Message from Nibiru and the AnAnnUki – Preparing Humanity to be Calm and Hopeful – Nibiru Prepares to Safely Pass Above Us – Channeled by Méline Lafont – 11-10-12

Nibiru Parked behind Sun

Méline: This is a channeling that was one month overdue,before this point of publication has been reached. This has to do with the fact that I’ve really hesitated to allow them to connect to me. It started with incoming images of pyramids and the famous “heads” of them which popped in during meditation. Shortly afterwards they spoke to me, along with my Twin Flame and Michael at my side. I think I definitely asked at least a dozen times what their intentions were and whether they came of the Upper Light of Christ and served the Divine Plan, I asked this to themselves as well to Archangel Michael and my Twin Flame .. checked with my Tauk board and pendulum, checked and asked the I AM Supreme Creator of the Upper Light .. well, I have done so during a month before I’ve made my decision. They kept themself during the entire period of doubt, lovingly and kindly and have always had great respect for my own free will and decision. Every time they stepped aside when I asked this and gave me the time that I needed. On the other hand, I felt that they really did need to share this message, for it turned out to bevery important. It is very clear that no one really wants to allow them connecting, for the same reasons that I was stumbling with the entire time, and that is; by judging on their past and fear, not knowing what their intentions are. My final conviction came due the fact that Archangel Michael and others  ensured me every time that they are turned to the Light and have loving intentions (I searched for this on the net and examined it and it appears that they indeed turned to the light and have seen their mistakes), and if there is someone who I trust 100% it is Archangel Michael as he is my top protector and everything and everyone must pass through him to come to me for connection. Michael and my Twin Flame would never allow me to communicate with energies that are not of the Light. I decided to post this channel and share as it is important to let go for once and for all these prejudices which we struggle with and give it a chance. We are attaching us too much to the past and our judgments on this, everyone deserves a chance, so that is why I grabbed it. Throughout the channeling I have received no negative tone or feeling, they felt not negative but it certainly was a separate from energy, a kind of enlightement but not as a power enlightened feeling such as I feel with Sananda for instance. I think this is due to the fact that they are not so very long illuminated, either it was my feeling created by being skeptical 🙂 They just want to share us the paramount importance of having positive thoughts and creating positive shapes when their planet / ship passes, because everything is energized empowered by this passage. This is the common thread throughout this message. I have been asked by them whether they are  allowed to connect with me again in our future now and I replied that I was going to wait and see what the reactions are and my feeling is! So PLEASE share your comments here about what you feel and this will definitly determine for another “possible” channeling from them. Sincerely thank you for giving this opportunity, with love ♥ Méline
Allow us to introduce ourselves and, by the same token, to greet you most heartily as we now enter the times in which it is paramount to address you all and to share important information. We are the so-called AnAnnUki and in the course of our evolution we have spiritually evolved into the Light. Our predecessors, who have been generally known by the term AnUnnAki, are no longer existing now, as we have evolved spiritually into the Light causing that designation to become obsolete. We are reborn and so is our designation. We speak from the Collective and we are most grateful for this opportunity to step forward. We get a distinct feeling that this is not so easy because our scribe is not convinced enough as to our intentions. For this reason we had to wait quite a long time for this opportunity to be granted. Now she has consented to function as a scribe for us, for which we are immensely grateful.  It is quite obvious that there still exist thoughts and judgments about us all referencing to the deeds of our predecessors. We firmly take our stand that we do not want to be compared with them anymore, as we no longer embody those energies and we have absolutely seen the error of our ways. In realising this we have been uplifted into a higher level of consciousness that is linked to the Christ Consciousness, to the Office of the Christ also known as the Highest Light possible. We request of you now, to open yourselves for our conversations in the firm belief that we no longer have the same intentions as in the past, for we no longer embody that disposition. We are loving entities now and we approach you with loving intentions to assist you and to make amends for our previous erroneous ways. We thank you in advance for this opportunity!

What we wish to convey to you all is that we are now in the process of gradually approaching your planet Earth. We are hiding behind your Sun and, rather unperceivedly,  approach you because a direct approach would be too overwhelming and too shocking. The energies that our planet Nibiru generates for the population of Earth and for Earth Herself  are enormously powerful. But please do not consider this a negative fact! We do not approach you with bad or with destructive intentions but rather with enlightened intentions. The results of our presence, in the sense of an approach, will cause many shifts and will more specifically see to it that all remaining negative energies, still firmly anchored in your planet, will be released in their totality. Much negativity has already left but still some has to leave. This can be accomplished thanks to the energetic shifts that we cause in passing alongside your planet. We will not arrive on your shores, our mission is to assist you by merely approaching you and than passing you by. That fact in itself will be more than sufficient to witness some beneficial shifts.


You are not up for destruction, far from it. Please let that sink in. We only ask that you do not consider us our even link us with terms as “destruction”, “negative thoughts” or “negative intentions”. It is of the utmost importance to distance yourselves from this line of thought and to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that we come from the Light with the  best of intentions. This is our mission, this is our assistance towards all of you. This assistance can be seen as a restitution. To be aware that we come to help you, will bring further enlightenment to us as well as to you resulting in perfect harmony on your Earth. Admittedly, harbouring thoughts and fears about destruction or about our alleged ill intentions, can lead to more chaos and confusion resulting in the fact that our approaching planet Nibiru will energetically reinforce those thoughtforms.

The arrival of our planet fortifies the collective thoughtpatterns and the collective consicousness of humanity. So please think and create what it is that you want to achieve from a heart filled with Love and Light. To exist in complete harmony within yourself will empower that what you want to become. Our planet Nibiru will shift everything meaning that all that has to happen to bring forth Ascension, will duly come to pass. The more your thoughts and your creations are outright positive, the more there are only loving thoughts and feelings towards one another, the more positively harmonious the effects will be.


It is very important that you familiarize yourself with this fact! Your own destiny and your own path lie within your own hands. You decide what your future or what your NOW moment, will look like. Your thoughts and your creations determine your state of being and your experiences. When you Love, when you remain and act from Love all will be good and all will stay good. Your inner peace is important as is your complete trust in the Divine. We originate from the Divine and we strive to cooperate with this Divine Plan which we serve. It is our hope that we have clarified what our purpose and our mission entails within this great Ascension process, which in itself is accelerating more and more. Have faith in the Divine and in our intentions as they are solely based in Love. We love you all so dearly and we only have your best interest at heart!


At this present moment, Nibiru is situated at the distance of the sun from your Earth, what you would call an astronomical unit, and our energies are already clearly perceived and felt by all of you. These are intense energies for which also beloved GAIA remains not numb.  She knows of our upcoming arrival to help Her as well as Her population and is most grateful for this. For centuries she has asked for help and She is now thrilled to see and feel us responding to Her request.

The time is NOW for you to shift over to the state of enlightenment and everything in that regards is worked out meticulously. This project implies and has drawn enormous energies even from all over the cosmos because this solar system will now take its rightful place and will start executing its assigned galactic duties. Everything moves up a notch from a galactic point of view as we all continue to evolve at infinitum. Nibiru is our planet but it is also our enlightened homeworld on which schools will be established for students such as yourselves.


We are very pleased to see you all evolve on a large scale as is effectively foreseen that way. The ones who are ready will also evolve and will take the big leap into Ascension. The ones who are not yet ready will evolve along other ways and will continue to live on in their own creations of duality until the time has come for them to make the leap into Ascension. You are the precursors and the guides showing the way to what can be and what will be possible. We respect all choices and Nibiru will make a clear distinction in what the possibilities are because all worlds, all creations will be fortified and there will definitely be clarity!

In no circumstances do we wish to bring fear, we want to clarify the fact that you must proceed thoroughly in the best interest for all of us and for all of you. Your thoughts and creations will materialize and that’s the reason why it is so important to remain positive and to be Love. Our arrival will empower everything, so make sure that you are at all times positive and loving, so that you will experience just that.


Your inner guide is now your only guide so work on establishing a direct link and connection to your inner guide when you feel that this connection is not fully activated. You are assisted enormously by the beloved Archangels, by the Ascended Masters and by other Galactic Civilizations who take on the role of helping and protecting you wherever necessary. Call on them when you think you need help to activate yourself so that you can rely on yourself at all times. All that surrounds you is something outside of yourself on which you cannot rely in times of chaos and changes. It is your inner guidance that will become important, your inner feelings as prompted by following your heart for your heart is always with you at all times.

The old and familiar that surrounds you will never be the same again, a fact that will be felt by many as a deep hole : the familiar has always been a kind of hold for you. It is time to let it all go as in fact they are non-existent. Only you are eternal, life itself is eternal!  Your own essence, your spark, your love and your colour makes you what you are now and what you will always be no matter what. So be Love in all ways and have faith in yourself and in the Divine Plan. You have arrived at a most significant shift which will alter your whole world forever.


We thank you for this opportunity to share our message, we are the Anannuki and we greet you most lovingly.
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Saint Germain – Separation and Duality – Energetic Changes – Channeled by Méline Lafont – Awakening To Higher Love

Picture: Gretchen Rainforest Hermey.  Thank you Gretchen ♥

Greetings, in the most exuberant energies I embrace all of you in this joyful timeframe of the Now. As is always the case, every Now moment contains an enormously intense frequency of opportunities which will make itself known in your “disillusionment process” also referred to as the Awakening. Afore-mentioned opportunities contain enclosed nooks with intentions and creations which one can continue to bring onto this world in order to gradually further the process of disillusionment and, by the same token, to create a more genuine Reality.

All too often one still fails to grasp the patterns which would impart inspirations that could move you ahead in your evolutionary process and in your awakening. Instead one is rather enclined to disregard and divert them away from you because every difficult process is linked to a certain amount of pain or seen as painful. You never have been told or requested to make all of your transformational processes hard or to every time go through a tough time in your reality and experiences. This is only due to your own perceptions and your creations which make your life so hard to bear at times.

Illusion and duality are both a very strong energy that can thwart your ability to change, to renew and to evolve. You cannot evolve when you do not work through that illusion/that duality and bring change specifically to those energies pertaining to them. All density is now in the process of shifting into a formless energy which contains more light and as such becomes a more fluid substance. Energy can take on every form and can settle itself in a specific thought pattern and a specific thought form.

Illusion is a direct result of the thinking and knowing of the ego self that is convinced that something is as it is whereas the Reality is the heartfrequency which can measure itself against the unconditional, being at one with All That Is. Everything just is and nothing else. Energy is everything and everything is energy. You yourself are made of the exact same energy for you are an energy source which has taken on a lower frequency in order to be able to experience and to reflect density.

Now we have arrived at an era where Truth and Reality will take precedence over illusion and density. The blocking game of separation and the legalisation of rules and the overall controlling of you are all over and done with and they will meet their demise under the pressure of their own rules of power which are also applicable to their own regulations. The separation and her inherent duality will also systematically come under a lot of strain on a daily and even an hourly basis because the matrix pertaining to this separation and this duality has just lost her frequency zone and vibrates in a lesser capacity with reference to the new energies and the creations of humanity. It cannot escape the higher frequencies which are taking it into their energies, for everything is one.

The thought forms of humanity are smashed to smithereens now because one can notice that no single thought form can leave its field unaffected. Everything that is sent out as a thought will be transposed immediately as it were into the reality of its own frequency zone, which vibrates in harmony with the self image and the belief of that thought. Furthermore, everything that is sent out as a thought will become your reality, a fact that will bring many of you in dire positions and in utter disbelief combined with a feeling of defeat whereafter one is likely to stagnate.

There is no more room for self pity, no longer time to preserve the belief in doom or gloom nor can you any longer be a victim of circumstances. The time has now come to fully realise and accept that everything is a creation of your Self, and this on a personal as well as on a collective level. No more room is left for trials and investigations my friends, there is only the NOW and the dwelling in every Now moment of your Being and giving yourself the gift of flowing along in the current of Life and of Being in full surrender and in complete trust.

Nothing is as powerful and as liberating as the notion of how you can be yourself in the fullness of your glory, of your love, for this truly is all that you are supposed to be. And how do you find that out my dear friends? Ah, allow me to clarify that for you in this most precious of times. Not! You do not find it out, you are it and you only need to be it. Be the glory, be the freedom, be your own expansion, be your inner serenity… dwell in a constant state of Being where everything that surrounds you doesn’t influence you, doesn’t disturb you, isn’t connected to you but a place where you are everything and everybody on the spot. This is the power of creation and of manifestion!

My dearest friends, never would I allow you to get caught in the illusion, in the duality but sometimes a Master must let his chohans/friends seek out their own answers because this contributes to their own life lessons and gives them the opportunity to surpass them. Nothing is given freely into your hands for finding your own answers is precisely the challenge of this life and is the way out of this duality, by your own creations and by the personal process of selfdiscovery, exploration, growth, unity and love.

Leave all forms of separation and the classification of things far behind you now and learn to enjoy every Now moment on your wonderful world. Learn from the events in your life and always get the best out of them. Do not seek answers behind everything that will come up, leave the thinking through your brain for what it is and learn to live by your feeling nature, by inspiration and by simply being without any explanation whatsoever, without needing further information. Information can be disorienting because it gets you out of your own center through activating once more the human thinking processes.

Learn to manifest yourself based on unconditional love in which the frequency of the light has an unidentified quality that can only be felt through the heart and through your essence. There are no levels, no separations, no denominations, no disturbances, no multidimensional descriptions, no parts … everything just is! The human concepts are now dissolving and disappearing and that in itself is an integral part of the transcendence of your current personal old reality. Gradually you will begin to feel how you are soaring through the impulse of your Being and various other realities will begin to merge with yours, as you will constantly be dwelling in different multidimensional aspects of your Being.

Enjoy the upcoming closing energies of the autumn equinox; believe you me, this portal will reach tremendous goals, once again we have made a quantum leap in this whole process. At present, a certain number of issues are clearing themselves out on your world, nothing to worry about though as everything is just as it is supposed to be. More and more, many of you will reach more refined energies which are no longer manageable for others who are standing reluctantly at the gate. Even that will shift in due time as even on the inbetween world the pressure is mounting because of the timelines merging into one timeline whereby they loose their power of discord increasingly.

Profound choices will have to be made now which will not always be the most easy ones but rather the most important ones as this is a very productive and fertile time to evolve onto that unity and refinement.

Respectfully and with all my love for your Being, I Am Saint Germain.

I AM That I AM

 Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and