Carmen Allgood – Spiritual Stepping Stones for Profound and Lasting Change – 5-18-15

Carmen Allgood

It is unfortunate that a lot of our time here will be spent trying to heal past pain. We come into this world kicking, screaming and crying, and many of us will depart in a similar fashion. Eventually we will embark on a path that we hope will lead us to enlightenment and save us from our lack of love of self.

The Poison and Antidote
For happiness to flood our mind there are steps that must be taken in order to be the recipient of this miracle. Happiness is a state of mind and every thought we choose results in either peace or conflict. Our choices will either make us a prisoner of our own thought system or set us free from suffering and release us to endless joy.

Simplifying the seeming problem results in a quick remedy once we fully understand that truth is our only option. Believing there is a choice is a lack of clarity. Confusion results in the strange belief that illusion — or the big lie — is just as true as reality. The impossible will never happen so we can finally relax and rest assured that the end will allow us to escape from “past pain.”

To lose sight of truth means we have placed ourselves among the poor and seem to suffer at the hands of unseen forces, failing to understand that “we did this to ourselves.”

Undoing The Past
Let us think for a moment about reality. We came from what is real and are part and parcel of what is. There is no distance between us and the truth, which is the same for everyone and everything that is.

In truth we need do nothing except stay out of the way of our own perfect creation. The one thought needed for healing is to remember moments when we feel safe and completely loved. These eternal thoughts will carry us forward and heal the past.

All of our striving should be directed towards undoing false beliefs and perceptions that keep us blind and in a state of uncertainty. Shutting our eyes or burying our heads in the sand never undoes the truth, but the truth will undo illusions when we are willing and ready to accept our natural inheritance and share the majesty of creation with our Source.

The world is an illusion for one simple reason: Love is eternal and nothing in the material world is capable of lasting forever. Our full focus can only be on the here and now, for this is where our truth is.

Getting our ducks in a row means to understand that the goal for any endeavor belongs at the beginning of the journey. To fail to establish what we hope to achieve implies we believe our life experiences happen to us by accident, fate, or arbitrarily.

What are the odds that in the face of the evolving universe we have a chance in hell of reaching our goal when the power of this premise is a means of proving that we are not really worthy of love? Our goal is always to love and be loved, but when most of our efforts are directed at proving we are not worthy, the dilemma becomes evident.

Mind training is going to be critical to remembering our reality. With a myriad of distractions it is easy to lose sight of the moment as we try to reenact the past and change it, or stand fearful of the uncertainty of the future.

Setting the intention belongs at the beginning and will establish the means of reaching the goal, which is to be happy and at peace.

Forgiveness – Apology – Gratitude – Acceptance
The fast track to the remembrance of peace revolves around our willingness to offer forgiveness instead of holding grievances. The value of the personal experience cannot be denied because only forgiveness is capable of releasing us from pain. Grievances are so crippling and debilitating it seems incredulous that anyone would even entertain the thought of holding grief in their mind, especially when they have experienced what forgiving thoughts will do for them.

Apology is not intended to project or accept guilt in any situation. It is simply a means of allowing both sides involved in an incident to “save face” and walk away as winners. Once the apology is extended and forgiveness has lifted the weight off their shoulders, both parties merge in one thought and love steps in to save the day. The only possible outcome from such an elevated view of any situation is gratitude. A heart filled with gratitude is happy and at peace.

Acceptance of reality means that it has true value for us. Acceptance is demonstrated by our willingness to share our love. Love overlooks all mistakes and prepares the mind for the peace and joy that are inherent in our essence to rise to the surface and make way for a brighter day – one that will last through eternity.

The Mind As Servant To The Heart
When our choice for freedom and being at peace trumps all desire to “be right rather than happy” we will know the meaning of love. Our ability to surrender our conflict in favor of unity and completion is the ultimate attraction and the primary goal for all human desires. History has shown this to be true down through the ages.

The full experience of the force that binds us all together is clearly revealed in a mind that holds no grievances. The shift that precedes this moment of clarity is the decision to offer healing in place of sickness; to extend love and bypass all fear and scarcity consciousness.

It doesn’t take any work or energy to be who and what we are! All of our strain and stress comes from conflict in the mind, which is the result of trying to maintain two diametrically opposed thought systems at the same time. Only one will endure. Only one is real. And only one will bring us our secret treasure.

Be willing to answer the call for love that is heard around the world and be counted among the Teachers of Love. Step forward in the mind and take a stand for what guarantees success with the ability to attain the goal we are all seeking individually and collectively. Do your part – think with your heart.

Seek the light, be the light, share the light, offer the light, extend the light and all will clearly see that Love is the Answer.

People Get Ready

“People Get Ready” by the legendary Al Green (with Linda Jones and Wanda Neal).


Carmen Allgood – Download Forgiveness – Upload Happiness – 11-14-14

carmen allgoodBeing happy is effortless; it is embedded in our DNA and completely natural. The Constitution of the United States insures us that individuals ‘have the right to pursue happiness.’ But the truth is, we don’t want to pursue happiness – we want to be happy. And because of the power of our mind we’re guaranteed success in that if we want it, and if we are willing to unify our thoughts and release ourselves from conflict.

With happiness as our goal, let’s focus on the fact that our real desires are invisible, for peace and love cannot be seen but can be experienced. Therefore, let’s toss out the notion that anything in the material world is capable of making us permanently happy, simply because the world is not the Source of Love.

There are just a couple of small changes that need to be made in our thought process so we can remember joy. There is no difference between love and happiness, or peace and joy. They are one and the same and part and parcel of the fabric of our lives.

The first obstacle is our desire to get rid of peace. This sounds nuts in theory but evidence of this preferred practice is reflected all over the world. If anyone casts blame, judges, accuses someone else of making them unhappy, or justifies their anger, bitterness, anxiety or guilt, then let us admit – we do not see value in being at peace. It takes very little time to heal this split thinking, but keeping agony in our mind can seem like an eternity with no escape in sight.

The second obstacle, which is just an extension of the first, is holding grievances. They have no value except to keep the person who is suffering from them convinced that they are unworthy of love, and justified in holding anger in their heart. How has this served us?

Obstacles are simply errors in perception that revolve around the false belief that one person can deprive another of love. How can this be if love, peace, and happiness are our natural inheritance?

What is utterly exhausting, debilitating, and completely depressing, is carrying the burden of unloving thoughts in our mind. Without exception, all of the suffering we think we see in this world is the catastrophic result of our refusal to love one another.

We don’t have to buy into this insane consequence. There is another wholly benign vision set aside for those who are willing to see the reality and value of being happy and at peace. This decision will release each of us to another state of mind that no longer sees the suffering, because the reality of love has come to take its place. Let us proceed…

Download Forgiveness

Here is our ‘Get out of Jail Free Card.’ Forgiveness isn’t inherent in the mind because our concepts of sin are completely false and nothing more than a shabby substitute for our reality, which is totally loving and totally at peace.

Forgiveness needs to be practiced in this world because very few of us are willing to offer complete forgiveness to the entire world all at once. Still, each step and effort we make in this direction leaves a direct trace on our heart and in our mind. Every time we truly forgive we have just increased our happiness.

This is not a fantasy, but reflects the real world of love reaching out to offer us our own completion because all it does is extend love to everyone. We will all benefit endlessly when we learn to copy and paste the energy of love.

Forgiveness rests upon the one offering it because giving and receiving are one and the same. No one can extend or give something they have not already accepted for themselves. Give and we will receive. This step will bring us peace.

Apologizing for Spiritual Impurities

If sin = lacks of love, then we are not miserable sinners because nothing in Perfect Love could possibly be lacking in love.The real benefit of being willing to say we are sorry for our unloving thoughts is in recognizing that they hold no value and we do not want their result, which is conflict.

To say we are sorry is to release the error and allow the truth to take its place. This is a small price to pay for helping us exchange sorrow for joy. Once the impurities are dissolved, and the desire to see only love has resurfaced, peace of mind is the only possible outcome.

Gratitude and the End of Fear

Love is approached through sincere gratitude. To give thanks for every situation, without allowing the ego to judge against it, is the goal. This is what we are striving for as we reach out with love through all the fear and illusions of the world.

Here is the call to share since love is an act of sharing. Without impurities, grievances, or fear, we can only feel gratitude as we fully recognize and accept the fact that Love is the Answer.

Carmen Allgood © August 2014

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