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Healers Journal   –   5-22-15

HJ: When you trust the wisdom of life — of the universe — your life takes on a whole new level of ‘awesomeness’ for lack of a better term.  Meaning you let go of how you think your life should be and fall in love with the wisdom of how it is.  This is radical acceptance.  And that doesn’t mean ‘accepting your lot’ and being happy with something that is fundamentally unfulfilling, but instead accepting the desire to change and embracing that wholeheartedly.  And then letting your inspiration take the lead as you move forward, which is the universal intelligence speaking through you.



Stepping Aside – Letting Universal Intelligence Take The Lead

By Caroline Diana Bobart | Wake Up World


Can you think back to a time in the past when you really wanted to create a life-change but had a definite sense of there being both a literal and a vibrational gap between where you were and the situation or place you would much rather be?

In the intuitive coaching and strategising I do with clients day to day, I notice that this is precisely the gap that creates some of the most potent varieties of anxiety and fear. When someone steps into an initial consultation with me,  it isn’t uncommon to hear questions such as: Can I really do this? Can I really have what I want? What will others think? Will anyone ‘get’ it? Can I afford it?or How will spending money enable me to create the change I want?

As a universal human experience, it is invaluable for us to closely explore the underlying dynamics of being at this place; a place where you feel the urge to upgrade your relationships and experiences but don’t know quite how you will make it come about. If you are at this place right now, there are a few really key things for you to consider…

You are ready to leave ‘the old’ behind

‘The old’ runs the gamut from old family roles you may have been handed from birth to old identities, roles and ways of being, thinking and believing that no longer reflect your capability, magnitude and inner knowing in present time. Often when these begin to stifle the part of you that wants to move and grow, it can cause you to feel frustrated, angry or stuck. Spiritual restlessness or the sense of not feeling anchored or invested in the life around you is another sure-fire sign that there is a mismatch between your inner and outer worlds.

You are ready to have more of your true self

All of the feelings identified above stem from that inner flow of divinity within you that is constantly seeking expression through your intuition and thoughts – and specifically – when that inner flow is being stifled rather than allowed to flow. Self-awareness at this point is so important because it can mean the difference between being able to really tune into the direction in which your relationship with your life is trying to shift and taking decisive action towards it or unwittingly sinking into self-pity, victimhood and despair when you forget that as a soul residing in a human body, you were born with the free will to consciously choose and create your life.

You are ready to create a life that is more authentic and aligned with your truth

Once you realise that there is an inner knowing within you that is actually pretty clear on what it is in your world that overlooks or altogether invalidates the important viewpoint and gifts you were born to share, it can be really helpful to use these to reflect back to you the truth about who you really are. For example, have you been showing up to a retail/office/entry-level job merely to draw a salary and pay the bills while you truly feel inspired and come alive when working, moving and creating with kids in the outdoors?

Acceptance, understanding and an unquestioning commitment to what makes your heart sing paves the way for your sacred purpose to reveal itself to you. Conversely, it is easy to look back and notice that the types of experiences and relationships you created when you weren’t consciously connected into your truth, probably only spoke to a shadow of who you really are.

The journey ahead requires courage and trust


Caroline Diana Bobart – How Intuitive Are You? – 3-6-15

How Intuitive Are YouBy Caroline Diana Bobart, Guest Writer for Wake Up World, March 5, 2015

I recently had a conversation with a young woman, a nurse by profession, who contacted me after reading one of my articles on Wake Up World. She wanted to learn more about how my work could help her release her deep pain from childhood in order that she could step more fully into her own sacred purpose – helping others heal.

Throughout the course of our conversation I asked her, “On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, how intuitive do you feel you are?” She replied, “Zero really. I don’t really feel I am intuitive at all”.

It was so incredibly interesting to see this exchange play out, not least because almost all of my articles speak to the fact that we are intuitive by nature and explore the far-reaching, lifestyle-improving benefits of developing self-awareness and intuitive skills. But there was something in that article that clearly struck a chord with her, and resonated so deeply that she instinctively reached out to connect with me right away.

So… There she was, following her intuition, but she couldn’t actually see it herself! This highlighted for me a curious notion I observe a lot in my work – that many people have a difficult time putting their finger on exactly what their intuition is.

What does your intuition sound like? Do you tend to ‘hear’ it rather than ‘feel’ it, or ‘see’ it?

Do you put trust in your intuition? Or do you sense your inner knowing to be like Pandora’s box? Have you been resisting opening it because, somehow, you just know that your life will be forever changed once you do?

While the ways in which our intuition speaks to us can be quite individual and unique, what is common to all of us is that it is an innate life-ward trait that has underpinned our survival as a species throughout the history of mankind. In the early hunter-gatherer days we relied on our intuitive skills to find food, shelter, a mate, and to keep our loved ones safe. As civilisations have evolved over thousands of years however, our emphasis has moved on from mere physical survival. For many of us, as part of modern society, our most fundamental human needs are largely taken care of, thereby freeing us up to consider and fulfill our ‘higher’ mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

The Vibration of Love

In 1954 Albert Einstein said:

A human being is part of the whole, called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us.

Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive.

He alluded to the fact that the universe is made up of energy and that we exist as individualisations of the universal pool of consciousness. Obviously, some of that consciousness is what we might consider reflections of ‘darker’ vibrations or thought forms which can be destructive and fear-based. According to the Einstein school of thought however, the vibration of love is actually our true nature. That is, it is the vibration of love – love and appreciation for the gift of life, others and ourselves that heals and enables each of us to thrive – individually and as a species as a whole.

And to take that thought one step farther, intuition is a reflection of universal wisdom born of the pool of purposeful connectedness that filters its way into reality through us and into our individual lives.

For this reason I like to think of love, intuition and conscious action as the three points on a triad that puts us into a sacred flow with the ever-evolving universal dance. As they work together, they set us on the path towards being able to find, express and enjoy our sacred purpose and thereby lead more fulfilling, meaningful lives.

Together, love, intuition and conscious action form the elusive key that unlocks a core-level understanding within us — that ‘sacred purpose’ is much more about the journey of self-realisation we are each on than it is about arriving at one absolute destination or place.

And so if you have been struggling to hear, know and be in relationship with your intuition, it is vital that you are aware that what you are really facing is the prospect of stepping into a much bigger, more capable, dynamic, wise version of yourself than you probably ever even realised existed. It means becoming aware that as an individualised spark of universal consciousness you are multi-dimensional. As in the case of the woman who felt she had no intuition, whom I mentioned at the start of this article, it means realising that you are connected to levels of awareness beyond what your rational, linear mind can perceive. On these levels, you are knowingly connected with everyone else and all things.

With this growing awareness comes an increasing need to be truthful to yourself and to those around you, in order that you can give yourself over to your instinct and consciously step into life’s creative flow.

Truthfulness to speak up in the face of that which feels misaligned with your true nature and real self requires bravery. It requires self-trust. It requires deep courage to hear and follow your inner compass and to follow a path filled with adventure but without guarantees that life will turn out in the precise ways you envision. It requires faith that there is actually a much bigger, more full love-filled, purposeful life possible for you than you feel connected to right now. And it requires acceptance that you are the only one who can allow this experience of life to come into being as you gather all of these, your only real assets in anticipation of the pilgrimage ahead.

Consistent Connection

The very best way that you can nurture this deep connection and communication with your intuition is through the consistent practice of activities that feel like an extension of your soul. For example, this might be through art, yoga, dance, meditation, surfing, running, exercise being out in nature or working with animals. These are just a few amongst a myriad of possibilities that may help to fulfil the soul. These modalities, no matter how different they might seem on the external, serve as important keys that unlock for each of us the inner knowing resident within our depths and throughout the various layers of our awareness of ourselves.

It is through repetition or consistent practice that we are able to repeatedly experience ourselves and BE in the creative flow in every area of our lives, whether at work or play. It is through the clarity, inner alignment and peace gained from these activities that we find ourselves embarking on a path that inevitably moves us towards our sacred purpose.

Combined with a good dose of courage and self-trust, we begin to relax our fears of the unknown and in so doing we are able to experience our intuition more boldly stepping forward, revealing and making itself known.

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Caroline Diana Bobart – The Wise Woman Within – 1-17-15

Caroline-Diana BobartThere is no denying this powerful truth – as a woman, a Spirit manifesting in this lifetime through a female body, you are much more intuitive, wise, dynamic, creative and capable than you are externally given credit for – not least, perhaps because you haven’t really yet settled into a true, complete and grounded understanding of this within yourself.

I know this because it forms the very basis of the work I do with female clients. Every day I speak to strong, magnificent, intelligent, educated, self-motivated women who despite the brave face they show to the world, feel frustratingly disempowered inside.

They are earnestly searching for the gilded route back to an understanding of themselves in which they can reconnect with their inner knowing and literally ‘crack’ the holding pattern that will liberate them from the ‘crosses’ or otherwise soul-stifling situations they can no longer bear.

These crosses are generally what contribute to their feeling of being ‘stuck’ – self-imposed inner limits on what they have been able to enjoy, do, be, have, and create, as well as externally imposed expectations, identities and limits that make them feel boxed-in and labelled by those who simply do not see the golden value, inherently free nature and deep truth of the Wise Woman within.

If you identify with this portrayal and are one of these women yourself, consider this…

The disconnect between who you have been conditioned to portray and believe you are, how you are treated and viewed, and who you really are – therein lies a place of pain.

The reasons for this disconnect vary and at first glance often appear completely unique. Women can come from happy or troubled backgrounds, they might be in supportive or troubled relationships, fulfilling or unfulfilling careers, effectively coping or struggling to maintain the intricate balance between motherhood, running a household, self-care and pursuing a career. The vast majority of us exist within some subtle, unique combination of the above.

What is not unique however are the feelings of being unseen, invalidated, misunderstood, and frustrated that these disconnect s cause. They are the same for each of us as women regardless of the subtle blend of contributing factors that give rise to this point of pain.

If this resonates with your own experience, take a moment now to close your eyes and offer gratitude for having arrived at a place with these words before you. You see, your Inner Spiritual Light, your intuition – despite the fact that you feel so disconnected from it – has quietly guided you to these words and thoughts. Ponder that this article you are reading may now simply be a mirror that reflects back to you your innate understanding about who you really are.

And So The Journey Began…

What if you were born into this lifetime because, as a spiritual being, you ‘knew’ it would help you to heal some of your past hurts and traumas so that you could more fully step into your magnificence and become more self-actualised than before?

According to this theory, you chose the precise family/social/cultural/economic situation, geographic location, prevailing influences and circumstances that would trigger your Spiritual unfolding and actualisation, and we all have just the exact combination of factors before us working together to illuminate our connection and soul-level understanding of our real self.

It might be a bitter pill to swallow to think that you ‘chose’ a lifetime of unhappiness, hardship or suffering but herein lies the key to its lesson… The only way you can truly change your situation, your relationship with yourself and your life is to take ownership of it as though it was a ‘choice’, and determine that you are going to do something about it. You can choose to be a victim of circumstance or you can step out, be brave and change your life.

Spiritual Restlessness Is The Key

Spiritual restlessness is the key that unlocks the door to the greater freedom, enjoyment, fulfilment, purpose and peace that you have been longing for. And in order to find that door, you must journey inward and be willing to behold, claim and love all of yourself, your lighter, capable, everyday characteristics as well as your deeper submerged pain.

You can only step into the life you dream of if you are able to reach a place of true appreciation, love and acceptance of exactly who you are, as you are. This is where your treasure, your sacred message and gifts lie. This is the version of yourself that it is absolutely imperative you share with the world.

And in spite of this, the funny thing is, we often feel a need to adapt ourselves, dim our light, not be so ‘in your face’, to become what we perceive as being more ‘palatable’ or acceptable to others. But remember, when you do so, you start going down the slippery slope of selling yourself short.

In sharing a lesser version of yourself, you create for yourself a certain level of separation, grief and pain. When you misrepresent and undervalue who you really are, you create a divide between the part of you that instinctively knows who you are and that part of you that seeks validation and approval from the outside. When you unconsciously share only the part of yourself you feel deserves to shine, to succeed and be seen, you often have the sense that something is not quite right, neither on the inner nor on the outer. Life and its experiences just don’t seem to ‘flow’.

The moment you decide however to embrace and express the entirety of who you are, not only does your spiritual information and innate knowing about your life’s journey emerge more readily, the sacred path begins to reveal itself and beckons to you as well.

You may find yourself creating ways forward where previously there was no discernible way. You step into life’s creative flow and begin to harness your intuition as you move down the path towards the relationships, situations and experiences that are ready and want to support you in your process of ‘becoming’.

And so if you are ready…

Imagine that you can create another way of doing and being which honours both your highest vision for yourself as well as your deepest soul-level needs. You can imagine this as a point of light that you are instinctively being drawn to, like a moth to a flame; to a place of greater ease, alignment, simplicity and peace. These are states that are natural to your inner Wise Woman.

Give yourself permission for them to emerge from your depths and to speak to you, to guide and lead you more consciously and intuitively towards the relationships, situations and spaces that honour and celebrate the silent knowing within you – and away from those that don’t.

If you are ready, recognise that you are at a place of needing to draw on all the reserves of courage you can muster as you prepare for the journey into a future unknown. You are readying yourself to embark on an adventure where there are no guarantees and where each and every experience and encounter that comes to you is a reflection of your intuition in action, consciously creating for you new experiences, new ways of being, doing, viewing and responding to the world. You are reaching the end of your relationship with the former limits that kept you safe, yes, but stuck and smothered too.

“The Wise Woman Within,” by Caroline Diana Bobart, January 15, 2015 at

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