The Founders via Daniel Scranton – Plans for the Future – 2-27-15 Credit

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

February 25, 2015

“Formulating a plan for your life will get you to a certain point. You will have the plan in place for as long as you have the desires. But desires change and shift, and you do not remain the same person that you were when you formulated the plan. And as you succeed along your way to the plan you have created, you find that with every success there is a new desire and a new plan.

And the plan that you originally formulated seems dull by comparison to that which you have now discovered. This is the way your life continues to beckon more from you. Because you see, it is never really about the plan. The carrot that you dangle at the end of the stick is a tool that you use to bring forth more of your energy. So we recommend that you not get too hung up on the plan itself and whether or not it ever comes to fruition.

If you allow yourselves to branch out and create new plans with every step you take, you will see that the original plan itself was only a tiny fraction of what you can be living in this lifetime. And as you continue to explore the ways in which this reality can stimulate you, you will see that there’s never an end to what you can dream because there’s never an end to who you are and to what you can become.

We celebrate you and your plans. And yet we know that you are not a success or a failure because the plan is realized or not. You are a success as soon as you allow yourselves to dream.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”



Archangel Gabriel – The Power of Intention – Channeler Daniel Scranton – 1-16-15
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Archangel Gabriel   –   The Power of Intention
Channeled by Daniel Scranton

January 13, 2015

“Deliberate creation requires little more on your part than an intention. You see, your intentions hold a frequency within them, and holding an intention puts the frequency out. So living intentionally means that you are paying attention – paying attention to how you feel and paying attention to what is going on around you.

As the creator of your experience, you get to decide. As the liver of your lives, you are the one having the experiences. And the experiences lead to your choices and your intentions. So who better than you to decide for yourself what is most appropriate for you to intend and for you to experience?

Often you allow your beliefs to take over. Your beliefs tell you what is possible and what to expect, but your intention does not need to conform to those beliefs. We recommend that you give more attention to your intention and let go of the need to believe something about it. Because the intention holds the frequency that you desire to experience, and the frequency outweighs the belief.

The frequency that you are offering supersedes all else that could have an influence on the reality you are creating. The more intentional you are about your lives, the more you are practicing holding the frequency that you desire to experience. State your intentions. Be bold. Be willing to put them out there, regardless of what anyone thinks about them.

Your intentions for the lives that you want to live are unique to you. They are part of your contribution to this universe. Therefore, you have a right to hold the intention of your desires, and the universe has no choice but to respond to those intentions.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Archangel Gabriel – Your Unique Expression – Channeler Daniel Scranton

Archangel Michael – The Flowering of Source – via Daniel Scranton

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Channeled by Daniel Scranton



Archangel Michael




 The Flowering of Source – Archangel Michael  –  Channeler Daniel Scranton

“The creation that you are is a flowering of Source. You are not just created by Source. You are Source, and you are reaching out from that which is Source. You and Source are becoming together. You are stretching Source beyond where It has been before.

We appreciate that which you are doing, and we know that Source does as well. One of the ways in which you can acknowledge yourselves for the gift that you are and the gifts that you give is by doing something you have never done before. By taking an action, you operate as Source and you give Source a new experience of Itself.

So if you are not feeling your Divinity, and if you are having a hard time even acknowledging that your Divinity exists, then simply do something you have never done before. And feel the way you come to that activity as more than what you knew yourself as. Feel the blossoming of the flower that you are.

What you do is never as important as what you bring to what you do. So do not agonize over what you should do, because that will stall you ever time. And you will deny yourself and Source what you came here to do and experience. You came here to have a physical experience as Source. So begin to see every action you take as an opportunity to know yourselves as Source and to give Source more of what it came here for.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Archangel Michael – Relationships – Channeler Daniel Scranton

“Linking yourself to another puts you in a co-creative dance together. The dance is what you would call your relationship. As you connect with another’s energy, you are accessing different data within yourself then you have previously had access to.

Your work together as friends, family, or lovers will be to access what you need to access to give you the experiences that you need to have. It is always part of your evolution to be involved with another in any way. When you let yourselves be completely open and receptive to all that the relationship has to give you, you make progress along your path.

And sometimes the other person will come with you. And sometimes they will not. As much as you want to believe that you are responsible for each other, this is never actually the case. Having said that, please recognize that you are all here to exist as a collective and to honor each other. That is quite different from being responsible for another’s journey, happiness, or wellbeing.

As you continue along your path with the others that are joining you, give yourself exactly what you need and let the others do the same for themselves. Participate in the dance, but do not mistake the dance for what you are doing here. You always have the opportunity to extract what you need while giving more of who you are.

And that is quite different from giving all of your time, energy, and money. That is truly what you offer each other whenever you are in a type of partnership. You offer more of who you are, and you invite the other to do the same.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are love.”