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By Paige Bartholomew, The Master Shift, December 10, 2015


Does it feel like something is out of balance in your life?

Maybe you’ve done a ton of healing work, you’ve read all the self-help books, you’ve meditated with the best of them, but still something feels off.

Here’s what you need to know: your seven chakras aren’t just energy centers. They are sacred containers of knowledge which contain an enormous amount of specific information for your growth.

Each chakra holds within it a soul task which must be mastered. If any soul task is left incomplete, painful symptoms will show up in your life and your relationships. These symptoms are signs showing you where you need to do your work.


First Chakra Task: Keep Yourself Safe

If you’re out of balance in this soul task, you might notice that you put others needs before your own – to your detriment. You may allow situations or relationships into your life that hurt you. You may rationalize that you deserve the pain. You might turn on yourself, speak harshly to yourself, you may even hate yourself. To improve your health in this chakra, make a commitment to observe the ways that you devalue yourself and let others devalue you.

The truth is – no one is more important than you, and you are no more important than anyone else. Your needs matter as much as anyone else’s. Stay mindful every day. A deep purification process like this takes time, so keep at it until you feel more stabilized. Read books like “Self Compassion” by Kristin Neff, and “Healing the Shame that Binds You” by John Bradshaw.


Second Chakra Task: Connect with Others

We can’t make healthy connections with others if we believe everyone else is better, smarter, or that they matter more than we do. (See how the health of each chakra has to be solid before we can fully master the next?) If you’re out of balance in this soul task, you might notice that it feels hard to make and keep friends. Connection may feel difficult for you.

To improve your health in this chakra, start with a commitment to daily self-inquiry and examination. Observe your own behaviors and feelings around others. Take small steps toward interaction with people. Set goals for joining in with groups. Remember, your commitment is all you need. If you are committed, the healing will come. Read books like “Safe People” By Henry Cloud.


Third Chakra Task: Set Boundaries

Symptoms of ill-health in the third chakra show up as either a tendency to be “too nice” and let people walk all over you, or to be “the Big Cheese”, believing you are entitled to more than your fair share. We must learn healthy boundaries. If you are out of balance in this chakra, you might have a hard time saying no. You may grieve a lot about other people’s pain. You may worry about how someone will feel if you set down boundaries. Or – you may feel an impulse to run over people to get your needs met. To improve your health in this chakra, first commit to observing your patterns and discover the reasons for them.

Then make a solid commitment to boundary setting. Learn to say “Yes” and “No” at appropriate times, both to others and to YOURSELF. You must learn to say NO to toxic people, places and situations, and say YES to beautiful, fair, kind ones. Setting boundaries is the soul task that balances the ego. Read books like: “Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life” by John Townsend and Henry Cloud, and “Reclaim Your Life: Understanding Toxic Relationships, What to Do, and When to Leave” by Jennifer Reed.

Fourth Chakra Task: Forgive

If you’re out of balance in this soul task, you might notice that you have trouble forgiving yourself or others. You might be hurt or angry about things that happened a very long time ago. You might hold grudges. Forgiveness is the soul task that opens the heart. If we are unable to forgive, we will be unable to move into fourth density consciousness, which is vital if we are to shift into the New Earth. Forgiveness requires a change of heart. Forgiveness occurs when we accept that our brother (or our self) is, in truth, innocent, and deserves our compassion.

No matter what you did, no matter what they did, the soul is innocent. If you’re having trouble discerning whether or not to trust someone who is toxic or dangerous, go back to the third chakra – you have more work to do there. Read books like: “Forgiveness: A Bold Choice for a Peaceful Heart” by Robin Casarijan, and “Love is Letting Go of Fear” by Gerald G. Jampolsky.


Fifth Chakra Task: Embody Fearless Truth

Symptoms of ill-health in the fifth chakra show up as a fear of speaking your truth. You may be afraid of the consequences when you say what you deeply believe. You may fear hearing what someone else deeply believes. When this chakra is balanced, you’ll know how to discern Truth from falsehood, because you will have effectively grasped all of the soul tasks from the previous chakras. Here, the soul is becoming pure.

To heal an imbalanced fifth chakra, practice knowing your Truth. Practice standing firm in your truth. And finally, practice speaking your truth while maintaining pristine compassion and respect for others. Read books like: “The Fifth Chakra Healing Book” by KG Stiles, and “The Storm Inside: Trade the Chaos of How you Feel for the Truth of Who You Are.” By Sheila Walsh


Sixth Chakra Task: Become One with the Creation

When the sixth chakra soul task is incomplete, we do not see others as our self – we see them as separate. It is a very high state of being to actually be able to see others as yourself. It’s more than just sympathy. It’s more than just being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. We are talking about literally seeing your brother as YOU. Seeing that you are the same being at the core. The truth is – we are all only ONE being.

Symptoms of ill-health in this chakra show up as subtle projections onto other people: “He is less evolved than I am.” Symptoms also show up as a sense of separation: “I’m glad it’s them and not me.” To restore health in the sixth chakra, meditation is necessary. Become quiet and get to know yourself in stillness. Practice seeing your neighbor as yourself. Practice seeing a tree as yourself. Practice seeing a terrorist as yourself. Feel it as though it were REAL. This exercise will teach you how to touch unity. Read books like “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle, and “A Course in Miracles”.


Seventh Chakra Task: Become One with the Creator

Becoming one with the Creator is such a high state that humans are not capable of maintaining it for long periods of time. Like the story in the bible when God revealed Himself to the mountain and it crumbled to dust, we dissolve back into All-ness when we reach this eternal station. We slip into states of Divine knowingness, drink from them, and then we slip back out. It’s that way by design. Each time we slip in, the experience changes us so profoundly, we are never the same human being again. Our soul task in this chakra is not a matter of reaching perfection, because we never will. This chakra is infinite.

Our task here is to open to the mystery of the absolute as often as possible, and to surrender our small self to its Intelligence. Practice by meditating on loving your Creator. Meditate on opening your entire being and offering it to the service of your Creator. Ask for help from your Creator, for your human self cannot know how to explore the realms of the Most High without help from the Most High. Read books like “Mystics, Masters, Saints, and Sages: Stories of Enlightenment” by Robert Ullman and “Along the Path to Enlightenment: 365 Daily Reflections” By Dr. David Hawkins.

Traversing the path of human consciousness is what souls have been doing from the beginning of time. We’re all in the same boat – making our way across the sea – yearning to reach the eternal shore.


Have fun in your travels – for in truth-
Growing through these soul tasks is the entire reason you’re here.

Paige Bartholomew is a licensed psychotherapist in Austin, Texas. She has been a devoted student of Sufism for 17 years, where she is ordained with the station of Sufi Master Teacher by the Shadhuliyya Higher Sufi Council. She is a long-time spiritual healer, student of A Course in Miracles, shamanic journey guide, energy healer, certified hypnotist and passionate writer about consciousness and existential issues. Be watching for her upcoming Book: The Soul Map: Understanding the Divine Path of Soul Evolution, where these concepts, and so many more, are explained in glorious detail!


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Accessing the Wisdom of Our Chakras

Wes Annac – Throat Chakra – Center of Self-Expression – 10-2-15

The throat chakra. Credit:

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness


The chakras are the subtle body’s energy centers, and they bring through the energy that’s responsible for our reality and the higher dimensions we have yet to experience. They connect us with our creator and our higher consciousness, and understanding them can allow us to tap into the energy that pours through them.

The throat chakra has to do with communication, self-expression and other qualities on which most creative people rely. It allows us to communicate our feelings about life, spirituality, society and anything we think is important, and it gives us the confidence to use our voice without worrying what other people think. Even if we’re misunderstood or rejected, we’ll know our desire to help the world evolve (and the work that results from it) is genuine.

Here, I’d like to look at the throat chakra’s role in creativity as well as the things we can do to heal and balance it. I don’t know much about any of the chakras, and the only things I’ve learned about them have come from the few reports I’ve done. One of the best ways to learn about something is to research and write about it, which is exactly what I try to do with things like this that interest me. I hope it interests all of you too, and more importantly, I hope it teaches you something new. tells us about the throat chakra’s association with self-expression, as well as its condition when it’s balanced and imbalanced (and the symptoms that result).

“The Throat Chakra is associated with your Self Expression and Communication.

“When it is in balance, you are able to listen and communicate well. When you are having trouble expressing yourself, or having trouble with communication (being unable to say what you want to say to others and/or not truly listening to what you are being told) the throat chakra becomes imbalanced.

“An imbalance will first resonate as a tingle, ache or sensitivity in the throat region. (Stemming from the base of the neck to the ears).” (1)

There are quite a few manifestations of an imbalanced throat chakra, and Inner Truth lists the most common.

“Even small tingles and aches can be a sign that something needs to be addressed. As soon as the emotional issue has been resolved, the ache WILL clear up or simply completely vanish.

“Can manifest quickly as an unexpected cough, or manifest as feeling like a lump is in your throat (feeling choked up) and/or trouble when swallowing.

“Aches, tingles and pain located around the Throat, Mouth and Neck. Including toothache, sore tongue, sensitive gums, tonsils, sore throats and tickly coughs.” (2)

They also explain what can happen if we don’t resolve the imbalance.

“If the issue is left unattended to, may lead on to more serious issues such as.

Thyroid problems – over active/ under-active;

Anorexia nervosa



hearing problems, tinnitus

problems of the upper digestive tract,

mouth ulcers, sore throats, tonsillitis.” (3)

All of these health problems can result from a blocked or imbalanced throat chakra, and while it isn’t the only thing that can cause them, we might want to make sure if we ever suffer from them that we don’t have something related to our creativity or self-expression going on in our lives. You never know what kinds of emotional or spiritual problems could cause physical illness, and as science and spirituality continue to merge, I think we’ll discover a wealth of emotionally rooted cures for physical illness.

For all we know, an imbalanced throat chakra could be the main cause of the problems listed above. I’m not saying it is, but I think our spiritual and emotional health have a lot to do with our physical. explains how self-expression suffers when the throat chakra is blocked.

“Do you struggle to communicate your real thoughts and feelings? If you lack the confidence to express your thoughts, ideas and feelings because you fear that you may be judged or that your words may hurt someone, you are only holding yourself back from real happiness. You have a right to express [your] needs, wants and ideas. If you keep your thoughts to yourself, how will anyone ever know what they are – and how will your needs and wants ever be met or your ideas ever brought to life?” (4)

“If your throat chakra is closed, you may find yourself feeling frustrated when you want to express what you are feeling in your heart – you may find yourself unable to find the right words at the right time, especially when you fear losing someone or something. You might fear being ridiculed, or you might fear offending someone. The only person holding onto these fears is yourself – you imagine a certain reaction, even though that reaction is not certain.” (5)

Healing it requires us to become confident in ourselves, believe in our personal truth and try new things.

“Healing the throat chakra involves boosting self-confidence and believing in the validity and importance of your ideas and truths. You do not need to be an overly chatty and outgoing person in order to keep your Vishuddha [throat] chakra healthy and open. You simply need to develop a more comfortable relationship with your expressive side: the courage to speak your mind in a compassionate, understanding and proactive way.

“Any form of creative expression is a highly positive practice for opening the throat chakra. The enjoyment of the creative process is far more important than the results or end product so don’t worry if you’re not an artist – try your hand at cooking, gardening, inventing, writing, solving problems… take any opportunity you can to be creative. Become comfortable with your own voice in its many forms of expression (not just spoken).” (6)

The world would quickly change if everyone believed in their personal truth enough to use their voice, and we all have a unique piece of the puzzle that we’ve come here to give. It’d be a shame to deny ourselves the opportunity to offer our piece, and instead, let’s realize that it’s an important part of the whole and humanity can’t function without it.

Instead of just listening to what other people tell us about life or spirituality, we can pave our own way and make peace with any inadequacies that result. We’ll find the right way in time, and when we do, we can share what we learn with others in hopes that our experience helps them. It won’t help everyone since we’re all unique, but it’d be enough to help one person embrace the uniqueness of their path and get the most out of their evolution.

As Chakra Healing tells us, silence is also an important factor in maintaining a healthy, balanced, open throat chakra.

“If you are uncomfortable with silence, it is important for you to recognize the imbalance of your Vishuddha chakra. Silence can be a wonderful gift. It cannot harm you and it doesn’t need to be broken. Silence is a time for you to organize your thoughts and allow your needs and desires to come to the forefront of your mind. Practice meditation to become more comfortable with silence.” (7)

As you might guess, singing also helps.

“Singing is a great therapy for opening the throat chakra. Even if you only sing in the car, or in the shower, with no audience, get to know your voice OUT LOUD and fall in love with what your throat can produce!” (8)

Chakra Healing also gives us a handy meditation for opening it.

“Sit comfortably, close your eyes and become aware of your breath as it enters your nostrils and passes through the back of the throat through to the lungs. Exhale through the mouth, consciously listening to the elongated ‘hum’ sound coming as the air leaves you. As you inhale, the sound is different – ‘so’. Repeat this ancient Sanskrit chant, each time relishing in the clear, unbroken sound of your own voice as it enters and leaves you.” (9)

Jennifer White at Mind Body Green shares a few ways we can keep it in balance.

Sing. Singing is an amazing throat chakra cleanser, so sing a song.

Drink water. I love water. We’re lucky to have access to healthy drinking water, so take advantage of it. It’s also important to think about what you ingest—or don’t ingest—in general.

Hips don’t lie. An unhealthy throat chakra directly affects the rise of kundalini … but other chakra blockages affect this chakra too. Another place we store emotional baggage is in our hips. Next time you practice deep hip-openers on your yoga mat, pay attention to how you also feel a release in your throat.” (10)

She shares a few other tips, one of which has to do with visualizing the color blue.

Think blue. Imagine a beautiful blue light—blue is this chakra’s color—at the base of your throat, or in any other associated locations where you’re having trouble. Inhale as you visualize blue—and health and cleansing—filling up these areas, exhale and feel the release of stress and tension. You might even find that you feel a cooling or warming sensation during the process—this is normal.

Speak the truth with love. One of my best friends always says this. I’m personally guilty of a sharp tongue. Remember and practice this mantra as best as you can. I think it says it all.” (11)

Visualizing or meditating on the colors associated with certain chakras is believed to be a great way to open them, and when we combine this with self-confidence and the willingness to talk about things that matter, we access the true creative potential we can use to change the world. We can inspire people to wake up and become independent from the reign of governments and corporations who thrive from the masses’ poverty, and as we speak up, we’ll strengthen the throat chakra and communicate on a deeper level about things that are even more important.

Before we know it, we’ll be communicating all kinds of things about life, spirituality and the ways we can engineer society to reflect the changes taking place in the hearts of humanity. We’ll be on such a roll that nobody will be able to stop us from speaking our truth, and the first step is to become confident in ourselves and stop holding back. If we keep at it, we’ll find our voice and we’ll know exactly what we want to say.

People who struggle with self-expression could have a closed or blocked throat chakra, and it could have something to do with their inability to be creative or communicate. It might be worth looking into, because the ability to communicate freely and clearly is invaluable. Our self-expressive freedom returns when the throat chakra is open, so let’s take the next step in our creative and spiritual evolution by opening it and the rest of our energy centers.

HEALING EARTH NETWORK – Chakra Basics – How to Work With Chakras to Achieve Quantum Balance – 8-3-15

Healing Network

Working with our Chakra system is key to reaching Quantum Balance.  Learn what the Chakras are and how to work with them to achieve Quantum Balance.

We discuss each Chakra, what it does, where it lies within the body, what sound/vibration it carries, and much more.  As we explore, in detail, how to work with these Chakras, we have a better understanding of the function and power of our Chakra centers.  This is a key to achieving Quantum Balance, as everything is vibration, and we must learn to reach the Mastery levels of Quantum Balance.

Andrea Schulman – Is Your Root Chakra Unbalanced? Try These 6 Grounding Methods – 8-9-15


By Andrea Schulman | Raise Your Vibration Today

Our bodies are made up of seven energy centers, called chakras, and each chakra is responsible for a different aspect of our lives. Our “grounding center” is the root chakra (also called muladhara). This chakra is located at the base of our spine.

The root chakra is the first chakra, and it is responsible for providing the foundation upon which we build our lives. When balanced, the root chakra provides a feeling of security and trust. It roots you to the earth, allowing you to feel grounded, supported and cared for.

When the root chakra is underactive, you will likely feel a lack of protection or safety, a feeling of uneasiness or fearfulness, or even an inability to provide for your basic needs.

When the root chakra is overactive, you will likely feel easily frustrated or angered and inflexible to change. Individuals with overactive root chakras tend to be stubborn and perhaps even attempt to control others.

For the sake of this article, I will offer a few tips for people who currently have underactive root chakras. So, when you are feeling anxious, insecure or lacking trust, these are a few things you can do to ground yourself and restore balance to this energy center:

1. Ground your physical body to the earth:

The root chakra is your connection to Mother Earth. For this reason, walking barefoot on the earth or laying in the grass are both strategies that many people find grounding and soothing in times of chaos and disarray.

2. Work with grounding gemstones:

The colors of the root chakra are black, red and brown, so a good rule of thumb is to work with stones that possess these colors during periods of insecurity. Black tourmaline, black obsidian, red jasper, and smoky quartz are all good choices for those who are looking to balance this chakra.

You can carry these stones, wear them as jewelry, meditate with them, or even make infusions with them. Just be sure to clean and charge your root chakra gemstones frequently, as many of them absorb negative energy out of their environments.

For a few more tips on gemstones, check out this page of my website: Using Gemstones and Crystals to Create Your Reality.

3. Eat “grounding” foods:

Eating foods that correspond to the root chakra are said to help restore balance to this energy center, so adjusting your diet can also be helpful.

Root foods, like radishes, potatoes, onions, carrots, ginger and garlic are all good foods to eat in order to soothe and repair the root chakra. As red is one of the colors of the root chakra, red foods are also good choices (like tomatoes, strawberries or red peppers).

4. Do a root chakra meditation:


Chakras and Layers of the Aura

Reiki With Friends

Article by Naveena Shetty, Reiki Rays

The seven layers of the aura are linked to the chakras. I have in my experience observed, that along with healing the chakras with Reiki, healing the layers of the aura gives an additional boost to the healing process.

The seven layers of the aura and the chakras they are linked to are as follows:

  • 1st Layer – Etheric (this layer is the copy of your physical body) – Root Chakra
  • 2nd Layer – Emotional – Sacral Chakra
  • 3rd Layer – Mental – Solar Plexus Chakra
  • 4th Layer – Astral – Heart Chakra
  • 5th Layer – Etheric Template – Throat Chakra
  • 6th Layer – Celestial – Third Eye Chakra
  • 7th Layer – Ketheric Template – Crown Chakra

If the physical healing is slow start healing the layers of the aura. For example: If one is stressed or plagued with negative thoughts, then treat the solar…

View original post 553 more words

SUZANNE LIE – Becoming ONE – Fourth Chakra – People and Planet – 6-15-15

Suzanne Lie

Fourth Chakra

LOCATION: The location of our fourth chakra is in our heart.

PETALS: This chakra rules the first of the higher vibrations. There are twelve spokes or petals. Twelve in numerology reduces to the number three. Three is the number that represents the relationship between Wisdom, Power and Love. It is this balance that is a primary focus of the Heart Chakra. Wisdom without Love and Power would be cruel and weak. Power without Wisdom and Love would be dangerous and selfish, and Love without Power and Wisdom would be victimized and foolish. In our hearts we must learn how to find and join all three of these virtues.

NOTES AND MANTRA: The note for this chakra is F# and the mantra is “Yam” or “a” as in ah. Chanting theses mantras in the key of F# while focusing our attention on this area of our body can enable us to more consciously access the Heart Chakra.

COLOR: The color for this chakra is green (and pink for the High Heart). Green is the middle color on the light spectrum and represents healing, growth and health.

RULES: The Heart Chakra is the hub of our bodies, the center point where our internal masculine and feminine and our human and divine energies meet. The fourth chakra rules ALL of our intra- and inter-personal relationships. This chakra rules our perception of Love, our ability to give and receive Love from others, our highest essence, and ourselves. Our High Heart rules Unconditional Love and the lower Heart rules human love. It also governs compassion, healing, lungs, breath, and our sense of time, which is tied into the rhythmic cycles of our breath and heart beat.

SENSE: The Heart Chakra rules our sense of touch. Touch is the first intimacy that we know as infants and remains our most powerful unspoken means of communication throughout our lives. Touch can be the most loving or the most fearful means of communication. It is in our hearts that we learn about touch and how we, in turn, wish to touch others.

ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: Libra is the sign of relationships and Venus, the planet of Love, rules it. Libra teaches us to balance our attention and love between our Self and those that we love. Venus urges us to strive for contact, love, harmony and the augmentation of Self.

ELEMENT: Air is the element that is ruled by this chakra. The fourth chakra also rules our lungs, which is how we bring air – oxygen – into our bodies. The relationship between our lungs and our heart is vital. Without the fresh oxygen that our lungs drive into our hearts, our red blood cells could not carry vital life-force throughout our bodies.

CONSCIOUSNESS: The fourth chakra rules our everyday, conscious lives. However, even in the most scientific person, some fourth dimensional aspects of empathy and intuition arise. The Heart Chakra rules our family and community consciousness, and it is through our hearts that we strive for Unity Consciousness with all life and with Mother Earth Herself.

Our “human love” can often be filled with negativity, fear, hatred and cruelty. However, if we can function from our “High Heart”, our Love is Unconditional and we are accepting and free of judgment. It is the challenge of our hearts to connect with and receive the Love of our spiritual SELF so that we can heal the harm that others have done to us. Then, from the heart space of healing and self-love, we can love others as well.

PERSONAL TIMELINE: This chakra represents the adolescent stage of life. In adolescence, a child creates his or her own identity, and to do this, they often rebel against those who have loved and guided them. They then must find the qualities of Wisdom, Power and Love that they have received from their inner and outer realities to develop the persona they wish to live.

SOCIAL TIMELINE: The time era best represented by the Heart Chakra is the Renaissance. It was during the Renaissance that art and beauty was reborn after a long and painful dark age. The concept of “nations” began to replace the reality of “empires,” and worship was focused primarily on one God.

ENDOCRINE GLAND: The endocrine gland for this chakra is the Thymus Gland, which is the core of our immune system and vital for our healing. Often it has been said, “Love heals”. Both the psychological and the physiological centers of healing are in the Heart Chakra. The heart is known as the symbol of life. In metaphysical literature it is said that the Atma, which is the Three-Fold Flame of Life, is activated at our birth and extinguished at our death.

NERVE PLEXUS: The nerve plexus for this chakra is the cardiac plexus, which is the neurological hub for the heart, lungs and the blood circulatory system. Without the circulation of blood and oxygen, we cannot live in our third dimensional world.

CLEAR: When our Heart Chakra is clear and balanced we can experience love, compassion, acceptance and fulfillment. Our heart and respiratory system are strong and healthy, we have a good immune system, and we feel calm and joyful. We are able to balance our masculine and feminine aspects as well as our human and our divine aspects. Our relationship with our SELF and with others is happy, and we have found our service to our family, our community, our nation and our planet.

UNCLEAR: When our Heart Chakra is unclear, we have an immune deficiency, lack of joy, heart problems, and bitterness in life. We are insensitive, emotionally closed, passive and sad. We have cardio-vascular or respiratory problems. We may suffer from hypertension, a stroke, a heart attack or asthma. Our lives often feel unfulfilled and we have not found our position in our family and in our community. Our relationships are unloving because we are as unable to receive Love, as we are to give it. We are often critical, judgmental, uncompassionate and joyless.

EARTH CHAKRA: Earth’s Heart Chakra is Haleakala, Maui. One visit to the verdant growth and aromatic breeze of Maui is enough to understand why it is Mother Earth’s heart.

DIMENSIONS: The Heart Chakra rules the Beta wave consciousness of everyday third dimensional life and the Alpha wave consciousness which is the bridge to the higher dimensions. When our heart is open, we can live the beauty of every moment, smell every rose, create a reality of Love and harmony and combine our superconscious guidance with our mundane life.

Metaphysically, the Heart Chakra rules the areas of the brain that are the higher cortex and abstract thinking. These areas are best activated when we are “in the groove” of handling our everyday reality and when we have taken the time and focus to access our creative Self.

SUMMARY: Our Heart Chakra determines our ability to expand our consciousness. There is no degree of meditation that will access the higher dimensions if we cannot open our hearts to Love. Without Love we could not travel beyond the Lower Astral Plane and our consciousness would be limited to the separation and limitation represented by our ego Self.

Above all else, it is LOVE that allows us to climb the stairs to our observer Self and allow true objectivity in our lives. From a perspective of objectivity, we can be free of the desires and passions of everyday life. Then we can be free to find our meaning as we progress through the development of our consciousness from dependent – to independent – to dependable.

When our Heart Chakra is opened, our sense of Self is not limited to our ego. When we have learned to balance our masculine/feminine and human/divine energies, we expand our SELF from individual consciousness – to family consciousness – to a community consciousness – to national consciousness – to planetary consciousness. Then we are ONE with the Mother, Lady Gaia, and we can realize that whatever we do to another member upon the body of Earth, we do to ourselves.

Source:Becoming ONE. Fourth Chakra – People and Planet. Channeled by Suzanne Lie. June 14, 2015.