Council of Angels via Goldenlight – Transparency and Truth – 8-8-14

Foto: Mother Spirit and Michael - The love of our Divine Parents I am your Mother. I am the breath that brings you life. I am the nourishment that sustains you. You are comprised of Me. I circulate throughout you and around you. I am the environment in which you exist. Such a vast presence can be difficult to relate to as a child of the realm. I know of your yearning to be closer to Me in this process and I bid you to continue to taking the steps in my direction that you have so freely offered. I require nothing of you my little ones, I demand nothing of you for your life or in your life. I only nurture and love and foster. So when you demonstrate your willingness to approach Me in this manner I am touched by your gestures and I would receive your offerings, your gifts of love and bring them into my bosom as it were. I see in your countenance a dedication and devotion that only mature children demonstrate towards their parents, one of appreciation and love and respect for all that has been rendered for you to live and be. I tell you that it has been my pleasure to provide for you all that you have need of in this life. That we may embrace in this manner is a treasure to be kept by both of us. Such willing and devoted children are in want of something that they can do to give back, to assist in this overall struggle. You have indeed stumbled upon an avenue you may use to offer great service to the system as a whole when you provide your assistance in the form of your offering of energies to be used as a lubrication in this process of movement that we find ourselves in. That is what your efforts amount to in this process, an addition to the equation which helps to reduce the friction of the movement towards eventual light and life. Your lubricant is love, is joy, is peace, is good will towards your fellows, is manifesting the grace from on high. These are what you may contribute which will greatly smooth out the process of change for no matter what may arise, if there is sufficient tolerance, love, peace, joy, then there will be a smoother transition. I thank you for your offer to participate with me in this manner and I accept your gestures each and every one. It is a joy just to sit with you and commingle our energies even closer. Know My dear ones that you are loved and you are protected and that all is well in the big picture. There will be temporal changes and spiritual changes of great magnitude that will foster even more growth and awareness and these will be your blessings as well. No matter what, you are always loved and protected by Me and your Father who oversee all. Know that I will never forsake you. I am always in you, around you, all through you in this process and I will continue to sustain you in this way. Thank you for your gaze in My direction. It brings great joy to the heart of any parent to witness such a fond gaze as you offer and so I accept your love, now and forever. I would say goodbye except it remains impossible for us to remain apart and so I just acknowledge the grace of this circuitry and allow that it has been a joy to experience it with you in this moment, thank you. Michael: My dear ones, it is with great joy that I accept the opportunity to embrace you in this way, I am Michael and I bring you My peace and My love as I join you in this opportunity together. If you could see yourselves as we see you, you would be far more fearless in your applications of spiritual living because you would realize that you are potent beyond your wildest dreams and that you are simply shrouded from your potency. For a number of reasons many of you have not applied understanding to your real selves, from your truest natures, from your divine lineage. These arenas that you find yourselves in do not allow that there can be greatness among mortals of the realm. They do not accommodate your divine stature, they do not embrace the bigger picture of who you are and who your parents are. If the scope of understanding were increased, your culture would be radically different. It would promote and empower the individual rather than seeking to normalize and institutionalize what you should do or should be. This will remain a struggle for you My children as your world is all around you trying to tell you what is and what isn't, what you can do and what you can't do, what you should do and shouldn't do. But you are beginning to grow on the inside to know of your divine nature, to know of your spiritual immortality, to be secure in your standing in your universal family as well as your earthly family. These aspects that you are becoming aware of, yourself will provide you with the strength to maintain your posture when challenged by the real world about what you believe, about what you know in this life. Remember these times that we have together, remember these circuits that we have formed, remember these lessons that come about that you may be strengthened by them in this process and by our association with each other. This is our desire, your parents, to be closer to you to provide you this bond, this strength and certainty that you are loved, that you are known, you are cared for in this life and in this process all will be well for you. You will know the truth of this and the truth will set you free, free from the fear and apprehension that could cloud your experience and this is the freedom that we desire that you have; the freedom to unfold to become powerful and beautiful beings that you are. We bring you our peace and our love and our comfort always. We don't always have this opportunity to remind you that this is the case but always this is the case. Know of our affection for you and of your devoted watchcare by so many who desire your best possible welfare at heart. Would there be any contributions to this forum as we enjoy each others energy back and forth? My love is always with you as is your Mother's and it is a treat to be able to remind you that this is so. My dear ones be at peace and be in love as we go through this together, as we write the book that is ahead of us. Let us be in joy, let us be in peace, let us be in love together as this is our posture to maintain as we proceed ahead. My peace I leave with you, farewell.

August 8, 2014 by The Golden Light Channel

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Original message 11-22-13, reposted 8-8-14

Greetings we are the Council of Angels and Archangel Michael and we wish to speak to you today of transparency and truth. The subjects of transparency and truth that we speak of encompass many areas of your world as you know it, including your governments, your society, your members of society, and your relation to the spiritual world and higher dimensions, as well as your relationship to Source. It includes a clear relationship between you as a spiritual being having a human experience and your relation to the All That Is. It includes the truth that the veil between dimensions is now thinning, as well as your access to information about the true history of earth, its peoples, and the human race.

As you move into the Golden Age of Enlightenment and Harmony for All, transparency between All in your world is of paramount importance. That is why the recent events such as the unveiling of the truth of the NSA via Edward Snowden has occurred, and why many other truths are now coming to light. These truths are being revealed not only on the governmental level of your society, but also on an individual level for each person. Each person is now beginning to tune into their true origins and history as a spiritual being, and to realize that you are all here for reasons that go far beyond just working for a living and making ends meet.

Soon all will be changing in this regard, as universal prosperity programs begin to unveil themselves, as planned originally by our Source Creator many eons ago in the annals of creation. Also being unveiled in your subconscious minds are the truths of your origins as a spiritual being, your reasons for coming to earth on a personal and spiritual soul growth level. You will be discovering your missions and contracts as a soul that you made before coming to your life on earth.

For indeed each person on earth has soul contracts and missions that they agreed to before coming into this lifetime. Many are here to assist with this great transition to a Golden Age and others are here as catalysts for the transition to the new age. All that is not in alignment with the new higher dimensional energies now flooding your earth plane will continue to gradually fade and fall away, as a new higher dimensional society begins to take its place. An excellent example of the enlightened consciousness coming into leadership roles in your world now would be events such as the recent announcement of spiritual author and activist Marianne Williamson running for Congress in California. This is just one example of the slowly but surely changing of the guard that is occurring in your world now.

All is not as it appears on the surface and we urge you once again, especially if you are new to this material that we present, that you turn off your mainstream media news channels as they are controlled by the old powers that are slowly losing their control and grasp on your society. The transparency of all old stuctures – monetary/financial, governmental, societal, are now revealing the un-workable nature of how things have been run in the world. Financial systems are antiquated and favor “the 1%” or elite while the rest of the masses struggle to survive and have had very little time for leisurely pursuits.

 Consciousness Music for Deep State Meditation & Therapy by Johann Kotze

All things will be changing in the “blink of an eye” and you will soon realize that the world is now aligned in total Transparency so that Truth, Unity, Caring, Harmony, Peace, Understanding, Brotherhood, Prosperity,  and all that is aligned with Source Creator begins to reign supreme in your world. Ready, too, are the large fleets of off-world brethren from other star systems and galaxies, who await your return to full consciousness, and who have a vested interest in the transformation of your world into higher dimensional societies. You may tune in now to a vision we are showing the channel of all that we have outlined here today – a new society based on transparency; awareness within each being’s mind of your connection to Source, your origin from the higher dimensions, the existence of and connection to your higher self, and your tuning into your soul contracts and soul missions agreed to before coming into your lives on earth; and awareness of the existence of higher dimensional beings from other star systems and planets who wish for the successful creation of your higher dimensional societies so that transparent inter-galactic relations may exist between their kind and yours.

All this is what we speak of, when we speak of the importance and occurrence of transparency and truth within and between yourselves and within your societies. All are beginning to tune into the necessity and existence of transparency now, and this is greatly assisting All in moving forward into an enlightened and higher consciousness-based society on earth, for in this new world there are no barriers or borders; this new world of new earth exists with total harmony between All, much like the current inner Earth societies which are made up of many different races and star beings but it functions effectively as One Whole that exists in harmony together. This is the new vision for your outer Earth societies.

You will also one day meet these Inner Earth societies as your consciousness continues to raise into higher and higher octaves. As you continue to advance in consciousness, you will reach a level that mirrors the vibration and frequency of the Inner Earth beings as well as the Star Beings surrounding your Earth, and this is when the harmonious inter-relations between you and the higher dimensional inner earth and star beings surrounding your earth will begin. It will be the beginning of Earth’s entrance as a full member of Inter-Galactic society and if you so wish you can be a part of this by continuing to raise your frequency and vibration. This is done by forgiving all of all, by releasing your karma from the past (we have spoken of ways to do this in previous communications), by connecting with and inviting your higher self into your life, and by keeping your vibration and frequency high by being in tune with your missions and soul contracts.

By following your truth, and creating your own transparency within yourself, you will then keep your vibration at a very high rate and continue to ascend and be a part of the unification with other star beings within and around the earth. For they exist now……in a higher dimensional space and as you raise your vibration to match theirs, you will be able to communicate with them and interact with them. This is why your spiritual growth and tuning into your soul contracts is of utmost importance at this time, so that you may be a contributing part of the new higher dimensional society and perhaps be a part of the newly formed inter-galactic relations that will be occurring.

For example, and we have spoken of this before, the channel was able to discover some of the important aspects of her soul mission and soul contract after a series of spiritual awakenings which culminated in a process she had done last year called The Reconnection®* (info below, note from Goldenlight). This Reconnection brings in some of the higher dimensional energy into your being to connect you with your soul origins and awaken the knowledge of your soul contracts that you made before birth. Each soul makes a list of important “tasks” they wish to complete in their upcoming life before entering each life on earth.

So the channel, then was able to tune into a few key aspects of her soul contracts during this spiritual process of the Reconnection. We are not endorsing this method, simply saying this is one effective technique for this. One of her soul contract “pre-birth agreements” was to bring in higher dimensional messages, from us and her star family in the Pleiades, to assist with the transition to the Golden Age upon Earth. Another one of her soul contract items is to create spiritually-infused higher dimensional works of art, which she has been creating on an ongoing basis. Tune in then to your soul origins, complete whatever actions are necessary for you to tune into these aspects of your soul as the knowledge of these will assist you greatly in enjoying a rewarding and fulfilling life.

We leave you then today to ponder upon all that has been said here. You may call on us, connect with us, and tune into us in your daily meditations, We Are, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Zadkiel, and Archangel Jophiel, among others. We exist as one unified voice with separate aspects emanating as rays of creation from Source Creator, and our functions are varied as pattern makers of the universe, healers and assistors of humanity,  and emanations of unconditional love from Source. We are here for you always and loving you always and in all ways. We exist outside of time and if you wish you may journey beyond time to the higher dimensions for a view of all creation from our perspective. This is our gift to you. We send you our softest love and light in this magnificent moment of Now.

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Conversations with St. Germain via Goldenlight – BRICS-Led Coalition of World Leaders – Raising their Consciousness to Focus on Planetary Harmony, Peace and Well-Being – 7-22-14

tibetanmandalaArya Tara


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Hello dear St Germain was just reading about Bretton Woods when I heard you start talking…

Yes I was beginning to say that the world is shifting away gradually but steadily from the US Dollar which is quickly losing its status as the world’s reserve currency. The world is changing and world leaders are waking up and shifting away from reliance on the US dollar or anything US-related for that matter. The world is tired of the US-led wars, bullying and aggressive dominance and the leaders of the world are all seeking alternative solutions to US dominance, aggression and power.

They are beginning to see that a large percentage of wars are being created covertly by the US and that no one wins in war, there are only losers. Nations are devastated, people are devastated and the earth is devastated. World leaders are beginning to raise their consciousness now, just as populations are, and wanting to create solutions that benefit all instead of harming all beings and financially benefiting the elite.

The new BRICS bank is a huge step forward in this direction of shifting consciousness, and soon world leaders will begin to work cooperatively for harmony, peace, and prosperity for all rather than for empowering the cabal and elitists of the world. They will begin to cooperatively and harmoniously look for solid solutions to poverty and disease and are swiftly realizing that with the formerly powerful cabal out of the picture, the world can actually be restored to harmony, the wars can stop, and the healing of the world can begin.

Large humanitarian projects can now get off the ground without cabal interference and siphoning of funds and the Great Repair of the world and humanity can begin. The BRICS-led coalition is at the forefront of this movement to bring the planet and its population into harmony once again. The main objective is to disempower the dollar and the cabal and bring the world back into balance. This is the task set before all who join this coalition which represents a shift in consciousness from darkness to light, and from service to the elite, to service to the planet and humanity.

These cutting-edge world leaders are realizing that we are All One and that war, poverty, and disease affects us all and affects our planet… So the kinds of things they will be finding solutions for in the coming days are cleaning up planetary contamination, assisting world populations in building cooperation, health, well-being, and making sure the basic needs of humanity are met, so that spots in the world that have severe drought and starvation can be healed and helped.. They are looking at the global picture now, with the disempowerment of the US-led cabal the utmost priority on the list. The shift away from the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency is the first step in this new paradigm of enlightened world leaders taking every measure possible to create a better world of peace, harmony, love, and well-being for all.

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Conversations with St Germain via Goldenlight – Transformation of Money through Alchemy – Transforms your Planet – Affects Entire Universe – 7-19-14



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Hi St Germain a lot of the blog sites are talking about the significance of 7-20-14 and that the GCR trigger is going to be pulled on 7-20 or 7-21 could you elaborate on this? Is it a numerology thing?


Yes it all adds up to 7 which is the number of alchemy and magic..

It is the date things will change globally, magically, through alchemy..

I am involved in this through alchemy which is one of the techniques

I mastered on earth and also perform from the higher realms.

The energy of money is being transformed from being used for evil by the powers that were

to being used for good by the new powers that are and will be.

Money essence and energy is being transformed through an alchemy process

wherein its essence is being transformed from a weapon for disaster war plague etc

into a benevolent energy to uplift and restore not only mankind but also your planet earth

who is a sentient being known as Gaia..

This is being done now before its too late,

before the old powers that were destroyed the world and its inhabitants.

There is much to be done now to clean up your planet

and money will now start being used for good to heal your planet and all beings on it.

The star nation galactics will also be coming into your awareness

and eventually into an intergalactic relationship with your planet

and they can assist with cleaning up your planet in a more rapid manner if you are open to it.

They will not force themselves on you they are very gentle and loving

but they do not want to see your planet destroyed as it would affect the entire universe.

Your planet and all beings on it are part of an interconnected universe of life forms..

You are not one single planet floating in blank space,

you are part of a cohesive universe and an integral part of it.

What happens on your planet affects all of the rest of the universe.

People of the earth need to start realizing this.

The goal for the next 10 or so years is to bring your planet back into harmony,

reunite with your inner earth population which is a higher dimensional society,

and then eventually reunite with your Star families

and they will assist you with much higher dimensional technology.

It’s all up to you and as you bring your awareness to these issues

you will start to attract this cohesive reunification first on the surface of your planet,

then within your whole planet including the Inner Earth,

and finally with your star galactic nations and star families.


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St. Germain via Goldenlight – RV and GCR Symbolize Paradigm Transition – Service to Self to Service to All – 5-18-14



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[wel-bee-ing] noun:
a state characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity: to influence the well-being of the world and its people.
Origin:  1605–15

Hello St Germain, I’m picking up on a topic you wish to discuss today…

Yes my dear I wanted to expound upon this topic of service to self vs. service to all and how this ties into your incoming global prosperity. This worldwide abundance which is soon to wash upon your shore so to speak is being ushered in with the assistance of the higher realms, with the contingency that this prosperity will be shared with humanity and spread around the globe, especially to the locales where it is needed most.. To the refugee camps, geographical locations where there is no running water or plumbing, and very little food… To populations within each country where the needs are the greatest…to the parts of the ailing earth that are in need of purification….to the animals who are in need of love and compassion…and to all living beings on earth. The coming RV and GCR is symbolic of a paradigm shift from service to self (the old paradigm embraced by the powers the were and by the higher echelons of society), to service to all and service to humanity. This is the way of things in the higher dimensions.. We are all focused on the harmony and well-being not only of our individual selves but also on the well-being of the whole or the all or in other words of all living Beings in our Realm. We could translate that, in earth terms, to the well-being and harmony of all living beings on your planet including humans plants and animals as well as the Elementals which are a forgotten realm.. And even of mother earth Gaia herself, for your planet is also a Being… a patient loving and kind being who has made an agreement to carry forth humanity into this Golden Age we are approaching and into the higher dimensions.

Your planet and many of the beings on it is raising into the higher dimensions and this incoming worldwide prosperity and abundance is a part of this transition.. And all who will be benefactors of this prosperity are assisting in this paradigm transition. So in visualizing this RV happening and in manifesting it into being, be ever mindful of how this financial prosperity will bring global harmony and well-being to all living things, including the planet herself, a planet which was on the verge of dying but has now transcended this and “arisen from the ashes” so to speak. You are the stewards of this planet, and have been entrusted in the care of her surface. We will not go into the subject of the beings who live on the inner earth; these beings are a higher dimensional society descended from Lemuria, a higher dimensional society which became intertwined with Atlantis and suffered its own demise on the surface of the planet, but survived and moved into the interior of the earth and still thrives as a higher dimensional society in the NOW. This is a topic for another day.

Back to the paradigm of service to all vs. service to self: Yes it is important to take care of your individual needs first, turning afterwards to how you can assist in raising the vibration of other living beings (including humans, animals, plants, elementals, and the earth herself), through kindness, generosity, sharing, compassion, and in a general upliftment of all. In restoring the earth to its former pristine condition, in treating all animals with reverence and respect, and in honoring the plants, animals and elementals upon your earth, as well as in sharing your abundance, well-being and prosperity with all other human beings. Service to self underlines separation, destruction of the earth, cruelty to all other living things, and the lower vibrations of inequality, separation, and lack; whereas service to all encompasses not only your own needs and well-being but also the needs and well-being of other living beings and the planet as a whole. It is this service to self which almost destroyed your planet and was the catalyst for a paradigm shift of Great Change.

Many of you will be coming into millions, if not billions, of dollars and this windfall can do much to benefit the well-being of the Whole, including your entire planet, earth, animals, plants, and human beings. Eventually your planet can become a moneyless society… money is an Earth creation and does not exist in the higher dimensions, as the beings living there have embraced the concept of caring for the well-being of All. Everything is energy and when all beings begin to emanate the higher vibrations of peace, harmony, joy, oneness, unity, love; respect, caring and compassion for other living beings, and all the higher vibrational feelings, then harmony and unity result. Many humanitarian projects and dreams are underway and steps are now being taken to fulfill them.. Let us meditate now upon all the good this wealth can create. Rather than using wealth to control, dominate, separate, enslave and subjugate populations through Service to Self,  what a joy it would be to create peace, well-being, harmony and prosperity on a global level, thus raising the vibration of the entire globe and all of humanity and all living beings. This is the new paradigm for the New Golden Age on Earth. You who are to be the recipients of this financial windfall will soon have the ability to do this, to be the Wayshowers and Pioneers of this new paradigm of cooperation, joy, abundance and harmony for all.

Let your vision be one of contributing to and fostering global well-being and let the extra wealth coming to you be used not for separation but for cooperation, not for division but for harmony. Show the world what sharing looks like, what caring for the well-being of not only self but also for others, of the earth, and of the whole looks like, and in return the harmonious and joyful feelings that will come from making the world a better place will be a feeling that is shared by all, creating a global harmony and well-being that is shared by all, not by the elite few. Let yourselves be lifted up by these higher vibrational feelings of sharing, love, joy, cooperation, harmony, and well-being. To assist another in being well and feeling joy is to assist yourself in feeling joy as two cannot be separated, only in thought… for in reality all beings are one energetic vibration and all are from the same loving energetic source.. All are emanations of a loving Source Creator expressing Itself. This RV and GCR is symbolic of a transition from Service to Self towards Service to All…..this includes focusing on your own well-being, self love and self care as well as others’ well-being, loving others, and caring for others…of resources and positive vibrations being shared by all for the good of all which in turn has the effect of creating the highest good for each being.. the positive energetic vibrations then circulate freely amongst all, eliminating strife, and accentuating harmony and joy. And in realizing this, each being acts from the standpoint of this awareness. This is the way of the higher dimensions where we all cooperate for the well-being of the whole, knowing that to affect another is to affect oneself and vice versa. So let us focus upon this vision today and let us be grateful as we all are contributing to manifesting this harmonious and prosperous new reality filled with joy, laughter, harmony, peace, and abundance for all.

Your loving St Germain

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Excerpts from private conversations with St. Germain via Goldenlight ~ © ~ permission to share ONLY with full transcript and copyright intact:

WE of the Ascended Master and Angelic realm are overseeing this entire process… we are guiding the people involved… we are guiding you to be involved and there’s nothing to fear. ..the white hats in ust are doing this (private exchange) directly with china so it is not affected by the public release.. Its just a matter of them finalizing the logistics.. On the public side this will be orchestrated carefully so that the cabal do not become empowered by it. The chinese have more control over this rv/gcr than anyone realizes. They are the ones backing this whole process. It will not happen without their approval and go ahead. They are still waiting for some things to fall into place. They are going to set it up so the people benefit and the cabal does not become further empowered… They are working with the ust to time the release of everything appropriately. They are waiting for an auspicious time astrologically. They would not do it in a mercury retrograde period so expect it after mercury comes out of retrograde on July 1.  They want to track the money to make sure some is used for the good of humanity (i.e. service to all instead of service to self), and none is used for bad, i.e. criminal activity. This is very important to them (the chinese). More will be released (after the private exchanges) based on how people utilize these funds. So these private ce’s are a test to see if humanity is ready for more funds to be used in a responsible manner. Those involved in the private exchanges will use these funds wisely. You can release yourself from financial slavery, then with the rest you can help humanity and start your foundation and implement your plan. (note from Goldenlight: I am planning to start a foundation in honor of St. Germain to assist humanity with things like implementing wells and running water on a global level.) The chinese family has a master plan… For getting these funds out to you.. Do not worry the money is coming.. Maybe not when you want it but in its own time. The Chinese families are feeling better about getting some of this money out to the people as key people of the light are now in contact with them and they are pleased that the ambassador has been able to bring forth their message about the paradigm shift and that many involved in the private exchanges are embracing the light so greatly. The tide is changing from dark to light.

Imagine a world…
Where every living being has access to fresh water, food, and sanitation
A world free of war, disease and poverty
A world where abundance is shared in the knowing that we are All One
A world where all animals are treated with the love, compassion and kindness that they deserve
A world where the male and female energies are balanced.. Where men and women are truly equal with the persecution, repression, and violence towards women is women a thing of the past
A world where all beings are healed of past trauma, abuse and suffering and the cycle of abuse is broken
A world where free energy is prevalent and the earth is no longer drilled and fracked for oil and gas indeed fossil fuels are no longer needed as free energy propels all
A world that is free of borders as all violence has stopped, all nations share their resources freely, and harmonious inter-cultural relations exist between all cultures and nationalities.
A world that is free of pollution and toxic radiation as nuclear energy is a thing of the past, plastic is no longer used, all packages are biodegradable, all beings eat plant-based food grown for everyone in the whole world, oil spills no longer occur as there is no need for oil.



Higher Dimensional Technologies – Free Energy Technology – Council of Angels, Archangel Michael, Pleiadian Council – Channeler Goldenlight – 1-14-14


pleiades and stardust

Greetings we are the Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and the Pleiadian Council.

We wish to speak to you of the Pleiadian Technologies, and high technologies of the other star nations in your universe, that we will be bringing to your societies after our Grand Reunion. These technologies are an incredibly advanced alternative to many of the ways that your society functions; which in many ways are archaic compared to the advanced higher dimensional technologies we use in our dimensions.

The first and most important technology which we will present to you is a healing chamber which the channel has experienced before in a meditation with us. We invite you to connect in with us of the Pleiadian Council at any time to experience this for yourselves. We are able to assist you to heal in one of these light chambers in your own home as we will bring the technology to you. Keep in mind this will take place initially with your light body and in meditation. The method to connect in with us is to first connect in with your higher self. This is done by closing your eyes, breathing deeply, and being in a quiet space, then saying in your mind “I connect with my Higher Self, please connect with me.” Your higher self is the part of your being that lives in the higher dimensions which is very close to the Creator Source of All. Your new multidimensional self is a new facet of yourself that is being created from the “merging” of your higher self with your lower self on earth. This, then, forms into your multidimensional being. This is the being that is a part of this ascension process that many of you are going through on earth at this time. So after connecting in with your higher self, it is always a good idea to also connect in with your Multidimensional self which you are in the process of creating in the NOW moment. To connect with your Multidimensional self is a similar process to connecting in with your higher self. You may get a vision of your Multidimensional self which lives outside of time, living in a new environment. The channel has a vision of this every time she connects in with her higher self she can see things from the viewpoint of her multidimensional self and she is then able to establish a connection between her current “lower self”, her “higher self” and this new Multidimensional Being that she is creating. You can visit with your multidimensional self at any time and you will find that this is quite beneficial to learning to live outside of time as this is the realm in which your multidimensional self lives, in the higher dimensions outside of time. It is a very freeing feeling to be living outside of time. We, The Pleiadians and all of the other higher dimensional star nations live outside of time as well. This is how we are able to see things that may not yet have occurred in your present “timeline”. We have access to all that is happening simultaneously. You, too, will be able to access this as you continue to grow into your multidimensional self.

So back to connecting with us to assist you in our healing chamber, after you have connected in with your higher self and your multidimensional self, you can then just relax into a space of light and then connect in with us. Or, you may wish to connect in with your original star family which you are all in the process of connecting into and becoming aware of now, as many of the other star nations have healing technology as well. But for now we will speak of connecting in with us if you feel drawn to our energy. To connect in with us, is the same process as connecting in with your higher self and multidimensional self, simply say “I connect with the Pleiadian Council, please connect with me.” We will then introduce ourselves, those of us who have chosen to show up at that moment for you. We speak from a collective because our higher dimensional societies have a certain protocol of Unity and Oneness in which we function together for the higher good of the whole, for the Good of All. This is why much of your earth world is so foreign to us, for those of us who have never incarnated there; because we cannot conceive of a society that does not function for the Good of All. Your earthen society is now in the process of moving towards this, and this process is accelerating rapidly as “time” goes on, because the higher frequencies around and within your earth continue to raise in octave levels to be a higher and higher frequency; this is why your bodies often feel like they are “humming” or you may hear a higher frequency sound that seems like it is a ringing in the ears but really it is just your minds bodies and souls connecting into and becoming more and more aware of this higher frequency vibration. It is also a sign that your mind, body and soul are raising in frequency which a large part of your ascension process; the council of angels have described it in the past as a “harmonizing with the higher dimensional frequencies” so this is a similar description.

So, then, after connecting in with us, you will meet those of us who choose to show up for this gathering and you may then ask that we assist you with healing a particular issue that you may have whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or any type of issue that needs to be healed. We will then bring our higher dimensional ships to you; into your etheric space so to speak (you will see us in your mind’s eye in this meditative state you are in but will most likely not “see” us with your physical eyes until your vibrations are raised to a much higher frequency and until first contact has been made with your societies.) Remember we have also spoken in the past of the method in which we communicate, is telepathy; so therefore this will be how we communicate with you during this meditative healing session. After connecting with us, being introduced to us, and then asking us for assistance with healing, you will then sense or see in your minds eye that we have come into your space. You will feel our unconditional love and harmony surrounding you, and may “see” our ship in a sort of translucent way integrating into the room you are in. We will then help you to “be” in our light chamber at which time you will feel a sense of loving, caring energy, golden light, and a deep sense of peace, calm and well-being. You may relax now into your healing session. You are in control of this experience. The only way we will come to assist you with this is if you ask, for we cannot and will not interfere with your free will at any time; and come only when asked. Keep in mind this is generally true on the larger scale of things as well, and our Grand Reunion will occur when enough of the earth’s population has asked for this Grand Reunion with your star families; you may connect in with your star families at any time and ask for this reunion to occur. Many of you are of Pleiadian origin, and many from other star nations. This has been written about elsewhere but we will expand upon this later. Suffice it to say that you will all be coming into a great awareness of your lives beyond this earth life and will begin to resonate with one or more of the many star nations surrounding your earth in ships at this time. Remember we are existing in the higher dimensions (5th and beyond) and therefore you cannot see the extraordinary number of ships which hover just outside, and many times inside, your earth’s atmosphere. Even Comet ISON is a great flotilla of ships attached to a large mothership; this mothership can change its appearance at any time, disappearing and reappearing at will. This we can do with all of our ships; they are controlled with our consciousness not with simple electronics; they are highly advanced craft which operate on some of our most advanced technologies.

So back to your meditative healing experience; we wish for you to take advantage of this free healing technology which we are now offering you to take part in during your meditations. We can heal you in the etheric realms oftentimes more easily than in your physical realms because many diseases start in the etheric body and trickle down from there. So relax into this beautiful light chamber of healing and enjoy your meditative healing experience in our advanced light chamber. Each person’s experience will be different but all are welcome to enjoy our higher dimensional healing technologies at any time. We are just a meditative moment away. Enjoy this beautiful light-filled and loving experience! You may wish to keep a journal of your higher self connections, meditations, messages, and of your healing journey and connections with us or with your star family. If you are unclear on your star family origins, begin to tune into your higher self on a frequent basis and begin a dialogue with your higher self. All of the answers are within you, you only have to simply tune into your higher self to receive them. All is Within and your connection to the Source of All, the Great Creator, is also within, for you are a spark or a part of this Source Creator and have all of the abilities of Source Creator, many of which you are unaware of. We will speak of this in a future message.

We of the Pleiadian Council will also be discussing many of our other higher dimensional technologies in our future messages to you. Until then, enjoy and have fun! Life in the higher dimensions is filled with joy, presence, awareness, and a lightness of being. Each person has the ability to tune into their higher self and the higher dimensions, and to establish and strengthen a communication with us, your star families, your higher self, your multidimensional self, and with the archangelic realm. We invite you to partake of all that is now readily available to you. Enjoy this beautiful light connection and we look forward to being with you on your higher dimensional journeys.

We are, the Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and the Pleiadian Council.

Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, original title, and a link to the source message when re-posting this message.




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And greetings we are the Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and the Pleiadian Council. We wish to speak to you this evening of another higher dimensional technology, FREE ENERGY. Free energy utilizes and harnesses the inherent co-creative energy of the Creator Source which is energy that permeates everything and All That Is. It is the Creative Energy of Universes, Multiverses, Galaxies, Planets, Beings, … the energy that propels, creates, gives life to, and animates everything. This energy allows your Planet, Mother Earth Gaia to be suspended in space… allows the Sun to beam forth its tremendous power and energy….it gives life to your being and your lower dimensional body on Earth as well as your Higher Dimensional Multidimensional Being which lives in the higher dimensions. We of the Pleiadian civilizations have learned over eons of time how to harness this power of the Source Creator of All That Is. This Free Energy propels our ships and allows us to travel to your atmosphere to be near your civilization, in tune with you and your energy harmonics. As this channel is not versed in scientific formulas or physics, we will not attempt to have her translate the complex mathematical and physics-based algorithms used to harness free energy and propel our ships, but suffice it to say that we figured out the formulas long ago and we have also been able to, as many higher dimensional societies have, create computers that are operated via our Consciousness. These computers respond to our telepathic commands and in turn operate the mechanical aspects of our ships which are based on free energy concepts. This is one of the technologies we wish to share with you as a gift during our Homecoming which we spoke of in one of our previous communiques through this message-bringer Goldenlight.

We would like to express that the channel has desired to remove the verb or term “channeling” from her vocabulary due to negative connotations in the “lightworker” (another word she does not subscribe to) community. She does not wish to be categorized into a group of beings who seem to be not always looked upon with respect and integrity. Goldenlight has a pre-birth contract to bring forth higher dimensional messages for humanity during this life on earth, it is as simple as that. She connected in with this pre-birth agreement one year ago and has been bringing forth higher dimensional messages since that time. She has a tie with the archangelic realm and the Pleiadian realm due to her soul originally being birthed into the angelic realm and with subsequent lifetimes being spent mostly in the Pleiades. She spent many lives with us living in the higher dimensions and agreed to descend into a much denser form into this “present” (we put it in quotes as we are outside of time in the higher dimensions) lifetime. She wanted to experience the thrill of re-connecting in with the higher dimensions and re-connecting in with her higher self and multidimensional self and council of angels after being in a state of amnesia in a human body in old 3D earth. So this then has been her experience and she is now re-connected back in with us, her original Pleiadian family and Council of Angels and with her higher self and multidimensional self.

So back to our higher dimensional free energy technology. This technology is used widely and commonly amongst all higher dimensional civilizations. Now keep in mind there are many other star nations surrounding your earth at this time and of course existing in a higher frequency vibration so that your astronauts or telescopes mostly cannot see us unless we lower our vibration a bit, which we do not like to do for long periods of time for safety reasons. Many of you on Earth now are raising your frequency and vibration out of necessity to harmonize with these higher frequencies which are within and surrounding your earth at this time. So this raising of your vibration is necessary in order to remain on earth. So as you then continue to raise your vibration you will be closer to being able to see us and indeed that is why it appears that there are more “UFO” sightings now, is that you are coming into a higher vibration as a civilization. We are proud of you for this and we have great respect for any being that has agreed to be on earth during this challenging yet exciting time in the history of your planet.

So today we simply wanted to express to you that this free energy technology which we will be offering as a gift to humanity during our Homecoming Visits will change your civilizations completely and utterly. This, along with unlimited prosperity and abundance, will transform your earth, its peoples, and will assist dear Gaia as well, for keep in mind you are living upon her body, and she wishes for the surface (as well as the interior) populations to be happy and joyful. This in turn makes her joyful as it is her greatest wish for you to enjoy your experience upon Her. Please always remember that your planet (and indeed all planets are) is a sentient being who is in her own kind of service to host the beings upon her. It took many years of great destruction of her body to almost completely annihilate her. This trend will reverse quickly in the future, for she cannot sustain the continued assaults upon her well-being. She would have died as a planet had it not been for outside help. This would have sent shockwaves to, and gravely affected the structure of, the entire Universe and therefore the rescue plan for the upshifting in frequency of All That Is that was enacted by Source Creator many many eons ago was put into place. Many of the starseeds who came to this planet during this time were aware before birth that this was the plan and agreed to come here to assist with this Plan.

There are many other higher dimensional technologies that will be brought from other star nations and which will be re-awakened on your planet from previous Golden Ages such as Atlantis and Lemuria. Many of the crystalline technologies used in Atlantis will be returning to your planet, only to be used for the highest good of the All this time around. The Atlantean technologies which were misdirected and used for negative purposes and which brought down the civilization of Atlantis and Lemuria will not be returning to the Earth this time, due to the energetic locks put in place for their re-emergence. This code was written into the demise of that civilization to be reawakened during the time of their rediscovery, so that safeguards would be in place during their re-emergence. Many of the high priests of the time are incarnated on your planet earth in the Now time and will be the overseers of these safeguarding codes.

The arrival of free technology combined with unlimited prosperity will transform Gaia’s body and your societies. You will move from an oil-drilling civilization (boring holes into mother earth’s body to remove her life blood, something that damages her greatly) dependent on oil for energy and which fuels your financial worlds, into a civilization that uses the free energy available to All through the advanced technology we and other star nations will be sharing with you. The focus of life will shift from being dominated by global cabalistic powers controlling world financial markets into a society without borders that shares all resources interchangeably and wherein your society functions as One unified whole, wherein each being has above and beyond their basic survival needs met, above and beyond so that there is plenty of time to enjoy life. This is the sovereignity and abundance all were meant to share on earth originally before the original plan went askew.

This is how we function in the higher dimensions, as One unified whole working towards the Good of All. All beings on Planet Earth should be and will be enjoying life to the fullest, a luxury that will previously have been only for the elite. That time is coming to a close and a new era harkens on the horizon. We share these concepts with you so that you may embrace them fully and begin to co-create this new era, this new Golden Era of Enlightenment. Imagine yourself living in this society. Free energy propels all. Indebtedness to corporations for daily living is a thing of the past. Cooperation and goodwill towards All are the hallmarks of a higher dimensional society. Struggling to survive is an outdated modality that will be transformed into sovereignity, release from enslavement, and a broadening of the human mind and human being into a most joyous expression for all of mankind and all beings and all living things upon the planet. The entire frequency of everything, including you as spiritual beings having human experiences, and indeed the actual structure of the human form from carbon-based to crystalline, is being raised to a higher frequency to transform your world.

We look forward to the day we may meet and know that this timeline will intersect with yours when All is in right alignment to it. That includes the consciousness of every being on Earth coalescing and forming into One United whole.

We leave you with these beautiful thoughts on this day, and send you our softest love and light to guide your way.

We are, The Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and the Pleiadian Council.

Message brought forth by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, original title, and a link to the source message when re-posting this message.

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Message brought forth by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, original title, and a link to the source message when re-posting this message.

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