Sananda via John J Kassl – The Logos Regents – Foreward by Georgi Stankov – 12-18-14

 SANANDATRUESananda   /   The Logos Regents

channelled by Jahn J Kassl, published on December 17, 2014

translated by Franz   –   Foreword  –  by Georgi Stankov


Synchronistically with the publication of the PAT decree to engage as mighty Logos Gods more actively in the collapse of the 3D Orion matrix and its main pillar, the Orion monetary system, Jahn has published a comprehensive message from Sananda discussing one more time the key characteristics of us as acting Logos Gods of Gaia and Regents (Stewards) on her numerous new 4D timelines, as well as Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy.I personally think that this pivotal message comes on purpose just in time to assure us in our unlimited creative powers in order to use them in a conscious, deliberate and responsible manner.

Why is it highly moral and ethical to engender the crash of the Orion monetary system and the collapse of the old matrix?

Because by doing this we eliminate the very real possibility that the dark Western cabal will begin with a new devastating world war, first against Russia as their main adversary and then against the rest of the world with the aim of subjugating humanity under the NWO. In other words, by crashing the financial system with our powerful decree as Logos Gods we automatically destroy the foundation of the dark ones to unleash such a war. Until now they have exploited the people in the West through their inequitable fiscal system and other methods of state robbery in order to divert huge resources and capital for the clandestine development of highly destructive weapons in preparation for this final nuclear war in the End Time.

The importance of this message from Sananda is that he confirms one more time what central role we play in all new 4D and 5D timelines of Gaia and how unlimited our powers are over the incarnated human souls there. At the same time we are no longer of these worlds and we exert this authority as Logos Gods and Regents of Gaia in full consciousness that we do this only on behalf of the incarnated souls there, who badly need our divine guidance and protection. At the same time any insignia of earthly power are meaningless to us, who already know the multidimensional nature of our Being.

And this holds true not only after our transfiguration and ascension but right now, while we still dwell on this uppermost mother planet in fragile human bodies. Because we are endowed with an indomitable spirit and with full consciousness of our superiority over this crumbling reality and the despicable dark elite still on power. We know that we have already won this seemingly interminable battle with the immense darkness on this planet and now are reaping the fruits of our courageous and glorious mission as Logos Gods in human gestalt.



Dream: I am elected or appointed to the ultimate Regent of this or a similar world. It opens up to me that even the Pope has to comply with my orders. I notice how this message apparently spreads to all human Beings on this earth simultaneously and how they suddenly meet me with the typical respect, which subordinate human Beings have toward authority. I sense this as very unpleasant. Then a woman appears. She carries my crown on a sachet. With a coup de main I sweep it from the sachet and I notice that it is made of paper. (End of dream) 

„My Kingdom is not of this World!“


Beloved Ones,

A dream picture, which shows that after the ascension of a human Being into the Light of the fifth dimension or beyond, each “crown” loses its fascination on a lower vibrating level and is rejected by such a human Being.

Meaning of the Dream Picture

This dream picture has been given so that you may gain another indication about your multidimensionality. The builder of new worlds, which you are, carries out most different functions, even already now. And therefore you are the Regents on lower frequency worlds, so that worlds grow and human Beings can awaken. You exercise these tasks far from the conscious awareness on this level; this is still impossible in any other way. Your consciousness is still limited on this level and not schooled enough so that you could perceive yourself in your manifold expansions from this level.

Yet this is ongoing and your awareness expands and increases daily in every respect. Until then the developments and events on further levels of All-That-Is, which you are connected with or where you work, as it is required, will be recorded to you in dreams, meditations or visions.

This means that your multidimensional reality as Creator God has not only created new worlds, but you simultaneously express yourself in these worlds, as Master or as Kings – or as a Regent of a whole world, like in the dream picture.

This service is mostly a great challenge for you, because your need for respect and power has been extinguished and you know the ways of a civilization and thereby also the efforts of its enfoldment. You have solely decided for this service for the reason so that growth, insight and enlightenment of all Beings of this still unconscious culture becomes possible.

And you are on-site there in the most significant position, which a world like this one can offer: as unrestricted and unlimited Logos-Regent of these worlds.

Status of the Regent

In these societies of 4D worlds you enjoy a preeminent status so that you can make decisions per mandate, which serve the benefit of all. Everything is possible for a Creator God, even though such a Being, as he stands in service in a world defined by limitations, must basically also submit to these limitations. Yet in individual cases you may, due to the power of your given almightiness divert suffering and directly foster happiness; self-determined and all knowing.

Far from any ego attachment, far from any personal identification of power, you carry out this service for these worlds. Even the Popes are subordinate to you, which underscore your unique position. This encompassing abundance of the power of creation has been given to you so that lengthy decision processes or warlike controversies between the different peoples of this world are minimized or eliminated.

In these worlds, which will be inhabited by the remaining ones of this time and by new soul expressions, it is mostly about to awaken as quickly as possible. The evolution of this society and the transformation of individual Beings are molded mostly far from experiences of pain and suffering. Therefore the most effective instruments were handed over to you, because  truly:

The Regents of the different 4D levels are released from any discourse with the ignorant ones. (What a relief, this has been the worst aspect of my life in this last incarnation! Note, George)

And you are the ones, who have been installed in order to lead these worlds directly into the Light. And yet your Kingdom is not of this world!

Crown, respect or power cannot dazzle you, because your kingdom is far from those worlds – in Heaven. And you are always fully aware of this fact.

Thereby you are incorruptible servants of humanity, which first rambles upwards, on the vines of the Lord, you are vine and grape, fruit and juice at the same time. You are what you are: Angels descended from Heaven, adored as Gods by human Beings yet still not being recognized as Gods. This means: Many human Beings, who act as Logos-Gods, are themselves present in this world, which they have created and have breathed into Life: As Logos-Regents of this world. 

The specific nature of a Logos-God is that he creates  new worlds, guides them due to the power of his almighty spirit and if necessary will make himself visible and manifest 
to the Beings.

The creation of worlds is a constantly continuing process and will be fostered and determined due to the constant attention of the underlying Logos of the world. You are eternal, imperishable and immortal. Today this knowledge is given to the Masters of this time and to the soon-to-be ascended Masters, so that you can expand your horizon.

Because before the ascension of this world, as well as after the ascension of this world, the ascension of many worlds will continue; and you, the new Logos-Gods of this earth, are part and an essential thrust force of all these universal processes.

You are few, to whom this applies and who look forward to the journey to Heaven in a human garment. Yet your power exceeds any earthly limitation and becomes the all-determining reality in the last days in this world, which the dark ones have nothing more to oppose to. Your kingdom is neither of this or any other low vibrating world. And yet the scepter of the regency for those worlds has been handed over to you. The reasons for it are obvious and are being presented here.

You possess the degree of maturity for it, because who has redeemed his human issues and has transformed himself into a Creator God, is enabled to serve the world, which he himself has created – and yet is not part of it. And you are enabled beyond all measures. You rebuff earthly attributes of power, as a victor, who has triumphed due to himself, rebuffs the wreath of victory, because no impermanent laurel can do justice; you know your assignments and your home in Heaven. 

The one, who has God, has everything! The one, who is God, is all! And the one, who has all and is all, it is alien to him what is significant to the ignorant one. You are the Regents of these worlds and many of you have decided to enter into form in these worlds, so that Life, which you have breathed into reality, will be offered the possibility for enfoldment. And hierarchical structures are necessary on these levels, because otherwise the whole society would get lost. And you are at the top of this hierarchy  – as Logos-Regents of these worlds.

(This is a very important statement as we now live in a consensual reality based on cognitive blindness, where every human being is deemed to be an insignificant person in the context of this world and treated accordingly. There is no appreciation for us as Logos Gods and this is demonstrated at best by the filthy, egregious emails, which the Internet trolls send to me and many other editors of alternative websites. Note, George)

Why is this presented here, if it applies to so few? So that those, to whom this apples, recognize what the Now-concept incorporates and so that you may recognize a further aspect of your infinite Being. And so that those, who hear and see about this, have a silent notion of where the human journey goes to at the end of every human Being, where it flows into. Because truly: what is reserved for a few today, will in the near future and in other worlds between Heaven and earth be possible for the next circle of the ascending ones; until ring after ring is fulfilled, until all human Beings, who have been in service in one of these worlds, will be captured by their own divinity.

For all human Beings, who follow this message now, it is of significance to take on the track to their own truth, because what still seems far at this moment, already determines your reality tomorrow.

But you, who already today have been equipped with the service of a Regent in a new world, have stripped off space-time and the laws of space-time have also been suspended for you in this world. Phenomena and conformations of this fact are already distributed and will continue to increase. You are already working beyond the narrow limitations – due to your power of creation and Love.

A truly outstanding position in society is truly upcoming for you. You have overcome the earthly structures; you serve the universal principles of all Life and you integrate with the heavenly hierarchies.

Heavenly Hierarchies

You belong to the high levels of All-That-Is and from the fifth dimensional step up all Beings work and affect in absolute harmony with the All-That-Is reality in God. On this level the hierarchies exist to the degree, whereby Beings are recognized due to their assignments, but not whereby one Being yields to another Being, subordinates himself and must obey blindly. No Being raises himself above another, and all serves the great plan of the Creator. Every Being knows his place, knows his assignments and his uniqueness; and thereby every Being fulfills his assignments in the co-operation of heavenly Light forces.

There is neither Master nor student, neither ruler nor controlled ones, instead there is the pure recognition of Love and the pure essence of the divine Light; where from all find plenty of it and thereby always nurture themselves directly from the Source, supply themselves with knowledge and are instructed in their assignments. 

Directly from the Source, directly from God,  because the oneness with God determines all and affects all.

In the higher realms of Light, all Life obeys the One, who is God. Each Being knows about his assignments and implements these in harmony with the great whole. Heavenly hierarchies fulfill a different sense and work differently than hierarchies on earth or on earth-related planets. And whoever works in the orchestra of ALL-THAT-IS, in him the need for earthly power has been extinguished and the wish for impermanent symbols has been redeemed from his soul. (Paper crown in the dream, remark JJK)

Today this knowledge is necessary for the new Creator Gods and Regents of new worlds, so that you can allocate many of your dreams, lucid images, visions and inner images.

Because who has redeemed his inner issues and has been confronted with the issue of power (Regency in the dream, remark JJK), must know the correct allocation, in order not to remain behind confused or to take redeemed issues from long ago into the focus of a redemption – which wastes a lot of energy.

Today the multi-dimensionality of all Life and your own glory is revealed to you.

In summary:

Therefore this dream image as well as this message applies to those human Beings who have done their homework, and have been redeemed in their foundation! Whoever wastes himself after earthly power, whoever looks forward in joy to the dignity of a King or a high position, is not meant, because he still does not know himself.

Whoever aims for a high office on earth, whoever wishes this in a low vibrating world, has entered onto the path of a formative experience, yet has still not stepped onto the bridge of knowledge. These are mostly human Beings of middle soul age, who resort to this path; an old and ripe soul knows the course of things and will never take the initiative for such a high office himself. 

God’s pure servants wish foremost one thing: the closeness to God!

Neither office nor honors can quench this longing. And therefore God’s true servants orient themselves toward God! This is the background where from the true Masters have taken on the scepter of Regency in one of the lower vibrating worlds. Logos-Gods, who with a part of their Being turn toward the newly created worlds, in order to help the remaining ones and the new arrivals in the ascension. You are the immortal Regents of lower and higher 4D worlds and this dream picture demonstrates this in a bold manner.

Now you have made acquaintance with a further truth of your Being, you were familiarized with that, which is withdrawn from your earthly consciousness and you have recognized another expression of your unlimited reality –but foremost you recognize one thing based on this truth: the extent of your Love for the remaining mankind in one of the 4D worlds. 

Truly you are Gods in human Gestalt,  whose form dissolves until the pure essence of God appears openly. Truly you are Gods among human Beings, Who mercifully reveal themselves to all as the Light of Life and the loving reality of the Creator. 

I am with all of you at all times.
I am with you at all times.

I am

Georgi Stankov – Mandate for This World – Conversation with Sananda – End All Wars – Channeler Jahn J Kassl – 11-5-14


Conversation with Sananda  /   by Georgi Stankov     /    Channeller Jahn J Kassl   –   11-5-14
This latest message from Sananda confirms in a brilliant manner the relevance of all the topics related to the activation of the second wave of ascension candidates by the PAT last week that have been raised and discussed on this website. This kind of synchronicities are part of the incredibly precise coordination of the ascension process from the higher realms in this last stage and their immediate materialization in the Now. This is our common experience for a long time and we should no longer be surprised by such divine manifestations.

The key theme of our discussions, and now of Sananda, is to express our full power as creator gods without any false considerations and hindsight what other people would think or feel about us. This has always been my policy on this website and I am happy that the PAT has shown a remarkable unanimity in this respect. This is the most outstanding feature of a true ascended master compared to all other light workers, who are still flirting with the idea of ascension as a shy virgin with the idea of defloration.

At the end of this message you will find a link to the latest decree of Sananda to end all wars. I have followed this pro-active approach since the opening of this website and we have successfully averted many very dangerous conflicts in the past with our immense determination as Logos Gods and by sending light to all dark spots on this planet. The mitigation of the Syrian crisis last year was to a large extent our collective success when we spent a lot of effort averting this conflict.

The same holds true for the Ukrainian war, which the West started to weaken the”Russian soul”, as Sananda puts it in this message. I promised you from the very beginning of this crisis when the chances were rather slim that Russia will win this conflict and will successfully repudiate all insidious attempts of the dark Western cabal to establish the NWO by eliminating the Russian resistance.

This is now reality – the latest free elections in Southeast Ukraine have de facto splitted this part of  the country from Kiev and made them independent states much to the chagrin of the dark Obama and Co. And these dark entities know that they have absolutely no chance to influence the course of the events in  Ukraine. They know that they have lost and now back peddle with full force.

Only several days ago the EU agreed to pay the gas bill of Ukraine to Russia of more than 3 billion $ as it realised that otherwise Western Europe will be freezing this winter without Russian gas. There has never been a greater defeat of the Western cabal since WW2 than their disastrous policy of aggression against Russia in Ukraine that has now fully failed.

Hence I recommend all my readers to go to Jahn’s website and speak loudly this mandate for the world, so that all the wars and conflicts can stop very soon – not on this timeline, but on all new upper 4D worlds in the new Galaxy. This is our priority in these last days as creators of these new worlds.



JJK: Yesterday I have written down a possibly unique powerful mandate for this world. Now I am asking the question, if I should publish it. What if its effect is lacking or if it takes a long time to wait for it? It is a little bit like the timely announcement of an event, which then is delayed or does not occur – this always undermines the credibility of the message or the messenger.

SANANDA: I bless every human Being, who follows this conversation regarding the “mandate for this world”, and those, who with his whole heart dives into the grace of this conversation, in order to lift the treasure of this knowledge. Indeed, what are we dealing with in this time, and what is it about now? The claim of your power! This is the great topic in these days.

Claim your Power! 

Great times demand great impulses. Impulses are the energy carriers, which bring the new on its way.

This also then, when the new does not immediately manifest in this visible world. This in fact unique mandate of a Creator God, which you are, serves to powerfully breathe these new impulses into Life, to bring them into this world. Thereby it is not about that all armies in the world immediately put down all their weapons, instead it is about to set this impulse into the world, so that it – enriched by the repeated mandate of many light warriors and Creator Gods – may quickly become reality. An immediate putting down of all weapons is not to be expected, because through wars a lot of karma is redeemed and also new karma is built. This world still fully stands in the interaction of cosmic laws for this level of Creation. Yet your divine higher self has dictated this mandate quite consciously to you NOW, because the time is ripe for it now. 

Like a flame burning all slag, these words shall spread all over the globe and reach ever more human Beings; And foremost those, who see themselves as light warriors of the first and last hours or have the experience as a Creator God! Because the more high Light Beings give an ear to these words and give them a voice, the closer we get to the reality of a peaceful and free of wars world.

The Credibility 

What pertains to the “credibility” of a prediction or what pertains to the created attitudes in expectations in human Beings, I would like to emphasize to you and to all human Beings, who work on this level:

Never care about the acceptance from human Beings! Never care about how your messages are received! Because those, who understand the essence of this space-time, who almost understands the complexity of all universal connections, knows what kind of service you perform. Remain unswerving, continue to be courageous and a true tower of strength and a Light on the summit, because you are given knowledge from Heaven and awareness transmitted, so that you can pass this on to mankind, to those, who are ready for it, generously and authentically.

From a cosmic perspective it is totally insignificant, if a “date” or an “event” occurs in this space-time as announced, because the prediction always occurs, also if it does not always reach this level of awareness, whereupon it was announced (This applies to all my predictions of probable ascension test runs and dates in the past, note George). The holographic perception of all Life is very helpful in this regard. The only concern of the messenger from Heaven, the prophets of this time, the Creator Gods in human form, shall be furthermore to pass on to human Beings everything that you receive from Heaven and what flows to you from the Light.

Acceptance or rejection, the laughter of the ignorant ones or the recognition of the knowing ones shall never touch you, because the reward is appropriate for you and is truly not of this world, because: New Creations are handed over to you and new Creations shall be named after you. Those, who have attained greatness and thereby still serve a small-minded world, so that it can uplift itself, God will dedicate to those a special place in Creation. Only a Creator God can open the gates to freethinking for mankind, to open them for powerful action and healing creations – also in this world. And this all transforming “mandate for this world” is evidence for the claim of power, which emanates from a Creator God.

JJK: I do not know exactly what I write down, yet it sounds very plausible and my “doubts” wane to publish this.

SANANDA: Yes, some residual patterns of fears in you, which you have accumulated as a prophet in many times, will be released. This creates again some relief in you. And to all messengers from the Light, to the old and the new prophets of this time: Your credibility can only be undermined by a contrived and outside-determined life! This is never due to a “prophecy”, which occurs later or not even on this level.

Today advanced light warriors recognize how energy behaves. Today, for the great light warriors of this time, it only depends  on being “credible” by serving one’s own life as a light-filled example for all human Beings. Today’s messenger from Heaven will not only be measured by their messages, but foremost how high their individual degree of knowledge and how high their own vibration is.

Human Beings understand what is, distinguish light-filled from dark vibration and those, who do not understand are conceivably responsible for their own ignorance. 

Reward or rejection in this world? What do you care about in this time, wherein so many human Beings have as never before entered unto the path to universal knowledge?

JJK: Now I have in mind to make this mandate public at the next Light Reading?

SANANDA: Yes, this is a suitable occasion; all will still reveal itself to you until then.

JJK: Regarding the actual time quality of today I see at the example of my perception that many human Beings take incredible effort in order to hide their true character. Almost exclusively I meet human Beings veiled in a fine scarf, who behind the façade are totally polluted. I perceived this energetic pollution from behind the noble perfume, which brings forth an odious smell. Therefore I smell the energetic pollution, what I never experienced before. It seems as if in those, who want to continue to sleep, the ambition to maintain the old status increases again?

SANANDA: This observation is equal to the observation of a pendulum. It continually moves back and forth, once in one direction and then into the other, until it levels out in the middle.

Yes, human Beings, who do not want to wring the true content from this time, those, who pretend to be deaf and are blind, try to hide their true character with new cosmetics, to cover up their intentions, in order to be able to still exist in this world. It is the last and at the same time also desperate attempts to maintain the old life, the old securities, the old lies.

These are specifics of this time. While the ascending ones become lighter, more light-filled and more conscious in every respect, the remaining ones start to create new illusions, so that thereby they do not have to encounter the truth and never oneself.

JJK: On the political world stage, it is still always about to weaken Russia, and after the EBOLA-virus, the USA declared Russia “the greatest threat” for the earth. Incredible but true! I always have the image in my mind that the actual fight about Russia is a fight over “Russia’s great soul” – over the spiritual power of Russia – and even also, but not only, a fight for the geo-political ruler ship in this world.

Russia’s Soul 

Like in World War II when the Jews were supposed to be eliminated by the Nazis based on their spiritual power, the dark forces want to destroy Russia today, robbing Russia’s soul.

SANANDA: In this basic approach, this is correct, entirely correct! Russia is the spiritual heart of Europe, foremost into the area of Asia. The strength of Russia lies in a long tradition, which radiates religious power and spiritual reality. A great number of very old souls live in Russia, from great Saints to high initiates. Russia is therefore in the position to torpedo all “New World Order scenarios” of the dark elite – and this is exactly what happens now.

This knowledge is known in dark circles, which pursue the agenda to destroy Russia. Equally many decades ago in this space-time, it was the Jews, which stood in the way of the great Reich of the Nazis. The spiritual life energy was supposed to be destroyed, the life force of a population to be absorbed. And how does it happen any other way than to destroy human lives in unbelievable numbers and in a very diabolical manner.

The same thing is supposed to happen to Russia. Thereby the threat of nuclear weapons, which echo from the corners of the dark elite in the direction of Russia, fits perfectly into this picture; because the “New World Order” feels threatened by light-filled Russia, which explains their reflex to threaten Russia from their side. Thereby attacks under “false flag” are constantly carried out, until, according to plan, a case of reason is given for a truly radical intervention. Yes, in the case of Russia, it is about to  separate a Nation from its life energy and to extinguish it.

Thereby the dark ones justify any means. Based on the actual situation that the dark ones increasingly see their hopes dashed, these plans are brought into the light of day and are revealed to mankind. Failure is certain for the equally exact as well as brutal plan, because the dark ones can no longer hide their intentions from the increasingly awakening mankind.

JJK: What was supposed to be in the place of “spiritual people”?

SANANDA: The plan and also the implementation on low vibrating 4D or 3D worlds is to have the whole world agree to a single religion. A religion, which the system has created and lacks any kind of spiritual basis, because the awareness work of the individual is blinded out. Blind adoration and the acceptance of prefabricated truths shall satisfy the spiritual need of human Beings.

Some magic, false sorcery, and the new “State Religion” is done, which lacks any direct point of reference for individual God recognition and must lack it, because direct God recognition always is the end of slavery – and these worlds foremost need the slaves.

This will not happen on this level like that. For this reason, Russia has been fitted with wise and courageous heads of State, who take care that the robbery of the soul of a whole population can no longer occur.

In conclusion: Yes, in the global fight it is mostly about to destroy the spiritual power of Russia and  the human Beings of such a great country.

JJK: Here the initially discussed mandate can certainly contribute very much. I mean to contribute that these plans will quickly fail and are visible for the whole world.

SANANDA: The failure is already visible! This mandate will accelerate this failure and will give the Creator Gods in this time an experience, which they had to forego for a long time: The immediate experience of their unlimited creative power! What today is possible for an awakened one, can now be experienced and is now being experienced by you.

With these words regarding these great themes of these days in this time, I bless human Beings, because truly: 

My blessing hand is your roof and  my loving heart is your lodging.

In infinite Love


Put down the Weapons! Mandate for this World – JJK:

Asana Mahatari – Days of Truth – Ascension Update – Separation Of Galaxy – Channeler Jahn J Kassl – 10-22-14

Mario Gattoaladino



Asana Mahatari  /  channelled by Jahn J Kassl  

Foreword  /  Georgi Stankov


Three days ago I wrote in my short energy update of October 19th the following:

This night our mission was dedicated to a complete cleansing of all patterns of greed and self-service associated with the current pecuniary system of Orion gratification. We severed all lower timelines that will experience these negative patterns for a longer period of time from this uppermost mother planet. The reason for this is that this planet is now on her pathway of rapid ascension to the new Golden galaxy, where it is supposed to merge with the new 4D and lower 5D worlds, we have already created, around the new moon and solar eclipse portal on October 23rd. These 4D and lower 5D worlds are now being rapidly seeded with the templates of the new human race, which Carla and I created in the world healing center in Lofer and disseminated on October 12th.

What I also received from my HS at that night was that all individuals, who are still driven by such negative patterns, will be for ever severed from our ascending timeline and we shall never meet them again. This information was closely associated with some people, who Carla and I know well and would have liked not to see them again. This whole process of separation should be interpreted within the broader picture of the final ascension of the new Galaxy, as Asana Mahatari has told Jahn this night after a very dramatic experience with his son.

Hence you have a seamless chronicle from us and Jahn that confirms the rapid and very swift ascension of this Galaxy and of Gaia as its focal point, which is closely associated with the new moon and full solar eclipse portal this week. I am confident that this information gives you a coherent and full picture what you should expect in the coming days.

But you should first and foremost attune to the energies that flow throughout your fields and body, as everybody will now experience a slightly different situation because all timelines now diverge and their number grows into infinity. Hence there is no such thing as common human experience anymore.

Only yesterday night I moved within several minutes from a very low timeline to a much higher and my surgical wound improved dramatically in front of my eyes, while making a massage on my leg. When I showed it to Carla, she could not believe it, but admitted that at the same time she received a message from her HS that we have moved to a much higher timeline. It felt as if my whole body was exchanged and improved within the blink of an eye. This improvement is still visible today and I hope it will stay so, unless we descend again to much lower timelines.

These are the kind of miracles we shall now experience on a dialy basis and they should no longer impress us. We are in the middle of the most rough and exciting roller-coaster, we and this planet have ever experienced, where anything is possible and can happen at any time.





Report: At exactly midnight my beloved son NOAH startles in his sleep and cries out loud from the deepest level of his soul and crying out for his mama. As I get him out of his bed and bring him to his mother, he is like dazed and motionless. Because similar situations are very familiar to me, I know that here, based on the intensity of his reaction, something significant has appeared or has occurred – beyond the visible! (End of report)


The Separation of the Galaxy strikes Space-Time!

Sluggish worlds, lower vibrating levels have fallen off from the ascending world. Several worlds were transformed and since then many souls search for their new place of destination in All-That-Is. The whole bandwidth, which this ascension brings with it, is collected here in an instance of God, and infinite happiness and infinite pain appear “simultaneously”.

The nightly “scream”, as described in the report, is the outcry of stranded mankind. Those, who until last neither can hear, nor want to, must pass through the experience of pain. This sight is unbearable for a light warrior of the first and last hour, for a conscious human Being, who has dedicated oneself to the Light, to Love and to Life.

The cry of the remaining ones! Hear and see, the time has come.

Days of Truth

The worlds separate, the galaxy has shed the light-starved and has accepted the light-filled. And this has an immediate effect in this world. 

The days of truth begin, in every respect. We have proceeded with a significant step, now as the time of times fulfills.

Do not cry for the ones staying behind, instead be glad that this game completes, because only thereby the ones staying behind also receive a new opportunity for their return into the Light. Our new homes in Heaven are ready, and we begin to “arrange” ourselves in Heaven, even though we remain in this world until last.

The part of the ascension, which the awakened ones have contributed to, is immeasurable, because far from their own wishes and appointments, they carry out the service on the Light bridges until the last of all days. 

To recognize the Now in the transitory world is the key to understanding; and this understanding is attained in the time of waiting and expectation.

Everything rotten is pulled out from its root, before this world also dissolves visibly in front of you. The separation of the Galaxy has reached Gaia!

Remain anchored, grounded and oriented toward God, because heavenly guidance points you to several unknown paths and opens for you all the miracles, which are needed now, because the world changes its countenance and all Life in this world its course.


I am that I am. I am Peace and Life. I am amongst you,


End of transmission: 00.22am


Epilogue: After I have read this message repeatedly, have finalized it and have prepared it for translation, a terrible storm arises. It rains and storms, like I have rarely experienced it, and with regard to the presently received message, I get goose bumps all over my back.

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Adama of Telos – Life Artery of Ascension – via Jahn J Kassl, – 10-4-14




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Telos, Agartha

October 4, 2014


Publication from the new Book by Jahn J Kassl:

Telos – Welcome to Agartha

This is an excerpt from Chapter 4:

Life Artery of Ascension—welcome-to-agartha/index.php


I welcome you to today’s gathering in the divine Light and in the All-that-Is consciousness!

A great process takes its course and a new wind blows over the surface of the Earth.

All is subjected to great changes; and the old system, the structures of the world, as it has been until now, breaks apart. Nothing can oppose these natural processes whereby conditions reshape or enter into a new form of Being.

The wheel of time also comes to a halt on the surface of the earth and so worlds merge and galaxies flow together into new covenants.

The Enlightened Ones of Telos

Today I talk to you about the tasks for this ascension process, which were taken over by the citizens of Telos; and the steadfastness that is characteristic of us. I speak of deep empathy that always surrounds us; a fine quality of light and love.

The city of Telos, my home city, is, in physical form, anchored under and around the sacred mountain Mount Shasta and in a subtle form rises from this location into this world and far into the cosmos. Telos has 1,5 million inhabitants and is besides Agartha, the capital city of our nation, and besides Shamballa, the spiritual center and the home of the King of the World, SANAT KUMARA, one of the largest cities of inner earth.

The Beings of this city have fundamentally a stature of 2,40 to 2,80 meters. As we show up on the surface of the earth or appear to human Beings, we like to adjust our frame to the one of human Beings on the surface, so that an encounter is more easily facilitated on «eye level». The enlightened Beings of Telos have very lite almost translucent skin and eyes, which bring forth an inner radiance, a brilliance, which would appear as «unnatural» to human Beings on the surface and a human Being could rarely withstand it.

As with all Agarthans, one can obviously recognize the universal dignity and the empathy of an awakened divine Being and no being, may it even have the darkest intentions, can withdraw from this presence forever.

The citizens of Telos for the most part are represented by Beings from the sunken continent of Lemuria and as such we, as generations before us, have taken on the responsibility to remain in these etheric realms until the transformation on the surface of the earth and the ascension of Mankind are completed. Everything has been aligned in that direction during the last 20,000 years, especially during the last 12,000 years of our calendar and since the downfall of Lemuria. So in these days, also for us, a very long time of preparations comes to an end.

Therefore Telos forms the center, the life artery of transformation and we are the driving force for the reversal of human Beings on the surface of the Earth and their return to God.

Today in Telos everything is dedicated to the arrival of our earth siblings. All homes are ready for occupation and wait to be claimed by you.

Emissaries from Telos to Kings and Presidents

Until this timeline, whereon we find ourselves today, we have tried everything to include the leaders of upper earth in the events of the upcoming universal, galactic and planetary transformation and to attune them to it. For that purpose we sent emissaries from Agartha, once a decade over a long period, to the surface of the earth since the downfall of Atlantis. With the goal to solicit the actual leaders for a change to let them participate in the specific planetary developments, and thereby create a need for truth that would bring a change in politics…


translated by Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb

Sample Reading – Telos Welcome to Agartha:—sample-reading-jahn-j-kassl.pdf

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Babaji – Support Columns of Human Love – Channeler Jahn J Kassl – 10-1-14

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channeled by Jahn J Kassl

translated by Franz

28. September 2014

The great wind brings the great turnaround, in the great game. Infinite were, are and will be the opportunities for all human Beings, because truly: The last accord in this world sounds for the fewest human Beings in this world.


This world has no more power over you, who are stepping into the Light temples far from space-time, this time can no longer do anything to you, who are inheriting the crystalline worlds of the Creator; and the events becoming more and more distinct are passing in front of you, who attain perfection, like an image from another world.

Before suffering is taken from you, before you have attainted fulfillment on all levels, before you arrive and ascend, new support columns for these still unredeemed worlds will be left behind – the support columns of your love.

And this process has been going on for months, for years has been part of your inner knowledge and since you have entered into this world for the first time, have been part of your contracts for the end time. Each one, wherever he is, there, where he stands and in the role for which God has chosen him.

Each one of the ascending ones in its unique guardianship for this world; as a carrier of knowledge and truth for all of mankind.

Everything is cared for!

Each life on the last day of this time will be

exactly there, where it is supposed to be. Because those, who dispose of a healed soul will be guided, due to the knowledge of their souls, to the place, where they are expected by Heaven, and those, who do without their soul, because they neither serve the Light nor God, due to a wink from the Creator, will experience the end of time and their own new beginning. And the Angels will also expect these creatures and in death new life will be breathed into them.

Heritage of the Ascending Ones

The heavenly adjustments for this last day ofmankind have been finished.

Now it is necessary to leave the heritage of the ascending ones in the worlds behind and to anchor this heritage deep in the matrix of many 4D worlds. The time, wherein the great Masters of this world walk through the Light portals, has come, because their work has been finished. This brings the events in this world to the crowning conclusion, which means a festivity of joy in God’s presence for the ones, and for the others it becomes stocktaking for their still imperfect Being.

Everything what has been revealed to you occurs and everything occurs – now. It no longer requires interpretation, because the facts are on the table and the proclamations are nearly complete.

The potentials for redemption, which the ascending ones leave behind for the remaining worlds due to the anchoring of their Light, is a gift, which these levels can only gradually become aware of. You, the Ascended Masters of the new time, will guide these populations of the 4D worlds, the human Beings and the creatures of the existing space-time, to that.

Babaji is omnipresence,

Babaji is Life,

Babaji is Love.

Each one, who entrusts in me, inherits eternal Life in God, who I am,



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Sananda – Healing through God’s Grace – Channeler Jahn J Kassl – 9-30-14

sananda2   /  /I am SANANDA

Today, we direct the Light of Heaven to where it is needed, so that the path from knowledge to the inner confidence can be fulfilled. Many Human Beings still have certain reservations as to  events of the changes is concerned and the change itself. Insecurity and a deeply troubling doubt spread out and destroy the strength, which is necessary in order to pursue one’s own and the planetary ascension.

In many light warriors, despite the immense knowledge about the contexts and the course of this time, the sureness that the ascension is now, that the change is now, that the end of time is happening, is still not or not deeply enough anchored. Is it really as such like the prophets of this time proclaim and does ascension also apply to me? Really?

At the end of the day incertitude very often gains the upper hand and now it is necessary to eliminate this condition, like dandruff needs to be removed, in order to bring forth the evenly skin underneath it.

I say to you: The only truth and reality of this time is the end of its existence! I say to you: The only truth and reality of this NOW-time on earth is the ascension of this world and the ascension of this galaxy. I say to you:The only truth and reality of this time is the transformation of all Life. Human Beings transform themselves into Gods and human Beings remain prisoners of time. I say to you: The only truth and reality of this NOW-time on earth is the arrival of the light warriors in the Light and the staying behind of many human children in light-starved space-time.

And I say to you: The transformation is now, the uplifting is now, and it is now necessary to step out of the illusion that all of this is only a dream! Therefore, we will now attend to this still existing illusion, so that out of the path of knowledge and confidence a path of the all-eternal confidence in God develops.

Reasons for Doubt

What stokes the incertitude, the doubts? It is the outer influences of the electromagnetic energy fields and the effective manipulations, which reach you despite the fundamental knowledge, which you possess about the ascension, and thereby create the doubts in you.

Redemption of Doubt

I ask you now to look inside. Accept the doubt there, where it arises, there, where it encounters you, and let it go. Look at it very carefully and know precisely what you are redeeming in you right now. Do not think, instead allow that thoughts arise in you and images appear, which are connected with this issue. Let the doubt come and again let it go, yet be completely aware that this one must be recognized, accepted and removed, before you are capable to serve as an unflinching light tower of this time.

Always access, as you are undetermined on the inside and insecure, the method of inner contemplation and allow what appears to you. Accept everything, because the greatest blockages only appear, once you are willing to let them go also, then when they feel accepted by you.

Ask us Masters or the Archangels for assistance, and we are with you, before you even finished thinking about your request or have finished pronouncing it. Ask for the redemption, the severance of all energetic structures related to these inner images of incertitude, the doubts and false assumptions. Using this method remove the blockages and you will greet the new day already in this and not until in the other world.


After you have liberated yourself from the actual doubts, it is necessary to seed confidence, to bring forth a new seed, meaning to recognize and accept the only truth of your Being on this level of time. There is only one reason, which has brought together all light warriors of the first and last hours to this earth in this NOW-time and whereby all are connected with each other: The planetary and individual ascension into the Light! (This statement is particularly true for the PAT members, who aligned around this website in 2011 when the final, most critical phase of the ascension process began. Go one more time to the first publications and feel the excitement and owe of the PAT members when they discovered this website in various miraculous ways and knew with an inner confidence that that they have come home. Note, George)

Anchoring of Your Reality

Now it is necessary to deeply anchor this truth. This occurs due to two processes:

1.) Devotion to your own divine assignments.

2.) Devotion to God.

Fully accept your own assignments and link all events of this time with your specific assignments. What do I have to fulfill in the here and now? In the answer to this eternal and only question lies the happiness of every human Being. As soon as this question has been answered, confidence sets in and all knowledge steps back in humility and turn the broad field for enlightenment over to certitude.

Preoccupy yourself with this existential question until you have attained absolute clarity in this area, because to be in ignorance about it means not to know the world, which once again attracts alien energy fields and whereby you are open also for that, which damages your life. Ask for this insight and trust that it will be given to you; yet never let go of the aim for it. Thereby dedicate yourself, like in everything, totally to God.

But what is meant by devotion to God and how can it be attained?

Devotion to God

Devotion means the constant link to God, means that any providence in life is accepted as a welcome gift from God and means to bring forth every thought, each word and every deed out of this fulfillment. Devotion means neither blind submission nor letting fall oneself in ignorance of the height of the fall! Devotion means to fully consciously decide for a life in God, with God and through God; means to know the height of the fall and to jump without any instance of hesitation.

Capable for true devotion is the one, who has attained knowledge and has anchored certitude. Who, out of this inner link to the Source of all sources, develops certainty, when a human being awakens; immovable and clear, radiant and not to be overlooked, such a being is a true miracle work of kindness and the Light. And this “miracle in a human Being” is coming alive based on this awareness.

Method of Purification

Now proceed as follows:

1) Look at your doubts, accept them and let go of them.

2) Ask for knowledge of your unique divine assignments. Never give up and be willing to do anything for this insight, because before a human Being is able to fulfill his assignments, he must have obtained the quality of persistence and endurance. Meaning: The manner of the search determines how the seeker manages what he has found.

3) Devote to God in full awareness of the significance of this decision. Let yourself fall, sink into His Grace. After this step, everything ceases to exist – except God! Then it is easy to accept life as it is. Then it is easy to recognize the many turns of life as a hint from God to recognize and interpret it correctly. Then it is easy to understand that a human Being is not complete solely through knowledge, because a human Being is complete based on inner certitude in the correctness of all things, even if the knowledge in some areas is lacking.

Meditate about it, follow the instructions given here, do as I ask you; and you will never again fight with doubts, because they were removed based on your will and in our presence. Whoever is sure, is no slave of knowledge, instead knowledge serves him. Whoever is aware of self, lives in the certainty of all Life, in the omnipresent reality, which is: The All-That-Is reality in God. Meditate about it and heal yourself in God’s Grace. Do it now, because until tomorrow your unrecognized doubts of today will have vanished, in order to meet you again the day after tomorrow and put you into unrest. Break through this cycle and you will find redemption still today – now.

I am

6D Space Fleet of the Light – Channeler Jahn J Kassl – “Condensation of space-time, the separation of the galaxy begins and this has an effect on earth, the ascending planet” – 9-16-14

GFL Fleet
GFL Fleet


channeled by Jahn J Kassl

translated by Franz

September 14, 2014


Condensation of space-time, the separation of the galaxy begins and this has an effect on earth, the ascending planet.

We represent the space fleet of Light on and from the 6th dimension of All-That-Is.

We are omnipresent in space-time, which constitutes the level of experience of ascending mankind. We are among you.

The great finalizing process has started, when all living bodies of the most versatile dimension densities, which were breathed into reality in this galaxy, are teleported or transformed from this structure into a new universe. Initially this does not bring the immediate or the “ultimate” changes for the mother planet of ascension, for planet earth, because it does take time, before the cosmic processes arrive in space-time. Noticeable, immediately noticeable are the renewed increase in vibration and the renewed condensation of geopolitical events.

Condensation of all Events

Simultaneously renewed intensification of all individual still unresolved and unrecognized inner processes are taking place in human Beings. A new vibration frequency, which reaches this earth, affects this and it vibrates at a much higher frequency than all so far, already very intensely perceived, vibration given’s.

This means in addition: The power of creation of the light warriors grows exponentially, while the strength of the dark ones, in order to carry out the factual power on this planet, radically reduces.

There is no energetic base anymore, in order to keep the sluggish structures alive; and for this exact reason the Orion warriors try to bring this world under their control, before the final curtain falls. This causes ill-considered power games and the loss of a realistic assessment of the situation.

The complexity of all processes, which affect this earth, is not at all familiar to the dark warriors. They are too much confronted by their own survival. The world has slipped away from them; mankind awakens to a sufficient extent.

An “act of desperation”, in order to turn the game, fails; and the nature of a capital crime is revealed to mankind. The allocations are made and the dark ones are being recognized as dark. By human Beings to a sufficient extent.

Perception of Sequences:

1.) The ascending ones see things approaching and recognize these intentions long before the masses of human Beings. 2.) The ascending ones are touched on the inside by these events, what brings forth deep empathy, yet no one of the ascending ones is pulled into the energy of suffering or let themselves be pulled. 3.) The creation of Love and Light are the main intentions of these Masters in this difficult time, so that human Beings, before they find themselves in their new homes, will not lose hope. 4.) Suffering and the experience of pain affect only those, who have also chosen this, and it is many, very many. 5.) The beginning of the separation of the galaxy is a process, which impinges then on space-time and has a full effect, as soon as all Beings have taken possession of the new 4D worlds. 6.) The “great dying” happens on this level, whereby either “uninhabited” human bodies or up to a maximum of 2 soul fragments of a Being will be affected by it, in order to keep the shock of a Being as little as possible, but great enough, in order to enable further insights.

This transmission from the 6D space fleet of Light marks the beginning of a new time and rings in the end of the old time!

Events are becoming visible in space-time. And this in a new quality and dimension.

This level of All-That-Is, which is described as the great illusion of the divine-human game, will be recognized as such, will be overcome and will be left by the ascending ones. We, the 6D space fleet of Light, have the necessary qualifications, in order to heave this world to the next level and we apply our almightiness for it.

It occurs for the benefit of all worlds and under consideration of individual decisions of human Beings, which, each one in itself, are sacred.

We love this mankind ? infinitely.

We stand by you ? eternally.

We are the

6D-SPACE FLEET OF THE LIGHT (End of transmission 5:22 PM)

Final remark JJK: I write this message in the guest garden of a restaurant in the center of Vienna; a very busy area. I was uplifted to such an extent during the transmission, so that I could clearly recognize to no longer find myself in this world. Human Beings were passing me like beings from another star. Yet my perception was crystal clear, nothing escaped my attention. My inner binding to the events around me (a small accident, noisy human Beings, sexy women, etc.) was equal to zero, and nothing came through to me; I even perceived a wonderful sunny day only like from a distance. “Reality cinema” pure without myself participating in it.


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Transfer of new Vibration Patterns ? 6D-SPACE FLETT OF THE LIGHT:

Jesus Sananda – Serving Without Expectation – Channeler Jahn Kassl – 2-4-14

Serving without false intention, giving without expectations, to give what one can give – without wasting any thought about the reward.Beloved Ones, I am it JESUS SANANDA

He who receives his reward on earth,

Will be empty-handed in Heaven

Why is it as such?

Everything in Creation searches for energetic balance. If this has already occurred on earth, there is nothing more that needs balancing. And if a human Beings aims at receiving the balance

here on earth, it applies even more.

Meaning, the lack of expectations is the fulcrum for all activities on earth. To do and create without expectations because each human Being always receives his appropriate reward and it is the greatest, when you have given, have done and have been out of a pure heart. That does not mean that every doing should be subjected to an unconditional “lack of intention”? No. Rather it means to act intentionally in love, act intentionally through your light, act intentionally for the benefit of all human Beings – yet remain free from any thoughts about expectations which are created on the level of the ego, because it is those intentions that block your path into the Light.

He, who gives out of a pure heart and already receives his reward on earth, also will again be given in Heaven, because this reward will be multiplied.

Yet he, who acts in false expectations, which come from the ego, will be empty-handed – and even on earth this reward for a human Being will be less. These human Beings always complain:

“How much I do, and how little I receive for it in return.” This is how these people talk and they calculate quite correctly what they do and what they let go, because there where there is nothing to get they leave quickly and will go to new sources where they can satisfy their lack of abundance and lack of love.

Yet these sources always dry up, yes they have to, because the constant flow of life that can only be maintained out of a pure, from low vibrating intentions liberated heart.

Yes, children of God, He, who harvests today, because his life was oriented toward this harvest, misses the true harvest time.

The time when everything happens as by itself, because one did not block the events. Because false intention is a rock that blocks the path.


When you give do not expect anything in return. Give totally and freely, in love and with a thankful heart how you are supposed to give.

When you work in the vineyard of the Lord, work on account of the work and not on account of the reward that you wish to receive.

When you serve mankind then you serve with an inner fire that never extinguishes and you look forward to when the day is close when this fire has spread everywhere.

The greatest reward is the one that God has placed into a human heart. It is the assuredness that God loves you and that God cares for you in all matters.

So say good-bye to all calculating thoughts and from feelings that are founded in false intentions. Remain firmly anchored in the intention, to serve life and the world, so that the light and the love may spread. This kind of intentions stems from the level of your Higher-Self and is free from low vibrating ego-motives. Therefore discern also while doing this, because truly:

Those will inherit the kingdom in Heaven, who expect the Creator every day, yet are free from wanting to please the Creator.

Be the rock, be the light, be the love. These are the criteria for a fulfilled life.

Because when the Lord cometh (comes?) he will not consider the ones who shout: “Look Lord what I have done!” rather those who work on the vines in silence, in the knowledge that they will be called by the Lord and that thus nothing except their work will be done.

In Eternity,

The light carriers, who expect a reward, will be left behind empty-handed. The light carriers who give and donate free from expectations will arrive directly with me in the Kingdom of God.

I am the infinite Love

Of all Worlds, of all Life.



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