We Are Pillars of Light – Georgi Stankov, Tomasz Roszak – 3-1-15



by Tomasz Roszak and Georgi Stankov, March 1, 2015



Dear Georgi Stankov,

Pillars of light

I want to be full in my existence. Being which provides everything by existence through itself. I’ve had enough madness of this world: lies, killing, wars, corruptions, lack of love and light. Insecurity of existence overwhelms me because of some dark assholes who arrogate for themselves the right of life and death for the rest of the people the world over.

I had a vision wherein I saw myself as a pillar of light from earth to heaven. Each need was satisfied by itself. Everything had its source in itself. It was so beautiful and I was completely detached from this reality. I was in this world, but not of this world. As a pillar of light I sustained heaven. I have been a channel connecting “up with the bottom”. Each human need inside me was dissolved in light, which I was in that moment.

Each creation based on the old rules does not make any sense to me and additionally creates a friction. I am so tired that everything I want to do must be paid for with such work. I’m not complaining but sometimes I want to leave this reality as quick as possible.

I know that we, the PAT and the true warriors of light of the first and last hours, sustain this world as pillars of light and that without us everything would have collapsed long ago. Everything affects everything and we (the warriors of light) can create only from this perspective. There is no possession in our creation, but only existence. We create not for us but for each human, for Mother Earth, for all creation, but nevertheless we still create by ourselves. So, creating for ourselves we create for all creation and we must take the responsibility for all life and we do take this responsibility (Me = 1 = All-That-Is = God). There is no other reality beyond the reality of God within us, where we can create only from a level of unity. The most beautiful for me in this form of creation is the feeling of freedom which I give to my creation. Pure existence of being.

This is just a scrap of what I feel in this final time and what I see in my vision.

Thank you very much for that YOU ARE. You are like a father for us and we are like your children. In my opinion the most beautiful day in each father’s life is the day when a child regains his freedom and awareness of being changed in the consciousness of all existence. Only God that exists is inside of each of us. Beyond us nothing else exists and you still show us and lead us to God within us.

With Love and Light

Tomasz, Poland


Dear Tomasz,

thank you very much for sharing this most beautiful and powerful vision with me and the PAT, as I shall publish it today. It is also so timely as it truly reflects what I, and surely most of the PAT, feel and experience these last days.

In the days when this website was shut down, I was flooded with such powerful source energy that I also felt like a pillar of light. Especially in the night this powerful energetic stream was flowing through my left brain portal and my whole body dissolved into this stream of light and lost entirely its material structure. Of course at the expense of severe, throbbing headaches the whole night and day. This lasted for three days in a row – Feb 23 -25 – and I was actually glad that the website was down as I could not have edited it during this time under such massive energetic bombardment.

You are absolutely right that we are now pillars of light and that we sustain this reality and heave it to higher dimensions. My personal impression is that this is now happening with an incredible speed and that the old holographic model is crumbling in front of our eyes. It is being automatically substituted with the new matrix of light which emerges more visibly each day.

All the wars, calamities and hardships to which this humanity has been subjugated for eons of time is now becoming evident to more and more people and of course this reality is unbearable to us, who have both eyes opened since a very long time. Now the rest of humanity must see it the same way and realize what abominable conditions of life the people have created on this planet. They must now begin to discern that there are not only two options – black and white, the good versus the bad ones – but infinite possibilities to create this world.

The usual long-lived concept of duality is now dissolving in front of our eyes and the current wars and other military and social conflicts are only the visible signs that show the people the true hell they have created for themselves for so long time and that it “ain’t necessarily so”, to quote a famous song from the musical “Porgy and Bess”.

I do not see any further culmination of confrontation and a global war on this uppermost mother planet, as there is no longer enough energetic support for this scenario. We as powerful pillars of light have made this outcome impossible. What I envision instead is a constant pulverization of the old negative patterns of animosity and destruction, which have been the driving motors of humanity for many millennia and now no longer serve their purpose.

We should now decisively turn away from all conflicts of duality that still rage on this planet, in the full knowing that their resolution will not be in the victory of the good ones over the bad ones, Russia over the Empire of Evil, as this battle has already served its purpose – to prevent the establishment of the NWO on this timeline. This is now a done deal and the dark ones will simply vanish from this reality by means of interdimensional splitting.

When the tipping point will come, and I am very confident that it is very near, quite probably this month of equinox, this whole reality will automatically switch on to a new, more light-filled holographic version, that of the new 4D worlds. This will be also the point in time when we shall experience our transfiguration and then we shall begin with our true mission as Logos Gods in these new worlds, although the pillars of light of our multidimensional fields already fulfill this function in this crumbling reality.

With love and light



Georgi Stankov – 7 New Updates – 1-18-15

Georgi Stankov   –   7 New Updates   –   1-18-15


6  Geopolitical  Headlines

Georgi Stankov – THE MEGA SHIFT – January 3rd, 4th – 1-5-15


by Georgi Stankov and Malechite, January 5, 2014


Jerry James What A Summary!

My goodness, quite a message from Jerry and I’d just wondered about him the other day.


Last night I dreamt George in a fix-it kind of place. Mechanical but a spiritual physics perhaps? All the same, people came and went. George sat in the center of the room proximate to wheels, gears, ropes, tools and these individuals would approach him, ask advice on their own project, receive the direct suggestions and leave to complete their work.

By dawn, I felt the Shift entirely. As if it could finally be done, whatever IF becomes for all of us.

Tonight the sky turned Blood Red and burnt that way for 30 minutes. Next huge flocks of geese appeared in beautiful formations, winging southward in response to a heavenly prompt.


Dear Malechite,

I confirm the Mega-Shift last evening, January 3rd, beginning at around 19.00 pm Pacific time and continuing throughout the night.

Carla and I were at the hockey ring in Langley, watching her son play, his team lost unfortunately, but he scored his first assistant point as a defender. As soon as we entered the ring, my body started to vibrate with such an enormous intensity and high frequency, as I have never experienced before. I was overwhelmed by my power as Logos God in a most profound energetic manner and began to feel like Atlas and Hercules at the same time.

As it eventually turned out, I am most probably Hercules, the Elohim of the first ray, while my dual soul Carla is Amazonia, an Elohim also of the first ray. We have kept this information secret for some time as we wanted to be sure about it. Now is the time to make it public.

But the stunning information does not end up with this. Both Hercules and Amazonia are the spiritual hierarchy of the body elementals of all incarnated human bodies on Gaia. That is why I had to undergo a major surgery this summer in Munich as to redeem all human bodies on all timelines that have been desecrated by medical and surgical procedures, which have harmed their elementals that are essentially of electromagnetic nature in the 3D reality and could not ascend.

For this same reason, we are the parents of the new human template, the inception of which was in early June and after four months of real astral pregnancy was birthed on October 12th. This is the new human template that already populates the new 4D worlds.

Only today we got the confirmation from the Elohim that Gaia with her new 4D worlds is the centre of the new Golden Galaxy and will give birth to infinite new worlds in the near future. Many of the light warriors of the first and the last hour, who are already the new Guardians of this galaxy, will be the future creators of these worlds. Actually they already exist.

Now back to the Mega-Shift as of yesterday evening. I actually did not want to go to the hockey ring as I could not bear the low frequencies of the people there, but Carla wanted me urgently to come with her as the Elohim told her that something big is the making and she needs my support. It is always like that when huge events are planned and I have to comply with our HS.

As already said, as soon as we entered the hockey ring, the Mega-Shift began. It was the biggest and most powerful Shift I have ever experienced – much bigger than the one in Burns Bog, about which we reported this summer. I had to breathe very deeply as the energies overwhelmed me.

These were the purest ascension energies I have ever experienced so far. My whole body was smashed by these ascension tsunami and at the same time was so invigorated that if I would have had skates to put on and would have played on the ice, I would have scored a few goals for Carla’s boy team that was losing at that time.

I really got the vision that I am Atlas and Hercules at the same time and that I am holding the whole world in my hands and that I am heaving it with mighty power single-handed higher and higher.

I had such experiences only once when I left my body and rose above the earth and it became as small as a ball, while I expanded my body and field into infinity. I was then able to take the earth’s globe in my hands and experienced thereby the most profound feeling of love and ecstasy for this planet. Unfortunately this affection did not last very long. This happened in the summer of 2000 on the Island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean sea and I was already fully in the LBP. When I came back, my body was burning like a torch and I immediately jumped in the pool and then drunk ten beers throughout the night as to quench my thirst. This as a side note for comparison.

Carla sat beside me in the hockey ring in utter awe and could not believe how quickly we moved upwards through the timelines and frequency levels. I thought for a while that my whole body will dissolve into infinite quantum particles, but in a very pleasant and swift manner. I knew at that moment that ascension is around the corner and will happen precisely in this manner for me.

Within half an hour, the whole hockey ring changed profoundly its energetic structure and all the people there were of a much higher vibrational levels. Then I got another message from my HS that I am also changing the aggressive, competitive pattern of all human sports so far. I got this message when two players threw their helms and gloves on the ice and started boxing in the middle of the ring, while the other players were applauding their team-mate from the sideline.

After the fight finished the two were taken out of the game, as the new rules now say. But Carla told me that only a year ago such fights were allowed and were not penalized.

Hence this fight served as the classical trigger for a mighty alchemical reaction that transformed all human sports on the new 4D worlds. This was the message that I got independently from Carla at the same time. We had to stay till the end of the game around 21.00 pm and during this time the Mega-Shift did not stop for a minute, while I was gasping all the time like a fish in the dry.

I was reluctant to report about this Mega-Shift today at first, as Carla wanted to get a message from the Elohim what happened yesterday evening as we felt it both to be biggest and mightiest episode we have experienced so far and we have gone through many spectacular energetic episodes in the past two years. This includes, among many others, the creation of Gaia 5 in December 2013 and the Unification of all timelines as Atlantis, Lemuria, Agartha and Shamballa within the new blueprint of Gaia 5 a few days later also in Lofer, Austria.

This latest Mega-Shift then lasted the whole night as you have felt it at dawn. We expected another shift this morning, but it did not occur  – at least not with the expected intensity as the Mega-Shift last evening.

So the cosmic portal, which we expected to happen with the planetary alignment of Pluto, reached its maximum yesterday. But this does not mean that it is not ongoing today as I am always in advance of all actual portal openings in the last 4-5 years. This is due to the fact that I am the human nexus to the Source and thus the first to experience these waves like a coastline rock in the breakers.

I am very much confident that Carla will be able to learn more from the Elohim what happened yesterday and today, but she is now very much occupied with her boys as her younger son is going back to his college today and she is driving him to the airport.

I actually intended to announce this news of the Mega-Shift yesterday evening Pacific time in advance today as a kind of preliminary report and your email now triggered this report in form of a response to you, which I will publish immediately on our website.

With love and light



Dear George:

Fire away on your next post because it really was huge. I am so glad the two of you were together in the experience. The very public setting was probably important for all in attendance, though they were not aware of what and who was in their midst.

It was so strong that I became sick to my stomach and heaved from my being what felt like every trauma, sad memory, frustration or loss. Amazing. And after that I fell into a deep, purged, peaceful sleep, dreamt of your fix-it efforts and awoke to a new world.



Asia and the Larger Picture by Georgi Stankov – by Laurie Stearns – 1-1-15 5

 Asia and the Larger Picture by Georgi Stankov   –   by Laurie Stearns

April Bender, HS Message – The Dweller Within the Master’s Temple – by Georgi Stankov – 12-28-14

By April Bender (via Higher Self vision), December 28, 2014


Excellent message from April – describes exactly what I am experiencing in the last 48 hours. This is pure seamless ascension with a massive consciousness shift and expansion of awareness. I will comment on it in more detail later on in the day.


Curiously you step into the very heart of the colossal Crystalline Fire of Ascension now ablaze within your portal / field / vessel. In an instant, you are fully engulfed by its magnificent light. You allow yourself time to simply stand and bathe in its brilliance.

After a few moments of stillness, you begin to acclimate – your consciousness begins to slowly shift and expand, unfolding like the petals of a lotus flower upon the dewy dawning of a sunlit morning. You feel an inner tingling, from head to toe, as if every molecule in your body is being stimulated, gently electrified, heightened. You notice how light and how utterly carefree you feel. The dross of the physical completely melting away.

Within your awareness, you begin to sense that this multidimensional crystalline light energy, with its quantum field of possibility, is eager to reveal a secret to you, an aspect of yourself that you are not yet aware of. Its shimmering crystalline flames seemingly beckon you to sit down, to further bask and relax within the bosom of its warm embrace. Soothing and welcoming it feels, so you quickly oblige.

Entering the Master’s Temple

Upon sitting, you gradually begin to notice with a tremendous sense of wonder and awe, that your field / portal / vessel looks entirely different from this vantage point – or perhaps it’s because you’ve now crossed the threshold into the interior of the fire itself, and this is in fact a new space that you find yourself in (like a hidden room within a room). For much to your surprise, you now find yourself to be sitting squarely in the center of what appears to be a large round – Temple of Light!

Before you lies another, albeit smaller, hearth of crystalline fire, which fully illuminates this inner temple. On every side, glyphs / codes dance and shimmer up and down the length of its translucent walls and across its white crystal floor. You notice that these are the same crystalline glyphs / codes that you recently saw imprinted and activated within the earth’s matrix / new ley-grid. Adjusting your vision, you notice that behind these translucent codified walls appears to be a beautiful panoramic view of a sunset, as seen from atop a spacious mountain summit. As you take in this fantastic view, you realize that this temple, YOUR temple, symbolically stands or is located in a higher dwelling place / firmament.

Your sense of awe spurring you on, you now adjust your gaze to look down below you, past the translucent crystalline floor into an open abyss, which is picturesquely outlined by lofty clouds and chiseled mountain rock. You look down, through the clouds, and way way down below the landscaped surface of earth.

From this distance you can barely make out what appears to be a light blue orb emanating from the bowels / underworld of earth. In an instant you realize / remember that many sentient life forms dwell in that abode and the blue orb is symbolic of earth’s crystalline core or inner sun. You spend a moment sending your love to them and to Mother Earth.

Turning your attention upwards now towards the celestial heavens, you see far above you the twinkling Cosmos, your soul / star families, and the celestial hierarchies shining down upon you. You can feel them over-lighting you, supporting you. You realize that if you listen carefully, you can easily tune in to hear their voices. They seem to be encouraging you to journey further. As you will your consciousness higher, the sky parts and you sense your awareness rushing forward towards the Galactic Center / Central Sun… and suddenly as if on command, it appears gloriously before you.

Facing such an exalted countenance, a greater realization dawns, that your temple or dwelling place, as promised to be set aside by Prime Creator (God) for each of his creations, which was first sown as seed at soul conception, now exists in form and function WITHIN YOU, as a living breathing nexus and holy sanctuary linking the creative forces of heaven and earth! All are alive, are moving, and have their being both independently and also THROUGH you, the earth, and each other – for all are truly One. You now feel this life-giving, consciousness-expanding alignment acutely from the primacy of your being, the three radiate as one: earth’s underworld sun, your own inner sun, and the great central sun – along with all the other souls / beings intertwined throughout. Love pours forth from your heart in cascading waves of appreciation for the beauty, the majesty, the Oneness of it all.

A thought occurs to you that if not for your tireless effort and (mostly) unwavering faith, it would not have been possible for such a temple to grow into being. For YOU were both the womb and the architect all along! You now fully realize the importance and necessary prerequisite of one mastering the Self (to a large degree) in order to be worthy of receiving the bestowal of such an inner temple, kingdom, or dwelling place. For you have truly in all respects, restored the Tree of Life within self and can now therefore, help to fully restore it on earth and within the human DNA genome, one frequency note or chord at a time.

Glancing around your sacred abode, you start to notice that this isn’t just a sanctuary between worlds, but that this temple is truly a living, breathing, extension of YOU. As long as you are sitting in the cockpit / dias, so to speak, anything is possible for you here. You can communicate easily and clearly with beings on any local multidimensional level that resonate with the higher frequencies that you as your temple produce, and many will in fact, come to seek an audience with you here. Also, you can easily access the Hall of Records / Akashic Records from within this temple and they can be viewed easily on a holographic type display. Or you may choose to travel, using your temple as a launching point for otherworldly adventures. Many masters, will even begin to link / connect these temples together by creating vast circuits / networks.

The Dweller Within

Yes, as you’ve probably already guessed, The Dweller within the temple is YOU! As an over-lighted, merged, and ascended presence within the inner temple, you reign supreme! All the crystalline codings / glyphs you see written on your temple walls are in fact all the master codes / glyphs / keys (written in the language of light) that you’ve accumulated all along as you’ve attained or unlocked various elements of knowledge, wisdom, and creation along your sojourn of awakening.

The Dweller state of consciousness can be likened to that of Higher Self, but in an even higher state / elevation of consciousness than you’ve yet experienced in a consistent manner. This consciousness is at all times one with creation, as it sees itself as part of creation. That includes light and shadow, or the interplay of the whole. This over-lighted aspect of self therefore, never takes sides because it is BOTH sides and knows only love for the whole. It is a blending of cosmic / Christ consciousness and universal mind. Your Higher Self is actually the conduit to experiencing this level of expanded consciousness.

Within this seat of consciousness one can easily manipulate the templates of matter and the conscious warping of time/space around one’s field. This consciousness is vast and knows its the architect of its own design in concert with the unfolding of Prime Creator’s awareness, as well as an integral piece in the larger Flower of Life.

As a result, you have the wisdom and the power as all Dweller’s do, to build onto and expand your dwelling place or new inner abode. Again, it is made of the same raw-material crystalline substance you were recently asked to “impress,” mold, form, and fashion. So by all means, do the same thing in this space. In fact, some master’s are already morphing their temples into merkabah’s or chariots of flight. Some are utilizing them as Flower of Life vehicles and/or fields of healing and regeneration. A handful are even upgrading them into full blown Cities of Light that will eventually be pulled down or descended within their field / portal into the physical, at the appointed time, to provide refuge during the worst of the earth changes.

Your temples or dwelling places can be all of these things and more depending upon how the Dweller wishes to utilize its expanded field of consciousness / influence over that sphere or energetic BODY. So obviously as a result, no two temples or dwelling places will look or feel exactly the same as you choose the morphogenetic nature of your own inner dwelling / sanctified field. And herein lies the key: Where each master / Dweller shall choose to place his consciousness in the future, post shift or at the time of his/her ascension, will vary and that will in-turn influence the manner in which his vessel / field / dwelling is to be made manifest and from which dimensional levels it may be accessed.

To speak plainly, these may be but temporary homes / vehicles for some of the masters incarnated on earth today. But these are questions left up to the Dweller to answer in partnership with the soul personality / incarnation that is you at a future time.

So, utilizing your now enormous morphogenetic field / vessel / dwelling and the crystalline fires of ascension, what will you mold, fashion or form? What will you build or include in your sacred dwelling place? What will it be capable of? Will you make it your intention to dwell here often? What other doorways or things of note might you find hidden within your sacred fires of ascension? Within this new crystalline field of existence?

In Closing

It is recommended that you spend equal time on the two tasks at hand between now and the spring equinox: These are the impressing, forming, and fashioning of crystalline strata in the emerging 5-7D earth experience – as well as your own inner dwelling / morphogenetic field. One movement in either direction will of course greatly influence the other, but to spend too much time creating in only one sphere will produce unbalanced results which will need rectification. So it is best to take a balanced approach from the start.

These are such exciting times and things continue to progress more and more rapidly. Take reassurance in that and be patient with yourself, for everything will continue to unfold in a step-wise fashion. The work that you are now being asked to do should not be held lightly, for do not doubt that it is an initiation of sorts for you. Each time you pass and/or graduate on to the next level, more will be called from you for the next. For all that you accomplished last year in fact laid the groundwork for this current crystalline strata and dwelling / temple development. But as your vision attests, you are now standing at the summit of the ascension mountain, watching the sun set on one age of man, and facilitating the construction or birth of another. A most powerful crossroads to be standing at indeed!

It doesn’t get much more fulfilling then this! This is precisely what you came here to do so get to work and “impress,” form, fashion and create with gusto! Continue to be open clear receivers/transmitters. All eyes are riveted on you, the Dwellers / masters, in eager anticipation of the simultaneous restoration, reconciliation, and graduation about to unfold not just through earth, but throughout this entire localized area of Creation!

Until next time…


Georgi Stankov Updates for 12-25-14

Georgi   Stankov  Updates  for 12-25-14

Christmas Time and Miracles Abound

The Elementals of the Crystalline Grid Now Help Animals and Humans to Create Immediate Miracles

December 25, 2014



HS Message – The Solstice Fires of Ascension: A Message for the Masters

by April Bender, December 25, 2014



Georgi Stankov


Merry Christmas and Swift Ascension

by Bjoern Kurt, December 25, 2014



Asana Mahatari via Jahn J Kassl – Most Powerful Transformation Has Begun! – by Georgi Stankov – 12-19-14

ascension2012  e


Asana Mahatari  /  Chaneler Jahn J Kassl, 12-19-14

translated by Franz  /  Foreword by Georgi Stankov



Since the opening of the heart chakra and the centre of truth (5th chakra) of all second wave ascension candidates (old and very ripe souls), we are on a steep ascension spiral that includes in the first place the elimination of all dark, low vibrating patterns that have allowed to conceal the truth in the current 3D matrix.

One should always bear in mind that from the upper 4D and fully from the 5D upwards, there are no secrets at all, as all beings enjoy immediate and complete cognition at the quantum multidimensional level. At present the Source energies that flood this uppermost mother planet, and in particular the adamantine particles of God’s omniscience, create the same energetic conditions of unvarnished truth.

This new energetic situation has much bigger repercussions than many of you can envision. We have now entered the epoch of absolute truth, where any heinous deed or thought of the dark cabal will be immediately recognized as such by all other people. This will happen not because these people have made such a huge leap in their spiritual evolution, then this is not possible for most of them given their still rather unripe soul age. But these new energetic conditions of unvarnished truth prohibit the existence of any secrets in this new emerging higher frequency holographic reality, so that the dark cabal will automatically begin to expose their egregious nature without being able to hide it by any means whatsoever, as this was the case in the past.

There is a fine line to draw in this semantic definition. The dark cabal were always heinous and highly criminal. However, in the past there was a resonance between their egregious deeds and the low emotional and mental vibrations of the masses, so that the true nature of the dark cabal could not be revealed to the masses.

For me and some other light warriors with a clear and open mind and heart that vibrate with the highest frequencies of the Source, this was an obvious fact for many, many years. However the moment I expressed this opinion loudly, I was immediately ostracized as an arsonist and troublemaker. Later on, in the New Age movement I was accused to be of the darkness as I simply exposed this darkness in their thoughts and deeds.

Only a few days ago the Agarthans told us not to pretend to like this reality as this will hinder our ascension – it is the most toxic reality in the whole multiverse. Were it different, we would not be here to help ascend it.

And this is the bottom line. Most of the crimes of the dark cabal could not be revealed as such because the masses were insusceptible for this fact due to the lack of any moral and ethical principles and were guided exclusively by old Orion-tainted prejudices and false beliefs. They put up with this reality and even liked it for the most part as long as they were allowed to stay in their comfort zone based entirely on primitive survival instincts. True morality and ethics is a very rare human virtue, which only very old souls can possess, as these principles always resonate with the highest frequencies of the Source -actually they are generated from God’s divine mind.

Due to these unfavorable energetic circumstances, there was no way to reach the minds and the closed hearts of the people, just as I was unable to reach the locked, perverted minds of the scientists, so that they be able to understand the universal truthfulness and the great aesthetic beauty of the new Theory of the Universal Law, which comes directly from the Source. In other words, the revelations were there all the time, but the perceptiveness of the masses was not there to internalize them and trigger a powerful emotional reaction of indignation or even wrath with respect to the appalling conditions of life on this planet.

Now this time has arrived as the whole matrix has profoundly changed. As the Elohim told us two days ago, the old electromagnetic grid has been completely severed from the new crystalline grid of this uppermost mother planet and of Gaia as a whole. This would say that the old lies and deceptions of the Orion elite have no power over the minds and hearts of the people as they are no longer energetically supported by the crystalline grid. The dark elite is now completely severed from this grid and only exist as empty shells that commit shadow fights with their imaginary foes.

In their collective insanity the dark cabal naturally want to engage the rest of humanity in their madness and this futile and extremely pathological mental expectation will be the cause for their ultimate demise, which is now very near. The obvious discrepancy between the weird, wishful thinking of the Western elite and their presstitutes as to the real situation in Russia and around the world and what other more open minded alternative journalists and experts observe can no longer be denied or neglected. The complete lack of common sense and their inability to perform a reality check is now becoming so evident that this fact alone discredits them fully and paves the way for their imminent demise. The masses do not want to have leaders that are insane and even more stupid than themselves. This is applied Machiavellianism.

Since one week for instance the Internet trolls have stopped harassing me as they lost all their arguments and imagined credibility and realized that they only understand  “Bahnhof” (railway station, which means “nothing” in German slang), when they read my website and are now becoming ridiculous beyond any measure with their idiotic comments. The power of the information and the complexity of the assessments of the current situation on this website made them feel like cretins, which they have always been, but now for the first time acutely realized it and could no longer bear this truth. Hence they disappeared. This is what will happen with the dark ruling cabal very soon after their last stooges have left the scene.

The same process is now unfolding with the ruling cabal behind closed doors and Putin is the catalyst for this exposition of the “naked kings” with his open and sincere presentations, as his marathon press conference yesterday, which you can watch in English here, revealed:


And then read any of the Western MSM on this press conference to see for yourself the blunt distortions of his long presentation. In other words, the truth can no longer be hidden, no matter what the dark AAA cabal try to instigate.

This time the revelations that will sweep over the masses will not be based on  their intellectual achievements, as is the case with all wayshowers such as the light warriors of the first and the last hour. The revelations are now a simple function of the new high frequency Source energies which we began to introduce with full force this year and in particular after we introduced the gold-violet flame of transmutation, healing and ascension in May this year. Other flames followed. This website is a seamless chronicle of these significant energetic events.

In this context, I would like to give you another convincing example that everything that we have achieved so far and has been reported on this website can be now registered even by crude material instruments of the Orion science. Watch please this video below to see that the Voyager 1 has registered three energetic “tsunami waves” in interstellar space, which are representative for three major episodes in the current, ongoing ascension history of Gaia:


The first tsunami wave was on October – November 2012 when we prepared and opened under huge sacrifices the stargate 12.12.12 and 12.21.12. You can go back to that time and read all the articles associated with the major ascension test runs we accomplished during this time. With the opening of the stargate by the PAT, Gaia entered the New Age. Now we are in the third year of this New Age.

The second tsunami wave was in April – May 2013, when Carla came to Germany and we single-handed created the first seven 4D earths. This was the start signal for creating infinite new holographic timelines of Gaia that contributed to the dilution of darkness and her step-wise ascension. This process is ongoing to this very day and since the beginning of 2014 has increased in speed. Gaia is now expanding with incredible velocity and has become the core of the new Golden Galaxy, while we – the new Guardians of it.

The third tsunami describes the period between February 2014 till now, exactly the time when I came to Vancouver, Canada and opened together with Carla the Infinity Portal in White Rock. Since then the expansion of our creation is unlimited and this is now registered by the Voyager 1 with its very crude means. Here you have irrefutable scientific evidence that everything we now create and has been reported and published on this website is based on sound scientific evidence, even though this 3D information cannot reveal the complexity and beauty of our true multidimensional creationary activities as Logos Gods.

In this sense, the following message of Asana Mahatari does not tell us anything new as we feel this “most powerful transformation” for a very long time. But it is still a great consolation to have this confirmation one more time.



King and Waiter

Dream Scene I: I am the host and/or the king of a party. All human Beings must pay their respect. Some human Beings are familiar to me, others not. What I see are consistently unbelievably ugly human Beings. Only rarely do I see human Beings with a pleasant outer appearance. Naked or in a state of undress, with worn out clothing, ducking their head in homage, they pass in front of me. One man surpasses all of them, standing in front of me with his own shit and urine dripping from all body orifices.

Scene II: I see how I serve these human Beings, who have just paid their respect to me as a king, as a waiter and I take their orders. Thereby I have mostly the task to point out proper behavior to these human Beings. Human Beings do not know how to behave and I even have to tell them how to sit properly. (End of dream)


These scenes show what kind of quality the present transformation work has. Due to the new vibration, which has captured our world and surrounds it, nothing can be hidden anymore.

Human Beings and institutions appear in their actual condition. This pertains to all and everything, what until today has established itself in the last niches, where the Light has not penetrated until today. It also pertains to a few human Beings, who impersonate themselves as light warriors of the first and last hours, yet still have not proved themselves of this quality.

„King and Waiter“ mean, only those are a king, who carry out their position in service to human Beings and whose kingdom is mankind. And indeed, it is a service and a great merit, to hold up the mirror to human Beings, so that they can look at themselves and can recognize themselves. And today, this task falls to the actually awakened ones. Just by itself and without having asked for it. 

Because those, who serve as a light tower, not only offer orientation, but are experienced and rejected as a threat by those, who have committed themselves to darkness.

Each awakened one serves as a mirror to human Beings and this has an effect in the most diverse daily occurrences: Light penetrates darkness and human Beings see themselves. Some experience this as a blessing, many as a nuisance. God’s time of Grace fulfills and completes in these days. Again the chaff is separated from the wheat, until all levels have been redeemed due to this process, and have been perfected.

In summary: The transformation work continues and reaches now a so far unique intensity. What has been hidden until today becomes visible and in most cases, this is an ugly and rarely a beautiful sight. 

A new energy quality has reached this world and thereby new possibilities for transformation become possible. Nothing can be hidden from the Light of the Creator and in the mirror of Masters in human Gestalt, the walking kings of mankind; this time is truly over.

In the coming days and weeks this brings great upheavals, changes in society and in the environment of individual human Beings. Much is rearranged, much is brought together or is separated; it is the time of far-reaching transformation  and the truth.

Everything and each human Being unveils now their true value, and from now on it is impossible for human Beings to remain invisible and undiscovered with their unredeemed issues. The sword of truth does its work, whereby all deceptions and lies are removed, so that human Beings recognize themselves in their own mirror image. 

The most intensive and most powerful time of transformation has begun, for those, who until now have cleverly hidden their true Being. 

This fact paves the ground for individual and global ascension and what seemed impossible so far, becomes possible: Ascension, Transfiguration and Assumption.

I am with this world. I am amongst human Beings.