and discernment and level of Christhood. This is perfectly acceptable—that is why the Christ goes out into the world.

But the Buddha is at a level, where the Buddha has created a sangha set apart, and the students must therefore pass certain initiations before they are allowed entry. The very key here to being considered as a student of the Buddha, a candidate for Buddhahood, is first of all, that you recognize that everything in the world of form is an expression of consciousness. And therefore, everything YOU encounter in the world of form is an expression of your consciousness—if you react to it.

Acting and reacting
And therefore, as long as you find yourself reacting to anything in this world, you need to consider, that it has something in your consciousness that has not yet been surrendered, that has not yet been healed or purified—and that is why you react. It is very simple! Because if there is nothing in you that corresponds, then you will not react. You will act, but you will be non-attached in acting. For this is the difference between acting and reacting. When you are reacting, you have an attachment to a particular outcome. And if that outcome does not come to pass, then you also have a negative, un-peaceful, un-centered, un-loving, emotional-mental reaction.

Yet if you are acting, there is no such attachment to outcome. And therefore, the act carries with it its own victory, its own fulfillment, its own success, its own sense of joy, accomplishment, fulfillment. For you see, when you re-act, you think that the success or failure of your reaction depends on what happens in the world. Yet when you transcend the consciousness of reacting and arise to the consciousness of acting from within, then you realize, that the act of expressing whatever you express—that is the victory in itself. Nothing else, no particular outcome in the minds of other people, in the actions of other people, in the actions of society, or in the world at large is needed.

You are like the sun, who finds joy in shining its light and does not look down on earth, seeing who is covering themselves up, who is hiding from the sun’s light, who is wearing sunglasses or suntan lotion or what have you. The sun is not concerned about these reactions; it keeps shining, for it finds joy in shining. And that is the consciousness of action, as opposed to the consciousness of reaction, where you do not find joy in what you are doing, but you are waiting for the result, the reaction from others before you can determine whether you should feel joy or sorrow.

So then, what is the key to transcending this consciousness of reacting? It is to realize, that your reaction comes from the way you perceive the situation. Reaction is the result, the consequence, of perception. And thus, when you recognize, that everything is an expression of consciousness, you also recognize, that your reaction to a given situation is the product of the way you perceive the situation. Perception of course, being beyond sensory perception, going into your emotional reaction, the way you think about the situation, and therefore even going beyond this to the way you look at life in general, the very subtle mindset, worldview, stored in your identity body.

And so, as I said in the very opening verse of the Dhammapada, 2,500 years ago:

Preceded by perception are mental states.
For them is perception supreme.
If with perception polluted one thinks or acts,
suffering follows.

What is the difference between polluted perception and pure perception? Well, certainly I have given you hints—for any time you react to a situation, you know you are perceiving that situation with polluted perception. But how do you then go beyond that polluted perception to pure perception? You do so by realizing, that any perception that springs from duality is polluted by its very nature. This, of course, is difficult. For most lifestreams on earth have been in the consciousness of duality for so long, that they have lost any sense of pure perception. But as we have explained now over and over again, the core of your Being is that pure state of consciousness, which has been talked about in every mystical and spiritual tradition throughout the ages, going beyond the Vedas, going into Atlantis and Lemuria, and even older civilizations.

The mystics of all ages have known, that when you go beyond the perception that comes from the senses – the perception that comes from the outer mind, the perception that is influenced by the emotions, the perception at the level of thought, even the perception that comes from your sense of identity of being in this world – when you go beyond this, you experience pure awareness. You may call it the conscious self, the Conscious You or any other names you desire. But the reality is, that beyond any sense of self is pure awareness.

This pure awareness cannot be polluted by anything in the realm of duality, anything in the world of form. And thus, it is possible for you to get in tune with that core of your being. And when you experience pure awareness and know that you are more than the external self, that perceives the world in a certain way, well, then you can begin to become more anchored in that pure awareness. And now you can begin to perceive the world without losing your pure awareness.

Maintaining pure awareness
For do you not see, that many people have had brief glimpses of pure awareness, but as soon as they were out of it, maybe after a split second, they were back into perceiving the world through their outer personality? And therefore, they would in many cases even superimpose their religious beliefs upon that experience, thinking it meant or affirmed this or that in their religious doctrine and dogma. You see Christian mystics, who have had experiences of pure awareness, but interpreted it within the context of the Christian beliefs, that they had not quite yet transcended. You see the same in Buddhism, in Hinduism, in Islam and everywhere else. You even see those, who claim to be atheists, but who have had experiences of pure awareness and now interpret them from some scientific viewpoint as trickery played by the brain, some fluke chemical reaction or electromagnetic reaction.

Yet when you are willing to question your current perception, when you are willing to realize, that there is more than one way to look at a given situation, or look at the world, when you are willing to realize, that the ascended masters have pure perception, and if you are willing to ask for our help, we certainly will help you expose the impurities in your perception. And when you are willing to look squarely at those impurities and transcend them; well, when you are willing to go through this process that we have described as the true spiritual path, then you will gradually come to that point, where you can now maintain pure awareness without immediately switching into the external perception.

And this means that you can now begin to look at yourself, at your physical body, at your personal situation or even at the world itself through that pure awareness, where you begin to see, that there is a different way to look at life than what has been presented by your outer self and outer personality, that filter of the external awareness, the polluted perception. And in the beginning this will be a somewhat schizophrenic process, where at one moment you see something beyond and in the next moment you are back in your outer awareness, and now you doubt what you saw. Could it really be true? Could the reality of the ascended masters really be so radically different from what you have been brought up to believe, what you have seen for so many years; even what you have come to believe was the truth of an outer religious or spiritual teaching?

You see my beloved, there are many who call themselves ascended master students, but who for decades have studied only an outer teaching and who have not been able or willing to go beyond and experience pure perception. They have used that external teaching to create a new mental box, a new sense of equilibrium, as Jesus explained so carefully. And thus, they are now – when they experience pure awareness – they are now confronted with the reality, that the way that we of the ascended masters look at a particular issue is radically different from the way that they have come to look at it, based on an external teaching given by the ascended masters.

Yet they have not gone beyond the teaching! They have not risen above their state of consciousness, they have not questioned their perception. So they have formed their perception based on the outer teaching but not the Spirit beyond the outer words. And therefore, they may now come to the realization, that we of the ascended masters do not look at it the way they have come to look at it. And so they now face the test—will they question, not necessarily the outer teaching but their perception of the outer teaching? Will they be willing to gradually reach for that pure perception, that pure awareness, so they can go beyond the perception of the outer teaching which they had come to see as infallible, as absolutely true?

This is how even an ascended master teaching can become a trap for students, when they are not willing to continually question their perception. For you see, it is possible to be a member of an external organization or teaching without actually questioning your perception—as you are required to do before you can enter the sangha of the Buddha, before you can enter the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, such as we have described any number of times.

How people are trapped by their perception
If you will not question your perception, you will obviously believe, that your perception is completely accurate, completely true. What else can you do? This I trust, that most of you will be able to see. If you are not questioning your perception, you will believe that your current perception of life – or of a particular situation – is true, is complete, is accurate. And thus, I trust you should also be able to see, that if you do not question your perception, you cannot go beyond that perception. And if you do not go beyond your perception, how can you ever come to recognize the truth I expressed in the Dhammapada 2,500 years ago—namely, that your perception springs from an even deeper mental state, your identity body, the way you look at life and yourself at the identity level?

It is this deeper perception, that gives rise to the mental and emotional way you approach life. And that mental and emotional approach to life is what causes you to look at situations in a certain way, which then causes you to go into a particular mental state, such as feeling unjustly condemned, feeling the need to judge others, feeling the need to react with anger when things don’t go your way or any number of other such mental states. And when you are in such a lower mental state, if you are not willing to question your perception, well, then for your mental state, your perception is supreme.
And if your perception is supreme, you cannot go beyond your perception, you cannot go beyond that lower mental state. You cannot begin to uncover the higher mental state and see, how that higher mental state has polluted your perception and has caused you to look at life with polluted perception. And it is the polluted perception, that produces the lower mental state in which you are trapped, and which has now become a closed system, a closed circle of reaction, where you are constantly reacting to life.

As I said in the beginning, you are reacting to what you are projecting into the cosmic mirror. You are reacting to your own reaction, caused by the way you perceive life. So you are in an endless spiral of reacting to your own reactions, to the reactions of other people. Everything is a reaction to something. How will you ever be free of this? How will YOU ever be free of YOUR reactionary spiral?

You will be free only when you stop looking at other people, seeking to change their consciousness, and recognize, that the key to YOUR freedom is to change YOUR consciousness. And the key to changing your consciousness is to question your perception—to get to the level of cause and look beyond the level of effect, to get to the level of action and look beyond the level of reaction. For you cannot change your reaction until you have changed your action. Your reaction can be said to be the polluted perception and the mental state that comes from the perception you have at the level of your mental and emotional bodies. This is reaction.

What is the level of action is your identity body and the way you look at life and yourself, your relationship to life, your relationship to other people, your relationship to the Ma-ter light, your relationship to God. This is your deeper perception, and this is what causes you to act by projecting an image into the cosmic mirror, that is beyond the level of emotion, beyond the level of thought—and therefore beyond the level that most people are consciously aware of. And how can you become consciously aware of what is beyond thought and emotion until you start questioning your perception? It simply is not possible, and that is why the trap is complete.

The accusers of the brethren knew, that once they could force people, force lifestreams, into this reactionary cycle, they would never get out of it—unless they were willing to question their perception. And by keeping them busy enough with reacting to life, well, they could create such an intense downward spiral, that most people never had the wherewithal to question their perception, being so sure that their perception was accurate and therefore there was no need to question it. After all, everybody else looks at it the same way.

And thus, as soon as you have a situation, where the majority of the inhabitants on a particular planet see life as a struggle, well, then who is going to step back and question that perception of life as a struggle and say: “Is life really a struggle, does life have to be a struggle, or is it our own perception of a struggle that creates a struggle, by projecting the image into the cosmic mirror that life is a struggle?”

What is pure perception?
You have heard the story of how I started out as the son of a king, having grown up in an environment, where my perception was protected from seeing decay and death. I therefore grew up with a limited, a one-sided, perception, that could be said to be more pure than the perception of most people on this planet. You have heard how it was my perception of an old man, that caused me to realize, that my previous perception had been limited. And although it may have been purer than the average person’s perception, it was not ultimately pure, because I had simply ignored certain things, that are temporary realities on this planet. And this is not truly pure perception.

Truly pure perception is not attained by ignoring imperfections but by seeing through them, seeing beyond them, and seeing there is something beyond the perception—even the perception that life is a struggle. You know that after this realization, I withdrew from my life in the palace, I withdrew into the forest; living an ascetic lifestyle, punishing my body and mind, seeking to discipline my mind. Until I finally came to the realization, that even that would not lead me to pure perception.

What caused me to go beyond that level and reach the level of Buddhahood? It was that I came to the point, where I was willing to question EVERY aspect of my perception—the perception that I had grown up with, the perception of the ascetic lifestyle and philosophy. I was willing to question everything. And when I began to question everything, I began to see the patterns of how the polluted perception is an endless cycle that leads nowhere. And that was when I began to experience the pure consciousness that in Buddhism is called Samadhi, or Nirvana. And that, then, gradually allowed me to maintain that pure awareness even while I was engaged in certain activities and therefore could now perceive the world from the level of pure awareness.

And thus, I saw, I began to see, that the polluted perception is the dualistic perception, where there must be two opposite polarities. And they are seen as if they are ultimately real, that one could not exist without the other. And therefore, one is, in a sense, as real as the other, thus giving the impression that evil is as real as God, that the devil has power—permanence, reality. And so, I began to see beyond the dualistic perception. I began to see, that there was a way to engage in life – even an active life in this world with all its imperfections – and still not be pulled into the dualistic perception—where you have to label everything on a relative, dualistic scale with two extremes, one being good, one being evil; the other one being right, one being wrong; one being true, one being untrue or false; one being beautiful, one being ugly; one being pleasurable one being un-pleasurable.

What happened to me was, that I began to see that there is something beyond this dualistic perception, and that this is polluted perception, where you perceive something, but you are not just perceiving because your perception is polluted. And therefore, you cannot separate the act of perception from the act of labeling, of evaluating, of judging. “Judge not, that ye be not judged, for with whatever measure ye measure out, it shall be measured out to you”. Do you see, that you will be judged by yourself through your own consciousness, and thus the way you judge others while you are in embodiment on earth is the way you will judge yourself when you go out of embodiment and have a life review—where you now look at yourself through the consciousness with which you have looked at others?

I began to see, that beyond this perception – that makes it seem like you have to judge and label and evaluate everything – there is pure perception. A perception where you do not ignore the imperfections on earth, the unreality on earth; but you do not judge it, you do not label it. And therefore, you do not react to it in an emotional way by feeling threatened by it, or by feeling disgusted or repelled by it, or by feeling that it should not be there. You in fact see beyond it, you see that beyond the outer form is the Buddha Nature, the Ma-ter light; the PURITY, the reality that everything is created out of God’s light. And therefore, it has the potential to shake off the impure image, the impure form, and be accelerated into purity—the purity of the Christ Consciousness, the purity of the Buddhic consciousness, the purity of the God consciousness.

And thus, you come to that point of the Buddhic consciousness, where you can maintain Nirvana, maintain Samadhi, even while you are engaged in activities. You do not have to sit there with closed eyes and meditate in order to be in Samadhi or Nirvana. You carry it with you, and you see through that pure consciousness. You still see the imperfections in this world, but you do not label them, you do not judge them, you do not react to them. You just see them, but you see them as temporary, you see them as unreal. And thus, you do not react to the unreality, the imperfection. Instead you ACT, based on the realization, that every imperfection can be accelerated into purity, into a higher state. And therefore, you go out and act in order to raise up all life, instead of seeking to condemn certain aspects of life and then seeking to destroy them.
The lie behind all dramas
Do you see, this is the lie of the accuser of the brethren? This is the underlying lie behind the epic dramas we have exposed so carefully now. The epic drama makes you believe, that there is something that is bad or evil and that something must be destroyed. But when you seek to destroy evil, you enter into a reaction to evil—and this cannot remove suffering from the earth but will only increase suffering. And therefore, the only way to “remove” quote-unquote “evil” is to transcend the dualistic consciousness, so that you can act from the non-dualistic consciousness and therefore seek to accelerate the conditions that others call evil, accelerate them into purity by lifting up all life, instead of seeking to condemn, to put down, to destroy.

This is the difference between those who have ascended and those who have not. This is the difference between those who have taken a love-based approach to life and those who are still stuck in a fear-based approach, where they feel a need to judge, condemn, to put down and destroy.

How do you ascend? By accelerating yourself and by coming to the point, where you say with Jesus: “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto to me.” Did Jesus say, I will draw only the good people unto me and send the bad people to hell? Nay, he did not. He said “I am willing to accelerate, to lift up all life” and that was why he could ascend. Because he had accelerated himself beyond the accusatory consciousness, that divides the undivided, indivisible oneness of God into two polarities and labels one as good – that can enter the Kingdom of God – and one as bad – that cannot enter the Kingdom of God – and therefore must be destroyed by those who want to enter the Kingdom of God. For in destroying evil, you will supposedly qualify yourself to enter the Kingdom of God. Such is the lie of the epic dramas. And how many people have believed them, and still believe them, and still think that they can find some way to qualify to enter God’s Kingdom by still maintaining that consciousness of duality—and therefore not putting on the wedding garment of being completely non-violent, by being non-dualistic, non-judgmental and simply seeking to accelerate all life into purity, for you do not judge or condemn or put anything down.

Do you see, that I am not asking you to be blind? I am not asking you to ignore the many impurities you see in the world, but I am asking you to not make them permanent in your mind. For when you react to them, what is it you do? Well, if you know that something is unreal and that you are real, you do not have any need to react to it or against it, do you? Why would you need to react to something unreal? And so you do not react with a sense of being threatened, or angry or afraid or having any other negative emotion. You simply look at it, and then you act based on—not the outer appearance, not the outer form, but based on your inner creativity, that comes forth spontaneously from your own higher being, from your I AM Presence, from the lineage of spiritual beings, that stretches from you all the way to the Creator.

You act out of that wellspring of creativity instead of reacting. And by not reacting to the form, you do not give it permanence, you do not give it reality. And thus, your action is not geared towards putting something down and destroying it. It is geared towards accelerating it into the purity that you see beyond the outer form. This is pure perception, where you can look at something and see it as an unreal manifestation, without going into the reaction of labeling it as ugly, or bad or evil—as most people do.

My Beloved, we have given you many teachings to help you rise above that consciousness of the accuser, the consciousness of the epic dramas. It was precisely one year ago, that we introduced the concept of dramas and pointed out the need to transcend your dramas, if you would come to a higher level; if you would indeed become a force in accelerating the earth into the spiral of ascension for the year 2012 and beyond. If you would indeed form the sangha of the Buddha, you needed to transcend your dramas, as was clearly pointed out one year ago by myself, by others and by Saint Germain most clearly in his monumental address—that you might find cause to study again, those of you who are serious about overcoming your dramas.

For we, of course, realize, that there are those of you who are not willing to overcome their dramas and have therefore even rejected the entire concept, rejected the need to overcome the drama or refused to see that they have any dramas to overcome. And this, of course, is perfectly acceptable to us, according to the Law of Free Will. But we simply say: Then we cannot have you as part of the sangha that we are seeking to establish. When students came to apply to enter my sangha 2,500 years ago, they had to be tested, so that there was a sifting, a separation, of those who were willing to question their perception and their dramas and those who were not. And those who were not willing, would thus stay outside. And they would react in all manner of ways, some feeling rejected, some attacking the Buddha and the students of the Buddha in all manner of ways, that are not recorded in the Buddhist scriptures, and thus you have no outer awareness of them today.

But I can assure you, my beloved, that everything that I did or said was not approved or accepted by the Brahmins of the Hindu religion, who felt threatened by me, or by those who were their students who were not willing to question their perception. So there was much bickering, much attack, much accusation against me, against my person, against my students. There was much of it going on back then, as you saw with Jesus being attacked and accused. For this consciousness has been around, as I said, for a very long time. Do not think that I escaped it—it was there. But of course, I was not bothered by it, I was not attached to it, and thus I did not react to it. I simply gave teachings, that could help those who were willing to transcend that level of consciousness, and then I focused on helping those that I could help, because they were willing to help themselves. They were willing to look at themselves, to question their perception instead of seeing it as supreme and beyond questioning.

The thoughtform of the lightning from the East to the West
And thus, as is customary, I will end this release by giving you a thoughtform that might help you play an active role in helping humankind master the initiations of the Son, the Christ Consciousness—that of discerning what is real and unreal, which of course requires you to have the pure perception I have discoursed about; of not labeling and judging.

What I desire you to envision is, that the Christ enters this world, as Jesus said: as the lightning from the East unto the West. And it flashes forth into the world like a double-edged sword, that cuts through the veils of illusion, the veil of Maya. Those veils can be seen as curtains that are hung up by the false teachers and the fallen beings, so that they can hide behind them. Some of those curtains are so solid, that you cannot see through them, others have become partly transparent, so that you can see that there are shadows moving behind them.

Envision that the Sword of the Christ, the Living Word, will flash forth and cut the straps that are holding those curtains up, so that the curtains will come tumbling down, exposing what is behind them. Exposing the power elite, exposing those who manipulate in all manner of ways, who have managed to stay hidden from the people, so that they will be exposed. The curtains will fall, and the people will wake up and say, “Look, the emperor has nothing on. For now we see him clearly—now that he is not veiled behind his curtain of illusion, this smokescreen of Maya, of lies and deception.”

Hold on to this thoughtform, my beloved! Remember it whenever you encounter a particular situation, where you know there is deception. Then call forth with a simple call of your own making to the Christ and the Buddha. Call forth that Sword of Christ to cleave asunder the real from the unreal, to cut the veils, so that they will come tumbling down, and the people will see reality and unreality exposed—and so that the unreality will stand naked before the eyes of the world. This I admonish you to envision.

And with the gratitude for your endurance for holding the balance for this release, I say: “Well done you good and faithful servants, you have been faithful over a few things, we will indeed endeavor to make you rulers over many things in the years to come.” Thus, be sealed in the infinite, non-dualistic, pure perception of the Buddha. Call to me to give you the pure perception of the Buddha Mind, that knows that everything is the Buddha Nature and thus can see the difference between the pure reality of the Buddha Nature and the unreality of the illusions of Mara that come to tempt you—tempt you to do what? To react to their unreality in any way! For any reaction causes you to be trapped in the downward spiral of unreality. Thus, be the Buddha—determine not to react, determine to enter the path that we may teach you how to ACT, ACT, ACT from pure perception.

Be sealed then, in my peace, in my peace that is not passive and not what many people perceive as peaceful but is a dynamic, infinite peace, that will not let things remain, that will not let people remain stuck in the spiral, where they perceive that life is suffering. And that is why I came out of Nirvana—to teach people that there is an alternative to suffering. And I admonish YOU to do the same. Teach them; demonstrate to them that there is an alternative to suffering. There is the possibility of attaining peace of mind, of approaching life with a sense of infinite, inexhaustible joy! Be sealed in the joy of the Buddha. For when you perceive the Buddha Nature, how can you not be joyful? Thus, I AM Infinite Joy.

Copyright © 2009 by Kim Michaels