The Ascension – Sacred Poem – Chanera

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This is a sacred poem that I use along with other decrees as a daily focus for my meditation and spiritual work. The words really carry a beautiful radiation that can be felt deep within. I have it commited to memory now. But before that, I would just watch the video three times in a row. Which is about a six-minute meditation and it greatly facilitates direct-contact with ones I AM Presence / Christ Consciousness / Higher Self / God Presence / Upper Octave, or whatever you would like to call it. Then once I started feeling that Glow or “Great Flame Breath”, I would just STAY with it and allow it to nourish me in that eternal now.

I created a playlist of a few of my videos that can be played in a row as a simple and effective meditation technique. Especially for busy people that only have a few moments a day for spirituality. Jusk click on the link below and take a quick read on the playlist description and start the divine process of re-connecting to your greater being or higher self:… – By Chanera –