Master Saint Germain by Méline Lafont – Solstice 2013 – Moving Into 2014 – Duality, Merging Point, Breaking Point – Descension of Your Higher Self into your physical presence Now Begins


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All flows as substances of energies into the infinity of All That Is. Which means that all is in a constant change and right now the only constant thing is change as everything is moving and shifting in and out of reality into another one and so on. Nothing stops and nothing lasts, all is in movement as energy is a wave of movement and change.

The winter Solstice is again a perfect opportunity to bring that change into your life and into your reality according to what you like to see different and what you like to see as your reality. These energies are there to lend their power of manifestation, assisting you to what you seek and desire to become/to create/to BE.

This winter Solstice portal of the year 2013 is again a magnificent point in a timeframe that will mark certain beginnings and certain endings of thoughtforms, of creations and of realities. The You within You establishes its merging point with the I AM Presence that is allowed now to enter your fields and your reality and that is a very Sacred and magnificent, omnipotent process that shall shift the consciousness and awareness of the Human race.

There shall be more awareness of what fits in this reality and in your own, as well as what does not serve it anymore, as you become one with your Source. The knowledge will be passed on to other civilizations that will start their own Ascension process soon on their own reality of duality that exists in multiple other universes and multiverses throughout the Cosmos. Therefore this Earthly Ascension process is a BIG marking point for all existence as it reflects all the different races in consciousness together as a collective on this Earth.

Many civilizations and levels of consciousness are embodying the human race as we speak in order to collaborate together as one unified forcefield, to not only help Gaia but also to assist with a great unknown process on the level of consciousness the human race lingers in. This level of consciousness has been achieved before in the times of Lemuria and of Atlantis, but what is different in this NOW moment is that the human race will join with their physical forms. The dense mass of the physical form will ascend along through a transformation process that is being achieved consciously.

The Solstice is an important portal to the next stage and to the level of awareness that can be achieved through mass consciousness shifts and through awakening. The more the human race works as one, being one, the more the shift will be amplified. This is why chaos and some unfortunate events are allowed to occur as it is often the most effective way to bring movement in the thoughts/creations and perceptions of human beings. It brings the awareness of what does not work anymore and it brings all of you together in compassion and love as One, because on those difficult moments humans realize how important it is to be loved and cared for, to feel compassion and to BE.

Again, the Solstice will bring changes, shifts and energies in order to begin to realise to a greater extent how much all is in you. It will guide you even deeper in the journey to Self, in your inner world and in the universe that you are. You will be shown events of your own, that manifest themselves and that become your reality, as you shift into the consciousness of the Master and into the level of God consciousness.

The breaking point shall be more vivid and clearer too as it whistles the signal of the end of this duality in the form it is and has been existing in for so long. It is what you all have been yearning for and preparing for in the year 2012. This breaking point has been set and marked in that year.

2013 is a year of executing what you have set for yourself and for the collective, it is the way to bring it forth. A lot of hard work has been done and integrations have started to be embodied. This was a most active and ‘reality changing’ year and that will be played out and continued on in the year 2014. More integrations of the I AM Presence will continue to be embodied as most of the collective still have to start with those integrations and mergings.

What has been set in stone can change in a second, this is how powerful the will and the change of your own personal heart and that of the collective have become . The year 2014 will amplify a lot of all that you have set as a reality for yourself and what you choose to BE, as this year will be a powerful year of effective change. The year 2012 was a year of preparation, 2013 was the year of executing those preparations and the year 2014 continuing on into 2015, will show the results of that.

So it is very important to keep the focus on your goal so as to achieve the best results, as energy always follows your attention. More awakenings shall be achieved as the energies give no other option than to open the eyes and to become aware for there will be too many events that the eyes cannot ignore. The way humans shall choose to cope with it, is completely dependent on their own free will, however, no one shall be left unaffected.

Whatever the choices are, they shall always be respected but nothing and no one shall be left unnoticed or unaffected. This is what you all chose as a collective and this is being played out now.

ISON shall bring her gift of potential and movement, as her essence and her Divine blueprint bring magic in the air. What amplifies even more is her tale and its energy that consists of a Cosmic Divine Blueprint dating from the birth of this universe. It represents pure wisdom and Divinity.

With Love, Méline Lafont

Saint Germain:

As one race and as a collective, you shall raise your frequency upon the Earthly level of your existence. Earth shall not be the same anymore after this turning point of the solstice as this one represents the execution of the former turning point in 2012.

See and notice the changes within you and not outside of you. Think of what you all have experienced in 2012 around the solstice, all were looking for it in the outer world and none of that has happened the way it was expected due to expectations. Let those expectations and the need for confirmations and for proof now reside where they belong and go within this time.

Connect with your essence and with your Divinity in the heart and breathe your own I AM Presence in, take it in through the heart and allow it to connect with you on this inner plane; in your own reality and in your Universe.

Breathe this connection out through the roots of your grounding connection with beloved Gaia, as you connect your true consciousness with Her beautiful Heart. As a result you will be one with Her and shift along with Her plane and Her Being.

Breathe, loosen up and relax! Take in the cosmic energies of the portal through acceptance and allowance of your Self, through meditation and grounding, through walks in nature and through sitting in silence with your Self.

Enjoy your being fully and sit with your Self in a silent sacred place. See the You that you are in all radiance, reflected in your heart. You are a beautiful being of Light and so it is! Take yourself in, you are your own portal and it is being opened by you, it is being amplified by you with the assistance of  the incoming energies. Do not wait for anything to happen or to be done for you as you will be dissapointed. You are waiting for you! YOU are what is coming, so do not wait but BE. Be you, DO you, allow you and the portal shall be open for you to shift.

My Love for you and my acceptance of you are here always, and they are yours to have. My shift and my energy are within you as I contribute in the process of each and everyone of you. My Flame is yours to use and to invoke, do so and all of you shall be enflamed with the purity and power of you.

The violet Flame transmutes all within and without and it shall lift you up in the Divine purity that you are as it resonates only with that and thus it shall bring you only that.

Accept, allow, embrace and BE you.

I AM that I AM

Saint Germain

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and

Master Lao Tzu – Perception of Truth – by Méline Lafont

My sweet friends, this is an excerpt of a reading I did for someone which I wish to share with you all as this part may apply to many of us and can bring clarity.  Thank you to the one I did this reading for, for allowing me to share a small excerpt of her reading.  With gratitude and much Love, Méline ♥   and

Master Lao Tzu


My fellow traveler of Light, it is with so much power and appreciation for your being that I am bringing you this message. Feel my words flow through you as a gentle breeze and a flow of energy that allows you to pick up the essence of your being. You are Love, for Love is you!


In many Earthly incarnations you have been transforming into every way of your being and that brings along a requirement of adaptation every time you do so for your embodiment is one of a vast formation that is not so fluently moving along as it is a stiff energy that needs time to melt, so to speak. As you transform yourself into a deeper Divinity of your being in such trapped light energy that has formed your Earthly creation; the human body, you challenge frequencies and creations that are either soothing or hard for your being.


It is merely the perception of it that challenges you through it all, for in true honor and in truth all is just a flow of energy that floats through All That Is, including you! The way things are perceived forms the creations in life and that reflects in your reality. The reason for you feeling stuck in this lifetime has merely to do with the perception of your own truth and the truth of others. Once you see through this all and truly see what’s behind it, you shall acknowledge it to be a simple perception that is therefore not your truth.


Perception is what gives so much confusion in lifetimes as what you perceive you take as truth and there are many perceptions, therefore many different truths. What is seen or felt by another you does not have to be your truth or you. And because you also take another one’s truth and perception for your truth and reality, it drives against your own and that makes you feel doubting and feel stuck. You start to think that your feeling and truth is not truth because another one perceives it differently, but in true honesty there is only truth. It is only perceived and experienced in so many different ways and levels.


Now you can set aside those perceptions of others, including your own and start to just feel what you are. Feeling does not mean the forming into words what you experience or do, it does not mean to think with the mind or try to grasp all of it. It is a state of being where you are the stillness inside of you and where you can connect, tap into energies and states of being without any word or formation that comes from you. It is pausing the mind and the you in this formation and to just accept, embrace and to enjoy all that is, to surrender and to really BE.


It requires a lot of Self Mastery which by the same token means to really be the balance with not too much of this or that. To really express you in all the infinite and in the freedom that you are without any lack of,

control of, limitation from and creation of… It is the way of being where all can be all at once, you can be all at once.


Now, do set aside your fears or worries about your Earthly problems, they are not problems but self created distortions that are perceived as problems. You have free will to create and be whatever you wish to be. So set your focus and energy to that what you wish to achieve and be in life and be confident, strong in this so that it will be your reality. Than surrender and go with the flow without any hesitation. Don’t hold on to the feeling of being stuck, as is said before it is only the perception of this that allows you to experience and create just that.


What you worry about is what you hold on to and what you hold on to will exactly be that what is brought on your path. Always be positive, be love and be joy! Every now moment is a blessing in life, so embrace it and make it a new one every single time.


I am Master Lao Tzu, I embrace you!


Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered   and

MahaChohan Ragoczy – Alchemy – Earth Shift, Consciousness – Méline Lafont – 11-29-13

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MahaChohan Ragoczy through Méline Lafont and

Greetings, I am the one that goes by the name of the MahaChohan Ragoczy and I am here representing the will and the law of Unconditional Love for all of you. Let’s blend all of our hearts together in the function of the unconditional and the eternal. God be with you in the heart, for you are God in heart.

I am present in order to provide a message, to give you an insight concerning all the tumultuous matters taking place these days upon your world. What is taking place in your reality concerns the striking and unmistakable evolutions which are trying to find a place in your minds and in your environment in order to be understood and accepted as an element of the Ascension process.

The more ‘dark’ sides of yourself are most specifically those distinctive parts of your Being that request to be heard and that clutch to you to get your attention. They want to be seen, accepted and acknowledged as an intrinsic part of your Being for they have always been repelled and denied, even pushed off as if they were something that is not you. Those distinctly ‘lower’ parts of you are not to be repelled, they only have to be accepted as you, as a functional part of your Being that functions and assists through this polarity which in itself is an expression of the duality.

That’s why it is important to recognize those ‘dark’ parts of yourself and to accept them as yourself as this is the only way to bring everything again into a state of balance and to love yourself unconditionally. All those ‘dark’ aspects in incarnation as well as in the etheric realms contribute to your spiritual growth and evolution by showing you all the facets of your versatile self, your multidimensional Self. This is important in order to let you play and experience the game in duality, so it’s far much better to use them in other/loving ways and to cooperate with them rather than to repel them and see them as something outside of you,

The only difference now will be that your ‘darker’ aspects will no longer be the leading force as they have been in your previous lives; on the contrary, now those ‘darker’ aspects are changing their roles and are contributing in the background and no more on the forefront. What will emerge now are the more ‘lighted’ aspects and your Higher Self with who you are now in the process of forming a close connection and hence this part of your Being will completely take on the task of experiencing and expressing this other side of your Self.

You find yourselves now in the equilibrium point of this polarization and you are aspiring to reach that equilibrium, that point of neutrality after which you can expand again into any form of the Light. This happens not only on an etheric level but also in the physical embodiment and that’s the reason there is talk of a noticeable change of the physical vessel changing more and more into a lightbody which will be tangible for the naked eye.

This is the transformation, it is the Alchemical process of the polarization to unity and in unity, The expansion of the lightbody from your inner heart moving through the dense physical body is an Alchemical process in which the physical body, itself comprised of matter and dense energy, again starts to assimilate itself into the physical aspect that it carries and executes, whereafter it multiplies itself with the energetic values of the completion and immediately dispenses and splits into a form of light that carries the values and charges of your energetic expression, your blueprint or rather, your essential Self in the expression of Light,

The Alchemical process is beyond the power of the existing words used by common folk to give an adequate explanation as it rather is a process of Being or more specifically a process of doing by Being. It is that ; nothing more, nothing less. You don’t need to do anything but being your Self, the being you truly are from your heart and not from your mind through what you think you are.

That’s why the Masters keep on stressing the value of your Self, of Love, of Self-acceptance and of Self-worth, It is a very important concept in the process of Ascension to truly appreciate the physical aspect in all of this. It is not easy, it certainly isn’t a child’s play to perform this Alchemical process under the constant pressure of the inflow of energies while living in a physical, dense embodiment that cannot withstand much pressure.

Master Saint Germain is one of the few and He is a most famous Ascended Master who has been able to accomplish this process with his physical vessel. That’s why he contributes largely to this process of Ascension and why he is essential in this Golden Age of Aquarius. It is certainly not a coincidence that he represents this golden Age and that he is in service to all of you as he knows as no other how to regularly change a physical body into a lightbody and vice versa with and through the physical aspect.

For years Saint Germain was an apprentice of mine in my Holy Retreat, right on time to be prepared for this moment of NOW. And together we will proceed on behalf of all of you, both of our energies connected into One. We have shared incarnations as One and the same, a fact that is not readily known on your world, but is known now by telling you this.

The Alchemical process will ensure many mergers which will take place on deep and still unknown levels with other aspects of your Being, that you can also find in others. That’s the reason why all of a sudden many soulmates are finding each other in this life and even more than one soulmate because each of you has multiple soulmates. Also included is the connection with the one and only Twin Flame because firstly connections will be made with the parts of the joint aspects that someone shares with a soul mate as it functions as a kind of merger in consciousness by coming together one way or the other in your current incarnation.

Don’t be afraid when multiple soulmates enter your life rather than just one as you have many soul aspects of yourself and your Twin Flame, that are hiding, as it were, in those soulmates. The connection with those aspects ensures that you recognize yourself in them and that brings an acceptance and self-love in its wake and contributes to the completion of the mergers and the reunion with your Twin Flame. This pertains also to the Alchemical process as everything is a reflection of energy and charges, discharges and creations.

Your masculinity will increasingly give way to your femininity, entailing some distresses as this occurs with every new birth. You are now smack dab in those distresses which will intensify ever more and will occur ever faster, like contractions function during a labor of giving birth. That is the signal of how close the birth of the New World with Gaia and humanity becomes reality. Take deep breaths between shifts, they now follow in rapid succession so keep your focus and your strength intact by way of meditation and a healthy lifestyle so even your physical aspect can enjoy it and can switch without any complications.

Each process that completes itself now is a result of old energies that have to depart and are becoming obsolete in this timeframe. It concerns karmic or discordant energies which have been depleted and misused in such a way that they can no longer function in this reality nor in yourself. Let it be, let it find its way out, let it become aware it is dysfunctional so it again can be incorporated in the source whereafter it can manifest again in necessary energies on Earth.

 I Am MahaChohan Ragozcy and my Being is always with you.


 Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and

Saint Germain Message – Ascension Update – Channel: Méline Lafont

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