Archangel Metatron via Julie Miller – Continuously Creating You – 8-12-15


Archangel Metatron  via  Julie Miller   –   Continuously Creating You   –   8-12-15
Archangel Metatron
When the ego is permitted to roam uncontrollably, oftentimes you find yourself making trifle matters mountainous.

Errors that come from the words that dribble from your mouth or written in a form of a comment, is often exaggerated, bloated and far from your pure and natural self.

How often are shallow excuses used to explain the reasons and whys you have not followed through on something? The ego that is always hungry and thirsty for attention often disguises itself inside one of your excuses or complaints.

It is important to realize and to recognize that the words you express are actually demonstrations of your attitude, your level of understanding, your interpretation and your values. Your emotions and feelings are affected by any of these when they are imbalanced and no longer in harmony with your heart. Indulging in the temptation to judge or to criticize others only reflects how you are thinking of yourself.

If your actions, words and choices reflect only our little, egoic self, the self that requires to be the center of attention, then you end up creating a roiling nest of negative emotions and feelings.

Use your Light-filled energy to fill every instance regardless of its size to work through and beyond the drama of your over-stimulated mind. Use your Light-filled energy to do random acts of kindness and helpfulness without anticipating or expecting any form of reward.

When you come forth shining from the pure Light that inside of you, waiting to be discovered, you are sharing the most treasured part of yourself…your LOVE and when you share unconditional love in all things and with all people, your little egoic self cannot compete. Love, sweet, love is the cure and healer of all afflictions that cause misunderstanding and separation.

The more aware you become of what is going on inside of you, the more you will know what you want, what changes are needed, and how to prioritize what is most important.

Coming from a place of pure love does not mean you have perfected your Self, it just means you’ve accepted ALL of your faults and strengths as a continuous creation of your whole and complete you.

I AM Metatron, the Archangel through Julie Miller


Transmuting from Forgiveness – Elohim Arcturus via Julie Miller – 7-12-15


Transmuting from Forgiveness   –   Elohim Arcturus  via  Julie Miller   –   7-12-15

Channeler: Julie Miller  –  July 11, 2015


Forgiveness is a very powerful action that is generated from the heart and provides incredible healing attributes to your functioning mind and aids to your spiritual growth. There are people that move away from forgiveness due to their ego getting in the way. Forgiveness is not about condoning what has occurred. Forgiveness means that you have enough love inside of you that you refuse to allow the venomous grip of anger and hatred to prevent you from moving forward.

It does no good to any part of you to carry resentments towards any one person, place or thing. So many people still consider the act of forgiveness as an act of weakness, but that concept of thought couldn’t be further from the truth. To forgive someone’s inappropriate behaviour, actions, words or choices concludes that you have enough love inside of you to heal yourself past such events so the pain and discomfort will diminish into nothing and you will grow from the experience as your wisdom expands from the knowledge you gained.

Being able to forgive someone is a strength that is admirable and each of you has the power to forgive. The suffering that you may have endured isn’t meant for you to hang onto permanently. The dear souls who cannot forgive, is because they don’t want to forgive. It is vitally important to be able to step up and forgive what has happened and let the animosity and negative feelings go in favour of love, healing and moving on. It is important to remember as you are healing and moving through a troubling situation…everything is temporary. Changes come when you allow them and you have the ability to transform yourself through the power and transmutation of forgiveness.

When you make the choice to forgive, to let go of any lingering resentment, anger or bitterness, you are not doing this necessarily for the other person, but for your Self. It takes great COURAGE, inner strength and maturity to step up and forgive. When you give yourself the love that you surely need in order to heal past any painful situation, then you are giving yourself a most amazing gift of life that encourages a new you to be reborn from the experience. Forgiveness fosters change and when you change, you are letting go of what is old for what is new. Every day dear ones you are given opportunities to be reborn and through each situation you are encouraged to listen to your heart and not follow the trickster ego.

If you ever question why you need to forgive and let go so you can finally find peace of mind and bring yourself into a happier state, think about moving beyond your hurt-felt ordeal…how good it will feel to move your whole self beyond the dragging feelings of sadness, anger and frustration and to bask in the sunny rays of light and love. Deep down dear ones, you know hanging on to what is no longer serving you is only hurting you more. Forgiveness and letting go is power and the first person to benefit from such power is you.

The moment you let go of old grudges and animosities, you find yourself filling up with peace and all feelings of resentment seem to disintegrate. Tuning in to the moment as you let go, is when you begin to heal. You will know when it is the right time to forgive, and not only to forgive the other person, but to forgive yourself for allowing such a devastation to take place. When you accept accountability for your part and are willing to let go of all that has happened so you can healthily move on, than you and your life will definitely begin to change.

Did you know dear ones, that when you forgive completely, you are then giving yourself permission to live life copiously? It is important to keep in mind that most people do not go around with the intention to hurt someone. Even if they are mad and angry with the world, that doesn’t mean they want to cause harm. Sometimes, people are given situations they do not know how to handle and they react and act out. This does not mean you are to condone what they have done, it just means though you are not allowing their actions or behaviour to alter the course of your life or change your level of happiness.

Everyone has been both the recipient and the giver of meanness, frustration, anger, hostility and upset. As you continue on your amazing journey, try to keep in mind that everyone that crosses your path is doing the best they can from what they know to get on with life. No one person’s way is perfect. Flaws are everywhere. But when you are able to view every situation and the people that come with them as being valuable teachers that offer important life lessons, then you begin learning and mastering more things about yourself that perhaps were weak and needed your attention. There is no need to be bitter in life when you can let bygones be bygones and let go for the sake of your overall health.

You know everything is about choices. You can choose to move on and be happy or choose and be miserable due to an upsetting circumstance. Only you can make the choice to hang tightly to resentments that waste your precious time and energy or to breathe deeply and choose the lighter option and to let go of everything that no longer serves a higher purpose and to enjoy a peace-filled mind and allow happiness to be your priority.

And so it is…

I AM Elohim Arcturus through Julie Miller


Ascended Master El Morya via Julie Miller – Dedicating to the Positives – 4-15-15


Ascended Master El Morya   via  Julie Miller

Dedicating to the Positives

Channeler: Julie Miller

April 14, 2015


As you continue to move along your well-trodden path of life, have you truly, honestly and sincerely taken the time to contemplate what it is you truly believe it, or where you place your faith while chasing dreams, pursuing spiritual quests or undertaking a professional goal that would incorporate happiness, joy and satisfaction?

When you are unconscious, quite simply you are ruled by life. There are no considerations of other forces possibly affecting any action, word or choice—you just go about your day, your life that is merely habitual and in a thoughtless fashion. The dear souls that are ruled by habit often repeat themselves, unaware of the cycle they are in until something drastic occurs. Being of physical consciousness, there is a lack of emotion and thought, there is merely thoughtless, automatic doing.

What about the dear souls that have a certain amount of faith for life? They focus on being hopeful, even in their darkest moments they continue reaching and striving for what inspires them or what they want to attain that is of deepest value and importance. Having faith without knowing the outcome is living with hope in your heart that everything will turn out.

There are people among you that strive each day with a positive, enthusiastic outlook. They have faith that their efforts will eventually yield advantageous results. Even if the outcomes are not what was envisioned at the beginning, this dear soul sees the experience as something helpful, something to be learned from for future encounters of similar situations. The dear souls that live like this are definitely more conscious and aware as they have the capability to understand their life purpose even though they are just on the cusp of spirit.

Those that are deeply spiritual do not just place their faith in life, but in the spirits of the Divine. They offer their actions in life as offerings to the Divine, in hopes better conditions will be revealed. By working directly with the beings of the Divine, your faith in daily life is that much more fulfilling.

Anyone who has experiences with the Divine can graduate to higher levels of faith as they can see from their inner person that the higher power of light that streams from God’s Mighty heart supports their quest to set right life’s challenges and conditions on a more regular basis. When you reach this level of faith dear ones, you don’t just have faith in God and the Divine, you also cultivate a deeper understand of what your principles are according to your own authentic nature and evoke the spirit that is alive within you. The dear souls that live deeply in faith see negatives as positives in a clever cloak of disguise. They do face hardship like anyone else, but they are able to quickly steer their direction around by dedicating themselves to think more positively and to spend more time inwardly, focusing on the gentle rhythmic beating of their hearts reminding them that they are alive in the here and now and that sound of their heartbeat, the flow of their life-force encourages them to see the positive.

One of the greatest observation of life that you can appreciate dear ones is in the revelation of Divine Will. It is a divine phenomenon of both positives and negatives collaborating together in order to enable further progress in life for your evolution and eventual transformation. When Divine Will is revealed, your perception changes and you enter the endless field of consciousness, into the realm of the Divine and the source of light and love of your spiritual heart. Being conscious and having an active part of the unfolding process of the Divine Will emphasises your faith in God and the Divine.

Speaking on Faith in regards to Divine Will and your transformation along this path, ask yourselves dear ones: Where do I fit? When is it you place your hope, trust and necessity towards faith? If your faith is weak, is then possible to increase it? If it is how would you even go about it? Do you have a plan?

Never forget dear ones that the power over your life has always been in your hands. You are the one who decides what to do and when. Others may influence you, but you can always say no instead of always agreeing and saying yes. Of course making a decision also depends on who is involved, your level of trust and what the choice is concerning, but even when you have all the facts, you still have a choice.

To develop faith in everyday life dear ones demonstrates honest sincerity to your dedication to the Source of your endless spirit. Even if you are not the most devout of any spiritual practice, your right actions demonstrate that even when life gets difficult, you are dedicated to strive forward with the positive light that streams from your loving heart.

Don’t be dismayed when suddenly nothing is happening and you are still wanting things to keep moving so you can continue with your positive, enthusiastic energy. When it is quiet, that is your time to focus on patience, to look deep within yourself in order to discover that when you have faith in life, you also have faith in your Self.

Everything has purpose, believe in your purpose. Fan your faith with hope’s flame, become the master of your life as you proceed each day with God right there beside you, encouraging you, supporting you and loving you.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller


Ascended Master Serapis Bey – It’s More About Balance – Channeler Julie Miller – 3-13-15

Serapis Bey
Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ March 13 – 20, 2015

received by Julie Miller

March 13, 2015

Life, with all its ups and downs can easily be described as being multifaceted. To bring forth peace and harmony into one’s life it is vital to your own being to be able to find balance to what life throws at you. We know this can sometimes be a huge challenge, but one that is worthy of your effort in the long run.

There are many dear souls that wish for more hours in the day or another day in the week just to get more done, but even if there were added time, you still would fill up that extra time to the point of overflow that caused life to become out of balance in the first place. Instead of looking for more time to get your work and goals done, consider giving yourself a free hour or even a free day to do what you want that makes your heart and soul sing.

How could you make room for a free day or free hour when you push yourself so hard to get so much done in the few hours you are given each day? Would you then finally begin to prioritize what needs to be dealt with right away and let what is least importance to get done when it gets done? Do you not deserve time with yourself, where you don’t worry or give too much concern about matters that will not necessarily improve or become worse just because you were not there for a short moment in time? You always manage to get some of the things done already that is important, but not always leaving much time for yourself, which leads to you becoming imbalanced with energy, your inner person ignored and you feeling out-of-sorts.

You can become more productive and give yourself more time just by learning to prioritize and keeping focus on doing what is most important and not worrying so much about what cannot get done during the time you have given. It is important to remind yourself dear ones that some things are just out of your control, and it does not do you any good to worry about such things. Worry is a kind of action that depletes your precious energy, taking sensitive energy that could have used elsewhere, leaving you tired and sometimes frustrated with yourself and with life. Even the most productive person has a backlog of things and needs that they know need attention, but their primary focus is on what is most important and if they have room for something else, then they discern at that time which of the least important things can move up and become completed or achieved. You have the ability dear ones to change the dynamics of your life simply by learning to become more organized with what is important and what is not so much.

Adding more is not the answer when you already have too much to do to begin with. When you know you have no extra time, don’t try to squeeze in more things to do. Know your limit and stick to it. You will do no one any good, especially yourself if you burn yourself out. Remember you are an important person. You may not always feel important, but you are here not only to fill a job description, but to put your best foot forward in all you do, serving and giving your heart in all aspects of life as God works endlessly through your selfless efforts.

When you find yourself becoming overwhelmed you find yourself easily stressed and when you reach such a state you are no longer really productive, you are just going through the motions, and you become more counterproductive simply because you are mentally and emotionally tired and when you are so fatigued, this lack of energy will eventually effect your health and lower the good positive energy you normally emit. What you cannot complete in an 8 or even 12 hour day will have to wait for the next day. Don’t fret over it, rise above it, accept it and don’t let this become you. You are not your work, or your co-workers, or your friends and family; you are you. It can be hard at first, learning to balance your emotions with what is going in your life, but it is not impossible.

Remember dear ones, it isn’t all about time, but more about balance. When you learn to balance your time and energy along with your emotions and feelings, your whole life benefits. Living a balanced life, requires you to put aside adequate attention to the important things in life that do include your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Just because you are a little busy, doesn’t mean you cannot find ways or methods that are creative as well as productive and efficient. When you no longer are caring about what you are doing, then there is no balance and productivity is minimum. We do understand that some of your duties or tasks are mundane and boring, but that doesn’t mean they should be done sloppily. Everything that you do and touch, if done with the heart and soul in balance will carry quality and personal excellence, which also demonstrates a healthy balance of your inner and outer self.

Balance, like anything else is about you making choices. You need to choose if you want quantity out of life or quality. It is hard to make both happen at the same time, you need to choose one over the other. When you raise the quality of your life, your saying without even speaking the words that you understand what is important requires your focus and you are willing to set limits in order to get these things done.

Family, professional, personal and spiritual commitments can often cause complications to your inner balance and that is only because you try to do too much and allow yourself to get caught up in other people’s drama. Prioritizing is important, not only in your professional life, but in your personal, family and spiritual life as well. You already know dear ones that life is about making choices and sometimes you just have to say no without feeling guilty.

Of course when you take the time to apply more energy into accomplishing your tasks or goals, you are adding quality into your efforts. Quality is something that cannot be rushed. When you are adding quality, you are caring, demonstrating love and kindness towards what you are doing. And this caring energy can be applied in all facets of life. Understand dear ones, the discipline and determination you use to ensure each step to your task or goal is done right will reward you with successful outcomes, and if for some reason your outcome was not quite what you had envisioned, then you have given yourself something to learn from. Nothing you do is ever a waste, when all has purpose.

Balancing life as we have said before requires you to make choices, especially when determining what is most important to what is least important. Doing less may take you longer, but in the long run, the quality you put out far outweighs the time needed. In addition, you will discover you have more time for yourself. It does not feel good when you are rushed. We know there are some things that have deadlines that need to be done by a certain time. Don’t become frazzled and anxious, take each step at a time, don’t forget to breathe and prioritize what is needed that would be most effective and do it with all your heart and soul effort. Balance can be added to even the most time-sensitive tasks, when you come from a mindset that is calm and at peace. You can bring joy into every aspect of your life simply by learning that less is more and when you apply yourself with quality instead of quantity you feel a greater sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction.

When you are setting priorities, list what is most important and be realistic. Only add what really needs to get done and what would contribute to adding more time and quality to your life. If you have any doubt on something you are unsure about, then don’t add it as a priority. Comprehend the highest of priorities will take up a greater portion of your time. Therefore, don’t permit secondary undertakings to become more important. Remember if something is of a low priority, then it does not get so much of your time or energy. Be firm with your priorities.

When you do finally make a plan for yourself, or a goal, commit to it. If you have planned to go for leisurely walk, or meet an old friend, or do something with your family; then don’t allow yourself to become distracted by something that unexpectedly crossed your path. Your plans are valuable. Your word to yourself is just as important as it is to another dear soul. Learning to use time efficiently seems to be a huge challenge for so many dear souls. So many people are trying to cram so much in a single day, then wonder later on why they are sick or extremely tired. Always try to find ways that enable you to complete more but in less time that demonstrate your creative side. Stop dwelling on how many hours you have at work to complete certain tasks. Think of each task as small projects and determine how much time you are willing to commit to each one. Make it a point to recognize how valuable you are to workplace and why your quality of skill is important. Remember you are here for a reason.

Sometimes when you see other people’s work, it inspires you to find more creative solutions to your own work. You can construct so many new opportunities just by adding more creativity and focus to your work. When you shift your focus, you change what you are seeing. Many times, observing what your fellow co-worker, or student, or even neighbour is doing will help develop new friendships that have the potential of lasting a life time. Having a balanced life also includes bringing balance and harmony to your physical body and you do this by providing yourself with adequate exercise, diet and rest. If your health is poor, then your focus will be clouded. Treat your body like the temple it is. When you respect your whole self that includes your physical self, you will feel better and perform better, which will promote a more meaningful and harmonious life.

From prioritizing what is most important to what is least and not attaching worry to what you cannot finish in a day you will find you have more time to decompress. It is important to your own well-being dear ones to find time in each day to relax and open your heart. Let the worries of your day leave you for the day is over and done. Give yourself some quality time that will help relieve stress and anxiety. Making time for meditation, prayer, and sitting in quiet contemplation are all great ways to bring balance back into your inner self that will help you unwind after a busy day.

As we prepare to end this week’s transmission, think of the ways you decompress. Are they effective or do you think they need to be upgraded? After prioritizing what needs your focus the most, how do you feel? Your feelings are important dear ones. They tell you what is going on inside of you and where your focus is or should be. Are you listening?

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller

Melchizedek via Julie Miller – Moving Towards Integrity – 3-8-15

Mario Gattoaladino

Lady Nada via Julie Miller – From Your Beautiful Bright Heart – 3-5-15

Mario Gattoaladino


El Morya via Julie Miller – Meeting Your Buoyant True Self – 3-3-15

Mario Gattoaladino


Serapis Bey via Julie Miller – Present In Cognition – 2-27-15

Searapis Bey

Present in Cognition

February 27 – March 6, 2015
received by Julie Miller

The function of your roles and tasks can be implemented at different levels, solely depending on the quality of effort you apply to your inner work. You know this is true when it comes to your cognitive abilities.

When you are positive in your thought forms, this energy is transferred endlessly into your actions…one good thought leads to another and so on.

But for some dear folks whose thoughts run on sensory perception from any event or circumstance, which makes controlling and directing your thoughts can be a bit more difficult but never impossible.

Many dear souls, possibly even yourself have been known to become so immersed into their own thoughts, that they couldn’t hear their inner voice speaking to them, urging and guiding them in brighter, newer directions, providing answers to questions asked of themselves.

You roam in your thoughts, you try to understand what they may represent, but not truly thinking them, it is your thoughts that are thinking you. Many times you live in a ‘me’ world and it is primarily based on your thoughts.

Any time you are required to consider something, what you are actually doing is also called sensitive thinking.

You did this when you were at school and sometimes at work by working on certain tasks or assignments…it is what you do when addressing a specific topic, issue or even problem that demands decent effort and consideration.

Moving in the realms of your sensitive energy dear ones, you are constantly in contact with your thoughts and you are purposely thinking them because you trying to solve something intentionally. It is you, no one else that has the ability to propel your thoughts along certain paths that you are choosing.

It is you that recognizes and assesses each thought and removes or ignores what is uncomfortable, and only reach for solutions that are easy and don’t stray too far from whatever topic or area that has taken hold of your thoughts.

When you are in the company of another dear soul and they are sharing and talking with you, you are also operating from the mode of sensitive thinking because you are listening intently and with pure focus.

You are focused on the words spoken, allowing their meaning take shape in your perception.

It is when you realize you are no longer listening that you become irritated when the person speaking to you asks for a response…you are caught not thinking sensitively and not paying attention so it irritates you but brings your attention back.

Learning to just listen to what is being said requires discipline of quieting the mind and to focus on the person who is talking, not judging the moment, but appreciating the connectedness that is being made.

When someone is sharing with you, regardless what the topic of discussion is, there is absolutely no need to inwardly assess, judge or prepare for any possible denials. You are just listening, sensitively and with focus.

There are no defenses raised. You are sharing in the moment, allowing the person to finish speaking respectfully before deciding if you agree or not.

Taking the time to hear the person out fully, and taking the time to understand fully what is being said helps lessen ignorance and for you to see that what is common is the need to communicate, to share, because sharing promotes growth and development, it fosters respect and appreciation that all comes from active listening that emits sensitive, caring energy.

When you are coming from a state of conscious energy, you are able to occupy your mind without putting too much thought or visual into it, but at the same time putting yourself fully into the moment.

You have always been able to be present in pure cognition, which comes before and extends to more than mere thought. Here is where the great cognizant or knowing found in stillness is met—in the space of pure awareness that fills and holds everything that includes every thought you can create.

Being in this state, not even your ordinary thoughts can interfere or touch you when you are conscious and aware.

When you stand in the background of your thoughts, in the space of all your experiences, you will see that everything will pass through this necessary space. Try to comprehend and to remember dear ones that you are always more than any particular content that is playing in your life.

While standing in the consciousness of your mind, you are given the ability to expand your boundaries that are affected by your own thoughts.

You are able to observe and address, see people, things and objects or even subjects by unswerving perception without your mind overworking or thinking it needs to be a filter. You are simply seeing things exactly as they are; purely, simply and directly.

True seeing is not as mysterious as many dear souls may think. All you are doing is allowing your thoughts to come and to go, not buying into them or allowing them to take over. You are observing them, but not reacting or responding with bias or irritation. You are just simply seeing and being.

It is true dear ones, the amount of pure energy that is at work in your mind, and the deeper your thought process is, will bring you to deeper insights.

As you walk or even sit while contemplating on something that is pressing, you permit your mind to go over it. Your purpose to contemplate is not to fix the pressing issue, it is to allow your thoughts to come and go so your vision on the issue is clear and unclouded by emotional reactions and responses.

You are not directed or controlled by your thoughts. By not becoming your thoughts by allowing them to simply pass, you will be able to calm your mind, and as fewer thoughts enter, your vision of what to do next is less obscured.

Deep thinking, will always move you beyond your mundane thinking…it promotes cognizant stillness, improves awareness and brings about deeper and more understanding insights.

Now if you take the time to question a particular subject or an issue that has come up that requires your immediate focus, one that demands understanding from you; determine the questions for more than a few days.

Contemplate on the questions. Allow your thoughts to come while allowing yourself to be open to learn more on the subject or issue.

Regardless if your own personal viewpoints are sound, you be astounded to learn how fixated and attached you have been towards your opinions and whatever truth you thought you knew was merely an emotional attachment to the specific issue or subject.

So much information can be gained merely by allowing your thoughts to come and to go, allowing the answers to come in due time; not by rushing and seeking, but by finding what you need to know is already there within you, not from any external source.

As you can see dear ones, deep thinking is the conscious energy of all stillness. When you reach clear, internal stillness, when you are completely aware of your inner peace and tranquility, you are given a very important key towards implementing purity in your efforts that encourages excellence in all you do.

When you take off all your walls, all your masks and put your ego aside, what you have left is natural pureness. When you finally release yourself from the grip of self-centeredness, you are able to live in that internal stillness.

When you are in the center of cognizant stillness of your heart-mind, the conscious energy that surrounds you and becomes you, propels you to understand and to clearly determine that pure consciousness has absolutely no boundaries or restrictions, there is no center and no partitions.

In the realm of consciousness dear ones, there is no room for egoic self-centeredness.

Then, does purity matter? Yes dear ones is sure does. The clearer you are in your thoughts, the greater and more meaningful your actions are; the actions that are pure, that are filled with inner excellence that comes from a place of deep love and respect for what you are aiming to accomplish.

As we near the end of this week’s transmission, you are encouraged dear ones to think how you can bring excellence into your inner self. Since so much of your life is caught up in your thoughts, it is paramount to understand how wisdom is found. Can you conclude that true wisdom does not think, but sees?

This would mean that true wisdom functions as pure consciousness in your mind. Take some quality time and observe the quality of your thoughts. Are your thoughts based on excellence, purity, or are they filled with egoic self-centeredness?

Deep thinking will help provide you with the answers you seek when exploring and discovering your Self at all levels.

Learning to listen to your inner self takes great patience and discipline to tune out all external noise…silent contemplation will help develop your intuition which help you understand more from the workings of your inner self.

When you understand more of your inner self, you will be able to demonstrate more of your pure, authentic self in every action, word and choice with clarity.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller

Lady Nada via Julie Miller – Asserting Your Whole Self – 2-27-15

Lady Nada: Asserting Your Whole Self, Received by Julie Miller,, February 26, 2015

Beautiful Bright Hearts, when you consider the meaning of self-esteem and self-confidence, are sometimes confused by their individual meaning or think they mean the same thing? Even though self-esteem does effect self-confidence, they are not the same.

Most of you by now have an understanding of what self-esteem is, but there are a few among you that misunderstand its difference to self-confidence. What self-esteem is, is your own personal evaluation of you self-worth…in other words, how you think of yourself. It is true that self-esteem is primarily based on what you believe in regards to your own personal value and of your own emotional and mental perception of those very beliefs.

Do you think you are capable of meeting personal goals or do you think you are incapable? If you consider yourself capable of achieving personal goals, regardless how long they take then Beautiful Bright Hearts the relating emotions and feelings correspond to feelings of pride or accomplishment. Yet if you believe that you are unable to achieve any of your personal goals, then what you are anchoring is feelings of sadness, helplessness, even despair or indignity.

Self-esteem can be observed in as little as one area of your life, or you can become aware of many instances where your self-esteem is either weak or strong. If you believe you are a good cook, and feel proud of this knowing, what you are basically doing is broadening your experience every time you prepare, cook and serve your meals. Believing in your goodness and feeling satisfied with yourself rewards you more than anyone’s praise.

The dear souls that have healthy a self-esteem often demonstrate self-respect, self-love, integrity for themselves and a great knowing and acceptance of their whole self. They are not striving to be perfect, they are striving to be whole and complete. Sometimes dear souls that demonstrate a healthy self-esteem come across as self-centered. Their ego gets in the way of their true, genuine light. A little humility every once in a while, that comes when one least expects it, is a great way to re-center and bring forth a more humbled nature.

Self-confidence, on the other-hand Beautiful Bright Hearts is a measurement of the beliefs you have over your own judgment, decisions, skills, talents and abilities. A self-confident individual may also incorporate various levels of any future performance and action that they expect and assume from themselves. Self-confidence is closely connected to being self-assured…it’s about what you think you can actually do or attain.

One of the biggest threats to your personal or spiritual success is your fear of failure or of making a mistake. If you are truly confident with your whole self, then you are well aware of what you can do and what you cannot and you have the ability to apply pure concentrated focus into your efforts to ensure success in the directions you have chosen to walk. Mistakes don’t weaken you, they provide you with detailed information of what not to do.

Even through self-esteem and self-confidence distinctively different, they are also connected and go hand-in-hand, and you can utilize them at the same time. One is not more important than the other; each has an important part in whatever goal you have planned for yourself to reach. In order to truly satisfied, happy and to live full and whole you need to have a healthy balance of both.

The Beautiful Bright Hearts that behave and reflect healthy self-esteem and healthy confidence will be obvious in their words, actions and choices. They are assertive with their abilities and know how far they can push themselves with confidence. They accept that they are not perfect, because perfect is not what they are aiming to reach…as they are aiming to just be themselves, fully complete and whole in all things.

Self-confidence and self-esteem if often lacking in many areas of your goals. So often you fight what you are wanting to become out of fear. The moment you relax, your open yourself to encouraging outcomes and new possibilities. Adversity will always affect your self-worth, but it is up to you for how long the duration and to maintain a healthy mental attitude. Confidence can be increased through positive actions you take that will lead you towards successful completions and outcomes. It is your successful outcomes Beautiful Bright Hearts that provide you with ample reasons to approve yourself which in turn will increase your self-esteem—one side harmoniously feeds the other.

As we prepare to end this week’s transmission take some time to think about when you have experienced high or low self-esteem or self-confidence and determine how it differs from now. Can you easily determine that it is your own self-esteem that raises or diminishes your self-confidence? To achieve in anything, you have to believe in the goals you have planned for. You will be greeted with obstacles that are meant to try to distract you, but if you are fully focused and aware, you will make room for changes if they apply to what you are doing, then carry on with your goal until you are done. The more you believe in yourself, the more success you will have. I know this, God definitely knows this, now you need to believe that you can.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Lady Nada through Julie Miller

El Morya via Julie Miller – Faith Quenches the Thirsty Soul – 2-24-15


Faith Quenches the Thirsty Soul

Julie Miller
February 24 – March 3, 2015

Is faith unseeing, is it more than wishful thinking or is it more? It is more. Faith is a pure expression of hope when you are reaching for something more, something better…

Yes it is more than a wish as it is closer to being a belief but not exactly. Since beliefs are derived from the mind, that would mean faith is heart-based.

Even when what you are hoping for has no guarantees, your actions towards what you are trying to achieve are pure of faith. No matter how well intended a parent may be, they cannot determine exactly how their child will become or what kind of adult they will be or how successful they will be later on in life.

When you are choosing a life-long partner, you do not know at the very beginning all their faults, their misbehaviours, or how they will become after the honeymoon effect is over. But children are still being born and marriages are still occurring simply because people have faith that both will be fulfilling, meaningful and love that will last a lifetime.

Faith is never an action of the mind, nor does it speak of ego. Ego cannot exist where there is pure love. Understand dear ones, every time you act in pure faith, you are expressing yourself from hope, which is derived from love that moves you further beyond the consciousness of your mind.

If you look around you, including the people that have come and went in your lives, what remains comes from faith; faith in yourself, in the people closest to you, faith in your potential you have yet to fulfill, faith in God, faith in the beauty of the world around you, and faith in so much more.

We know, you know that the world is full of so much hatred and brutality. You don’t need a diagram to outline this. But even with all the injustice going on in your global backyard, there also thrives compassionate actions, tender giving, genuine concern and empathy that is derived from pure love found within the deepest regions of the selfless heart.

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you didn’t have faith in your own abilities or in those closest to you? How would your life had turned out if all you believed of your own self was crass and negative?

Without faith in yourself or in others, how could you liberate yourself from self-doubt or ignorance? Faith, combined with Hope is like water to a drought starved plant, it quenches deeply down to your roots, to your very soul.

If you think of faith as a gift, that simply would mean you understand faith is not something you can earn.

Gifts are not earned. All you need to do dear ones is ask and God provides this gift and to activate this gift, you must believe that the gift of faith is yours and to make it work in all things. If you don’t try, how do you know you won’t succeed?

It is necessary to comprehend that filling yourself with faith is only part of what is needed to turn things around…it’s not just about saying what you believe and hope for, it’s actually about doing something to show just how strongly you believe. If you believe strongly in what you are aiming to achieve, then your thoughts, feelings, intentions, words, actions and choices will reflect this positive change in attitude and demeanor. We see many times, people saying one thing, but not acting on what they are saying; they often contradict themselves.

If you believe in something of yourself or of a goal you are trying to attain, then show your faith and hope through your actions; demonstrate the purity of your heart in all you do. If your actions are misunderstood, then maybe that is your indication that you have misunderstood something yourself.

Every interaction you have is your opportunity to demonstrate who you are a person, each interaction offers you so much to learn of your Self in action. Interactions are not just about what the other person is doing or their response, it is also about yours.

Think about this for a moment, there is young man long ago who wanted to contribute to his corner of the world but was not strong like the other men so going to fight for his country was not possible and he was feeling down and miserable for a long time when he was approached by God that there was something he could do.

He was once again filled with hope and faith that he had something to contribute even though he may not ever get to enjoy the fruit of his labour. He planted apple trees all over his region. He walked everywhere, planting seeds in warm, sunny meadows that would be enjoyed by the many people that settled along the banks and places where these trees grew.

They not only offered food, but shade, shelter and places for gatherings during various times of the year. He went from not having hope, to having faith that he could do something that would benefit the country he lived in, in years to come.

Many thought what this young man who became an old man was wasting his time and sometimes thought he was an eccentric old fool, but when it came to biting down into a fresh and juicy apple, I’m sure this thought would the furthest from their mind.

Just because you cannot see right now the good of your actions, doesn’t mean your actions won’t produce the sweetest of fruits.When you plant your goodness that is joined with hope and faith, what you will be harvesting is love and not a love that is picky and choosey, but a love for all things, for all people and for all creatures that is pure and unconditional.

Don’t just begin things today that are just for you now, but plan for what and who will come after you because of what you began. Become an inspiration for others to follow, empower yourself by believing in what you can accomplish and have faith in who and what you are.

If you want to succeed in something, don’t become discouraged because you can see signs of growth right away. Personal and spiritual growth cannot always be measured like a child or a seedling that is beginning to sprout.

It takes time, love and care, a little patience, tolerance and perseverance. You will grow and you will develop, all in good time. So keep sharing love and care with yourself as you give to others and your inner garden will grow from every hopeful grain of faith you can muster.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller

Melchizedek via Julie Miller – Becoming Your Attention – 2-23-15



Melchizedek: Becoming Your Attention.

Received by Julie Miller,, February 22, 2015


Here is an honest question to begin this week’s transmission: If you are not either your personality, your thoughts or your feelings and emotions, or your physical body, then who and what are you? It is a question that provides pretty deep answers that will keep you on your toes for your entire life.

You may come to some answers that will sound nice, but will mislead you. It is a kind of question that depends on your awareness at every interval, testing how conscious you are. Yet regardless how adept you are at being aware and mindful, neither can make choices nor act.

Your awareness merely serves as a viewing screen which all that you perceive, all the choices you are about to make and the actions you take are projected. Even if you allow yourself to lay comfortably in your awareness, by no means does this mean you are awareness. It is important to discern the distinctions simply because as you enter deeper and higher realms of consciousness and spirituality your will becomes an increased concern.

It is well understood and determined that consciousness is simply an energy, but your will is not. Your consciousness, if you are not watchful can tempt you to believing that whatever your mental state is, that is who you are. Becoming more and more conscious in all things and in all ways is not a bad thing, for to live consciously removes you from living from your egoic, false self.

We observe often, many dear souls thinking and believing in a false identity, taking from others for themselves, not being true to their heart or to the world around them. Too many dear souls are competing to be better than the next person or to have their talents or to be them, instead of focusing on themselves and what they themselves can bring forth and shine from.

It is important to comprehend that consciousness is not the only inward part of our complete self. Because you can direct and apply focus to your consciousness, even your awareness, determines that there is something much deeper within you than mere consciousness. Simply put, you are not your consciousness. The great sages have been teaching this for years; in order to move within the deeper depths of consciousness, you must also move further beyond it.

The simplest way of entering the deeper depths of consciousness and propelling yourself beyond it is by going inward, exploring and discovering who you truly are and applying your concentrated focus on bringing your authentic self to the surface. This means all masks and walls must come down and to stop pretending. With enough practice of directing your attention towards yourself, you become the witness to all that goes on from you.

We know many of the tasks you do throughout your day already requires your attention in order to do a job well or to get through the day without too much difficulty.

Yet, there are many things dear ones that you take for granted. Many things slip your attention simply because of its familiarity. But at the same time your pure focus and attention is a primary core aspect of who you are, for who each of you are, as attention is truly a power and force of your will.

Try this for a few moments: Apply your full focus; this includes your eyes, you mind and your perception on an object that is nearby and hold your concentrated focus and attention there. Normally all there is, is you and the object of your attention. Now we ask you to increase this, by becoming your full attention, by becoming this conduit of focused attention that has you focusing on your perception that is forwarded to the object.

By no means, does this indicate that you are being your eyes or your perception or your awareness or even the object, but being the action of concentrating, and being the focusing. Get on your attention as simply your attention. When you participate, you are not participating as you but as attention. Be only attention.

Become the act of concentrating your awareness, in a continuous way as you firmly hold your focus on a particular physical object. Instead of allowing your attention to wander aimlessly, making you only partially engaged, practice being entirely in your full concentrated attention and stay in this place for several minutes.

If you can succeed with this little experiment, it can open a more vivid experience of living: seeing exactly what you are seeing, without the many distractions getting in the way, hearing exactly what you are hearing and doing exactly just what you are doing. Being in the now moment, means being fully focused in that precise moment, receiving right there a sharper view of the world around you.

Regardless of what is holding your attention; be it a fragrance, a thought, an animal, a feeling or sensation…whatever it is that you are giving your undivided attention and focus to raises the perceptive value of what you are being attentive to. What does this do for you personally? Simply put and easily answered, it propels you to move along a brighter direction of your path to becoming more of your true and authentic self.

Remember back when you learned to ride a bicycle for the first time. In order to improve you had to practice. You had to learn what it took to pedal your bike short distances. You had to climb back on after falling off, possibly many times. These actions are repeated until you got the hang of it and your confidence was peaked.

Once you mastered the science of pedaling your bike a whole new world opened up and you were able to reach so much more because of the focused attention you just applied through practice and effort. As you sit in the central core of your focused attention, you are transforming your mundane awareness by gifting it with presence from the core level.

Practicing becoming more attentive with the little experiment shared here may seem elusive at times. But like with anything, the more your practice and work with it, the more you understand it and discover its deeper meaning which helps you find your attention. As your perceptions become more cultivated and pure, the truth of becoming your attention becomes clear, as does its significance to your entire way of living and being.

As we near the end of this week’s transmission practice being more attentive, by applying more focus and concentrated effort. Take note of the conclusions you discover and how more clear your perception has developed as you become more alert and aware to all that is in the vicinity of your life. Being your own observer and witness will liberate you from your egoic ideals and deliver you to your authentic self with confidence to shine from this pure place in every step that you take.

I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller

Lady Nada via Julie Miller – Growing a Garden of Compassion – 2-20-15

ladyNadaLady Nada   via  Julie Miller

Growing a Garden of Compassion


The era which you are in, is rich with so many advancements in nearly all areas imaginable. Information is being supplied to you constantly, at every hour and from many different cultural approaches and belief systems.

With so many self-help resources, literally at your fingertips, self-education and the development of your whole self has become a much more joyful experience.

The only major problem that can arise, is deciphering from all that coming through the information highway within your Internet is a chore…discerning what you really need from all the distractions that can lure you off track.

As the wise Dalai Lama once mentioned, for one to be truly happy, practice compassion; that is all no more no less.

For when you practice compassion in all things regardless of the circumstance or event, you are coming from a peaceful place of mind, open and clear in your thinking and accepting that all things have reason and purpose and behind every single one, there is something to learn and grow from.

Happiness that is real and true cannot be found from anything external; not your job, not your spouse, not your children and definitely not the material things you have collected over the years.

True happiness comes only from you and to achieve true happiness and to bring it forward daily and consistently, it is more than going inward and bringing out the good that is found there, but it is also discovered within your relationships and connections with others, regardless if those others are friend, co-worker, family or stranger.

It is true Beautiful Bright Hearts, when you genuinely care about other people, the love that comes from you not only helps them to feel better, but also boosts how you feel towards yourself.

So many dear souls truly think that they want to be loved, when in fact what they wish for the most is to feel that they are loving and caring by others.

For others to think of you as being genuinely caring; practicing compassion and true kindness will encourage happiness to be a constant part of your daily life, not just in fleeting moments.

Even if you are not someone who is normally empathetic towards others, you can improve on being more compassionate towards other people by recognizing that you do have a compassionate heart.

A great way Beautiful Bright Hearts to know that you are compassionate and kind towards others is being able to put yourself in another’s shoes.

You can understand from your own experience what it is like to lose a job, to have a partner leave you, or to discover you have an illness, or any other sudden life-changing turn life can bring.

Being able to relate, even in the smallest of ways helps bring people together, makes them feel less vulnerable and alone.

A true compassionately, kind person, is someone that is outward-focused simply because they have the ability to not only think but to feel the low energy others who are suffering may be exhibiting.

It is always easy to feel compassion for someone who has gone through a similar experience as you have.

It takes a lot more effort to be compassionate and kind towards someone who is going through something you have never dealt with, but it is not impossible when you try to imagine yourself in their shoes.

It is okay to admit that you don’t know first-hand what they are going through, while at the same time being kind and supportive, open to learn from their experience and to help lift them up from feeling they are a victim of anything, but a survivor of life’s many unpredictable challenges.

Another way to demonstrate that you are a truly compassionate and kind individual is that you don’t put any emphasis on money.

Yes, you need money to pay bills, to put a roof over your head and to purchase food if you don’t farm it yourself, but even farmers require money to grow and maintain their crops.

But money does not buy long-lasting, true happiness. All money will do is get you from one thrill to the next; short-lived happiness that keeps you yearning for more gadgets that require more money.

You appreciate the simple things in life that does not come from money at all, as it is derived from following your heart in all instances that comes through from gentle and loving ministrations.

Being kind to yourself is a great way Beautiful Bright Hearts to cultivate true compassion.

Self-compassion and self-love is the hardest of things for many of God’s beautiful sons and daughters to achieve on a consistent basis.

Many dear souls are extremely hard on themselves; attaching great expectations on themselves that sometimes are foolhardy and damaging to their own self-worth.

To feel compassionate towards another, you must be able to demonstrate true compassion towards yourself first. If you don’t love yourself for all that you are, how can you love another for the same things?

By practicing self-compassion and self-love you are teaching others that compassion and kindness is gift that is meant to be shared, not hoarded for yourself.

When you are giving compassion Beautiful Bright Hearts, you are giving a part of yourself through your open demonstrate of inner-strength, heart-given wisdom and ability to guide by personal experience.

When you can empower another dear soul by your own uplifting example, then you are able to see clearly who you really are at a greater and more divine capacity than thought before, while not expecting anything in return because your gift of compassion and kindness is always unconditional.

Guiding and supporting others by being compassionate and kind role models brings forth true and divine grace as you come to the realization that this gift of compassion was something each of you already have and is meant to be shared with each other.

When you think of mindfulness, compassion plays a large role. You are able to put yourself in the present moment.

Someone who is truly compassionate, is mindful and attentive when they are interacting with others.

They are not checking to see who has recently left them a message, they are present with their focus when they are in the company of another. Attentive listening and understanding is critical to your ability to demonstrating a true compassionate heart.

As you become more mindful, you develop new relationships with your feelings and emotions and you learn to let them go, as you understand they are just passing through.

You become emotionally mature enough to realize and to understand that getting caught up in your emotional thought forms is not productive or helpful.

Learning to clear your mind from emotional and mental overload will help you see clearly and be able to understand what is needed at every moment, offering you an opportunity to demonstrate from your heart, pure and genuine kindness and compassion.

We have noticed that some dear souls over-express gratitude. It is not necessary to express thanks and gratitude in every sentence at every interaction or even in every comment.

That is the ego talking. If you are inspired by something you have read or witnessed, giving verbal or written thanks is not always required. Allowing the experience to move you through active demonstration is a way to show your gratitude.

Doing things that feel good is often thought to be selfish but in truth is not. But when you do things that feel good to you for other people, there is a reciprocating feeling of betterment of yourself…a light fills your whole being that signals that you did well. This deep and profound feeling is your thanks.

Remember, even when facing something that is perceived as negative, there are an equal amount of positives; you simply have to change your thoughts to see from a different perception.

Some people will make up clever excuses, saying that, “it’s easier said than done,” and other similar lines, but in truth, it is that simple, you just have to want to try.

Just thinking and wishing gratitude towards others will provide happiness to your own moment in life.

Well-wishing is a long, practiced mental exercise that does not require dialogue with another.

Just by thinking thankful thoughts that are truly kind and genuinely compassionate towards another brings about more happy feelings that have the capability of being long-lasting.

Take the time Beautiful Bright Hearts to slow down a little, and express yourself genuinely that reflects your loving and caring side more often.

Sprinkling a little love here and there will help grow and cultivate a lovely garden filled with compassion and kindness for all, including yourself of course.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Lady Nada through Julie Miller


Serapis Bey via Julie Miller – Making Time for Happiness – 2-2-15-15

SerapisBey.2jpgSerapis Bey

Making Time for Happiness
February 20 – 27, 2015
received by Julie Miller
February 20, 2015

What does it mean to have a structured lifestyle? Cultivating a more structured lifestyle is the foundation for living life fully and with meaning that provides contentment as the outcome.

How many times dear ones have you muttered, “I wish I had more time today?”

What this could easily indicate is that you lack structure in your life and find it difficult to manage your time. Lacking structure is not taboo, but from what we observe, the dear souls that are disciplined and understand the necessity of good time management have obtained routine and structure that enables them to get the things that matter the most to be done. One of the great motivators of cultivating more structure into your life is happiness.

Those that are more structured in their day-to-day living don’t worry what they can’t get done and are able to sleep fitfully. Of course adding more structure can be described as being a broad term. And depending on your individual needs, you will discover a number of ways that you can achieve greater balance and peace not only in your home, but at your workplace as well.

It is important dear ones to be able to discern if you lack structure. Pay attention to the things you are doing and how many of your goals you have actually met. Take time to explore and to experiment different ideas and ways until you find methods that you can make use of easily every day.

Learn to not do everything at once. Pick and choose what is important by determining what is more crucial and necessary and if something seems to be less important than others, then put it aside.

Don’t fret over what isn’t done right away. Prioritize what is most important to what is least important and stick to your plans. Remember life is not written on stone, there are no exact guidelines one must follow in order to create a life that is satisfying that also provides contentment and happiness.

Life in itself is an experiment, learning why things went wrong, how to make things better, becoming better focused and know what it is you want to achieve personally and spiritually that will have great, positive effects in other areas of life. Remember dear ones, this is your life.

Anyone can advise you, I can advise you through support, God can guide you, but it is you that must take that advice and guidance and turn it into action.

Many people swear that by waking up at least an hour earlier than normal provides an incredible change to one’s life. Starting a little earlier provides you with time to get the little things done that may be normally ignored that later on creates stress.

Giving yourself more time at the start of your day may be hard to do for some folks, but it will reward you by being more awake and positive.

You may be giving yourself more time to pray, meditate, exercise, enjoy early morning solitude as the sun rises; the list is endless at what you can accomplish when you give yourself that extra time in the morning.

As we mentioned earlier, learn what your priorities are and focus on completing what is most important. Don’t add on more tasks when you still have unfinished work or goals.

Simplify your life by simplifying your to-do list. Your life is already filled with stress from the daily challenges that meet you throughout your day, you do deserve to give yourself time to enjoy life and to be productive at the same time.

It may be hard to apply this at work when many things are time sensitive, but even then you know what needs to be done and when and you focus on what is most essential. You can do this for your personal and spiritual quests as well.

Put your attention on the things that would be the best use of your time and most rewarding. Even if you get fewer tasks or goals completed, you will be much happier because you kept things simple.

There is no reason to rush anything when it comes to the development of your Self. No matter how sound someone’s guideline to living a better life may be, it is still just their perception.

Remember everything gets done when it is meant to. You will not reach new heights in consciousness unless you are ready and who deems you to be ready is God.

So slow down, and enjoy life. Stop rushing to do this and that and find a pace that suits you where you can take in more and not miss many of the beautiful gifts God has been sharing with you since you woke for the day.

When you are not working, take the time to enjoy the scenery, even if all your scenery are busy streets filled with people rushing to get somewhere, if possible leave your bus one stop early and walk the rest home, relax when you eat; don’t worry if your food gets cold, learn to savour life in every bite.

Bringing about a more structured and disciplined lifestyle does require patience with yourself and with those around you.

As a parent you understand the necessity of being patient with your children as they grow from babies to adolescents to adults. Patience doesn’t end there. Patience is one of those virtues that is always necessary to maintain but very few succeed at mastering it all the time.

Patience is not just a virtue dear ones it is also an essential skill. The more you practice patience, the happier you’ll be. It may hurt sometimes to bite your lashing tongue back, but you’ll be better for it.

There are so many things you can to that would raise more structure into your life; practicing compassion consistently is one of the most important methods of bringing balance into your life.

For you to practice compassion towards others, first you need to practice compassion with yourself. From your effort of being compassionate towards yourself, you’ll be more empathetic towards others that may be going through a difficult trial or tribulation.

You will come across as kind and understanding. Compassion also can be described as invaluable skill. A skill that is appreciated by all people of all class and creed.

Being able to alleviate other people’s suffering is a great reliever of stress, it humbles you and encourages genuine kindness through your actions.

Actions that are compassionate have a way of encouraging happiness to enter your life more often and affect those closest to you as they are able to feel the warmth of your energy, even if you don’t say a single word.

You know life is hard. You have met many difficult challenges, some were easier to work through while others were very difficult. A great and effective way of moving past challenges of any difficulty is by thinking positively.

It is too easy to follow your negative emotions and to act out with negative words and actions. It takes great inner strength to re-focus your thoughts and to stay on track.

Keeping a few positive affirmations nearby, in your purse, wallet or even on your computer, tablet or cellular phone will help remind you of the healing affects a positive mindset brings.

As you go through life you will find that it is important to set goals, some short term and others long term.

The reason you do this is for planning your life and determining what is most important for you to accomplish in the near or far future. As you determine what your goals are, it is important to review those goals by putting up specific times as checkpoints.

This allows you to see if you have remained on track or if you have become derailed. It also shows you areas where you may have lacked understanding and misunderstood what you needed to do.

Reviewing your goals also helps you to re-prioritize what is important once again, being realistic on what you know you can accomplish. To make any goal a reality, you need to be purely focused on bringing each step into light, by applying your concentrated effort in each step.

It sounds like hard work because it is, but what we have also observed dear ones is, when you want something bad enough, you will do what it takes that fits your own beliefs, sometimes stretching comfort zones that will bring yourself to a successful conclusion.

Adding structure and balance into your life is not some project you can start one day and think to be done by the next. It will take time. Start slow with small steps. Pick up the pace when you see promising results from your current efforts. Don’t begin plans for more than one goal at a time.

It may sound very slow, but learning to focus on just one thing will help you achieve your goals and provide you with the incentive to pick out larger and larger goals as your confidence rises.

When things become a little much and you feel overwhelmed by the tasks of your goal, then slow down, readjust by reviewing your plans. Remember dear ones, there is no need to rush. You have the rest of your life to accomplish the goals that mean the most to you.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller

Melchizedek via Julie Miller – Maintaining Your Driving Force – 1-15-15





Maintaining Your Driving Force

Channeler:  Julie Miller
February 15 – 22, 2015

It is well understood that in order to attract good and positive things into your life, you first must cultivate the desire for it. Without having drive or desire, you will not cultivate anything new to come into your life, you will be unable to manifest anything.

Before an athlete can become great at what he or she does, they first must have the passion and desire to train, to have an objective or goal and to love what they do enough to become better each day.

You see this also with businesses that started from someone’s dream—they had a desire and a dream, they persisted because they believed and this belief in their dream or ambition fueled them into positive action.

It takes concentrated effort to bring goals into motion through the steps you put in place. Cultivating desire does not come naturally all the time, some days it will be difficult, especially when you don’t see anything happening from the effort you have been steadily applying.

It is then dear ones that you need to continue believing in what it is you are striving so hard to reach and persevere when times seem the bleakest.

Having a strong desire to succeed in something is nowhere the same as idly wishing or daydreaming for something. Many dear souls day dream about attaining certain spiritual quests, or they day dream about purchasing expensive jewellery or idly wishing to be more than what they are.

For the dear people out there that have a good working grasp of the law of attraction, this idealism of wishing idly can be extremely frustrating. To bring more good into your life, you first must desire it and work endlessly manifesting what it is you are wanting to attract and bring forth.

It all begins with a determined desire to attain something that is specific and purposeful. The height of ambition that is needed to put your plan into motion comes from you having strong, yet positive emotions that supremely compliments the deep need to reach this goal.

It is a process dear ones, one that is often considered as the foundation of your yearning thoughts, combined with strong emotions, that is forged with faith that is brought together by a magnified desire to bring the ambition or goal into reality.

It is true dear ones that by merging your deeply rooted desire with strong and positive emotions, that your thoughts become transferred into your subconscious where they are transmitted into Spirit in order to attract similar energy that will provide, in some way, bring forth the successful outcome you have been desiring to achieve.

Without the positive, strong emotion dear ones your thought forms alone does not have enough power to influence its own self at the level of the subconscious.

We see this often, people praying for answers but not receiving them simply due to the fact they repeat words that don’t get heard. It is the strong positive emotions combined with the words they are using that will provide the results they are looking for.

It is important to not confuse emotions that often cause attachment and to come from a place of purity when praying and your words will become much more powerful. It is true, you can repeat a wonderful affirmation a thousand times, but without positive emotional support, the words you mutter either aloud or silently will not have the cohesive power needed to become heard by Spirit.

It is important to comprehend that in order to create the right amount of desire that will cultivate the power to bring your ambition or goal into definite reality, you need to figure out what it is that you truly want and then devise the plans to make them absolute. You need to be specific with what your desire is.

You can’t put all that you want to attract into a large pot and still expect it to come when it’s all mixed up and unclear. Know what it is that you exactly want, decipher through all the clutter and pin point what is most important. Some people actually write this down, so not to forget or become distracted from it.

Be realistic with what you are trying to bring forth, because whatever it is you are trying to manifest doesn’t come from Spirit alone, it comes from the energy and effort you apply.

Once you have determined what it is you exactly want to achieve that is a definite, then it is you dear ones that must begin working towards achieving that goal. What you desire isn’t going to just fall into your lap without an effort. God will help you achieve your goals, but you must help yourself reach them.

Remember you must be strong in mind, understand all the details needed to bring what you want into actualization and utilize your effort that is filled with positive emotions combined with focused thoughts.

You will bring yourself to your goal when you help yourself receive what you desire by applying all your energy into each step, adopting from your determination when sudden changes appear that make use of your own natural born talents and abilities that will help see you through successfully.

Creating a specific desire to achieve a definite outcome and to intensify its power, you simply need to include the appropriate emotion that will direct you towards the actions that need to be taken next.

Having the original incentive that created your desire that helped to cultivate the exact atmosphere provided you with the motivation to take action. Once the momentum starts, there is no going back, there is only going forward until you complete what you started.

If, for some reason you are empty of ideas about how to obtain what you desire, then dear ones use that glorious mental power you were given and create new ideas…look around you, have your ears opened, and think thoughtfully.

Ideas will come and they may come to you from the most unexpected of places so be open-minded and grateful when you are greeted with new ideas that are possible to put in use.

What many dear souls seem to forget about is to listen to their inner voice. It is there for a reason; to guide you. The voice of your inner person will direct you towards opportunities and possibilities that may have otherwise remained hidden if you continued to ignore them.

Tune in to what this voice is saying or directing you towards. Don’t be stubborn and remain on a path that will take you to a dead-end. If you are not going forward in the direction that would bring you to the outcome of your desire, then re-think your plan and if necessary make some changes that would put you back on track.

It is up to you dear ones to maintain your ambitions and to keep your desire strong and unwavering until you reach what you started out for.

If you are able to maintain the driving force of what you desire to manifest, you will have little trouble staying on track.

Whatever the goal you are trying to reach you will succeed because you are applying all that is necessary without deviation, with pure concentrated effort, by understanding completely all that is involved and by not giving up on yourself or your dream.

I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller


Lady Nada via Julie Miller – The Rose of Selflessness – 1-22-15

Blue Roese


The Rose of Selflessness

It is so true Beautiful Bright Hearts that endless opportunities are before you each moment of each day, providing you with diverse paths and directions along different moments of time. It is the choices you make, and sometimes the choices you do not make that determine the direction of your life’s journey.

Just think, with the many choices and roads you have chosen to not take, your possibilities continue to divide and separate you along a route that may often feel as if you are going on a zigzag course. From an external standpoint, it is pretty obvious that each choice you make is bringing you closer or further away from a goal you are trying to achieve.

Yet there are some things that are not obvious. You are not always aware of your inner state of being at any given time, and for the most part you are not conscious that there are more than one possible levels of time that amiably correspond to the probable levels of the state of your inner being.

It is necessary to comprehend Beautiful Bright Hearts that the higher your inner state is the more sacred is the time you have before you. Truth be told, many dear souls are living from a half conscious state of mind.

But as each moment is presented, more and more is awakened and the feeling of fullness is felt and you are able to embrace more of your inner being and respect and appreciate its depth. Sometimes it seems as if the time you have is stretched and long and that is a positive way to think.

As you recognize that time itself is immeasurable and the time before you is for you to experience all that life has to offer you, remember not to be taken in by the details of what you sometimes react to.

When you are able to live in pure and genuine openness, the details and the concepts change and offer you new perspectives. You are able to see more and feel more almost simultaneously.

Even if you are trying to overcome a difficult situation, you become aware that you cannot always change what is happening, but you always have the ability and possibility to change your inner thinking by embracing a whole different outlook that is positive and mindfully optimistic.

The changes in your actions and reactions towards any situation provides you with new lines and directions for your life and chooses the time that is best for you to act upon.

This very moment, the here and now is your life; not yesterday and not tomorrow…Right here and now. It is how you choose to live in this moment that is important.

Of course you can accept this moment with open arms or you can reject it by turning your back on it, but either way, your path and direction in life also becomes changed.

It is the quality of your very presence in the common areas of your life, the moments where you pray, meditate, selflessly demonstrate acts of kindness to others, and flow with the joy of creative actions that have the potential to raise the level and quality of the time and direction you are on in life.

Any acts of generosity are easily seen, and for the most part when you know you have helped another dear soul out of a bind, you receive a feeling of deep satisfaction; you have brought joy to this other person which allows your heart to open even further to the magnanimous peaceful, loving and giving person you truly are.

When you give, you are not always required to give materialistically, when giving could be your time spent with friends in prayer or in company, giving of respect or courtesy are acts of kindness and generosity; offering emotional support to someone in need demonstrates empathy and kindness and helps to strengthen your own spirit while helping to pick up another’s.

Beautiful Bright Hearts, the more genuine and selfless your giving is, more profound the effect will be. We encourage you not to give so you can feel well, as that is an action derived from the ego not the heart. Give because you want to, because it is the right thing to do and because it is helping someone else. Give without conditions, give purely from your heart.

If someone asks you to help them or you see someone in need, help them if you can. The person who is in need of help may not want to ask for it, for them it is feeling of weakness and pride.

Don’t condemn them for feeling such a way, it is difficult for some dear souls to ask for help. If you know for a fact that someone needs help and you have the means and ability to do so, reach out and ask them, “How can I help?” And determine what avenue is the best and most productive and efficient way to respond to their answer.

Don’t offer if you are unable to really help. Make sure you are able to afford to help if it’s a monetary offering. If you are not careful, you could be wielding a two-edged sword. No matter how real the questions you have, what their considerations are could easily become infected by your own ego and self-centeredness.

When someone asks you to help, see this an opportunity and potential to observe and understand yourself as you work through your thought process and recognize the way which you respond.

When you give selflessly and without conditions, you are expressing the deepest truth of your own divine connectivity and union. Every time you give that is without the desire to get something in return helps to purify your heart and weakens your ego, because where there is genuine love, the ego cannot be.

As you become more giving of yourself, you recognize more importantly how helping others offers you new directions and choices that can be acted upon in the present time. Your acts of selflessness is not to consider your feelings or your expectations because giving is never about what you will get for your acts of kindness.

Your here and now moment is not just for you to focus on you, but to see where your route and direction is taking you where you can offer a helping hand to another beautiful soul, to where you can be of help and share the beautiful light that is within you waiting to be released with each kind and generous action you apply.

As we begin to end this week’s transmission think about your moment in time, and determine if you are able raise the level of your inner self and recognize if certain repeating attitudes have resurfaced and why and figure out if your thoughts and emotions have been trying to tell you something, by giving clues by their appearance.

When you are presented with the opportunity to give, take the time to observe your intentions before you choose to give and after you have given. Make every experience an opportunity to learn and grow from.

With all the choices you have to make, we know it can be difficult to make the right one. Remember Beautiful Bright Hearts, what is right for you may not necessarily be right for the next person and so on.

When you make a choice, regardless if it is to selflessly give your time to another, or to make a specific choice regarding your direction in life or any other decision you may be considering, always choose from your heart… choose what is best for you and for all that is involved at that very moment that would be of the highest of good.

Accept your choice with love instead of with dread. You may not know immediately how the rest will develop, but all things come to be in time as they are meant to.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Lady Nada…
… through Julie Miller

Melchizedek via Julie Miller – Awakened by Impulse – 1-18-15

Awakened by Impulse
Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ January 18 – 25, 2014
received by Julie Miller  –  January 18, 2015


Learning to discern your own awakening is a paramount experience and journey. One that will have you understanding that to be awake, all ideas and previous understandings seem to just disappear because what remains is pure consciousness. When you wake from your slumber you come to the pure clarity of awareness that is partnered with being awake, where all is nothing.

When one transcends their previous way of living and being and discover they have finally awakened to their true self, their emotional and mental faculties will be matured and no longer be tempted to respond egoically as they have done so in the past. One who is truly awake and fully connected with their inner self understands the freedom of not being tempted by the emotional upheave that is demonstrated by those around them. They will be at a steady pace of peace that is formed within and touches all that is external.
The dear souls that experiences a true spiritual awakening will have no need to share this achievement through gossip or by declaring it to the world as such responses demonstrate the ego is still present and very much in control of the emotional and mental aspect of their person. Your awakening will be visible by the actions, words and choices you make. It is important to understand when you have truly awakened, you identify with the fact that you have always been more than just a body with a mind. You are existing right now, not in the past and not in the future. It is this very moment that is filled with your presence and you maturely and with a somewhat neutral way, remove yourself beyond the temptation to engage in conflict, stress, the feeling of separation and accept that you are now living from unconditional harmony and bliss. You inhale peace and exhale love for yourself and for all people and creatures alike.
There may be times when you are unable to recognize when you have awakened or when you have moved a little further on your journey that will direct you to enlightenment. But there will be definitive moments when you are clear of when you have reached a little higher and you do this by focusing internally, feeling the sensations that exist within you, not by what is going on externally. Your mind will want to define things, such as your name, possibly your position at your workplace or who you are partnered with, but when you are working from within, all this fades away to nothingness as you are all this and more. You don’t require words to know who you are.
When you take the time to tune-in to your inner being, try to recognize the profound feeling that you are. You are not ‘a someone or a something.’ You are existing in this precious moment, you are not trying to change or alter anything… you are just being. When you are just being you have moved yourself beyond all thinking and you become the sensation of your existence.
We ask you to try something: With your eyes closed and your breathing nice and steady, focus on the sensation of your left hand. Now without moving your left hand, bring your concentrated focus to the full area of your left hand and feel the sensations that are alive there. If you are truly focused and paying attention, you will soon come to realize that your hand no longer feels like a solid object. After enough time trying to feel the sensations of the hand, you are no longer able to feel where your hand ends and where space starts. The sensations of your hand becomes more like puff of energy that is without borders or weight…it just is.
You can try this exercise with the rest of your body or with your whole body all at once and feel the sensation and energy of your whole body, vibrating peacefully making you feel and know what pure and genuine bliss is. This dear ones is the beginning of your spiritual awakening, when you are aware of your own vibrational bliss in all you do without doing, by just being.
It is only normal and human to find yourself caught up by your busy thoughts. When you find this happening, understand you have permitted yourself to be back into heavy density of separation from everything and you attract stress to your physical body as well as to your mental and emotional self. You are encouraged to discover ways that resonates with you that will help dissolve negative thinking and reset your thought process to that of a more natural state of consciousness. During a stress filled moment, simply allow your focus to rest on the blissful feeling of simply existing that moves you beyond thinking and allow yourself to just be. Thoughts will come, simply let them be on their way, remain focused on your inner self in the here and now.
With enough practice, you will expand your ability to observe your thoughts as they arise. And you will experience all things arising and leaving back into the realm of consciousness. You will find yourself feeling completely liberated and no longer confined to your mind or body as you become consciousness itself. This is when you realize and recognize that at the very center of your being, that it is consciousness that you are. Your work each day after this point is to increase the sensitive energy that surrounds your awakening that returns to you when your energy rises and wakens you. It is this very moment of awakening dear ones that provides you with breathtakingly new directions and opportunities to further your practice of your sensory abilities that will propel you further into deeper and open more awakening experiences.
Awakening dear ones is an impulse that comes from within the depth of your spirit that finally creates a bridge from your own inner depths to the heart of God. It is a connection that moves you beyond your mundane thoughts. For those who have awakened understands what they enter in truth is a silent and direct inner knowing and comprehension that as your eyes see, something deep within you is remembering it is time to come back to the present, to be awake as your true, natural self. There are no demands, there is no need to feel competitive with your fellow man; you are here peacefully, in bliss and in presence.
When you finally realize that YES you have awakened, the beauty of your awakening will continue to flow from God, while you are intermittently opening this great divine door. It is normal to discover your senses are peaked; you may experience new tastes that were not there before, possibly hear what was missed and smell fragrances that are normally not possible depending on the season which you awaken. For example, you might smell the sweetness of an apple orchard while experiencing the cold and snowiness of Winter. It is the beauty of your awakening that has the power of breaking through any previously conceived veils and with your engagement with time. Time is merely a tool to get to an appointment or schedule, beyond this it is irrelevant. You cannot determine when you will awaken or when you will notice this phenomena when it occurs. That is not important. What is important is to recognize the impulse as it is the impulse that tells you, you have an opportunity to rise as you are, by just being in presence in this very moment.
Don’t add stress by worrying yourself to follow certain guidelines that will awaken you. You will awaken when it is time, and not a moment before. Enjoy the journey of your unfoldment as it never ends. Even long after you awaken and you bring yourself to ascension, your unfoldment is continuous as you continue to gather more understanding of who you are, just as you are by focusing inward more than what is happening externally.
You are who you are meant to be, no more no less.
I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller

Owning Your Life – Ascended Master Serapis Bey – Channeler Julie Miller – 1-17-15

Serapnis Bey

Serais Bey   –   Owning Your Life

Channeler:  Julie Miller


It is your thoughts that shape the mood of your day that can last many years. If your mind is clear and lacking of impure thoughts and feelings, joy becomes your ever-permanent shadow.

We witness so many dear souls blaming others for the misfortunes they have met so far on this journey of life. Many shy away from realizing that it is their own thoughts that wears the darkened cloak of despair.

Even if you take a wrong turn and find yourself in unsavory company, it is you making the choice to go in that direction. All your actions, thoughts, feelings, words even if written, your intentions and choices are your responsibility.

Yes there are some things in life you cannot control, but you can control how you react and respond to them.

It is well determined and understood that people tend to blame everything else for their mistakes rather than taking the time to recognize the truth. And what is the truth? Since the truth varies from person to person, it is imperative that you get to know your own truth instead of worrying about what another person is doing.

The truth is your thoughts determine how well you are going to progress or how deeper your stagnation will become. Where is the joy living as a victim of your negative thoughts with no intention of ever changing?

Without change, there is no growth or development and if there is no growth or development, how can you truly say you are grateful and appreciate the journey you have experienced so far?

Hard times will come and they will go, just as your feelings. You will get negative feelings every now and then, but let them come, welcome them as the visitors that they are and let them be on their way.

It is up to you to learn how to discipline your thoughts because eventually your thoughts become actions. By becoming more disciplined with the formation of your thoughts, you gift yourself the ability to make mindful decisions that attract joy, peace and happiness into your life.

By taking the effort, even to change the smallest of negative thoughts or ways, you are bringing great improvement to your life that will reflect well in other areas of life that have a tendency to flow into your tomorrow.

Disciplining your thoughts is not difficult, you simply become more mindful of the words that are in your mind and of the mental imagery you sometimes refer to. Remember dear ones your thoughts quickly become words and actions. If your mind is always in a state of chaos, then you are prohibiting joy to purely express through you.

Every word you think holds energy. Just imagine how much more power they have when you speak them or act upon them. It is you that must choose to be in control of the negativity of your thoughts or to choose to think positively as much as possible.

There are many truly discerning individuals among you. They are able to interpret your body language even if you do not say a word. What you think often comes through in your stance, gestures and mannerisms.

Your intentions can speak without a word even spoken. It is important dear ones to use your words when needed, but to handle them carefully as they are powerful. The mere impact of words has the ability to alter thoughts, feelings and some of the natural aspects of some people.

It is vital to your own growth and development to understand what ignites your passion. Take some time to think about what words have impacted you and your life. Do you make use of positive affirmations or inspirational and motivational sayings?

They may be someone else’s words, but they do help you to grasp what you may have ignored of your own Self.

A thing about actions is that they tend to become habits. Some good habits to have are of gratitude and forgiveness…to see every experience as an opportunity to learn of yourself and of the world around you.

But some actions build on negative habits such as wearing masks to suit a certain audience for social approval, or you make fun of another person’s weakness because you are unable to look at your own.

Actions can become positive or negative habits and each one is able to be changed. We know you do not wish to live your life in a grim, sour sort of way. You are meant to live from a peace and loving state of mind and it is you that has the power to make this happen.

Do you have any habits you wish to be different, made better or to be rid of? Do you occasionally wonder how others think of you? Depending on the energy you emit from your thoughts and actions; others will draw up certain conclusions from what they observe.

When you speak, what you say and many times what you leave out makes a big impact on what your character demonstrates. Your words and actions are what builds distinctions. Is it easy for others to determine what you stand for and why? Is it easy to tell if you are mentally and emotionally mature?

Is it easier for others to pick out your faults rather than your strengths? There are many more questions that can be asked and you can think of a few more to ask yourself as long as you are willing to be truthful and honest and ready to face your truth.

If you are paying attention and are aware, you will be able to recognize when your character is constant or inconsistent. It is a well-established understanding that every dear soul has a different outlook on the world around them.

Now the world around you is a product of your thoughts, actions and habits, and some habits, actions and thoughts were obtained from conditioned behaviour that stemmed from living a certain way, entertaining a certain way of thinking, living and being. Conditioned thoughts and ways of being can be changed.

Once you are able to identify what was a conditioned habit, thought or action, you can begin preparing to bring in positive changes that will provide you with a different, new outlook on life. Life is not meant to be seen just from a black and white perception when the world is made of colour.

If you wonder why life is what it is for you, take an inward look, explore the roots of your thoughts and ways and discover the absolute fact that you can break free from negative thoughts, actions and habits and ways you adopted from living a conditioned life. Make changes dear ones.

Take responsibility for your all your actions, all your words, and all your choices; for they are yours and no one else’s. It is hard work that requires you to become a bit more disciplined and committed to change but it is vital for your personal development and growth as well as for improving your general well-being for life.

This is your life. You may share your life with others, and they may influence you, but when you make a decision, it is your decision, not theirs.

Don’t blame others when things go wrong or you make a mistake. Own up to your error, learn where the problem is and move on wiser from the experience. Own your life, live it day by day with love and passion in your heart of all life that includes yourself.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller

Ascended Master, Serapis Bey – Finding Harmony in Moderation – Channeler Julie Miller – 12-21-14

Serapis BeySerapis Bey
 Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~
December 19 – 26, 2014
Received by Julie Miller


It is well understood that one of the principal facilitators that derail long lasting transformation is due to the rise of seeing and allowing unwanted truths about yourself and because of any self-centered ideal. One of the most harmful manifestations of self-centeredness is found in wastefulness. When you add greed, self-indulgent behaviours, laziness and believing in your own illusions as truth what you have conspired to is your ability to cultivate an attitude that is directed towards the materialistic world that allows you to waste whatever resources that are before you. Now, after all this time you are beginning to see how harmful and damaging wastefulness is to your earthly home…such damage is visible in the animal kingdom but blatantly apparent within your societies.

When you become aware of your wasteful tendencies, it is then necessary to recognize the state of mind that you are in and try to understand why you are ignoring your own actions. We hope that by witnessing your own wasteful actions, you’ll become prompted to change and moderate your attitude and behaviour towards your life and towards the life of all others that share this earthly home. There are many news channels, newspapers and reports created for the purpose to educate about the effects of over-consumption has to earth and to the human body. After you filter through all the fear-governed material, you come to realize the truth that is there, that you are responsible for your wastefulness and it is apparent to make some necessary changes to become less careless of the bounty of Mother Nature and of your Self.

It has always been important to meet the needs of your whole being, and you can do this by taking care of your body by adopting a healthier lifestyle. When you take care of your body, you are also taking care of your mind, heart and spirit as you are able to recognize that they work best when all is in harmony of each other. If one aspect is out of sync then it is easy to attract dis-ease, mental and emotional disharmony and other maladies that may arise when you are imbalanced of mind, body, heart and spirit. Instead of falling victim to the many temptations life has to distract you with that would encourage you to deprive yourself of certain necessities, we encourage you to seek a path between strict self-discipline and decadent indulgence.

Some of the many distractions and temptations come in the forms of abuse using certain substances, watching too much television, staying on social media pages for too long, gossiping, over-eating and any other forms that describe an over-indulgent attitude all take your precious energy that is required when you do inner work. Self-discipline when applied regularly will encourage moderation on your extravagant behaviour and attitude and works to help you aspire and to achieve certain spiritual and personal goals. When you become more disciplined you begin looking for ways to become more useful of energy, you learn the benefits of conserving energy and how to make it available for your own individual practice. In addition, self-discipline will promote balance and strength to your own Will, which dear ones directly transforms into increasing your own presence. When you give up the self-indulgent lifestyle you are really making a sacrifice. You are agreeing to give up your wasteful and extravagant ways to better serve a higher purpose and to begin emptying yourself of your egotistic ways.

After contemplating, reflecting and from all your observations of how you have wasted your precious energy, it is understood dear ones that you may be encouraged to change your ways all at once. What can occur when you try to overreach your changes is that you become overwhelmed and mistakes will pile up and you will reach failure and give up and become even more self-indulgent than before. What we encourage is that when you begin to make changes to your inner person, you begin with small changes…working on one behaviour at a time. Once you master the new change of one particular behaviour then you can decide which other indulgencies you are ready to tackle without being tempted to revert back to your wasteful ways and habits.

We have witnessed many dear souls becoming obsessed with self-discipline, forgetting that self-discipline is just one of many means that brings you to purification and presence, which allows your unlimited spirit to emerge. When becoming more self-disciplined becomes an obsession, what is evident dear ones is the ego once again has gained control over your goal to become more disciplined. Moderation is the key, gaining a healthy balance in all areas of your life that has the ability to filter into other areas is necessary even if you are trying to moderate your ways through your efforts to become more self-disciplined.

Before we end this week’s transmission, we urge you to take a look at your past actions and identify when you may have over-indulged to the point it deterred you from your inner work. With the conclusions you find, pick one of the self-indulging behaviours and find ways to moderate it and temper your own behaviour and attitude that will serve a higher, and better purpose.

Love your body, and love your earth…your actions will demonstrate this love as they will be pure of heart by the choices you make. Even though science has advanced in all fields, all self-improvements can be made without spending any more than you already do and quite likely you’ll save a few dollars as you learn to curb any self-indulgent ways in favour of balance and moderation.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey…
…through Julie Miller

Lady Nada via Julie Miller – It’s All About Balance – 12-6-14

Lady Nada


Lady Nada   –   It’s All About Balance

received by Julie Miller
December 4, 2014


Have you ever met someone who has an attractive presence, where being in their presence is felt as nourishing and calming? Such individuals can be described as being charismatic.

Those on the spiritual path that have been gifted with charisma have been gifted with an extra amount of grace that filters into all their abilities making them much more unique and captivating. Charisma can easily be described as a power, as the more appealing a person is, the more willing the people around them will be drawn to him or her regardless of their outward appearance.

Just like any gift you realize Beautiful Bright Hearts, charisma when understood can be used negatively or positively. By choosing to bring forth the positive side of charisma, you choose to manifest the nurturing of the truth, brought about in a way that feels safe.

And this manifestation can only truly occur when a dear soul is matured in both the masculine and feminine polarities that exist within them. Allowing their true and authentic person to live and be free, to be able to express their creativeness through their passion for life that stems from the life force of God. When this balance of inner maturity occurs, you and your charismatic ways are a gift not only to the world but to yourself as well.

It is well determined that each of you are unique and possess unique gifts, talents and skills. What urges your creative side comes from your unique spirit and passion to bring that spirit to life in your own special way. Even the very DNA in your cells can affirm this.

Even if you are a twin, there will be something that will be unique to your twin brother or sister and it is your uniqueness that we encourage you to embrace, instead of ignoring it…explore your uniqueness and discover how you can utilize this specialness in a positive and constructive way, that demonstrates your mature inner self and creative side.

In order for you to develop your charismatic personality, there must be certain conditions present in order for such a divine gift to be gestated, to be grown and revealed to the rest of the world.

It is the coming together of your masculine and feminine polarities that provides this birth to occur. As you continue to live your life true through this balancing connection, this gift of grace will grow and it will become known by those around you and be felt through all you do.

It is important Beautiful Bright Hearts to understand the importance of moving beyond any limiting thoughts and perceptions and to raise your confidence in such a way that your mind no longer can impose any kind of doubt that could possibly derail whatever goal your mission you decide to commit to.

If your mind is still clouded with doubt and uncertainty, you can still try to bring forth a charismatic personality, but you will be unable to demonstrate your whole authentic self completely. It would be something similar to trying to grow a tree where there isn’t adequate sunlight or nourishing soil.

Yes, the tree may try to grow, but it may be dwarfed, or it may not produce the fruit it was meant to which indicates the tree’s matured state. We encourage you that when you begin to demonstrate your charismatic side, to make sure your mind is settled, that you have control over your emotional impulses that are often governed by the ego in order to produce and cultivate the most nourishing of fruit.

When you free your creative side Beautiful Bright Hearts, you are able to make use of any previous talents and gifts in new and exciting ways. It is your inner feminine side that helps you to nurture this dynamic energy into wakefulness.

Yet it is the balance of your inner masculine that helps you to demonstrate this graceful side of your being as you make your way in the world along the path that is meant just for you.

If you look within yourself, using the seed as a metaphor you will quickly comprehend the planting of the seed of thought, how that seed is to be fertilized, cultivated, nourished and grown.

What you grow, develop and nourish from inside and from the love and attention you apply will in time come forth and be felt by all. That is because of the union of the masculine and feminine polarities joining in order for such a balance of inner energy to occur that has the ability of producing charisma.

It is important to point out Beautiful Bright Hearts that before your charismatic nature can be successfully born, your inner masculine and feminine sides must reach balanced maturity in order fertilize that precious seed. What is also required dear ones, is the understanding to focus inward.

That any external focus you turn to for reflection or inspiration for cultivating your inner masculine and feminine sides will be thwarted because it is necessary to gain what you need from the attention you apply to your inner person, not from anything external.

Don’t become trapped by external distractions and relationships trying to address the inner work you need to fulfill in order for the maturity of your polarities of the masculine and feminine to occur.

Sexuality plays a big picture on your ability to develop your charisma in a healthy and positive way. The understanding of your sexual nature becomes your doorway.

As you grow from child to adolescence then to adult, within the body certain maturities are going on and your sexual nature rises and falls depending on the situation, conditions, and your place and presence.

Sexuality can become an issue to develop for the life of the individual charismatic nature to be revealed and to help cultivate the life meant to be lived. If certain masculine and feminine concepts were not established as a child, the individual will have a much more difficult time cultivating charisma as the inner masculine and feminine will not be matured.

We understand that for some dear souls, you were taught to not to nurture your truth and to follow a certain rule or way of living, therefore not understanding your whole self, including your sexual nature. Without knowing your whole self and understanding what that implies, you cannot begin to fathom the revealing of your charismatic nature.

It is vital to know how to make contact with your inner nurturing feminine, creative energy before you think about thrusting this dynamic energy from your masculine side onto the world…all needs to be in balance. You need to understand what needs to be fulfilled from the within and work on bringing both polarities together in a peaceful union.

Regardless if you are male or female, if you have not learned to nurture your authentic truth, you will find yourself turning towards your feminine energy to further develop and nurture what you could not due to a lack of inner knowing and balance.

We are positive that either yourself or someone you know occasionally lacks the ability to thrust themselves into the world or into a new direction with full confidence and trust of their own inner person, they find themselves seeking an authority-type figure that will provide them with truth and direct them on what they are to do next.

So many Beautiful Bright Hearts have been emasculated early in life which minimizes the growth of their inner masculine side causing a difficulty to grow and mature in a balanced, truthful way…such individuals find themselves being led by others that consider themselves better.

But the moment you learn to make contact with your feminine, creative side, you are able to bring the nurturing energy to your own truth and be able to positively thrust yourself out into the world with their inner masculine found within your authentic truth, you become a brilliant light made by the maturing inner polarities of your masculine and feminine energies.

The depth of your charismatic self will become enhanced as you go through life and meet challenges that require you to rebirth or recreate.

It is understood Beautiful Bright Hearts, that it is your sexuality that can either keep your body captive or free it depending on conditions being met that are correct or incorrect.

Sexuality under prime conditions will give way to what already exists within your body and release gifts, talents and skills that may have been unknown. With the prime conditions nurturing the inner masculine and feminine into balanced life, you become a glorious, light of grace and have the ability and capability to function quite well from your own inner compass of intuitive prowess.

You will have little need of external references for your source of direction or nourishment of your whole, authentic self for you have trust of your own inner energy and your focus is on your creative effort that is a balanced combination of your masculine and feminine working harmoniously together.

It is essential to remember Beautiful Bright Hearts that charisma is a multidimensional phenomenon that you have the ability to manifest depending on the balance of your life force which is your feminine and masculine becoming joined in an internal marriage of prime dynamic energy working as one.

Understand that the more energy you have, the greater your charismatic ways will become. The potential coming from such energy in endless just as are the opportunities that greet you each and every day. Only you can choose to live your life fully and completely in all its many aspects, but first it starts from looking within.

And so it is,

I AM Ascended Master, Lady Nada…
…through Julie Miller

Serapis Bey via Julie Miller – Acknowledging the Gift You Are – 11-28-14

Serapnis Bey


Serapis Bey  via  Julie Miller

Acknowledging the Gift you Are
Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ November 28 – December 05, 2014
received by Julie Miller
November 28, 2014

To be present, in the here and now is a wonderful confirmation of your aliveness that you have not given up on yourself, or where this fabulous journey is taking you on.

To not give up is a great demonstration that hope is alive within you, and that you have found something regardless how small it may appear, to believe in, to hope for, to aspire for; something to smile about, even if that smile for the time being is only felt within you and has not yet radiated outside of you.

In truth dear ones, there is no happiness or misery until you label it so from any experience you’ve had that provided you ample comparison to discern the difference. Until you label a moment or day to be happy or miserable, it is merely a day that offers grand opportunities and potential to feel more, to be more and to experience more that provides incredible growth and development that filters into all avenues of your person and journey.

When hope is alive in your heart, you are willing to wait, to be patient knowing that any peril you may have to face will provide you with the wisdom needed to achieve each and every interval you enter and surpass.

It takes great discipline to be able to wait for something to unfold or for all your hard work to pay off when you have been working hard on achieving a goal, or succeeded a task that needed to be done.

But you know from experience how much personal satisfaction you feel when you have persevered, you have worked and waited and the outcome is the reflection of all your heart and soul effort—it holds a magical feeling of completeness knowing you finished something you started, you followed through until all necessary steps were accomplished. Hope dear ones, helps bring you to such successes and fulfilling outcomes.

Television, newspapers and Internet sites that host information about anything and everything are constantly reminding everyone of the hostility and upset that is raging in many different parts of this bountiful planet.

It is easy to say that these happenings are not fair, and you are right, but just as there are such dark situations being faced by many dear souls, there are just as many things that are fair in life, just as many situations that are joyous, good and compassionate.

Love always mingles with grief and in time this love gives way to new hope for a brighter future that starts with change today, and not just change from all the feuding individuals, but change started with you… changes that gives you hope to better yourself because when you begin to make positive changes in your own life, you are helping to bring change to the world.

We know you want so desperately at times to help every dear soul that you see being exploited across your TV sets or newspapers, but the best thing you can do dear ones is figure out what you want and what you hope for and begin to turn those ideas into reality.

Don’t fall into the dark, dismal pit of despair when you see the many catastrophes made front and center by journalists, photographers and others who feel it necessary for you to know the woes of the world in those places.

What you can do dear ones is live inside of hope right where you are. Not admire or send emotional prayer from a distance, but embrace hope right where you are.

There are many things you can do to help right in your own community if you are unable to help those that are thousands of miles away. Being of charitable service doesn’t require a plane ticket, you have all you need sometimes at your fingertips or in your own neighbourhood in the city or town which you reside in.

This is the time of year when many lonely dear souls find themselves feeling more hopeless than hopeful. Perhaps they have had a run of bad luck or misfortune and find themselves living in hostels, shelters, on the street, or just alone without loved ones.

Hope is not a luxury. It is something everyone has, but something that sometimes gets forgotten when circumstances become overwhelming. When you see someone that appears to be down, going through some personal struggle, offer them a kind and genuine smile, let them know they are not so alone.

Sometimes people forget they are alive as they are trying so hard to get past their grief of whatever they have lost, but they have yet so much to gain and sometimes need a little reminder that things always get better.

Sometimes reaching better, happier times takes a little while, but if a person really wants to leave the dark, dismal pit of despair, then they need to reacquaint themselves with hope and add a little faith for good measure.

Remember dear ones, to love life is to live life even if there are parts that you disagree with. Even if beliefs and old ways of being seems to be crumbling down all around you, you need to remind yourself things are going to get better. You are making room for new when the old is on its way out.

Don’t fear the new, embrace with an open heart and mind, trusting in God and in yourself that you are where you are meant to be.

Your feelings always have a lot to tell you, but you need to be paying attention in order to get their meaning and message. Try to imagine how heavy your heart, mind and spirit feels when you allow your Self to be filled with despair and grief for too long.

The quicker you relieve yourself of its weight the lighter and happier you’ll feel. Then dear ones you’ll be able to hold your life in the palm of your hands and decide what it is you want to do because you have hope for yourself and for the journey you are one.

Smile when you are facing difficulties, and tell yourself, “YES I will persevere, I will continue on because I have so much yet to offer life and life has so much to offer me.”

Let hope be your companion on this journey. Don’t forget she is there with you, whispering in your ever-so quietly to try again, to not give up because what you are aiming to reach and accomplish could very well be just around the corner.

And if for some reason you have not yet reached the outcome you’ve envisioned, you have gained so much valuable knowledge of the world around you but most of all realization of your own strengths and capabilities.

You are a gift to the world, but in order to appreciate this gift, you must acknowledge yourself as the gift you are.

And so it is,

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller

El Morya – Strengthening Your Intuitive Perception – Channeler Julie Miller – 10-28-14


Strengthening Your Intuitive Perception
Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ October 28 – November 04, 2014
Received by Julie Miller
October 28, 2014


It is well understood that both measurement and logic are areas of concept that doesn’t always apply directly to Spirit or to God.

That is mainly because the core part of your ordinary, mundane life situates largely on the physical, the material, what can be actually measured with precise results.

As a result doubts can often rise in regards to the existence of God and of actual matters that pertain to the world of Spirit. Of course these kinds of doubts and uncertainty are easily explained away and they are natural to encounter once in a while.

What can cause a block in your quest to seek God is in your demand to be absolutely certain that God does exist. If you persist trying to find proof of God being present in your life as a pre-requisite to you believing in who and what God stands for and for believing in the Omnipresence of God, then my dear ones, you path is blocked before it even begins.

The contrast or opposite of doubt is faith and faith is based on what you feel intuitively to be right. These means moving past factual information and trusting what you feel to be true in matters of the Divine and Spirit world. Doubt stems from the egoic mind, where faith is produced by your loving heart which has the ability to exceed what is going on within the mind.

Being firm with your beliefs, yet making room for possible changes as you grow and change along with prayer and meditation bridges the rift between faith and doubt.

There is a positive side to doubt and that it opens you up to the many possibilities and opportunities to explore what is not known of God and of the Spiritual World. Doubt takes you along a path where thoughts and ideas of the sacredness of God and of the Divine could possibly be true…it helps open up inside of you a whole new world of belief.

Once you have belief dear ones, you are then able to construct an emotional map or way that will represent what you think of the Divine, of the Spirit World and of God.

The more open your mind becomes to the possibility of God’s existence, the more you become inclined and encouraged to engage yourself with more inner work, to discover and cultivate yourself on areas of faith that helps you approach deeper and more profound connections with your intuitive side in order to broaden your perception.

If you approach what is considered to be sacred and divine with any amount of doubt, you will not able to see or feel it’s truth. When you approach the sacred and divine with belief, you are able to believe it to be real and true.

When you pray and meditate you are able to see and feel the truth, and when you add faith into the equation you are able to share this truth by what you know is true to your heart.

Even those dear souls that are able to put aside their doubts of God and attempt to become engaged upon their spiritual path with zest and vigor, doubt will eventually creep back in.

When doubt resurfaces its ugly head, you need to counter its egoic pull with courageous conviction that you are seeking from your heart, from a place of unconditional love that this path to know God and to become One with God is something you want with all your heart and soul.

The more spiritually developed you become, the greater uncertainty will be from time to time. It is paramount to always counter your doubt, fear and second-guessing with love and gratitude.

Even when you are hit with sudden waves of doubt as you gain more knowledge and intuitive knowing of God and the Spirit World, you will encounter many instances where paradox is evident. As your physical body remains rooted, you become more knowing of the Divine and of all its sacred possibilities.

Remember dear ones, doubt will come in all sizes, shapes and disguises; from wondering if a certain practice is being done correctly or right for you, to the extreme…if God or another essential deity exists.

Wisdom comes to you from many places, even from places where doubt once occupied. Doubt offers you something to consider. Yet what we often see, the dear souls that are unsure about God’s existence still continue to pray and meditate, believing with Hope that there is a higher power.

There is no real materialistic certainty that God or other deities exist—this requires a knowing, developing your intuitive powers that raise in strength as your faith deepens.

Doubt can also rise within areas of feeling inadequate, where you may feel limited due to emotional concerns on where your current path is taking you.

Definitely doubts such as these may be forged by real perceptions and they might even encourage you to make positive changes, but there is still no way to measure your range of potential.

To think of yourself as being unlimited, you need to reform how you think of yourself through the powers of faith.

The more you actively persist with prayer and meditation and with an increase on inner work, you will create for yourself a station of fulfillment that permits your soul to infiltrate different levels of spiritual work and service.

Empowering Faith is your doorway, your passage to changing or widening your perception to the lifeline that extends from you to God…a magical, silvery cord that connects you to the Divine and Spiritual World.

Faith, dear ones is your developing and growing, yet sometimes dimly lit light of awareness that there is someone to whom you pray or meditate to…a someone that receives your prayers.

Even if doubt arises during moments of sacred, meditative moments, you can move beyond its intrusion by responding with love and gratitude, reminding yourself that when you pray or meditate you are tightening the connection between you and God or to a Higher Power.

Prayer and meditation invokes greater faith and lessens the tension between faith and doubt. Your awareness in all things will help you undo any harm that doubt had the ability to create.

You have before you the ability and capacity to supersede any uncertainty and become wiser for the experience. Let your faith not only be your companion on your spiritual quests, but allow Faith to lead you to what your precious heart has been wanting you to see, experience and to know.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller

Melchizedek – Nourishing Your Inner Garden – 9-14-14ller

Mario Gattoaladino


Channeled by: Julie Miller




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Ascended Master Serapis Bey – Because You are Worth it – Channeler Julie Miller – 1-24-14

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Because You are Worth it!

Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ January 24 – 31, 2014

Received by Julie Miller

January 24, 2014

Let us begin today’s discussion with a question: do you know what it means to self-indulge? When you give in to temptations you are serving a self-indulgent need and this could be anything from getting that high feeling from giving yourself a slice of a decadent dessert or going on a reckless shopping spree when you know finances are tight, or you gain a thrill like feeling that encourages and enables you experience such a high level of excitement you cannot find from the most vigorous sport…you give yourself a high similar to that found in many drugs and just like the highs gained from drugs, the consequences for self-indulging and intemperance does arrive later.

The consequences’ of intemperance can range from mild to severe, and very rarely can you escape them dear ones. Many times what you have chosen to indulge into in order to make you mentally and emotionally happy does have many direct and indirect injuries to your Self and those around you. Self-indulgencies can become addictive just like drugs and alcohol are and just as they are able to destroy relationships, so can someone with a self-indulging behaviour. That adrenaline rush that you will do anything to get at any cost you will learn fast does come with a high cost. The cost could be the health of your mind and body and bills that are unpayable and such behaviours have a way of affecting those closest to you.

Understand dear ones, the cost of intemperance, to where you self-indulge at a price that demonstrates a desperate attempt to make yourself happy only furthers your discontent. We understand the long lasting feelings of discontent and unhappiness within your daily life is what drives you towards making unhealthy choices, but there are always other choices dear ones…always.

The motive behind the self-indulgence we understand is powerful and can many times overtake your common sense very quickly. It is also understood that the dear souls that enter a self-indulging behaviour are demonstrating unhappiness in their life and they are looking into something else for that high or sudden thrill even if it costs them heavily once all their energy has been tapped out. We know every dear soul that walks this earth strives for continual happiness, but true happiness dear ones is not be found out in your external world, it comes from finding peace from within, to be able to nurture yourself with the purity of your love and compassion and understand when you are providing self-love and self-care to yourself you are no longer self-indulging you are allowing yourself to grow and change while remaining on a positive light-filled path.

We encourage you to trade places with self-indulgencies for self-nurturance. Instead of having that sweet cake before dinner or for dinner, wait and see if you truly want it or need it after you eat a well-balanced meal. The self-indulging side of you will oppose the change to become more self-nurturing but when you take the time to care and love yourself you will receive great physical and psychological improvements that will empower you to continue with the positive changes and you will begin feeling and being happier as a result. Stop looking for the quick fix to alter your mood or even your consciousness, learn to address these inherent needs for help from something else in a mature fashion.

When you are providing yourself with self-nurturance, you are giving yourself love, care and respect and these traits are sensibly simple and very effective. Remember dear ones, you know you are not going to replace that sweet cake to be your dinner, instead you are saving it for last for after dinner with the an openness that your dessert choice may not be the heavy and overly sweet and decadent cake but perhaps a bowl of fresh berries topped with creamy yoghurt. When you take the time to prepare something with love, you will be inspired to prepare the end with the same amount of enthusiasm and care. We know we are using cake and dinner as a reference but you can easily bring the same logic into other areas that you have been known to self-indulge. Give yourself choices; because they are there, it is just sometimes you have sub-consciously chosen to ignore them.

What is sad about those that give into temptation and to intemperance behaviour is that at the end of all the rush to gain that high that comes from doing something they know they shouldn’t but blame, “The devil made me do it” is that they demonstrate a misguided effort to strengthen positive feelings about their Self, yet at the same time they have trouble distinguishing their needs from their wants.

Many times the need to self-indulge comes from not receiving enough nurturing from parents or caregivers so in-turn you may never have felt you were properly empathized with, possibly respected enough or even understood. Many times parents do not know how to encourage or to provide the guidance their children need and later on in life a need grows and festers inside of them that pushes them into giving in to temptation, to self-indulgencies in order to give validation for a misguided feeling.

Understand dear ones, your parents did their best with what they knew in regards to parenting. Being a parent does not come with a specific instruction manual, and being a parent can be difficult especially to parents that also never received the kind of adequate nurturing growing up as well. Don’t be too hard on your parents; they did the best they could. When nurturance is not established at a young age, its lacking can become part of your own behavioural package unless you learn to give yourself the love and care you really need and deserve.

If your parents were critical and held back their love, what they have taught you dear ones is to be that way, to be critical and to hold back from yourself and from not giving yourself love and care. What this creates later one dear ones, is a self-indulging behaviour where you go out into the world seeking something, anything that will fill this void even if it means making a lot of wrong choices. And without knowing how to give yourself love, you will continue to search for anyone or anything that will fill this part of you even though you know in your heart these self-indulgent impulses are not for your greater good.

Learning how to transition from being self-indulging to self-nurturing involves learning how to see yourself as being worthy of all things that you felt you were denied of. You learn to discover a way into your own authoritive power and reassert yourself until you begin to feel your true self emerging and that inner child that was hurt for so long is embracing the healing you are giving it because you have accepted you are worthwhile, that you deserve to feel your own love and care. You are no longer the dear soul who thought they were missing something; you are becoming the dear soul that has endless possibilities and where happiness comes from within bringing tranquility and peace wherever you go.

It will take time dear ones to transition from being self-indulging to self-nurturing but it is worth all your effort dear ones. As you continue to make strides, becoming more caring and loving towards your Self, you learn the value of continuing the dialogue with your inner child, reminding this inner side of you that it does deserve what was denied during the years you were growing up. You will learn to re-write the conditioned programming through continuous love and care you give yourself. This is a big undertaking, but you are worth it. At first dear ones, if you feel you need to fake some of the love you give to yourself, then we encourage you to do this because after a while this faking helps create new thinking patterns and in time you will no longer be pretending to love and care for your Self, you will consider yourself from the level of your heart and soul worthy. We know negative patterns can be difficult to extinguish and change; in addition we encourage you to use the power of your determination to accomplish the positive light-filled goals you have or will create for yourself.

The more momentum you have and you begin to see positive results from the transition from being self-indulging to more self-nurturing you will begin to see the effectiveness of treating yourself with respect, love and kindness. Please dear ones, never feel guilty for giving yourself kindness, you deserve to be treated with kindness. Stop with feeling the need to invalidate what you did not receive as a child and begin validating what you are giving yourself now, what is good, loving and very positive. Repeat if necessary that you are willing and you are ready to commit to your own growth, development and happiness.

Change is not simple, this is acknowledged and understood, but the changes and transformations you will make are considerable and important for the development and growth of your total self. If you think about accomplishing a long-lasting state of peace and happiness, then the process to bring you there will be your encouragement and inspiration. During this time dear ones, you will come to the conclusion just how vital and creative you truly are. You will move yourself from being self-indulging to self-nurturing because you have come to the divine light of your truth and your truth is surrounded by unconditional love for your Self.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller

Melchizedek Weekly Message – July 07, 2013 – Channeler Julie Miller

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gattoaladino·5,294 videos