YESHUA via Christine – YOUR ASCENSION SUIT – New Sun Unity – 4-18-16


YESHUA    –   YOUR ASCENSION SUIT   –   by New Sun Unity   –   4-18-16


Christine: Two days ago Archangel Michael told me that he would be giving a message about the method that will be used in coming months, as lightworkers who are ready for the Ascension are being fitted with a solar body suit that will gradually cause changes, such as healing and rejuvenation, to manifest physically, but this Announcement has now been made by the Master Jesus in the following dictation. I really felt his vibrant electronic presence when he came this morning [Sunday October 1, 2015] to ask if I would take this dictation later. He wishes to start with some information about the situation when he first came to the Solar system as a galactic historical context for the Ascension. I was taking some notes and he started dictating after I wrote ‘The entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood is in Christ consciousness and one with the Universal Christ that Lord Jesus the Christ represents.’

The Master Jesus: A long time ago I was in the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood that is the consciousness of the Christ in a world far beyond the confines of this Galaxy. It was a Galaxy in a much higher dimension than the one we are now. I was troubled when I saw the carnage and devastation that the Reptilians of Orion were causing to literally millions of worlds.

They had been doing this for quite a while by the time this came to my attention, and it reached a point at which I decided to lower my vibrations to become involved in a rescue mission of this Milky Way Galaxy. In order to do so I descended in a series of forms, creating them one after the other, till I had lowered my consciousness into an etheric vehicle that you might call an incarnation as a Kumara being. Yes, I am the Christ, or Consciousness of the Christ in the Kumara beings who are resident in a higher form, or dimension, upon the planet Venus. We descended further into material form many thousands of years ago, of your real time, into the realms of planet Earth.

This doesn’t include the story of the Solar beings whom we all call ‘Archangels’ and who exist in their higher form in the Great Central Sun at the Center of this Galaxy, and have lowered their vibration into a high form of existence in the Spiritual Sun within, or beyond, the actual physical sun of this Solar System. They also took form among the Kumaras who existed and still do exist upon the Planet Venus, and created soul extensions that incarnated on Earth.

Together we incarnated in an ancient Race upon Earth and lowered the images and patterns of our higher ethereal DNA, and we created a beautiful race of beings who were gigantic by comparison to the present stature of the bodies which present mankind occupies. We created a wondrous golden age civilization called Lemuria. We were able to achieve this during a certain interim of time after the Galactic Federation of Light had recovered control of the Solar system, as the latter had been attacked after the initial attempt to create civilization upon Earth. This is not the complete story of why Earth was chosen but I will just say that it was known that it would play a key role in the salvation of the Galaxy.

As I said, the whole of this Galaxy had been devastated by wars and relentless Reptilian attacks. One by one they had taken over planets on the lower dimensions of materiality. They had taken control of vast areas of the Universe and had an agenda of conquest that was so abominable that it may be beyond your capabilities to attempt to gain some understanding of it all. Following some Meetings we held at higher Council levels a plan was master-minded that included the restoration of the timelines to manifest Divine Will. The scheme was well coordinated. We went back in time and created the Golden Age of Lemuria after the Solar System was made secure. The Galactic Federation of Light had recovered control after many battles, and unfortunately, an accident occurred and the planet Maldek was blown up in the orbit between Mars and Jupiter. There were Reptilians upon that planet and it was why the Galactic Federation of Light was engaged in conflicts that resulted with this devastation. They were the Reptilians that had destroyed the very first colony.

The Earth had been colonised by a branch of Galactic beings, who had evolved over millions of years, and who therefore had a spiritual connection with the Galactic brothers and sisters who are assisting with Ascension. Their first Sirian colony, as I mentioned before, was devastated by attacks from the Reptilians of Orion but control of the Solar System was recovered and a new peace permitted civilization to flourish once again – but ONLY for a few hundred thousands years, and it was called Lemuria.

It was this civilization that left evidence of a high global culture. There were pockets of this surviving culture here and there on Earth even after the time the Atlanteans had carried out their wars of conquest. The survivors of the Lemurian civilization had a connection with those individuals who created the Agarthan kingdom. The culture of Lemuria was spiritual and beautiful, and it was in comparatively more recent times that a decline set in after the Atlanteans attempted to gain supremacy over the whole world.

Initiators were sent to the Atlanteans and a program of Ascension was set up with Mystery schools about which there are some recollections under symbolic images in many scriptures and traditions. However, there was corruption in Atlantean society due to the presence of certain souls that had been permitted to incarnate on Earth after Maldek had been destroyed. After the last island of Atlantis was submerged, pockets of the Lemurian culture continued existing as well as some pockets of negative Atlantean influence in parts of the world where they had hegemony. The Anunnaki now played a role of control both in the occult and physical levels after that time of cataclysmic events which marked the end of the Atlantean civilization.

Christine: You said you were ‘troubled’ and descended in form, could you enlarge on this Master Jesus?

Master Jesus: I was ‘troubled’ because I could see the threat that this situation represented for the Galaxy, other Galaxies, as well as the Universe.

I AM Christ, the consciousness of higher realms that you are going to experience as you raise yourselves in the process of Ascension. So I, in the person of the Kumaras and other higher Beings, came up with a Plan of Ascension of raising the material plane of the Galaxy to a level that would be beyond the reach of the corrupt ones. I could see that their corruption imprisoned the souls of the people whose worlds had been hurled into a spiral of decadence by the law of cause and effect. It was a spiral of miscreation that ended nowhere but in pain, suffering and death.

My mission consisted in putting an end to this vicious circle and I brought Christ consciousness to the soul, and it was to be made available in the process of Ascension after a scheme consisting in the eradication of the antichrist forces which we have been overcoming, both by strategies of the Light and strategies pertaining to the Armageddon of the soul. Light consumes darkness.

Christ consciousness is the Light Body descending now in the process of Ascension. It is the power that changes mankind’s DNA, in coordination with the effects of the photonic light and of the Stargate the Solar System has penetrated on September 28 this year.

Archangel Michael has explained that it was possible to enter the Stargate in a way that would be beneficial to all of mankind for the stripping off of unwanted elements so that certain changes can take place. The objective is peace and a gradual disclosure concerning the truths that have been suppressed. What I have alluded to in my historical background hardly scratches the surface of the iceberg, never mind the invisible part of it which will be exposed in the peak of disclosure that will take place in coming months to mankind.

The ANNOUNCEMENT that I wanted to make is that there is to be a physical effet in this Ascension in the not too far future as some among the Lightworkers who are ready for the Ascension are being fitted with the Solar Body Suit of Ascension. It is an etheric envelope or garment.

In previous ages, for comparison, when the Ascension was taking place after death, the soul was taken out of its mortal astral and mental envelopes, or ‘vehicles’. It was then given its wedding garment – the Solar Garment of Ascension – for the reintegration with Christ consciousness. The metaphor has indeed been used that the soul is the bride of Christ.

You may get mental images or perceptions during this operation, especially if you have acquired psychic abilities such as the one for telepathic communication which is accompanied of perceptions. The practice of the visualization of the Tube of Light and Solar ring ties you to Christ consciousness. The more you practice it the more you may be able to experience a perception of what is taking place at the spiritual or auric level while the angels work on you.

When you are out of the body and receive healing, this healing eventually manifests in a physical way. Many of you are experiencing healing at this time. My announcement is with regard to the fact that waves of Lightworkers, people who are ready for the Ascension, and are integrating Christ consciousness, will be fitted with the body suit of Ascension that will be replacing a thin layer of your astral body. THIS SOLAR GARMENT WILL THEN MANIFEST a gradual transfiguration in your physical body.

This is how the Lightworkers will start being healed, gain further enlightenment, and go through a process of rejuvenation that will literally amount to TRANSFIGURATION.

Other people will start noticing the changes and will ask themselves questions. Eventually they will want to follow in the footsteps of the Lightworkers and this will give the latter opportunities to take part in more disclosure, or to impart teachings to humanity. Then the body suit of Ascension with be fitted upon more souls and in this way we can still talk in terms of ‘waves of Ascension’.

So this was my update and good news for you. I AM Jesus, I AM in your heart and with you always, releasing to you my eternal blessings.

Text checked and approved by my Ascended Twin Flame André.
Channel by Christine Preston

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL via CHRISTINE – Transmuting Tips! – Here’s How You Can Help More! – 2-21-16

A very warm hello Family!  It is I, your brother Archangel Michael, coming to give you what you have requested…a greater way to help the Prosperity and Freedom Programs of Earth be more expediently and elegantly released into your reality at this time!
You can help right now by increasing the load you are transmuting. Transmutation is the inner process of transforming energy that has been misqulaified – through fearful and traumatic experiences in lower dimensions – back into Light. Everyone on the surface of Earth is transmuting in varying degrees right now.  When Mother and Father God send increased Light to Earth, that Light causes the dark within your being, within your very cells to be displaced by their Love.  At first, this often feels terribly unpleasant because as it happens, you feel, express and experience the dark energies that were lodged within you.  
Ultimately, this process proves itself to be a beautiful gift because it results in the healing, understanding, release and transformation of these formerly dark and discordant energies.  As inner transmutation occurs, all is inevitably restored to the Light.  This is the process of Ascension.   You literally face, feel and release all of your lower experiences.  The energy of those experiences is then able to be restored to Light.  You quite literally, en-Lighten.  
The more you embrace the process of your own inner transmutaion of the dense and dark energies within by allowing those energies being see, felt, released and healed…the more you not only heal yourself, but you create an upward vortex of momentum that allows you to transmute a greater load of heavy energies for Earth.  All transmutation happens through the mechanism of you being willing to face and to feel all pain, shame, fear, anger and damage within yourself.  The goal is pure Light.  
There are teams of Transmuters.   You do not need to know that you are on one of these teams for it to be true.  The fact is, everyone is contributing.  Everyone is transmuting.  Here are tips for how you can help more…
Archangel Michael’s 10 Transmuting Tips
  1. Realize you are already transmuting heavy energies into Light.  Every time you choose to be kind, patient, tolerant or peaceful in the face of adversity, you are transmuting.  This is a natural process, and you are already a pro.  
  2. Go within and go straight for it!  The more something makes you feel tight, uncomfortable, embarrassed, upset, stressed, afraid, angered, indignant, righteous, entitled, impatient, frustrated, and so on, rally your inner battle cry of the Light: “Aha! Here is a super chance for me to transmute!”  Skip all other responses.
  3. With curiosity and tenacity: investigate, feel, release and relax. Understand that it is your job to see, feel and transform all experiences, feelings and energies within you that are not pure joy.  Anywhere you are not feeling relaxed peace of mind and easy joy is where your transmuting load awaits.  
  4. Be very honest with yourself.  Know that anything you blame on another is actually an indicator of something arising within you to be healed and transmuted – once and for ALL – into Light!  
  5. Laugh…a lot.
  6. Ask for help.  We are awaiting your request!  We long to hold you close as you face the buried aches and pains within.  There are teams of angels waiting to help carry the dense energies to the sea of Light for restoration.  You do not have to do it all on your own.  There are generous dispensations in place that whatever you begin, we may greatly assist.
  7. The more consciously you intend to transmute your own deep seeded dense memories, feelings, experiences and energies – the more you will accomplish on a personal and on a grand scale!  This is Ascension.
  8. Focus on the Light.  Do not focus on what is being washed clean. Be willing to feel it deeply and let it goooooo.  Keep your eyes on the prize:  your restoration into Full Consciousness and the Light of Home.
  9. Always always connect to the heart of dear Terra, our Mother Earth and to the Love and Consciousness of our Mother Father God.  This is all the guidance, protection and assistance you could ever require to ensure your transmuting is on track and in service.
  10. Trust and Know that your efforts to consciously transmute heavy energies into Light through honesty and love is a brave and powerful act that contributes tremendously to your own Ascension and provides indescribable service to your reality. Receive our love, support and gratitude.
Ok Transmuters!  You are all freshly deputized onto the forward team.  Let’s get these Prosperity Programs landed!  
W will be here with you, holding you as you dive within.  Be fearless in your efforts.  We love you.
I am Michael.
(Channeled and Transcribed by Christine Burk, 20 February 2016)

The Council Requests Your Participation. Y’all Come!

Kathryn, Christine and Meg will channel the Council, Archangel Michael, Sananda, Terra and others who may request the opportunity to make contact with us. Christine and Kathryn will discuss what Christine’s job as Transmuter feels like, and how you can all help. As we work hand in hand with our Higher Selves, Masters, angels and Guides, we forge closer bonds and more smoothly cooperative relationships across the dimensions. Many will come to give us further tools and support to accomplish the crucial part we are contributing in bringing through the Freedom and Prosperity Programs for Earth. Come to cast your vote on the timing of the roll-out, and participate in the final actions needed to make it happen. Sunday at 2 PM EST.