Archangel Metatron via Natalie Glasson – Invocation for 2015

 Natalie GlassonArchangel Metatron via Natalie Glasson

Invocation for 2015

As I enter into a New Year, a new cycle of my spiritual evolution and new cycles of Planetary Ascension upon the Earth I call forth in every present moment the perfect manifestation of my sacred magnificence.

I choose to embody, experience, manifest and express the loving truthful vibrations, consciousness, frequency and light of my soul with greater intensity and presence within my entire being, physical and spiritual reality. I choose to more fully receive and accept the intuition, sacred guidance and divine wisdom of my soul in every moment of my reality, acting in unity and oneness with the pure expressions of my soul. I now choose to become a more expansive, loving and authentic aspect of my soul in full manifestation within my physical being, enhancing with every day of my reality my physical embodiment of my soul. I am the light, love and consciousness of my soul in divine sacred embodiment and manifestation upon the Earth.

I invite my soul to bring forth all the energies, frequencies, imprints, cellular memory, skills, abilities, activations and embodiments I require to move with ease and perfection through the coming year, achieving powerful accelerated ascension and deep awakening within my being as well as profound healing on all levels of my being. May I move beyond illusion into truth; the truth of my soul and the Creator.

I call forth Archangel Metatron, Lord Melchizedek, Master Jesus, Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Amethyst, Master Djwhal Khul and my guides to support the active presence of the Creator’s perfection within my being. May I know and believe myself worthy to continuously exist and experience the perfection of the Creator.

I call forth Archangel Metatron, Lord Melchizedek, Master Jesus, Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Amethyst, Master Djwhal Khul and my guides to support the anchoring of the Crucifixion wave of light to flow into my being creating intense vibrations of love as I detach with ease and perfection from all which is no longer required, needed or supports me in my reality and spiritual growth. Let my experience, embodiment and expression of love intensify with every day of my reality.

I call forth Archangel Metatron, Lord Melchizedek, Master Jesus, Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Amethyst, Master Djwhal Khul and my guides to support the further anchoring and activating of the Christ Consciousness within my being, allowing me to be of service as a being of active sacred love upon the Earth.

I call forth Archangel Metatron, Lord Melchizedek, Master Jesus, Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Amethyst, Master Djwhal Khul and my guides to support my manifestation of my divine sacred pathway and purpose upon the Earth. With your support let me be the light beacon, wise soul, healing expression and supreme love I was born on this Earth to be.

I call upon the Creator to shower me in sacred blessings aligned to my soul, purpose and physical/ spiritual reality upon the Earth. I receive the blessings of the Creator with ease, perfection and gratitude knowing they will promote and create within my being and reality:  enhanced healing, rejuvenation of my entire being, peace within my heart, abundance in all forms within my reality, prosperity continuously flowing, unity consciousness, plentiful joy, ecstatic happiness,  experiences of security, encompassing safety, complete fulfilment, sacred fulfilling love, magical loving relationships and all my heart and soul wish to experience in this sacred existence upon the Earth.

I now choose to be a fuller embodiment of my soul, truth, sacred consciousness, love and alignment with all that is the Creator with each and every day. I choose to now be aligned with the Era of Love, experiencing the Era of Love within and as my reality daily.

Thank you and so it is.


Affirmations for 2015

‘I continuously flow in unison with the Era of Love, I am Love, my reality responds lovingly to me.’

‘I welcome all forms of the loving supportive Abundance of the Creator, for my continued experience in my reality.’

‘I am the Christ Consciousness in active presence upon the Earth.’

‘My heart speaks of peace and brings peace to all.’

‘My alignment with the Creator is eternal and fulfilled.’

‘On this day I experience fulfilment.’

‘My soul guides me easily in every moment.’

‘I am Love in complete and fulfilled manifestation.’

‘I am spiritual successful, my ascension is accelerating.’

‘This is the perfect time for me to spiritually blossom.’

‘I receive healing from the Era of Love.’

‘The crystalline vibrations of my being anchor and emanate the truth and love of my soul.’

‘I am the Era of Love; I experience the Era of Love with ease and perfection.’

‘I am excited by the abundant opportunities of love flowing to me.’

‘OmNa, I am Bliss.’


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The Violet Flame Consciousness – Speaks Through Natalie Glasson – 11-9-14

The Violet Flame Speaks by the Violet Flame Consciousness

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 7th November 2014-

I am the consciousness, light and vibration of the Violet Flame, anchored from the higher realms of the Creator’s universe into all dimensions as a representative of the purification energy of the Creator. I am a source of light, an aspect of the Creator focused upon transmuting and transforming energies into a truthful alignment and acceptance of the Creator. Let me be as one with you, as we work together to dissolve illusion. In order for transmutation and transformation to take place one is required to be willing to let go of illusion especially within the mind and personal creation manifestation. While the energy, sensations, feelings, vibrations and consciousness transforms within your being it is the mind and mental body working with the spiritual body and soul which brings forth manifestation and experience of transformation. My purpose as the Violet Flame is to work with your thought forms, your patterns and habits of creation, projections and manifestations as well as erasing all mental stress caused by confusion and illusion. I work closely with the physical body dissolving the presence of disharmony which is a co-creation of the mental, emotional and even spiritual bodies, thus I work with your manifestation and projection ability, aligning your manifestations to the Creator and the truth of your soul.

It is time to take responsibility for your physical reality; you are the key and core creator of your physical body and physical reality. Everything you are experiencing now is your choosing or more truthfully is evidence of your choosing in the past as closely as yesterday, last week and last month. With acceptance of the responsibility of your own ability to create and the evidence of your creation even down to the clothes resting upon your body you allow yourself to move into a deeper recognition of co-creation with the Creator. With acceptance you can allow my energies to more deeply permeate your entire being as you allow my energies to co-create purification with your being. You are always co-creating every aspect of your reality with the Creator eternally. The key is to co-create consciously and aligned to the purpose of your soul and the Creator. In order for aligned and meani ngful or fulfilling co-creation with the Creator there is a need to purify your being and erase the illusions you hold onto in order to make space within your being and reality, for the divine flow of the Creator which is rightfully yours. My consciousness as the Violet Flame is seen as the beginning of the divine flow of the Creator, you could say I pave the way for conscious experience of the divine flow of the Creator. When Saint Germain gifted my consciousness, energy and presence to all, Saint Germain did gift healing and purification, although these are the results my presence, the main gift was to allow the acceptance of the divine flow of the Creator.

When you recognise the divine flow of the Creator you are realising your connectivity to all aspects of the Creator, your equality with all aspects of the Creator as well as your divine right and ability to receive and express the Creator. Welcoming and accepting the divine flow of the Creator is to acknowledge a reality living your truth as you permit yourself to eternally consciously with understanding and knowingness recognise the Creator eternally, within you, around you and working through you.

I, the Violet Flame, act as the tool for awakening and permitting this awareness which is your natural awareness to be restored. Healing and purification are the results of my presence and co-creation with you and yet my true purpose is to open your energy thus dissolving all that stands in your way of recognising the Creator within you.

Your greatest limitation is your perceptive especially if you are unwilling to honour the natural need for your perceptive to alter and expand. Your greatest freedom is your ability to access and process consciousness, the consciousness of the Creator to be exact, thus opening yourself to limitless possibilities, opportunities, understanding and creations. I am present with you and available to you to erase and purify all aspects of your perspective which limits your ability to connect into and express the consciousness, wisdom and intuition of the Creator. Let me be of service to you, enhancing your strength of your spiritual being by connecting you on a deeper level with your intuition. When all illusions within your perspective are erased and their impact or patterning upon your physical body and reality then you will give space for your intuition, the divine flow of the Creator an d the truth of your being, which equal the same.

‘I now co-creating healing and purification for my entire being with the Violet Flame of transmutation and transformation. I recognise my request as a symbol of my intention to dissolve all forms of illusion, limiting perspectives, unhelpful attachments to unneeded energies and all resistance to recognition of the divine flow of the Creator. I recognise myself as being available to co-create beauty, love and abundance with the Creator. I recognise myself as being available to connect with and express eternally the sacred consciousness of the Creator in my every present moment. Violet Flame I work as one with you now, recognising you as an aspect of the Creator, I also call to work with me the love of the Angelic Kingdom to bring love, peace, ease and comfort to the transmutation and transformation occurring within my being, perceptive and reality now. Always in gratitude .’

Imagine your soul as a flame igniting from within your heart space, covering and embracing your entire being. Then imagine yourself surrounded by my energies, the Violet Flame. Let your soul energy and the source of all that I am simultaneously exist. Imagine two flames surrounding you and moving through your entire being co-creating as one. I am working with you on all levels of your being. Know the Angelic Beings of Love surround you sending their loving vibrations into your entire being creating a trinity. We all represent to same, the truth, love and expression of the Creator in manifestation. In this space illusion is dissolved and new expansive consciousness is accessed thus healing and purification is noticed.

You can also call upon my energies, the Violet Flame accompanied by the Angelic vibration of love to dissolve all unneeded and unaligned projections within your current manifestation patterns.

‘Violet Flame I allow my thoughts, perspective, patterns and projections of manifestation and creation within my reality to be available to you for transformation, manifesting my natural ability of creation, projection and experience in complete alignment with the Creator. Always in gratitude.’

You may also wish to use this invocation:

‘Violet Flame, please come to me when I am confused or distracted by illusion, make me aware of your presence and let us together co-create my realised alignment with and as the Creator, thus bringing clarity and knowingness to my being and perspective. Always in gratitude.’

I encourage you to call upon my energies, the Violet Flame and allow my vibration to fill and surround you accompanied by Angelic love which supports smooth and easy shifts of transformation within your being. While I surround you and move through you, say the affirmation:

‘I am available to accept and express the sacred consciousness of the Creator.’

This will alter and shift you on so many levels of your being as I dissolve all that is a resistance to the affirmation and your intention, this will be a process of co- creation.

Similar to your own energy and truth I also have more expansive aspects of my being, there are so many expressions and variations of my consciousness such as the White Violet Flame, the Pink Violet Flame, the Golden Violet Flame and the Pearlescent Violet Flame. As you exist in numerous dimensions in diverse and evolving forms so do I, you may recognise my more expansive aspects come to you to co-create with you for your personal enhancement the more you work with my energies.

I, the Violet Flame, am present with you and all of humanity to bring forth a shift of new consciousness by inviting all forms of restriction created within your being to be dispersed and dissolved, thus influencing the ascension of all and the manifestation of the Era of Love. Call upon me, speak with me, share with me what you wish to heal, let go of, release and that which you wish to manifest, express and experience. I will begin my work of co-creation with you.

Know when you feel your boundaries, foundation and all you recognise fall away or old energies restore their presence within you, you can be sure transmutation and transformation is occurring on a major scale within your being which will impact your physical reality upon the Earth.

I Am That I Am,

Always in gratitude,

Violet Flame Consciousness

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Lady Quan Yin – Channel Natalie Glasson – 2-6-14

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Lady Quan Yin by Natalie Glasson February 6, 2014…

Cell Purification and Cleansing by Lady Quan Yin
Channelled through Natalie Glasson-
Dear and beloved beacons of light upon the Earth, I step forth with the goddess qualities of grace,
humility and love to greet you with tremendous respect and honour for the journey you are partaking
upon the Earth. My only wish is to offer to you insights and awakening to fuel your remembrance of
the Creator within your being but more importantly in this moment within the cells of your physical
The cells of your body are so magnificent at a physical level they are truly the creation of the Creator
but they also hold an ability to absorb, maintain and hold vibrations of light, consciousness and
energy. Your cells are your treasure chests; you could say they are like bottomless pits with the
ability to hold tremendous volumes of information and energy. What makes your physical body more
magnificent is that you do not simply have just one cell but multiple cells; your physical body is
comprised of cells with their capacity of holding valuable knowledge and wisdom especially
downloading the divine blue print within your soul and auric field. Your divine blue print is the
perfection of the Creator for your physical body, a template of manifestation which allows your
physical body to exist with the magnificence you recognise now.
You can imagine how magical it is to have every cell of your body holding within it the divine blue
print of the Creator for perfect health, wellbeing, vitality and perfection. Each cell is like a universe,
holding identical energetic information concerning your divine blue print, therefore your blue print is
being magnified and energised multiple times to build and create all that you are, projecting the
essence, magnificent, magic and beauty of the Creator into the reality of the Earth. How amazing
you are and the vehicle you inhabit is. How beautifully and constantly your physical body is linked and
connected to the Creator, always receiving the consciousness, energy and templates of perfection
of the Creator. Your oneness with the Creator is even recognised and evidential within your physical
body. There isn’t a part of your being that wasn’t created by the Creator or isn’t supported and linked
to the Creator. Can you recognise you are a beautiful expression of the Creator, designed by the
Creator to be so and to experience the Creator through many channels of your being but especially
your physical body? Do not disregard your physical body as being non spiritual, disconnected and
separate from the Creator, your physical body is as one with the Creator in the same way you
perceive your soul to be. There is sacred divinity within your physical body as there is within all
aspects of your being.
Your cells are akin to sponges to the light, love and consciousness of the Creator, they are ready to
receive, to magnify and project. Living in a sacred ashram constantly focused upon the light of the
Creator or within nature with no outside contact or influence your cells would flourish with the light
and consciousness of the Creator, creating only perfection because that is all that is available.
I do not say this to bring fear but to bring forth greater awareness. You are aware of the reality you
exist within and the creations of others. There may be circumstances, energies, vibrations,
consciousness, words and even sounds that do not resonate with you and do not in your view hold
the truth of the Creator. With this in mind, I remind you that your cells are akin to sponges, collecting
all energies and consciousness to aid and use for the creation and rejuvenation of your being. Even
unheard or unseen vibrations transmitted that you are simply not aware or conscious of can be
absorbed by your cells and held alongside your divine blue print of the Creator, such energies can
clog up your cells causing them to function poorly and for the radiance and vitality of your body to
decline. This could be perceived as a battle within your cells but it can cause an experience of
separation from the Creator and the body to show signs of suffering, it can be as simple as
tiredness or imperfections on the body, (e.g. spots, lines and wrinkles). Again I say this to bring
awareness and a deeper intention of love within your cells rather than fear. If you find yourself in this
moment thinking in fear let me embrace you in my compassionate love, allow soft pink light to
penetrate your entire being to bring forth truth, understanding and action from love rather than fear.

Divine Mother Activation – In the Face of Truth – Lady Quan Yin – Channel Natalie Glasson – 1-23-14

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In the Face of Truth, Divine Mother Activation by Lady Quan Yin
Channelled through Natalie
It is with a heart filled with great compassion and gratitude that I, Lady Quan Yun, step forward to
greet you. Please know you always exist in my heart as my love is as ever with you as it binds with
the light of the Divine Mother aspect of the Creator which is so vividly in existence upon the Earth in
this present moment. I bring forth with my own energy the intertwining and connection I experience
with the Divine Mother vibrations so that you may unite with the same within and around you.
Whether you are male or female in physical form you have the ability to exude the Divine Mother
from every cell of your being. You have the ability and even the passion within your soul to express
the Divine Mother, enacting her guidance within your reality to enhance her presence upon the Earth.
The Divine Mother brings forth and ignites within your being the energy of protection on all energetic
and physical levels of your being. Beloved ones know that you are protected completely by the
Divine Mother vibrations but know more deeply you are the protection you seek and believe in, you
have the ability like a caring Mother to protect and cradle yourself in love, while protecting especially
energetically all those around you and upon the Earth. It is your own divine love that is your protection
and through your love for others you are safeguarding their energy and enhancing their own belief in
their safety in the reality you exist within.
The Divine Mother brings forth to you the energy vibration of sweetness, she speaks of the nectar of
life and of your soul, through your recognition of the nectar of life and your soul you are able to
experience the sweetness, beauty and blissful miracles of life, human and soul connection,
manifestation and the presence of the Creator as a realised vibration within you. Your ability to
experience fully the Creator in all its magnificence is your sweetness; never forget the gift that has
been bestowed to you. Through your focus, mastery and awareness of yourself you can experience
all that is the harmony, bliss, paradise and ecstasy which is the Creator. Sweetness is acceptance
in your entire being of the Creator, a process of surrendering to the flow of the Creator within all,
including yourself.
The Divine Mother brings forth the presence of truth, a truth that can only be spoken and exist in love.
A truth that changes ones perspective sheds one’s ego and yet has the power to simultaneously
inspire a simple expression of essence and a return to the innocence of a child. The child in you now
sees past all false energies, scenarios and manifestations, focusing only to what is true and pours
from the essence of the Divine. The Divine Mother embraces you asking you to bring forth in her
presence, the beautiful child within you, not your child self from your current lifetime but the child of
your soul, the essence of innocence of your soul. The part of your soul that gazes in wonder,
acknowledges the sweetness of the Creator in all things, sees past the truth free from judgment and
fear, while understanding with tremendous knowingness that all aspects of itself is cradled in the
loving protection of the Creator. The Divine Mother will support you as you allow yourself to ignite this
transformation; all she asks of you is to trust in her vibration around and within you. Know that all she
reminds you of is within your being; it is yourself to share with yourself and all souls around you.
Take a moment and invite the Divine Mother energy to be as one with you;
‘Lady Quan Yin I call upon your support and assistance in my reality now, please surround me in your
loving compassion so I may recognise the same within my being, emanating loving compassion in
readiness to connect more fully with the Divine Mother.
Beloved Divine Mother, I call your presence to intertwine with my own, bring forth to me your ever
loving presence as I emanate to you my loving compassion. I am ready to work with you to aid the
ascension of humanity, to allow the Divine Mother vibration to be vividly present in balance and
harmony within the vibrations of many people and the Earth. Let me act as an instrument of your light
sharing the love and truth of the Divine Mother in my everyday reality.
As I breathe your light and presence deep into my being support me in activating the innocence of
my soul and child of my soul so that I may bring forth into complete manifestation the innocence of
my entire truthful and divine being. Support me in gazing in wonder, acknowledging the sweetness of
the Creator in all things, seeing past the truth free from judgment and fear, while understanding with
tremendous knowingness that all aspects of myself are cradled in the loving protection of the
I recognise this may be a transformation I may not fully comprehend but let me be conscious of the
energies igniting within my being with your support. Thank you.’
Beloved ones, please know you are here as a powerful support for the unfolding of the truth of the
Creator on the Earth. You are present within the Earth’s reality to witness the same unfolding of truth
within your own being, acknowledging how it will influence the Earth’s vibration. One of your missions
which is now coming into play is to support the unfolding of truth within souls newly entering the
Earth, the children and new born into a physical body. With your choosing it can be your purpose to
recognise yourself as a divine soul and to therefore present these newly entered souls with the same
vision, perspective and knowingness. The Divine Mother asks if you feel guided to be a support and
presence of truth for children upon the Earth. See within yourself your own truth, the truth of the
Creator, be confident with knowingness in this truth whether you mentally understand it or not.
Looking into the eyes, souls and simple presence of children that you see with the same
knowingness of truth and as a divine instrument of the Divine Mother vibrations will be of tremendous
benefit, it is not about sharing words or wisdom but the process of acknowledgment which can be
expressed free from words or actions. Your simple awareness in the presence of children, unspoken
or undefined is a powerful foundation and support. They will sense the truth within you, your
knowingness and faith in presence of truth and the Divine Mother within you from a place of humble
love which will offer to them a support and foundation, an inspiration for them to ignite more fully the
truth of the Creator they align with.
The Divine Mother invites you to access your soul child, the innocence of your soul and to allow the
Divine Mother vibrations to flow through your being; energies of unconditional love, support, truth,
protection and sweetness let them beam from you with great abundance. Permit this sacred flow of
energy so rich with the qualities of the Creator to flow to every child and new born upon the Earth. Let
the divine vibrations flow to every Mother and to the Divine Mother vibrations within every being
whether male or female upon the Earth. Allow all to be dowsed in this light of the Divine Mother that
wishes to flow through all beings with freedom and to ignite from the truth of all beings to bring
actions of truth, protection for all, love, sweetness and support into the reality and consciousness of
the Earth for all to experience.
After experiencing the invocation previously shared with you, let yourself imagine the light vibrations
of the Divine Mother merging with yourself and extending across the world to all beings.  Know that
you are activating a new age and era for the Divine Mother, bringing forth the Divine Mother aspects
within all beings upon the Earth.
It is forever your purpose to support the unfolding of the truth of the Creator, from your being and
support the same in others. You will see this mission manifests in multiple and diverse ways which
constantly evolves in your reality. With the support of the Divine Mother let your face become the face
of truth, let yourself show and demonstrate the face of truth to others, knowing that you are only ever
showing the vibrations and qualities of the Creator through your expression such as through your
smile and gaze.  It is important to remember that the truth of the Creator can never truly take form or
be truly understood for when it does it only becomes a mental projection of the Creator no longer
holding the limitless expansion of the Creator. All that you can truly express is a vibration but this can
support the entire foundation of all beings upon the Earth, including yourself.
With the love of the Divine Mother,
Lady Quan Yin

The Celestial White Beings via Natalie Glasson – Soul Awakening and Creations – 1-7-14


The Celestial White Beings: Soul Awakening and Creations, channeled by Natalie Glasson, January 2, 2014 at | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

It is with immense love that we, the Celestial White Beings, step forth to greet you today. We surround you in the love that is shared with us from the Creator enabling you to boost your own alignment and connection with the Creator.

It is a time of tremendous wonder and magic upon the Earth, there are many meaningful and powerful opportunities manifesting which will not only allow you to boost your inner power but your belief in the Creator within your being and reality. As we collectively enter into the new cycle of 2014 much energy emerges from the Creator to be noticed and recognised. This time is a time of manifestation, fruition and understanding the powerful vehicle that you are in this current reality.

You are being asked to continue to experience the energy of the Creator but to realise that you are aligned with a cosmic vibration which can only be described as magical. Throughout 2013 you were preparing, synchronising, settling your energies into the new cycle and era of love, this will continue as you allow yourself to continue; to release old energies and habits but there is a greater awareness of that which you can manifest and that which you truly manifest as.

You will begin to notice with greater intensity the link and bridge between your own body, the way that it functions and the reality you experience upon the Earth. This can become so magnified that you will be able to trace manifestations in your reality back to single thoughts, recognising how you felt and even how you created the thought, acknowledging the thought form, its birth to its manifestation or fulfilment in your reality. This powerful recognition which will enhance over the coming years will build a new found faith and acceptance or confidence in your inner truth, thus encouraging you to awaken and unlock the most sacred treasure within your being.

It is a powerful time upon the Earth now as this is your true new awakening after the preparation of 2013, it is a time to search within your being to understand that which your soul wishes to manifest, to recognise yourself as your truth and to plan your journey forward through the planting of powerful focused and energised intentions which flow from the purest source of your soul. It is time to give permission and space to your soul to step forth and create, weave and set in place structures of light which will be embedded into your auric field and energy bodies in order to prepare you for the next stages of your ascension. These energy structures may resemble sacred geometry but they will be the soul anchoring energetically into the physical level of your being and reality.

It is important to realise that it is now time for the soul to have fun and create from higher dimensions of light within your current vibration of light and reality. The soul must first anchor more fully as a stage of embodying the soul, becoming an energetic structure, engraving or form within the physical body and auric field. With the combination of practising the art of intention and manifestation you are able to awaken a great freedom within your being as you realise that wonderful and miraculous opportunities can manifest and be experienced within your reality.

This belief and experience allows you to break away from limitations and attachments especially to the past, creating a wonderful state of being that allows and encourages your soul to manifest and create more fully the energies of the higher dimensions through your being and within your reality. The soul stores within it endless possibilities which can only be accessed and experienced through your ability of manifestation and your belief in your experience of your own creation. As you exist upon the bridge of understanding, acknowledging and experiencing your abilities of manifestation you are opening the door to greater limitless and profound possibilities as seeds of light from your soul enter your mind and are created within your reality for your wondrous experience.

Each focus, each step and alignment to the Creator is a process of freedom on so many levels of your being but also accesses freedom for your soul, thus allowing you to truly exist in the divine flow of the Creator. With freedom comes limitless opportunities and experiences which allow you to acknowledge the Creator more fully. Your soul is preparing for its awakening and its unification with your entire being. It understands the new stage of your reality you are entering into and simply asks you to surrender to its light, love and truth.

Know that you are not giving your power away through surrendering to your soul but you are accepting and collecting your power indefinitely to pump it through your entire reality. Your soul more than ever is connecting into the great network of light and universe of the Creator, its energies are travelling far and wide in order to achieve unification and oneness upon the inner planes, with a special focus upon collecting new consciousness. As you surrender to your soul you are allowing the magical vibrations of your soul and its expanding understanding and connection with the Creator’s universe to magnify and pour deep into your being, channelling and surging throughout your being and reality.

With our explanation and your own experiences of this divine time you can identify that powerful shifts of awakening are taking place not only within your being and reality but for all within the Creator’s universe.

With intentions and the process of manifestation at the top of the list in regards to required focus we encourage you to ask constantly two questions to yourself, these questions can be phrased in a way that is preferable to you but let their core be the same. It is important to ask yourself constantly,

‘What do I want or what do I wish to manifest now?’

This is to address what you might describe as your physical self, your body, mind, emotions, etc. Then ask yourself the second question,

‘What does my soul want or what does my soul wish to manifest now?’

This addresses your soul, spirit, higher self, the Creator, in truth all that is your divine self.

You may say to us that you are both your physical form and spiritual form therefore separation is not needed. We wish for you to begin with this process, notice whether the answers you gain are the same or different, is your soul and physical body in sync; are your wishes and guidance in harmony and attunement? If there is a difference between the wishes of your physical being and soul, allow yourself to contemplate how you will and can bring harmony. Maybe focusing on encouraging your soul to merge more fully with your physical body would be of service, or imagining the light of your soul integrating.

Your goal is for the answers to be similar therefore you can be certain that when you are addressing yourself and asking for guidance for yourself you will know and recognise yourself as a united being, integrated and integrating with your soul. There will be no need to ask questions and guidance of your physical self and spiritual self because you will know with faith, trust and experience that they are the same.

This acknowledgement will grow through your own experience of connecting with your physical self and your soul self, observing as they merge and become one. Know that you cannot force your soul to merge but can observe where the guidance, energies, thoughts and emotions are drawn from through this process which will encourage you to realise and recognise that bridge of freedom where your soul is able to create divine and sacred endless and magnificent possibilities.

Many of you may share that it is challenging to accept, hear, sense or acknowledge your own guidance, this is a belief from the past era which simply needs to be disposed of and released, it doesn’t require your focus or your attention but simply a detachment to the belief. With trust and belief in yourself as a being that is able to receive guidance you are able to break free of limitations entering further into freedom and expression of the soul.

Through sensing or acknowledging the guidance within you even if at first it is two different pathways of guidance from your physical being and soul self, you can focus upon creating intentions that describe that you already experience what you wish and it is magnificent. Allow yourself first to create two intentions and watch as over a period of time you begin to create one intention from your united divine self. Maybe instantly or gradually your soul will step forth forming structures of divine intentions within your being thus raising your energy vibration, your intuition will also flow in and as the divine flow of the Creator.

With love at this powerful time of awakening,

Celestial White Beings

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Master Saint Germain – How Can We Change The World – Channel: Natalie Glasson – 12-1-13

Dear and beloved beings of the light upon the Earth. Much love and respect is sent forth through my being to you from theloving souls of the universe of the Creator, your soul friends and family. You are so tremendously supported in your current lifetimes and we wish for you to know that we are guiding you to continue to step into your divine unfolding purpose upon the
Earth. You may not understanding your purpose but we will say to you with the deepest of love you are walking and existing as your divine purpose now, in this very moment. Acceptance that you now exist as your purpose and that your purpose is your existence will allow a great wealth of insights to be accessed from your soul. Often through content rather than striving we are able to access the deepest knowledge of the soul. Please allow yourself to open up completely to receive the love flowing from your family with the universe of the Creator, we wish to recharge, refuel and inspire you with the brightest of light and quick vibrations so that you may exist in remembrance of the Creator upon the Earth.
In a time upon the Earth where confusion is prominent I wish to bring forth some clarity and insights from the Creator. You are aware that you have moved through a major shift on the Earth and within all your energetic bodies since 2012, this is something you are adjusting to with every moment of your reality. Small adjustments allow for larger shifts in consciousness
and energetic vibration to occur with relative ease. Even as these shifts take place within your being bringing forth access to greater expansion and realisation of higher levels of awareness you may look beyond yourself wondering when signs of change will blossom within your reality. It is my wish to speak with you offering some enlightenment concerning how we can
change the world. You will notice that I choose to suggest that we as a united collective, speaking of all upon the Earth and the inner planes, can alter the reality of the Earth. You alone cannot alter the world it is something to be achieved as a unity and in oneness with all that is the Creator.  The vibrations of love from the universe of the Creator are flowing through my being to you, we wish for you to know that you are connected and united as one with us, therefore through you and as a united group we can assist and support many transitions upon the Earth. It is valuable when many of you upon the Earth with like minds gather together with an intention of making a difference upon the Earth but we understanding for many reasons this cannot always be possible, please know that you can play a divine role in bringing change to the Earth and we are here to support you, acting as a group in oneness with you to bring forth powerful awakening from the Creator into the consciousness of many and the Earth.
With the realisation that you are not alone and you can support a shift upon the Earth whether alone or in a group you open yourself up to a great source of power and a higher perspective, this will support you in realising your inner power and purpose upon the Earth.
The first perspective is to observe all that is occurring upon the Earth and to contemplate whether change is necessary.
With this practice you are actually contemplating your belief in the Creator. Many of you will state that you are not happy with the ways of your world and the great world around you. You may see suffering, pain, judgment, limitations and negativity in the world and wonder how the world can alter into a more loving space. When another person is experiencing harm or
suffering, it can be difficult to even recognise that the vibration of the Creator exists upon the Earth. The first perspective to adopt and to recognise within your being is that everything around and within you is already the Creator. The divine will of the Creator is unfolding and interweaving through every circumstance and reality of the world. It can take tremendous trust to accept this statement but when you recognise that the Creator is within every soul upon the Earth, while understanding that
there is a reason for everything experienced upon the Earth you begin to see beyond pain and suffering, acknowledging the presence of the Creator even in the most chaotic of experience. With this perspective you begin to notice the harmony that is present within chaos, the healing and returning to the Creator which can be found in painful situations as well as the self- mastery found in challenges whether you experience or observe them. There is a reason for everything occurring around you, by holding faith that the Creator is present eternally within all aspects of reality encourages you to feel content, you will no longer feel your emotions or thoughts reacting negatively, judgmentally or fearfully instead you recognise the truth of the
Creator. Already you are detaching from the drama of life realising that peace is present in any situation. Thus everything is so much easier to deal with and work through, an inner strength begins to build, which constantly draws you back to love and peace. With this perspective you are able to support alterations in the world because you are being accepting of the
world and its people, learning to love the world rather than to judge and energise negativity through your attachment to drama.
The second perceptive occurs almost automatically because you begin to notice the wonder, beauty, kindness and bliss of the world. You have withdrawn from drama and reacting to the outside world, thus a contentment and love swells from within encouraging you to see the wonders of the world. You are attracting into your reality and attention from the outside world the
same that is forming within your being. This can only build becoming more magnificent until you recognise miracles and synchronicities within your reality. It is at these times that you know you are building a realisation of the Creator within your being which is being projected into your reality. Although this benefits your reality and allows experiences of joy and love you may wonder how it can support the world. Holding a perceptive of love and projecting it into your reality especially by being grateful, content and seeking the beauty of the Creator within your reality will allow for many negative attitudes and projections you created to dissipate, your outlook will become positively infectious at one level and the lightness and expanse of your energy will support and inspire others often without your awareness. Your energy and your connection with us upon the inner planes will flow with tremendous freedom into the world acting as a catalyst of awakening.
Thus your vibration and the way you interact with the world will be a facilitator for change.
You may notice alterations and shifts within your own being and those around you but often it is situations and circumstances that are distance to you that encourage a feeling of disappointment in the world. With the two previous perspectives you may find yourself feeling stronger, empowered, compassionate, loving and understanding. Often many chaotic or negative situations within the world are energies from the past moving through to be released, some releases can cause a manifestation which allows many to recognise the release, encouraging supportive healing vibrations to be
sent and anchored to aid completion of the cycle of the energy. You may believe it to be sad that many suffer simply for an energy to be released but people involved may be tied to the energy or had even created it in another lifetime and so are also completing a cycle that will create freedom and understanding. Again we are returning to the first perspective where there is a need to understand that there is a divine purpose for everything, the use of acceptance allows you to adopt this understanding.
The third perspective is to recognise that it is your purpose along with others to invite the Creator to be in action within your reality and the circumstances of the world. The Creator is always present but sometimes we have to ask for the Creator to be in action which symbolises that we open ourselves up to act as an instrument for the Creator light, divine healing and influences to create harmony and enlightenment. We are inviting the Creator to anchor more fully and consciously within each person and situation while asking that we may be of service by allowing the Creator to act through our actions, thoughts, emotions and consciousness to bring forth healing, shifts and the greater light of the Creator.
You may wish to say, ‘Let the Creator be in action completely, absolutely and appropriately within my reality bringing harmony, divine healing and attunement with the Creator for external experience.’
Or to support the world you may wish to say, ‘Let the Creator be in action completely, absolutely and appropriately through me and all involved in this situation (you may name the situation if you wish) to result in the experience of harmony, divine healing and attunement with the Creator externally within all and within the consciousness of the Earth.’
‘Let the Creator be in action to bring forth love, healing, truth and bliss.’
Remember that you are not offering yourself as an example of the Creator but are allowing the Creator to work through you, in order for this to occur there is a need to be aware of and follow your divine intuition. There are many ways in which you can bring healing to the Earth, help create the Era of Love upon the Earth or even alter the world you exist within but if we were to share practices they wouldn’t be as powerful as holding the intention and asking for the Creator to be in action in order to bring forth healing, love, enlightenment, bliss and harmony. Remember that every time you focus upon the light and bring the Creator through your being in whichever way you choose you are supporting a rise in consciousness and vibration within the Earth’s frequency and all that are present.
Let the Creator be in action now,
Master Saint Germain