The Pleiadians Channel: Robert Mesure – 2-03-14

Beloveds, Do not push yourself along the path ascension, understand that, when you push you will not progress. Because in truth what you are pushing against is the current of light, and the higher dimensional waveforms. It is important to let your physical, emotional, mental and ethereal bodies shift in a manner that which suits you best, at the time of transition. and when we say time, we mean the level of attainment you are resonating at. All is happening in the now. It is not in the near or distant future, where you are aspiring to be. It is in your heart center, it is in the fulfilling, powerful rays of source which you are aspiring to be harmonically synchronized with. Dear ones, source is the heart center. Ascension is the journey to the heart, and the heart only exists in the now moment. The now, the heart, the spirit, the unity of the all is compressed into a single fractal of reflective multiplicity. We say to you now, to let go of all distortions, attachments and aspirations of future liberation. It is in the now that you will reach the heart center, it is in the now that you resonate with the source of the encompassing creator. There is nothing other than the now, and it is in the now that we will be in communication with you.


Dear ones, we all reside in the heart center, all of us. Even those who do not seem like they are. This is why, it is important not to push and aspire in such a manner where you are not centered in the now, when you push you become dissonant and discord is resulted. Do not allow the ego body to push you towards something, as above so below, as within so without. When you pushing towards something, the thing you are being compelled towards is being pushed further away, to the ego, it may seem like you are moving, but when you are moving you are not centered, and when you are not centered you are not in the heart center of the eternal now. The ascension is about staying in the heart center and radiating in the light and intelligence of source.


When you go into meditation and you do your visualizations and spiritual alchemy, you are in encased in the encapsulating radiance of the heart, the heart is forever flowing in motion, but eternal in stasis. Anchor yourself in the heart, stay in the heart and you will be the heart, The organism of creation, the unity and abundance of harmony. It is here you are in the presence of your higher selves, the angels and us the Pleiadians. We are all the same, we are one system, much like your physical body, you have many cells creating a singular organism, some at higher states then others, with different functions, but all stemming from the one heart. The multiverse is a grid, a grid of consciousness, and we each act as an integral fundamental, inducing the grids productivity. Once you begin to tap into the Omni-dimensional, multi-spectral grid you start to understand, that we are all apart of the same magnificent being of light, and we all, as one make it function and produce creation as a singular organism. We are each a cell, a microbe forming the DNA of God, and as each cell becomes more aware of its connection and true nature, every other cell corresponds. Just like your body, it reacts to pain, pleasure, and substance, yet it is under the complete control of Mind.


Your physical body, in essence, is a reflection of the paramount creator and by understanding it, you can grasp the cosmic form of creation and function. Although, beloveds, your physical body is the abstraction induced by egoic repulsion. It is your spirit that it is connected to the divine cosmic tapestry, of the dimensional interface. As you center in your heart, spirit flows through your material body from your chakras. Each chakra has a heart, as each chakra is birthed from the heart of source, and adjacent to the heart center. Love brings you closer and closer to us, and increases the awareness of your soul self, which uplifts the entirety of the macrocosm.


Living in love, is also living in truth. When you are radiating in love what you see around you, if you do no agree with it will come to surface, the more you fight it, the more you are pushing against the current of love. Much needs to be dissolved and much needs to be brought to surface to move into refraction where it can benefit those around you, who are blind in the life they are seemly, caught in. At times it my feel like you are being to direct, you can never be to direct, love is direct and only through direct assertion can the heart speak freely and truthfully.


Until next time beloveds. The Pleiadians

Morpheus – The Divine Order – Channel Robert Mesure

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